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Clear Skies Solar Inc. (CSKH)

OTC Picks, Topgun stockpicks, Lebed.biz, Stock Market News Alert, and All Penny Stocks reported earlier on Clear Skies Solar Inc. (CSKH), and we are highlighting the Company as "One to Watch", here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Clear Skies Solar, Inc., through their wholly owned subsidiary, provides full-service renewable energy solutions to commercial, industrial, and agricultural clients across the United States. The Company is a designer and integrator of solar power systems and they deliver turnkey solar electricity installations and renewable energy technology solutions. The Company trades on the OTCBB and they have their headquarters in Mineola, New York. Incorporated in 2003, Clear Skies Solar, Inc. launched formal operations in 2005.

Clear Skies Solar also develops new technologies and products that include proprietary PV panel mounting systems and trade secrets that reduce the system installation time. XTRAX® is their proprietary remote monitoring solution for measuring the production of renewable energy systems. XTRAX® is a cellular powered data transmittal unit that tracks the clean energy power produced along with the renewable energy and carbon credits associated with clean energy systems. The system is now in final stages of preparation for commercial launch.

Since their launch, Clear Skies Solar, Inc. has installed solar power systems for municipalities, real estate developers, agricultural locations, office and residential complexes, manufacturing plants, schools, and more. The Company's expertise lies in sub-1MW commercial sector installations and agricultural through developer partnerships, and highly economical remote monitoring services.

Clear Skies Solar, upon profiling energy consumption rates, can offer the most cost saving form of alternative energy available today from small commercial to industrial to agricultural. They work to help their customers save expenses. They are one of the only solar energy integrators in the United States that has a Research & Development department in house. They started their R&D department to develop the technologies needed for them to offer customers and the industry as a whole a wide range of innovative products that ensure comprehensive energy system support.

On November 18, 2009, Clear Skies Solar, Inc. announced the launch of their patented XTRAX® technology into the smart-grid market. This is through their subsidiary, Carbon 612 Corporation (C612). C612 formed last year to house the patented and patent pending technologies developed in-house by Clear Skies Solar, Inc.

Clear Skies Solar, Inc. announced in November that they would sell approximately one third of their wholly owned subsidiary C612 to a group of private investors. They expect the sale to increase working capital available at Clear Skies Solar. This will allow them increased flexibility to meet upcoming growth plans and permit C612 to support its own working capital needs.

We have our eyes on Clear Skies Solar Inc. (CSKH) and we're tracking them as "One to Watch", here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Clear Skies Solar Inc. (CSKH) closed today's trading session at $0.17 for no change. Volume was 143,550.

Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. (OPMG)

Today, Perfect Penny Stocks, Simply Best Penny Stocks, and Top Best Pennystocks reported on Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. (OPMG). Previously, OTC Journal, SmallCap Voice, StockEgg.com, Penny Invest, Hot Shot Stocks, Another Winning Trade, Stock Research Newsletter, Cool Penny Stocks, HotOTC.com, Stock Rich, Willy Wizard, OTC Picks, Shazamstocks.com, Wall Street Research, Beacon Equity Research, StockHideout.com, and InsideMove.com reported on the Company. Today, we highlight the Company as "One to Watch", here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.      

Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. is an email services provider for on-demand e-mail marketing. The company also provides precision direct marketing solutions. These include email marketing, sms/mobile marketing, sms/keyword marketing, custom lead generation, and creative services. Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. trades on the OTC Bulletin Board and they have their headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida.

Options Media Group designs custom email delivery solutions for companies that require more than a basic “cookie-cutter” delivery solution. The solutions they provide include a complete ASP solution, consultation services, and stand-alone software. The Company’s clients are industry leading email marketing firms and agencies. Through their subsidiary company, 1Touch Marketing, they deliver digital and direct marketing solutions for opt-in email, sms, postal, lead generation, video SEO, and social networking ads and banners.

The company has more than 100 industry-leading e-mail marketing firms, corporate brand advertisers, and agencies as clients under management. This represents over 120 million unique e-mail addresses. Options Media Group also reviews results and works with clients to optimize and fashion campaigns that are more effective.

