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SMART Modular Technologies (WWH) Inc. (SMOD)

Wall Street Resources, Greenbackers, SmallCap Voice, Penny Invest, and StockEgg.com reported earlier on SMART Modular Technologies (WWH) Inc. (SMOD), and we highlight the Company as “One to Watch”, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 1988, SMART Modular Technologies Inc. is a leading independent designer, manufacturer and supplier of electronic subsystems to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The Company offers more than 500 standard and custom products to OEMs engaged in the computer, industrial, networking, telecommunications, aerospace and defense markets. Trading on the NASDAQ Global Select Market, SMART Modular Technologies Inc. has their headquarters in Newark, California.

SMART has developed a comprehensive memory product line that includes DRAM, SRAM, and Flash memory in various form factors. The Company also offers high performance, high capacity solid state drives, or SSDs, for enterprise, defense, aerospace, industrial automation, medical, and transportation markets.

The Company has a presence in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America. This enables them to provide their customers with proven expertise in international logistics, asset management, and supply-chain management globally.

SMART has design centers in Newark (California), Gunpo (South Korea), Irvine (California), Phoenix (Arizona), and Tewksbury (Massachusetts). Their engineers focus on applications development, component selection, schematic design, layout, firmware, and software driver development.

The Company offers localized, cost-efficient ISO 9001 certified manufacturing services from consignment to turnkey manufacturing. This is all backed by test services using advanced testing equipment. Their manufacturing facilities are located in Newark (California), Penang (Malaysia), São Paulo (Brazil), and Aguada (Puerto Rico).

SMART Modular Technologies, Inc. announced this month that they plan to release their financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended August 27, 2010 after the market closes on Thursday, September 30, 2010. The Company will host a corresponding conference call at 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time (PDT), 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time (EDT).

We have SMART Modular Technologies (WWH) Inc. (SMOD) locked on our radar screens as “One to Watch” this week, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

SMART Modular Technologies (WWH) Inc. (SMOD) closed Tuesday’s trading session at $6.26, up 1.95%, on 861,585 traded shares. The stock's 60-day average volume is 770,036 and its 52-week low/high is $3.42/8.75.

Studio One Media, Inc. (SOMD) ‏

Today, we are highlighting Studio One Media, Inc. (SOMD) as “One to Watch” this week, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Studio One Media, Inc. is a diversified media and technology company. Studio One subsidiaries and divisions include MyStudio, Inc., MyStudio Audio Labs, Inc., MyStudio Music and MyStudio Management. The Company has their headquarters in West Hollywood, California. Their Technical & Operations office is in Scottsdale, Arizona. They trade on the OTC Bulletin Board.

Studio One and their wholly-owned subsidiary, MyStudio, Inc., are engaged in the research and development of proprietary, leading-edge audio and video technologies for professional and consumer use. Studio One’s MyStudio business model and website features user generated content (UGC) and are very different from leading companies in the entertainment and Internet industries.

MyStudio offers a unique “bricks and clicks” combination of cash-generating studios and Internet-based advertising revenues. The MyStudio business model uniquely provides for revenues generated from both the creation of the UGC by MyStudio customers and advertising. MyStudio advertising revenue comes from both traditional website advertising and on-studio video monitor advertising.

Studio One Media, Inc. also expects additional revenue to come from music sales and talent management arising from UGC on the MyStudio.net website. The Company expects to install and operate many MyStudios both nationally and internationally. This is subject to the availability and timing of capital.

The Company has developed their MyStudio® HD Recording Studios. This is a self contained, state-of-the-art, high definition (HD) interactive audio/video recording studio designed for installation in shopping malls and other high traffic areas. MyStudio offers innovative video and sound quality from a proprietary/patents-pending, stand-alone recording studio.

MyStudio and their accompanying website, MyStudio.net, incorporate into a single entertainment venue the video sharing convenience, the social networking appeal and the talent showcase of other well-known websites and television programs. MyStudio enables a user, for a $20 fee, to record up to a five-minute personalized video with professional-quality backdrop, lighting and sound. Videos are available within minutes for viewing at MyStudio.net upon completion of the recording. Users may order a complimentary CD or DVD at their option. Videos are protected with a privacy pass-code, and the user can decide whether to make the video available to the public.

Studio One Media, Inc. has recently completed the research and development of AfterMaster™. This is a new technology for mastering audio. AfterMaster is a new audio technology that the Company believes dramatically increases the apparent loudness of music. It does this while delivering superior quality clarity and depth.

The wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, MyStudio Audio Labs, Inc., owns the AfterMaster technology. The technology is a proprietary, patent-pending combination of hardware and software which was developed by the MyStudio audio engineering team.

We’re tracking Studio One Media, Inc. (SOMD) as “One to Watch” this week, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Studio One Media, Inc. (SOMD) closed Tuesday’s trading session at $0.75, even with yesterday's close, on 8,500 traded shares. The stock's 60-day average volume is 16,049 and its 52-week low/high is $0.61/$1.45.

Lake Victoria Mining Company Inc. (LVCA)

Stocks Gone Wild, Mega Stock Pick, Otc stock exchange, Stocks Alarm, Stock Mister, Bloomfield Investment Club, Purely Penny Stocks, Penny stock Profitz, Market Wire Stocks, Stocktwiter, Free Penny Pix, Wall Street Grand, PennyOmega.com, Stockpalooza, Global Equity Report, Penny Stock Explosion, Micro Stock Profit, and StockHideout.com reported earlier on Lake Victoria Mining Company Inc. (LVCA), and we highlight the Company as “One to Watch” this week, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 2007, Lake Victoria Mining Company Inc. focuses on acquiring, exploring, and developing potential gold deposits in the world famous Lake Victoria Greenstone Belt in Tanzania, East Africa. They adhere to their acquisition criteria of only acquiring prospecting licenses that they can develop into proven reserves or productive mines. The Company has their corporate headquarters in Golden, Colorado.

Lake Victoria Mining Company, Inc. completed a share exchange agreement with Kilimanjaro Mining Company, Inc. on August 7, 2009. Kilimanjaro is exploring for and developing gold, uranium, and strategic metal resources in Tanzania, East Africa. Lake Victoria expanded their property portfolio to 11 Gold Projects consisting of 28 Prospecting Licenses and 54 Primary Mining Licenses. All of these licenses are within the United Republic of Tanzania, East Africa.

The country of Tanzania is the third largest gold producer in Africa, after South Africa and Ghana. Gold exports alone earned it $1.076 billion in 2009, up from $932.4 million the previous year. Tanzania also has reserves of uranium, nickel and coal.

The Lake Victoria Goldfield of northern Tanzania has recognition as an excellent gold province, especially over the last several years. Lake Victoria Mining Company sees the potential of this region and is proactively working there to develop productive mines.

The Kinyambwiga Gold Project there consists of 30.89 square kilometers. This is the primary prospecting license of the Musoma Bunda Gold Project. The Geita prospecting license is 43.77 square kilometers and shares an 11-kilometer northern border with AngloGold-Ashanti’s Nyankanga gold deposit, part of the Geita mine. The Kalemela prospecting license, located in the Lake Victoria Greenstone Belt, is over 260 square kilometers in size.

Lake Victoria Mining Company also has 5 Uranium Projects consisting of 12 Prospecting Licenses. These uranium licenses make up five different uranium blocks, based on specific criteria for uranium exploration.

On September 20, 2010, Lake Victoria Mining Company, Inc. announced that drilling commenced at the Singida Gold Project on August 30, 2010. So far, a total of 35 boreholes have been completed at the Sambaru 3, 4 and 5 prospects, amounting to 2,600 meters of the planned 6,000 meter drill program.

The Singida Gold Project combines 54 Primary Mining Licenses totaling approximately 11 square kilometers. The first consignment of samples, consisting of 820 samples and including 120 quality control samples, have been submitted to SGS Laboratories in Mwanza Tanzania for 50 gram fire analysis for gold.

We’re keeping an eye on Lake Victoria Mining Company Inc. (LVCA) and tracking them on our radar screens as “One to Watch” this week, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Lake Victoria Mining Company Inc. (LVCA) closed Tuesday's trading session at $0.30, up 15.38%, on 372,050 traded shares. The stock's 60-day average volume is $73,851 and its 52-week low/high is $0.18/$1.49.

PhytoMedical Technologies Inc. (PYTO)

Today we are highlighting PhytoMedical Technologies Inc. (PYTO), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

PhytoMedical Technologies, Inc., together with their wholly owned subsidiaries, is a pharmaceutical company that trades on the OTCBB. They are an early stage research based biopharmaceutical company focused on the identification, acquisition, development and commercialization of innovative pharmaceutical compounds targeting cancer and hematologic disorders. Founded in 1986, PhytoMedical Technologies Inc. has their headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey.

