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Cytta Corp. (CYTA)

Founded in 2006, Cytta Corp. engages in the development and installation of a remote medical monitoring model to deliver medical data transmission from home to the insurer. The company’s Cytta Connect™ is a Remote Data Capture system connecting Bluetooth devices to online Electronic Biometric Records (EBR). Cytta Connect™ is the world’s first open source Healthcare Special Purpose Cellular and Satellite Network™. Cytta is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The company’s open source EBR is for use by patients, doctors, caregivers, health insurers (Professional Care) with the company’s reprogrammed Cytta smartphones, and any wellness or fitness user (Consumer) with any Cellular Carrier's smartphone. The Cytta Connect™ automatic and cloud based medical data repository can be customized to fit with a user’s health requirements through the use of the Cytta Health Engine™.

The Cytta Health Engine™ is used to display patient data in various formats. Using the Cytta Health Engine™, the data can be displayed in different numerical formats, can be graphed to show trends of these measurements and the unstructured data may be analyzed to provide early warning signs of dangerous health trends. Cytta’s system collects the data generated by the home based medical monitoring devices, such as blood pressure, scale, blood glucose, and pulse oxygen through employing Bluetooth connectivity. This medical data is sent via Bluetooth from the medical device to Cytta’s Medical Smartphone, which is also located in the home and/or held by the patient.

Cytta Connect™ is a mobile and WIFI platform for collecting verifiable and objective data for anyone requiring medical monitoring. This includes insurers, payors health plans, managed care organizations, health delivery organizations, medical groups, IPAs, ACO’s, hospitals, and individuals.

Recently, Cytta announced that ViTel Net and Cytta entered into an initial Agreement to merge all or a portion of its companies. The Agreement envisions the integration of its’ respective leading edge network connectivity, medical monitoring technologies and significant industry expertise.

Cytta is now offering the Cytta Connect™ technology to the Oil & Gas industry. The company will make available its remote data capture highway that connects monitoring devices seamlessly to an Online Industrial Data Repository (IDR). Cytta’s remote data capture system works over its Special Purpose Network, a proprietary Global Mobile, Satellite, Wi-Fi open source network, and Cloud-based data repository, which automatically connects all remote monitoring devices to the company’s open source IDR. This creates real time communication for the Oil & Gas industry with world leading compression previously unavailable in the marketplace.




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