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Suspect Detection Systems Inc. (SDSS)

Shazamstocks.com, Richard Atlas, Penny Invest, HotOTC.com, StockEgg.com, Stock Marketing Inc., Stock Rich, Cool Penny Stocks, Investor Soup, Micro Stock Profit, Beacon Equity Research, and StockHideout.com reported earlier on Suspect Detection Systems Inc. (SDSS), and we highlight the Company as "One to Watch", here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Suspect Detection Systems Inc., via their subsidiary Suspect Detection Systems Ltd., is a developer of proprietary counter terror and crime prevention technology. The design of this technology is to identify threats in real-time, and prevent incidents before they are carried out. The company’s product line, the “COGITO”, is an aid to thwarting security threats.

The Company develops their advanced technologies based on extensive intelligence and counter-terrorism expertise accumulated in Israel and other countries worldwide. Former senior officials of Israeli security and experienced senior experts of the high-tech industry founded Suspect Detection Systems Ltd.

Suspect Detection Systems Ltd.’s “COGITO1002″ is a tool that helps law enforcement agencies in their war against international terrorism. It relies on unique and proprietary technology designed to identify malicious intent at border control and other checkpoints. The “COGITO1002″ is an automated kiosk-like station that enables the profiling and screening of passengers based on biofeedback indications.

The Company also has their COGITO1003. It is a stationary “Internal Threat”, pre-employment, and employee integrity screening system. It is also a fully automated system and requires no involvement of professional interrogators or interviewers.

In addition, they also have their COGITO4M. This is a military grade product for the Field Intelligence of Military, Police, and Law Enforcement units. U.S. Governmental Agencies and Israeli Security Agencies have successfully tested this technology. Commercial and governmental customers in Israel, The United States, Central America, and South Africa are using this product.

The COGITO4M system enables military units to efficiently interrogate a hostile or indifferent civil population. Using the COGITO4M enables military units that might have no knowledge of the local language to identify who among the civilians is a wanted terrorist and where there might be a nearby ambush or mine trap.

The Company designed their COGITO Back-Office to manage and control all the test stations in a given site, nationwide operation, or international global operation. It serves as the central unit that stores all test histories, examinees profiles, and biometrics. It is responsible for system administration, data distribution, and interfacing to external systems and databases.

Suspect Detection Systems Ltd.’s mission is to assist law enforcement agencies worldwide in their war against local and international sophisticated organized crime and terrorism. They work to provide innovative solutions deployable today by those who require them most.

Earlier this month, Suspect Detection Systems Inc., announced that they won their recent bid to sell additional Cogito™ rapid interrogation units to a federal agency in India. They received awarding of the bid in February. The technology sold and delivered in April through their subsidiary Suspect Detection Systems Ltd.

On May 18, 2010, Suspect Detection Systems Inc. reported financials for Q1 of the 2010 fiscal year. Highlights of the financial reports include revenues of $620,199 in Q1 2010, versus $168,892 revenues in Q1 2009. Gross profits for the Company were $581,860.

We're keeping a close eye on Suspect Detection Systems Inc. (SDSS), tracking them on our radar screens as "One to Watch", here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Suspect Detection Systems Inc. (SDSS) closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.0850 up 13.18 percent. Volume was 25,000.

Team Nation Holdings Corp. (TEMN)

AheadoftheBulls.com, Breakout Pennystocks, Liquid stock report, Stock Source, Stock Market News Alert, StockEgg.com, HotOTC.com, Shazamstocks.com, Bloomfield Investment Club, SmallCap Voice, and Otcstockexchange.com reported previously on Team Nation Holdings Corp. (TEMN), and we choose to highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

TEAM Nation Holdings Corporation is a management and services company specializing in title insurance and escrow services. They do this through their affiliate title agencies. The Company also specializes in the provision of management, production services, HR administration, IT support, and accounting administration for title insurance companies and related real estate ventures.

TEAM Nation Holdings, a Nevada Corporation, is a holding Corporation for Team Title, a national title agency, and engages in direct settlement and ancillary operations through its Lender Solutions and Resource Solutions Divisions. Trading on the OTCBB, Team Nation Holdings Corp. has their headquarters in Newport Beach, California.

The Company's TEAM Management Services addresses a company’s desire to expand their regional and national footprint through counter-cyclical growth and strategic acquisitions. They focus on strategic alliances, license expansions, acquisitions, and operational restructuring. The Company helps clients achieve operational independence, increased revenue, decreased expenses, and successful business plan implementation.

