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GelTech Solutions, Inc. (GLTC)

GelTech Solutions, Inc. creates innovative, Earth friendly, cost-effective products that help industry, agriculture, and the public achieve environmental and safety goals. This includes water conservation and protecting lives, homes, and property from fires. Inventor and chief technology officer, Peter Cordani, created all the products currently marketed by GelTech Solutions. Founded in 2006, GelTech Solutions has their headquarters in Jupiter, Florida.

The company's FireIce is a patent pending fire suppressant used for direct attack of fires and a medium term retardant for structure protection. FireIce is useable in all types of apparatus; fire extinguishers, pumper trucks, aerial units for wildfires, and home defense units for personal home protection. FireIce applies the most effective protectant possible by suffocating flames and preventing flare-ups. This puts control back in the hands of firefighters and homeowners alike.

GelTech Solutions also markets Soil2O. This is both a non-toxic soil conditioner and a dust abatement product. Soil2O is not "plant food;" it is a product that provides consistent and prolonged moisture to plants. Soil2O "Dust Control" products and solutions stop all types of particulate matter from entering the air and water. Soil2O Granular and Topical blends reduce water consumption. They promote healthy root development in plants and lawns and generate faster seed germination by keeping nutrients at the root level longer.

Recently, GelTech Solutions announced the signing of Nano Girisim Ltd. Sti. to be the exclusive distributor of FireIce and Soil2O in Turkey. Nano Girisim is a distributor of industrial products based in Istanbul, Turkey. They will promote the sale of FireIce for use by both urban and wildfire firefighting organizations as well as market FireIce for use in fire extinguishers.


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