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Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. (ANW)

CRWE Finance and Hit and Run Candle Sticks reported last week on Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. (ANW), Mega Stock Pick, Penny Stock Fever, Monster OTC, and Wall Street Greek did earlier, and we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. is an international marine fuel logistics company that trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The Company markets and physically supplies refined marine fuel and lubricants to ships in port and at sea. They procure product from various sources (such as refineries, oil producers, and traders) and resells it to a diverse group of customers across all major commercial shipping sectors and leading cruise lines. Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. has their headquarters in Piraeus, Greece.

Aegean currently has a global presence in more than 16 markets. These include Vancouver, Montreal, Mexico, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, West Africa, Gibraltar, U.K., Northern Europe, Piraeus, Patras, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Morocco, the Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam (ARA) region, and Las Palmas. The Company plans to commence operations in Cape Verde during the first quarter of 2011.

Aegean Marine provides fueling services to virtually all types of ocean-going vessels and many types of coastal vessels. These include oil tankers, container ships, drybulk carriers, cruise ships, and ferries. Their customers include a diverse group of ocean-going and coastal ship operators and marine fuel traders, brokers, and other users. As of March 30, 2010, the Company owned and operated a fleet of 42 bunkering vessels, of which 37 were double-hull vessels.

They intend to capitalize on their ability to effectively manage bunkering operations in multiple locations and expand the global reach of their business and their fleet. They plan to expand the global reach of their business through opening new service centers in selected locations globally during the next several years.

Aegean Marine also intends to expand their bunkering tanker fleet through timely and selective acquisitions of bunkering tankers. The Company intends to acquire only high quality, double hull bunkering tankers that meet new rigorous industry standards and to preserve the quality of their vessels by emphasizing ongoing maintenance programs.

Last week, Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. announced their plans to begin physical supply operations in Cape Verde, an archipelago of 10 islands located off the coast of Western Africa, upon entering into a strategic co-operation with Enacol, a local energy company based in Cape Verde.

Aegean Marine will utilize their modern delivery fleet to provide bunkering services from the port of Mindelo on the island of Sao Vicente and off-shore. Enacol will be responsible for providing storage for quality fuel oils and distillates to meet the needs of all major sectors within the international shipping industry. Aegean Marine expects to initially deploy one double-hull bunkering tanker to Cape Verde and commence operations by the end of the first quarter of 2011.

Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. (ANW) closed Tuesday’s trading session at $10.41, up 1.86%, on 695,128 volume with 3,055 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 888,489.  The 52-week low/high is $8.715/$35.05.

Agria Corporation (GRO)

China Vesting and SmallCap Voice reported earlier on Agria Corporation (GRO), and we choose to highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 2000, Agria Corporation is a China-based agriculture company with investments in key agriculture markets of China and New Zealand. The Company’s operations in China engage in research and development, production and sale of upstream agriculture products in three categories -- seeds, sheep products, and seedlings. Agria Corporation trades on the NYSE and they have their headquarters in Beijing, China. They also have an office in Shenzhen, and production bases in Shanxi and other provinces.

Agria Corporation processes and packages corn seed products and sells them to local and regional distributors. Their sheep products include frozen semen, embryos, sheep, breeder sheep, and Primalights III hybrid sheep. These are primarily for government-operated breed improvement and reproductive stations, breeding companies, and other sheep reproductive stations and farms.

Agria Corporation’s seedling products comprise dates and white bark pine seedlings to end users. The Company has a strategic co-operation framework agreement with the China National Academy of Agricultural Sciences. This agreement provides for future co-operation across the spectrum of agricultural research.

Agria is working to grow a focused seed business in China. Agria believes that the PRC government and the agricultural industry participants share the same goal of improving agricultural productivity, evidenced by strong foreign and domestic investment flowing into the agricultural industry in China. Agria considers that focusing on the seed sector will best position it to achieve sustainable growth in the future.

On December 24, 2010, Agria Corporation together with China-based New Hope Group (New Hope) announced a partial takeover offer for PGG Wrightson Limited (PGW).

Agria's CEO said, "Agria has no intention to increase its shareholding above 50.01% if the offer is successful, and has committed not to make a further offer at a higher price for a period of 12 months."

Agria Corporation has committed itself in the draft takeover offer document not to make a further takeover offer at a higher price for a period of 12 months.

Agria Corporation (GRO) closed Tuesday’s trading session at $1.86, up 22.37%, on 756,863 volume with 1,062 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 117,975.  The 52-week low/high is $1.11/$3.31.

Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp. (CXZ)

OTC Picks reported recently on Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp. (CXZ), SmallCap Voice did earlier, and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the NYSE Amex, Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp. is a prominent player in the exploration and development of uranium, vanadium and gold in the U.S. and Canada. The Crosshair team consists of knowledgeable and experienced professionals with both exploration and mining backgrounds. Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp. has their headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Company’s flagship projects, Bootheel and Juniper Ridge, are both located in uranium mining friendly Wyoming. Bootheel has exceeded the minimum mining threshold and with its in-situ mining potential, is designed for near term production. Crosshair plans to spend $5 million dollars in Wyoming beginning in Q2 2011 in order to increase and upgrade both resources before the end of the year.

For Juniper Ridge, a Phase 1 Program is set to commence in Q2 2011 and will consist of 100 - 150 holes at an average depth of 300 feet. The program will be followed by the completion of an NI 43-101 resource estimate in Q4 2011. The expected costs, based on similar deposits in the area, include capital costs of $23-28 million (including equipment) and operating costs of $20-25 per pound.

Juniper Ridge contains an historical resource of 6.97 million pounds of uranium. The Juniper Ridge area was extensively explored during the 1950s to early 1980s by several operators including Teton Exploration, AGIP Mining, Urangesellschaft, and others.

The CMB Uranium/Vanadium Project is located in Labrador, Canada and has four currently defined resources - C Zone, Area 1, Armstrong and Two Time Zone. All four resources are open for expansion. The Company completed a Vanadium Resource Expansion Program, with the goal of significantly increasing the vanadium resource without the need for any drilling. An updated resource estimate is expected in Q1 of 2011.

Crosshair also continues to advance their gold projects in Newfoundland, Canada. The Company has completed 7,220 meters of drilling this year. This has expanded the zone of mineralization. A bulk sampling program is currently underway.

Earlier this month, Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp. announced the results of the independent NI 43-101 vanadium resource estimate on the C Zone at their Central Mineral Belt (CMB) Project in Labrador, Canada. The vanadium contained outside of the existing uranium resource includes 30.92 million pounds of V2O5 (vanadium pentoxide) in the indicated category and an additional inferred resource of 81.33 million pounds of V2O5.

These resources are wholly contained within the C Zone. They do not include the vanadium contained within the uranium resource. The vanadium contained within the existing uranium resource includes updated values of 11.90 million pounds of V2O5 in the indicated category and an additional inferred resource of 12.29 million pounds of V2O5.

"We knew that the vanadium contained within our uranium resource was only a portion of the vanadium resource, but to increase it by more than 500% exceeded even our expectations," said Stewart Wallis, President and CEO of Crosshair.

Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp. (CXZ) closed Tuesday’s trading at $2.22, up 15.63%, on 2,001,694 volume with 3,408 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 1,090,186.  The 52-week low/high is $0.38/$2.50.

LoJack Corp. (LOJN)

Penny Stock Scholar, Penny Invest, Stock Egg, and OTC Tip Reporter reported recently on LoJack Corp. (LOJN), Stock Research Newsletter, Another Winning Trade, Market FN, and The Best Newsletters did earlier, and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

LoJack Corp. is a global provider of tracking and recovery systems. LoJack created the stolen vehicle recovery category over twenty years ago. They have since earned a reputation as a proven global leader in that market segment.  The Company delivers a 90 percent success rate in tracking and recovering stolen cars and trucks. They have helped recover more than $5 billion in stolen LoJack-equipped global assets. LoJack Corp. has their corporate headquarters in Westwood, Massachusetts. The Company trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market.

LoJack’s core business comprises the tracking and recovery of a variety of valuable mobile assets. This includes cars, trucks, construction equipment, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. In addition, LoJack is expanding and diversifying their business into newer, emerging markets. This is via licensing agreements and investments that deliver offerings in areas such as cargo security and people at risk. 

LoJack Corp. offers systems in 28 states and the District of Columbia, as well as more than 30 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The Company offers LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System For Cars and Light Trucks. This is their flagship system. It is the nation’s first and only stolen vehicle tracking and recovery system used by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. They based the system on proven radio frequency technology. A wireless transceiver hidden in a vehicle emits silent radio signals when activated, enabling police to track and recover the vehicle.

The Company also offers the LoJack Early Warning Recovery System, ProximityPlus by LoJack, the Ruggedized LoJack System, LoCate + LoJack, LoJack Supply Chain Integrity, LoJack SafetyNet, ReuniteIT by LoJack and LoJack for Laptops.