TEAM Management Services list of services include business plan evaluation, current business review and critique, workflow analysis, and growth consultation. Their services also include financial diversification strategies, acquisition strategies, cost reduction analysis, as well as operations management.

Their TEAM Vendor Services Division provides title plant and production services, customer service, sales and marketing support, HR administration, IT administration, and accounting services. This is to title, escrow and real estate companies. TEAM Vendor Services include preliminary production, to typing and HR Administration.

Clients who use these services lessen their expenses by streamlining non-core functions to a boutique provider. By sharing the costs of services with other companies similarly situated, TEAM's clients can focus their efforts on core business objectives.

For managed companies TEAM currently holds contracts to manage all operations of emerging title company CalCounties Title Nation operating in Southern California. TEAM provides management, HR administration, IT administration and accounting services, significantly decreasing their exposure to outside vendors. Under the management of TEAM, CalCounties Title Nation has grown significantly, increasing their gross revenue tenfold and reducing expenses through shared resources.

On April 29, 2010, TEAM Resource Solutions (TEAM RSD), a division of TEAM Nation Holdings Corporation, announced their entry into a Joint Marketing Agreement with Bell Termite Control, Inc.  TEAM RSD will offer termite and pest inspection, remediation and control to their clients in Southern California. TEAM RSD is a division, which provides ancillary real estate services to real estate brokers, realtors and lenders in the national marketplace.

Bell and TEAM RSD will equally share the profits generated on each order generated through the TEAM RSD platform. TEAM RSD's platform offers pest inspection and control, moving and relocation, appraisal, natural hazard disclosure, and national mobile notary services. This is via their direct operations and vendor alliances, and they will expand their services significantly this year.

Team Nation Holdings Corp. (TEMN) closed Wednesday's session at $0.0059 down 15.71 percent. Volume was 949,000.

Mercer International Inc. (MERC)

All Penny Stocks reported earlier on Mercer International Inc. (MERC), and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Mercer International Inc. is a global pulp manufacturing company. The Company is one of the largest Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (NBSK) market pulp producers in the world by production capacity. They serve customers primarily in Europe, Asia and North America. Mercer International Inc. has their corporate headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. They have a U.S. office in Seattle, Washington, and an office in Berlin, Germany. They trade on the NASDAQ Global Market.

Their production totals more than 1.475 million Air Dried Metric Tonnes (ADMT) of kraft pulp per year. Mercer International Inc. conducts their pulp operations through three subsidiaries consisting of large-scale, modern pulp mills. One is in British Columbia's interior, and two are in eastern Germany.

The Company's core purpose is as a provider of fiber, and renewable energy and chemicals, from sustainable sources for essential human needs. In Germany where they operate their two mills, they are the sole kraft pulp producer. Mercer serves the largest pulp import market in Europe.

They focus on premium-grade kraft pulp that generally commands the highest price. Mercer has large, modern and efficient production facilities and the ability to produce energy. Mercer's first mill, Rosenthal, is near Blankenstein and produces approximately 330,000 ADMTs annually. Stendal is near the town of Stendal, about 300 kilometers north of their Rosenthal mill. Stendal's annual production capacity is approximately 645,000 ADMTs. Celgar is near Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada and produces approximately 500,000 ADMTs annually.

Along with the Company's core business of market pulp production, they produce significant quantities of renewable electricity. Mercer generated more than 1.4 million MWh of electricity in 2009. In 2010, the Company will focus further on energy production and sales through an energy project at their Celgar mill in British Columbia.

The Green Energy Project is an approximately C$55 million investment in the mill's power production capacity. The expectation is that the project, upon completion, will permit Celgar to meet all of their energy requirements through self-generation and allow excess electricity to sell to power utilities.  This could result in zero net energy costs for Celgar and significant electricity sales revenue. Come the fall of this year, the expectation is that Celgar's new 48 MW turbine will result initially in exports of up to 30 MW of surplus electricity in the summer and up to 25 MW in the winter.

Mercer International Inc. (MERC) closed today's trading at $4.67 up 5.07 percent. Volume was 298,759.

KEMET Corporation (KEME)

PennyOmega.com, DrStockPick.com, SmallCap Voice, HotOTC.com, Stock Rich, Cool Penny Stocks, and StockEgg.com reported earlier on KEMET Corporation (KEME), and we choose to highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

KEMET Corporation delivers industry-leading, high-performance capacitance solutions to their customers globally. They offer a complete line of surface-mount and through-hole capacitor technologies across tantalum, ceramic, film, aluminum, electrolytic, and paper dielectrics. Trading on the OTC Bulletin Board, the Company has their corporate headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina. They also maintain two Innovation Centers in South Carolina.

