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The whole staff at The Daily Newsletter would like to wish our readers and their families a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!!

Let's take a look at a few of the top percentage gainers for the month of December and highlight some that saw huge gains and maintained their momentum.

Franchise Capital Corporation first appeared this month in The Daily Newsletter on 12/12/06 at $0.0022 up 81% at $0.004 with 13,405,730 shares traded. (FCCN) saw nice upward momentum for the month of December. (FCCN) closed today at $0.023 with 4,226,973 shares traded. (FCCN) was up 968% since 12/12. (FCCN) was highlighted this month by OTC Stock Exchange, Pennies to Dollars, Breakout Trading and

Franchise Capital Corporation announced this month that it reached an agreement with Aero Exhaust, Inc., a leader in performance exhaust airflow technology, under which Franchise Capital Corporation would acquire all of Aero Exhaust's issued and outstanding shares.

Franchise Capital Corporation also announced this month that Aero Exhaust, Inc., with which it has a preliminary acquisition agreement they have signed a contract to have its performance exhaust product featured on episodes of "Two Guys Garage" on SPEED Channel. SPEED is available in over 71 million homes in North America and is considered among the fastest growing sports cable networks in the country.

Franchise Capital Corporation announced Wednesday that the January 2007 launch of a monthly investor newsletter designed to improve communications with shareholders and provide a greater depth of information available about the company and the progress of its acquisition agreement with Aero Exhaust, Inc.

Franchise Capital Corporation, a business development company, provides long-term debt and equity investment capital to support the expansion of companies in the casual, fast food restaurant industry. It invests in private and small to middle market companies that lack access to public capital.

Aero Exhaust is the world leader in performance exhaust airflow technology, manufacturing and distributing the most technologically advanced muffler on the market. NASCAR legend Rusty Wallace is the official spokesperson for Aero Exhaust products. In addition to its NASCAR relationship, Aero Exhaust has been issued patents in both the United States and Australia on its innovations and product developments in the exhaust industry and has a number of patents pending.

Patient Portal Technologies, Inc. (PPRG) first appeared this month in The Daily Newsletter on 12/11/06 at $0.25 up 120% at $0.55. (PPRG) opened today at $1.15 up 13% at $1.30 (PPRG) is up 420% since 12/11/06 (PPRG) was highlighted this month by Knobias Clip Report

Patient Portal Technologies, Inc. announced 12/11/06 that it had completed its previously-announced acquisition of 100% of the capital stock of Patient Portal Connect, Inc. of Palm Beach Gardens , FL. The acquisition was completed through the issuance of 14,000,000 shares of Common Stock of the Company to the shareholders of Patient Portal Connect, Inc. Patient Portal Technologies, Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary Patient Portal Connect, Inc., is a software and technology company which specializes in providing revenue enhancement and cost improvement services for the healthcare industry.

Patient Portal Technologies, Inc. announced on 12/19/06 that the company has signed an agreement with Crouse Hospital in Syracuse , NY to provide multiple, private-branded solutions improving operational efficiencies and patient satisfaction. Patient Portal Technologies, Inc. (PPT) worked extensively with Crouse Hospital to develop the first-of-its-kind integrated technology, which enables the hospital to deliver progressive patient services.

Patient Portal Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of creative technology solutions and process improvements for healthcare institutions. The company's products and services utilize a state-of-the-art proprietary software platform that optimizes patient flow, reduces administrative costs, and maximizes reimbursement.

Software Effective Solutions Inc. (SFWJ) first appeared in The Daily Newsletter this month on 12/15/06 at $0.30 up 86% at $0.56 with 6,978,432 shares traded. (SFWJ) opened today at $0.74 up 14% at $0.85 with 1,296,480 shares traded. (SFWJ) is up since 170% since 12/15/06. (SFWJ) was highlighted today by The Bull Report, Breakout Trading and Knobias Clip Report.

Software Effective Solutions Inc. announced this month that it has signed an agreement with Fibercom, a leading fiber-optic and systems integrator operating in the Far East . Fibercom is a leading fiber-optic and advanced technologies system integrator and are a major local distributor of Samsung fiber-optical cables, video broadcasting equipment, data communication and wireless transmission infrastructure based in Manila , Philippines . They are also involved in turn-key projects for enterprises and the major telecom operators, and provide sales, integration and support services to its customers.
Software Effective Solutions Inc. announced on 12/18 that the new CRM suite by SES, is expected to be soon distributed by IBM to its small and medium sized enterprise clients in Asia Pacific. They also announced they have signed an agreement with CPcom Inc.

