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Tree Top Industries, Inc. (TTII)

Open Water Investments reported recently on Tree Top Industries, Inc. (TTII), Stock Egg, Penny Invest, Bull Rally, Hot OTC, Stock Rich, Cool Penny Stocks, OTC Reporter, PennyTrader Publisher, Stockpalooza, Microcap Voice, OTC Advisors, White Hot Stocks, ShamrockStocks.com reported earlier, and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Tree Top Industries, Inc. is an early stage development company that trades on the OTC Bulletin Board. The Company has innovative waste destruction technology that provides optimal waste management service to the pharmaceutical, medical, and biotech industries. Tree Top Industries, Inc. has their corporate headquarters in New York, New York.

Tree Top's subsidiaries and affiliates include clean-tech energy, bio-energy and green energy solutions and health care companies. The Company is animating their subsidiaries and affiliates concurrently, as they simultaneously move to acquire companies that are in various stages of development.

The Company’s technology specializes in protecting people and reducing environmental risk using their proprietary bio-energy technology. They work with companies in a wide array of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and biotech, to improve safety, ensure regulatory compliance, safely dispose regulated materials, and manage corporate risk.

Tree Top Industries, Inc. plans to commercialize their technology to include medical waste disposal, hazardous waste disposal, healthcare integrated waste stream management, and pharmaceutical waste disposal services.

In August, GoHealthMD, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Tree Top Industries, Inc., announced their intention to form a new subsidiary, Go Health Eye Care Centers International, Inc., to focus on delivering emerging eye-care technologies on a global basis. The new subsidiary will be formed to attempt to enliven new technologies, to find and partner with other companies, and to deliver products and services related to eye care and eye health. This is to emerging countries like India, where it may otherwise be unavailable. The business will be customized to the needs, both medical and economic, of the particular country or region.

Recently, The Board of Directors of Tree Top Industries, Inc. and management have undertaken a review of some of the new and existing technologies being developed in the internet communication, information, and entertainment business sectors. Tree Top is in a position to develop business synergies and target possible acquisition candidates for the NetThruster subsidiary. Tree Top has also specifically identified the social networking segment of the industry as one of particular interest because of its growth rate in the last three years.

Tree Top Industries, Inc. (TTII) closed Friday’s trading session at $0.05, down 30.56%, on 1,470,044 volume with 18 trades. The stock's 60-day average volume is 72,396 and its 52-week low/high is $0.05/$1.80.

SunVesta, Inc. (SVSA)

Today we are highlighting SunVesta, Inc. (SVSA), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

SunVesta, Inc. is a development stage company that trades on the OTC Bulletin Board. They concentrate on developing luxury hotels and resorts in various tourist destinations. The Company focuses on offering luxury hotels in coastal vacation destinations. They have their corporate headquarters in Oberrieden, Switzerland.

SunVesta is a Private Equity, Consulting and Development group of companies, established in 2005. SunVesta's core competence is to evaluate, to finance, and to develop lucrative and sustainable projects exclusively in the growing market niches of luxury mixed-use hospitality real estate, private residence clubs and fractional ownership industry.

SunVesta develops and invests into high yield real estate projects in the specialty niche of Luxury Resorts and Hotels combined with SunVesta's Private Residence Clubs concept. The Company focuses on Ecoluxury, a mega trend that combines ecological values and luxury.

SunVesta can provide a broad spectrum of experience in developing unique concepts for real estate projects. This is mainly in the area of ultra-luxury hospitality projects in combination with private residence clubs.

The Company's plan for the coming year is the continuation of the Company's business model of developing high-end luxury hotels and resorts in emerging tourist destinations. SunVesta, Inc. intends to combine traditional hotel operations with villas that will be sold within the framework of a fractional private residence club program.

The El Cielo Hideaway Eco Resort and Spa, Private Residences (El Cielo Hideaway Eco Resort) is their initial real estate development. The El Cielo Hideaway Eco Resort is to undergo construction on 20.5 hectares of prime land located in the thriving tourist area of Papagayo Bay in Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica.

The Company’s expected timeline to build and open the El Cielo Hideaway Eco Resort is to secure construction permits and receive a mortgage loan in the fourth quarter of 2010. Their goal is to begin construction of the first phase in the fourth quarter of 2010, and then start selling fractional ownership in the first quarter of 2011.

They plan to start construction of the second phase in the fourth quarter of 2011, and complete construction work the second quarter of 2013 and host a grand opening.

