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Topping The Daily Newsletter leader by percentage gained is DiversiFax, Inc.(DSFX) previously at 1.10 up 172% $3.00 with 14,660 shares traded. (DSFX) was highlighted in today's Shell Stock Review

DiversiFax, Inc. announced today that they issued an 8K announcing they entered into an agreement and plan of merger with Upper Class Group Limited UCG is a corporation formed under the laws of the British Virgin Island and a holding company that acquired all of the issued and outstanding stock of Shouguang City Haoyuan Chemical Company Limited ("SCHC") on October 9, 2006. SCHC is organized under the laws of China.

DiversiFax, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the ownership, leasing, and operation of coin and debit card pay-per-copy photocopy machines, fax machines, microfilm reader-printers, and accessory equipment.

Sew Cal Logo, Inc. (SEWC) previously at $0.009 up 111% at $0.019 with 2,054,133 shares traded. (SEWC) was highlighted today by Hot Otc for "unusual activity" and by Otc Stock Exchange.

Sew Cal Logo, Inc. manufactures embroidered caps, sportswear, and related corporate identification apparel. It offers caps and headwear, jackets, denim, cargo shorts, and pants and related apparel. In addition, Sew Cal also supplies wardrobe, as well as promotional, and cast and crew items for feature films and television, and to the major motion picture studios. The company sells its products to motion picture and television studios, retailers, and local schools and small businesses in the United States.

Madison Bay Holdings, Inc. (MDBY) previously at $0.014 up 57% at $0.0220 with 2,599,288 shares traded. (MDBY) was highlighted today by the Pickster and Boon Market.

Madison Bay Holdings, Inc. announced today that the company entered into an agreement to secure the exclusive International and US distribution and marketing rights for Fish-Rite Boats, Inc. Under the agreement Madison Bay Holdings will provide business development services and direct sales services to expand the distribution of Fish-Rite Boats in the US, Canada and Internationally. The agreement was entered into on June 12, 2006 and Madison Bay Holdings and Fish-Rite have been working successfully to execute the plan to expand and increase the sales and profits of Fish-Rite and Madison Bay Holdings. Under the terms of the agreement Madison Bay Holdings will provide services and receive continuing fees and commissions as sales are generated. Madison Bay Holdings is assisting with the development of new boats, the expansion of the distribution network on an International basis and additions and increases to the financial structure of Fish-Rite. Boon Market stated today "I have been as straight forward as possible about our recent picks, and I can say with the utmost certainty that I believe MDBY is going to rocket upwards!" "This stock is waking up after being virtually dead the last few months." "I am releasing this stock at the absolutely perfect time. We are about to catch "the meat of the move" and it's going to be a big move!"

Fish-Rite Boats has a 28-year history and excellent reputation as one of the premier manufacturer's and designers of upscale "heavy duty" cruise and fish boats. The company offers a variety of over 20 models of aluminum cruise and fish boats in outboard, jet and inboard outdrive propulsion.

Madison Bay Holdings, Inc. is a marketer and distributor of Recreational Vehicles, Powerboats and Leisure Watercraft. The Company owns all equipment, designs and trademarks of Summit Coaches, the Recreational Vehicle (RV) division that specializes in manufacturing, marketing and selling upscale and feature-oriented RV trailers and its marine division is involved in boutique leisure product distribution.

CenGroup Petroleum Corporation (CPCO) previously at $0.07 up 42% at $0.10 with 37,645 shares traded. (CPCO) was highlighted today and this month by Penny Picks.

CenGroup Petroleum Corporation announced yesterday the selection of three inaugural sites to begin its oil recovery program. Two oil-contaminated lakes around the Azerbaijan capital of Baku and the coastal area of the Caspian Sea said to be one of the worst ecological contaminated areas in the world due to various pollutants including oil from spills have been identified as the start-up sites for CenGroup's R2 (Recovery and Reclamation) operations. It has been estimated that there are approximately 250 million barrels of surface oil lying on water and land in the Caspian Sea Region, with nearly 1 million new barrels of oil leaking to the surface each year.

