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Smart Kids Group Inc. (SKGP) ‏

FeedBlitz, OTC Picks, Stock Traders Chat, and ItsAllBull.net reported on Smart Kids Group Inc. (SKGP), and we are highlighting the Company as “One to Watch”, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.‏

Smart Kids Group Inc. is a global provider of children’s digital education and entertainment. The Company has developed digital media to address parents’ concerns about keeping their children healthy, safe, and aware of their surroundings in their homes, their communities, and in an increasingly uncertain world. Smart Kids Group Inc.’s shares trade on the OTC Bulletin Board. The Company has offices in Longwood, Florida, and Edmonton, Alberta.

Smart Kids Group Inc. is launching a four year growth strategy. This strategy includes character-based merchandising for sale through their website and strategic plans for franchising kiosk and store retail outlets. The Company sublicenses characters, copyrights, trademarks, and Internet domain names related to Be Alert Bert and other characters to promote educational and entertaining media products. These include videos, music, and books utilizing Be Alert Bert’ characters to children between the ages of 6 to 12.

The Company has a cast of animated characters led by Bert the Bee and his sister Clare. The Company is licensing their 28 episode, bilingual (Spanish/English) ‘Be Alert Bert’ TV series to television stations throughout North America. They are also developing a new 65 episode TV series, ‘The Adventures of Bert and Clare’.

Founded in 1993 by Richard Shergold, creator of Bert the Bee and his family of entertaining characters, the Be Alert Bert television and video series was originally developed by Be Alert Bert Productions, a Canadian corporation. In 2003, Smart Kids Group Inc. was formed to fully commercialize the venture in North America and Internationally.

Smart Kids Group Inc.’s design team is developing a 3D animated membership website. It will be a community of knowledge and entertainment for the entire family. Access to the site will be through a site named ‘Smartkidscommunity’. This site will feature a safe environment for children, and monthly reports to parents of their children’s site activities.

Recently, Smart Kids Group, Inc. announced that they are taking steps to create strategic Canadian-American partnerships with companies in Hollywood and New York. This is to generate revenues from the multi-billion dollar 3D industry.

Richard Shergold, Founder & President of Smart Kids Group, Inc. stated, “The market has been steadily growing since the release of ‘Avatar’ in Stereoscopic 3D. It’s a smart move that we are making by stepping to the front of the line with a strategic partner in the United States. We have already identified several companies that have been in business for years in Hollywood and New York with an extensive client list. All have shown interest in creating a strategic partnership with us so they can refer their existing clients to us to convert 2D movies and commercials into 3D movies and commercials.”

We have Smart Kids Group Inc. (SKGP) locked on our radar screens as “One to Watch”, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.‏

Smart Kids Group Inc. (SKGP) ‏ closed Wednesday’s trading session at $0.0018, up 0.00%, on 110,000 volume with 3 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 607,552.  The 52-week low/high is $0.00151/$0.0047.

Zale Corporation (ZLC)

Investorplace and Trading Markets reported this week on Zale Corporation (ZLC), The Street, PennyProphet.com, SmallCap Voice, HotOTC.com, Cool Penny Stocks, Stock Rich, SmallCap Voice, and Stockpalooza did earlier, and we are reporting on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Zale Corporation is a leading specialty retailer of diamonds and other jewelry products in North America. The Company operates approximately 1,900 retail locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, as well as online. They started as a single Zales Jewelers store in Wichita Falls, Texas, on March 29, 1924. In 1999-2000 Zale expanded with two major acquisitions: Peoples Jewellers of Canada and Piercing Pagoda. Zale Corporation’s shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The Company has their headquarters in Irving, Texas.

Zale Corporation's brands include Zales Jewelers, Zales Outlet, Gordon's Jewelers, Peoples Jewellers, Mappins Jewellers, and Piercing Pagoda. Zale also operates online at www.zales.com, www.zalesoutlet.com, www.gordonsjewelers.com, www.peoplesjewellers.com and www.pagoda.com.

Zale Corporation is driven by three core product categories. The bridal category enjoys consistent, stable demand and establishes lifelong customer relationships. The fashion segment inspires gift giving and self purchases while allowing the Company to maximize the peak holiday periods. The watch business provides additional brand appeal, enhancing the Company's ability to further drive traffic.