SES Inc. is a Philippine-based software company providing enterprise software that enables small and medium-sized enterprises and telecom operators to optimize functions such as workforce management, call centers, and resource management.

Goldmark Industries, Inc. (GDKI) first appeared in The Daily Newsletter this month on 12/27/06 at $0.16 up 75% at $0.28 with 3,127,836 shares traded. (GDKI) opened today at $0.35 up 12% at $0.40 with 2,035,949 shares traded. (GDKI) is up 143% since 12/27/06 (GDKI) was highlighted this month by OTC Stock Exchange, and Hot OTC

Goldmark Industries, Inc. announced this month that hip-hop icon, and Goldmark VP, Frost will be featured on Chopper's (King Of Cars) upcoming album expected for release Christmas 2006. Other featured artists on Chopper's highly anticipated album include: Too-Short, Xhibit, Tha Alkaholiks and Baby Bash. Goldmark is committed to providing the best in all forms of urban entertainment to the 45 Million Hip-Hop consumers in North America .

Goldmark Industries, Inc. they will be splitting its operational divisions pushing its current entertainment deals into geographical representation. The company will expand its current business model of motion picture and music distribution into four geographical headquarters; Goldmark North, Goldmark South, Goldmark East and Goldmark West. Each newly formed geographical unit will have its own management team, which will report to Goldmark corporate.

Goldmark Industries, Inc. specializes in all aspects of entertainment, including Music, Feature Films, Television, Home Video/DVD and Major Events. Goldmark Entertainment plans on distributing some 10-20 films a year. Television for the urban community has become one of North America 's most watched programming genres and Hip-Hop's growing consumer base has attracted some of the world's leading advertisers.

Electronic Control Security Inc. (EKCS) The Daily Newsletter this month on 12/08/06 at $0.34 up 100% at $0.68 with 444,579 shares traded. (EKCS) opened today at $0.74 up 6% at $0.80 with 28,840 shares traded. (EKCS) is up 120% since 12/08/06 (EKCS) was highlighted this month by OTC Stock Exchange.

Electronic Control Security Inc. and Hyundai Syscomm Corp., a California corporation ("Hyundai"), announced this month that they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding pursuant to which the parties have agreed to enter into a sub-contract from Hyundai or one of its affiliates to the Company (the "Systems Sub-Contract") to provide up to two million dollars of video surveillance systems.
Electronic Control Security, Inc. engages in the design, manufacture and marketing of electronic security and lighting systems for high threat environments worldwide. The company also performs consulting services, which consist principally of designing security system solutions in support of their technologies to system integrators, and for medium to large government and commercial facilities worldwide.

Topping The Daily Newsletter leader by percentage gained for today is ProMana Solutions (PSLU) previously at $0.01 up 400% at $0.05 with 25,353 shares traded. (PSLU) is highlighted daily in The Knobias Clip Report.

ProMana Solutions haven't had much news lately but did see nice gains to end the year. ProMana specializes in the estimated 42 billion dollar HR Outsourcing market. ProMana Solutions is one of the most technically advanced applications service providers in the Payroll/HRMIS, Business Process Outsourcing Industry in the world. ProMansa allows their clients to private label their application, and resell it under their own name.

WorldStar Energy, Corp. (WSTR) previously at $0.51 up 158% at $1.32 with 35,665 shares traded. (WSTR) was highlighted today by OTC Stock Exchange for today's press release.

WorldStar Energy, Corp. announces today that it is in negotiations to acquire a controlling interest in companies which hold mineral exploration licenses in an East Asian country. If the negotiations are successful the acquisition, including related financing transactions, would involve the issuance of approximately 50 million WSTR common shares with a deemed value of US $0.25 each. A minority portion of the shares may have registration rights attached. It would also involve a change of control of the Company and will result in certain reporting obligations being triggered immediately. Definitive agreements are targeted to be concluded by approximately January 31, 2007.

