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MarilynJean Interactive, Inc. (MJMI)

MarilynJean Interactive, Inc. is one of the world's first publicly-traded companies centered exclusively in the Bitcoin and crypto-currency space. Bitcoin, and also other crypto-currencies are a medium of exchange employing cryptography to secure transactions and control the creation of new units. The company is building its specific business to concentrate on ATM's, Escrow Services, Gaming, and Currency Exchange. MarilynJean Interactive is headquartered in Henderson, Nevada. The company's shares trade on the OTCQB.

MarilynJean Interactive's dedication is to providing safe and accessible products and services to users of Bitcoin as well as other digital currencies. Crypto-currency is produced at a rate, which is defined when the system is created and publicly known. At present the company is exploring partnerships with a number of existing Bitcoin and crypto-currency exchanges and also manufacturers and operators of Bitcoin ATMs.

MarilynJean Interactive is building an information based website. The design of it will be to provide the most up to date news and exchange information in the world of crypto-currency. Important aspects of the MarilynJean's Currency Exchange business include established relationships with proven and operating Bitcoin Currency exchanges; its plans to integrate its currency exchange relationships into its open source ATM software; the ability to provide exchange into major international currencies and multiple digital currencies; and its plans to expand into providing digital wallet and pre-paid debit and credit cards.

The company's plan for 2016 is to continue its focus on the important verticals of exchange, remittance, and gaming. In addition, its plan is to seek partnerships with organizations involved specifically in the development of applications based on blockchain technology. MarilynJean Interactive plans to continue to increase its management and advisory board in 2016, advance the partnerships it began negotiating last year, as well as continue to build new alliances in the space.

In December 2015, MarilynJean Interactive announced it signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire all of the assets of games developer Funhouse Games. Founded in 2010, Funhouse Games develops flash-based casino-style games for play on the Internet and mobile devices. Funhouse Games has plans to expand its offerings to include real money wagering and also offering games, which can be played using Bitcoin. Funhouse has several Bitcoin games under development and close to the Beta stage.




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