Options Media Group’s complete ASP solution offers access to software, hardware, bandwidth, exclusive domains and IP addresses as well as the ability to upload and manage subscribers, review and upload campaign creatives, and track results. The Company provides consultation services for clients who require access to experts in marketing insight, strategy guidance, best practices, content writing, and creative design. The Company also provides in-house solutions, including installation, set up, maintenance of the necessary software platform, and platform management.

Today, Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. announced they closed the signing of an asset purchase agreement with H2O PM, Inc. Options Media Group purchased technology relating to Bluetooth advertising and mass SMS Text Messaging broadcast capabilities that allows for interactive SMS applications.

Bluetooth Proximity is a technology focused on the delivery of content to Bluetooth enabled devices. It allows top brands proximity-marketing capabilities. The platform delivers advertising and information content to mobile and PDA devices instantly. This is with zero transmission costs to both the sender and receiver. It creates a fixed cost solution for Options Media Group Holdings, Inc.’s clients.

Mr. Scott Frohman, CEO of Options Media Group, commented, “This acquisition allows us to continue building our technology suite and expand our client offerings to solidify our place as a market leader in the mobile advertising industry. Options Media will now have the capability to go back to some of our existing clientele, such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Wendy’s and Gerber Foods and offer our own proprietary additional mobile solutions.”

We're tracking Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. (OPMG) on our radar screens as "One to Watch", here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. (OPMG) closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.1750 up 40.00 percent. Volume was 20,260,432.

Vertex Energy, Inc. (VTNR)

Today we choose to highlight Vertex Energy, Inc. (VTNR), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTCBB, Vertex Energy, Inc. is a leader in the aggregation, recycling, and processing of distressed hydrocarbon streams. The Company's focus is on creating increased value in the products they manage and produce. This is through a variety of strategies and technologies that facilitate the re-refining of used oil and off specification commercial chemical products into higher value commodities.  Vertex Energy, Inc. has their headquarters in Houston, Texas, and they have offices in Florida, Georgia, and California.

Mr. Benjamin Cowart, the Company's CEO and Chairman, formed Vertex in 2001. Vertex's current Black Oil Division is a direct outgrowth of the Company's original business. This was as a feedstock manager for a single customer in the Gulf Coast region.  In 2004, the Company launched their Refining & Marketing Division. This was to capitalize on their competency in sourcing and managing distressed hydrocarbon streams. The Company's Refining & Marketing Division converts distressed hydrocarbon streams like pipeline transmix and chemical byproducts into useful commodities. These include gasoline blendstock, pygas, and marine cutter stock.

In 2008, the Company evolved further. They initiated the research and development of their TCEP Technology that is now generating a refined product from used motor oil. The Company's TCEP Technology business is within their Refining & Marketing Division and utilizes a licensed technology developed by Vertex Holdings, L.P. (a privately held, related party to Vertex Energy, Inc.) to convert used motor oil, or black oil, into a refining feedstock or diesel replacement useable in all grades of ship fuel.  The process utilizes thermal and chemical dynamics to extract impurities from the used motor oil at a facility in Baytown, Texas. 

The process has both system and method patents filed and it relies on technology developed and tested by members of Vertex Energy's management team.  The TCEP technology is currently running on a continuous basis. The Company has been selling their TCEP end product to a large international fuel trading company since July of 2009.

This year, Vertex Energy, Inc. moved forward via becoming a publicly traded company through their merger with World Waste Technologies, Inc. Vertex Energy, Inc. manages and produces energy related products, focused on recycle/reuse operations for petroleum and chemical products. This is in an effort to conserve the U.S. environment and energy resources.  Vertex provides services across the U.S. enabling the transporting, processing, and re-refining of these distressed hydrocarbons based streams into viable commodity products that offset the country's dependency on foreign crude oil in a safe and regulatory compliant manner.

Vertex Energy, Inc. (VTNR) closed Wednesday's trading session at $1.50 up 114.29 percent. Volume was 300 shares.


Greenbackers reported last week on XOMA Ltd. (XOMA), Momentum Traders, Penny Stock Finder, HotOTC.com did earlier, and we choose to highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the NASDAQ Global Market, XOMA Ltd. is a leader in the discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies. The Company discovers, develops, and manufactures novel antibody therapeutics for their own proprietary pipeline as well as through license and collaborative agreements with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and under their contracts with the U.S. government. Founded in 1981, XOMA Ltd. has their headquarters in Berkeley, California.

