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Hi Score Corporation (HSCO)

Today, Penny Stock Chaser reported on Hi Score Corporation (HSCO), Investinginstockmarket.net, Standout Stocks did last week, PennyOmega.com, DrStockPick.com did earlier, and we highlight the Company as "One to Watch" this week, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Hi Score Corporation is a leading supplier of eco-friendly lighting products in the Western Hemisphere. The Company offers their customers safe, efficient, solid-state “green” lighting as an alternative to conventional fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. Hi Score Corporation sells their products directly to consumers and businesses as well as to municipalities.

Hi Score Corporation offers a broad selection of high quality, long lasting LED lighting products. These can replace existing incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen bulbs as well as compact fluorescent lights.

On January 4, 2010, Hi Score Corporation and their wholly owned subsidiary Green LED Technology Inc. announced that they retained the services of Grant Enterprises of America. They are a consulting firm specializing in government contract applications. Grant Enterprises will be supervising the final phase of the Company’s efforts to become a Government Service Administration Vendor. The Company began the process of gaining approval as a GSA Schedule Holder in June of 2009.

Recently, the Company’s Green LED Technology Inc. announced that they received an invitation by the City of Coral Springs, Florida to bid on the supply and application of LED Street Lights. The goal of the project is to replace conventional 250-watt streetlights with Green LED Technology’s energy saving LED street lights, which only use 112 watts. This project is part of the Company’s objective of converting 100,000 streetlights within the next 24 months in Southern and Central Florida.

In addition, Hi Score Corporation recently announced that they achieved a new milestone by extending their distribution agreement with Consolidated Electrical Distributors. The distribution started in early 2009, providing Consolidated Electrical with the exclusive right to distribute the American Made Energy Saving Street Lights. The plan calls for Consolidated Electrical Distributors Miami to distribute the line through all 660 of their sister locations throughout the continental United States.

Last Thursday, Hi Score Corporation announced that Euro Motorsports of Fort Lauderdale is now saving 60 percent off their lighting bill because of the Green LED Lights installed by Green LED Technology Inc., the wholly owned subsidiary of High Score Corporation. Euro Motorsports is a luxury and exotic car dealership that specializes in Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce vehicles.

We're keeping an eye on Hi Score Corporation (HSCO), and tracking them as "One to Watch" this week, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Hi Score Corporation (HSCO) closed today's session at $1.36 up 1.49 percent. Volume was 85,737.

Andes Gold Corporation (AGCZ)

Today, Bull Warrior Stocks, Lebed.biz, Wall Street Grand, Hyper Growth Stock, Penny Stock Chaser, Topgun stockpicks, Bloomfield Investment Club, and The Stock Psycho reported on Andes Gold Corporation (AGCZ), and we highlight the Company as "One to Watch" this week, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Andes Gold Corporation is a gold producing and exploration company. Trading on the Pink Sheets, they have their operations in Ecuador, South America. The Company is currently operating a gold mining and exploration corporation through their wholly owned subsidiary Compania Minera PLS.A. in Ecuador. This subsidiary controls a gold mining and exploration concession called the Miranda Alto. Andes Gold Corporation has their corporate headquarters in New York City, New York.

The Miranda Alto mine is active and processing 50 tonnes per day of ore, producing 8g per tones of Gold and 15g per tones of Silver on average from shafts within the Miranda property. The Company plans to increase production from the mine up to 100 tonnes per day. On the Miranda vein, Andes Gold Corporation has 20,000 oz. of proven reserves and 50,000 oz. of probable reserves. Inferred resources from the 700 level on Miranda, Azul, Estrella, Sul, and Viscaya veins are 500,000 oz.

On January 7, 2010, Andes Gold Corporation reported that they would begin Phase I preliminary assessment of their tailing operations. The Company is going ahead with their Phase I preliminary assessment of their tailing operations after accumulating 5,000 tonnes of tailings from several months production on their own properties as well as several neighboring operations. They anticipate that there will be an approximate return of 3.5 grams of Gold per tonne of tailings. This is with an approximate gross value of $700,000 at current bullion prices. This is in addition to their regular production.

