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Hunt Global Resources, Inc. (HGCO)

Hunt Global Resources, Inc. is a natural resource company whose shares trade on the OTC Bulletin Board. The company focuses on the development of "frac" sands, an essential component in the production of oil and gas, especially the production of oil and gas from "unconventional" shales. Hunt Global currently has an industrial sand mining lease in Texas, and the rights to a mining lease in Minnesota.

The primary assets of Hunt Global Resources include the exclusive right to acquire the mining rights to more than 900 acres of land containing an estimated 90 million ton reserve of Northern Jordan White sand, considered the premier raw sand in the fracking industry. The company's current holdings also include the mining rights to 350 acres in Conroe, Texas, containing frac sand deposits of approximately 21 million tons and an additional 20 million tons of sand for other industrial uses.

In Minnesota, the frac sand resources are located under mined out and existing limestone quarry areas. As a result, the Jordan Formation has been protected from erosion throughout most of its geologic history. The deposit is uniquely rich in coarse material – particular mesh sizes, specifically 20/40 and 30/50 – that totals as much as forty percent of the deposit. These mesh sizes are currently the mesh sizes most in demand, and current supply is restrictive.

In Texas, Hunt Global owns the surface mining rights to 350 acres of land in northwest Houston. All of the sand is contained from the surface to a depth of fifty feet; the mining process is "surface mining" which uses a dredging technique, utilizing water and industrial vacuums to extract the material. The process is safer and less expensive than other mining processes. There is approximately 21 million tons of frac sand in the deposit.


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