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Comstock Mining, Inc. (LODE)

Streetwise Reports reported this week on Comstock Mining, Inc. (LODE), FeedBlitz did earlier this month, and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Incorporated in 1999, Comstock Mining Inc. is a precious metals mining company with extensive, contiguous property in the Comstock District.  They began acquiring properties in the Comstock District in 2003.  Since then, they have consolidated a significant portion of the Comstock District, amassed the single largest known repository of historical and current geological data on the Comstock region, secured permits, built an infrastructure and brought the exploration project into test mining production. Comstock Mining, Inc. trades on the OTC Bulletin Board and they have their headquarters in Virginia City, Nevada.

The Company was formerly known as GoldSpring, Inc. and changed their name to Comstock Mining Inc. on July 21, 2010. Comstock Mining continues to acquire additional properties in the district, expanding the Company’s footprint and creating opportunities for exploration and mining.

The goal of their strategic plan is to deliver stockholder value. This is by validating qualified resources (at least measured and indicated) and reserves (probable and proven) of 3,250,000 gold equivalent ounces by 2013, and commencing commercial mining and processing operations in 2011, with annual production rates of 20,000 gold equivalent ounces.

Comstock Mining Inc. announced last week the successful completion of the remaining three principal features of the Company’s previously announced restructuring and recapitalization plan. The completed features of the plan include raising $35.75 million of new equity, exchanging all of the Company's previously defaulted senior secured debt and related obligations for new equity and securing integral land mineral rights.

Comstock Mining Inc. will use the net proceeds to meet their capital and operating needs for production and the remaining parts of their three-year strategic plan. This includes exploration, mine development, and land acquisition.

Mr. Corrado De Gasperis, Comstock Mining Chief Executive Officer, stated, "The new capital, successful debt restructuring and land consolidation represent a watershed event for the Company.  This builds on the success of our recent NI 43-101 technical report, that validated total measured, indicated, inferred, and historic resources of over 1.6 million gold equivalent ounces and mapped a path for near-term production."

Comstock Mining, Inc. (LODE) closed Thursday’s trading session at $3.07, down 2.28%, on 230,247 volume with 204 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 69,305.  The 52-week low/high is $1.20/$3.15.

Eagle Star Minerals Corp. (EGE.V)

Baby Bulls reported recently on Eagle Star Minerals Corp. (EGE.V), and we are highlighting the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Eagle Star Minerals Corp. is a Natural Resource company. They focus on the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral properties in North and South America. The Company's shares are publicly traded on the TSX.V and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol E6R.F. The Company has their headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Eagle Star Minerals Corp.’s flagship project, Angico Iron, is located near the town of San Raimundo Nonato in the state of Piaui, North East Brazil. The Angico Iron Project consists of 27 claims in 5 concession blocks covering an aggregate area of approximately 120,000 acres.

The geology in the area consists of magnetite, hematite, martite, specularite and ferríferous amphiboles in metamorphozed layers. All three main concession blocks – Cavaleiro, Serrinha and Serra do O feature Banded Iron Formations (BIF) outcrops similar to iron formations in the Hamersley basin of Western Australia and in the Archean Carajan Formation of Northern Brazil. The BIF is hosted in metamorphosed sequences of biotite schist, micaceous quartzite, gneiss and migmatite all of Archean age. At certain areas, BIF occurrences are traceable on the surface for almost 10 kilometers.

Under the terms of the Earn In Agreement signed in February 2010, Eagle Star will acquire 55 percent of the project. They will acquire this through performing a 3 stages exploration work program valued at 4 million USD. They are committed to make gradual payments of 2.5 million USD to seller (250,000 USD as a down payment and 750,000 USD and 1,500,000 USD at the end of stage 2 and 3 of the project). Upon completion of the exploration program, Eagle Star will have the option to acquire the remaining 45 percent of the project.

Eagle Star Minerals Corp.’s other projects include the Worsley Project and the Niton Project in Alberta, Canada. They also include the Reconcavo Project in North Eastern Brazil. The Worsley Project covers 1,280 acres of land (3 sections) in the Peace River area of Northern Alberta, Canada. The Company has a 100 percent working interest in two sections and a 40 percent working interest in section three. Reserves are approximately 549 MMCF (DeGolyer & MacNaughton, September 2009).

The Niton Gas Project covers 1,564 hectares of land in west central Alberta, Canada, divided between two land sections. Eagle Star has a 50 percent working interest and a 50 percent NRI in the project.