Today's volume leader is Asia Global Holdings Corporation (AAGH) previously at $0.045 up 51% at $0.068 with 12,938,028 shares traded. (AAGH) was highlighted today by and this month by MicroCap Alliance, OTC Picks and Willy Wizard.

Asia Global Holdings Corporation announced today that its China TV Entertainment subsidiary has signed agreements to produce and broadcast in China the phenomenally successful TV entertainment show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" They plan to produce and broadcast a minimum of 104 episodes. The episodes will commence broadcasting on or about May 1st, 2007 for a 12-month period with a mutual option for production and broadcasting to continue for a second year thereafter.

Asia Global Holdings Corporation focused on building business in China and other emerging regions and markets in Asia and Worldwide. The company's present subsidiaries participate in media & advertising, marketing services and TV entertainment. Asia Global Holdings main operations and headquarters were moved from Los Angeles , California to Hong Kong to facilitate the identification, evaluation and acquisition of greater mainland China opportunities. The Company has stated previously that it intends to accelerate its growth by acquiring or investing in profitable companies and projects with reputable management and high growth potential in greater mainland China .

Intrusion Inc. (INTZ) previously at $0.38 up 20% at $0.45 with 116,624 shares traded. (INTZ) was highlighted today and this month by Knobias Clip Report.

Intrusion Inc. announced yesterday that it closed a $500,000 private placement of its Common Stock. In the private placement, the company sold 1,250,000 shares of common stock at a price of $0.40 per share, the price was based on the Company's Common Stock price at 110% of the average closing price per share for the twenty trading days ended on December 28, 2006.

Intrusion Inc. a provider of regulated information compliance, entity identification systems, data privacy protection products, and network intrusion prevention and detection solutions. Intrusion's products help protect critical information assets by quickly detecting, protecting, analyzing and reporting attacks or misuse of classified, private and regulated information for government and enterprise networks. Intrusion Inc. products provide data privacy protection, identity theft prevention, real-time inline blocking of spyware and unwanted P2P applications and network intrusion prevention and detection.

Open Energy Corporation (OEGY) previously at $0.37 up 18% at $0.44 with 393,552 shares traded. (OEGY) was highlighted all month by StockGuru

Open Energy Corporation announced last Friday that in a strategic acquisition they have signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held WaterEye Corporation in an all stock transaction worth approximately $3 million.

Tom Wolfe, founder and president of WaterEye will join the management team as Open Energy's Senior Vice President of Engineering and Development. Wolfe states "The ability to utilize solar energy to desalinate water is very exciting. Up to 50% of the cost of producing potable water is directly attributable to energy consumption. Many areas of the world where fresh water is most needed lack access to grid power or simply can not afford the costs of diesel fuel. Once we demonstrate the capabilities of SunCone Desal, I think many organizations around the world will take notice." WaterEye has developed proprietary remote monitoring and display technology for water systems, with customers that include GE Water, Siemens, Dow, Dupont and Poseidon Resources.

Open Energy Corp. mission is to harness the power of sun to meet the growing resource demands of sustainable 21st Century development. They focus on the development and commercialization of renewable energy products and technologies for a wide range of applications including solar energy, power production, and water desalination. Open Energy Corp. pursues these objectives through acquisitions, strategic partnerships, technology transfer opportunities, and other business strategies.

Tonight in "The look over the border" we spotlight Sierra Geothermal Power Corp TSXV (SRA) at $0.49 with 2,000 shares traded.

Sierra Geothermal Power Corp Mr. Gary Thompson, President of Sierra Geothermal Power Corp. announced last week that the Nevada State Office of the BLM issued a geothermal drilling permit on December 14, 2006. The permit allows for drilling to commence on the Reese River Project, Lander County , Nevada . Road upgrade work and drill pad construction commence this week with drill mobilization planned for late December 2006.

Sierra Geothermal is committed to being a leading developer of renewable power from geothermal sources. Geothermal power is clean and sustainable and can produce long-term revenues. Geothermal plants provide consistent, base load power, often at or above 95% capacity thereby being the preferred source of green power for many utilities.

Universal Travel Group (UTVG) at $0.49 with 409,650 shares traded. (UTVG) was highlighted this month by OTC Picks, Wall Street Grapevine, OTC Financial Network and Small Cap Voice.

