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Mentor Capital, Inc. (MNTR)

Mentor Capital, Inc. works to take major positions in medical marijuana and cannabis companies. In essence, Mentor looks to come alongside and assist larger private medical marijuana and cannabis companies and their founders in meeting their operating, liquidity, as well as financial objectives, to add protection for investors and to help incubate private cannabis companies. Mentor Capital is headquartered in San Diego, California.

The company takes a significant position in the diverse members of its portfolio of participating companies. Nonetheless, it leaves operating control in the hands of the cannabis company founders. In April 2015, Mentor Capital reported that it acquired 100 percent of Cannabis Investor Webcast as the initial member of Mentor Capital's Public Market Incubator Program.

Mentor Capital participates in the legal recreational marijuana market. However, the company's favored emphasis is medical. It looks to facilitate the application of cannabis to cancer wasting, calming seizures, Parkinson's disease, reducing ocular pressures from glaucoma, in addition to blunting chronic pain.

Mentor Capital transferred to the cannabis space from front-line cancer investments when government actions collapsed the new leading cancer sector. Mentor still retains only minor cancer investments. The company will complete the shift to the cannabis market as profitable opportunities to exit present themselves.

Mentor Capital announced this past April that it acquired the global patent for the smokeless administration of THC, CBD and Cannabinoids, from its developer R.L. Larson via Larson Capital, LLC. The international formulation patent specifies the administration by vaporizer of THC from 31.5 percent to 92.5 percent, of cannabidiol (CBD) from .01 percent to 15 percent, and cannabinoids from trace to 15 percent.

Mentor Capital is aggressively pursuing the registration of this patent through the foreign Patent Coordination Treaty (PCT) across those of the participating 148 nations where there would be a current or future marijuana extract vaporization interest.

In August 2016, Mentor Capital announced that it filed its quarterly 10-Q filing for Q2 ended June 30, 2016 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Mentor reported that for the three months ended June 30, 2016, it had Revenues of $667,720 and a Gross Profit of $310,896 with a resulting Net Loss of ($287,391) or (1.7 cents) per share. This is an improvement from the three months ended June 30, 2015 Revenues of $628,386.

Recently, StereoVision Entertainment, Inc. (SVSN), announced that its jointly owned subsidiary GreenVision Systems, a Puerto Rico medical cannabis company, signed Mentor Capital to advise on financing and optimizing GreenVision's fast growth in Puerto Rico's developing medical cannabis market.




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