Eagle Star owns 30 percent of Block REC-T-161 in Brazil’s prolific Reconcavo Basin, covering an area of 7,413 acres. The project's prospect appears to have a large seismically defined structure with multiple target horizons.

This week, Eagle Star Minerals Corp. announced that they have retained Progressive IR Consultants Corp. as their investor relations and corporate communications service provider. Progressive has been retained for a one year period, effective Monday October 25, 2010.

They will be responsible for building Eagle Star's investment audience. They will work to accomplish this via the dissemination of corporate data packages, broker presentations, broker communications, and mining analyst communications, attending trade shows and handling shareholder enquiries regarding the Company. Progressive is a Vancouver, British Columbia based company owned by Kris Kottmeier. He is an investor relations professional with more than 13 years of experience providing investor relations services for junior public companies.

Eagle Star Minerals Corp. (EGE.V) closed Thursday at $0.25, up 28.21%, on 86,145 volume. 

Energroup Holdings Corp. (ENHD)

Today we are reporting on Energroup Holdings Corp. (ENHD), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Energroup Holdings Corp., through their subsidiaries, produces, packs, sells, markets, and distributes fresh pork and processed meat products in the Peoples Republic of China and the Russian Federation. Founded in 1999, the Company serves city and town households, canteens and restaurants, and food processing companies. Energroup Holdings Corp. has their headquarters in Dalian City, the Peoples Republic of China. Their shares trade on the OTC Bulletin Board.

The Company’s activities include acquiring, slaughtering, and packaging of pork; and processing of raw and cooked meat products. Their products comprise fresh pork meat; frozen fresh meat, including smoked pork, ham, and roasts; and frozen fresh byproducts, such as pigs liver, stomach, intestine, head, and hoof products.

Energroup Holdings Corp. also offers prepared seafood products. These include fish sausage and shellfish sausage, which are made from fish, shrimp, and other varieties of seafood. The Company offers their products under the Chuming name via their dealership distribution network, sales force, and resellers.

The Company also processes and sells seafood. An example of this is minced fillet products, which accounted for approximately 5.7 percent of their revenue in the first six months of 2010. The Company currently has a wholesale and retail distribution network. They sell either directly or indirectly across northeast China, including supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Energroup Holdings Corp. is the first pork producer in China to receive "Green Food" certification from China's Ministry of Agriculture. Green Food is an innovative certification program unique to China.  It is awarded to food processors that produce products using environmentally sustainable methods and meet certain high technical standards of quality control, safety, and product quality and generate low levels of pollution.

The basis of Green Food certification is on standards defined by the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC). They are a joint body of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization. Energroup Holdings Corp. also received ISO 9001:2000 certification that covers the Company’s production, research and development and sales activities.

As of June 30, 2010, the Company had 754 employees, of whom 392 were operating personnel, 271 were sales personnel, 37 were research and development personnel and 54 were administrative personnel. Dalian Precious Sheen Investments Consulting Co., Ltd., or Chuming WFOE, is their holding company established in China for the Company’s three PRC operating subsidiaries.

Dalian Chuming Slaughter and Packaging Pork Company Ltd.’s primary business activity is acquiring, slaughtering and packaging of pork and cattle. Dalian Chuming Processed Foods Company Ltd.’s primary business activity is the processing of raw and cooked meat products. Dalian Chuming Sales Company Ltd. is responsible for Energroup Holdings Corp.’s sales, marketing and distribution operations.

Energroup Holdings Corp. (ENHD) closed Thursday’s trading session at $2.50, up 4.17%, on 112,400 volume with 22 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 51,836.  The 52-week low/high is $1.70/$5.20.

MER Telemanagement Solutions Ltd. (MTSL)

Last week, 777 Stocks reported on MER Telemanagement Solutions Ltd. (MTSL), and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Mer Telemanagement Solutions Ltd. (MTS) is a worldwide provider of innovative solutions for comprehensive telecommunications expense management (TEM) used by enterprises, and for business support systems (BSS) used by information and telecommunication service providers. The Company markets their solutions through wholly owned subsidiaries in the United States, Hong Kong and The Netherlands as well as through OEM partnerships with Siemens, Phillips, NEC and other vendors. MER Telemanagement Solutions Ltd.’s shares are traded on the NASDAQ Capital Market. The Company has their headquarters in Ra'anana, Israel.

MTS Telecommunications' expense management solutions have been used by thousands of enterprises and organizations. This is to ensure that their telecommunication services are acquired, provisioned, and invoiced correctly. The Company’s Application Suite has provided customers with a unified view of telecommunication usage, proactive budget control, personal call management, employee cost awareness and more.