The Company’s Fine Jewelry segment operates under five brands. Their Zales Jewelers brand provides diamond jewelry primarily in the bridal and fashion segments through stores in 50 states and Puerto Rico. The Gordon's Jewelers brand provides jewelry in stores in 31 states of the United States and Puerto Rico.

The Peoples Jewellers and Mappins Jewellers brands offer gold jewelry, gemstone jewelry, and watches through stores in Canada. Zales Outlet brand offers branded watches, gemstones, gold merchandise, and diamond fashion and solitaire products through stores in 36 states and Puerto Rico.

The Fine Jewelry segment also sells their products through e-commerce sites, such as zales.com and gordonsjewelers.com. The Kiosk Jewelry segment provides gold and silver products. These include bracelets, earrings, charms, rings, 14 karat and 10 karat gold chains, and silver and diamond jewelry primarily under Piercing Pagoda, Plumb Gold, and Silver and Gold Connection brand names, through mall-based kiosks.

Zale Corporation (ZLC) closed Wednesday’s trading session at $2.95, down 1.01%, on 508,363 volume with 1,451 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 603,512.  The 52-week low/high is $1.35/$5.07.

United Western Bancorp, Inc. (UWBK)

Stock Hot Tips, Greenbackers, Hot OTC, Stock Rich, and Cool Penny Stocks reported on United Western Bancorp, Inc. (UWBK), and we are reporting on the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

United Western Bancorp, Inc. is focused on developing their community-based banking network. They are doing this through their subsidiary, United Western Bank®. They are strategically positioning branches across Colorado’s Front Range market and certain mountain communities. The area spans the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains - from Pueblo to Fort Collins, and from metropolitan Denver to the Roaring Fork Valley. United Western Bancorp, Inc. has their corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado. The Company’s shares trade on the NASDAQ Global Market.

United Western Bancorp, Inc. also offers cost effective deposits and deposit services on a national basis, in addition to United Western Bank’s community-based banking operations. They offer these to a variety of customers, including those involved in the processing services industries (e.g., securities settlement, mortgage banking, custodial). In addition, they offer escrow and paying agent and trust account management services through their wholly owned subsidiary, United Western Trust Company.

The Company’s United Western Bank® subsidiary is a federally chartered savings and loan association based in Denver. It has branch locations in downtown Denver, Cherry Creek, Boulder, Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, and South Denver, and a loan production office serving the Aspen/Roaring Fork Valley mountain area.  United Western Bank serves their local communities by providing a wide spectrum of personal and business depository services, offering residential, consumer, and commercial real estate loans.

The Company’s United Western Trust Company is headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They provide administration, record-keeping, corporate escrow and paying agent services for a broad variety of business needs. This includes investment offerings (public and private), life settlements, claim settlements, mergers, acquisitions, purchases, and sales.

United Western Trust Company’s services include day-to-day administration of accounts; holding funds in an FDIC insured interest bearing account; processing of deposits and payments received; and processing of disbursements and fund transfers as directed. Their services also include sub-accounting of investor funds; maintaining of investor records; providing periodic reports of account activity; safekeeping of assets; as well as filing of federal and state tax reporting.

UW Investment Services, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Western Bancorp, Inc. They have their headquarters in Denver, Colorado. They are registered with FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) as a fully disclosed broker-dealer.

United Western Bancorp, Inc. (UWBK) closed Wednesday’s trading session at $0.32, up 13.88%, on 1,328,025 volume with 1,845 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 216,277.  The 52-week low/high is $0.29/$3.43.


The Street, Daily Markets, Schaeffer's, Trading Markets, NanoCap Gems, Coattail Investor, and Street Alerts reported on SUPERVALU Inc. (SVU), and we are highlighting the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

SUPERVALU Inc., together with their subsidiaries, operates retail food stores in the United States. They are one of the largest companies in the U.S. grocery channel with estimated annual sales of $38 billion. The Company has approximately 154,000 employees. SUPERVALU Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and they have their headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

In 1870, Hugh G. Harrison provided the seed money for B.S. Bull and Company, a dry goods wholesaler serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding rural communities. B.S. Bull was short lived; however, their founders went on to create similar enterprises. In 1926, these kindred companies joined to form Winston and Newell Company, the direct parent of SUPERVALU®.