SunVesta, Inc. intends to conclude an agreement with an international luxury hotel management company in the near term and anticipate outsourcing many of their project development activities. They have begun discussions with several such companies and in 2009 they entered into a letter of understanding with Wingfield Corporation, an experienced project development company based in Brussels, Belgium and the Jumeirah Group, an international hotel management company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

SunVesta, Inc. (SVSA) closed Friday’s trading session at $0.09, up 140.00%, on 307,550 traded shares with 18 trades. The stock's 60-day average volume is 5,475 and its 52-week low/high is $0.05/$0.47.

Great Wolf Resorts Inc. (WOLF)

Daily Markets and SmallCap Voice reported earlier on Great Wolf Resorts Inc. (WOLF), and we choose to highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Great Wolf Resorts Inc. is North America's largest family of indoor waterpark resorts. The Company's goal is to create family traditions of gathering for visits and overnight and extended stays at their indoor resorts. Great Wolf Resorts Inc. trades on the NASDAQ Global Market. They have their headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. Through Great Wolf Resorts' environmental sustainability program, Project Green Wolf™, the Company is the first and only national hotel chain to have all US properties Green Seal™ Certified – Silver.

Through their subsidiaries and affiliates, Great Wolf Resorts Inc. owns and operates these family resorts under the names Great Wolf Lodge and Blue Harbor Resort. Great Wolf Resorts is a fully integrated resort company with Great Wolf Lodge locations in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin; Sandusky, Ohio; Traverse City, Michigan; Kansas City, Kansas; Williamsburg, Virginia; the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania; Niagara Falls, Ontario; Mason, Ohio; Grapevine, Texas; Grand Mound, Washington; and Concord, North Carolina; and Blue Harbor Resort & Conference Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

The Company’s employees deliver Great Wolf's brand of family-oriented entertainment to families with children ranging in ages from approximately two to fourteen years old. The resorts feature themed restaurants, ice cream shops and confectionery, adult spas, kid spas, game arcades, gift shops, miniature golf, interactive game attraction, family tech centers, and meeting spaces for business gatherings. All of these attractions are amenities to their giant waterpark facilities replete with smaller pools, waterslides, and treehouse waterforts.

The Great Wolf Lodges offer suites for overnight and extended stays. There are many types of suites for visitors to choose from. These include Family Suites, Wolf Den Suite's, and KidCabin Suites and KidKamp Suites, among others. The spa facilities at their resorts offer aromatherapy massages, and facial, nail care, and waxing services.

Great Wolf Resorts Inc. sees the value for their guests and shareholders in offering families the opportunity to enjoy resort weather year-round in North America. With a balmy temperature in the 84F range in their waterparks, their visitors can come in from the cold during winter and experience summer. Great Wolf Resorts Inc. believes that's the perfect environment for family traditions to begin. The Company's resorts are family-oriented destination facilities that generally feature 300 to 600 rooms and a large indoor entertainment area measuring 40,000 to 100,000 square feet.

This week, the Company announced that Kim Schaefer, CEO of Great Wolf Resorts, Inc.® will be profiled on an upcoming episode of the CBS series "Undercover Boss" slated to air on Sunday, October 3, 2010 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. She will be the first female CEO to be featured on the show.

"Participating in 'Undercover Boss' was definitely a career highlight for me," said Schaefer who has been with Great Wolf Resorts for 14 years. "Being able to see first-hand what our employees go through on a daily basis was eye-opening. Not only did I learn a lot about our company from this experience, but I also met some incredible people along the way."

Great Wolf Resorts Inc. (WOLF) closed Friday’s trading session at $1.91, up 0.53%, on 30,615 traded shares. The stock's 60-day average volume is 61,443 and its 52-week low/high is $1.78/$3.88.

Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc. (XPO)

Wall Street Resources reported recently on Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc. (XPO), and we are highlighting the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 1989, Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc. is a non-asset based services organization. The Company focuses on premium transportation through their business units, Express-1, Inc. (Buchanan, Michigan), Concert Group Logistics, Inc. (CGL) (Downers Grove, Illinois), and Bounce Logistics, Inc. (South Bend, Indiana). These business units concentrate on premium services that include same-day, time-sensitive transportation and domestic and international freight forwarding. Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc. trades on the NYSE Amex and they have their headquarters in Saint Joseph, Michigan.