AnchorPoint TEM solutions enable enterprises to gain visibility and control of strategic assets that drive key business processes and vital competitive advantage. The AnchorPoint's software, consulting and managed services solutions, including integrated Invoice, Asset, and Usage Management and Business Analytics tools, provide professionals at every level of the organization with quick access to concise, actionable data.

The Company’s solutions for Information and Telecommunication Service Providers are used globally by wireless and wireline service providers. They use these for interconnect billing, partner revenue management and for charging and invoicing their customers. MTS has pre-configured solutions to support emerging carriers of focused solutions (e.g. IPTV, VoIP, WiMAX, MVNO) to rapidly install a full-featured and scaleable solution.

Mer Telemanagement Solutions Ltd. announced in August their financial results for the second quarter of 2010. Revenues for the second quarter of 2010 were $3.1 million, compared with $2.9 million in revenues during the same quarter last year and revenues of $2.9 million in the first quarter of 2010. The Company's operating profit was $42,000 in the second quarter of 2010 compared to an operating loss of $394,000 for the second quarter of 2009.

Net income for the second quarter was $47,000 or $0.01 per diluted share, compared with a net loss of $414,000 or $(0.09) per diluted share in the second quarter of 2009. Revenues for the six month period ended June 30, 2010 were $5.7 million, compared with $4.8 million for the comparable period in 2009. Net income for the six months ended June 30, 2009 was $45,000 or $0.01 per diluted share, compared with a net loss of $678,000 or ($0.15) per diluted share in the comparable period in 2009.

MER Telemanagement Solutions Ltd. (MTSL) closed Thursday’s trading session at $2.70, up 36.36%, on 1,029,210 volume with 2,530 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 10,108.  The 52-week low/high is $1.00/$3.50.

Silicon Image, Inc. (SIMG)

Momentum Traders and CRWE Wall Street reported yesterday on Silicon Image, Inc. (SIMG), Chart Advisor, All About Trends did earlier this month, Bull Rally did previously, and we choose to highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Silicon Image, Inc. is a leader in advanced, interoperable HD connectivity solutions for consumer electronics. The Company’s advanced interoperable connectivity solutions enable the reliable distribution and presentation of high-definition (HD) content for consumer electronics, mobile, and PC markets. Through their wholly-owned subsidiary, Simplay Labs, the Company offers manufacturers comprehensive standards interoperability and compliance testing services.

Founded in January 1995, Silicon Image, Inc. trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market and they have their headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. They have regional engineering and sales offices in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. They had revenue of US $150.6 million in 2009. They have approximately 460 employees. In addition, they have 270 patents (330 pending) as of October 2010. Their markets are the DTV, Home Theater, Mobile, PC, and Storage markets.

The Company delivers their technology via semiconductor and intellectual property (IP) products. These are compliant with global industry standards and also feature industry leading Silicon Image innovations such as InstaPort™. Their products undergo deployment by the world’s leading electronics manufacturers. This is in devices including desktop and notebook PCs, DTVs, Blu-Ray Disc™ players, audio-video receivers, and also mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras.

Silicon Image, Inc. has driven the creation of the highly successful HDMI® and DVI™ industry standards. They have also driven the latest standards for mobile devices - SPMT™ (Serial Port Memory Technology) and MHL™ (Mobile High-Definition Link).

This week, Silicon Image, Inc. reported financial results for their third quarter ended September 30, 2010. Revenue for the third quarter of 2010 was $60.5 million, compared to $44.6 million for the second quarter of 2010 and $37.2 million for the third quarter of 2009. Revenue for the third quarter of 2010 includes the benefit of a $7.5 million royalty revenue catch-up. Excluding the royalty revenue catch-up, the Company’s revenue for the quarter would have been $53.0 million.

GAAP net income for the third quarter of 2010 was $9.5 million, or $0.12 per diluted share, compared to net income of $1.8 million, or $0.02 per diluted share, for the second quarter of 2010 and net loss of $15.5 million, or $0.21 per diluted share, for the third quarter of 2009.

Non-GAAP net income for the third quarter of 2010 was $13.7 million, or $0.18 per diluted share, compared to non-GAAP net income of $2.0 million, or $0.03 per diluted share, for the second quarter of 2010 and non-GAAP net loss of $3.4 million, or $0.04 per diluted share, for the third quarter of 2009.

Silicon Image, Inc. (SIMG) closed Thursday’s trading session at $6.31, up 2.10%, on 2,251,019 volume with 9,784 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 944,804.  The 52-week low/high is $2.06/$6.57.