SUPERVALU Inc. serves customers across the United States through a network of approximately 4,270 stores. These are composed of approximately 1,160 traditional retail stores, including 820 in-store pharmacies; 1,190 hard-discount stores, of which 870 are operated by licensee owners; and 1,920 independent stores serviced primarily by the Company’s traditional food distribution business.

For Grocery Retail, SUPERVALU Inc. has a blend of hard discount, traditional supermarkets, and price superstores. For hard discount they have their SAVE-A-LOT stores. They have 1,190 SAVE-A-LOT stores across the country. The number continues to grow as they add combination stores that also carry dollar-priced general merchandise.

The retail banners that the Company operates are household names in the markets where they compete. Many of them hold No. 1 or No. 2 market share positions. Stores in their retail network include ACME®, ALBERTSONS®, CUB®, FARM FRESH®, HORNBACHER'S®, JEWEL-OSCO®, SHAW'S/STAR MARKET®, SHOP ‘N SAVE® and SHOPPERS®.

SUPERVALU®'s roots in distribution date back to the 1870's when they first began servicing grocers' needs. Today, SUPERVALU is a leader in grocery distribution and logistics. The Company provides the product variety, on-time delivery, competitive rates, and services that their grocery retail customers require to meet the needs of their customers. The Company is the product-supply lifeline for more than 5,000 retail end points from coast to coast.

Yesterday, Albertsons, part of the nationwide SUPERVALU® family of grocery stores, announced that two of their Santa Barbara stores have reached “zero waste” classification in their daily operations. They accomplished this through a combination of innovative recycling programs, a food donation program, and a joint organic composting program with the City of Santa Barbara.  The two stores now divert all non-contaminated waste from landfills and incinerators. In total, more than 95 percent of all waste products from both stores are recycled, reused, or composted. This exceeds the 90 percent threshold commonly recognized as zero waste.

SUPERVALU Inc. (SVU) closed Wednesday’s trading at $8.89, down 1.66%, on 8,120,901 volume with 30,079 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 5,072,943.  The 52-week low/high is $8.67/$17.89.

Primoris Services Corporation (PRIM)

SmallCap Voice, CRWE Finance, and CRWE Wall Street reported earlier on Primoris Services Corporation (PRIM), and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 1946, Primoris Services Corporation is a holding company of various subsidiaries which cumulatively form one of the largest specialty contractors and engineering companies in the Western United States. The Company is also a leading water and wastewater contractor in the Southeast, and a specialist in designing and constructing complex commercial and industrial concrete structures in California. Primoris Services Corporation trades on the NASDAQ Global Market. The Company has their headquarters in Lake Forest, California.

The Company primarily serves the growing power and energy sectors. Primoris provides a broad spectrum of construction, fabrication, maintenance, and replacement services, as well as engineering services. They provide these to major public utilities, petrochemical companies, energy companies, municipalities, and other customers.

Primoris Services Corporation acquired James Construction Group in December 2009 and Rockford Corporation in November 2010. With these acquisitions Primoris has doubled their size and the Company’s national footprint now extends from Florida, along the Gulf Coast, through California, into the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

Recently, Primoris Services Corporation announced financial results for their third quarter ended September 30, 2010. The Company’s results for the third quarter of 2010 include the results of James Construction Group (JCG) and Cravens Services, Inc. (Cravens).

Revenues increased 116.1 percent to $230.4 million from $106.6 million in Q3 2009.  Gross profit increased by $7.7 million, or 38.3 percent, to $27.9 million for the 2010 third quarter from $20.2 million in the same period in 2009. This was primarily due to a $12.3 million profit contribution from the acquired businesses.

Gross profit as a percent of revenues decreased to 12.1 percent during the 2010 third quarter from 18.9 percent in the same period last year. This reflects the typically lower margin percentages on JCG's heavy civil projects and lower utilization of equipment and manpower in the West Construction segment. The Company had net income of $7.6 million, or $0.17 per diluted share, compared to Q3 2009 net income of $7.9 million, or $0.23 per diluted share.