Last Friday, Andes Gold Corporation announced that they have opened final discussions to acquire the “Roman Mine,” a neighboring property. Discussions started in July of 2009. The Company expects to conclude this acquisition on or before February. However, several milestones, including a feasibility study and long-range production goals, must undergo completion as part of the due diligence process.

“The acquisition of the Roman Mine will add two new virgin gold veins of ore production,” stated Alex Diaz, President of Andes Gold.

We're tracking Andes Gold Corporation (AGCZ) on our radar screens as "One to Watch" this week, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Andes Gold Corporation (AGCZ) closed Monday's session at $0.40 up 40.35 percent. Volume was 2,402,881.

Comtex News Network Inc. (CMTX)

We are highlighting Comtex News Network Inc. (CMTX), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTCBB, Comtex News Network Inc. is a leading provider of economically useful electronic real-time news, content, and proprietary SmarTrend® market products. Their customers receive select content from key sources. The Company further enhances this content with stock tickers and an extended lexicon of relevant terms. The Company's state-of-the-art technology delivers this relevant content and reliable service in real-time. Comtex News Network Inc. has offices in New York City; Boston, Massachusetts; and Alexandria, Virginia.

Specializing in the financial news and content marketplace, Comtex receives, enhances, combines and filters news and content received from national and international news bureaus, agencies, and publications, and distributes more than one million total stories per day. Their Comtex SmarTrend system combines timely, accurate collection of data with the development and implementation of successful stock selection models and decision-making tools. Relevant news delivers with the exclusive alerts to give a comprehensive understanding of the factors driving equity performance.

The Company launched their flagship product, SmarTrend Alerts, in 2006. In addition to SmarTrend Morning Call, the SmarTrend suite of products now includes unique, premium newsfeeds generated by the SmarTrend Market Analytics Group.  SmarTrend Market Commentary is three daily market commentaries. They report the latest happenings throughout the trading day, including Opening Bell Comments, MidDay Market Recap, and Market Wrap-Up commentary.

SmarTrend Weekly Wrap-Up is every Friday following market close. The SmarTrend Market Analytics Group reports on the week's market moving events and projected major events for the week ahead. SmarTrend NewsWatch articles highlight major business and economic news throughout the day. SmarTrend Spotlights articles highlight trading alerts generated by the SmarTrend system.

On January 5, 2010, Comtex News Network, Inc. announced that investors now can obtain a free SmarTrend Stock Research Report on any stock analyzed by the SmarTrend system. The SmarTrend Stock Research Reports are based on proprietary automated time-price series pattern recognition technology. SmarTrend analyzes up to three years of historical stock price data coupled with real-time current-day trading information. It sends resulting alerts indicating that a price trend change has been identified.

Today, Comtex News Network Inc. (CMTX) closed at $0.2260 down 9.60 percent. Volume was 2,000.

APC Group, Inc. (APCU)

Today we highlight APC Group, Inc. (APCU), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in Fairbanks, Alaska, APC Group, Inc. manufactures and distributes the Arctic Leash™ watertight retractable extension cord reel, the MedReel® and a proprietary line of all weather, indoor/outdoor extension cords under the brand name Arctic Leash™. Trading on the OTCBB, the Company manufactures and distributes these for home and industrial use. APC Group Inc.'s corporate mission is to be a leader in the innovative design, marketing, sales, and distribution of watertight retractable power cord reels and proprietary extension cord products and accessories.

The Company's hospital-grade MedReel finds use in medical facilities worldwide. MedReel is a retractable green dot cord reel. It is for operating rooms, crash carts, IV poles, computer carts, and hospital beds, in these healthcare facilities.

The Company's Arctic Leash finds use in providing watertight retractable power for any climate anywhere in the world. The Arctic Leash is a vehicle mount retractable polar extension cord reel for motor vehicles. They also have their Boom Leash, which is a retractable polar cord reel for use with Boom trucks and high reach equipment. APC Group Inc.'s Wall Leash is an outdoor, wall or pole mountable retractable polar cord reel for homes, business, and general use. APC Group's Marine Leash is a retractable watertight cord reel for boats, yachts, sailboats, and ships.