LoJack has a unique relationship with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S.  LoJack installs their Police Tracking Computers (PTCs) in law enforcement vehicles, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft for optimal tracking and recovery of stolen assets.

The Company's software and databases are directly integrated into each state's crime computers, providing another connection to law enforcement. In addition, LoJack Corp. has a distinctive staff of 33 Law Enforcement Liaisons, all former police officers with a specialization in auto theft prevention.

LoJack Corp. (LOJN) closed Tuesday’s trading session at $6.27, down 0.16%, on 183,533 volume with 363 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 94,642.  The 52-week low/high is $3.185/$7.05.

MTR Gaming Group, Inc. (MNTG)

SmallCap Voice reported earlier on MTR Gaming Group, Inc. (MNTG), and we report on the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 1988, MTR Gaming Group, Inc., through subsidiaries, engages in the racing, gaming, and entertainment businesses. The Company owns and operates Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort in Chester, West Virginia; Presque Isle Downs & Casino in Erie, Pennsylvania; and Scioto Downs in Columbus, Ohio. MTR Gaming Group, Inc.’s shares trade on the NASDAQ Global Select Market. The Company has their corporate headquarters in Chester, West Virginia.

MTR Gaming Group, Inc. operates slot machines, poker tables, and casino table games, including blackjack, craps, roulette, and other games. They also offer live thoroughbred horse racing and on-site pari-mutuel wagering. MTR Gaming Group also operates Racelinebet.com, an account wagering service that provides online and telephone wagering on horse races.

The Company’s Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort currently encompasses 2,644 slot machines, 47 table games, 24 poker tables, a year-round thoroughbred racetrack, an upscale hotel with amenities, golf course, fine dining and entertainment, a theater and events center, and a convention center.

Mountaineer is a destination hotel and resort facility situated on
the Ohio River in Chester, West Virginia, approximately 40 miles south of Youngstown, Ohio, 100 miles south of Cleveland, Ohio, 35 miles west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and 140 miles south of Erie, Pennsylvania. Mountaineer’s location at the northwest point of West Virginia affords a tri-state reach (OH, PA, WV) and a population of approximately 2.2 million adults within 50 miles and 6.2 million adults within 100 miles.

On February 28, 2007, the Company opened Presque Isle Downs & Casino in Erie, Pennsylvania. It currently encompasses 2,030 slot machines, 48 table games (opened July 2010); fine dining and live entertainment, and a thoroughbred racetrack. Additionally, MTR owns and operates Scioto Downs, a harness horse racing facility in Columbus, Ohio.

In November, MTR Gaming Group, Inc. announced financial results for the third quarter and nine months ended September 30, 2010. For the third quarter of 2010, the Company’s total net revenues were $119.1 million compared to $119.5 million in the same period of 2009.

Adjusted EBITDA from continuing operations was $22.7 million compared to $17.2 million in the third quarter of 2009, an increase of 32 percent. The Company reported income from continuing operations of $1.5 million for the quarter, or $0.05 per diluted share, compared to a loss from continuing operations of $2.1 million, or $0.08 per diluted share, in the same quarter last year.

MTR Gaming Group, Inc. (MNTG) closed Tuesday’s trading session at $2.04, up 4.08%, on 18,750 volume with 33 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 27,616.  The 52-week low/high is $1.14/$2.41.

SNAP Interactive, Inc. (STVI)

FeedBlitz and OTC Picks reported earlier on SNAP Interactive, Inc. (STVI), and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTCBB, SNAP Interactive, Inc. is a leading provider of online dating applications for social networking websites and mobile platforms.  SNAP has developed two social dating applications built on Facebook® Platform which have more than 25 million installations on Facebook. These are consistently among the most active and most popular applications on Facebook. Founded in 2004, SNAP Interactive, Inc. has their headquarters in New York, New York.

SNAP is incorporated in the state of Delaware and they were originally incorporated as eTwine Holdings, Inc. However, the Company changed their name in December 2007 to reflect their increasing focus on developing online dating applications for social networking websites. SNAP Interactive, Inc. went public in 2006.

SNAP's portfolio of applications for singles is highlighted by the AreYouInterested.com brand. This consists of AreYouInterested.com, the AreYouInterested.com iPhone Dating Application, and the AreYouInterested.com Facebook Application.

The Company has also launched two applications on MySpace and two applications on Hi5.  Their applications are the aforementioned 'Are You Interested', as well as 'Meet New People' and 'Flirt With Me'. Meet New People is an application that allows users to flirt with each other by messaging online and post when they are free to hang out. Flirt With Me is a fun dating application.