The Company's proprietary product pipeline includes XOMA 052, an anti-IL-1 beta antibody in Phase 2 clinical development. This is for Type 2 diabetes, Type 1 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. There is also the potential for the treatment of a wide range of inflammatory conditions.

Their XOMA 3AB is an antibody candidate in pre-IND studies to neutralize the botulinum toxin. The Company also has a preclinical pipeline. They have candidates in development for inflammatory, autoimmune, and oncologic diseases. In addition to their proprietary pipeline, XOMA develops products with premier pharmaceutical companies including Novartis AG, Merck & Co., Inc., and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited.

Last week, XOMA Ltd. reported results demonstrating the advantages of their monoclonal antibody technologies in the rapid development of their first in class multiple antibody product candidate, XOMA 3AB. They designed XOMA 3AB to neutralize botulinum neurotoxin Type A, which causes paralysis and is a bioterror threat. The presentation of the results was at the 20th Annual International Conference on Antibody Engineering held December 6 to 10 in San Diego, California.

XOMA's technologies enable them to co-formulate and deliver multiple antibodies in a single injectable solution. This facilitates delivery and has the potential to increase efficacy for infectious and other diseases. XOMA 3AB consists of three human antibodies that bind to unique epitopes on the botulinum A toxin, which in composite provide unprecedented potency against the toxin. XOMA is developing XOMA 3AB under existing research contracts with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

XOMA Ltd. (XOMA) closed Wednesday's session at $0.68 down 1.45 percent. Volume was 846,361.

Optimized Transportation Management, Inc. (OPTZ)

We are highlighting Optimized Transportation Management, Inc. (OPTZ) today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 2009, Optimized Transportation Management, Inc. offers transportation and logistics services. They are growing to become a full-service supply-chain logistics company. The Company trades on NASDAQ's OTC Bulletin Board and they have their corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Company's business plan is to build a full service supply-chain logistics company by developing a management system for midsized manufacturers and distributors. This provides the necessary transportation services to complement the system and eventually they will meet 100 percent of their customer's logistical needs.

Optimized Transportation Management, Inc. created Optivity Suite. This is a powerful and highly integrated software service to provide web-based advanced management and tracking of their customers' fleets, assets, and inventories. The software is proprietary and adaptable through their staff's knowledge in meeting the needs of each individual customer. 

The Company has relationships with LTL, truckload, rail, ocean, and air cargo carriers. This provides their customers more solutions and greater flexibility in managing the warehousing and distribution of their products in the global sourcing environment.

The Company's acquisition strategies focus on their ability to provide end-to-end services for growing global opportunities. They will provide clients with global freight forwarding services, global document management, product staging, information technology that supports tight integration and total visibility among global factories, suppliers, and end-user customers sourcing product globally. In addition, the Company will focus on managing warehouse operations in support of existing clients and potential new clients, supporting both domestic and global supply chain strategies.

Optimized Transportation Management, Inc. consists of several complementary service offerings. These include Supply Chain Engineering and Consulting Solutions, Specialized Transportation and Logistics Services, International Cargo Solutions, and Transportation Information Solutions.

Last week, Optimized Transportation Management, Inc. signed a definitive agreement to purchase Light Express, Inc. The completion of this transaction will add a fleet to the Company's logistics and brokerage operation. Optimized Transportation Management, Inc. will be able to provide an asset-based service to their existing customers' operations. The Company will also be expanding their logistics business.

Today, Optimized Transportation Management, Inc. (OPTZ) closed at $0.45 up 183.02 percent. Volume was 153,500.

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (BCRX)

Greenbackers and The Dean reported last week on BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (BCRX), Street Insider, The Street, Momentum Trades, DrStockPick.com, SmallCapInvestor.com, OTC Picks, Penny Performers, Standout Stocks, Wall Street Grand, Momentum Traders did earlier, and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 1986, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. designs, optimizes, and develops novel small-molecule pharmaceuticals that block key enzymes involved in infectious diseases, cancer, and inflammatory diseases. The Company uses structure-based drug design, which incorporates multiple scientific disciplines. This includes biology, crystallography, medicinal chemistry, and computer modeling, to develop new therapeutic candidates efficiently. BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. trades on the NASDAQ Global Market. They have their headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, and an office in Durham, North Carolina.

