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Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. (EVSP)

Today, Penny Stock DD reported on Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. (EVSP), Momentum Traders did earlier, and we highlight the Company as "One to Watch", here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter. 

Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. is an innovator in environmental home inspections. The Company's goal is to become a leader in the Green Economy. This is through acquiring businesses focused on environmental issues and resolving environmentally sensitive problems. The Company offers various inspection services that include energy/efficiency audits addressing mold and moisture intrusion that can have an acute and chronic negative impact on the indoor air quality of commercial and residential buildings. Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. trades on the OTCBB and they have their corporate headquarters in Palm Springs, California. 

The Company, through their wholly owned subsidiaries, has developed a standardized training, certification, inspection, and results reporting analysis program. This forms the foundation for their "suite of services." These services together comprise the Certified Environmental Home Inspector (CEHI) program. This program is available to active duty U.S. military and veterans. It meets all required Veterans Affairs requirements. Their Environmental Safeguard Professionals, Inc. business unit provides the EcoCheck Inspection as part of the comprehensive subscription-based annual maintenance process called the Healthy Living Maintenance Program™ (HLMP).  

The HLMP is an all-inclusive, multi-disciplined inspection process focused on adding value to a property. This is through reducing liabilities and mitigating risks for the insurance, mortgage banking, building, real estate, and property management industries. The inspection process works to reduce claims, instill confidence in property safety and efficiency while promoting a positive green image to residential and commercial clients. 

Environmental Service Professionals, Inc.'s Porter Valley Software, Inc. subsidiary is an inspection software company acquired in June 2008.  They acquired this company to provide software support across their various business units. In addition, their National Professional Services, Inc., subsidiary is a conglomerate of seven individual associations and maintains annual paying members. The focus of this subsidiary is to establish cross training on CEHI Programs and to provide information concerning residential environmental issues, as well as establish training for underwriters, loan officers, and appraisers. The purpose is to educate these groups about CEHI inspection protocols. 

Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. announced recently their acquisition of United Capitals, Inc., dba Leverage Alternative Solutions. This company is a California-based provider of environmental consulting services and job training centers. Leverage Alternative Solutions' core initiatives are to promote economic development through green industries and serve as advocates for energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. The Company will work with Environmental Service Professionals to provide training for local green workforces, develop the Green Professional Association, and direct economic development plans combining public and private initiatives. 

On December 21, 2009, Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. and the Merrell Institute signed a Cooperation of Services Agreement to collaborate and jointly promote positive environmental and energy solutions for homeowners and industry stakeholders nationwide. The accomplishment of this will be by providing education and training to Certified Environmental Home Inspectors (CEHI™) enabling them to deliver the EcoCheck Inspection™ and Healthy Living Maintenance Program™ (HLMP). 

Yesterday, Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. released a Letter from the Company's Chairman and CEO, Edward L. Torres. This letter is to all employees and shareholders, discussing the Company's achievements during 2009 and outlining their plans for 2010. Of note is that the Company is working closely with Federal Agencies and Private Industry Stakeholders on their core programs. These are Healthy Homes America, Healthy Home Mortgage, and Healthy Green Living Certification (Annual Inspection -- through the Healthy Home Mortgage) ensuring 10 years of employment for each inspector.

We have Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. (EVSP) on our radar screens as "One to Watch", here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter. 

Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. (EVSP) closed Wednesday's session at $0.13 down 3.70 percent. Volume was 100,990.

WellTek Incorporated (WTKN)

Yesterday, Bloomfield Investment Club reported on WellTek Incorporated (WTKN), and we highlight the Company as "One to Watch", here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter. 

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, WellTek Incorporated is a global health, fitness, and wellness company. The Company provides lasting solutions for chronic neck and back pain, for combating obesity, and for empowering people to take control of their health and wellness. WellTek is doing this while building a presence across all growth segments of the health and fitness industry. WellTek Incorporated trades on NASDAQ's OTCBB. 