The Company serves more than 4,000 customers. They are a leading premium third-party logistics provider offering a single-source for time critical and service sensitive solutions through their aforementioned non-asset based transportation network. Their premium transportation offerings are provided through one of five operations centers; Buchanan, Michigan; South Bend, Indiana; Downers Grove, Illinois; Rochester Hills, Michigan and Tampa, Florida.

Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc.’s suite of premium logistics services is offered through three brands. These are expedited surface transportation through Express-1, Inc., domestic and international freight forwarding services through Concert Group Logistics, Inc., and premium truckload brokerage services through Bounce Logistics, Inc. All three divisions are SmartWay Transport partners, demonstrating their commitment to environmentally friendly operations.

The Company has their operations centers spread throughout the Midwest and the Florida Gulf. In October 2009, they completed the acquisition of LRG International Inc., an international forwarding company specializing in ocean and air freight services. The acquisition expanded Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc.’s international scope and added more coverage to operations of Concert Group Logistics, which has stations in various locations around the United States.

In August, Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc. reported their earnings for the second quarter ended June 30, 2010. For the quarter, revenue from continuing operations increased by 81 percent to $40.3 million compared to $22.2 million in the second quarter of 2009. Year over year revenues increased by 70.1 percent to $72.0 million compared to $42.3 million in the initial six months of 2009.

For the quarter, net income improved by $1.2 million to $1.5 million, or $.05 per fully diluted share compared to income of $288,000 in the second quarter of 2009. Year to date net income improved by $2.0 million to $2.3 million or $.07 per fully diluted share compared to net income of $293,000 in the comparable period in 2009.

Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc. (XPO) closed Friday’s session at $1.99, up 5.85%, on 239,052 traded shares with 360 trades. The stock's 60-day average volume is 61,598 and its 52-week low/high is $0.873/$1.85.

ITC^DeltaCom, Inc. (ITCD)

SmallCap Voice reported previously on ITC^DeltaCom, Inc. (ITCD), and we choose to highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 1982, ITC^DeltaCom, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated communications services to customers in the southeastern United States. The Company's corporate strategy is to provide comprehensive communications solutions with a premier customer experience. Trading on the OTCBB, they provide, through their operating subsidiaries, integrated telecommunications and technology services to businesses and other communications providers. The Company has their headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama.

Deltacom's Equipment Solutions are built to adapt and grow to their customers needs. The Company’s Agent Program partners with authorized resellers. Interstate FiberNet, a Deltacom company, is the Southeast's premier wholesale telecommunications provider. Deltacom's Enterprise Division creates a specialized networking solution for large organizations.

ITC^DeltaCom has a fiber optic network spanning approximately 12,362 route miles. This includes significant route miles of owned fiber. The Company offers a comprehensive suite of voice and data communications services. These include local, long distance, broadband data, Internet connectivity, and wireless voice and data services. They also offer customer premise equipment. The Company is one of the largest competitive telecommunications providers in their primary eight-state region.

ITC^DeltaCom, Inc. announced in 2009 the enhancement of their Simpli-Business(SM) service. This is with the incorporation of NEC's UNIVERGE SV8100 Communications Server that establishes an Internet Protocol (IP) based platform. This platform immediately increases functionality and provides an efficient platform for future IP-based applications. Simpli-Business supports remote access for phone system management. This includes the ability to make changes to integrated auto attendant features and auto call distribution. It also delivers multimedia voice to e-mail functionality.

Today, EarthLink, Inc. and ITC^DeltaCom, Inc. announced a definitive merger agreement under which EarthLink will acquire ITC^DeltaCom (Deltacom) for $3.00 per share in cash. The transaction is valued at approximately $516 million, including assumption of $325 million in debt. EarthLink, Inc. is one of the nation's leading Internet service providers. The acquisition will enable EarthLink to create a leading IP infrastructure and solutions company. This is through combining their existing ISP and IP-focused businesses with Deltacom's integrated communications business.

Randall E. Curran, Chief Executive Officer of Deltacom, said, "This transaction is attractive for our shareholders and represents a compelling opportunity for our employees, customers and suppliers. To compete successfully in today's marketplace, size and scale are very important. We are pleased to become part of a leading company with enhanced resources."

ITC^DeltaCom, Inc. (ITCD) closed Friday's trading session at $2.93, up 102.07%, on 8,703,912 traded shares with 600 trades. The stock's 60-day average volume is 11,169 and its 52-week low/high is $1.10/$2.50.