APC Group, Inc. markets and distributes products through media attention, conventional advertising, and independent sales representatives. They also do all of this via distributors, Web sites, and mass retail department stores and chains across the United States and Canada.

On December 14, 2009, APC Group, Inc. reported unaudited revenues increased 47 percent, to $134,348 for the three months ended November 30th, 2009. This is compared to $91,401 for the three months ended November 30th, 2008.

Ken Forster, CEO, commented in December, "Our sales increase was partially attributable to ongoing advertising beginning to take hold in key sectors. But most importantly this increase was the visibility of our products in the market creating organic growth."

APC Group, Inc. (APCU) closed Monday's session at $0.0240 on no volume.

American Medical Alert Corp. (AMAC)

Trading Markets reported recently on American Medical Alert Corp. (AMAC), and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

American Medical Alert Corp. is a healthcare communications solutions provider. They dedicate their efforts to the provision of support services to the healthcare community. Trading on NASDAQ, the Company operates eight U.S. based communication centers under local trade names. American Medical Alert Corp. has their corporate headquarters in Oceanside, New York.

The local trade names of the Company's communication centers are HLINK OnCall, North Shore TAS, Live Message America, ACT Teleservice, MD OnCall, Capitol Medical Bureau, American MediConnect, and Phone Screen. These centers support the delivery of high quality, healthcare communications. American Medical Alert Corp.'s product and service portfolio includes Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and emergency response monitoring, electronic medication reminder devices, disease management monitoring appliances and healthcare communication solutions services.

With the Company's Medical Alert System, an individual can remain independent at home while assuring that medical and personal assistance is nearby. The Company's MedSmart System is a safe, convenient and automated solution that organizes, reminds, and dispenses medications so they are taken properly and on time. For Senior living their ResidentLink creates a 24/7 safety net for senior living communities and their residents. With ResidentLink's flexible operating platform, facilities can integrate a variety of devices and systems to optimize care, support best practices, and adapt to changing market needs.

The Company also offers the Intel® Health Guide.  This is an in-home patient device. The Intel® Health Guide PHS-6000 combines with an online interface - the Intel® Health Care Management Suite. This allows clinicians to monitor patients and remotely manage care. The Company also has their Health Buddy® System. It allows healthcare providers to manage proactively a patient's condition on a daily basis in a home care setting. Their Medical Call Center product portfolio ranges from traditional after hours answering services to centralized patient appointment concierge services to customized solutions based on a particular client's needs.

Last month, American Medical Alert Corp. declared their first ever- cash dividend. The Company announced that their Board of Directors approved the payment of a special cash dividend of $0.10 per common share. The dividend will be paid on or about January 15, 2010 to shareholders of record as of the close of business on December 28, 2009.

In addition, last month, American Medical Alert Corp. announced that they received official notice of their first renewal from the City of New York Human Resources Administration. This relates to the 2007 contract award for the provision of Personal Emergency Response Systems.

Under the program, qualified seniors receive American Medical Alert Corp.'s premium product offering. This includes a two-way voice console unit, a lightweight, wireless activator (suitable for wearing around the neck, wrist, or attached to a belt), a dedicated bathroom activator, and monitored smoke detector. Upon activation of the system, the console unit immediately dials a toll-free number to the Company's National 24/7 Response Center. It opens a two-way voice link between the senior and trained monitoring personnel to identify the nature of the call and dispatch appropriate assistance as necessary.

American Medical Alert Corp. (AMAC) closed Monday's trading session at $6.65 down 0.60 percent. Volume was 5,080.

Manas Petroleum Corp. (MNAP)

Undiscoveredequities.com reported last week on Manas Petroleum Corp. (MNAP), and we choose to highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 2004, Manas Petroleum Corp. is an international oil exploration and development company. They have their corporate headquarters in Baar, Switzerland. The Company spent their first two years acquiring and developing their Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and Albanian projects. The Company's focus is on exploring and developing projects in Southeastern Europe, Central Asia, and South America. Specific countries are Albania, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Chile. Trading on the OTCBB, Manas is currently maturing their significant resource potential by acquiring seismic and drilling.

