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QPAGOS is a provider of digital payment services for cash based and unbanked consumers in Mexico. The Company operates a network of self-service kiosks and applications designed to provide more convenient payment alternatives for consumers and more efficient billing for service providers. QPAGOS is based in Mexico City, Mexico.

QPAGOS contributes to Mexico's financial inclusion initiatives via its state-of-the-art electronic payments technology. This technology provides users with a convenient and secure alternative for paying bills, products and services, using multiple devices. These include self-service kiosks, mobile, as well as Personal Computer (PC)-based applications.

For service providers, QPAGOS contributes to increase their national collections footprint. This is while decreasing transactional costs. For the Company's distributors and franchisees, QPAGOS provides a very appealing income source as they are able to monetize high traffic physical spaces.

For advertisers, QPAGOS provides a new channel to attract business and interact with customers. QPAGOS self-service kiosks have an integrated second screen to broadcast advertising spots and messages. For QPAGOS users, there is no more waiting in line or trying to find a remote location to make frequent payments.

The Company has an extensive portfolio of service providers and retailers that receive payments through its kiosks. These include utilities, cellphone operators, entertainment, and banking services. Users can search and select a Service Provider through a user-friendly touch screen. They can subsequently deposit their payment in cash and, within minutes, the payment is received by the Service Provider.

QPAGOS announced in July 2016 the roll out of its self-service payment solutions for a multi-state micro lender, one of Mexico's emerging SOFOM's (Sociedad Financiera de Objeto Multiple) that provide loans and credit to Mexico's largely unbanked population. The micro lender's more than 50 branches are being outfitted with QPAGOS self-service kiosks and with the QPAGOS mobile application.

Recently, QPAGOS announced that it expanded the Cash2Digital Kiosk Trial with a major Mexico Bank after a successful first phase, which exceeded expectations in transaction volume. QPAGOS expects that upon the successful completion of this next phase, it will send out kiosks to several hundred of the bank's more than 1,200 locations.

The initial phase comprised 8 kiosk installations in Mexico City that experienced an above average number of transactions. Some kiosks achieved more than 2,000 monthly transactions with more than $12,000 in monthly revenue each.




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