The Company’s business objectives include continuing to upgrade their existing applications and products and to continue development on new projects. They are also working on the promotion and expansion of their various products including their social networking applications, their iPhone application, and their AreYouInterested.com online dating website.

SNAP Interactive, Inc. is considering building new applications on social networking platforms and furthering development and exploration of mobile platforms and products. They are also considering launching additional applications and websites that expand beyond online dating based upon their identification of industries and markets that they believe represent profitable opportunities.

In addition, they are continuing to focus on building out their premium subscription service, marketing tools, and virtual goods platform in order to continue growing their subscription model on Are You Interested. Furthermore, they are working to identify and explore new opportunities that emerge in their rapidly evolving industry.

Recently, SNAP Interactive, Inc. announced operating results for the quarter ended September 30, 2010. Financial highlights include revenue increasing 113 percent to $1,706,691 for the three months ended September 30, 2010 from $801,120 for the three months ended September 30, 2009, an increase of $905,571.

Q3 2010 Revenue of $1,706,691 increased 37 percent over Q2 2010 revenue of $1,243,082. This represents sequential revenue growth for the sixth consecutive quarter.

SNAP Interactive, Inc. (STVI) closed Tuesday’s session at $1.58, up 26.40%, on 1,699,642 volume with 1,161 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 71,785.  The 52-week low/high is $0.0833/$0.51.

Strata Oil & Gas Inc. (SOIGF)

All Penny Stocks reported previously on Strata Oil & Gas Inc. (SOIGF), and we are reporting on the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Strata Oil & Gas Inc. is a Canadian junior exploration company whose shares trade on the OTC Bulletin Board. The Company focuses on carbonate-hosted bitumen deposits in the Peace River area of Alberta, Canada. Strata believes that carbonate-hosted bitumen is one of the next major frontiers in the oil industry, and they have positioned the Company to take full advantage of this. Strata Oil & Gas Inc. has their headquarters in Calgary, Alberta.

The Company’s emphasis is on full-cycle exploration. They believe that they can have a greater impact by developing their own exploration projects rather than acquiring advanced projects from others. The bitumen that Strata focuses on is contained in carbonates. It tends to be viscous and does not flow easily. This resource is primarily found in the so-called carbonate triangle in the province of Alberta.

The Company’s land base comprises approximately 125,822 acres (approximately 196.6 sections). Of that, nearly 124,542 acres (approximately 194.6 sections) is in the Peace River region. This region is estimated to contain more than 188 billion barrels.

Strata Oil & Gas Inc. also has an additional 1,280 acres (2 sections) in the Wabasca region. This region is estimated to contain in excess of 94 billion barrels [Alberta Department of Energy, Cold Heavy Oil Production With Sand In The Canadian Heavy Oil Industry, Dr. Maurice Dusseault, March 2002].

Strata's Peace River parcels are located in two major areas. Their Cadotte blocks are located close to Shell Canada's Peace River block and to the northwest of the Seal project. Development of bitumen in the Peace River region is still considered early-stage relative to Athabasca. Production is expected to increase in the region.

The Company is focusing on the bitumen-in-carbonate resource found in the Peace River region. This region sits in a large area over a known carbonate trend, which is only now being understood in regards to its production potential. The value of a portion of their Cadotte project is estimated at $1.2 billion USD according to a pre-feasibility study prepared by an independent firm.

Last Thursday, Strata Oil & Gas Inc. announced the release of their Resource Reclassification Report on their 100 percent owned Cadotte Project in the Peace River Oil Sands area of Alberta, Canada.

Norwest Corporation of Calgary Alberta completed this independently prepared Resource Reclassification Report on behalf of Strata. Norwest concludes that historical pilot testing in the region combined with field testing and ore characterization work that Strata has completed at Cadotte to date, is sufficient to allow Norwest to construct a computer simulation of a pilot design for the testing of Debolt bitumen producibility at Cadotte. It is also sufficient to demonstrate the existence of a carbonate pilot, not previously available, needed for the classification of the recoverable resource estimate for that area as "Contingent".

Strata Oil & Gas Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ron Daems said, “This upgrade in resource classification solidifies Strata's position as an industry leader in the carbonates. Our newly classified Contingent Resource asset has greatly enhanced shareholder value, bringing our 56,000 barrels per day commercial plan a major step forward to fruition. Our attention in the coming months is to forge ahead with securing financing for our production testing phase, and to focus the company's manpower and resources on bringing the Cadotte project to Reserve status."