KEMET capacitors are fundamental components that store, filter, and regulate electrical energy and current flow. They find use in virtually all electronic applications and products used. These include those in the computer, telecommunication, automotive, military and aerospace, medical, industrial/instrumentation (including lighting), and consumer market segments. KEMET Corporation markets their capacitors to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers, and electronics distributors worldwide.
"High Reliability" (Hi-Rel) versions of KEMET capacitors have been part of every important military/aerospace effort. This is from the first Telstar to Viking, the Apollo moon landing, the Patriot missile, and the Mir and International Space Stations. KEMET capacitors were also present in the Pathfinder probe and the Sojourner rover during their exploration of the planet Mars.

In addition to their South Carolina facilities, the Company has an Innovation Center in Heidenheim, Germany. Their manufacturing facilities are in Matamoros, Monterrey, and Ciudad Victoria Mexico; Suzhou, Nantong, and Anting-Shanghai, China; Sasso Marconi, Vergato, and Monghidoro, Italy; Weymouth and Towcester, England; Évora, Portugal; Suomussalmi, Finland; Granna, Sweden; Batam, Indonesia; Landsberg, Germany; and Kyustendil, Bulgaria.

KEMET Corporation also owns two specialty electronics companies. They are FELCO in Chicago, Illinois, and Dectron in Farjestaden, Sweden. In addition, sales offices and distribution centers are located around the globe.

Today, KEMET Corporation announced that the Company will be presenting at the KeyBanc Capital Markets Industrial, Automotive & Transportation Conference on June 2, 2010, in Boston, Massachusetts.  They will post the Investor Presentation on their Company website. Per Loof, KEMET's Chief Executive Officer, and William Lowe, KEMET's Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, will both be making presentations.  

KEMET Corporation (KEME) closed Wednesday's trading session at $2.05 up 2.50 percent. Volume was 246,306.

Iteris, Inc. (ITI)

Today we are highlighting Iteris, Inc. (ITI), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Iteris, Inc. is a leader in the traffic management market that focuses on the application and development of advanced technologies. These technologies reduce traffic congestion, minimize the environmental impact of traffic congestion, and improve the safety of surface transportation systems infrastructure. Iteris, Inc. trades on the NYSE Amex and they have their headquarters in Santa Ana, California. The Company also has offices throughout North America and in Europe, and Asia.

Iteris, Inc. combines outdoor image processing, traffic engineering, and information technology. They offer a broad range of Intelligent Transportation Systems and driver safety solutions to customers globally.

Video image processing (machine vision) serves as the platform for which the Company has developed their vehicle video detection and lane departure warning technologies. Machine vision is a technology that analyzes video images through specialized systems. Iteris combined their proprietary machine vision technology, consisting of complex algorithms, software, and special purpose hardware to create leading products that collect, process, and analyze real-time video images to help reduce traffic congestion and enhance driver safety.

Iteris provides engineering consulting services in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), traffic engineering, and transportation planning. Their systems development and integration has national recognition as an expert in traffic operations, traffic control systems, Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS), Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS), Advanced Public Transit Systems (APTS), Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO), and Rural Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Last month, Iteris, Inc. announced a strategic marketing agreement with Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems. This agreement is to allow information captured by Meritor WABCO's SmartTrac and OnGuard active safety systems to be available through Iteris' SafetyDirect driver performance reporting software.

On May 3, 2010, the Company announced the integration of Siemens Traffic Solutions SITRAFFIC® Sphere, a new advanced transportation controller, and Iteris' Vantage video detection system. They designed the direct interface between the Sphere controller and Vantage video detection system (through a high-speed Ethernet interface) to simplify the hardware and installation requirements of detection and controller systems in the roadside cabinets that house the traffic control equipment.

On May 20, 2010, Iteris, Inc. reported financial results for their fourth fiscal quarter ended March 31, 2010. They reported net sales and contract revenues of $15.0 million, representing an 8.6 percent decrease compared to net sales and contract revenues of $16.4 million reported in the same quarter of the prior fiscal year. Gross margins increased to 43.2 percent in the current fiscal quarter compared to 35.3 percent reported in the same quarter last year. The Company reported operating income of $1.2 million for the quarter ended March 31, 2010, compared to operating income of $1.1 million in the same quarter of the prior fiscal year.

Iteris, Inc. (ITI) closed today at $1.58 up 0.64 percent. Volume was 28,502.

