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Attunity, Ltd. (ATTUF)

FeedBlitz and M2 Communications reported earlier on Attunity, Ltd. (ATTUF), and we are reporting on the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Attunity, Ltd. is a leading provider of real-time data integration and event capture software. They provide software directly and indirectly through partners such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and HP. Attunity serves their customers via offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific and through a network of local partners. The Company lists on the OTCBB, and has their headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

Using Attunity’s software, companies can seamlessly and efficiently connect, transfer, and join to and from virtually any data source and identify critical changes in real-time. They can subsequently service-enable that data for use in modern, rapid-to-deploy and re-configurable business applications.

Attunity, Ltd.’s offerings include software solutions such as Attunity Stream®, a real-time and change-data-capture (CDC) software, their Operational Data Replication (ODR) solution, and Attunity Connect®, their real-time connectivity software.

Attunity is a leading provider of Change Data Capture (CDC) technology. The Company offers CDC products for many heterogeneous enterprise databases, relational and non-relational, on platforms ranging from Windows to the mainframe.

Yesterday, Attunity, Ltd. announced that they entered into a new, multi-million dollar OEM agreement with Microsoft Corporation. This is to provide Attunity's change data capture (CDC) in Microsoft's next version of SQL Server. The integration of Attunity CDC into SQL Server will support customer requirements in strategic markets including cloud computing and real time business intelligence (BI).

With this integration, Microsoft customers will seamlessly use Attunity's CDC to enable efficient movement of data from Oracle databases. This addresses the high demand for making data available for business intelligence and data warehousing, as well as for capitalizing on the cost efficiencies of managing data in the cloud.

Shimon Alon, Attunity's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer stated: "This OEM agreement is an important turning point for Attunity. Aside from the strategic importance of this five-year agreement, we expect to receive a significant portion of the payments during 2011 and the balance in quarterly payments starting toward the end of 2012. This will enable us to strengthen our cash position and accelerate our growth by making additional investments in sales, marketing and R&D, as well as target high growth markets such as cloud computing."

Attunity, Ltd. (ATTUF) closed Thursday’s trading session at $0.70, down 4.11%, on 200,777 volume with 51 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 33,872.  The 52-week low/high is $0.22/$0.55.

China Armco Metals, Inc. (CNAM)

SmallCap Voice reported last week on China Armco Metals, Inc. (CNAM), SmallCap Fortunes, China Vesting, Wall Street Resources, The Street, FeedBlitz, Wall Street ENews, Bull Warrior Stocks, Stock Egg, Penny Invest, Dr Stock Pick, Greenbackers reported earlier, and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the NYSE Amex, China Armco Metals, Inc. engages in the import, sale, and distribution of metal ore and non-ferrous metals to the metal refinery industry in China. The Company has entered the recycling business with their acquisition of 32 acres of land for the construction and operation of an 80,000 ton per year shredder and recycler of metals. China Armco Metals, Inc. has a U.S. office in San Mateo, California and a China office in Zhengzhou, China.

The products of the Company extend to iron ore, nickel ore, chrome ore, copper ore, and zinc ore. Their sales network covers all major provinces of China. China Armco Metals, Inc. has established stable partnerships with many metal manufacturing enterprises through long-term collaboration.

The Company's customers throughout China include steel producing mills and foundries. China Armco Metals imports metal ore from global suppliers in India, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Brazil, Turkey, and the Philippines, as well as other countries. Their product lines include ferrous and non-ferrous ore, iron ore, chrome ore, nickel ore, magnesium, copper ore, manganese ore, and steel billet.

China Armco Metals is working to move forward operations in their steel recycling and scrap metal recycling business. They expect the recycling facility to be capable of recycling one million metric tons of scrap metal per year. This will position the Company as one of the top 10 largest recyclers of scrap metal in China. China Armco Metals estimates the recycled metal market as 70 million metric tons.

Earlier this month, China Armco Metals, Inc. provided an update on their trading business. Through November 30, 2010, China Armco secured and shipped three orders to deliver iron ore to trading firms serving iron and steel producers in China. The orders include a combined volume of 112,000 tons with an aggregate value of approximately $17.1 million.

"We are seeing a steady progress in our trading business," said Mr. Kexuan Yao, Chairman and CEO of China Armco. "With iron prices stabilizing in recent months, steady industrial production growth in China, and the ending of current power conservation plans enacted by the government for the steel industry, we are cautiously optimistic about the recovery. Our diverse and stable supply of metal ores and non-ferrous metals from 10 international suppliers, our more than 10 years of experience and strong relationships with over 150 customers in China position us well to capitalize on the long term secular growth of the Chinese steel industry."

