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LifeLogger Technologies Corp. (LOGG)

Based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, LifeLogger Technologies Corp.'s commitment is to changing the way people remember their life. The company creates an innovative user experience through combining video, face, text, GPS map, and OCR and voice recognition. This is to make the digital story of one's life richer, fuller, accessible, searchable, and truly memorable. Basically, LifeLogger Technologies is a unique wearable technology and software company.

LifeLogger Technologies is device agnostic. This permits one to use their iOS or Android device, or other wearable camera and/or sensor solutions. The company has pioneering technology that presents meaningful advanced search functionality. This includes geo-enabled location search and face detection.

The company has developed a Web APP software solution providing users the ability to capture, store and live stream their memories. It is developing the new standard for people to record, store and recall life's unique memories. This is attained through its cloud based portal for video management, post video processing, easy search, live streaming and social sharing.

LifeLogger is working on creating the ultimate life logging system, equipped with a cloud solution and metadata processing software. This will actively store a person's memories and make them available on the web, desktop and all of one's mobile devices. Its software seamlessly and automatically organizes videos by date, time, place or person on the company's own 3D timeline when uploaded to LifeLogger's cloud based service. One will promptly be able to search their video library by any of these tags. One can immediately connect and share any of these videos with their friends on all social media.

LifeLogger Technologies, to launch its hardware and software platforms for commercial use, is finishing the hardware design of its LifeLogger wearable camera. It is working to complete the development of its video cloud storage solution featuring Android and IOS APP. It is also finishing an open API to make it possible for other wearable cameras on the market to communicate with its cloud. Additionally, LifeLogger is working on completing and upgrading the existing cloud based platform for storing, managing and displaying videos.

In November 2015, LifeLogger Technologies announced two major steps in its efforts to integrate the best of Pixorial, Inc. It signed a Definite Purchase Agreement to acquire all assets of Pixorial, Inc. and hired Andres Espineira, Pixorial's Founder and CEO as its Chief Marketing Officer. Pixorial is a personal photo and video sharing platform.

Recently, LifeLogger Technologies announced strategic initiatives, which have resulted in a five-fold increase in website traffic and a fast growing wait list for its online video service in the first six weeks of 2016. Starting in November 2015, it commenced executing three major strategic initiatives designed to help it increase adoption of its software platform. These initiatives include becoming the first media platform that is totally device agnostic; transforming LifeLogger Marketing to a data-driven customer-focused engine; and creating a rich media experience through automatically mapping the location where the video was shot.




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