CEO Neville Trevor commented "We launch our R2 operations on the heels of a major pipeline opening. This $4 billion project (sponsored by a Western consortium) connecting oil flow from Baku to Turkey's Ceyhan. Experts expect this project to double the country's revenues within 3 years."

CenGroup Petroleum Corporation was developed to take advantage of an opportunity to recover surface oil in the Caspian Sea Region and to reclaim the oil to productive use while environmentally restoring the land, sea, and shore. Over the past five years the Company has singularly positioned itself in this lucrative region by developing relationships within the Azerbaijan government.


Franchise Capital Corporation (FCCN) previously at $0.004 up 37% at $0.0055 with 6,683,289 shares traded. (FCCN) was highlighted today by Pennies to Dollars and yesterday by Otc Stock Exchange. (FCCN) was also highlighted in yesterdays Daily Newsletter

Franchise Capital Corporation announced yesterday that it has reached an agreement with Aero Exhaust, Inc., a leader in performance exhaust airflow technology, under which Franchise Capital Corporation would acquire all of Aero Exhaust's issued and outstanding shares. "Aero Exhaust is exactly the type of company that Franchise Capital Corporation has targeted to acquire," stated chief executive officer Steven R. Peacock. "Not only has Aero developed technologically innovative products, superior to its competition, but there is a highly effective management team in place, its products are already available worldwide through a number of retail outlets, and the company is well-positioned for significant long-term growth."

Franchise Capital Corporation, a business development company, provides long-term debt and equity investment capital to support the expansion of companies in the casual, fast food restaurant industry. It invests in private and small to middle market companies that lack access to public capital.

Aero Exhaust is the world leader in performance exhaust airflow technology, manufacturing and distributing the most technologically advanced muffler on the market. NASCAR legend Rusty Wallace is the official spokesperson for Aero Exhaust products. In addition to its NASCAR relationship, Aero Exhaust has been issued patents in both the United States and Australia on its innovations and product developments in the exhaust industry and has a number of patents pending.

Guidance Software, Inc. (GUID) previously at $11.50 up 31% at $15.14 with 5,709,572 shares traded. (GUID) was highlighted today by Daily Wall Street.

Guidance Software, Inc. announced today the pricing of its initial public offering of 5,000,000 shares of its common stock at $11.50 per share (before underwriting discounts and commissions). Of those shares, the Company is selling 3,250,000 shares and selling stockholders are selling 1,750,000 shares. This week is set to be the busiest of the year for IPOs in general, with 22 worth more than $3.4 billion scheduled.

Guidance Software, Inc develops solutions that search, identify, recover and deliver digital information in a forensically sound and cost-effective manner. Guidance Software's solutions provide an enterprise investigative infrastructure that enables corporations, government and law enforcement agencies to conduct effective digital investigations, respond promptly to eDiscovery requests and other large-scale data collection needs, and take decisive action in response to external attacks.

I.Q. Webquest (IQWB) previously at $0.10 up 30% at $0.13 with 364,154 shares traded. (IQWB) was highlighted today by OTC Stock Exchange, Stock Guru and Wall Street Grapevine. (IQWB) was highlighted this month by OTC Stock Exchange, Wall Street Grapevine, Knobias Clip Report, OTC Picks and Stock Guru.

I.Q. Webquest specializes in the multibillion dollar social networking industry through a diverse portfolio of customized websites. The company will attract substantial revenue through advertising, memberships and strategic partnerships with other websites offering complementary services. OTC Stock Exchange states "(IQWB) - SHE IS RUNNING TODAY !!! UP OVER 50% !!!! HUGE VOLUME !!! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!" and Wall Street Grapvine stated today "(IQWB) made me think we had a bottom with that spinning top the day before yesterday, but it looks like there's a huge seller somewhere in here, until he/she's gone, this one's a bit risky to touch. I'm going to stay away from this until we see this seller leave, which I don't think should take too much longer."

Third-Order Nanotechnologies, Inc. (TDON) previously at $0.48 up 20% at $0.58 with 86,162 shares traded. (TDON) has been highlighted this month and today by Wall Street Resources.