Tollgrade Communications Inc. (TLGD)

Today we are reporting on Tollgrade Communications Inc. (TLGD), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 1986, Tollgrade Communications Inc. is a leading provider of service assurance test solutions for the global telecommunications and utility industries. The Company’s telecom solutions provide information to enable successful service turn-up and prevent, or solve, service affecting problems to ensure a positive customer experience. Their utility solutions provide advanced sensor technology and continuous grid intelligence for power distribution companies.

Tollgrade Communications Inc. trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market. They have their corporate headquarters in Cheswick, Pennsylvania. They also have offices in Piscataway, New Jersey and European offices in Germany and the United Kingdom.

The Company introduced their patented MCU® technology in 1988. They have made strategic business acquisitions in both the telecom and cable broadband industries over the past several years. This allows them to offer complete, cost-effective and integrated solutions for network assurance.

Their network assurance solutions allow customers to competitively deploy, manage and maintain digital broadband services; and fully leverage their investments in existing network equipment. Their solutions also allow customers to effectively utilize state-of-the-art technology for installing and remotely administering, testing and repairing their traditional network infrastructure.

In 2008, Tollgrade brought DigiTEST® ICE® to the telecom broadband market to deliver xDSL, VoIP and IPTV service assurance from the remote DSLAM location. That same year they launched a Smart Grid solution for the power utility market under the name "LightHouse." LightHouse is an integrated system of easily-installed line-mounted sensors for medium voltage distribution grids. The LightHouse MV sensors form a secure wireless mesh communications network that can easily grow and expand for greater system coverage.

In 2009, Tollgrade introduced Stratum™ Service Assurance Platform for testing triple play services for telecom operators. Stratum provides end-to-end diagnostic capabilities for voice, video and data services. It supports Tier 1 call centers’ users and Tier 2 back-office technicians who deal with customer trouble reports, and the field engineers who are dispatched to complete repairs in the access network.

In addition, Tollgrade Communications Inc. offers software maintenance and support for operating support systems, and hardware maintenance for the test probes. They market their products through a network of value added reseller partners, distributors, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Yesterday, Tollgrade Communications, Inc. announced the general availability of the latest addition to their DigiTest family of test heads, the DigiTest ICE.BG. It combines metallic, xDSL, and g.SHDSL tests into a single unit. This provides significant cost and space savings to companies who previously had to purchase separate units for xDSL and g.SHDSL testing.

The ICE.BG joins the Company's DigiTest ICE® test head family of products. These include the ICE.BA, ICE.G, and ICE.LE, in offering accurate, fast, and reliable test and diagnostics to quickly resolve customer issues with rapid fault identification, location, and dispatch of repair crews.

Tollgrade Communications Inc. (TLGD) closed Thursday’s trading session at $7.86, up 4.52%, on 195,705 volume with 729 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 47,732.  The 52-week low/high is $5.65/$8.30.

United Energy Corp. (UNRG)

We are highlighting United Energy Corp. (UNRG), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

United Energy Corp. is an enterprise that is all about creating revolutionary solutions for the Oil and Gas industry that are environmentally friendly. The Company has a highly creative team of scientists and businessmen committed to developing the most effective, environmentally friendly, money-saving industrial maintenance products and processes. They engage in the development, manufacture, and sale of specialty chemical products in the United States and internationally. Founded in 1971, United Energy Corp. has their corporate headquarters in Secaucus, New Jersey.

A key component of United Energy Corp.’s business strategy is to pursue collaborative joint working and marketing arrangements with established international oil and oil service companies. They intend to enter into these relationships to more quickly and economically introduce their K-Line of Chemical Products to the worldwide marketplace for refinery, tank and pipeline cleaning services.

United Energy Corp.’s product line primarily consists of KH-30, a mixture of modified oils, dispersants, and oil-based surfactants designed to control paraffin and asphaltene deposits in oil wells; and KX-100, a formula for the removal of a plug of paraffin or asphaltene.

Their product lineup also includes SR-3 scale and rust remover, a corrosion inhibited product for the removal of calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate salt deposits; and HPD-1 PLUS for remediation of tough clogging problems with upper medium to high molecular weight paraffin.

The Company’s lineup also includes GSA Gun & Bore Cleaner, a bore and chamber cleaner for guns. They also offer Green Globe chemical products comprising leak detection compound type I and II, a gas leak detection compound for use in detecting leaks in high and low-pressure oxygen systems in aircraft and other related oxygen systems.