BioCryst has expertise in drug discovery, clinical development, and regulatory affairs. The Company continues to advance their compounds, Peramivir, Forodesine, and BCX4208. They also continue to generate new compounds from their own discovery engine - structure-based drug design.

BioCryst has progressed two novel compounds into late-stage pivotal clinical trials. These are the aforementioned Peramivir, an anti-viral for influenza, and Forodesine, a purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP) inhibitor for cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL)

The U.S. government has approved BioCryst's intravenous flu drug Peramivir as an emergency treatment for swine flu. The Company expects to continue testing peramivir until 2011 to win full approval. Japanese regulators are reviewing an application to approve Peramivir as an outpatient flu treatment. Peramivir is for patients who are too sick to take an oral drug. BioCryst is also testing Forodesine as a treatment for three cancers: cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

BioCryst designs drug candidates using detailed knowledge of the structures of active sites of targeted enzymes. The active site of an enzyme is the area into which a chemical or biological molecule fits to initiate a biochemical reaction. The Company aims to license or design compounds that will fit in the active sites of enzymes and interfere with the progression of disease.

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. uses strategic partnerships early in the drug identification process through in-licensing of drug targets. The Company currently has collaborations with leading academic organizations including The University of Alabama at Birmingham and Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University and Industrial Research, Ltd., New Zealand.

On December 9, 2009, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc. reported that they elected Charles Sanders to their Board of Directors. Mr. Sanders worked for five years as CEO of Glaxo Inc., which is now part of GlaxoSmithKline PLC. He was Chairman of the Glaxo board for three years. He is also a former Vice Chairman of Squibb Corp., now part of Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. His appointment expands BioCryst's board to eight members.

Today, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (BCRX) closed trading at $6.63 down 2.07 percent. Volume was 901,322.

Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc. (AATI)

Today we are highlighting Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc. (AATI), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc. is an analog semiconductor company focused on powering innovative solutions in consumer, industrial, and communications markets. The Company develops advanced semiconductor system solutions that play a key role in the continuing evolution of feature-rich, energy efficient electronic devices. They also license device, process, package, and application-related technologies. Founded in 1997, Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc. trades on NASDAQ and they have their headquarters in Santa Clara, California.

The Company has approximately 275 people worldwide, with design centers in Santa Clara and Shanghai, and Asia based operations and logistics. They focus on addressing the application-specific power management needs of consumer devices. These include mobile handsets, digital cameras, and netbooks/notebooks, as well as devices in a broad range of industrial, medical, and telecom applications

Advanced Analogic Technologies offers a broad range of analog and mixed-signal circuits that play a critical role in system design. Their solutions expertise includes Display and Lighting, Battery Chargers, Current Limited Load Switches, Switching Regulators, Inductorless DC/DC Converters, and Linear Regulators. They also include Power Half Bridges, Integrated Load Switches, Voltage References, Voltage Supervisors and Monitors, and Power MOSFETs.

Because no single semiconductor fabrication process can support all complex system design needs, the Company designers have three carefully crafted analog technologies from which to choose. These are Analog CMOS, ModularBCD™, and TrenchDMOS, the latter two of which are Proprietary Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc. technologies. In the area of integration the Company develops area-efficient multi-chip packages to meet more complex power management needs in a smaller footprint.

Unique to the Company is the concept of "Fabless without Foundries". Instead of using standard fab process technologies, they have created their own optimized process technologies. The Company installs them in older generation DRAM fabs, turning these fabs into highly effective manufacturing partners.
Last month, Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc. made their official move into the LED backlit LCD television market. This is with the first chip set families in a series of innovative power-management semiconductor systems. They designed these to enhance energy efficiency and user-experience significantly for LED backlit LCD televisions.

Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc. (AATI) closed Wednesday's trading session at $3.70 up 1.93 percent. Volume was 337,071.

Zoltek Companies Inc. (ZOLT)

Eco Stocks reported earlier on Zoltek Companies Inc. (ZOLT), and we are highlighting the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Zoltek Companies, Inc. is an applied technology and advanced materials company. They develop, manufacture, and market carbon fibers and technical fibers. Their corporate objective is to lead the commercialization of carbon fiber as a primary composite building material. Zoltek began as an industrial equipment and services company, and they entered the carbon fiber business with an acquisition in 1988. Zoltek Companies Inc. trades on NASDAQ and they have their corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.