Universal Travel Group announced this month they have been awarded the "Best Cooperation Award" by the Shenzhen Civil Aviation Cares Co., Ltd. ("Shenzhen Civil Aviation") for the third consecutive year. Shenzhen Civil Aviation is the largest network service provider for civil aviation reservation and outward freight systems in the Pearl River Delta Region. The "Best Cooperation Award" is an annual award given for business excellence based on overall performance and growth. A contributing factor to Universal's selection was the Company's outstanding achievements in the area of marketing and promotion in 2006.

Universal Travel Group through its wholly owned subsidiary, Yu Zhi Lu Aviation Service Company Ltd. ("YZL"), is engaged in travel services pertaining to domestic and international lines through Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan . The Company's core services include dynamic booking for air tickets, hotels, and restaurants, as well as tour routing for customers. It also provides hotel reservations, packaged tours, and air delivering services. The Company also provides logistical services for the specific needs of the leisure and business traveler, which include car rentals, livery services, itinerary planning, and conference management.

Sub Surface Waste Management of Delaware Inc. (SSWM) at $0.035 with 5,000 shares traded (SSWM) was highlighted this month by SmallCapVoice and

Sub Surface Waste Management of Delaware, Inc. announced last Thursday that its Mexico subsidiary company Environmental Tec International, S.A. de C.V. (ETI) has been invited and has accepted an offer by the State of Puebla's Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources, Francisco Castillo Montemayor, to open a headquarters office within the State's Department of Environment and Natural Resources offices in the State capital of Ciudad Puebla.

Sub Surface Waste Management of Delaware, Inc. engages in the design, installation, and operation of proprietary soil and groundwater remediation systems for clean up of toxic waste releases to soil and groundwater, and the bio-recycling of spent activated carbon filtration media. The company's customers include oil companies; toxic and hazardous waste treatment and disposal companies; manufacturers with fixed point source facilities, such as automotive, aerospace, and electronic component manufacturers; specialty environmental remediation companies; agricultural processors, paper and cellulose waste-stream producers, golf courses; poultry, pork, beef, and fish processors; and medical and hospitality waste-streams. Sub Surface Waste Management also provides comprehensive civil and environmental engineering project management services including specialists to design, permit, build and operate environmental waste clean-up treatment systems using conventional, biological and filtration technologies. SSWM is capitalizing on its patented technologies registered in Mexico with SEMARNAT a Federal regulatory agency overseeing environmental compliance nationwide.

Nascent Wine Co. (NCTW) closed at $1.09 with 2,500 shares traded. (NCTW) has been highlighted by Knobias Clip Report, Pilot Financial Communication and this month.

Nascent Wine Co. a company seeking to become one of the largest food distributorships in Mexico announced last Thursday that it has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire a Mexico based food importing and distribution company. Acquisition will make Nascent first nationwide distributor of imported foods in Mexico . Nascent Wine Co. operates in the beverage and food industry in Mexico . Nascent Wine Co. was founded in 2002 and is based in San Diego , California . For more information please visit Nascent Wine Nascent Wine Co. Inc. is charting a course to become a leader in the beverage and food industry in Mexico . The Company is the exclusive distributor of Miller Beer in Baja California , Mexico . The Company plans to continue acquiring small- to medium-sized beverage and food distributors in Mexico .

Military Resale Group, Inc. (MYRG) closed at $0.007 with 2,990,500 shares traded. (MYRG) was highlighted today by Stock Handicapper and this month by Small Cap Voice, Traders Nation and and this month by SmallCap Voice and Stock Handicapper.

Military Resale Group, Inc. recently announced that it is in negotiations and will announce soon new consumer goods and products that it plans to distribute through to the DeCA system to the 13.7 million patrons who purchase $5 billion in products each year and through new retail outlets.

Military Resale Group, Inc. a specialist in military distribution aggressive growth strategy resulted in a nine-fold sales increase. For more than five years, the company has been growing servicing military commissaries for six military bases in Colorado , Wyoming and South Dakota . Military Resale Group, Inc. recently formed a new subsidiary company, Military & Specialty Distributors, Inc. which will focus on the planned expansion as a national distributor to service commissaries and retail services throughout the DeCA system, and the 13.7 million patrons who purchase $5 billion in products each year. Military Resale Group, Inc. has had a successful history selling annually as much as $5.3 million in revenue as only a regional distributor of grocery and household items to the military market.





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