Earth Search Sciences Inc. (ESSE)

Greenbackers reported previously on Earth Search Sciences Inc. (ESSE), and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Earth Search Sciences Inc.'s structure is as a holding company with a number of subsidiary companies charged with developing advanced technology applications for the exploration and discovery of natural resources. The Company also focuses on joint venture opportunities with private industry, universities, and state and federal agencies to develop, package, and deliver airborne mapping products and services through the application of their hyperspectral remote sensing solutions, applications, and associated technologies.

Incorporated in 1984, Earth Search Sciences, Inc. has more than ten years of research and development invested in bringing remote sensing technology to the commercial marketplace. Trading on the OTCBB, the Company is responsible for developing advanced hyperspectral instruments, such as the PROBE-1. Earth Search Sciences Inc. has their corporate headquarters in Kalispell, Montana.

Hyperspectral imagery technology finds use in mineral exploration, oil and gas exploration, environmental monitoring, and other business channels. Hyperspectral imagery is playing a more important role in oil and gas exploration and exploitation. Earth Search Sciences, Inc.'s PROBE 1 hyperspectral imagery is a powerful interpretive tool available to the oil and gas industry because of its high signal to noise ratio. The instrument produces clear crisp spectral imagery in high spectral resolution.

This developing technology holds promise for increased use in the mapping of the earth's surface. It also has promise as a cost-effective technique to focus exploration on the most promising energy targets. This tool can deliver accurate property base-line assessments and updated georectified planning maps effective for demonstrating and documenting projects to management, investors and/or government.

The PROBE-1 hyperspectral remote sensing airborne system is an instrument, which can deliver authoritative information to clients. The cost of data from the PROBE-1 and its fixed wing platform is substantially below that of existing satellite technology.

Earth Search Sciences, Inc.'s hyperspectral remote sensing technology is similar to DNA. The images undergo analysis through special color processing to determine exactly what is on the ground. The PROBE-1 can locate mineral deposits and target geologic features with great accuracy and detail. Mounted on a stabilized platform, the PROBE-1 collects GPS data to reference the image data to GPS coordinates. The instrument utilizes four spectrometers and four lineal focal plan arrays to cover the 0.4 to 2.45--nanometer wavelength region. The PROBE-1 can be flown over a range of altitudes to provide pixel sizes ranging from one to 10 meters and swath widths from <1 km to 6 km.

The Company is in the midst of proprietary development for a next generation instrument. The new PROBE III will be smaller, faster and less expensive to operate, and will produce better data in real time.

In late April, Earth Search Sciences, Inc. announced that their subsidiary company, General Synfuels International (GSI) formed Patriot's Oil Shale Technology Fund L.P. This is a $10 million partnership of American capitalists, to complete funding of the Phase 1 construction of a full-scale prototype oil shale plant under construction in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

The goal of this research and development type partnership is to prove the patented  "Omnishale©" technology GSI developed can recover large amounts of oil and gas products from American oil shale and oil sands in an inexpensive, economically viable and environmentally safe manner.

The General Synfuels International, Inc. (GSI) subsidiary focus is to transform fossil fuels development and move the U. S. toward their goal of energy independence. GSI developed and patented in-situ gasification technology "Omnishale©" to recover oil and gas products from oil shale, tar sands and heavy oil.

Earth Search Sciences Inc. (ESSE) closed Wednesday at $0.0510 down 40.00 percent. Volume was 193,566.

Crescent Point Energy Corp. (CPG.TO)

Forbes reported previously on Crescent Point Energy Corp. (CPG.TO), and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Crescent Point Energy Corp. is a conventional oil and gas producer. The Company has assets strategically focused in properties comprised of high quality, long life, operated, light and medium oil and natural gas reserves. The Company has their headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. They trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Crescent Point Energy Corp. came about through the reorganization of junior oil and gas companies, Crescent Point Energy Ltd. (CPE) and Tappit Resources Ltd. This was in September 2003. Crescent Point's operations consist of light and medium oil and natural gas assets strategically focused in core areas in central/southern Alberta and southern Saskatchewan.

Each of the Company's properties is characterized by large oil or gas in place pools. This concentration provides economies of scale. This leads to reduced operating costs, focused and efficient operations, and cost effective capital development programs. More than 80 percent of the Company's production is in southern Saskatchewan, with Crescent Point being the largest oil producer in southeast Saskatchewan.

Crescent Point uses their large, low-risk drilling inventory to maintain production, reserves, and dividends. The Company currently has more than 5,000 locations of low-risk development inventory and more than 340,000 boe/d of potential risked production additions. Their project portfolio has become an industry leader among companies of their size.