Strata Oil & Gas Inc. (SOIGF) closed Tuesday’s trading session at $0.31, up 40.91%, on 838,306 volume with 182 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 93,049.  The 52-week low/high is $0.01/$0.55.

Tara Minerals Corp. (TARM)

Today we are highlighting Tara Minerals Corp. (TARM), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Tara Minerals Corp. is a resource company mainly focused on searching, acquiring, exploring, and developing high-quality metals and minerals projects with potential for economic commercial value. Tara Minerals Corp. is generating cash from the sale of Silver, Zinc, and Lead concentrate from their Don Roman mine and mill, located in Choix, Mexico. The Company has their headquarters in Wheaton, Illinois, and they trade on the OTC Bulletin Board. 

Tara Minerals has a 100 percent interest in several gold/zinc/lead/silver mining properties. The properties are in the northern part of the La Reforma Mining District of northeastern Sinaloa State, Mexico. The predominate rocks in the area are Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous cabonate (limestone) rocks and Tertiary granitic intrusives. The La Reforma Mining District has undergone mining for more than 300 years, with significant amounts of precious and base metals produced from numerous mines.

On November 16, 2006, Tara Minerals signed a definitive option agreement to acquire a 100 percent interest in the Don Roman and Lourdes  high grade Gold, Zinc, Lead and Silver mineral concessions located 20 km ESE of Choix, Sinaloa State, Mexico. The Don Roman and Lourdes Groupings is comprised of 331 hectares. Production of Zinc, Lead and Silver, from the Don Roman project, began in Q3 2009.

In January 2009, Tara Minerals signed an agreement to acquire 100 percent interest in eight concessions known as the Centenario property located 20 km ESE of Choix, Sinaloa State, Mexico. In July 2009, Tara Minerals formed Adit Resources Corp. for the purchase of the Picacho Gold and Silver project. Targets at Picacho consist of four multi-stage gold and silver bearing veins and breccias totaling over 10.8 kilometers. Tara Minerals continues to hold a majority interest in Adit.

Tara Gold Resources Corp. has been focused on assembling a pipeline of high-quality precious and non-precious metals projects with potential for economic commercial value. To date, they have added value and profitably sold the San Miguel silver/gold project, and the Lluvia de Oro gold/silver/copper project.

They currently hold equity positions in La Camera Mining Inc. (a private mining company), NWM Mining Corporation (a public mining company going into production) and a majority position (40.9 million shares) in Tara Minerals Corp. (currently producing silver/zinc/lead and residual gold). Tara Gold also continues to hold several prospective projects, including a past gold/silver producer.

Tara Minerals Corp. (TARM) closed Tuesday’s trading session at $1.01, even with yesterday's close, on 16,590 volume with 11 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 25,568.  The 52-week low/high is $0.58/$3.05.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc. (AVOI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc. (AVOI). Today, Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc. closed trading at $0.14, up 7.69%, on 5,285 volume with 3 trades.  The average 60-day volume is 27,832 with a 52-week low/high of $0.74/$0.0269.

Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc. (AVOI) is a software development company based in Scottsdale, Arizona and is publicly traded under the symbol AVOI. Advanced Voice Recognition Systems specializes in creating interface and application solutions for speech recognition, language translation and transcription technology. The company owns a portfolio of important patents and patent-pending applications related to these technologies.

The company's first patent #5,960,447 includes 42 claims that cover a wide array of features applicable to existing Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) products and markets. Advanced Voice Recognition Systems' second patent #7,558,530 covers features vital to client server based ASR products such as today's smartphones, language translation applications and large medical transcription systems.

United States Patent and Trademark Office Declares Interference Involving Advanced Voice Recognition Systems' Patent

A patent interference is a proceeding conducted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in instances where two or more parties claim patent rights to the same technology. The U.S. patent system awards patents to the first party who invented a particular technology. In an interference, the primary purpose of the USPTO is to determine which party invented the technology first, and to award the patent to that party.

On March 15, 2010, Advanced Voice Recognition Systems announced the declaration of interference by the USPTO. The USPTO declared the interference between Advanced Voice Recognition Systems' application serial number 09/351,542 as Senior Party and U.S. Patent #5,799,273 ("the Mitchell Patent") owned by Allvoice Developments, LTD ("Allvoice") as Junior Party. AVOI's patent was filed on November 13, 1995 approximately 10 months before the Mitchell filing. Advanced Voice Recognition Systems chose Oblon Spivak of Alexandria Virginia to represent the company in the interference proceedings. After nine months and thousands of hours of collaborative efforts of the team at Oblon Spivak, in conjunction with the inventors, expert witness and Advanced Voice Recognition Systems management, the final round of filings were submitted on December 2, 2010.