Today, Primoris Services Corporation announced that their wholly-owned subsidiary, James Construction Group, LLC, has been awarded three highway construction contracts by the Louisiana Department of Transportation. These contracts are expected to generate aggregate revenues to Primoris of approximately $101 million over a three-year period that commenced November 2010.

The first project involves reconstruction work on a stretch of Interstate 12 in Slidell, Louisiana. This project is valued at approximately $26 million. The two other projects are for approximately 9 miles of new interstate construction of Interstate 49, north of Shreveport, Louisiana. These projects are valued at approximately $39 million and $36 million.

Primoris Services Corporation (PRIM) closed Wednesday’s session at $9.00, up 1.81%, on 508,087 volume with 2,232 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 104,133.  The 52-week low/high is $5.61/$9.00.

Federal Signal Corporation (FSS)

SmallCap Voice reported earlier on Federal Signal Corporation (FSS), and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Federal Signal Corporation is a company that enhances the safety, security, and well-being of communities and workplaces globally. The Company is a leading global designer and manufacturer of products and total solutions that serve municipal, governmental, industrial, and institutional customers. Founded in 1901, Federal Signal Corporation has their headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois. They also have manufacturing facilities worldwide. The Company trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Federal Signal Corporation operates four groups. These are Safety and Security Systems, Environmental Solutions, Federal Signal Technologies, and Fire Rescue. The Company’s markets include Law enforcement, fire rescue / EMS, homeland security, intelligent transportation, streets and sanitation, industrial and commercial operations.

The Company helps customers protect people, property and the environment in approximately 100 countries around the world. Their products are in use every day in cities such as Amsterdam, Beijing, Boston, Chicago, Istanbul, Kansas City, Lima, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, Miami, Moscow, New York City, Ottawa, Paris, Rome, and Vancouver.

Federal Signal Corporation’s Safety and Security Systems segment offers various systems for automated license plate recognition, campus and community alerting, emergency vehicles, first responder interoperable communications, industrial communications and command, municipal networked security, vehicle classification, parking revenue, and access control. This segment also provides products, such as lightbars and sirens, public warning sirens, and public safety software.

The Fire Rescue segment offers articulated and telescopic aerial platforms for rescue, fire fighting, and maintenance purposes. This segment sells their products to municipal and industrial fire services, civil defense authorities, rental companies, electric utilities, and industrial customers.

The Environmental Solutions segment provides various self-propelled street cleaning vehicles, vacuum loader vehicles, municipal catch basin/sewer cleaning vacuum trucks, and water blasting equipment.

Recently, Federal Signal Corporation announced Third Quarter results. Q3 orders increased 11 percent versus 2009 primarily driven by Environmental Solutions Group.  Q3 Net Revenue increased 12 percent versus 2009. The Company reported Q3 EPS from Continuing Operations of $0.05. Their Q3 Cash Flow from Continuing Operations was $20.2 Million.

Federal Signal Corporation (FSS) closed Wednesday’s trading at $6.66, up 4.06%, on 204,403 volume with 975 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 357,904.  The 52-week low/high is $4.91/$10.30.

Emrise Corporation (ERI)

SmallCap Voice reported earlier on Emrise Corporation (ERI), and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Emrise Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets electronic devices, sub-systems, and equipment for aerospace, defense, industrial, and communications markets. The Company’s products perform key functions including power supply and power conversion; radio frequency (RF) and microwave signal processing; and network access and timing and synchronization of communications networks. Founded in 1983, Emrise Corporation trades on the NYSE Arca and the Company has their headquarters in Durham, North Carolina.

The use of Emrise’s network products in network timing and synchronization in edge networks is a primary growth driver for the Company's Communications Equipment business segment. The use of their power supplies, RF, and microwave signal processing devices and subsystems in on-board in-flight entertainment and communications systems is a primary growth driver for their Electronic Devices business segment. Emrise serves the global base of customers they have built in North America, Europe, and Asia via operations in the United States, England, and France.

Emrise’s electronic devices group, which includes EEC Corporation and their subsidiaries, provides standard and custom power conversion products, RF and microwave devices and subsystems and subsystem assemblies to the global electronic components market, primarily for defense, aerospace, telecommunication and industrial applications. Emrise’s telecommunications group, consisting of CXR Larus Corporation and CXR Anderson Jacobson, provide transmission and network access equipment, timing and synchronization systems and test equipment to the International communications industry.