The Company combines a mind/body wellness approach with proven Exercise Science-based principles and innovative technology. To accomplish their corporate mission, they formed three distinct business units. These three units provide for the integration of the MedX−branded equipment, scientifically proven Exercise Science-based principles, and their unique mind/body wellness approach. 

One business unit is MedX Limited. They are the manufacturer and global distributor of MedX's line of exercise and medical rehabilitation equipment. MedX garnered credit for pioneering an entirely new category in the medical rehabilitation and fitness equipment sector. This is Medical Exercise Technology, which combines functional testing and resistance exercise. MedX holds more than 30 patents on their products. 

WellTek also has their lime Fitness business unit. Their lime Fitness is a distinct network of studios dedicated to life, image, and mind enrichment. They utilize an innovative combination of lifestyle fitness coaching, science-based exercise, advanced training programs, and nutritional counseling. 

Another business unit of WellTek Incorporated is Pure HealthyBack, Inc. This company is building a national network of patient-centric medical rehabilitation centers for health plans, large self-insured employer groups, federal government agencies, and consumers. They are doing this using their proprietary medical exercise technology and scientifically proven clinical protocols to provide a viable and lasting solution to chronic neck and back pain without surgery. 

Yesterday, WellTek's subsidiary lime Fitness, Inc. announced that the Company would host an Open House every Friday and Saturday through the end of January. They welcome the public and media to tour their facility, meet their team of Wellness Coaches, and learn more about the studio's special introductory pricing packages.  

We have WellTek Incorporated (WTKN) locked on our radar screen as "One to Watch", here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter. 

WellTek Incorporated (WTKN) closed Wednesday's session at $0.1350 down 15.62 percent. Volume was 251,243. 

Quadra Projects Inc. (QPRJ.OB)

Today OTCReporter.com reported on Quadra Projects Inc. (QPRJ), OTC Advisors did last week. Earlier, SmallCap Voice, StockEgg.com, HotOTC.com, Cool Penny Stocks, Stock Rich, Penny Invest, and Stock Marketing Inc. reported on the Company, and we do as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter. 

Quadra Projects Inc. intends on becoming a leading green energy company. They are targeting environmentally friendly opportunities focusing on their leading waste to energy technology and other green industry opportunities existing worldwide. Quadra Projects Inc. trades on the OTCBB. They have their corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The Company has their QES gasification technology. Through their wholly owned subsidiary, Quadra Energy Systems, Inc., the Company announced the commercialization of their pyrolysis technology utilizing the QES2000 System. The QES gasification technology is a proprietary system, which combines the Steam Direct-Heat Pyrolysis and Indirect-Heat Pyrolysis technologies into one system. 

It further incorporates a unique two-stage pyrolysis and gasification process into the system. The benefits of the QES Gasification System are a higher conversion rate than an indirect-heat gasification system achieving a converting rate of almost 50 to 70 percent. Benefits also include lower cost than other gasification systems, easier installation, lower maintenance costs, and a higher heat value of fuel gas. 

Last week, Quadra received an update from their Indian distributor, Geetas Infra, a wholly owned subsidiary of CMR Power Projects Pvt. Ltd. setting forth the opportunities that exist for Quadra's gasification technology in India. The Managing Director, C Srirama Raju, advised that negotiations are underway with several bio-mass power producers to substitute their current bio mass incineration systems with the less costly and more efficient QES Gasification System. 

Yesterday, Quadra Projects Inc. announced that the QES2000 Utility Unit is complete and that in house testing is currently underway. Independent engineering testing will be after completion of the in house testing. Immediately after certification of the QES Conversion Unit, it will be available for demonstration for the Company's prospective buyers and Government Authorities in the City of Guangzhou, located in Guangdong Province in the Peoples Republic of China. 

Quadra Projects Inc. (QPRJ) closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.10 up 78.57 percent. Volume was 659,929. 