In addition, they offer corrosion inhibitor, an additive intended for use with anti-freeze in water; and corrosion removing compound type I, II, and III, which are corrosion removing and metal conditioning compounds for the removal of rust from ferrous metal surfaces. United Energy Corp. offers ethylene glycol/water coolant, a mixture of ethylene glycol and distilled water for use in radar domes; and NPX powder coating, a reusable paint stripper.

Via their wholly owned subsidiary, Green Globe Industries, Inc., the Company provides the U.S. military with an assortment of solvents, paint strippers and cleaners under their trade name "Qualchem." Green Globe is a qualified supplier for the U.S. military. The Company has sales contracts currently in place with no minimum purchase requirements, which are renewable at the option of the U.S. Military.

The Company provides their K-Line of Chemical Products and their Green Globe Products to their customers and generated revenues of $443,505 for the quarterly period ended June 30, 2010 and $394,004 for the quarterly period ended June 30, 2009.

United Energy Corp. (UNRG) closed Thursday’s trading session at $0.20, down 9.09%, on 118,745 volume with 22 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 29,947.  The 52-week low/high is $0.051/$0.40.

Keegan Resources Inc. (KGN)

OTC Picks reported previously on Keegan Resources Inc. (KGN), and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Keegan Resources Inc. is a junior gold company with two premier gold assets in Ghana, West Africa. The Company's flagship property, the Esaase gold deposit has become world class as confirmed by the latest resource update performed in February, 2009. They also have their Asumura gold project. Keegan Resources Inc. trades on the NYSE Amex. They have their corporate headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Company is focusing on their wholly owned Esaase project. It has 2.28 Moz indicated resources with an average grade of 1.2 g/t Au at a 0.4 g/t Au cutoff and 1.65 million ounces in an inferred category at an average grade of 1.2 g/t Au applying a 0.4 g/t Au cut-off for a total inferred and indicated resource of 3.93 Moz.

The Esaase project is located on the Asankrangwa gold belt in SW Ghana, 13 km NE of Resolute's Obotan deposit. The property contains bulk mineable gold deposits hosted in highly deformed Birimian metasedimentary rocks containing sheeted and stockwork quartz veins. The Company owns 100 percent of two concessions with full mining leases. These are the Esaase Concession and the Jeni Concession.

The Asumura Property is located in SW Ghana on the western boundary of the Sefwi-Bibiani belt, which is one of three major gold producing belts in southwest Ghana. The deposit is 65 km southwest from Newmont's Ahafo deposits (reserves 12.2 million ounces at 2.21 g/t Au; total reserve and resource over 17 Moz). The targets at Asumura are disseminated open pit gold deposits.

Yesterday, Keegan Resources Inc. announced additional new assay results from their Esaase Project drilling program in southwest Ghana. The Company continues to encounter significant (greater than 10 g/t meter grade) intercepts from the new, near surface zone 200 m NW from the existing Esaase resource. Intercepts within the newly identified "D-1" zone include 18 meters at 7.74 g/t Au, 5 meters at 9.1 g/t Au, and 12 meters of 3.76 g/t Au. Mineralization within this D-1 zone has been identified to be more than 600 meters in strike length so far, appears to be slightly offset, and is open along strike and to depth.

President and CEO Maurice Tagami stated, "These new drill results confirm the presence of a new, near surface gold mineralized zone at Esaase. This discovery further illustrates the productive gold system present at the Esaase Project. Current drilling with two rigs is proceeding well and we are excited to increase project value through the ongoing development and exploration drilling programs."

Keegan Resources Inc. (KGN) closed Thursday’s session at $7.88, up 6.63%, on 92,478 volume with 429 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 82,363.  The 52-week low/high is $4.29/$8.48.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

IDO Security Inc. (IDOI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight IDO Security Inc. (IDOI). Today, IDO Security Inc. closed trading at $0.0014, up 16.67%, on 22,032,029 volume with 66 trades.  The average 60-day volume is 24,089,100 with a 52-week low/high of $0.0004/$0.0061.

IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI), headquartered in New York with a subsidiary in Israel, focuses on developing solutions for shoes-on weapons metal detection. The company's flagship product, the patented MagShoe™ system, instantly and accurately detects metal items concealed on or in footwear, ankles or feet without requiring the removal of shoes. Taking only 3-4 seconds to scan, the detection system solves possibly the most problematic issue in the security checkpoint routine.

The MagShoe is produced at the company's main manufacturing facility in Rishon LeZion, Israel where it offers local sales and support via a worldwide network of industry-leading distributors and system integrators. Designed for security and loss prevention at high-security venues and checkpoints, IDO Security's products are currently in use at international airports, cruise lines, government agencies and other locations requiring strong security.