The Company’s strategy is to focus on their Electronics group and Aerospace and Defense markets, and to focus on high margin, telecommunications timing systems. Their strategy is also to improve profitability through benchmarking and integration, and to support and encourage an entrepreneurial culture of technical innovation. They are also working to reinforce their core business through acquisition of technology and investment in development.

In November, Emrise Corporation announced that they have met their goal of establishing new funding sources to support the growth of the Company’s subsidiaries in the U.K., France, and the United States. This is with the signing of a new agreement for up to $800,000 in receivables financing in the U.S. to support the growth of the Company’s U.S. subsidiary.

This is the third new funding arrangement announced by Emrise Corporation in the last two months. Emrise Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Carmine T. Oliva said with the addition of the Bridge Bank financing arrangement in the U.S., the total of the Company’s new funding sources is now approximately $6.6 million.

Emrise Corporation (ERI) closed Wednesday’s trading session at $0.958, down 4.20%, on 3,010 volume with 8 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 20,725.  The 52-week low/high is $0.46/$1.35.

ACCO Brands Corporation (ABD)

Today we are reporting on ACCO Brands Corporation (ABD), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

ACCO Brands Corporation is one of the world's only publicly-traded, pure-play global office products suppliers. The Company is a global leader in select categories of branded office products. Their industry-leading brands include Day-Timer®, Swingline®, Kensington®, Quartet®, GBC®, Rexel, NOBO, and Wilson Jones®, among others. Under the GBC brand, the Company is also a leader in the professional print finishing market. ACCO Brands Corporation’s shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The Company has their headquarters in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

ACCO Brands Corporation became an independent publicly traded company on August 17, 2005. The Company was formed through the spin-off of the ACCO World office products unit of Fortune Brands (NYSE: FO) and their subsequent merger with General Binding Corporation (GBC). This transaction brought together the complementary businesses, brands, and strengths of ACCO and GBC to form the world's largest supplier of branded office products. ACCO Brands markets products in more than 100 countries through their own sales force and distribution networks.

ACCO Brands' businesses got their start with the founding of Wilson Jones in 1893, the American Clip Company (ACCO) in 1903 and the Swingline Company in 1925. These were among the first companies to revolutionize the basic ways in which people record, store, and organize information in offices, schools, and workspaces through the creation of the ring binder, the mass production of the paper clip, and the widespread popularization of staplers.

GBC was founded in 1947 to manufacture and sell desktop binding products. They eventually broadened their product base to include a range of binding solutions, as well as laminating products, shredders, visual communication products, and calculators. The Company established itself as a leader in the office products industry, offering products under the well-known GBC and Quartet brands as well as a range of professional-grade print finishing solutions.

ACCO Brands Corporation’s office products and supplies include staplers, staples, punches, ring binders, trimmers, sheet protectors, hanging file folders, clips and fasteners, data binders, dry-erase boards, dry-erase markers, easels, bulletin boards, overhead projectors, transparencies, and laser pointers and screens. They market these under Quartet, Rexel, Swingline, Wilson Jones, Marbig, NOBO, ACCO, Derwent, and Eastligh brand names.

The Company also offers document finishing solutions, such as binding, lamination and punching equipment, binding and lamination supplies, report covers, archival report covers, and shredder, as well as machine maintenance and repair services under the GBC brand name. Furthermore, they provide personal organization tools, including time management products primarily under the Day-Timer brand name.

ACCO Brands Corporation (ABD) closed Wednesday’s trading session at $7.34, up 4.56%, on 231,714 volume with 1,663 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 365,777.  The 52-week low/high is $4.63/$9.47.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

True 2 Beauty (TRTB)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight True 2 Beauty (TRTB). Today, True 2 Beauty closed trading at $0.22, up 16.32%, on 750,879 volume with 162 trades.  The average 60-day volume is 78,176 with a 52-week low/high of $1.00/$0.02. During today's trading session, the stock traded an all-time record number of shares.