The Company continues to pursue aggressively their three-part business strategy of acquiring, exploiting, and developing high quality, large resource in place assets. This is while maintaining a strong balance sheet and balanced three-and-a-half year hedge program.

Crescent Point Energy Corp. grew first quarter 2010 average daily production by eight percent over fourth quarter 2009. This includes more than three percent growth due to drilling activities. The Company produced 56,061 boe/d for the quarter. This is up from 52,044 boe/d in the fourth quarter 2009 and up 41 percent from 39,695 boe/d in the first quarter 2009. Production was weighted 89 percent to light and medium crude oil and liquids.

On May 17, 2010, Crescent Point Energy Corp. confirmed that the cash dividend to be paid on June 15, 2010 in respect of May 2010 production, for shareholders of record on May 31, 2010 will be $0.23 per share. The ex-dividend date is May 27, 2010.

Crescent Point Energy Corp. (CPG.TO) closed Wednesday's trading session at $38.25 up 0.79 percent. Volume was 1,354,258.

ChromaDex Corp. (CDXC)

Recently, Stock Traders Chat reported on ChromaDex Corp. (CDXC), and today we choose to highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

ChromaDex Corp. is a leader in phytochemical reference standards and contract research. The Company established to become the market leader in the creation and supply of botanical reference standards along with related phytochemical products and services. Due to the need for reference standards and other quality assurance methods to identify active substances, drug/compound interactions, and the presence of toxic or adulterating materials, ChromaDex™ provides the tools necessary to help with the quality and control of the market. ChromaDex Corp. trades on the OTCBB, and they have their headquarters in Irvine, California.

The Company's primary focus is to create industry-accepted information, products, and services to every layer of the functional food, pharmaceutical, personal care, and dietary supplement markets. They offer the most extensive phytochemical catalog in the world. ChromaDex provides a broad range of analytical services, contract isolation, microbiological, process development, bioassay services, and consulting. These all center on their expertise in natural products. They provide a wide range of services to food, beverage, cosmetic, dietary supplement and pharmaceutical companies looking for expertise in natural products based services.

Currently, ChromaDex Corp. is focusing on clinical studies and the commercialization of their new product, pTeroPure™ pterostilbene, because of their exclusive worldwide patent rights for pterostilbene. The Company received an exclusive worldwide license to all patent rights of pterostilbene from the University of Mississippi and the Agricultural Research Service. The term of the license is up to and including the expiration of various pterostilbene patents held by the licensors. 

Pterostilbene has a chemical relation to Resveratrol, a compound found in grapes, blueberries, other small fruits, and the bark of some trees. The thinking is that Resveratrol is at least partly responsible for the health benefits attributed to drinking red wine, which include cardiovascular health and cancer prevention.

On May 18, 2010, ChromaDex Corp. announced financial results for the first quarter of 2010. They recorded revenue of $1,937,592, compared to $1,447,127 for the same period in 2009.  This represents a 34 percent year-over-year revenue growth.

On a reported basis, the net income attributable to common stockholders for the thirteen weeks ended April 3, 2010, was $33,742 as compared to a net loss of $323,842 for the same period in 2009.  As of April 3, 2010, cash, cash equivalents, and marketable securities totaled $538,675. The Company announced a net income attributable to common stockholders of less than $0.01 per share for the thirteen-week period ended April 3, 2010.

ChromaDex Corp. (CDXC) closed Wednesday's session at $1.85 up 15.62 percent. Volume was 343,268 shares.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

Micro Identification Technologies Inc. (MMTC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Micro Identification Technologies Inc. (MMTC) Today Micro Identification Technologies Inc. closed trading at $0.06, which was up 33.33 percent from yesterday's close. Their volume today was 3,308,876 shares.

Micro Identification Technologies Inc. (MMTC) announced that they signed an Agreement with OSI Optoelectronics, a subsidiary of OSI Systems to manufacture their microbial rapid identification system, the MIT 1000. Providing complete solutions and services from concept to design to production, OSIO has manufacturing facilities in California, Malaysia and India.

Micro Identification Technologies Inc. (MMTC) is focused on becoming a global leader in developing, supporting and marketing rapid systems and processes that detect and identify microbial organisms. For several years the company has been working on the development of a breakthrough, laser-based microbial identification technology. This technology has been designed to be extremely fast and easy to use while not relying on conventional chemical or biological processing, fluorescent tags, gas chromatography or DNA analysis.

The system works by measuring scattered light intensity as individual microbes pass through a laser beam. The intensity pattern of the scattered light is a direct consequence of the size, shape and external and internal optical characteristics of the microbe. By measuring scattered light at specific angles, MIT’s system detects and differentiates objects the size of bacteria, protozoa, yeasts and molds.