USA Video Interactive Corporation (USVO)

Today we choose to highlight USA Video Interactive Corporation (USVO), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter. 

USA Video Interactive Corporation headquartered in Niantic, Connecticut, designs and markets technology for the delivery of digital media. The Company developed their MediaEscort™, MediaSentinel™ and SmartMarks™ digital watermarking products and technologies to provide a robust means for producers and distributors to protect their content invisibly. USA Video Interactive Corporation trades on the OTC Bulletin Board. 

USA Video Technology Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, holds the pioneering patent for store-and-forward video, filed in 1990 and issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on July 14, 1992; it has received citation by at least 165 other patents. The Company holds similar patents in Germany, Canada, England, France, Spain, Italy, and Japan. 

USA Video Interactive Corporation's MediaEscort™ is an industry first, IP-centric, real-time online watermarking product. It has its own administrative infrastructure fully integrated into a customer's video servers. It will embed, automatically and seamlessly, SmartMarks-imperceptible forensic information in every frame of video content-during Internet delivery.  

The Company's MediaSentinel™ is an anti-piracy device that embeds SmartMarks™ into video content. SmartMarks™ are invisible, unremovable, forensic "digital watermarks" embedded in every video frame to protect digital video from piracy. SmartMarks™ work with existing production and distribution technology to protect copyrighted material without requiring new equipment in the distribution or playback environment. They provide the proof courts need to protect intellectual property rights and ultimately indict and convict the individuals who steal copyright material. 

USA Video Interactive Corporation announced this past November that based on the success of the customized deployment of their proprietary watermarking technology to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment LLC (FOX) over the past year, the Company has finalized negotiations to renew and expand the original contract between the two companies. FOX acknowledged USA Video's watermarking technology to be a key component in identification and enforcement of video content. FOX plans to continue to use and expand the deployment of USA Video's MediaEscort™ and SmartMarks™ products within a number of FOX divisions, including FOX's international division. 

USA Video Interactive Corporation (USVO) closed today's session at $0.0370 for no change. Volume was 67,500. 

Yayi International Inc. (YYIN)

We are highlighting Yayi International Inc. (YYIN), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter. 

Trading on the OTCBB, Yayi International Inc. is the first mover and the leading producer and distributor of premium goat-milk formula products. These are for infants, toddlers and adults, goat milk tablets, and goat milk drinks throughout the People's Republic of China. The Company operates through their subsidiaries. These are Tianjin Yayi Industrial Co., Limited, Weinan Milkgoat Production Co., Ltd. and Fuping Milkgoat Dairy Co., Ltd. Yayi International has their headquarters in Tianjin, China. 

Yayi targets their current formula product lines at the premium market segment and health-conscious consumers. Their distribution network consists of approximately 3,600 retail locations. These include infant-maternity store chains, supermarkets, and drug stores. They also include catalogue sales across the People's Republic of China. 

This past November, Yayi announced that they began work on a new deep-processing facility in Shaanxi Province. The new facility is to become the largest goat milk production-base in China. Once in production at the end of 2010, the new facility will increase the Company's existing production capacity in Shaanxi Province by 400 percent. The new plant is in Weinan, Shaanxi Province in northwestern China. This region is where dairy goats are abundant and of optimal breed for milk production. 

Yesterday, the Company announced the premiere of a new television advertising campaign that continues to build their brand for their goat milk products nationwide. The 15-second commercial started airing January 1, 2010 on the China Central Television Channel 1 (CCTV-1) at the beginning of the channel's flagship national news program (XinWenLianBo) at 7 p.m. The Company's commercial is also airing during two afternoon programs on CCTV-1. 

"Although it has only been 11 days since the commercials first aired, we have created quite a stir within the dairy industry in China. The reaction particularly from cow milk powder distributors has been intense, as we believe we have paved way for a new and exciting market segment," said Ms. Li Liu, Chief Executive Officer of Yayi International.