PhytoMedical is developing a new class of agents designed to bind to DNA and kill cancer cells. The Company’s approach is to design a compound which attacks cancer cells directly. Their strategy is to design molecules (bis-intercalators) that can intercalate simultaneously at two DNA sites, therefore attacking and binding to the DNA of specific cancer cells. This is to stop their replication and ultimately result in the death of the cancer cell. Their research involves the chemical synthesis of several variations of novel bis-acridines for cancer and evaluation.

Depending on research outcomes, their plans are to fund various in vitro (test tube) and in vivo (animal) experiments that will involve the use of several commercially available human cancer cell lines covering key areas of concern. This includes glioblastoma (tumors related to the central nervous system, including but not limited to the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve), small cell lung, breast, kidney, pancreatic, and liver cancers. The Company’s goal, based on the results of both the in vitro and in vivo tests, will involve identification of the key compound(s) that demonstrate the greatest anti-cancer activity per human cancer cell line.

The expansion of their product portfolio is a strategic focus for the Company. They are actively pursuing opportunities to form value-creating collaborations involving innovative pre-clinical and clinical drug candidates with drug discovery, development and commercialization partners.

On September 22, 2010, PhytoMedical Technologies, Inc. announced that the Company is continuing their negotiations with Standard Gold Corp., as per the Memorandum of Intent (MOI) entered into on August 25, 2010. On August 25, 2010 PhytoMedical Technologies, Inc. entered into a Non-Binding Memorandum of Intent (MOI) with Standard Gold Corp., pursuant to which PhytoMedical and Standard Gold will explore the possibility of the Company’s acquisition of all issued and outstanding stock of Standard Gold.

Standard Gold Corp. is a junior mineral exploration company based in Nevada. Either party may terminate the MOI upon notice to the other. The MOI will terminate on December 31, 2010.

PhytoMedical Technologies Inc. (PYTO) closed Tuesday’s trading at $0.046, up 43.75%, on 18,353,238 traded shares. The stock's 52-week low/high is $0.01/$0.09.

Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RXAC)

Today, Topgun Stockpicks, The Stock Psycho, and Monster Stock Alerts reported on Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RXAC). Article Papa, Exceptional Picks did yesterday, and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Resource Exchange of America Corporation is working to become a major recycling enterprise by rolling up companies within asset recovery, processing and brokering of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal. With their access to deep-water ports, the Company will be able to sell the scrap metal to clients domestically as well as abroad. Resource Exchange of America Corporation trades on the OTCBB, and they have their corporate headquarters in Sarasota Florida.

Resource Exchange of America Corporation will bring together the best companies within the recycling industry. Their plan is to elevate these companies to excellence, drawing on the strengths of the individual companies while combining forces to achieve synergies and be able to tackle the biggest jobs.

The Company will combine asset recovery with processing and brokering. By integrating all stages of the value chain in one company, Resource Exchange of America Corporation is working to become a recycling powerhouse. The Company can serve clients small and large, domestic and internationally. Their individual divisions will handle asset recovery, processing and brokering.

Resource Exchange of America Corporation will provide their customers with comprehensive asset retirement services of major industrial facilities, buildings, and other structures. The Asset Recovery Divisions will forward the recovered ferrous and nonferrous metals to the sorting yards. There it will undergo shredding, sorting, and baling according to ISRI specifications.

The Company will work to be able to recycle as much material from demolition jobs as possible. This is for the good of the environment, and to provide their customers with a wider range and a greater amount of recovered metals. Their processing yards will employ modern technology to better sort and classify the scrap metal. This is to ensure that more of the scrap can be recovered and reused.

Resource Exchange of America Corporation’s mission is to acquire asset recovery companies, processing yards and sales and brokering capacity. This is in to ensure a consistent flow of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal to meet the demands of both domestic and foreign buyers.

On September 20, 2010, Resource Exchange of America Corporation commented on President Barack Obama's recently proposed plan to spend $50 billion to renew and expand America's roads, railways and runways.

"A proposed plan for revamping the entire U.S. infrastructure would have a positive effect on our roads and railways, but would more importantly serve to create jobs all over America. From our perspective, there is of course the added dimension that rebuilding many thousands of miles of roads (enough to span the Earth six times), and constructing thousands of miles of rails would require a significant amount of steel," comments Dana Pekas, CEO of Resource Exchange of America Corporation. "We hope to be in a position to supply at least a miniscule portion of the anticipated scrap metal that will be needed for such an undertaking," Mr. Pekas concluded.

Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RXAC) closed Tuesday’s trading session at $0.56, up 3.70%, on 324,637 traded shares. The stock's 60-day average volume is 47,442 and its 52-week low/high is $0.02/$0.82.

Kimber Resources Inc. (KBX)

Canadian Microcap Report reported recently on Kimber Resources Inc (KBX), Hyper Growth Stock, SmallCap Voice, CRWE Wall Street did earlier, and we are highlighting the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 1995, Kimber Resources Inc. is a gold-silver exploration and development company focused in Mexico. The Company’s mission is to build shareholder value through the discovery, definition and development of gold and silver deposits in Mexico. Kimber Resources Inc. has their headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Company trades on the NYSE AMEX under the symbol “KBX” and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “KBR.”

Kimber owns mineral concessions covering in excess of 39,000 hectares in the prospective Sierra Madre gold-silver belt. This includes their Monterde property, where three gold-silver mineral resources have already been defined.

The Carmen deposit, the most advanced of these, has been extensively drilled and has undergone detailed geologic modeling. The recent completion of a Preliminary Assessment for Monterde represents a significant step forward for Kimber Resources and is expected to lead to further development and more advanced economic studies at the Monterde deposits.

The historic Monterde mine was first discovered by the Spanish in the mid 1700s. It was later worked by locals from the municipality of Guazapares. Between 1937 and 1943, Compañia Minera Guazapares, S.A., produced gold and silver from the Carmen and Los Hilos structures. Lack of financing and an inability to procure equipment during World War II resulted in the closure of the mine in 1945.

In 2000, after decades of minimal activity, the historical Monterde mine found a long-term owner. This was when Kimber Resources Inc, a private company at the time, acquired options to purchase the mineral concessions.

In June 2002, when Kimber went public, there were four active and promising properties in various stages of development in the Sierra Madre. Among them was the Monterde, an almost forgotten former underground mine, which Kimber had acquired as a private company. Now, Kimber’s Monterde property is emerging as one of the northern Sierra Madre’s premier gold and silver properties.

In July, Kimber Resources Inc. announced the filing on SEDAR and EDGAR of an independent Preliminary Assessment (PA) Technical Report prepared by Micon International Limited, with assistance by Kirkham Geosystems Ltd., Knight Piésold Consulting Ltd. and various consultants employed directly by Kimber, on their 100 percent owned Monterde project, located in Mexico's Sierra Madre mining district.

"The Preliminary Assessment for Kimber's Monterde project shows that Monterde has the potential to be a very profitable mine at a gold price of $875 and a silver price of $14 and to generate exceptional returns at current prices" said Gordon Cummings, President & CEO of Kimber. "Management is now focused on further drilling to expand and upgrade mineral resources at Monterde and to move towards completion of a pre-feasibility study in 2011 as recommended independently by Micon International."

Kimber Resources Inc. (KBX) closed Tuesday’s trading session at $0.92, up 8.88%, on 121,545 traded shares. The stock's 60-day average volume is 56,403 and its 52-week low/high is $0.55/$1.80

China North East Petroleum Holdings Limited (NEP)

FeedBlitz reported recently on China North East Petroleum Holdings Limited (NEP), The Street, Greenbackers, Tiny Gems did earlier, and we choose to highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

China North East Petroleum Holdings Limited (NEP) is a leading independent oil producer and oilfield services company in Northern China. They are a pioneer in China's private oil exploration and production industry, and the first Chinese non-state-owned oil company trading on the NYSE Amex. The Company currently operates four oilfields in Northern China. They also recently added an oil service subsidiary through their acquisition of Song Yuan Tiancheng Drilling Engineering Co. Ltd. (Tiancheng). China North East Petroleum Holdings Limited has offices in Song Yuan City, Jilin Province, China, and Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China.

NEP established in 2003 under the name of Hong Xiang Petroleum, an independent oil extractor in Song Yuan City, Jilin Province China which possessed the oil reserve leasing rights for Qian’an 112 Oilfield. In 2004, Hong Xiang Petroleum changed their name to China North East Petroleum Holdings Limited and secured a public listing in the U.S. capital markets.