The company’s technology offers significant advantages over today’s methods of microbial detection, including lower cost, rapid results, easier use and the ability to test for multiple bacteria in one process. The system is statistically based and includes a unique MIT Microbe Library of pre-measured light scattering identifiers - or fingerprints - derived from the measurements of tens of thousands of individual microbes for each species and subspecies to be detected.

MIT’s technology has the potential to revolutionize the $5 billion rapid microbial test market by annually saving thousands of lives and tens of millions of dollars. Since 1998, the industry has had an annual expansion of 9.2 percent - with growth projections for 30 percent annually. MIT is well positioned with its cutting-edge microbial technology as demand continues to soar as a result of major health, safety and homeland security issues. Disclaimer

Micro Identification Technologies Inc. Blog

Micro Identification Technologies Inc. News:

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General Environmental Management Inc. (GEVI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight General Environmental Management Inc. (GEVI) Today, General Environmental Management Inc. closed trading at $0.1070, which was up 7.00 percent. Their volume today was 99,716 shares.

General Environmental Management Inc. (GEVI) has shifted its business focus from hazardous waste field services to the fast growing water treatment and waste-to-energy markets. Growing its business organically and developing state-of-the-art systems for operations, sales, compliance, finance, and human resources which can then be deployed at other acquired facilities, the company aims to establish a nationwide network of environmental facilities.

The strategic decision to shift the company’s focus was made after an all inclusive analysis of GEVI's opportunity in the environmental management business. Although the company could have worked through the current economic downturn and built revenue in its field services business, management believed that shareholders would be rewarded by moving the company into the higher margin, faster growing business segments.

Within the U.S. alone, the water industry is a $120 Billion market that is expected to grow at 6-7% over the next year. On a global basis, the industry size exceeds $400 billion annually and increasing with the demands of a growing world population. The global waste-to-energy market, on the other hand, is a $19.9 billion market with expected CAGR of 6.7% over the next five years.

The company’s management team believes that 2010-2011 will be years of enormous growth. GEM’s change of focus is also expected to result in margins up to eight times greater than those of the previous hazardous waste services only model. With a very selective and calculated acquisition strategy in place, GEVI is poised for continued success.


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NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK). Today, NetSol Technologies, Inc. closed trading at $0.74, which was up 0.41 percent. Their volume today was 117,625 shares.

NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK) announced that the Company's three founding officers acquired over 1 million shares of NetSol stock through a private transaction.

NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK) a worldwide provider of global business services and enterprise application solutions, leverages its BestShoring(TM) practices and highly experienced resources to deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions. The ir suite of products and services include credit and finance portfolio management systems, hospital/healthcare information management systems (HIMS), SAP consulting and services, custom development, systems integration, and technical services.

NetSol’s commitment to quality is demonstrated by its achievement of the ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and SEI (Software Engineering Institute) CMMI (Capability Maturity Model) Maturity Level 5 assessments, a distinction shared by less than 100 companies worldwide. These distinctions are a result of adhering to rigorous quality standards, resulting in the delivery of solutions that are secure, reliable, properly planned, and meticulously executed.

Serving the global financial, healthcare, insurance, energy, and technology markets, NetSol has operations, offices, and joint ventures in Adelaide, Bangkok, Beijing, Lahore, London, Riyadh, San Francisco, and San Pedro Sula. NetSol Technologies' clients include Fortune 500 manufacturers, global automakers, financial institutions, utilities, technology providers, and government agencies.

NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK), is well positioned with its core product offerings as it continues to expand into new international market opportunities. Looking forward, the company is very optimistic of its short-term and long-term outlook as it sees strong growth in Asia Pacific as well as the South East Asian markets, while also envisioning unlimited potential for its niche solutions and services in the Americas. Disclaimer

NetSol Technologies, Inc. Blog

NetSol Technologies, Inc. News:

NetSol Founders Acquire Over 1 Million Shares of Stock

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Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. (NPDT)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. (NPDT). Today, Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. closed trading at $0.0075, for no change. Their volume today was 310,000 shares.

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. (NPDT) offers a rich portfolio of competencies in RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), WiMAX, eLearning, LED Signage, and Security & Surveillance. Utilizing its technological expertise and creativity, the company enables its customers to take full advantage of the nearly limitless possibilities offered by increasingly sophisticated applications.

Newport is committed to meeting specific customer requirements by delivering complete solutions for a broad spectrum of applications. The company is building a global distribution, licensing, and sales network of industry-leading partners as well as third-party Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) and component suppliers to ensure its clients world-leading technology with strong local support capabilities.