In Albania, Manas has developed an exploration project with a total resource potential (P50) of 3.030 billion barrels (independent resource evaluation, Gustavson, Nov 1, 2008). In Kyrgyzstan, Manas signed a US $56 million farm-out agreement with Santos a large independent Australian oil and gas producer covering their 1.2 billion barrels in place, light oil play (independent resource evaluation Scott Pickford, 2005). The development of the Company's neighboring Tajikistan license is now covered by an option farm out agreement also with Santos. In Chile, Manas and U.S. partner IPR farmed out a large natural gas exploration project to a consortium of local operators.

In early December 2009, Manas Petroleum reported that DWM Petroleum completed their year-1 work program on blocks 13 and 14 in Mongolia, ahead of schedule. The original expectation was that the work would undergo completion on April 21, 2010. Boris Goldinshtein, Manas' General Manager for Central Asia, managed the operation with operations being performed by Manas Gobi ltd., located in Ulan Bataar.

Manas Petroleum Corp.'s wholly owned subsidiary DWM Petroleum AG commenced the first part of a 600 km 2-D seismic program in Albania in 2008. The seismic crew continued the program in 2009.

Recently, Manas Petroleum reported that the financing arrangement and the due diligence between Manas and WWI resources for the Albanian project are proceeding as planned. Manas are currently progressing on administrative, legal, and compliance issues, as required before closing. In November 2009, Manas entered into a Letter of Intent to sell a portion of their interest in their Albanian Project.

Today, Manas Petroleum Corp. (MNAP) closed at $0.95 up 30.14 percent. Volume was 1,995,253.

Olympic Steel Inc. (ZEUS)

Today we choose to highlight Olympic Steel Inc. (ZEUS), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 1954, Olympic Steel Inc. is a national steel service center. The Company's mission is to achieve profitable growth by safely providing quality business solutions to users of Flat-Rolled Steel. They specialize in the processing and distribution of large volumes of carbon, coated carbon and stainless flat-rolled sheet, coil and plate. The Company has their corporate headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, and they operate fifteen facilities.

Olympic Steel Inc.'s primary focus is the direct sale and distribution of large volumes of processed carbon, coated and stainless flat-rolled sheet, coil and plate steel products. They operate as an intermediary between steel producers and manufacturers that require processed steel for their operations. They provide services and functions that form an integral component of their customers' supply chain management. This helps their customers reduce inventory levels and increase efficiency. Consequently, this allows their customers to lower their overall cost of production.

Olympic Steel Inc.'s processing services include both traditional service center processes of cutting-to-length, slitting, and shearing and higher value-added processes of blanking, tempering, plate burning, laser welding, and precision machining of steel parts.

Olympic Steel Inc.'s general product lines include Alloy Plate, Heat Treated, AR, and Armor. They also include Coated Coil, Sheet, and Blanks. They also offer Cold Rolled Carbon Coil, Sheet, and Blanks, Hot Rolled Carbon Coil, Sheet, and Plate, and Stainless Coil, Sheet, and Plate.

Olympic Steel Inc. offers a broad spectrum of processing equipment from traditional to state of the art. Traditional Processing equipment they offer include Blanking Presses, Cut to Length Lines, Levelers, Slitters, and Temper Mills. Value-Added Services the Company offers include Burning Tables (Oxyfuel and Plasma), Electrostatic Oiling, Edgers, and Shearing. They also include Laser Processing, Press Brake, and Forming Equipment. In Machining, Olympic Steel Inc. offers Grinding, Vertical, Horizontal, and Inspectional equipment. The Company also offers Turning, Sawing, Shotblaster, and Welding equipment.

Olympic Steel Inc. (ZEUS) closed Monday's trading session at $34.60 down 2.75 percent. Volume was 99,975.