True 2 Beauty (TRTB) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of sexual potency pills and liquid products in the United States, with expansion efforts underway in other parts of the world. The company's line of current products currently include Libigrow (for men), Libigirl (for women), Libiliquid Shots and Libiliquid Relaxation Drinks. Made from only natural ingredients, the products are regarded as the most powerful over the counter herbal sexual and performance supplements available on the market.

In addition to being sold online, Libigrow products are sold throughout the U.S. in convenience stores, liquor stores, smoke shops, vitamin stores, independent grocers, and adult boutique stores, with potential in larger chains such as CVS, Walgreens and GNC to name a few. In fact, a major retail pharmacy chain has begun a regional trial in eight of their stores in southern Florida in preparation for a nationwide roll-out to begin in early 2011 for select Libigrow products – the first step to national expansion within the retail pharmacy chain network.

The company has recruited a trained and highly qualified full-time staff. In addition to their talented and well-seasoned designers, the company employs a team of photographers, web designers, a marketing and advertising director and assistant director, account managers in sales, in-house customer service representatives, a commercial ads designer and editor, and an in-house printing team for all promotional material.

Alex Hbaiu leads the company as CEO, president and director. He published several research articles and findings during his employment at Eli Lily Research Labs where he had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and educated doctors and scientists in the world. Although founded with very little capital, via Mr. Hbaiu's expert leadership Librigrow has grown to over $10,000,000 in sales via "word of mouth" advertising alone. Disclaimer

True 2 Beauty Blog

True 2 BeautyNews:

A New Audio Interview with Alex Hbaiu, President and CEO of True 2 Beauty, Inc., is now at SmallCapVoice.com

True 2 Beauty Inc. CEO Alex Hbaiu to Be Interviewed on MYOB, the Radio Show for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

True 2 Beauty, Inc. Expands Production With New 39,000 Square Ft Building in City of Commerce, California

Zentric, Inc. (ZNTR)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Zentric, Inc. (ZNTR). Today Zentric, Inc.  closed trading at $0.08 on 279,178 volume with 40 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days 77,783 with a 52-week low/high of $0.012/$1.15.

Today before the opening bell, Zentric, Inc. issued a press release with the purpose of updating the investment community on its current initiatives. The full update can be viewed on our blog at the following link: http://blog.qualitystocks.net/?p=27798

Zentric, Inc. (ZNTR), an advanced battery technology company, has developed a new and revolutionary battery technology to incorporate high voltage dual electrolytes for higher voltages and power. Through innovation, acquisitions and strategic partnerships, the company aims to accelerate the market applicability of advanced battery technologies as well as storage systems.

Zentric, Inc. (ZNTR) the companies unique battery technology allows specific combinations of key battery components to attain a much higher voltage than traditional lead acid batteries while costing a lot less than lithium-ion batteries. By fitting more energy into the same form factor, the company's technology offers a significant advantage over any existing solution on the market.

The company recently signed a Joint Venture agreement to build and operate a battery manufacturing plant in Jilin Province, China. China's demand for batteries is projected to increase 8.5% annually to reach 282 billion yuan by 2013. The market for high capacity batteries is expected to experience even faster growth, projected to increase 30% annually over the next five years.

The Zentric management team consists of renowned experts from the scientific research community as well as the hybrid and electric battery, automotive and financial industries. Leveraging its cutting-edge battery technology and highly competent management team, Zentric is well positioned to capture a significant share of the burgeoning battery industry. Disclaimer

Zentric, Inc. Blog

Zentric, Inc. News:

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Zentric, Inc. Appoints Lee Harrison as Executive Advisor

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV). Today, Simulated Environment Concepts closed trading at $0.01 on 78,903 volume with 9 trades.  The average 60-day volume is 200,940 with a 52-week low/high of $0.0051/$0.07.

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV) announced that its flagship SpaCapsule massage system has been incorporated into the BodySmart fitness training regimen. The company believes its further success in northern Europe and BodySmart fitness centers is attributed to favorable results of the Body Slimming Study conducted by the DERMSCAN Group.

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV) this morning announced that the expected number of sales has been exceeded by some of its distributors. “Sales of the SpaCapsule are steadily increasing,” stated Dr. Ilya Spivak, Marketing Director of Simulated Environment Concepts (SE Concepts) and Co-Inventor of the SpaCapsule. “If distributors continue at this rate, our 4-year agreements could be completed within 3-years.”