Last week, China Armco Metals, Inc. announced that they expect to produce and sell approximately 25,500 tons of recycled steel with an aggregate value of approximately $12 million in the fourth quarter of 2010. China Armco's fourth quarter orders to sell 25,500 tons of recycled steel are from five customers.

China Armco Metals, Inc. (CNAM) closed Thursday's trading session at $4.29, up 25.81%, on 3,905,652 volume with 8,010 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 265,919.  The 52-week low/high is $2.75/$11.10.

Conolog Corporation (CNLG)

Stock Stars and OTC Picks reported recently on Conolog Corporation (CNLG), and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Conolog Corporation is a provider of digital signal processing and digital security solutions to electric utilities globally. They design and manufacture electromagnetic products to the military and provide engineering and design services to a variety of industries, government organizations, and public utilities across the U.S. Their INIVEN division manufactures a line of digital signal processing systems, including transmitters, receivers, and multiplexers. Conolog Corporation's shares trade on the NASDAQ Capital Market. Established in 1969, the Company has their headquarters in Somerville, New Jersey.

In 1980, Conolog acquired INIVEN, an electronics manufacturer making FSK (frequency shift keyed) audio communications equipment. Under Conolog, INIVEN expanded to include DSP (Digital Signal Processing) controlled FSK transmission protection communications for electric utilities and other products. INIVEN continues to enhance and add to their product line to include the latest technology.

Conolog Corporation continues to support and manufacture products for the military. They specialize in communications and guidance to some of the military's most sophisticated systems.

Their products include transducers, which are electro-magnetic devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical and other forms of physical energy, or conversely convert mechanical and other forms of physical energy into electrical energy. Their products also include digital signal processing systems and electromagnetic wave filters for differentiation among discreet audio and radio frequencies.

In addition, their products include audio transmitters and modulators for the transmission over telephone lines, microwave circuits, or satellite of electrical signals obtained from transducers, data generated in electronic code form, and by computers. Their products also comprise audio receivers and demodulators that receive and decode the signals from the audio transmitters and convert them into digital codes for input into computers and teletypes or convert such signals into mechanical or other forms of energy.

Furthermore, the Company's products include magnetic networks, which are devices that permit the matching or coupling of different types of communication equipment. They also make analog transmitters and receivers, which permit the coding/transmission and receiving/decoding of a constantly variable data, such as the water level in a tank, pressure in a pipe, and temperature. Their products also include multiplexer supervisory controls that enable callers with high volumes of supervisory data to transmit on fewer phone lines.

Conolog Corporation (CNLG) closed Thursday's session at $0.37, up 19.32%, on 2,108,150 volume with 1,899 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 128,177.  The 52-week low/high is $0.30/$4.72.

General Steel Holdings, Inc. (GSI)

The Street, MicroCap Gems, The Stock Advisors, Daily Markets, and Penny Sleuth reported previously on General Steel Holdings, Inc. (GSI), and we report on the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), General Steel Holdings, Inc. operates a diverse portfolio of Chinese steel companies. With 6.3 million metric tons of aggregate production capacity, their companies serve various industries and produce a variety of steel products. These include rebar, hot-rolled carbon and silicon sheet, high-speed wire and spiral-weld pipe.

General Steel Holdings, Inc. has steel operations in Shaanxi and Guangdong provinces, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Tianjin municipality. Established in 1988, the Company has their headquarters in Beijing, in the People's Republic of China.

General Steel Holdings, Inc.'s vision is to become one of the largest and most profitable non-government owned steel companies in China. Their strategy is to grow aggressively through mergers, joint ventures, and acquisitions targeting state-owned-enterprise steel companies and private steel companies with outstanding potential.

The Company offers hot-rolled carbon and silicon steel sheets primarily for use in the production of small agricultural vehicles and other specialty markets. They also offer spiral-weld pipes for the energy sector primarily to transport oil and steam. In addition, General Steel Holdings offers high-speed wire and reinforced bar products for the construction industry. The Company sells their products primarily to distributors.

As of June 2010, the Company had 6,300 employees. They have four principal subsidiaries and their annual aggregate production volume is 6.3 million metric tons. Their subsidiaries are Shaanxi Longmen Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Baotou Steel Pipe Joint Venture, Maoming Hengda Steel Group Limited, and General Steel (China) Co., Ltd.

