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QualityStocks is committed to protecting investors from unscrupulous characters. Every day we track the content and performance of hundreds of newsletter providers for the benefit of our subscribers. Via the QualityStocks Daily, our subscribers are able to track and measure the latest micro-cap stock picks and see who is making the best recommendations. For more information, visit Newsletter Signup.


QualityStocks tracks the content and performance of these providers for the benefit of our newsletter subscribers.

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QualityStocks reviews the investor relations and transparency practices of fully reporting companies on the OTC.

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The investment space is inundated with newsletters promising the hottest stocks, the best plays and latest news. With all of the stock picks and recommendations out there, knowing which stock newsletters are legitimate and which are promotional is nearly impossible. Notice we said “nearly.”

At QualityStocks we have the technology to review stock newsletters and help kill the guessing game when it comes on trusting one newsletter over the other. We literally track hundreds of investment newsletters to provide our subscribers with comprehensive stock newsletter reviews on which firm is consistently highlighting legitimate plays.

Our goal is to provide subscribers with the most accurate information on each newsletters performance and ability to pinpoint the most active and high-potential small-cap and micro-cap stocks. The QualityStocks' rating service puts subscribers back at the control desk without the tedious legwork it would take the average investor to track the performance of hundreds of stock newsletters and learn about new investment newsletter sources as they are published!

This stock newsletter service enables each subscriber to marginalize sub-par newsletter subscriptions and to stay on top of momentum trading opportunities to discover high-performance winning stock picks.

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Our newsletter rating and stock newsletter review services are based on transparency and market value. If you are the contact person or owner of a newsletter and would like to request re-evaluation of our rating on your firm, click here.

QualityStocks is committed to providing the investment community with transparency to ensure that subscribers have adequate information to make their investment decisions.

Public Companies

Adhering to broader market standards, QualityStocks has complied an extensive database of fully reporting OTC companies and rates each one according to their communication and transparency with the investment community.

The goal is to encourage best business practices that benefit OTC companies and the investors taking part in this segment of the market. If you are an executive or investor relations professional of a rated company and would like to request re-evaluation, click here.



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