Supatcha Resources Inc. (SAEI)

DTNA Day Trader News Alert reported yesterday on Supatcha Resources Inc. (SAEI), Market Wrap Daily, Stock Traders Chat, Whisper from Wall Street, PennyTrader Publisher, Microcap Voice, Otc Stock Exchange, M2 Communications, FeedBlitz, Wall Street News Alert, SmallCap Voice did earlier, and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTCBB, Supatcha Resources Inc. is a gold exploration company. Their focus is on acquiring and developing mineral properties in Ukraine. The Company is in the final stages of acquiring two additional gold mining projects, with world-class potential, in southwestern Ukraine.

Recently, Supatcha Resources Inc. announced that they entered into a letter of Intent with Balka Skyrokaya Ltd. The agreement covers the Balka Skyrokaya gold property located in the Ukraine. With the agreement, Supatcha Resources Inc. may earn up to an undivided 90 percent interest in the Balka Skyrokaya gold property.

The Balka Skyrokaya gold property is centrally located in Nikopol mining district with road access and electrical power close-by. It has 282 drill holes for 93 km of core with 11,764 assays of ore zones. In addition, it has an exploration shaft to a depth of 168.4, and gold zones are tabular near vertical veins hosted in altered mafic and felsic volcanics with interbedded iron formation.

Supatcha Resources Inc. may acquire a 50 percent undivided interest in the property by making cash payments to Balka Skyrokaya Ltd. of $2,000,000 over four years. This is with all or part of the payments being made in Supatcha stock. To earn the 50 percent interest Supatcha must also complete work on the property in the amount of $5,000,000 over five years. This is with $500,000 being spent on the property in the first year of the agreement.

After earning the 50 percent interest, Supatcha can then acquire a 90 percent interest by making additional cash payments of $1,500,000 over four years (with all or part of the payments being made in Supatcha stock equivalent, using a 20 day value weighted average price) and completing additional work on the property in the amount of $3,000,000 over four years. All payments and work may be made or done at the sole discretion of Supatcha Resources Inc.

On September 29, 2010, Supatcha Resources Inc. announced that they signed a definitive agreement to acquire a 98 percent interest in the Maiskoe Gold licenses in Odessa Oblast, Savaransky District, Southern Ukraine. They will pay the owners of the property a total of US$3,500,000 and will own 98 percent of the mine (including all of the capital equipment) and the mineral concessions.

The Company has also agreed to invest a further US$2,800,000 in expanding the current operation over the next year. Before the acquisition, Supatcha Resources Inc. already had several preliminary funding commitments based on the strong merits and history of the concessions.

Supatcha Resources Inc. (SAEI) closed Friday’s session at $0.03, down 6.06%, on 1,067,500 traded shares with 36 trades. The stock's 60-day average volume is 143,952 and its 52-week low/high is $0.023/$0.40.

Revett Minerals Inc. (RVMIF)

Wall Street Grand, OTC Stock Review, and Streetwise Reports reported recently on Revett Minerals Inc. (RVMIF), Lebed.biz, The Penny Play, Microcap Voice, SmallCap Voice did earlier, and we are highlighting the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Incorporated in 2004, Revett Minerals Inc., through their subsidiaries, owns and operates the currently producing Troy Mine and development-stage Rock Creek Project, both located in northwestern Montana, USA. The proven reserves at the Troy Mine and significant resources at the Rock Creek project will form the basis of the Company’s plan to become a solid mid-tier base and precious metals producer. Revett Minerals Inc. has their headquarters in Spokane Valley, Washington. The Company trades on the OTC Bulletin Board.

Revett plans on expanding production through exploration in and around their current properties. They also plan to do this through targeted business combinations of advanced stage projects.

During the past year, significant productivity and cost improvements have been realized at the Troy Mine. The Company employs more than 180 men and women there.

Currently in production, the Troy Mine had 2008 Production of 1.2M oz. Ag & 9.8M lbs. Cu. They had 2009 Production of 1.1M oz. Ag & 8.6M lbs. Cu. The 2010 Estimated Production is 1.30M oz. Ag & 10.7M lbs. Cu.

Their world class Development Property, Rock Creek, has an Inferred Resource of 229M oz. Ag & 2B lbs. Cu. Its Record of Decision (RoD) received June 2003, is currently under revision. Rock Creek has significant potential for expanding resource.