In late 2008, General Steel Holdings, Inc. invested in bringing two, state-of-the-art, blast furnaces online at their largest subsidiary, Shaanxi Longmen Steel Co., Ltd. joint venture (Longmen). Each blast furnace is 1,280 cubic meters and has a pig-iron production capacity of 1 million tons annually.

These furnaces use less energy and require only one-third of the manpower to operate than the Company's older blast furnaces at Longmen. These furnaces have helped the Company cater to the strong demand for construction-related steel in China's undeveloped central and western regions.

General Steel Holdings, Inc. (GSI) closed Thursday's trading session at $2.89, up 9.89%, on 1,592,856 volume with 3,447 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 304,624.  The 52-week low/high is $2.21/$5.13.

InoLife Technologies, Inc. (INOL)

FeedBlitz reported earlier on InoLife Technologies, Inc. (INOL), and we choose to highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTCBB, InoLife Technologies, Inc. has positioned their company to become one of the premier U.S. marketers of state-of-the-art DNA-based test products. The Company primarily focuses on products, services, and solutions that will enable state-of-the-art healthcare for today and the future for a diverse base of customers and end users. Their corporate mission is to identify, develop, integrate, and bring to market innovative healthcare-based products and services that provide timely and practical solutions.

InoLife Technologies, Inc. has their headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Company formerly went by the name NexxNow, Inc. and they changed their name to Inolife Technologies, Inc. in January 2010.  

InoLife Technologies, Inc. was established to identify and develop a broad spectrum of healthcare products and service solutions that provide people with meaningful information about their genetic makeup, predisposition to certain diseases, and their ancestry. The design of all this is to help individuals and their doctors make the best healthcare decisions possible.

The primary products and services that InoLife is currently addressing focuses upon those specific products and services that provide key solutions through the innovative use of specific DNA testing and Genetic analysis systems. By taking advantage of their strategic partnership with InoHealth Products, Inc., they can provide premier DNA analysis products.

Healthcare providers, physicians, practitioners, hospitals, and outpatient facilities are the principal customers of InoLife's products and services. The Company will be marketing and distributing their products via traditional distribution channels.

InoLife has also developed certain products that can sell directly to consumers. They have created specific programs to reach those customers including e-commerce, direct sales, healthcare providers, pharmacies, distributors, retail sellers, and specialty retailers.

Based upon the Company's recent acquisition of InoVet, Ltd., the Company intends to focus upon developing and implementing business opportunities based upon the body of research already accomplished by InoVet in the area of developing and introducing new treatments and support services that help prevent and treat cancer in companion animals. A prime goal of the Company is to be active in the further development of Bone Marrow Transplantation and other cancer treatment procedures to benefit companion animals (dogs and cats) that are diagnosed with lymphoma, other types of cancers, and other diseases that are currently incurable. The Company will seek to identify and establish formal working relationships and partnerships with some of the top Veterinary Oncologists and Veterinary Cancer Researchers in the United States.

InoLife Technologies, Inc. (INOL) closed Thursday's trading session at $0.02, up 412.82%, on 98,723,497 volume with 2,899 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 1,202,792.  The 52-week low/high is $0.0011/$0.1104.

NGAS Resources Inc. (NGAS)

Stock Stars and Lebed.biz reported recently on NGAS Resources Inc. (NGAS), Momentum Traders, Microcap Voice, and SmallCap Voice did earlier, and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, NGAS Resources Inc. is an independent exploration and production company. Their focus is on unconventional natural gas plays in the eastern United States, principally in the southern portion of the Appalachian Basin. NGAS Resources Inc. trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market.

NGAS Resources core assets include approximately 300,000 net developed and undeveloped acres and interests in approximately 1,400 producing crude oil and natural gas wells. NGAS also operates natural gas gathering and processing assets and facilities associated with their core Appalachian producing properties. Upside exposure reside in the following unconventional resources plays: the Huron Shale, the Weir Oil Sands, and the Cleveland Shale.

The Company operates the gas gathering facilities for their main Appalachian properties. They provide deliverability directly from the wellhead to the interstate pipeline. NGAS has a stable base of long-lived proved reserves, estimated at 78.4 billion cubic feet equivalents (Bcfe) at year-end 2009.