SulphCo Inc. (SUF)

Penny Invest, StockEgg.com, HotOTC.com, Cool Penny Stocks, and Stock Rich reported earlier on SulphCo Inc. (SUF), and we choose to highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

SulphCo Inc. has developed a patented safe and economic process employing ultrasound technology to alter the molecular structure of crude oil products and crude oil. They designed the overall process to "upgrade" the quality of crude oil products and crude oil. This is through modifying and reducing the sulfur and nitrogen content. This makes these compounds easier to process using conventional techniques, as well as reduces the density and viscosity. SulphCo Inc. trades on the NYSE Amex. They have their headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Rudolf Gunnerman founded SulphCo, Inc. He founded the Company to develop and commercialize their Sonocracking™ technology. This technology uses high power ultrasound. The Company has been developing their Sonocracking™ technologies on an ongoing basis since the formation of GRD, Inc. in January 1999. They are in the process of commercially validating their technology on a full-scale basis. SulphCo has installations in Fujairah, UAE, and at a testing site in conjunction with a validation partner in Europe.

The target markets for Sonocracking™ technology and Sonocracker™ units are crude oil production, transportation, and refining. The Company designed their technology to influence the overall quality of crude oil and crude oil fractions in a cost effective manner.

SulphCo, Inc. announced last September that they entered into a letter of intent with Laguna Development Corporation. This is to move toward the commercial installation of SulphCo's desulfurization technology. Laguna agreed to evaluate SulphCo's Sonocracking™ technology to reduce the sulfur content of the diesel stream produced at Laguna's New Mexico trans-mix facility to reach ultra-low sulfur diesel requirements.

These are requirements that Laguna is required to meet beginning in June 2010. SulphCo and Laguna intend to enter into a commercial arrangement for the installation and operation of a SulphCo Sonocracking unit at Laguna's facilities. This is upon achievement of agreed upon technical requirements to produce ultra-low sulfur diesel.

In November 2009, SulphCo, Inc. announced that they entered into a letter of intent (LOI) with Golden Gate Petroleum. Under the terms of the LOI, Golden Gate has agreed to evaluate SulphCo's Sonocracking™ technology to reduce the sulfur content of the diesel stream produced at Golden Gate's Nevada trans-mix facility.
Beginning in June 2010, new regulations take effect that will require trans-mix processors to satisfy ultra-low sulfur diesel specifications. Upon achievement of agreed upon technical requirements to produce ultra-low sulfur diesel, SulphCo and Golden Gate intend to enter into a commercial arrangement for the installation and operation of a SulphCo Sonocracking™ unit at Golden Gate's facilities.

SulphCo Inc. (SUF) closed today's trading session at $0.73 up 7.35 percent. Volume was 642,671.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH) Today, Consorteum Holdings, Inc. closed trading at $0.01, for no change. Their volume today was 3,093,854 shares.

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH) is focused on providing financial services, electronic transaction processing and management services to financial institutions, healthcare, government, public and private sector companies. The company's services provide customized, innovative technology solutions that create, augment and enhance their clients' existing financial, payment and transactional processing systems.

The company offers clients a long-term strategic plan utilizing the most technically advanced global solutions available today. By working with a multitude of global technologies, Consorteum is able to create exceptionally customized programs. This approach enables unparalleled flexibility when sourcing solutions, resulting in smarter, faster deployment of technologies, competitive pricing, and potential for new revenues.

Consorteum's strategy is to capitalize on the global opportunities within the growing financial services, payment and transaction processing marketplace. The utilized business model generates revenues on every transaction touched, thus providing long-term, sustainable income. The company has strategically designed its business initiatives to create significant repetitive transactions on an ongoing basis. Additional company revenues are generated from consulting services, project minimums and management fees.

The company is jointly led by CEO Craig Fielding and President & COO Quent Rickerby. Mr. Fielding brings a wealth of expertise in the payments industry, in both local and international payment processing, along with HR-specific business management expertise, leadership, customer development and acquisition skills. Mr. Rickerby brings over two decades of business management, international and domestic sales experience, new company start-up, payment processing, project management, business development, negotiations, relationship management and strategic company direction.Disclaimer

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. Blog

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. News:

Consorteum Holdings Inc. Provides Investor Update on Initial North American Contracted Projects

Consorteum Holdings Inc. Launches Alternative Mail-In Rebate Program for Manufacturers and Retailers

Consorteum Holdings Inc. Provides Manufacturer and Retailer Solutions in North America and Europe

eDOORWAYS Corporation (EDWY)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight eDOORWAYS Corporation (EDWY) Today eDoorways Corporation closed trading at $0.0320, for no change. Their volume today was 5,715,262 shares.

eDOORWAYS Corp. (EDWY) is committed to solving lifestyle problems for consumers while driving traffic to suppliers and service providers who offer innovative merchandise and solutions. The company has the potential to completely change the future landscape of business by offering a unique and comprehensive service that saves consumers valuable time and money. By uniting a consumer with the larger global consumer community, retailers, and manufacturers in an effective new way, eDOORWAYS promotes “dynamic” commerce, as opposed to the static model currently in existence.