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV) is focused on manufacturing and distributing their patented SpaCapsule® as well as continued innovation in the areas of anti-aging, cosmetics, relaxation, cellulite reduction, and weight loss. Finding use in numerous environments such as relaxation centers, golf clubs, ski lounges, gyms, and health clubs, the SpaCapsule® provides next generation de-stressing and relaxation.

The company’s founders, Dr. Ella Frenkel and Dr. Ilya Spivak, initially capitalized Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. with several million dollars of their own money. With this initial investment, the company worked on, and succeeded in developing, the sleek and stylish looking pressurized dry water massage relaxation station.

SpaCapsule® is a full body massage, aromatherapy, audio and video entertainment system. The capsules are fused with advanced modern technology and healing methods of aromatherapy and audiovisual relaxation techniques, incorporating proprietary water-jet and pressure-jet technology that requires no on-site plumbing. Weighing approximately 500 lbs, the capsule only requires standard electric service.

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV) anticipates progressive and consistent growth over the next six years. With individuals spending billions of dollars on de-stressing, weight loss, anti aging, cosmetics, massage and physical rehabilitations, the company is in a position to experience explosive growth from current levels. Disclaimer

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. Blog

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. News:

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Simulated Environment Concepts Continues to Garner Significant Interest, Exposure and Sales Within Medical Community

Simulated Environment Concepts Issues First Shareholder Letter Update

Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) Today, the Uranium Energy Corporation closed trading at $7.09, up 1.29%, on 2,497,410 volume with 8,274 trades.  The average 60-day volume is 1,052,286 with a 52-week low/high of $2.11/$7.27. During today's trading session, the stock established a new 52-week high.

Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) was pleased to announce today that it has started the processing of the first shipment of uranium-loaded resins at its Hobson processing plant. Received earlier this week, the shipment consisted of 500 cubic feet of uranium-loaded resins contained within one of the company’s two U.S. Department of Transportation-approved tanker trailers specially built for this purpose.

Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) is a U.S.-based exploration and development company focused on near-term uranium production in the U.S. The company’s operations are managed by professionals who have earned a reputable profile through many decades of hands-on experience in the key facets of uranium exploration, development and mining.

Uranium Energy controls one of the largest databases of historic uranium exploration and development in the nation. Using this knowledge base, the company has acquired and is advancing exploration properties of merit throughout the southwestern U.S., a region known as being the most concentrated area for uranium mining in the United States.

The Company’s fully licensed and permitted Hobson processing facility is central to all of its projects in South Texas. Well financed to execute on its key programs, Uranium Energy's Palangana is-situ recovery project is fully permitted, and its Goliad in-situ recovery project is in the final stages of mine permitting for production.

The company’s strategy of acquiring exploration databases and leveraging those databases to generate acquisition targets has proven to be effective thus far. With plans to continue aggressively pursuing this strategy, Uranium Energy Corp is well positioned to capitalize on the world’s first significant alternative energy boom. Disclaimer

Uranium Energy Corp. Blog

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Uranium Energy Corp Initiates Operations at Hobson Processing Facility in South Texas

Uranium Energy Corp to Ring NYSE Closing Bell to Celebrate the Transition to Uranium Producer

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Christmas Comes Early for Micro Identification Technologies, Inc. (MMTC)

In what must seem like an early Christmas gift for Micro Identification Technologies Inc. (MMTC), the U.S. Senate passed legislation Tuesday significantly increasing the ability of the government to put pressure on food processors and importers for safer food. Although the Senate bill has a number of limitations, and still faces uncertain prospects in the House, it represents a major push for more inspections, spurred by the recent spate of food contamination recalls.

Micro Identification Technologies, creator of the world’s first and only automated bacteria identification system, the patented MIT1000, has already been lining up funding and resources for production and marketing in preparation for increased demand. Their one-of-a-kind system, based on laser light and advanced pattern recognition software, dramatically cuts the time and cost involved in accurately identifying a variety of pathogenic bacteria. Though the system can be used in a wide range of environments and applications, their initial target is the food processing industry.