NGAS Resources has transitioned to horizontal air drilling with staged completion technology using nitrogen for fracing material with no water to develop their operated properties. They have so far completed 50 horizontal wells. These wells produce high-quality natural gas from the Devonian shale formation, which is present throughout their Appalachian operating areas, and the New Albany shale formation in the Illinois Basin.

Last year, the Company sold 485 miles of their Appalachian gas gathering assets.  However, they remain the operator of the gathering system. They have retained firm capacity rights for 30,000 Mcf/d to ensure deliverability to market for their Appalachian gas production.

In retaining firm capacity rights, NGAS is also able to maintain their competitive position in southern Appalachia. Control of regional gas flow provides advantages to the Company in acquiring undeveloped acreage near their core fields.

NGAS has diversified their asset base into similar unconventional plays in other basins. They are currently developing their New Albany shale play, within the south central portion of the Illinois Basin in western Kentucky. Here, the Company holds 52,000 acres for development.

They achieved record production of 4.0 Bcfe in 2009, up six percent from 2008. Their undeveloped acreage position of almost 300,000 acres in the Appalachian Basin provides them with a substantial inventory of low-risk, repeatable drilling locations for future growth.

NGAS Resources, Inc. announced earlier this year that they changed the name of their wholly owned operating subsidiary from Daugherty Petroleum, Inc. to NGAS Production Co. The name change completes a process started several years ago to unify the Company's operations with their NGAS brand.

On December 27, 2010, Magnum Hunter Resources Corporation announced that they entered into a definitive agreement to acquire NGAS Resources, Inc. for approximately $98 million (USD) in common stock and assumed liabilities. Magnum Hunter has agreed to acquire NGAS for $0.55 per share with a fixed exchange ratio of 0.0846 based on an agreed Magnum Hunter stock price of $6.50 per share.

Gary C. Evans, Chairman and CEO of Magnum Hunter Resources Corporation commented, "We have been studying the possibility of a business combination with NGAS for most of 2010. I am very pleased to make this announcement today that our goal has been accomplished. This transaction enables our combined enterprise to own high-quality, long-lived proved developed producing assets with significant development upside covering approximately 300,000 acres. We believe the combination provides tremendous value for both companies' shareholders."

NGAS Resources Inc. (NGAS) closed Thursday's trading session at $0.58, down 4.07%, on 2,640,380 volume with 5,761 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 1,378,532.  The 52-week low/high is $0.3498/$2.14.

Tri-Valley Corporation (TIV)

CRWE Picks reported recently on Tri-Valley Corporation (TIV), FeedBlitz and Investorsunderground.com did previously, and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Tri-Valley Corporation is an oil and natural gas exploration and production company with operations in California.  They also have two exploration stage gold properties in Alaska.  The majority of the Company's revenue comes from oil and gas production. Tri-Valley Corporation lists on the NYSE Amex. They have their headquarters in Bakersfield, California.

For Oil Production, the net quantities of crude oil that the Company produced during 2009 were 21.092 Oil (BBL). Their estimated future net recoverable oil reserves from proved developed properties as of December 31, 2009 were 282,271 Oil (BBL). An additional 2,738,439 BBL in net recoverable oil reserves is estimated from undeveloped tar sands.

Tri-Valley holds both producing and exploration acreage for natural gas. Current production is modest, as they have focused on oil in recent years. The net quantities of natural gas that they produced during 2009 were 32,076 Natural Gas (MCF). Their estimated future net recoverable natural gas reserves from proved developed properties were 395,252 Natural Gas (MCF) as at December 31, 2009.

In 1987, Tri-Valley Corporation acquired precious metals claims on Alaska state lands.  The Company has conducted exploration operations on 250 square miles of the Richardson area and approximately 15 square miles of the Livengood area. They have selected a final block of approximately 28,720 acres (44.9 square miles at Richardson and 11 square miles at Shorty Creek).

Select Resource Corporation is the mineral division of Tri-Valley Corporation. They formed in November 2004 with the intent to advance and grow the mineral assets of Tri-Valley and monetize the assets so that Tri-Valley Corporation and their shareholders could be diversified and benefit from more than just Tri-Valley’s oil and gas assets.

In 2005, Tri-Valley transferred their existing gold exploration properties (Richardson and Shorty Creek) to Select Resources. Select has conducted trenching, core drilling, bulk sampling, and assaying activities on their gold properties. They have reason to believe that sufficient mineralization exists to justify additional exploration activities.