The company has established a synergistic partnership with Taiwan’s premier technology incubators, the Institute for Information Industry (III) and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), under which the company develops and customizes their advanced technologies to meet the needs of businesses across the globe. Having a pool of more than 7,900 engineers and scientists, these R&D powerhouses have developed cutting edge capabilities in fields such as Information Communications Technology (ICT), electronics, and nanotechnology.

Newport’s management team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience within the technology industry as well as the corporate world. Maintaining a strong track record of delivering results to investors and customers, the team retains over two centuries of combined experience. Leveraging each team member’s area of expertise, Newport has established a solid foundation to penetrate emerging technology markets.Disclaimer

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. Blog

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Newport Digital Technology, Inc. Introduced RFID Products Compliant with Secure RFID Protocol Developed by Hitachi, Ltd.

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. Commences a Co-Marketing Campaign with Ingram Micro for Ruggedized Mobile Computers

NetSol Technologies, Inc.’s (NTWK) Web of Global Alliances and Joint Ventures NetSol Technologies Inc. is a worldwide provider of global IT and enterprise application solutions.

The company serves the global financial, healthcare, insurance, energy and technology markets. One of the key approaches of NetSol has been to develop strategic global alliances with different types of partners. The aim is to establish credibility for the customers, enhance knowledge on different technologies and industries, and penetration into new geographical markets.

Currently, the company is focused on two joint ventures. The first joint venture, called Extended Innovation, was formed in 2005 with Britain’s Innovation Group PLC. This venture has shown tremendous growth since its formation and is centered on the insurance industry. It services leading global insurance companies including Allstate, Hertz, Avis, Aviva and Norwich Union.

In 2009, NetSol formed another joint venture, called Atheeb NetSol, with Atheeb Group of Saudi Arabia – a Saudi conglomerate. Atheeb NetSol is to form a “software engineering center of excellence” in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The joint venture will target the huge potential existing in IT markets in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, particularly in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. The venture’s major focus will be on government projects, defense, finance and telecom sectors in the region.

In addition to these two important joint ventures, NetSol is affiliated with the biggest names in the global IT industry. These affiliations have allowed NetSol to develop its expertise across a wide spectrum which helps in providing a comprehensive, organization-wide IT solution for clients. The following list of companies partnered with NetSol is quite impressive:

• Oracle certified partner – NetSol has won Oracle certification for its products including NFS, HMIS, MTMIS, Legislation system and other products.
• Microsoft gold certified partner – NetSol received competencies (from customer references) in five different areas of the Microsoft gold partnership.
• SAP – NetSol is a SAP services partner, and delivers superior SAP solutions to Fortune 1000 companies across many industries.
• Hewlett Packard-DSPP partner – HP developer and solution provider portal allows NetSol quick and easy web access to HP hardware, support and software.
• IBM-Internet Security Systems – NetSol is a tier 1 partner of IBM-ISS in Pakistan. It is licensed to provide the hardware, software and services to clients in Pakistan.
• Thales Raytheon Systems – Netsol, as a technology partner, represents Raytheon Defense Solutions in Pakistan.
• Kaspersky Lab – NetSol, an enterprise partner of Kaspersky Labs Russia, provides end point security solutions to clients in the telecom, finance, defense, health and public sectors.
• Real Consulting – The companies have a collaboration to introduce NetSol’s IT services and enterprise solutions into Greece and adjacent markets.
• Neptune Software PLC – There is a non-exclusive and non-competitive reseller agreement between the companies for South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and other nations on the African continent.
For more information on NetSol Technologies, please visit www.netsoltech.com.

Micro Identification Technologies, Inc. (MMTC) Selects Manufacture for Revolutionary MIT 1000 Rapid Microbial Identification System

Micro Identification Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has signed an Agreement with OSI Optoelectronics (OSIO), a subsidiary of OSI Systems (NASDAQ: OSIS) to manufacture its microbial rapid identification system, the MIT 1000. Providing complete solutions and services from concept to design to production, OSIO has manufacturing facilities in California, Malaysia and India.

“All of OSIO’s world class facilities are ISO 9001:2000 certified and FDA registered and GMP compliant making them a perfect company to fabricate MIT’s systems for its current food safety applications and its planned pharmaceutical and clinical diagnostic applications,” stated John Ricardi, MIT’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

OSIO currently fabricates the photodiode detectors that are used in the MIT 1000 and has the ability to supply other components. The company’s vast experience in MIT’s targeted markets will also enable them to assist MIT in future product designs to both accelerate and ensure those products meet the stringent requirements of those industries.