The Mitchell patent is the subject of a lawsuit that Allvoice filed against Microsoft in August 2009 in the East District Court of Texas in which Allvoice alleged infringement of Allvoices' Mitchell patent. Microsoft filed invalidity contentions based in part on Advanced Voice Recognition Systems' patent and its product Digital Dictate.

Advanced Voice Recognition Systems is actively pursuing license agreements or other strategic relationships with ASR market participants. The company will also continue to vigorously support and defend its patents through appropriate infringement and interference proceedings to protect the interest of shareholders and future licensees. Disclaimer

Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc. Blog

Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc. News:

Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc. Updates Interference Proceedings Between AVRS, Inc (Senior Party) and Allvoice Developments Ltd (Junior Party) and the Litigation between Allvoice Developments Ltd. and Microsoft Corp.

True 2 Beauty (TRTB)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight True 2 Beauty (TRTB). Today, True 2 Beauty closed trading at $0.23, up 2.27%, on 219,073 volume with 61 trades.  The average 60-day volume is 22,763 with a 52-week low/high of $1.00/$0.02.

True 2 Beauty's (TRTB) “Libigrow” family of products have made their way to Hollywood’s red carpet. The latest edition of In Touch Magazine features an article citing Britney Spears and boyfriend Jason Trawick as Libigow and Libigirl fans. A link to the article is available at the Libigrow website, www.libigrow.com.

True 2 Beauty (TRTB) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of sexual potency pills and liquid products in the United States, with expansion efforts underway in other parts of the world. The company's line of current products currently include Libigrow (for men), Libigirl (for women), Libiliquid Shots and Libiliquid Relaxation Drinks. Made from only natural ingredients, the products are regarded as the most powerful over the counter herbal sexual and performance supplements available on the market.

In addition to being sold online, Libigrow products are sold throughout the U.S. in convenience stores, liquor stores, smoke shops, vitamin stores, independent grocers, and adult boutique stores, with potential in larger chains such as CVS, Walgreens and GNC to name a few. In fact, a major retail pharmacy chain has begun a regional trial in eight of their stores in southern Florida in preparation for a nationwide roll-out to begin in early 2011 for select Libigrow products – the first step to national expansion within the retail pharmacy chain network.

The company has recruited a trained and highly qualified full-time staff. In addition to their talented and well-seasoned designers, the company employs a team of photographers, web designers, a marketing and advertising director and assistant director, account managers in sales, in-house customer service representatives, a commercial ads designer and editor, and an in-house printing team for all promotional material.

Alex Hbaiu leads the company as CEO, president and director. He published several research articles and findings during his employment at Eli Lily Research Labs where he had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and educated doctors and scientists in the world. Although founded with very little capital, via Mr. Hbaiu's expert leadership Librigrow has grown to over $10,000,000 in sales via "word of mouth" advertising alone. Disclaimer

True 2 Beauty Blog

True 2 BeautyNews:

True 2 Beauty Inc. Announces Libigrow and Libigirl Featured in Celebrity Gossip Magazine

True 2 Beauty, Inc. and Kretek International, Inc. Form Libigrow Team

True 2 Beauty Signs Balkan Countries License for "LibiGrow" Line of Products

Zentric, Inc. (ZNTR)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Zentric, Inc. (ZNTR). Today Zentric, Inc.  closed trading at $0.07, down 7.89%, on 2,125 volume. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days 111,606 with a 52-week low/high of $0.012/$1.15.

Zentric, Inc. (ZNTR), an advanced battery technology company, has developed a new and revolutionary battery technology to incorporate high voltage dual electrolytes for higher voltages and power. Through innovation, acquisitions and strategic partnerships, the company aims to accelerate the market applicability of advanced battery technologies as well as storage systems.

Zentric, Inc. (ZNTR) the companies unique battery technology allows specific combinations of key battery components to attain a much higher voltage than traditional lead acid batteries while costing a lot less than lithium-ion batteries. By fitting more energy into the same form factor, the company's technology offers a significant advantage over any existing solution on the market.

The company recently signed a Joint Venture agreement to build and operate a battery manufacturing plant in Jilin Province, China. China's demand for batteries is projected to increase 8.5% annually to reach 282 billion yuan by 2013. The market for high capacity batteries is expected to experience even faster growth, projected to increase 30% annually over the next five years.