Zoltek has become the worldwide leader in rated capacity for producing carbon fiber by making low-cost, high performance carbon fiber through a proprietary continuous carbonization process. Carbon fiber reinforced composites have significant performance characteristics and properties. These include high strength, low weight, high stiffness, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and electrical conductivity. Carbon fiber is also versatile. It has the ability to work with an assortment of different materials, including other fibers, plastics, metals, wood, and concrete.

Zoltek's commercial grade carbon fibers sell under the PANEX® trade name and their oxidized PAN fibers sell under the PYRON® trade name. The Company's PANEX® and PYRON® fibers are available in many different standard forms, and they perform customizations.

The Company's PANEX® 35 carbon fibers are available in different product forms. These are continuous tow, prepreg, unidirectional and woven fabric, chopped fiber, and milled fiber.  Zoltek's PANEX® 30 products are PAN based materials that are greater than 99 percent carbonized. They derive these high-purity products from their high temperature batch carbonization process. They most often find use in extreme applications that demand resistance to harsh temperature and chemical environments. PANEX® 30 materials are thermally stable and chemically pure.

PYRON® is the Company's oxidized PAN fiber that is inherently flame resistant. This makes it an effective heat blocking and fire barrier material. PYRON® fibers do not burn, melt, or drip. Instead, they char and self-extinguish. The largest application for PYRON® is the aircraft brake market, where the product holds the dominant position in the marketplace. The Company's PYRON® oxidized PAN fibers are available in Continuous Tow, Staple Fiber, Fabric, and Yarn.

Zoltek Companies Inc. (ZOLT) closed Wednesday's trading session at $9.23 up 7.45 percent. Volume was 470,016.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK). Today, NetSol Technologies, Inc. closed trading at $0.82, which was up 4.46 percent. Their volume today was 114,884 shares.

NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK), a worldwide provider of global business services and enterprise application solutions, leverages its BestShoring(TM) practices and highly experienced resources to deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Their suite of products and services include credit and finance portfolio management systems, hospital/healthcare information management systems (HIMS), SAP consulting and services, custom development, systems integration, and technical services.

NetSol’s commitment to quality is demonstrated by its achievement of the ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and SEI (Software Engineering Institute) CMMI (Capability Maturity Model) Maturity Level 5 assessments, a distinction shared by less than 100 companies worldwide. These distinctions are a result of adhering to rigorous quality standards, resulting in the delivery of solutions that are secure, reliable, properly planned, and meticulously executed.

Serving the global financial, healthcare, insurance, energy, and technology markets, NetSol has operations, offices, and joint ventures in Adelaide, Bangkok, Beijing, Lahore, London, Riyadh, San Francisco, and San Pedro Sula. NetSol Technologies' clients include Fortune 500 manufacturers, global automakers, financial institutions, utilities, technology providers, and government agencies.

NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NTWK), is well positioned with its core product offerings as it continues to expand into new international market opportunities. Looking forward, the company is very optimistic of its short-term and long-term outlook as it sees strong growth in Asia Pacific as well as the South East Asian markets, while also envisioning unlimited potential for its niche solutions and services in the Americas. Disclaimer

NetSol Technologies, Inc. Blog

NetSol Technologies, Inc. News:

NetSol Technologies to Present at Equities Winter Discovery Day Conference in New York on December 11, 2009

NetSol Technologies Awarded Contract Valued at $2 Million From Major Chinese Automotive Finance Company

NetSol Technologies to Expand Chinese Sales and Delivery Operations With Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Leveraging Fast Growing Chinese Consumer and Asset Finance Market


The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight VIASPACE (VSPC) Today, VIASPACE closed trading at $0.0210, which was up 5.00 percent. Their volume today was 2,211,295 shares.

VIASPACE (VSPC) announced that Chief Executive Carl Kukkonen was recently interviewed on CEONEWS.Tv. During the interview, he reviewed the Company's renewable energy and fuel cell cartridge businesses and provided a brief update on the progress and outlook for Giant King Grass.