Third-Order Nanotechnologies, Inc. announced the release of an analytical report on Third-Order by respected micro-cap analyst Paul Silver, Director of Research for Wall Street Resources, Inc. The report includes detailed information on the Company's business model, products, technology, industry, valuation, management and risks. Mr. Silver stated, ``Following years of research, Third-Order's revolutionary approach to organic electro-optics appears to have solved the myriad stability issues surrounding this technology, which in the past have prevented it from attaining mass commercialization. Based on demonstrated enhanced performance and stability characteristics, coupled with cost and size advantages relative to leading competitive technologies, we believe that Third-Order's unique electro-optic polymers could define the 21st century in much the same way silicon defined the 20th century.''

Third-Order Nanotechnologies, Inc. is a development-stage research and development company that is in the process of developing high-activity, high-stability electro-optic polymers for application in the electro-optic device market. Historically, no one has been able to solve the problem of polymer stability, meaning that as polymers became more powerful, their stability decreased. Third-Order Nanotechnologies undertook a radical departure from conventional polymer science, and in-so doing, solved the stability issue surrounding EO polymer.

Nascent Wine Co. (NCTW) previously at $1.15 with no shares traded today. (NCTW) has been highlighted by Knobias Clip Report, Pilot Financial Communication and this month.

Nascent Wine Co. a company seeking to become one of the largest food distributorships in Mexico announced last Thursday that it has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire a Mexico based food importing and distribution company. Acquisition will make Nascent first nationwide distributor of imported foods in Mexico. Nascent Wine Co. operates in the beverage and food industry in Mexico. Nascent Wine Co. was founded in 2002 and is based in San Diego, California . For more information please visit Nascent Wine Nascent Wine Co. Inc. is charting a course to become a leader in the beverage and food industry in Mexico . The Company is the exclusive distributor of Miller Beer in Baja California, Mexico. The Company plans to continue acquiring small- to medium-sized beverage and food distributors in Mexico.

Military Resale Group, Inc. (MYRG) closed today at $0.01 with 2,969,413 shares traded. (MYRG) was highlighted by Small Cap Voice, Traders Nation and .

Military Resale Group, Inc. announced today that it has agreed with to advertise in The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter and The QualityStocks Daily Internet Broadcast located at . The Small Cap Stock Newsletter --, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a free service that collects data from hundreds of Small-Cap and Micro-Cap online investment newsletters into one free Daily Newsletter Report. is dedicated to assisting emerging public companies with their advertising efforts. is a free service that collects data from hundreds of Small-Cap and Micro-Cap online investment newsletters into one free Daily Newsletter Report. To sign up for "The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter," please visit .

Military Resale Group, Inc. a specialist in military distribution aggressive growth strategy resulted in a nine-fold sales increase. For more than five years, the company has been growing servicing military commissaries for six military bases in Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota . Military Resale Group, Inc. has had a successful history selling annually as much as $5.3 million in revenue as only a regional distributor of grocery and household items to the military market.

Martin Nutraceuticals, Inc. (MNCL) previously at $0.07 with 5,501,379 shares traded. (MNCL) was highlighted this month by OTC Stock Exchange and Small Cap Voice and last month by OTC Stock Review, OTC Picks, OTC Stock Exchange, Hot OTC, Inside Move, Stock, Cash Cow Mag, Small Cap Voice, Micro Cap Alliance, Traders Nation and .

Martin Nutraceuticals Inc. is a development stage to the general consumer, increasing the activity of the immune system and obesity control they are focused on providing a better health and lifestyle through its products. Martin Nutraceuticals' flagship products include Arthrizyme(TM) for general joint pain and Oxygenol(TM) for anti-oxidation and Maximum Slim(TM) for weight control. Martin Nutraceuticals has developed a family of innovative complimentary medicine to aid all types of difficulties to enhance a better lifestyle. In the United States alone, the nutraceutical market was worth approximately US$19 billion in 2004 according to the American Nutraceutical Association and this year the market is at over 68 billion.