Last week, Tri-Valley Corporation announced a definitive agreement with Columbia River Carbonates for the sale of the Company's Admiral Calder calcium carbonate quarry located on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska. The total purchase price was $2.5 million, structured in an all-cash transaction. Closing is expected by the end of the year.

Tri-Valley anticipates that they will net $1.5 million in cash proceeds from the proposed transaction. They expect to generate a gain on the sale of $1.4 million.

Tri-Valley Corporation (TIV) closed Thursday's trading session at $0.69, up 25.45%, on 7,319,779 volume with 8,714 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 171,410.  The 52-week low/high is $0.35/$2.30.

UR-Energy Inc. (URG)

Streetwise Reports reported yesterday on UR-Energy Inc. (URG), Stock Egg, and Penny Invest did earlier this month. Stock Hot Tips and SmallCap Voice did earlier, and we are highlighting the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the NYSE Amex, Ur-Energy Inc. is a junior mining company focusing on exploration and development of uranium properties in the United States and in Canada. The Company is completing permitting activities to bring their Lost Creek Wyoming uranium deposit into production and to build a two-million-pounds-per-year processing facility. An extensive, valuable exploration database and intensive analysis programs, providing for significant exploration and development potential, support their project pipeline. Incorporated in 2004, UR-Energy Inc. has their corporate headquarters in Littleton, Colorado.

Ur-Energy engages in uranium exploration and development across North America. The Company’s prime focus is to develop their roll front style uranium development projects with In-Situ Recovery (ISR) potential located in Wyoming.  The technical team in the Casper office is fully engaged in permitting the Lost Creek deposit leading to the commencement of construction of the ISR plant.

In-situ is a Latin word that literally means “in the place.” In situ recovery (ISR) removes the ore while leaving the rock “in the place.” ISR utilizes a series of EPA Class III wells to inject native groundwater, fortified with oxygen and baking soda into the ore zone. This solution is commonly referred to as lixiviant. The lixiviant dissolves uranium as it draws through the ore zone by a pump in a nearby production well.

The pump in the production well collects the uranium-laden water and sends it to the processing plant where the uranium undergoes removal by ion exchange. The water is then refortified with oxygen and baking soda. The water is sent back to the ore zone to recover more uranium. The native groundwater continues in this cycle until uranium extraction is complete.

In the United States, UR-Energy Inc.’s current Wyoming properties contain NI 43-101 compliant resources on the order of 22 million pounds of uranium plus almost 3 million pounds in the inferred category. Additional potential for discovery exceeds 60+ million historical pounds of uranium. The Company continues to focus their efforts on the regulatory processes necessary to obtain all required authorizations to mine uranium by in situ recovery methods at the Lost Creek project.

In Canada, UR-Energy Inc. currently has two exploration projects in the Thelon Basin: Screech Lake and Gravel Hill. The properties are in the eastern part of the Northwest Territories. The Company continues their discussions with First Nations groups working towards an exploration agreement for the Screech Lake project. The Thelon Basin is prospective for unconformity-type uranium deposits, the highest-grade uranium deposits known.

Last week, Ur-Energy Inc. announced that their 2010 exploration drilling program on their LC South project defined numerous individual uranium roll front systems occurring within several stratigraphic horizons. In roll front systems, uranium concentrates as deposits along boundaries between reduced and oxidized sandstone (also called redox fronts). The initial recognition of the presence of such zones is the critical first step in developing uranium resources in a roll-front environment.

UR-Energy Inc. (URG) closed Thursday's trading at $2.98, up 5.30%, on 2,482,611 volume with 3,287 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 1,143,925.  The 52-week low/high is $0.73/$2.79.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

True 2 Beauty (TRTB)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight True 2 Beauty (TRTB). Today, True 2 Beauty closed trading at $0.27, up 3.85%, on 766,930 volume with 138 trades.  The average 60-day volume is 255,408 with a 52-week low/high of $1.00/$0.02. During yesterday's trading session, the stock established an all-time volume record.

True 2 Beauty's (TRTB) today announced its first order from Kretek International, in the amount of $1.3mm. Kretek International recently became the exclusive distributor for the U.S. and Canada of Libigrow and Libigirl and is beginning the process of building inventory and maintaining ongoing shipments to Libigrow's already established retail distribution network of over 6000 convenience stores.

True 2 Beauty (TRTB) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of sexual potency pills and liquid products in the United States, with expansion efforts underway in other parts of the world. The company's line of current products currently include Libigrow (for men), Libigirl (for women), Libiliquid Shots and Libiliquid Relaxation Drinks. Made from only natural ingredients, the products are regarded as the most powerful over the counter herbal sexual and performance supplements available on the market.