Yayi International Inc. (YYIN) closed Wednesday's trading at $3.10 down 2.21 percent. Volume was 123,303. 

NewCardio, Inc. (NWCI)

Ceocast News reported this week on NewCardio, Inc. (NWCI), and we choose to highlight the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter. 

NewCardio, Inc. is a cardiac diagnostic and services company that trades on the OTC Bulletin Board. The Company is developing and marketing proprietary software platform technologies to provide higher accuracy to, and increase the value of, the standard 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG). NewCardio platform technology relies on the standard 12-lead ECG signal as the input, and therefore it requires no change in how the 12-lead ECG is obtained. NewCardio, Inc. has their headquarters in Santa Clara, California. 

NewCardio's three-dimensional ECG software platform reduces the time and expense involved in assessing cardiac status. It does this while increasing the ability to diagnose clinically significant conditions, which were previously difficult to detect.  The Company's software products and services improve the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiovascular disease, and cardiac safety assessment of drugs under development. 

NewCardio, Inc. is developing three products. These are QTinno™, Visual3Dx™, and CardioBip™. QTinno™ is a software suite that provides automated, comprehensive analysis of QT intervals and other ECG-based cardiac safety for the pharmaceutical industry and drug regulators. The Visual3Dx™ is a clinical diagnostic tool providing a comprehensive method to describe cardiac electrical activity in time and 3D space. The CardioBip™ system is a unique solution to the problem of urgent ECG telemonitoring. It is capable of providing more comprehensive and accurate transtelephonic ECG data.  

NewCardio's services for clinical drug trials will help ECG core labs and pharmaceutical and biotech companies to rapidly detect cardiac toxicity, when present, for drugs involved in clinical development. In healthcare, their diagnostic tools will substantially improve the accuracy and timeliness of the diagnosis and response to patients arriving at the emergency department with suspected myocardial infarction (MI). The Company's hand-held products could change the way patients with chronic heart conditions will monitor their disease outside the clinical setting. 

Last week, NewCardio, Inc. announced two encouraging validation studies related to CardioBip™. This is their hand-held patient-activated device for recording and wireless transmission of reconstructed 12-lead ECGs. The studies confirmed the product's ability to provide accurately, wireless remote patient monitoring. 

Today, NewCardio, Inc. (NWCI) closed at $1.10 up 10.00 percent. Volume was 425,980. 

Cover-All Technologies Inc. (COVR)

We are highlighting Cover-All Technologies Inc. (COVR), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter. 

Cover-All Technologies Inc. provides insurance professionals with dynamic web-based platforms for managing business. The Company designed their solutions to help property and casualty insurance professionals deliver products to market faster, enhance quality, increase productivity, and reduce costs. They offer their clients custom solutions, or ones that work off-the-shelf. They also offer their technical and insurance expertise. Cover-All Technologies Inc. trades on the OTCBB and they have their headquarters in Fairfield, New Jersey.  

The Company's Platform is My Insurance Center™ (MIC). This is a web-based solution that provides real-time management and support for both carriers and agencies. This is through a "horizontally" scalable platform that allows a user to add or remove capabilities as conditions warrant. MIC, 100 percent web-based, allows a user to enable or disable business capabilities for their MGAs, Program Administrators, Independent Agents, Reinsurers, TPAs, and other affiliates. 

MIC supports the entire policy life cycle, from customer to reinsurance. It has capabilities in the areas of policy administration, business analytics, rating and issuance, automated workflow, underwriting, document generation, billing, business and statutory reporting, and regulatory compliance.  

For Support Services, Cover-All Technologies Inc. provides Bureau Update Services. The Company provides full support for all NCCI and ISO updates as they take place. They work to accommodate each customer's timing of acceptance or rejection of changes in filings. Their MIC supports the individually filed rates; loss cost modifiers, and company deviations critical to each of their customers' unique competitive advantage. 

