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DroneGuarder, Inc. (DRNG)

DroneGuarder, Inc. focuses on commercializing a drone enhanced home security system as a turnkey solution. The design of the company's DroneGuarder Mobile App is to let users have peace of mind within arms length, whether they are in their home or not. Established in San Francisco in 2017, DroneGuarder lists on the OTC Markets Group's OTCQB. An early stage security and surveillance enterprise, the company is headquartered in London, England.

DroneGuarder's solution is app-based. It includes a drone, infrared camera, as well as an Android mobile app component. Upon an alarm being triggered, the DroneGuarder™ will immediately take off from a wireless charging pad.

The DroneGuarder™ assists in protecting against intruders. Upon an intruder being detected on the sensor net, one can have the drone fly to the event location.

Once there, one can use the built-in microphone to issue a harsh warning to scare away intruders. If that fails, the high-quality HD film captured of the intruder can be uploaded to the cloud and forwarded to law enforcement agencies.

A user can download the DroneGuarder™ security app for their phone through the Google Play Store or AppStore. In addition, upon purchasing a DroneGuarder subscription, a user can access the cloud service. The DroneGuarder can work on any Android device with a screen –smartphones, tablets, and also embedded Android devices.

An array of DJI drones is available and compatible with the DroneGuarder system. The design of the drones is to respond to commands from a user's smart phone, and its native remote. This enables one to give it basic orders from anywhere.

Recently, Drone Guarder announced that it is partnering with Swellpro Ltd. of China. The company has decided to use Swellpro as its drone supplier.

The Swellpro drone provides patented design and technology. Swellpro's Splash Drones are waterproof. They can land and take off on water and with their waterproof cameras can stream live video from under water. They can operate in high winds and have carbon fiber rotors.

DroneGuarder said that these abilities and functions meet the product requirements the company is looking for in its products, DG Rescue and DG Intruder.

DroneGuarder's intention is to work jointly to imbed its scanning AI image recognition technology into Swellpro's SD5 drone platform. This will enable the DG Rescue to autonomously grid search for victims in a search area and alert the rescue crews by way of GPS location and streaming video where the victims are. DroneGuarder will be jointly developing DG Intruder with Swellpro utilizing all the same technology, however it will be app based.




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