The Company plans to capitalize on several emerging new trends. These newly created opportunities include: the large success of Web 2.0 Internet community service offerings such as MySpace, the movement towards niche marketing and targeted advertising, the introduction of new technologies that enable instantaneous, online presentation of information, and the rising consumer preference for using the Internet to gain information before making purchasing decisions.

eDOORWAYS plans to introduce local services using a city-by-city strategy that will minimize capital requirements, reduce staffing requirements, and optimize generated revenues. Ten major cities are targeted for launch in the first year. Advertising, PR campaigns and viral word-of-mouth will be used to give a public presentation to experts as well as educate the market.

The key benefits offered to consumers include a higher level of engagement with vendors, trusted information from other consumers, and superior customer service. Revenues will be generated through advertising placement fees, premium services, preferential placement fees, and a percentage of sales transactions. eDOORWAYS' progressive vision and professional management team makes it an attractive investment opportunity. Disclaimer

eDOORWAYS Corporation Blog

eDOORWAYS Corporation News:

Recent Developments Show the Intention of eDoorways Going Forward

Gary Kimmons Addresses Recent Feedback Regarding "Solve" Beta v1.0

eDoorways Spreads Holiday Cheer With Christmas Release of First Doorway

General Environmental Management (GEVI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight General Environmental Management Inc. (GEVI) Today, General Environmental Management Inc. closed trading at $0.27, for no change. Their volume today was 12,675 shares.

General Environmental Management Inc. (GEVI) is in the process of shifting its business focus from hazardous waste field services to the fast growing water treatment and waste-to-energy markets. Since its inception in 2002, the Company has grown at a compounded annual rate of 48% to generate annual revenues of $37M from only $2.3M.

This strategic decision was made after an all inclusive analysis of GEVI's opportunity in the environmental management business. Although the company could work through the current economic downturn and build revenue in its field services business, they believe that shareholders will be rewarded by moving the company into the higher margin, faster growing business segments.

Within the U.S. alone, the water industry is a $120 Billion market that is expected to grow at 6-7% over the next year. On a global basis, the industry size exceeds $400 billion annually and increasing with the demands of a growing world population. The global waste-to-energy market, on the other hand, is a $19.9 billion market with expected CAGR of 6.7% over the next five years.

In order to ensure every advantageous acquisition opportunity is properly evaluated, GEVI has retained the services of General Pacific Partners (GPP). With a very selective and calculated acquisition strategy in place, GEVI is poised for continued success. Disclaimer

General Environmental Management Inc. Blog

General Environmental Management Inc. News:

General Environmental Management Announces Release of Quarterly Report

Reminder Notice: General Environmental Management Investor Conference Call 12/2/09 at 4:30pm EST

General Environmental Management Announces Completion of Acquisition of Santa Clara Waste Water

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. (NPDT)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. (NPDT). Today, Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. closed trading at $0.0260, which was up 2.77 percent. Their volume today was 242,000 shares.

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. (NPDT) offers a rich portfolio of competencies in RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), WiMAX, eLearning, LED Signage, and Security & Surveillance. Utilizing its technological expertise and creativity, the company enables its customers to take full advantage of the nearly limitless possibilities offered by increasingly sophisticated applications.

Newport is committed to meeting specific customer requirements by delivering complete solutions for a broad spectrum of applications. The company is building a global distribution, licensing, and sales network of industry-leading partners as well as third-party Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) and component suppliers to ensure its clients world-leading technology with strong local support capabilities.