For Technical Support Cover-All designed their Service Support Center (SSC) to meet the specific needs of their customers. The staffing of the SSC is by knowledgeable analysts with extensive industry experience. This is to provide prompt and effective solutions through phone consultation as well as remote diagnostics. Experienced project managers and systems engineers back SSC personnel. The Company delivers general maintenance releases. In addition, they release on a regular basis software updates that deliver additional or improved functionality. 

Cover-All Technologies Inc. (COVR) closed Wednesday's trading session at $1.44 up 30.91 percent. Volume was 134,146.

Phoenix Energy Resource Corporation (PNXE)

Today we are highlighting Phoenix Energy Resource Corporation (PNXE), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter. 

Founded in 2005, Phoenix Energy Resource Corporation engages in the acquisition, exploration, development, production, and sale of oil and natural gas. The Company does this primarily in Southern Kentucky. Formerly known as Exotacar, Inc. they changed their name to Phoenix Energy Resource Corporation in February 2008. The Company trades on the OTC Bulletin Board and they have their headquarters in San Bruno, California. 

Phoenix Energy Resource's principal strategy is to focus on the acquisition of oil and natural gas mineral leases that ideally have existing production and cash flow. Once acquired, the Company intends to implement an accelerated development program utilizing capital resources and a regional operating focus. They intend to recruit an experienced management and technical team. Their goal is to deploy enhanced recovery technologies to attempt to increase production and increase returns for their stockholders.  

The principal elements of the Company's business strategy include sourcing and developing new properties. They intend to identify drilling locations on future properties by utilizing digital spectral satellite maps and other accepted technologies. They have located a company in West Virginia providing these services. They also look to maximize operational control. The Company seeks to operate properties and maintain a substantial working interest. 

In addition, Phoenix Energy Resource Corporation looks to pursue selective acquisitions and Joint Ventures.  They also look to reduce unit costs via economies of scale and efficient operations. They expect that, as they increase oil production and develop future properties, their unit cost structure will benefit from economies of scale. In particular, the Company anticipates reducing unit costs through greater use of their existing infrastructure over a larger number of wells. 

In September of 2008, the Company acquired mineral leases representing 434 net acres located in Allen County Kentucky. In September of 2008, they entered into an Operating Agreement with JMACK Energy, LLC (JMACK). They granted to JMACK a five percent overriding royalty interest of all oil and/or gas produced from all mineral leases currently held by Phoenix Energy.  

In June of 2009, leases representing 365 net acres purchased as part of the Allen County Kentucky acquisition expired. In September of 2009, leases representing 69 net acres purchased as part of the Allen County Kentucky acquisition expired. Phoenix has just begun their oil and gas exploration activities in Allen County, Kentucky and therefore has not generated any revenues to date. 

Phoenix Energy Resource Corporation (PNXE) closed Wednesday's trading at $0.0150 up 51.52 percent. Volume was 8,684,122. 

The QualityStocks Company Corner

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH) Today, Consorteum Holdings, Inc. closed trading at $0.03, which was up 87.50 percent. Their volume today was 2,109,730 shares, which is significantly higher than the average daily volume. 

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. announced that they reached an agreement with a private investor to settle an outstanding investment loan. The investor agreed to accept 1,500,000 shares at a price of 0.20 per share as settlement for their $300,000 investment loan. 

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH) is focused on providing financial services, electronic transaction processing and management services to financial institutions, healthcare, government, public and private sector companies. The company's services provide customized, innovative technology solutions that create, augment and enhance their clients' existing financial, payment and transactional processing systems.

The company offers clients a long-term strategic plan utilizing the most technically advanced global solutions available today. By working with a multitude of global technologies, Consorteum is able to create exceptionally customized programs. This approach enables unparalleled flexibility when sourcing solutions, resulting in smarter, faster deployment of technologies, competitive pricing, and potential for new revenues.

