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3DX Industries, Inc. (DDDX)

OTCQB-listed 3DX Industries, Inc. centers on the additive metal manufacturing segment within the aerospace, energy, medical and manufacturing industries. The company can manufacture a wide assortment of products employing its three-dimensional (3D) metal printing system, 3D composite printing, and many CNC Precision Machining Centers. 3DX Industries provides additive and traditional manufacturing services and product design, engineering, and assembly services to its customers. The company is based in Ferndale, Washington.

3DX Industries announced in May of 2014 that it completed its first series of production run components utilizing the M-Flex™ Metal Printing System manufactured by The ExOne Company. ExOne is a global provider of 3D printing machines and printed products to industrial customers. 3DX Industries has printed manifold 3D Metal components and parts for customers' use. The company continues to produce 3D metal printed parts employing the M-Flex™ Metal Printing System manufactured by ExOne.

3DX's M-Flex™ metal printing system from ExOne uses an additive manufacturing process. This is known as three-dimensional printing, or 3DP. It materializes an object—or mold for an object—layer by layer out of powdered material, a chemical binder and a digital file. The process is also called Binder Jetting Technology.

With 3D Metal Printing, 3DX Industries helps its customers save material cost and weight for prototyping and short run productions. It can make a customer's proto-type or production run items efficiently, cost effectively, and on time using the latest 3D Metal printing technology with 3DX's M-Flex 3D Metal printer, its Z-Corp Composite Printer or via its in-house precision machine shop.

Recently, 3DX Industries announced that it is continuing its advancement within the 3D metal printing market through increased market exposure, prototype development, and also production manufacturing.

Mr. Roger Janssen, President and Chief Executive Officer, said, "Work flow in both our additive and subtractive divisions is increasing and our additive manufacturing footprint is really gaining ground. We continue to expose the benefits of additive metal manufacturing to existing and new clientele to demonstrate how this technology can really cut lead time and costs on the manufacturing of their product(s)."




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