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BioSolar, Inc. (BSRC)

BioSolar, Inc. is developing a ground-breaking technology to double the storage capacity, lower the cost, and also extend the life of lithium-ion batteries. Based on its patent-pending supercapacitor technology, which uses a novel conductive polymer material, the company is developing a high capacity Super Cathode for use by battery manufacturers to create the ultimate high capacity, low cost lithium-ion battery. Its novel high capacity cathode is engineered from a polymer, similar to that of low-cost plastics used in the home. BioSolar is headquartered in Santa Clarita, California.

Through integrating BioSolar supercapacitors as the high power front-end to battery banks, with fewer battery banks than would usually be required, daytime solar energy can be quickly and cost-effectively stored for nighttime use at a substantially lower cost. This technology will enable solar energy systems users to reduce their dependence or go completely off the electric utility power grid.

BioSolar also has its BioBackSheet®. The company is the foremost commercial provider of bio-based solar panel backsheets. A backsheet is a required insulating film in all solar photovoltaic panels. Its chief purpose is to protect the solar panel components, specifically the solar cells and wires. BioSolar's BioBackSheet® is the only commercially available Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certified bio-based backsheet.

BioSolar is developing BioSolar supercapacitors. This is technology for reducing the cost of storing the energy of the sun. It co-owns the patent-application for this supercapacitor technology with the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB). BioSolar is presently funding a sponsored research program to advance its development.

BioSolar announced in June 1015 that it jointly filed a patent application with UCSB. This invention forms the basis for its super battery technology. The inventors of the jointly owned patent application include Dr. Alan Heeger and Dr. David Vonlanthen of UCSB, and Dr. David Lee, BioSolar's Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Stanley Levy, BioSolar's Chief Technology Officer and VP.

Regarding its Super Battery technology, BioSolar said that based on its internal analysis, a super battery built utilizing its technology can double the capacity, cost four times less, and can potentially break the $100/kWh cost barrier needed for mass market adoption of energy storage. Achieving the $100/kWh cost barrier would effectively reach what is denoted as the "holy grail" for energy storage.

Recently, BioSolar announced that it jointly filed national phase patent applications in the United States, Canada, and Japan with UCSB for "a multicomponent-approach to enhance stability and capacitance in polymer-hybrid supercapacitors." This invention also provides core basis for BioSolar's super battery technology.




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