Consorteum's strategy is to capitalize on the global opportunities within the growing financial services, payment and transaction processing marketplace. The utilized business model generates revenues on every transaction touched, thus providing long-term, sustainable income. The company has strategically designed its business initiatives to create significant repetitive transactions on an ongoing basis. Additional company revenues are generated from consulting services, project minimums and management fees.

The company is jointly led by CEO Craig Fielding and President & COO Quent Rickerby. Mr. Fielding brings a wealth of expertise in the payments industry, in both local and international payment processing, along with HR-specific business management expertise, leadership, customer development and acquisition skills. Mr. Rickerby brings over two decades of business management, international and domestic sales experience, new company start-up, payment processing, project management, business development, negotiations, relationship management and strategic company direction.Disclaimer

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. Blog

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. News:

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General Environmental Management Inc. (GEVI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight General Environmental Management Inc. (GEVI) Today, General Environmental Management Inc. closed trading at $0.26, which was up 8.33 percent. Their volume today was 6,050 shares.  

General Environmental Management Inc. (GEVI) is in the process of shifting its business focus from hazardous waste field services to the fast growing water treatment and waste-to-energy markets. Since its inception in 2002, the Company has grown at a compounded annual rate of 48% to generate annual revenues of $37M from only $2.3M.

This strategic decision was made after an all inclusive analysis of GEVI's opportunity in the environmental management business. Although the company could work through the current economic downturn and build revenue in its field services business, they believe that shareholders will be rewarded by moving the company into the higher margin, faster growing business segments.

Within the U.S. alone, the water industry is a $120 Billion market that is expected to grow at 6-7% over the next year. On a global basis, the industry size exceeds $400 billion annually and increasing with the demands of a growing world population. The global waste-to-energy market, on the other hand, is a $19.9 billion market with expected CAGR of 6.7% over the next five years.

In order to ensure every advantageous acquisition opportunity is properly evaluated, GEVI has retained the services of General Pacific Partners (GPP). With a very selective and calculated acquisition strategy in place, GEVI is poised for continued success. Disclaimer

General Environmental Management Inc. Blog

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FormCap Corp. (FRMC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight FormCap Corp. (FRMC) Today, FormCap Corp. closed trading at $0.43, for no change. Their volume today was 8,498 shares.

FormCap Corp. (FRMC) is an emerging oil & gas exploration and development company. With a primary focus on the discovery and development of oil in the Continental United States, the company has assembled 4,800 acres of oil and gas mineral leases, together called the Weber City Prospect, located in Curry County, New Mexico.

The Weber City Prospect has been defined by detailed geological information including well log data, seismic, Landsat and independent third party geological interpretation. After thorough review of the collected data, FormCap believes there is potential to drill up to 100 wells that could produce over 300 million barrels of oil.

The initial well will be drilled to a total depth of 6,500' to test four potential productive hydrocarbon zones; the San Andres, Clearfork, Wolfcamp and, the primary objective, the Cisco Formation. The company has also outlined multiple secondary objectives in the primary producing zones of the Permain Basin of New Mexico and Texas.

The Permian Basin is very prolific and well known for its oil production. Owning their leases 100%, FormCap is fully in charge of its exploration and drill plan. The four well established formations should provide FormCap with a relatively low risk opportunity as the company’s experienced management team dedicates all efforts towards profitability. Disclaimer

FormCap Corp. Blog

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NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK)


The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK). Today, NetSol Technologies, Inc. closed trading at $1.03, which was up 1.98 percent. Their volume today was 171,638 shares. 

NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK), a worldwide provider of global business services and enterprise application solutions, leverages its BestShoring(TM) practices and highly experienced resources to deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions. The

ir suite of products and services include credit and finance portfolio management systems, hospital/healthcare information management systems (HIMS), SAP consulting and services, custom development, systems integration, and technical services.

NetSol’s commitment to quality is demonstrated by its achievement of the ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and SEI (Software Engineering Institute) CMMI (Capability Maturity Model) Maturity Level 5 assessments, a distinction shared by less than 100 companies worldwide. These distinctions are a result of adhering to rigorous quality standards, resulting in the delivery of solutions that are secure, reliable, properly planned, and meticulously executed.

