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The Motley Fool’s mission has always been to educate, enrich, and amuse individual investors around the world. The Fool's award-winning website publishes hundreds of articles each week, offering news, analysis, and commentary through wide-ranging distribution partnerships with Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and many others.

The Fool has received much attention for its groundbreaking stock-rating service that provides unique insights into what Motley Fool community members (as well as 100+ professional Wall Street firms) think about the stocks investors own. With more than 5,000 stocks carrying a rating from one to five stars, CAPS is a must for investors seeking new ideas or a second opinion.

The Motley Fool also offers subscription investment newsletter services that cover big-value blue-chips, outperforming mutual funds, undiscovered small caps, and explosive growth stocks. Backed by a team of analysts, every one of their products are focused on delivering market-beating stock and fund recommendations.



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