VIASPACE (VSPC) a clean energy company growing Giant King™ Grass as a low-carbon, renewable energy crop, today provided an update on the status of the initial public offering of their majority owned subsidiary VIASPACE Green Energy.

VIASPACE (VSPC) is a clean energy company focused on providing products and technology that reduce or eliminate dependence on fossil fuels and other high-pollutant energy sources. Through its subsidiaries, the company provides raw material for cellulosic biofuels; develops and markets fuel cartridges, products and technology for methanol fuel cells; markets rechargeable lithium-ion batteries; and develops security-related monitoring and detection technology and systems for military/defense and commercial applications.

Through its renewable energy subsidiary, VIASPACE Green Energy, the company grows a fast-growing non-food grass that can be harvested four times a year. This proprietary grass is used for producing low carbon liquid biofuels such as cellulosic ethanol, methanol and green gasoline for transportation, as well as partially or completely replacing coal to reduce carbon emissions from electric power plants. Cellulosic biofuels made from non-food sources offer environmental and economic advantages over food crops, like corn, and are attracting strong political support around the world.

Through its alternative energy subsidiary, Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corporation, the company designs and manufactures disposable methanol fuel cartridges that supply power for portable electronics such as notebook computers and mobile phones. Compared to traditional batteries, fuel cells cleanly and efficiently convert methanol into electricity without burning and provide longer operating time and instantaneous recharging. VIASPACE also supplies rechargeable lithium batteries for electronics, power tools, electric bicycles and other electric vehicles.

Through its high-technology subsidiary, Ionfinity, the company collaborates with Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to develop and commercialize new sensor technology that can detect very small amounts of hazardous materials such as explosives, chemical/biological weapons, toxic gases and drugs. Leveraging Ionfinity’s miniaturization technology, new portable monitoring devices and detection systems are being developed for homeland security, defense, biomedical, industrial process control, agricultural and environmental safety applications. Disclaimer



First Giant King Grass Harvest

VIASPACE Expands Giant King(TM) Grass Production Capacity

VIASPACE Files Amended Form S-1

eDOORWAYS Corporation (EDWY)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight eDOORWAYS Corporation (EDWY) Today eDoorways Corporation closed trading at $0.0591, which was up 0.17 percent. Their volume today was 2,199,635 shares.

eDOORWAYS Corp. (EDWY) revealed greater detail in the functionality of its eDoorways initiative as the company prepares for this month’s holiday release of “SOLVE” beta v1.0. To read the entire release, visit http://blog.qualitystocks.net/?p=19904

eDOORWAYS Corp. (EDWY) is committed to solving lifestyle problems for consumers while driving traffic to suppliers and service providers who offer innovative merchandise and solutions. The company has the potential to completely change the future landscape of business by offering a unique and comprehensive service that saves consumers valuable time and money. By uniting a consumer with the larger global consumer community, retailers, and manufacturers in an effective new way, eDOORWAYS promotes “dynamic” commerce, as opposed to the static model currently in existence.

The Company plans to capitalize on several emerging new trends. These newly created opportunities include: the large success of Web 2.0 Internet community service offerings such as MySpace, the movement towards niche marketing and targeted advertising, the introduction of new technologies that enable instantaneous, online presentation of information, and the rising consumer preference for using the Internet to gain information before making purchasing decisions.

eDOORWAYS plans to introduce local services using a city-by-city strategy that will minimize capital requirements, reduce staffing requirements, and optimize generated revenues. Ten major cities are targeted for launch in the first year. Advertising, PR campaigns and viral word-of-mouth will be used to give a public presentation to experts as well as educate the market.

The key benefits offered to consumers include a higher level of engagement with vendors, trusted information from other consumers, and superior customer service. Revenues will be generated through advertising placement fees, premium services, preferential placement fees, and a percentage of sales transactions. eDOORWAYS' progressive vision and professional management team makes it an attractive investment opportunity. Disclaimer

eDOORWAYS Corporation Blog

eDOORWAYS Corporation News:

eDoorways' Executives Reaffirm Company's Excellent Status

eDoorways' Gary Kimmons Says Comcast's NBC Deal Hints at Future of Media

eDoorways Sees "SOLVE" Beta 1.0 Signups Increase Significantly, With Strong National Interest

FormCap Corp. (FRMC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight FormCap Corp. (FRMC) Today, FormCap Corp. closed trading at $0.44, on no volume.