In addition to being sold online, Libigrow products are sold throughout the U.S. in convenience stores, liquor stores, smoke shops, vitamin stores, independent grocers, and adult boutique stores, with potential in larger chains such as CVS, Walgreens and GNC to name a few. In fact, a major retail pharmacy chain has begun a regional trial in eight of their stores in southern Florida in preparation for a nationwide roll-out to begin in early 2011 for select Libigrow products – the first step to national expansion within the retail pharmacy chain network.

The company has recruited a trained and highly qualified full-time staff. In addition to their talented and well-seasoned designers, the company employs a team of photographers, web designers, a marketing and advertising director and assistant director, account managers in sales, in-house customer service representatives, a commercial ads designer and editor, and an in-house printing team for all promotional material.

Alex Hbaiu leads the company as CEO, president and director. He published several research articles and findings during his employment at Eli Lily Research Labs where he had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and educated doctors and scientists in the world. Although founded with very little capital, via Mr. Hbaiu's expert leadership Librigrow has grown to over $10,000,000 in sales via "word of mouth" advertising alone. Disclaimer

True 2 Beauty Blog

True 2 BeautyNews:

True 2 Beauty Inc. Announces Libigrow and Libigirl Featured in Celebrity Gossip Magazine

True 2 Beauty, Inc. and Kretek International, Inc. Form Libigrow Team

True 2 Beauty Signs Balkan Countries License for "LibiGrow" Line of Products

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV). Today, Simulated Environment Concepts closed trading at $0.0059, up 15.69%, on 169,800 volume with 7 trades.  The average 60-day volume is 641,681 with a 52-week low/high of $0.0051/$0.07.

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV) is focused on manufacturing and distributing their patented SpaCapsule® as well as continued innovation in the areas of anti-aging, cosmetics, relaxation, cellulite reduction, and weight loss. Finding use in numerous environments such as relaxation centers, golf clubs, ski lounges, gyms, and health clubs, the SpaCapsule® provides next generation de-stressing and relaxation.

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV) is focused on manufacturing and distributing their patented SpaCapsule® as well as continued innovation in the areas of anti-aging, cosmetics, relaxation, cellulite reduction, and weight loss. Finding use in numerous environments such as relaxation centers, golf clubs, ski lounges, gyms, and health clubs, the SpaCapsule® provides next generation de-stressing and relaxation.

The company’s founders, Dr. Ella Frenkel and Dr. Ilya Spivak, initially capitalized Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. with seve8ral million dollars of their own money. With this initial investment, the company worked on, and succeeded in developing, the sleek and stylish looking pressurized dry water massage relaxation station.

SpaCapsule® is a full body massage, aromatherapy, audio and video entertainment system. The capsules are fused with advanced modern technology and healing methods of aromatherapy and audiovisual relaxation techniques, incorporating proprietary water-jet and pressure-jet technology that requires no on-site plumbing. Weighing approximately 500 lbs, the capsule only requires standard electric service.

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV) anticipates progressive and consistent growth over the next six years. With individuals spending billions of dollars on de-stressing, weight loss, anti aging, cosmetics, massage and physical rehabilitations, the company is in a position to experience explosive growth from current levels. Disclaimer

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. Blog

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. News:

SpaCapsule to See Holiday Season Sales On-Line As Hammacher-Schlemmer and FrontGate Featured Product

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SpaCapsule Medical Sales Surge with Increased Interest from Physicians and Physiotherapists

National Automation Services, Inc. (NASV) 

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight National Automation Services, Inc. (NASV). Today, National Automation Services, Inc. closed trading at $0.03, up 25.00%, on 35,000 volume with 3 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 287,408 with a 52-week low/high of $0.006/$0.158.

National Automation Services, Inc. (NASV) is a public holding company focused on designing, engineering, installing and maintaining automated control systems for such business applications as waste water treatment, water treatment, airport security, bottling plants, power plants, metals, mining, breweries, food processing, tire making, textiles, plastics and nearly all production activities.  

Dominant players in the $500 Billion national and international automation controls market include Siemens, Honeywell, Fisher Controls, Johnson Controls and others. In addition to the multi-nationals, it has been estimated that there could be as many as 300 local and regional firms providing automation control services. In general, these companies have an edge on the larger behemoths because they can better respond to the needs of local business and municipalities.  

