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Validian Corp. (VLDI)

Validian Corp. provides software products for public and private enterprises. Essentially, Validian is a top innovator in cyber-security technology. The company develops and markets solutions to protect against the threats of today's digital world. Validian is first-to-market to provide secure storage, access, and transfer of digital information on wired, wireless, or mobile networks over the Internet. Validian has its corporate headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario.

The company's mission is to deliver unique information protection solutions, which assist government agencies, enterprises, and individuals in lessening the impact of theft, disclosure, non-compliance, or malicious tampering with digital assets. Validian provides solutions that can undergo customization to the client's business process to ensure end-to-end authenticity, integrity, and custody of high value digital assets.

Its technology enables the next generation of secure Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Distributed Computing and Web Application and WebPortal Access and Usage for desktop and laptop computers, servers, tablets, and Smartphones. Validian's products include Validian Protect, which embeds its technology into any application.

The company announced this past March that it completed development of its first-to-market secure application advertising channel for the transport and delivery of graphic rich advertising content by way of mobile, cloud, web, local and network applications to end users. The secure application advertising channel prevents certain types of cyber attacks that exploit advertising as a means of access or infection.

In addition, the secure application ensures the advertising undergoing deployment is immune to advertising blockers, consequently improving the overall delivery and quality of advertising impressions to end users. Channel Partners and customers now have the choice to use this Secure Application Advertising Channel when integrating Validian's core technology, Validian Protect, into their applications.

Recently, Validian announced that it and Solana Networks partnered to develop Cyber Situational Awareness solutions targeted at improving the security position of Enterprise Organizations and Service Providers. Solana Networks is an innovative technology vendor.

Validian also recently announced that its cyber security technology now protects data even more. It announced that it extended the data protection of its cyber security technology, and is now the first to protect data seamlessly, during transit, storage and usage, even when the host device, other devices, servers and databases, the Cloud and/or the network and other applications on any of these have been otherwise compromised.




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