Through their Chinese subsidiaries Long De Oil & Gas Development Co. Ltd. and Yu Qiao Oil & Gas Development Co. Ltd, NEP has entered into 20-year lease agreements with PetroChina Jilin Branch for the extraction of crude oil in Jilin Qian’an Oilfield. Under this arrangement, NEP has agreed to sell all of their extracted oil to PetroChina Jilin Branch for use in the China marketplace.

Jilin Qian’an oilfield is located in Northeastern China. The geological structure is very similar to the very first oilfield discovered in China, the Da Qing Oilfield. Qian’an Oilfiled has middle and lower oil containing combination, industrial oil found in Fuyu oil layer and Gaotaizi oil layer. The main objective layer is Gaotaizi oil layer for the production wells.

Today, China North East Petroleum Holdings Ltd. announced that their oilfield services subsidiary, Song Yuan Tiancheng Drilling Engineering Co. Ltd. (Tiancheng), signed a contract with Beijing Junlun Runzhong Technology Co. Ltd. (JLRZ) to drill 100 new wells in JLRZ's oilfield in Inner Mongolia. This is the Company's first drilling contract with JLRZ and the sixth drilling contract signed since the acquisition of Tiancheng in the second half of 2009.

The expectation is that the drilling of the 100 wells will begin this month and be completed by September 2011. Tiancheng will allocate two rigs to Inner Mongolia and each well is expected to drill 50 wells during the one-year contract term. The value of this contract with JLRZ will be contingent upon the drilling depth of each of the 100 wells drilled.

China North East Petroleum Holdings Limited (NEP) closed Tuesday at $5.28, up 12.34%, on 826,440 traded shares. The stock's 60-day average volume is 153,790 and its 52-week low/high is $2.79/$11.54

Corinthian Colleges Inc. (COCO)

Greenbackers, Top Stock Analysts, The Street, and Investor Update reported recently on Corinthian Colleges Inc. (COCO), CRWE Picks, Investorplace, Investment House, Hit and Run Candle Sticks, Zacks.com, Investment U did earlier, and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Corinthian Colleges (CCi) is one of the largest for-profit, post-secondary education companies in the United States and Canada. They had more than 110,500 students enrolled as of June 30, 2010. The Company operates 100 schools in 25 states and 17 schools in Canada. CCi serves the large and growing segment of the population seeking to acquire career-oriented education. Corinthian Colleges Inc. trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market. They have their headquarters in Santa Ana, California.

Founded in 1995, Corinthian Colleges Inc. completed an initial public offering in 1999. As of June 30, 2010, they had approximately 15,900 employees in North America. This includes 5,600 full-time and part-time faculty members.

CCi has grown through acquisitions as well as through organic growth, historically. Organic growth consists of opening new branch campuses, remodeling, expanding or relocating existing campuses and adopting curricula into existing colleges.

The Company’s schools generally enjoy long operating histories. They offer an assortment of diploma programs and associates, bachelor’s and master’s degrees. CCi also offers students the opportunity to take classes online through Everest College in Phoenix and Everest University in Florida.

Corinthian Colleges Inc. is making extensive investments in training to build people capability, reduce voluntary turnover and strengthen their entire organization. In fiscal 2009, they invested more than $16 million to further develop the skills of existing employees and to train new hires.

As an example, every campus leadership team received training on managing diverse personalities and styles and on effective delegation. The Company delivered more than 105,000 hours of training during fiscal 2009, an increase of 48 percent over the previous year.

For instructors, they are piloting a management system that bases promotion on teaching effectiveness and promotes student retention, continuing professional development and campus and community service. In fiscal 2009, the Company also piloted an assistance program that provides students in need with phone access to professional financial, legal and psychological counselors as well as referrals for services such as childcare and eldercare.

All of these initiatives helped reduce employee turnover by 14 percentage points in fiscal 2009 compared with the previous year. Corinthian Colleges Inc. is driving growth and strengthening their product by expanding core programs across their schools and enhancing course offerings.

The Company’s diploma curricula includes medical assisting, medical insurance billing and coding, massage therapy, dental assisting, pharmacy technician, medical administrative assisting, automotive and diesel technology, HVAC, surgical technology, plumbing, electrical, nursing, electronics, and computer technology programs.

Their degree curriculum comprises business administration, criminal justice, medical assisting, accounting, paralegal, marketing, computer information technology, legal assisting, hospitality management, court reporting, applied service management, and film and video programs. They also offer masters degree in business administration and criminal justice.