The Zentric management team consists of renowned experts from the scientific research community as well as the hybrid and electric battery, automotive and financial industries. Leveraging its cutting-edge battery technology and highly competent management team, Zentric is well positioned to capture a significant share of the burgeoning battery industry. Disclaimer

Zentric, Inc. Blog

Zentric, Inc. News:

SmallCapVoice Exclusive Interview Features Alex Jeff Mak, President and CEO of Zentric, Inc.

Zentric, Inc. Announces Appointment of Raymond Tsang as Director of China Operations

Zentric, Inc. Provides Shareholder Update

National Automation Services, Inc. (NASV) 

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight National Automation Services, Inc. (NASV). Today, National Automation Services, Inc. closed trading at $0.023, down 4.17%, on 121,800 volume with 6 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 285,978 with a 52-week low/high of $0.006/$0.158.

National Automation Services, Inc. (NASV) is a public holding company focused on designing, engineering, installing and maintaining automated control systems for such business applications as waste water treatment, water treatment, airport security, bottling plants, power plants, metals, mining, breweries, food processing, tire making, textiles, plastics and nearly all production activities.  

Dominant players in the $500 Billion national and international automation controls market include Siemens, Honeywell, Fisher Controls, Johnson Controls and others. In addition to the multi-nationals, it has been estimated that there could be as many as 300 local and regional firms providing automation control services. In general, these companies have an edge on the larger behemoths because they can better respond to the needs of local business and municipalities.  

Unfortunately, for these smaller companies, they compete in a limited market space, have stunted growth prospects and have no way of monetizing their asset value. NAS aims to capitalize on this condition by acquiring and integrating the strongest local and regional players into a new organization that would allow for the synergies and efficiencies of a national company while keeping the competitive advantages of decentralized management and service.  

Of the 300 local and regional automation companies, 42 meet the company’s acquisition criteria; 11 of which have been targeted for acquisition over the next two years. NAS projects year-end 2010 revenues of more than $47 Million and year-end 2011 revenues of over $140 Million predicated on meeting its targeted acquisition schedule. With a solid business plan in place, NAS has a firm foundation to generate strong cash flow and increase shareholder value over the long-term. Disclaimer

National Automotion Services, Inc. Blog

National Automation Services, Inc. News:

National Automation Services (NASV) New Audio Interview of Bob Chance, CEO of NASV is now at SmallCapVoice.com

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National Automation Services, Inc. Expands Operations Into California

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV) Offers Exceptional Opportunity For Growth

With certain industries there is one top-of-the-line product, and then there is everything else. Such is the case with SpaCapsule®, the self-contained personal sensory environment and anti-stress hydro-massage system offered by Simulated Environment Concepts (SE Concepts).

Although not the first system of its kind, SpaCapsule clearly stands alone in its superior design and functionality. Protected by various American and international patents, there’s simply nothing quite like it, a uniquely integrated combination of hydro massage, audio/visual stimulation, and aroma therapy. As a result, SE Concepts is expected to see explosive growth over the next few years, as the company cashes in on its unmatched position in an expanding industry.

• SpaCapsule is the only system of its kind that has a dual barrier between the water jets and the user, allowing for higher water velocity and a much deeper massage.
• Unlike other offerings, SpaCapsule provides a top-down massage, simulating a natural hands-on experience, and doing a far better job of enhancing circulation and muscle oxygenation.
• SpaCapsule’s computerized controls and software lets every user custom program (and store) all sensory elements of the system.
• Aroma therapy and other components are designed and built in to the system, as opposed to being inferior add-ons.
• SpaCapsule is the only system of its kind actually conceived and designed by doctors.

But the individual differentiating features offered by SpaCapsule are not as significant by themselves as when considered together. It’s the elegantly engineered integration that sets the product apart from anything else in the field, elevating SpaCapsule to a different level. Designed from the ground up by doctors and a team of engineers recruited from high-profile companies, SpaCapsule has redefined the industry and given SEC an exceptional opportunity for expansion. Through its international marketing campaign, the company is getting orders from all over the world.

National Automation Services Inc. (NASV) Provides Full Spectrum of Services to Improve Productivity and Profitability

National Automation Services Inc. is a leader in industrial automation and systems integration. As a provider of systems integration in the industrial controls sector, the company’s goal is to build a North American portfolio of automation and controls companies across the continent which specialize in the design and implementation of industrial control systems.