Serving the global financial, healthcare, insurance, energy, and technology markets, NetSol has operations, offices, and joint ventures in Adelaide, Bangkok, Beijing, Lahore, London, Riyadh, San Francisco, and San Pedro Sula. NetSol Technologies' clients include Fortune 500 manufacturers, global automakers, financial institutions, utilities, technology providers, and government agencies.

NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK), is well positioned with its core product offerings as it continues to expand into new international market opportunities. Looking forward, the company is very optimistic of its short-term and long-term outlook as it sees strong growth in Asia Pacific as well as the South East Asian markets, while also envisioning unlimited potential for its niche solutions and services in the Americas. Disclaimer

NetSol Technologies, Inc. Blog

NetSol Technologies, Inc. News:

NetSol Technologies Wins a Major Information Security Contract in the Mobile Telecommunications Sector

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NetSol Technologies to Present at Equities Winter Discovery Day Conference in New York on December 11, 2009

FormCap Corp. (FRMC.PK) Poised to Capture Permian Basin Oil Revenue 

FormCap Corp., a budding developer of oil and gas properties within the Continental United States – with a complement of some of the finest exploration people in the business today – is poised to make big returns via its foothold in the Permian Basin.

In possession of some 4,900 acres of oil and gas leases on prime property in the Permian Basin region, collectively known as the Weber City Prospect, FRMC is ideally situated to exploit the abundant reserves for which the region is known.

The Prospect, located in Curry County, New Mexico, is well defined thanks to well log, seismic, Landsat and geological data generated by FRMC’s experienced exploration team, led by Chief Geologist, Thomas Markham.

With excellent access to all four of the main hydrocarbon formations in the Permian Basin, an area abundant in oil shows and characterized by stable, shallow decline reserves with markedly long life spans, FRMC is able to harvest the vast resources of the Cisco, Clearfork, Wolfcamp, and San Andres formations.

Accounting for 20% of all domestic U.S. oil and gas extraction, the Permian Basin has produced in excess of 35 Bbbl (billion barrels of oil) and 100 trillion cubic feet of gas.

The region is so rich, in fact, that some 1,300 reservoirs (1k in Texas and 300 in New Mexico) were identified as having production ceilings of 1 million barrels of oil each through 2000, in a joint 2003 report conducted by the Bureau of Economic Geology and the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources.

A closer look at the Permian Basin reveals even more tantalizing details: the reservoirs in the Permian Basin all come from organic material deposited during the majority of the Paleozoic era, which generated incredible amounts of plant and animal life, ending with the largest mass extinction event in the history of the planet.

This sequence of events led to the development of a multitude of highly porous pockets in the Permian and Pennsylvanian limestone sedimentary layers, the remnants of ancient, warm and shallow seas teeming with marine organisms.

The Cisco formation, the main focus of the Prospect, is a perfect example of such a marine formation, which created a natural reservoir and was then capped off by thick Ochoan (a stage in the Permian layer) evaporate sections. In fact, the Cisco formation is an ideal example of source, reservoir and trap distribution.

Only 28% of the potential reserves have been developed to date (30 Bbbl) in the Texas portion of the Permian Basin, a small fraction of the roughly 106 Bbbl of original oil in place (OOIP).

eDoorways Corp. (EDWY.PK) Highlights Upcoming Releases

When eDoorways Corporation recently launched the Beta v1.0 version of their SOLVE doorway, proving that the company is intent on following through with their promises, they were also quick to point out that it was just the first of many releases designed to make the product the best of its kind on the market. SOLVE is designed to provide a unique and flexible link between Internet savvy users and small business, allowing people to better solve problems while providing vendors with highly targeted prospects.