“We are pleased to work with MIT as we feel their innovative product will become a valuable tool to help prevent widespread bacterial contamination,” stated Manoocher Mansouri, OSIO’s President.

MIT currently produces the MIT 1000 Rapid Microbial Identification (ID) System. The system has been designed to be extremely fast and easy to use while not relying on conventional chemical or biological processing, fluorescent tags, gas chromatography or DNA analysis. MIT’s technology has the potential to revolutionize the $5 billion rapid microbial test market by annually saving thousands of lives and tens of millions of dollars.

UK Fashion Retail Powerhouse Peacocks Picks Attunity Federate (ATTUF) for IT Infrastructure Overhaul

Attunity Ltd., www.Attunity.com, is a global leader in enterprise software solutions with vast proficiency in real-time data integration, event capture, salient event presence and, in general, a seamless/efficient virtual mastery of a given business’s operational profile such that the business is able to identify actionable data and then service-enable that data for use by a suite of adaptive, rapid-deployment applications.

Today the Company announced that Attunity Federate (its data federation platform) has been selected by Peacocks, the renowned UK fashion giant, and will be employed as the backbone in a strategic data migration initiative, as well as servicing the 500+ store network’s real-time business intelligence needs.

Peacocks has set out to overhaul its IT infrastructure, and has chosen the Attunity Federate platform for its robust ability to replace the core legacy HP OpenVMS system with a Microsoft server technology-based solution which will allow for a streamlined/gradual migration of vital business data which is tied to various applications covering all areas of operation.

Solutions Architect and Project Manager at Peacocks, Mark Webbley, noted the superiority of the Attunity toolkit for migrating the huge amount of RMS-based data to SQL Server, and cited Attunity Federate as a lightweight, fast and intuitive solution that was able to satisfy the complex and challenging demands of migrating without hampering operations by delimiting change requests, BI and report services.
Webbley said the virtual data federation platform provided by Attunity Federate was a great way to implement a data federation strategy and accomplish all of its goals, especially shielding users from the underlying changes being made while reducing migration project support costs and enabling RMS or SQL access with on-the-fly data source configuration.

Webbley was “amazed” at how little time it took and how fast it was able to implement Attunity Federate for seamlessly abstracting the migration to an operable layer, allowing them to move data without affecting the application itself.

Regional Director for ATTUF, Martin Hamilton, was glad the Company could help Peacocks solve its IT challenges once more, suggesting it was a sure sign that Peacocks values the product quality and customer service Attunity provides.

ONE Bio Corp. (ONBI) Names Feng Yu as General Manager, Leveraged by Diverse Experience

ONE Bio Corp. utilizes green process manufacturing to produce raw chemicals and herbal extracts, natural and health supplements and organic products. The company today announced the appointment of Feng Yu, a senior sales executive and expert pharmacist, as general manager for its chemical and herbal extract division.

Yu’s resume includes several senior positions in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical fields including deputy general manager for Guangdong Oriental Son Pharmacy Co. Ltd., where he was responsible for R&D, production management and sales operation for the medicine and health products; CEO for Guangdong Qingyuan Shengzhitang Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine Co. Ltd., where he was in charge of the company’s operation; and project manager and secretary for League Committee in Pharma Innovation Center of Guangdong Qingyuan Medicine Group, where he was responsible for new product development and submissions.

“We are very pleased to have Mr. Yu join us. Mr. Yu’s extensive experience in R&D for health products, quality control processes and marketing will serve us well as we continue to expand our product portfolio. Since his arrival we have already seen great strategies, initiatives and results from his execution and leadership,” Min Zhao, ONE Bio president (China) stated in the press release.

Yu’s sales experience leveraged him to successfully lead his team twice in passing the National GMP Authentication; he also played a role in the development and implementation of several national and provincial science and technology projects in China.

ONE Bio said it expects Yu’s experience and knowledge to contribute to the company’s efforts and growth in Asia.

“Mr. Yu’s addition to our team strengthens our management group in Asia,” stated ONE Bio CEO Marius Silvasan. “Mr. Yu’s strong operational experience combined to his know-how in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical fields are key components towards ensuring that as we continue to experience organic growth adequate controls are implemented and enforced to maintain our operational efficiency,” added Silvasan.

Yu graduated from the Department of Biological Pharmacy of China Pharmaceutical University in 2000 and acquired a Qualification Certificate as a National Licensed Pharmacist in 2002.
For more information, visit www.onehcorp.com


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