On September 29, 2010, Revett Minerals Inc. announced that contractor Small Mines Development (SMD) has demobilized and completed the access to the "C-Bed" area at the Troy Mine. SMD initiated the 3,100 foot decline in February of 2010 and has completed the project on time and on budget.

The "C-Beds" contain approximately 1.9 million oz silver and 13.7 million lbs copper (ore grades averaging 1.61 opt Ag and 0.56% Cu). They are located approximately 370 feet below current workings at the Troy Mine. Limited production from the higher grade "C-Beds" began this month. Higher throughput from the C-Bed area will be brought into the production mix at the beginning of the 4th quarter of this year.

Revett Minerals Inc. (RVMIF) closed Friday’s trading session at $0.52, up 10.19%, on 284,060 traded shares with 73 trades. The stock's 60-day average volume is 152,677 and its 52-week low/high is $0.125/$0.511.

IceWEB Inc. (IWEB)

Hero Stocks, Hot Stock Chat, Thestockwizards.net, Stockhunter.us, SmallCap Voice, and FeedBlitz all reported recently on IceWEB Inc. (IWEB), and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

IceWEB, Inc. manufactures and markets purpose built appliances, network, and cloud attached storage solutions and delivers on-line cloud computing application services. Trading on the OTC Bulletin Board, the Company's customer base includes U.S. government agencies, enterprise companies, and small to medium sized businesses (SMB). IceWEB Inc. Inc. has their headquarters in Sterling, Virginia.

The Company's services are available at a price small businesses can afford. This is through monthly subscription-based services instead of large up-front fees. The hosted software applications operate over the Internet and customers gain immediate access to their web sites, Intranet portals, email systems, and other hosted applications via an Internet connection. IceWEB takes care of all the network infrastructure, data backup/protection, and computer administration tasks.

IceWEB Inc. delivers high performance storage systems for use as Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN). In September 2009, the Company introduced the IceWEB Storage System. This is a unified storage architecture, which simplifies the deployment, enhances the features and capabilities, and delivers flexibility to their storage offerings. IceWEB also recently introduced a suite of products called Cloud Storage Appliances (CSA). Cloud Storage Appliances are their patent pending Locally Connected Cloud Storage Devices (LCCSD).

The Company also offers a suite of Cloud Based Software as a Service (SAAS) applications, via their IceWEB Online division. It focuses on enterprise grade Email, Portal, and Email Encryption technologies. IceWEB Online product offerings allow any business to deploy powerful and scalable applications immediately. This is to enhance their business and pay only a reasonable monthly subscription fee based upon services used.

IceWEB, Inc. announced in April that the IceWEB 5000 Storage System has been selected as the base Storage platform for a Video Sensor project by premier channel partner, VideoBank, Incorporated, for one of their Video Capture implementations at an important Department of Defense customer. The 5000 has the ability to support both file and block protocols and support for 10G (10GB Ethernet), and FC (Fibre Channel).

Earlier this week, IceWEB announced that the Company received an order from one of their national partners. This is to renew maintenance service on an existing IceWEB Storage Appliance being used by the U.S. Department of Justice in the Pacific region.

Yesterday, IceWEB announced that they received an order from a mid-west channel partner to deliver a storage platform for a county government health department. IceWEB's storage system will be used for tracking and analyzing data regarding a multitude of health requirements. This ranges from Influenza outbreak containment to the "Ready in 3" program for emergency response to Center of Disease Control (CDC) Outbreak incidents.

Today, IceWEB, Inc. announced details for the Company's broadcast on IceWEB.TV (www.iceweb.tv) where they will make a major product announcement. This will take place on Tuesday, October 5, 2010, 10:00 AM ET, with Karl Chen, SVP of Sales & Marketing and Dave Glatfelter, VP of Product Marketing and Alliances speaking.

IceWEB Inc. (IWEB) closed Friday's trading session at $0.30, up 3.45%, on 957,137 traded shares with 187 trades. The stock's 60-day average volume is 367,462 and its 52-week low/high is $0.07/$0.47.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV). Today, Simulated Environment Concepts closed trading at $0.0285, up 26.67%, on 300,868 volume with 14 trades. The average 60-day volume is 214,300 with a 52-week low/high of $0.001/$0.07.

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV) is focused on manufacturing and distributing their patented SpaCapsule® as well as continued innovation in the areas of anti-aging, cosmetics, relaxation, cellulite reduction, and weight loss. Finding use in numerous environments such as relaxation centers, golf clubs, ski lounges, gyms, and health clubs, the SpaCapsule® provides next generation de-stressing and relaxation.