The company's detection systems employ state-of-the-art sensors and algorithms to detect weapons and other controlled metal articles. By providing accurate measurements, the MagShoe solutions keep false alarms at minimum - detecting potentially dangerous items while ignoring metal typically found in footwear such as heels, zippers and ornaments. The advanced technology reduces the number of manual inspections required, allowing personnel to focus on the real threat.

President and Director Michael L. Goldberg guides the direction of the company with an extensive business and legal background spanning more than 30 years. Prior to joining IDO Security, Mr. Goldberg spent 17 years as the Chairman, CEO and one-time President of RX Medical Services, a medical company that owned and operated small rural hospitals, clinical laboratories and MRI/CT centers across the US. He has served on the boards and as a member of audit and compensation committees for a number of public companies.

IDO Security Inc. (IDOI Blog

IDO Security Inc. News:

IDO Security, Inc. Introduces New Safety Rails System Designed to Complement the MagShoe(TM) 3G Series

IDO Security Expands Presence in Europe

IDO Security Successfully Showcases the New MagShoe 3G(TM) at the SICUR International Security Safety Exhibition

True 2 Beauty (TRTB)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight True 2 Beauty (TRTB). Today, True 2 Beauty closed trading at $0.22 on 290,674 volume with 92 trades.  The average 60-day volume is 50,092 with a 52-week low/high of $1.00/$0.02.

True 2 Beauty (TRTB) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of sexual potency pills and liquid products in the United States, with expansion efforts underway in other parts of the world. The company's line of current products currently include Libigrow (for men), Libigirl (for women), Libiliquid Shots and Libiliquid Relaxation Drinks. Made from only natural ingredients, the products are regarded as the most powerful over the counter herbal sexual and performance supplements available on the market.

In addition to being sold online, Libigrow products are sold throughout the U.S. in convenience stores, liquor stores, smoke shops, vitamin stores, independent grocers, and adult boutique stores, with potential in larger chains such as CVS, Walgreens and GNC to name a few. In fact, a major retail pharmacy chain has begun a regional trial in eight of their stores in southern Florida in preparation for a nationwide roll-out to begin in early 2011 for select Libigrow products – the first step to national expansion within the retail pharmacy chain network.

The company has recruited a trained and highly qualified full-time staff. In addition to their talented and well-seasoned designers, the company employs a team of photographers, web designers, a marketing and advertising director and assistant director, account managers in sales, in-house customer service representatives, a commercial ads designer and editor, and an in-house printing team for all promotional material.

Alex Hbaiu leads the company as CEO, president and director. He published several research articles and findings during his employment at Eli Lily Research Labs where he had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and educated doctors and scientists in the world. Although founded with very little capital, via Mr. Hbaiu's expert leadership Librigrow has grown to over $10,000,000 in sales via "word of mouth" advertising alone. Disclaimer

True 2 Beauty Blog

True 2 BeautyNews:

True 2 Beauty Announces Five Million Dollar Private Placement To Increase Production Capacity of "Libigrow" Family of Products

True 2 Beauty Appoints New CEO to Lead Global Branding of "Libigrow" Family of Products

True 2 Beauty Signs First Overseas Distributorship for "Libigrow"

Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) Today, the Uranium Energy Corporation closed trading at $3.80 on 461,922 volume with 1,421 trades.  The average 60-day volume is 624,863 with a 52-week low/high of $2.11/$4.25.

Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) is a U.S.-based exploration and development company focused on near-term uranium production in the U.S. The company’s operations are managed by professionals who have earned a reputable profile through many decades of hands-on experience in the key facets of uranium exploration, development and mining.

Uranium Energy controls one of the largest databases of historic uranium exploration and development in the nation. Using this knowledge base, the company has acquired and is advancing exploration properties of merit throughout the southwestern U.S., a region known as being the most concentrated area for uranium mining in the United States.

The Company’s fully licensed and permitted Hobson processing facility is central to all of its projects in South Texas. Well financed to execute on its key programs, Uranium Energy's Palangana is-situ recovery project is fully permitted, and its Goliad in-situ recovery project is in the final stages of mine permitting for production.