Corinthian Colleges Inc. (COCO) closed Tuesday’s trading at $6.52, up 4.82%on 5,292,675 traded shares. The stock's 60-day average volume is 7,294,336 and its 52-week low/high is $4.23/$19.31.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

eDOORWAYS Corporation (EDWY)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight eDOORWAYS Corporation (EDWY) Today, eDoorways International Corp. closed trading at $0.002 on 35,659,874 volume with 100 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 3,511,958 with a 52-week low/high of $0.0011/$0.16.

eDOORWAYS Corp. (EDWY) announced today that they have created a widget to enable easy integration of the eDoorways platform to PowerChannel users' websites. This new widget allows users to chat and collaborate in real-time with one another through the eDoorways network and the user’s website simultaneously.

eDOORWAYS Corp. (EDWY) is committed to solving lifestyle problems for consumers while driving traffic to suppliers and service providers who offer innovative merchandise and solutions. The company has the potential to completely change the future landscape of business by offering a unique and comprehensive service that saves consumers valuable time and money. By uniting a consumer with the larger global consumer community, retailers, and manufacturers in an effective new way, eDOORWAYS promotes “dynamic” commerce, as opposed to the static model currently in existence.

The Company plans to capitalize on several emerging new trends. These newly created opportunities include: the large success of Web 2.0 Internet community service offerings such as MySpace, the movement towards niche marketing and targeted advertising, the introduction of new technologies that enable instantaneous, online presentation of information, and the rising consumer preference for using the Internet to gain information before making purchasing decisions.

eDOORWAYS plans to introduce local services using a city-by-city strategy that will minimize capital requirements, reduce staffing requirements, and optimize generated revenues. Ten major cities are targeted for launch in the first year. Advertising, PR campaigns and viral word-of-mouth will be used to give a public presentation to experts as well as educate the market.

The key benefits offered to consumers include a higher level of engagement with vendors, trusted information from other consumers, and superior customer service. Revenues will be generated through advertising placement fees, premium services, preferential placement fees, and a percentage of sales transactions. eDOORWAYS' progressive vision and professional management team makes it an attractive investment opportunity. Disclaimer

eDOORWAYS Corporation Blog

eDOORWAYS Corporation News:

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IDO Security Inc. (IDOI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight IDO Security Inc. (IDOI). Today, IDO Security Inc. closed trading at $0.001, up 25%, on 29,380,692 volume with 36 trades. The average 60-day volume is 10,459,740 with a 52-week low/high of $0.0004/$0.0061.

IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI), headquartered in New York with a subsidiary in Israel, focuses on developing solutions for shoes-on weapons metal detection. The company's flagship product, the patented MagShoe™ system, instantly and accurately detects metal items concealed on or in footwear, ankles or feet without requiring the removal of shoes. Taking only 3-4 seconds to scan, the detection system solves possibly the most problematic issue in the security checkpoint routine.

The MagShoe is produced at the company's main manufacturing facility in Rishon LeZion, Israel where it offers local sales and support via a worldwide network of industry-leading distributors and system integrators. Designed for security and loss prevention at high-security venues and checkpoints, IDO Security's products are currently in use at international airports, cruise lines, government agencies and other locations requiring strong security.

The company's detection systems employ state-of-the-art sensors and algorithms to detect weapons and other controlled metal articles. By providing accurate measurements, the MagShoe solutions keep false alarms at minimum - detecting potentially dangerous items while ignoring metal typically found in footwear such as heels, zippers and ornaments. The advanced technology reduces the number of manual inspections required, allowing personnel to focus on the real threat.

President and Director Michael L. Goldberg guides the direction of the company with an extensive business and legal background spanning more than 30 years. Prior to joining IDO Security, Mr. Goldberg spent 17 years as the Chairman, CEO and one-time President of RX Medical Services, a medical company that owned and operated small rural hospitals, clinical laboratories and MRI/CT centers across the US. He has served on the boards and as a member of audit and compensation committees for a number of public companies.

IDO Security Inc. (IDOI Blog

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. News:

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Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV). Today, Simulated Environment Concepts closed trading at $0.0299, up 10.74%, on 233,591 volume with 13 trades. The average 60-day volume is 206,944 with a 52-week low/high of $0.001/$0.07.