The company’s founders, Dr. Ella Frenkel and Dr. Ilya Spivak, initially capitalized Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. with several million dollars of their own money. With this initial investment, the company worked on, and succeeded in developing, the sleek and stylish looking pressurized dry water massage relaxation station.

SpaCapsule® is a full body massage, aromatherapy, audio and video entertainment system. The capsules are fused with advanced modern technology and healing methods of aromatherapy and audiovisual relaxation techniques, incorporating proprietary water-jet and pressure-jet technology that requires no on-site plumbing. Weighing approximately 500 lbs, the capsule only requires standard electric service.

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV) anticipates progressive and consistent growth over the next six years. With individuals spending billions of dollars on de-stressing, weight loss, anti aging, cosmetics, massage and physical rehabilitations, the company is in a position to experience explosive growth from current levels. Disclaimer

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. Blog

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. News:

Simulated Environment Concepts (SMEV) Expanding Production, Cost Reduction, Global Expansion

Simulated Environment Concepts Prepares to Fulfill Expanding Production Schedule - Major Cost Reduction to Manufacturing

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Micro Identification Technologies Inc. (MMTC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Micro Identification Technologies Inc. (MMTC) Micro Imaging Technology closed trading at $0.02, up 11.11%, on 371,600 volume with 19 trades. The average 60-day volume is 236,910 with a 52-week low/high of $0.0156/$0.10.

Micro Identification Technologies Inc. (MMTC) is focused on becoming a global leader in developing, supporting and marketing rapid systems and processes that detect and identify microbial organisms. For several years the company has been working on the development of a breakthrough, laser-based microbial identification technology. This technology has been designed to be extremely fast and easy to use while not relying on conventional chemical or biological processing, fluorescent tags, gas chromatography or DNA analysis.

The system works by measuring scattered light intensity as individual microbes pass through a laser beam. The intensity pattern of the scattered light is a direct consequence of the size, shape and external and internal optical characteristics of the microbe. By measuring scattered light at specific angles, MIT’s system detects and differentiates objects the size of bacteria, protozoa, yeasts and molds.

The company’s technology offers significant advantages over today’s methods of microbial detection, including lower cost, rapid results, easier use and the ability to test for multiple bacteria in one process. The system is statistically based and includes a unique MIT Microbe Library of pre-measured light scattering identifiers - or fingerprints - derived from the measurements of tens of thousands of individual microbes for each species and subspecies to be detected.

MIT’s technology has the potential to revolutionize the $5 billion rapid microbial test market by annually saving thousands of lives and tens of millions of dollars. Since 1998, the industry has had an annual expansion of 9.2 percent - with growth projections for 30 percent annually. MIT is well positioned with its cutting-edge microbial technology as demand continues to soar as a result of major health, safety and homeland security issues. Disclaimer

Micro Identification Technologies Inc. Blog

Micro Identification Technologies Inc. News:

MIT Production Start-Up Is on Track and Poised to Significantly Reduce Widespread Food Contamination

Micro Identification Technologies (MIT): Independent Testing, Manufacturing, Sales and Financing Goals Converge

MIT Initiates Expansion Plans Enabled by Recently Completed Manufacturing and Financing Agreements

Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) Today, the Uranium Energy Corporation closed trading at $3.3281 on 659,310 volume with 1,713 trades. The average 60-day volume is 450,722 with a 52-week low/high of $2.11/$4.16.

Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) announced that the Company's Goliad In-Situ Recovery (ISR) Project in South Texas has made a major advance toward becoming permitted for production. Yesterday, the administrative law judge who presided over a public hearing regarding the Company's Goliad ISR Project in May of this year issued an initial Proposal for Decision (PFD), recommending findings in favor of the Company on the vast majority of the issues from the hearing.

Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) is a U.S.-based exploration and development company focused on near-term uranium production in the U.S. The company’s operations are managed by professionals who have earned a reputable profile through many decades of hands-on experience in the key facets of uranium exploration, development and mining.

Uranium Energy controls one of the largest databases of historic uranium exploration and development in the nation. Using this knowledge base, the company has acquired and is advancing exploration properties of merit throughout the southwestern U.S., a region known as being the most concentrated area for uranium mining in the United States.