Universal Travel Group (UTVG) previously at $0.81 with 2,350 shares traded.

(UTVG) was highlighted this month by Wall Street Grapevine, Small Cap Voice, OTC Picks, and OTC Financial Network, OTC Picks, Wall Street Grapevine Knobias Clip Report and this month by OTC Picks Wall Street Grapevine and

Universal Travel Group through its wholly owned subsidiary, Yu Zhi Lu Aviation Service Company Ltd. ("YZL"), is engaged in travel services pertaining to domestic and international lines through Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan . The Company's core services include dynamic booking for air tickets, hotels, and restaurants, as well as tour routing for customers. It also provides hotel reservations, packaged tours, and air delivering services. The Company also provides logistical services for the specific needs of the leisure and business traveler, which include car rentals, livery services, itinerary planning, and conference management.

Sub Surface Waste Management of Delaware Inc. (SSWM) at $0.03 with 136,500 shares traded. (SSWM) was highlighted this month by SmallCapVoice and

Sub Surface Waste Management of Delaware Inc. announced yesterday that the company has taken a major step toward the implementation of environmental infrastructure projects in Mexico by engaging Westhoff Cone & Holmstedt, an investment banking firm ranked nationally for its expertise in environmental financing for government entities.

Sub Surface Waste Management of Delaware, Inc. engages in the design, installation, and operation of proprietary soil and groundwater remediation systems for clean up of toxic waste releases to soil and groundwater, and the bio-recycling of spent activated carbon filtration media. The company's customers include oil companies; toxic and hazardous waste treatment and disposal companies; manufacturers with fixed point source facilities, such as automotive, aerospace, and electronic component manufacturers; specialty environmental remediation companies; agricultural processors, paper and cellulose waste-stream producers, golf courses; poultry, pork, beef, and fish processors; and medical and hospitality waste-streams. Sub Surface Waste Management also provides comprehensive civil and environmental engineering project management services including specialists to design, permit, build and operate environmental waste clean-up treatment systems using conventional, biological and filtration technologies. SSWM is capitalizing on its patented technologies registered in Mexico with SEMARNAT a Federal regulatory agency overseeing environmental compliance nationwide.  

Press Release Source:

Military Resale Group, Inc. to Sponsor QualityStocks Small Cap Stock Daily Newsletter and Daily Internet Broadcast
Wednesday December 13

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Military Resale Group, Inc. (Pink Sheets: MYRG - News ) announced today that it has agreed with to advertise in The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter and The QualityStocks Daily Internet Broadcast located at The Small Cap Stock Newsletter --, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a free service that collects data from hundreds of Small-Cap and Micro-Cap online investment newsletters into one free Daily Newsletter Report. is dedicated to assisting emerging public companies with their advertising efforts. Military Resale Group, Inc. Chairman Nicholas Kontonicolas stated, "Military Resale Group has a unique and solid business foundation and the company is on the right track in developing its new focus and the introduction of new and varied product lines. The company has been successful the past few years in changing its course from a regional distributor to a national distributor. We appreciate the opportunity to sponsor the QualityStocks newsletter and broadcast with Cathy Rankin. QualityStocks is providing a much needed service in the Micro-Cap and Small-Cap markets."

Michael McCarthy, Director of Business Development for, commented, "We are very excited to have Military Resale Group as a sponsor. Military Resale Group is quickly establishing itself as a category leader within military distribution in the United States."

About Military Resale Group, Inc.

Military Resale Group, Inc. (MYRG) has been in business for over eight years with a solid track record as a specialist in military distribution. MYRG recently formed a new subsidiary company, Military & Specialty Distributors, Inc. ("MSDI"). MSDI will focus on the planned expansion as a national distributor to service commissaries and retail services throughout the DeCA system, and the 13.7 million patrons who purchase $5 billion in products each year. MSDI has identified numerous new products to market that will enhance the company's revenues and profit margins. The company has also begun to expand its retail operations which now mirror the expanded Military Resale Group wholesale operations. Military Resale Group historically sells a wide variety of grocery and household items.

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