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV) is focused on manufacturing and distributing their patented SpaCapsule® as well as continued innovation in the areas of anti-aging, cosmetics, relaxation, cellulite reduction, and weight loss. Finding use in numerous environments such as relaxation centers, golf clubs, ski lounges, gyms, and health clubs, the SpaCapsule® provides next generation de-stressing and relaxation.

The company’s founders, Dr. Ella Frenkel and Dr. Ilya Spivak, initially capitalized Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. with several million dollars of their own money. With this initial investment, the company worked on, and succeeded in developing, the sleek and stylish looking pressurized dry water massage relaxation station.

SpaCapsule® is a full body massage, aromatherapy, audio and video entertainment system. The capsules are fused with advanced modern technology and healing methods of aromatherapy and audiovisual relaxation techniques, incorporating proprietary water-jet and pressure-jet technology that requires no on-site plumbing. Weighing approximately 500 lbs, the capsule only requires standard electric service.

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV) anticipates progressive and consistent growth over the next six years. With individuals spending billions of dollars on de-stressing, weight loss, anti aging, cosmetics, massage and physical rehabilitations, the company is in a position to experience explosive growth from current levels. Disclaimer

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. Blog

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VizStar, Inc. (VIZS)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight VizStar, Inc. (VIZS) Today, VizStar, Inc. closed trading at $0.195, even with yesterday's close, on 48,473 volume with 11 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 30,765 with a 52-week low/high of $0.0162/$0.65.

VizStar, Inc. (VIZS) DBA Celestial Jets, is a premier aviation charter broker focused on delivering a new and unparalleled way to experience private jet travel. The company delivers this unmatched service without monthly membership fees, initiation fees, long term commitments or capital investment, while delivering typical savings of 20-30% when compared to other charter or fractional companies in the market place.

Within as little as four hours notice, Celestial Jets can make all the travel arrangements for their client's next trip. Whether it is a short hop or an intercontinental journey, business or pleasure, each and every detail is attended according to the client's specific requirements. With access to nearly 6,000 qualified aircraft, ranging from light, mid, heavy or jumbo jets, Celestial Jets is capable of serving any potential client.

The company adheres to the highest and most up-to-date safety standards of today. Each aircraft, in correspondence with FAA law, is flown by two pilots, each with outstanding credentials and type rated for the aircraft they are flying. Celestial Jets also abides by the strict protocol of the Transportation Security Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and all other federal and local law enforcement agencies.

Celestial Jets' service goes much further than just the flight, offering chauffeured limousine pickup with planeside drop off, world class catering, hotel and resort accommodations, and restaurant reservations, in addition to technical support, accounting, legal, or secretarial services, spa treatments, event planning, and childcare. Leaving no detail to chance or any expectation left unmet, Celestial Jets takes care of everything at the most competitive prices in the industry. Disclaimer

VizStar, Inc. Blog

VizStar, Inc. News:

VizStar, Inc. Average Revenue per Trip Increases 37.3%

VizStar, Inc. CEO Issues Shareholder Letter

VizStar, Inc. Opens Strategically Significant Office in Los Angeles, California

Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) Loosens the Noose

When a consumer buys a manufactured item, the ubiquitous “Made In China” label says their money is going overseas. When they fill up their car at the gas pump, it’s the same thing but far bigger than just China and Saudi Arabia. The flow of cash from the U.S. to other parts of the world has become a flood. The U.S. trade deficit with China alone is now roughly a quarter of a trillion dollars. In this age of globalization, the U.S. has become hugely dependent upon the goodwill of other nations. With outside interests controlling both cash and vital resources, the world sees a noose rapidly tightening around America’s neck.

Ironically, it’s a noose that could get even tighter as the country moves away from fossil fuels and into nuclear power. In fact, more than 95% of the uranium used in the U.S. comes from outside the country, from places like Russia and Kazakhstan. This is a far greater imbalance than exists with oil. Given that energy represents one of the most critical foundational resources of the country, indeed any modern industrialized nation, the domestication of uranium production stands to become a vital component of future energy policy. Nevertheless, there are currently only a handful of uranium mines in the entire country actively producing uranium.

The only bright spot in this picture is a company called Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE-AMEX: UEC). With operations in Texas and the Mountain States region of the U.S., Uranium Energy is increasingly viewed as the single best bet to become the next major producer of uranium. The company has deftly utilized one of the biggest databases of historic uranium exploration and development to identify and develop sites with the richest potential. In addition, unlike other aspiring developers, UEC is well funded and already has a full blown and licensed production facility centrally located near its rapidly developing Texas sites. In fact, things are moving forward so quickly, that initial production is expected within a few months. The goal is to reach an output rate of close to 3 million pounds annually by 2015.