FormCap Corp. (FRMC) announced that they have begun the process of establishing the Company as an Operator in the State of New Mexico. This is in anticipation of drilling and developing the 4,900-acre Weber City Prospect.

FormCap Corp. (FRMC) is an emerging oil & gas exploration and development company. With a primary focus on the discovery and development of oil in the Continental United States, the company has assembled 4,800 acres of oil and gas mineral leases, together called the Weber City Prospect, located in Curry County, New Mexico.

The Weber City Prospect has been defined by detailed geological information including well log data, seismic, Landsat and independent third party geological interpretation. After thorough review of the collected data, FormCap believes there is potential to drill up to 100 wells that could produce over 300 million barrels of oil.

The initial well will be drilled to a total depth of 6,500' to test four potential productive hydrocarbon zones; the San Andres, Clearfork, Wolfcamp and, the primary objective, the Cisco Formation. The company has also outlined multiple secondary objectives in the primary producing zones of the Permain Basin of New Mexico and Texas.

The Permian Basin is very prolific and well known for its oil production. Owning their leases 100%, FormCap is fully in charge of its exploration and drill plan. The four well established formations should provide FormCap with a relatively low risk opportunity as the company’s experienced management team dedicates all efforts towards profitability. Disclaimer

FormCap Corp. Blog

FormCap Corp. News:

Formcap Hires Senior Geologist Thomas Markham

FormCap Corporation - Corporate Update

FORMCAP Acquires 4,800 Acres in New Mexico

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (KBLB)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (KBLB) Today, Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. closed trading at $0.0135, which was up 8.00 percent from yesterday's close. Their volume today was 145,300 shares.

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (KBLB) a biotechnology company, has their focus on developing high performance polymers and technical fibers. The company is utilizing their proprietary genetic engineering technology to develop and produce polymers and protein-based materials, including Spider silk, which may have numerous commercial and consumer applications.

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (KBLB) is working with university scientists and laboratories to create these new polymers that have potentially broad applications in the multi-billion dollar marketplace for high performance polymers. The company sponsors and collaborates on research projects within university genetic engineering laboratories as a means of utilizing the greatest minds in their field.

Spider Silk is one of the strongest fibers produced in nature. The spider's repelling silk is of particular commercial interest since it is both extremely strong and extremely flexible. Although exciting commercial opportunities exist for the natural polymer, there is no known way to produce the fibers in commercial quantity. KraigLabs, in cooperation with two leading universities, has acquired proprietary genetic engineering technology to unlock the mystery.

CEO Kim Thompson leads the company with formal education in the fields of economics and law. With interest in genetic engineering dating back to the 1970s, Mr. Thompson has invented a pending provisional patent application for a number of organic polymers. This patent application has been assigned to benefit Kraig Biocraft and is a central part of the company's efforts in bringing those inventions to the market. Disclaimer

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. Blog

News for Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc.

The New Age of Partnerships

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. Greatly Exceeds Its Performance Goals

SectorWatch.biz: Paving the Way for Spider Silk

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. (NPDT)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. (NPDT). Today, Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. closed trading at $0.0270, which was up 8.00 percent. Their volume today was 439,496 shares.

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. (NPDT) provided an update on the launch of their first RFID ready, handheld computing device. The Company announced that they anticipate that they will have their military rugged handheld N37B computing device complete the AT&T device certification on December 14th, 2009.

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. (NPDT) offers a rich portfolio of competencies in RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), WiMAX, eLearning, LED Signage, and Security & Surveillance. Utilizing its technological expertise and creativity, the company enables its customers to take full advantage of the nearly limitless possibilities offered by increasingly sophisticated applications.

Newport is committed to meeting specific customer requirements by delivering complete solutions for a broad spectrum of applications. The company is building a global distribution, licensing, and sales network of industry-leading partners as well as third-party Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) and component suppliers to ensure its clients world-leading technology with strong local support capabilities.

The company has established a synergistic partnership with Taiwan’s premier technology incubators, the Institute for Information Industry (III) and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), under which the company develops and customizes their advanced technologies to meet the needs of businesses across the globe. Having a pool of more than 7,900 engineers and scientists, these R&D powerhouses have developed cutting edge capabilities in fields such as Information Communications Technology (ICT), electronics, and nanotechnology.