The Company’s fully licensed and permitted Hobson processing facility is central to all of its projects in South Texas. Well financed to execute on its key programs, Uranium Energy's Palangana is-situ recovery project is fully permitted, and its Goliad in-situ recovery project is in the final stages of mine permitting for production.

The company’s strategy of acquiring exploration databases and leveraging those databases to generate acquisition targets has proven to be effective thus far. With plans to continue aggressively pursuing this strategy, Uranium Energy Corp is well positioned to capitalize on the world’s first significant alternative energy boom. Disclaimer

Uranium Energy Corp. Blog

Uranium Energy Corp. News:

Uranium Energy Corp Completes Phase One of Wellfield Development at Palangana in South Texas

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The Mobile Star Corp. (MBST)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight The Mobile Star Corp. (MBST). Today, The Mobile Star Corp. closed trading at $0.008, even with yesterday's close, on 26,100 volume with 3 trades. The average 60-day volume is 70,267 with a 52-week low/high of $0.0021/$0.22.

The Mobile Star Corp. (MBST) focuses on introducing new interactive entertainment applications for the out-of-home consumer markets. The company's main product, a Karaoke Vending Machine, provides a unique personal karaoke experience designed by recording studio professionals. With ease of use and affordability in mind, the system enables anyone to record their own digital music CD using the song of their choice.

The Vending Machine is similar in size and form to the highly-popular photo booths seen in shopping centers, amusement parks, pubs and other tourist attractions. Customers enjoy a studio recording experience while the fully automated system captures the performance. Once finished, the unit publishes a professionally edited digital CD featuring the customer's voice and selected music. The system also has the ability to share the music with friends online.

Using a proprietary digital-media software platform and professional-grade hardware, Mobile Star's studio is able to dramatically improve sound quality while imitating the acoustics of a hall. The coin-operated machines will be located in popular recreational areas including shopping malls, bars and theme parks, to name a few. Each machine is expected to generate more than $30,000 in gross annual revenues.

Following a recent pilot program, The Mobile Star reached a preliminary distribution agreement with Apple Industries, one of North America's premier manufacturers and distributors of coin-operated electronic entertainment. Apple Industries anticipates distributing Mobile Star's vending machine via its well-established marketing channels and is confident that it will be a market winner.

Micro Identification Technologies Inc. News:

Mobile Star Developing Models to Drive Significant Traffic to Vending Machines

Imperial Petroleum, Inc. (IMPN) Subsidiary Reports Excellent Data, Fuel Sales up 61%

Imperial Petroleum, www.imperialpetroleuminc.com – wholly-owned subsidiary, e-Biofuels (a biofuel-focused production arm for the Company out of Middletown, Indiana), reported excellent sales data for September today, moving over 1.87M gallons of biodiesel that resulted in revenues of some $5.65M.

Compared to an average of monthly revenues from 2009, this data represents a whopping 339% increase, and is a 61% increase over July 2010 figures, clearly demonstrating the massive uptake and success of the venture.

President of IMPN, Jeffrey T. Wilson, commended staff and management at the e-biofuels subsidiary for their dedicated efforts to increase sales volume and revenues while holding down operating costs ever since the Acquisition by IMPN, and called this a very exciting time.

Wilson noted that, since the May 2010 acquisition activity, the plant has outstripped expectations, with the initial plan (to push production to the plant’s capacity of 15M gallons/year) achieved in July, well ahead of schedule, and the plant’s team already coming close to the second goal (of expanding to 25M) just this past month.

Wilson projected that contracted volumes will maintain production and sales at September levels well on into the current fiscal year, and that extension of current bank commitments for the subsidiary’s senior debt are well in hand through Dec. this year, providing ample leg room for a complete re-financing.

Bio-jet fuel production capabilities, implementation of improved efficiency process technology, and the feasibility of scaling up will be determined via completion of a prototype operation within the next 60 days.

Recovery tests are slated for late October, and will validate bio-char decontamination capabilities (metals and other harmful materials) of the pyrolysis of auto shredder residue. If successful, this will lead to the installation of a pyrolysis circuit affording waste to bio-mass energy conversion.