With production costs well below anticipated prices, the path for UEC seems open, especially given the almost certain increase in future demand made clear by the $54 billion package of loan guarantees for nuclear power plant construction offered up by the Obama administration. It’s a path to cleaner air, but, with UEC, it’s also a vote for energy independence, a small step toward loosening the noose.

eDoorways International Corp. (EDWY) Announces Launch of New Widget to Provide Web-Wide Access to Platform

eDoorways International Corp. announced earlier this morning that they have created a widget to enable easy integration of the eDoorways platform to PowerChannel users’ websites.
“We have created a totally personalized web experience to provide individuals with what they want, when they need it,” commented Gary Kimmons, President of eDoorways International Corporation. “This new widget will connect our users’ PowerChannels with their own websites, allowing real-time collaboration between both sites.”

“This new widget is a ‘window’ into our site, allowing users to see what is happening inside and out,” continued Kimmons. “This new ‘window’ allows users to chat and collaborate in real-time with one another through the eDoorways network and the user’s website simultaneously.”

eDoorways anticipates launching a demonstrable version of the widget on a customer’s site by the end of this week. This website will soon be announced on the eDoorways blog at www.edoorways.wordpress.com. The live version will launch in the near future after completed beta testing. “We are incredibly excited about this new addition and have received positive feedback from our beta testing group,” Kimmons concluded.

Gateway Energy Corp. (GNRG) Enters Agreement to Acquire Natural Gas Pipeline Assets

Gateway Energy Corporation announced yesterday that the Company entered into an agreement to acquire natural gas pipeline assets from Laser Pipeline Company, LP for $1.1 million. The expectation is that the acquisition will close on or before October 22, 2010, if certain conditions are met.

Gateway Energy Corporation expects to finance the acquisition through a combination of cash on hand, bank debt and common stock. The form and terms of any such financing is expected to be finalized in the coming weeks.

Mr. Fred Pevow, the President and CEO of Gateway Energy Corporation, commented, “The Laser transaction accomplishes a number of strategic objectives for us as we implement our plan to transform Gateway. First, it is immediately accretive to earnings and cash flow per share. Second, it increases the size and diversification of our asset base with long-term, stable cash flow. Third, we should be able to manage the new assets without a material increase in general and administrative expenses.”

The assets being purchased include four natural gas pipelines that deliver natural gas into poultry processing and rendering plants owned by Tyson Foods, Inc. The Tyson plants reside in Center, Texas, Seguin, Texas, Sedalia, Missouri, and Texarkana, Arkansas. In connection with the acquisition, Gateway Energy Corporation is acquiring exclusive, long-term contracts with Tyson Foods, Inc. to transport natural gas at a fixed tariff rate into each plant.

Gateway Energy Corporation management will hold a conference call and Q&A session on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 12:00 PM Eastern to further discuss the acquisition. The dial-in phone number (U.S. toll free) for the conference call is (800) 860-2442. Presentation slides accompanying the information discussed will be available on the Company’s website.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Gateway Energy Corporation owns and operates natural gas distribution, transportation, and gathering systems onshore in the continental United States and in federal and state waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

CVD Equipment Corp. (CVV) Receives $2.5 Million for First Nano Products

CVD Equipment Corp. is a designer and manufacturer of standard and custom state of the art equipment used in the development, design and manufacture of advanced electronic components, materials and coatings for research and industrial applications. The company offers a broad range of chemical vapor deposition, gas control, and other equipment used by customers in the semiconductor, solar, and other technology industries.

The company announced today that its CVD/First Nano Division has received orders during the month of September totaling approximately $2.5 million from a number of institutions for products sold under the First Nano Easy Tube, Easy Gas and Easy Exhaust brands. These institutions include the University of Illinois and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

CVD continues to benefit from the increased acceptance of its First Nano products globally. The First Nano product line addresses the need for technologically advanced tools to perform research and development in the production of thin film coatings and/or nano size materials requiring precise process parameter control.

The company continues to perfect and expand the multiple areas where its research and production equipment solutions can be applied to the next generation of advanced materials. CVD believes that the nanotechnology, solar, energy and semiconductor markets offers its products significant growth opportunities. For more information on CVD Equipment, please visit the company’s website at www.cvdequipment.com.


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