The company has established a synergistic partnership with Taiwan’s premier technology incubators, the Institute for Information Industry (III) and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), under which the company develops and customizes their advanced technologies to meet the needs of businesses across the globe. Having a pool of more than 7,900 engineers and scientists, these R&D powerhouses have developed cutting edge capabilities in fields such as Information Communications Technology (ICT), electronics, and nanotechnology.

Newport’s management team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience within the technology industry as well as the corporate world. Maintaining a strong track record of delivering results to investors and customers, the team retains over two centuries of combined experience. Leveraging each team member’s area of expertise, Newport has established a solid foundation to penetrate emerging technology markets.Disclaimer

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. Message Board

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. Blog

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. News:

Newport Digital Technologies Completes AT&T Network Certification for N37B Rugged Handheld Computer With RFID Reader

Newport Digital Technologies Provides Update on Launch of N37B Rugged Handheld Computing Device; Nears Completion of AT&T Device Certification

SCIA "Saturday Winter Conference" Is a Success

FormCap Corp. (FRMC) Led by a Formidable Management Team and Advisors

FormCap is a domestic, emerging exploration and development company in the oil and gas sector. To date, the company has assembled 4,800 acres of oil and gas mineral leases – the Weber City Prospect – in Curry County, New Mexico. In a successful case, there is the potential to drill up to 100 wells which may produce up to 300 million barrels of oil.

The company’s current management team is led by Graham Douglas. Advisors have been hired on a contract basis as required to minimize expenditures during FormCap’s start-up phase. Here is a brief summary of the management team and their advisors:

Graham Douglas, President
Graham Douglas is an experienced business executive with 35 years of financial and operational management experience. From 1970 to 1978, he worked in corporate finance for two large Canadian banks. From 1978 through 1985, Mr. Douglas was involved in the real estate and construction industry in a financial capacity. In the period from 1986 through 1992, he was the COO of a large west coast Canadian transport, warehousing, freight forwarding and sea terminal operator.

Beginning in 1992, Mr. Douglas has been active as a business consultant in the area of corporate restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and public offerings. He has been an early stage investor and assisted in raising later stage funding for several companies in a variety of industries. Industries including: beverage, food processing, construction, telecom, technology, mining, biofuels and oil and gas exploration. In several instances, Mr. Douglas has taken temporary positions in management and governance through transitional periods or in difficult circumstances.

Thomas Markham, Chief Geologist
Mr. Markham is a professional geologist specializing in evaluation and development of oil and gas plays in the mid-continental United States. He began his career working with firms such as ARCO and Tenneco, acting as geologist on a wide range of projects spanning over 12 years of development on leading plays including the Pinon, Allen Hill, Brunson Ranch, Brown Bassett Extension, J.D. Shale and NYY projects.

He has been an independent oil and gas geologist managing project generation and evaluation for various industries, primarily in the mid-continent. Mr. Markham recently acted as chief geologist for a 21,000 acre Pennsylvanian gas play in the Permian Basin. He has also successfully drilled and completed proprietary prospects – while providing the supervision of seismic, leasing, drilling, completion, and production activities – of 88 oil and gas wells (to 10,500 feet) in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Randall K. Boatright
Mr. Boatright most recently served as interim president and CEO, CFO and director of Dexterity Surgical Inc. He has extensive experience in the energy business as he was formerly the executive vice-president, CFO and director of Abraxas Petroleum Corp. (AMEX: ABP) and controller of a large private independent oil and gas company.

MAC Advisory Services MAC Advisors is a mini-microcap advisory service with oil and gas expertise. MAC principals have over 50 years of direct experience in related areas of: oil and gas finance, accounting and capital equipment, corporate finance and merchant banking, and management of both public and private developmental stage companies.

The principals have work experience that includes work at Gearhart/Halliburton, as well as corporate finance experience with Dorchester Oil and Gas – both Fortune 500 companies. They have also worked as analysts concentrating on exploration, crude oil purchasing and related special projects. In addition, they have worked as independent landman in West Texas and hold royalty and working interests in several producing oil and gas properties.