RELM Wireless Corp. (RWC) Lands $3.2 Million in Military Orders

RELM Wireless Corp. announced yesterday that various branches of the U.S. military have generated orders for the company totaling roughly $3.2 million, to be fulfilled during the fourth quarter of 2010. The orders, for both domestic and international deployment, include products covering VHF, UHF, and 800MHz frequencies, with $2.7 million for RELM’s new P25 trunked portable and mobile radios. P25 compliance is based upon the APCO Project 25 requirements for interoperability among compliant equipment, regardless of manufacturer, the result largely of communication issues experienced during 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

RELM President and CEO, David Storey, explained the significance of the new orders. “It is exciting to come out of the gate with substantial trunking orders almost immediately upon releasing our new trunked products. Equally important is our expanding footprint with the U.S. Military. These orders are from branches of the military with which we have not previously done business. We intend to make them believers in our extraordinary value and customer service. This serves as tangible evidence of the positive reputation and relationships we have forged. It is also a promising indicator that we are successfully broadening our addressable market with more products, frequencies and features. We plan to continue aggressive pursuit of this strategy, which we believe should yield more opportunities for growth.”

RELM Wireless, based in Melbourne, Florida, has produced high reliability communications equipment for over 60 years, for commercial, government, and safety worker applications, including the current KNG Series. The KNG Series is a highly sophisticated and robust compact radio, now available with P25 compliant Trunking. RELM Wireless products are manufactured and distributed under the BK Radio and RELM brand names.

Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc. (MSEH) Issues Operations Update on Oil and Gas Activity

Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc. issued an operations update on the company’s oil and gas activities in New York.

Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc. is currently drilling test wells at the Java natural gas field located in Wyoming County, New York. The company intends to determine the potential of the Marcellus Shale and other formations on its acreage in the field.

Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc. recently drilled and recompleted the Reisdorf Unit #1 well. The well was drilled to a depth of 1,380 feet and completed with a hydraulic fracturing operation. The company said that the Reisdorf Unit #1 well had a production rate of 220,000 cubic feet per day of natural gas.

Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc. said that the Reisdorf Unit #1 well found two viable shale formations at a shallower depth than the Marcellus shale. The company also reported that the well encountered the Onondaga zone, a limestone formation that is present below the Marcellus Shale.
The Ludwig #1 well was also recompleted by Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc. with a hydraulic fracturing operation. The well is still undergoing testing by the company to determine its commercial potential.

Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc. has approximately 3200 acres under lease in the Java natural gas field. The company also owns pipelines and other assets in the area.

BCO Hydrocarbon (BCOZ) Subsidiary Announces U.S. Patent Award, Details Functionality

Sauer Energy Inc. (SEI) is a BCO Hydrocarbon Ltd. (OTCBB: BCOZ) subsidiary that develops and produces home and enterprise scale vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) systems. SEI yesterday announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patent Number U.S. 7798766 for the company’s wind turbine blade design.

This patent covers the utility function of the company’s wind turbine blade design and its conversion of wind into useable energy. The patent is directly related to and extends the coverage of the company’s first patent granted. As a “utility” patent, the company said it is considered more complex, comprehensive and valuable than design patents.

“These patents and patents pending establish that our cutting edge technologies are protected and add substantial value to the Company’s growing intellectual property (IP) estate. They also reinforce our competitive market position by erecting major barriers to entry,” Dieter Sauer, president and CEO of the company stated in the press release.
SEI has U.S. patents pending for its unique air disruptors and air strakes, which are key components of its vertical axis wind turbine. The company said it is currently working to file several more patent applications for various features and applications for its proprietary technology.

Sauer noted the value of the company’s patents and explained the functionality of the technology.
“Sauer Energy’s integrated, diversified multiple patent portfolio strategy creates an IP estate far more valuable and formidable than the sum of its parts. The design effect of the blade will give it a superior performance by way of capturing wind and the (utility) extraction of power,” Sauer stated. “Most obvious to the casual observer, are the air disrupters on the drag side of the three-bladed turbine. The pattern on this side is to create less resistance with a boundary layer. This will create a maximum rpm with less friction. The inside of the blade itself contains air channels called strakes, which will guide the airflow and propel the captured air through a ram jet port, through the blade and on to the next blade. This uses airflow to its maximum advantage.”

Sauer’s patent portfolio includes: U.S. 597028S – Design patent issued: Blade Layout concave/convex, vertical axis; U.S. 7798766 – utility patent issued: Functional and application to convert wind to energy; patent pending design filed: Features the air disruptors on the drag side of each blade, inclusive. The front-side inside of the blade air strakes, which channel to direct the wind flow into a ram jet and the leading edge blade is also included; patent pending utility filed: Aerodynamic effects for the conversion of wind into power; patent pending design application: Blade structure; patent pending utility application: Function and use; and foreign patents pending.


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