It’s a great idea, but nobody is kidding themselves that it will be a quick or easy process to develop SOLVE to its ultimate potential. The first release only hints at the possibilities, showing for example how the SOLVE dashboard is configured with HVGA elements, making it easy to navigate on a mobile device. The next release, scheduled roughly for late February, will come with increased functionality and enhanced features. Upcoming enhancements for future versions are listed below:

• In the first release version of SOLVE, users need to be online for someone to be able to find them in their search results. In the next version, Solution Providers can be offline, and will be pinged via email or text when someone has asked a question related to their PowerKeys (an eDoorways version of search keywords). The Solution Provider can then log in to eDoorways and join the conversation.

• The new release will have an improved SOLVE dashboard, moving away from the grid-like search results screen to what is called a Search Spiral. This will allow users to swipe through the search results cover-flow style, and retrieve relevant web results, documents, and person-to-person connectivity.

• The Search Spiral also has a Document Tray, into which users can drag and drop articles and documents for later review.

• The new dashboard will have a Media Exchange screen, allowing users to view media, including images, video, documents, and websites, all within special mini-browsers located inside the SOLVE platform. Users will be able to upload and share content by sending it directly to any of their contacts, or by publishing it on one of their favorite social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

• The top menu bar will be improved. Users will be able to easily add and maintain contacts, in addition to recording preferences such as alerts, search radius, privacy, and visibility settings. Users will also be able to contact users who are not online using the new Conversations feature. They can record any messages and chat activity, keeping track of all questions and answers.

• The Join screen will display a live stream of recently asked questions related to chosen PowerKeys. And a Chat screen will handle all multi-user chats, plus allowing document references from the Media Exchange. 

Consorteum Holdings Inc. (CSRH.OB) Settles an Outstanding Investment Loan

Yesterday after the closing bell, Consorteum Holdings, Inc. was pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with a private investor to settle an outstanding investment loan. The investor has agreed to accept 1,500,000 shares at a price of 0.20 per share as settlement for their $300,000 investment loan.

Craig Fielding, CEO of Consorteum Holdings Inc., stated, “It is important that in addition to growing revenues, we are also making efforts to enhance our balance sheet. We believe this settlement presents excellent value for our shareholders as we reposition for 2010.”

Skinvisible, Inc. (SKVI.OB) Licensee Reaches Distribution Agreement with Walgreens

Skinvisible, Inc.’s licensee JD Nelson and Associates LLC. announced this morning that they have entered into a distribution agreement with Walgreens Company (NYSE:WAG), the nation’s largest retail drug store chain, for their new product, Safe4Hours(R) First Aid Antiseptic Skin Protectant. Currently being licensed by JD Nelson, this new product, which represents the first of JD Nelson’s product line extensions, was developed by Skinvisible using its patented Invisicare(R) technology which binds products to the skin, resisting both wash off and perspiration and providing a controlled release of the active ingredient.

Walgreens, with over 7,000 retail drugstore locations in the United States, will launch the product later this week. Available in both a one and two ounce size, the skin protectant promotes healing of minor cuts, scrapes and burns as well as prevents the spread of bacteria, including the super bug MRSA, a real health issue in hospitals and schools. It also protects and helps relieve chafed, chapped or cracked skin (dermatitis) as well as prevents and protects from the drying effects of wind and cold weather.

“We are excited to have Walgreens exclusively launch our new first aid antiseptic product. Having an agreement with the largest drug store chain in the United States allows our product to be immediately available to consumers nationwide. This will be important as we launch our $1 million advertising campaign to create awareness of the advantages of our product,” commented Mr. Doug Nelson, President and CEO of JD Nelson.

“The Safe4Hours First Aid Antiseptic Skin Protectant is a new product developed by Skinvisible and licensed to JD Nelson for North America. The first aid market is estimated to be over $500 million in annual retail sales in the United States,” stated Terry Howlett, President and CEO of Skinvisible. “We are confident that the plans they are implementing for advertising and promotion will produce immediate results for both JD Nelson and Skinvisible.”


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