The company’s strategy of acquiring exploration databases and leveraging those databases to generate acquisition targets has proven to be effective thus far. With plans to continue aggressively pursuing this strategy, Uranium Energy Corp is well positioned to capitalize on the world’s first significant alternative energy boom. Disclaimer

Uranium Energy Corp. Blog

Uranium Energy Corp. News:

Uranium Energy Corp Completes $27.5 Million Financing

Uranium Energy Corp Announces Private Placement

Uranium Energy Corp Announces Major Advance with Permitting for Goliad ISR Project in South Texas

Daulton Capital Corp. (DUCP)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Daulton Capital Corp. (DUCP). Today, Daulton Capital Corp. closed trading at $0.225 on 35,068 volume with 4 trades.  The average 60-day volume is 110,465 with a 52-week low/high of $0.10/$0.75.

Daulton Capital Corp. (DUCP) is a natural resource finance company focused on precious and base metals as well as oil & gas opportunities. With the primary objective of partnering with major and junior natural resource companies for option/joint venturing projects, Daulton Capital has formed an experienced management team with the expertise necessary to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities available in the natural resource sector today.

Daulton Capital Corp. (DUCP) also aims to acquire resource projects and expand exploration while continuing to seek special situations and unique opportunities in under funded projects within the resource sector. When evaluating these opportunities, Daulton Capital keeps its primary focus on growing shareholder value while limiting investment risk. The company also commits itself to being responsible with integrity, trust and respect for all partners and communities involved.

Daulton Capital Corp. (DUCP) has negotiated an option agreement on two key Gold Projects located in the Yukon Territory, Canada; the Hunker Project, which is located in the heart of the famous Klondike Placer Gold District and the Balarat Project, located in the White Gold District. This newly discovered and internationally recognized area is the same district where Underworld Resource's (TSX.UW) recent drill results incepted grades of 103 meters averaging 3.4 g/t Au.

Both energy related resources such as natural gas and oil as well as precious metals such as gold, silver and copper will play a significant role in the growing demands of the world's economy. Taking into consideration the relative buoyancy of the price of precious metals and energy due to worldwide demand drivers, currency and economic turbulence, the outlook for the price of natural resources is quite favorable as demand continues to increase. Disclaimer

Daulton Capital Blog

Daulton Capital News:

Daulton Capital Corp. Addresses Online Trading Block by Certain Brokerage Firms

Daulton Capital Corp. CEO, Terry Fields to Be Interviewed on CEO Central Radio

Daulton Capital Issues Corporate Update

Mobile Star Corp. (MBST) Provides Investor Update

Earlier this month, Mobile Star Corp. CEO Danny Elbaz issued a shareholder letter to investors, emphasizing the company’s commitment to the commercial introduction of the Mobile Star personal karaoke experience over the next six months.

The Mobile Star has made great progress so far this year, recently securing the required financing to continue funding ongoing business operations and meet commercial goals during the next six months. The financial agreement calls for the financier to provide multiple tranches during this pre-commercial period.

Over the next two quarters, the company will be focused on the full commercial introduction of the Mobile Star personal karaoke vending machine. The company believes that there is a significant market for the entertainment system, as clearly indicated by the successful pilot executed earlier this year.

Mr. Elbaz assured investors that the team is fully committed to attaining their product’s full commercial potential in the United States in addition to several international markets. He remains confident that through continued efforts to meet further business development goals, the stock price of the company will grow to match its full potential.

In closing, Mr. Elbaz expressed his “tremendous appreciation” to each of the shareholders for continued support of the company’s product and marketing strategy. He also promised additional updates on business development achievements in the next six to eight weeks.

ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ACAD) is “One to Watch”

ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused using innovative technology to fuel drug discovery and clinical development of novel treatments for central nervous system disorders. All four of the product candidates in ACADIA’s pipeline originate from discoveries made using the company’s proprietary drug discovery platform.

The company’s portfolio include three product candidates that are currently in clinical development and one product candidate in IND-track development. ACADIA’s pipeline addresses diseases that are not well served by currently available therapies and represent large potential commercial opportunities. These product candidates offer innovative therapeutic approaches and may provide significant advantages over current therapies.

ACADIA’s most advanced product candidate is pimavanserin, which is in Phase III development for Parkinson’s disease psychosis. Pimavanserin, a new chemical entity that can be taken orally as a tablet once-a-day, selectively blocks the activity of the 5-HT2A receptor, a drug target that plays an important role in the treatment of various neuropsychiatric disorders. ACADIA holds worldwide rights to pimavanserin.

Today the company hit a 52-week low after announcing the conclusion of a previously established collaboration with a wholly owned subsidiary of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. (NYSE: VRX) to develop and commercialize pimavanserin in the United States and Canada. ACADIA has regained all rights to the product candidate and will receive a one-time cash payment of $8.75 million to transition the program back to ACADIA and cover costs associated with ongoing clinical trials.

