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Internet Media Services, Inc. (ITMV)

Internet Media Services specializes in acquiring, building, marketing, and monetizing web properties. The company mainly looks to acquire Web businesses that serve small-sized and mid-sized businesses. Internet Media Services is building their business around the identification, evaluation and cost-effective acquisition of under-valued Websites.

In October 2009, Internet Media Services acquired their first Web-based business that fit the company’s criteria, LegalStore.com. The LegalStore.com site offers legal supplies, legal forms, and related legal products to the professional community. LegalStore.com is their anchor Website. The company continues to look for acquisitions of other undervalued Web-based businesses, within the Legal channel and outside of that channel.

Internet Media Services uses Internet marketing techniques and applications developed by them or purchased from a third party to generate high-quality traffic to their Websites. In addition, the company acquires Internet traffic by way of paid search, comparison shopping websites, as well as their email marketing efforts. This traffic in turn supports their revenue model. This revenue model consists of either advertising-based revenue, or sale of a product or service.

The key elements of Internet Media Services’ strategy are to continue to target Websites for acquisition that serve the small to medium- sized business market segment and develop or acquire marketing services or technologies. Key elements of their strategy also include selling additional products and services to existing customers and strengthening customer retention.

The company’s acquisition model looks for opportunities that have a web-based service offering where the customer accesses the company’s application server through the Internet; a defined market segment; is cash flow positive (post transaction); is undervalued (based on potential growth); is in need of automation or process improvement; is synergistic to other owned Web businesses; has a recurring revenue model, and a scalable model.




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