The Senate bill applies largely to fruits and vegetables and requires major players in the food chain to create detailed food safety plans. The FDA would create new safety regulations, including tougher standards for imports, and could require the recall of tainted foods, versus simply pressuring businesses to do voluntary recalls. The bill would also greatly increase required inspections of domestic and foreign food facilities.

All of this plays perfectly for MIT, which offers an automated way for inspections to be completed quickly and on-site at a cost far below traditional approaches. It is estimated that revenues for such rapid testing methods have expanded at an annual rate of over 9% since 1998, and already exceed $5 billion annually, figures that could easily be surpassed when or if the Senate bill becomes law.

Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) Processes First Shipment of Uranium from Patlangana ISR Project

Uranium Energy Corp. was pleased to announce today that it has started the processing of the first shipment of uranium-loaded resins at its Hobson processing plant. Received earlier this week, the shipment consisted of 500 cubic feet of uranium-loaded resins contained within one of the company’s two U.S. Department of Transportation-approved tanker trailers specially built for this purpose.

Harry Anthony, Chief Operating Officer, stated, “Hobson is a state-of-the-art processing facility now operating under the supervision of experienced staff headed by VP Production Bob Underdown and Hobson Superintendent Greg Kroll. We are confident of standard and secure operations here. We will continue to ramp up production at the Palangana ISR project and the Hobson processing facility over the ensuing weeks and months.”

Converting uranium loaded resin beads to marketable yellowcake (U3O8) at Hobson includes stripping the uranium from the resin beads using a salt solution, precipitating the yellowcake slurry from the salt solution, filtering it from the remaining solution, then vacuum drying and packaging the yellowcake into drums for delivery. An animated video of the process can be found on Uranium Energy’s homepage: www.uraniumenergy.com

Zentric, Inc. (ZNTR) Updates Investor Community

Today before the opening bell, Zentric, Inc., an advanced battery technology company, issued a press release to update the investment community on its current initiatives.

As previously announced, Zentric has entered into a joint venture agreement to build and operate a battery manufacturing facility on approximately 7.4 acres of land provided by the joint venture partners. The company is now in the process of planning and designing the facility, which is anticipated to undergo construction in mid-2011.

Zentric is also in the process of building a strong management team. Last week the company announced the addition of Lee Harrison as Executive Advisor. Zentric is pursuing other prominent figures in the industry as well which are currently in talks to join.

The Research and Development team at the University of Hong Kong continues to perfect the energy storage designs with the addition of a new storage battery configuration. The new configuration consists of 3 electrolytes separated by membranes that have added storage capability, resulting in a more cost effective battery with greater storage capacities.

Simulated Environment Concept, Inc. (SMEV) SpaCapsule Adopted by BodySmart Franchise Following Results of Dermscan Study

Simulated Environment Concepts announced earlier this morning that its flagship SpaCapsule massage system has been incorporated into the BodySmart fitness training regimen. The company believes its further success in northern Europe and BodySmart fitness centers is attributed to favorable results of the Body Slimming Study conducted by the DERMSCAN Group.

The BodySmart exercise program is a 25 minute high-tech, full body workout; perfect for busy individuals. “The benefits of using SpaCapsule in conjunction with exercise include faster muscle recovery, decreased muscle fatigue, and pain-relief associated with muscle tension,” stated Dr. Ilya Spivak, Marketing Director of Simulated Environment Concepts (SE Concepts) and Co-Inventor of the SpaCapsule. SpaCapsule also reduces cellulite and improves skin elasticity, two prime initiatives in weight loss.

According to the press release, BodySmart franchises have been opening up all over northern Europe as consumers demand quicker workouts and improved results. “The demand for SpaCapsule following the Dermscan study has been absolutely incredible,” commented Graham Gibbons Director of SpaCapsule Ireland. “We have been contacted by many organizations interested in the SpaCapsule and we’re excited to have the BodySmart franchise on board.”

“The medical and aesthetic benefits of SpaCapsule make it the perfect addition to any gym or fitness facility seeking an overall improvement in health and wellness,” Dr. Spivak concluded. SE Concepts continues to execute an aggressive expansion strategy throughout northern Europe with more installations of the SpaCapsule in other franchise locations.


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