Unfortunately, for these smaller companies, they compete in a limited market space, have stunted growth prospects and have no way of monetizing their asset value. NAS aims to capitalize on this condition by acquiring and integrating the strongest local and regional players into a new organization that would allow for the synergies and efficiencies of a national company while keeping the competitive advantages of decentralized management and service.  

Of the 300 local and regional automation companies, 42 meet the company’s acquisition criteria; 11 of which have been targeted for acquisition over the next two years. NAS projects year-end 2010 revenues of more than $47 Million and year-end 2011 revenues of over $140 Million predicated on meeting its targeted acquisition schedule. With a solid business plan in place, NAS has a firm foundation to generate strong cash flow and increase shareholder value over the long-term. Disclaimer

National Automotion Services, Inc. Blog

National Automation Services, Inc. News:

National Automation Services (NASV) New Audio Interview of Bob Chance, CEO of NASV is now at SmallCapVoice.com

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Daulton Capital Corp. (DUCP)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Daulton Capital Corp. (DUCP). Today, Daulton Capital Corp. closed trading at $0.20 on 21,770 volume with 7 trades.  The average 60-day volume is 112,723 with a 52-week low/high of $0.10/$0.75. 

Daulton Capital Corp. (DUCP) is a natural resource finance company focused on precious and base metals as well as oil & gas opportunities. With the primary objective of partnering with major and junior natural resource companies for option/joint venturing projects, Daulton Capital has formed an experienced management team with the expertise necessary to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities available in the natural resource sector today.

Daulton Capital Corp. (DUCP) also aims to acquire resource projects and expand exploration while continuing to seek special situations and unique opportunities in under funded projects within the resource sector. When evaluating these opportunities, Daulton Capital keeps its primary focus on growing shareholder value while limiting investment risk. The company also commits itself to being responsible with integrity, trust and respect for all partners and communities involved.

Daulton Capital Corp. (DUCP) has negotiated an option agreement on two key Gold Projects located in the Yukon Territory, Canada; the Hunker Project, which is located in the heart of the famous Klondike Placer Gold District and the Balarat Project, located in the White Gold District. This newly discovered and internationally recognized area is the same district where Underworld Resource's (TSX.UW) recent drill results incepted grades of 103 meters averaging 3.4 g/t Au.

Both energy related resources such as natural gas and oil as well as precious metals such as gold, silver and copper will play a significant role in the growing demands of the world's economy. Taking into consideration the relative buoyancy of the price of precious metals and energy due to worldwide demand drivers, currency and economic turbulence, the outlook for the price of natural resources is quite favorable as demand continues to increase. Disclaimer

Daulton Capital Blog

Daulton Capital News:

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Zentric, Inc. (ZNTR) Moves Forward with Revolutionary Battery

Zentric Inc. is committed to using advanced technology to help save the environment. Their primary goal is to provide a superior battery for electrical and hybrid vehicles, through the development and acquisition of proprietary technology. To this end the company has brought together a team of renowned experts from industry and the scientific research community; people preeminent in the automotive and battery technology fields.

The company is quickly becoming a leader in advanced battery technology development, manufacturing, and fuel cell storage technologies, and has already made a major advance in battery technology. By using a proprietary combination of metal hydride and lead acid materials, they are developing a battery with much higher voltages than traditional lead acid batteries, while costing far less than lithium-ion batteries.

The new approach is especially timely considering the accelerating interest in electric vehicles. When it comes to electricity, the major challenge of car makers has always been the low power/cost ratio. Vehicles with enough stored energy to interest the market tend to be too expensive for the market. Vehicles that are affordable tend to be too limited in stored energy. A battery offering the best of both worlds represents a significant milestone.

Zentric recently signed a joint venture agreement to build and operate a battery production facility in Jilin Province, China. China’s demand for batteries is expected to grow by over 8% annually, and the market for high-capacity batteries is projected to increase even faster, perhaps 30% by 2015. Zentric, with its proprietary technologies, high profile management and research team, and well-planned growth profile, considers itself perfectly positioned to capture a major share of this rapidly expanding market.

True 2 Beauty Inc. (TRTB) Announces $1.3 Million Order From North American Distributor

True 2 Beauty Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of sexual potency pills and liquid products in the United States, announced today that it has received its first order from Kretek International, totaling $1.3mm. Recently becoming the exclusive distributor of Libigrow and Libigirl for the U.S. and Canada region, Kretek International is beginning the process of building inventory and maintaining ongoing shipments to Libigrow’s already established retail distribution network of over 6,000 convenience stores.