Sorrento Therapeutics Inc. (SRNE) Announces Collaborative Development Agreement with Scripps Research

Sorrento Therapeutics Inc. is a development-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of disease conditions such as cancer, inflammation, metabolic disease and infectious disease. The company today announced it has entered into an antibody discovery and development collaboration with The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif.

Per the agreement, Sorrento will obtain exclusive, worldwide rights to Scripps Research’s novel quorum sensing-based technology, which was developed to prevent and treat Staphylococcus aureus (commonly known as Staph) infections, including Methicillin-resistant Staph. aureus (MRSA). MRSA’s resistance to antibiotics makes it a concern to healthcare officials. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 94,000 cases of acute MRSA infections in the United States led to 19,000 deaths in 2005.

“We are impressed by the promising animal data presented by our colleagues at Scripps Research and are pleased to collaborate on the development of human vaccines and fully human antibody therapeutics to help address the important public health issue of MRSA infections,” Dr. Henry Ji, chief scientific officer of Sorrento stated in the press release. “This discovery program represents a novel approach to fighting MRSA, and we also see interference with quorum sensing as a more general approach to address the serious issue of antibiotic resistance beyond MRSA.”

According to the press release, Sorrento will use its quorum sensing-based technology to identify fully human antibody candidates that disrupt the biological communication processes of MRSA.

“We have published that antibodies targeting the quorum sensing process are protective against MRSA infections in established animal models,” Dr. Kim Janda of Scripps Research stated. “Sorrento Therapeutics’ human antibody library will be a critical resource in identifying fully human antibodies that can be developed into clinical therapeutics against MRSA.”

ICOP Digital, Inc. (ICOP) Announces Texas State Contract

ICOP Digital, Inc., an industry-leading company focused on advancing digital surveillance technology solutions, announced this morning that it has been chosen by the State of Texas Office of the Comptroller, Texas Procurement and Support Services Division (TPSS) to supply in-car video solutions. This contract will allow authorized users, including state agencies, local governments, municipalities and higher education institutions, to bypass using their own procurement process and readily acquire ICOP in-car video solutions.

According to the press release, the contract’s initial term expires on October 31, 2010, with options for renewals for four additional years. ICOP has similar contracts including GSA, HGAC, New Mexico, and Utah. “This is great news for ICOP,” stated Bob Bradley, Director of National Sales and Marketing. “Any time we can shorten the sales cycle by securing orders via a state contract, we remove another barrier to increasing our quarterly potential.”

“In addition to making the process faster and easier to get what agencies need to do their jobs, we are particularly pleased to have this relationship with Texas as they have always been a very strong proponent of in-car video. Most agencies were equipped with VHS technology through a state funded initiative several years ago. This contract ensures that they can now upgrade to a reliable state-of-the-art solution for the best quality video evidence on the market today, at an economical price,” added Dave Owen, Chief Executive Officer at ICOP.

Artfest International, Inc. (ARTS) Appoints Lawrence Castro as Senior VP of Sports and Education

In a move to further fortify its executive management team, Artfest International Inc. announced today that globally recognized sports marketing expert, Lawrence Castro, has joined Artfest and its wholly-owned subsidiary – Charity Sports Distributors – as senior vice-president of sports and education. Artfest International is a leading edge arts distribution company that brings together artists, designers, investors, private collectors and art galleries.

In his role, Mr. Castro will lead the expansion of Artfest’s sports business. As a prominent figure in the sports industry, he will tap into his vast network to create a larger product portfolio, increase sales venues, and cross-market across Artfest’s growing sales channels. Mr. Castro said, “I look forward to building Artfest’s sports and entertainment sales platform into a leading distributor in the global sports marketing industry.”

Mr. Castro’s sports marketing expertise has contributed to the success of several sports-based businesses. As a spokesperson for a sports marketing company, his efforts contributed to the direct marketing sales of $190 million a year for sports performance products. Mr. Castro has also built, owned and designed high-end developments including golf resorts as well as sports and entertainment facilities for major companies such as Hilton Hotels and Hyatt Hotels and Resorts.

In addition, Mr. Castro is the founder of the Golf Fitness Magazine, the Performance Lifestyle Channel, and the developer of the Fluid Strength Performance Lifestyle System training programs used by pro sports teams, including the NBA.


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