Uli Hacksell, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of ACADIA, commented, “While we have enjoyed a great collaboration with Biovail, both parties recognize that pimavanserin and the broad development strategy at the core of our collaboration were not consistent with the strategic focus of the new Valeant following the recently completed merger. With worldwide rights to pimavanserin and a focus on our ongoing Phase III program, we believe ACADIA is positioned on an attractive path forward for this product candidate.”

With a solid balance sheet, a significant position held by insiders and analysts projecting price targets of between $2.00 – $5.00, the company is worthy of a closer look. Although wall street took today’s news negatively, ending ties with Valeant Pharmaceuticals could turn out being a good thing. They now have millions more in the bank plus have the option to re-partner for new upfront money. Some have also speculated that the company is a more attractive takeover target since it now owns full rights to pimavanserin.

Vystar Corp. (VYST) Partners with India’s Biggest Latex Glove Producer

Vystar® Corp., creators of a reduced allergenic material (Vytex® Natural Rubber Latex – NRL) to replace standard latex, has secured an initial three-year licensing agreement with KA Prevulcanized Latex Pvt. Ltd (KAPVL), India’s largest latex glove producer. The agreement gives KAPVL sole rights to produce and sell Vytex NRL in six countries (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan). The initial agreement period is for three years and calls for specific minimum sales and quality standards to retain the license and territory exclusivity.

Vystar President and CEO, William Doyle, commented on the significance of the agreement to the company. “This license Agreement allows Vystar access to a protected market where the duties for imported latex raw material hover around seventy percent. There is a large manufacturing base for latex products, including gloves, condoms, and foam, in India and its neighbors. India is a magnet for leading US and European manufacturers, and has recently been ranked ninth among all countries in industrial production worldwide and has surpassed the U.S. in latex consumption. Consequently, we have very positive expectations as KAPVL begins to immediately manufacture and sell Vytex in this part of the world.”

KAPVL Director, Mr. Praveen Mathew, added, “We are confident that our agreement with Vystar will work to the benefit of both companies. We at KAPVL have been impressed with the quality and versatility of Vytex, and we believe there is a significant market for Vytex NRL waiting to be tapped in a region with burgeoning growth.”

Based in Duluth, Georgia, Vystar produces a multi-patented all-natural, and environmentally safe latex material, containing significantly reduced levels of the antigenic proteins found in standard rubber latex. The product is already on the market in Envy™ Ultra Thin NRL condoms from Alatech Healthcare, and is now being evaluated for use in dozens of other consumer and medical applications.

Healthy Fast Food, Inc. (HFFI) Signs Deal to Open a Minimum of Five Cafes in Utah

Yesterday, Healthy Fast Food, Inc., the owner and franchisor of the U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt cafe chain, announced a development agreement with Regents Management, LLC to open two U-Swirl self-serve frozen yogurt cafes in the Salt LAke City metro area, with another three to follow within the next five years.

U-Swirl International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Healthy Fast Food, Inc. is the company behind a chain of self-serve frozen yogurt cafes. Featuring 20 non-fat flavors, no-sugar options, and toppings that include fresh seasonal fruit, U-Swirl bills itself as a healthy alternative to typical cafe and coffehouse fare. It furthers the goals of its parent company, Healthy Fast Foods, offering more health-conscious alternatives to traditional fast food restaurant menus.

Healthy Fast Food acquired the worldwide rights to the U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt system in 2008, and plans to aggressively market the brand into a global chain.

This deal marks the second such development deal between U-Swirl and Regents; in July 2010, Regents secured development rights to open U-Swirl stores in Boise, Idaho. With the signing of the most recent agreement, the number of U-Swirl cafes expected to be opened within the next five years reaches 35, with a total of six company-owned cafes and forty-three franchised cafes in six states.

Rick Bailey, General Manager of Regent’s new Salt Lake City U-SWIRL operations, stated, “Working with the franchise development team at U-SWIRL International has been nothing short of fantastic, thus fueling our interest in expanding our relationship with the U-SWIRL brand. We chose Salt Lake City as our second U-SWIRL area to develop due to the fact that it is one of the fastest growing markets in the nation with the highest rate of job growth. Moreover, it has long proven to be a city where family values are greatly emphasized and healthy, active lifestyles are preferred. Consequently, we are confident that the U-SWIRL self-serve concept will be quickly embraced by Salt Lakers of all ages and win market distinction as the ‘go to’ place for delicious, healthier frozen treats.”


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