“This order is just the beginning of our relationship; we are working diligently with Kretek’s management team to create a strong national marketing campaign, including attendance at high profile industry trade shows, celebrity endorsements, television ads, print advertising, online promotions, and even mobile marketing campaigns,” stated Alex Hbaiu, CEO. Mr. Hbaiu further states, “This order reflects current demand for our products, which is ongoing and substantial. As discussed in a previous release, the company believes it will be able to provide forecast information for growth during January 2011."

“We are very excited to begin our relationship with Kretek International. It is very clear that the Libi family of products have a strong presence in the marketplace and we are firmly committed to increasing distribution to thousands of new retail locations in 2011. This order reflects our strategy to provide the marketplace with no interruption of product as we begin the distribution of Libigrow and Libigirl through Kretek International,” added Gil Dizon, Executive Brand Manager of True 2 Beauty, Inc.

As mentioned previously by the company, True 2 Beauty is currently expanding to a new facility, with new custom-built packaging machines, to provide quicker turnaround for shipments as the company experiences greater demand for the libigrow product line.

GenVec, Inc. (GNVC) Announces Partnership with World-Leading Animal Health Company

Today, GenVec, Inc.announced that it will be working with Merial to develop and commercialize GenVec’s proprietary vaccine technology for use against foot-and-mouth disease (FMD). The leading FMD vaccine producer in the world, Merial has leading positions in all key markets. Under the agreement, Merial will be responsible for all costs related to the development and commercialization of FMD vaccines developed through the collaboration.

GenVec’s novel FMD vaccine approach utilizes the company’s proprietary adenovector technology. The vaccine is manufactured on a proprietary GenVec cell line that is capable of producing antigens without the use of the highly contagious FMD virus. Because the vaccine is produced without using live or killed virus materials, it can be produced cost effectively across the globe.

“We look forward to working with GenVec to explore this promising technology for FMD vaccines,” stated Teshome Mebatsion, Senior Director Vector Vaccine Research, Merial. Robert Nordgren, Global Head of Merial’s Bio R&D added that “Merial sees great potential for GenVec’s technology to positively impact the way that animal vaccines are produced and developed.”

“Our relationship with Merial complements our strategy of entering into collaborations to support the development of our pipeline of products,” commented Dr. Paul Fischer, GenVec’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Cogo Group, Inc. (COGO) to Complete Acquisition Next Quarter

Cogo Group, Inc., a leading provider of customized module and subsystem design solutions in China, announced that it intends to acquire certain businesses of MDC Tech, Inc. The businesses will be merged into Cogo’s existing Industrials business, which is currently the company’s fastest growing business segment. A technology solutions and engineering services company with most of its operations in China, MDC Tech focuses on two of the fastest growing industrial markets in China: the Smart Grid roll-out and Medical Equipment.

Anticipated to close in the first quarter of 2011, the deal will likely be an all-cash transaction of $22 million that will be paid over several quarters. According to the press release, it is currently expected that MDC will contribute revenue of approximately $15 to $20 million and $2 to $2.5 million in operating income in the first four quarters after closing. Because MDC has large existing contracts in place and the integration will require limited upfront investment, it is anticipated that the deal will be instantly accretive to Cogo’s earnings. Recognizing MDC’s contract pipeline and the expected ability to leverage these assets across its base of 1,500 customers, Cogo expects to grow MDC’s sales at an anticipated 20% compounded annual growth rate (“CAGR”) over the next five years.

“The acquisition of MDC enhances our already strong position in the Smart Grid roll-out and puts us in the sweet spot of China’s healthcare reform,” stated Jeffrey Kang, CEO of Cogo Group. “Total spending on the Smart Grid is expected to reach $300 million over the next five years and $125 billion for Healthcare in the next three years. We anticipate this deal will allow us to move ‘upstream’ in some cases and focus more on broad solutions and sub assembly design and servicing.”

“After the close of this deal, we will be increasingly well-positioned to take advantage of the massive spending anticipated in China, including the 10-year plan to complete a unified, national Smart Grid system, a nationwide infrastructure for high-speed Railways, and an upgrade of the country’s Healthcare system to universal coverage,” added Jeffrey Kang. “We are now sitting in the sweet spot of all of these end markets, and we expect to expand our share in these segments and add new Industrial verticals as we move through 2011.”


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