The company is an elite system integrator, Allen-Bradley solutions provider, Siemens solution partner and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certified panel facility. Aligning with nationally recognized regulatory bodies gives the company significant marketplace credibility and the highest standards for its products and services.

National Automation Services is committed to providing solutions which meet and exceed its customers’ expectations. The company’s extensive experience with a wide range of clients puts it in the unique position of being able to understand and address each client’s specific needs. With its diverse industry experience, the company is able to provide the following industry solutions:
• Automotive – Improve delivery reliability
• Building & Facilities – Centralize access control
• Cement & Glass – Improve delivery reliability
• Chemical – Improve reporting capability
• Electronics – Control production lines to improve quality
• Food & Beverage – Improve productivity and profitability
• Machinery & Manufacturing – Enhance reliability and maximize safety
• Metals – Centralize operations
• Mining & Minerals – Centralize mine operation
• Oil & Gas – Assure safety, custody and pipeline integrity
• Pharmaceutical – Reduce costs
• Power/Utilities & Generation – Maximize productivity
• Pulp & Paper – Reduce shutdowns
• Transportation – Synchronize manufacturing and business processes
• Water & Waste Water – Improve treatment processes automation

Sinovac Biotech Ltd. (SVA) Announces SFDA Approval to Commence Clinical Trials for Enterovirus Type 71 Vaccine

Sinovac Biotech Ltd., a leading provider of biopharmaceutical products in China, announced this morning that it received approval from the China State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) to commence clinical trials for its proprietary inactivated EV71 vaccine against Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD). Sinovac must conduct each phase of the human clinical trials in accordance with SFDA requirements, conduct studies to assess safety and immunogenicity in the phase I and II clinical trials, and conduct efficacy study in the phase III clinical trial. The company filed the application to commence human clinical trials for its inactivated EV71 vaccine in December of last year.

Dr. Weidong Yin, Chairman, President & CEO, stated, “We are very pleased to advance our near term vaccine development pipeline with the approval from the SFDA to commence clinical trials for our internally developed EV 71 vaccine. Currently, there is no vaccine available worldwide for this disease. We had no precedent to go by during the development, so we had to start with the basic research on this vaccine. Moreover, our R&D people has successfully completed pre-clinical research and made significant breakthroughs during the development. We will move forward with our research and development of vaccines with the objective to supply high quality vaccine products to children worldwide as soon as possible and to contribute to the prevention and control of HFMD.”

The Company began preclinical research for its independently developed EV 71 vaccine approximately two years ago. The animal model, built by researchers at Sydney University, showed cross protection and demonstrated that the vaccine is effective in animals. Sinovac has already filed five patent applications covering the EV 71 vaccine.

China TransInfo Technology Corp. (CTFO) Contracted to Develop a Commercial Operation Center for Beijing Traffic-Information Service

Today, China TransInfo Technology Corp. announced that its subsidiary, Beijing Zhangcheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (”Beijing Zhangcheng”), has signed a contract with the Beijing Transportation Information Center to develop a commercial operation center to provide dynamic traffic-information services to drivers in Beijing. Valued at RMB 6.2 million (approximately $0.9 million), the contract will be classified within the company’s traffic information service business.

The Commercial Operation Center will include the traffic information-service distribution platform, a customized commuting-service demonstration system, and the launch of 500 interactive dynamic navigation terminals, which are expected to be completed by the end of next year. Beijing Zhangcheng must also provide two-years of traffic-information service via the 500 terminals starting in 2011 as part of the contract. After the contracted period, Beijing Zhangcheng will continue to provide traffic-information services at market price.

Last week, the Beijing government announced new measures to ease the city’s increasingly severe traffic congestion. According to the new regulations, Beijing will strengthen the role of traffic information and services to counter traffic congestion and smooth traffic flow. The Commercial Operation Center is expected to help address the city’s mounting urban transportation issues and advance the development of the market for consumer-oriented traffic information services.

“We’re very delighted to participate in the construction of the Commercial Operation Center, especially to provide terminal-based traffic information services,” stated Mr. Shudong Xia, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of China TransInfo. “Our selection is a strong validation of our technology and service capabilities. The government’s increased investment in traffic information services will continue to support the development of our industry.”

“Since Beijing Zhangcheng’s related platform, system and terminals have almost been finalized and meet the requirements of the Commercial Operation Center, we estimate that this contract can achieve 80% gross margins. In addition, the launch of 500 terminals represents the beginning of our offering paid traffic-information services in the Beijing market. The 500 interactive navigation terminals will also comprise a data source, which we will use to further improve the quality of our traffic-information service.”


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