Newport’s management team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience within the technology industry as well as the corporate world. Maintaining a strong track record of delivering results to investors and customers, the team retains over two centuries of combined experience. Leveraging each team member’s area of expertise, Newport has established a solid foundation to penetrate emerging technology markets.Disclaimer

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. Message Board

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. Blog

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. News:

Newport Digital Technologies Provides Update on Launch of N37B Rugged Handheld Computing Device; Nears Completion of AT&T Device Certification

SCIA "Saturday Winter Conference" Is a Success

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. Announces Strategic Change in Senior Management Team as It Prepares for Launch of Its RFID and Wireless Digital Signage Products and Solutions

Royal Quantum Group, Inc. (RYQG) Led by Skilled, Experienced Management

Royal Quantum Group Inc. is focusing on acquiring, exploring and developing resource properties located within geo-politically stable countries. The company currently has two oil and gas prospects located on the Nemaha Ridge in North-Central Oklahoma.
The company is led by a skilled management team that has accumulated years of business experience. This team has a history of successfully managing early stage mineral exploration companies and has tremendous potential to lead the company to great success. The members of the management team include:
Ron Ruskowsky – CEO, CFO and president of the company – Mr. Ruskowsky has a diverse and strong background in corporate structure, management and finance. He has been involved in all aspects of management, from marketing to finance and acquisitions in both public and private companies for more than 20 years.
Roger Janssen – secretary and vice-president of the company – Mr. Janssen has been in senior management positions in the private and public sector for the past 25 years. He has owned and operated a successful manufacturing business and has traveled internationally as a management consultant for a number of private companies during their start-up phase.
Phil van Angeren – exploration manager/geologist – Mr. Van Angeren has over 25 years experience in managing exploration and development programs in both precious metals and oil & gas throughout North and South America. He received his degree in geology from McGill University in Canada.

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. (NPDT) Shifts Executives

Newport Digital Technologies Inc. is making major shifts in its executive structure as it prepares to launch two of its key product technology areas, RFID and Wireless Digital Signage. The adjustments were initiated by Newport founder and chairman, Richard Damion, to better fit changing company needs.

• Current COO, Weiling Tsao, will become President, overseeing engineering, R&D, sales, and general operations.
• Current President, Michael Lutton, will become CEO, responsible for finance and long-term strategic planning.
• Current CEO, Gary DeMel, will become Chief Strategy Officer, focusing exclusively on developing worldwide sales channels.

Chairman Richard Damion commented on reasons behind the restructuring, “We are pleased to announce these strategic changes in our management team as we prepare the launch of our first two technology product lines in the RFID and wireless digital signage markets. After working with management for the past several months, I have decided to make these adjustments to allow each member of our team to focus on their area of expertise.”

He continued, “Given the vast size of the RFID and digital signage markets along with Mr. DeMel’s past experience as senior director of worldwide sales and business development for Intel Corporation and senior VP of worldwide sales for ATI, his immediate focus will be in driving Newport Digital’s sales efforts. Weiling Tsao, who came to NPDT from technology giant, AMD/ATI, has demonstrated the talent and ability to manage the detailed day-to-day operations of the company, including overseeing engineering, research and development and sales and marketing. As CEO, Mike Lutton will oversee corporate finance, long term strategic planning, interfacing with buy and sell side analysts and heading up corporate communications. Mike’s talents lend themselves to these responsibilities.”

Newport’s newly appointed CEO, Michael Lutton, said, “Expanding Weiling’s role to President in charge of day-to-day operations is a natural evolution. Weiling has more than 30 years of experience in all facets of technology development and sales and has made great progress in establishing NPDT as a viable company partnered with Taiwan’s R&D powerhouses, III and ITRI. We have a very efficient and scalable business model and a management team that can make it happen. The changes we are making today will allow NPDT to better execute its strategic plan to the benefit of all shareholders.”

Newport Digital Technologies is focused on bringing to market technology solutions for five of the fastest emerging technologies:

• RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
• WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, basically wireless transmission technologies)
• VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
• Digital Signage and LED Lighting
• Security & Surveillance


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