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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


Cachet Financial Solutions, Inc. (CAFN)

SmallCapVoice and OTC Markets Group reported earlier on Cachet Financial Solutions, Inc. (CAFN), and we choose to report on the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Cachet Financial Solutions, Inc. is a foremost fintech provider of mobile money solutions to banks, credit unions and alternative financial services (AFS) providers. The Company is a leading cloud-based, SaaS technology provider. Cachet Financial Solutions serves the financial services industry with mobile money and remote deposit capture solutions for PC, Mac and mobile. The Company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and its shares trade on the OTC Bulletin Board.

Cachet Financial Solutions’ industry-leading solutions help clients to grow customer engagement and revenues, and also gain competitive advantage. Its cloud-based technology platform simplifies development, deployment, as well as servicing of consumer and commercial solutions. This minimizes cost and accelerates speed-to-market and Return on Investment (ROI).

With its fully integrated and customizable RDC (Remote Deposit Capture) Select™ platform, Cachet Financial Solutions has simplified the process for delivering, implementing, and servicing RDC solutions. As a result, a client does not have to build, launch or maintain their own program. Installation and training are delivered remotely and online, at no cost to the client.

This month, Cachet Financial Solutions announced that it entered into a Prepaid Card Marketing and Servicing Agreement with Central Bank of Kansas City (CBKC). This agreement is to issue the prepaid cards for Cachet’s Select Mobile™ Money prepaid card program. The card program will be administered by CBKC’s Central Payments Division, which is headquartered in Dell Rapids, South Dakota.

CBKC will issue the Select Mobile Money general purpose reloadable (GPR) prepaid debit cards, which Cachet Financial Solutions markets to its financial institution and corporate customers. Further to the network branded prepaid card, Cachet’s Select Mobile Money prepaid card program includes convenient program management as well as a feature-rich mobile app that puts a collection of financial services at the cardholder’s fingertips.

Additionally, in November, Cachet Financial Solutions named Mr. Walt Granville as SVP of Mobile Innovations. Mr. Granville will be responsible for propelling new mobile innovations for the Company’s Select Mobile™ Money platform. Before joining Cachet Financial Solutions, Mr. Granville was Vice President, Global Partnerships for Monitise Group. Previously, he served in key leadership roles in mobile, emerging payments, loyalty and card markets. This included leading the Visa Global Information Products team.

Cachet Financial Solutions, Inc. (CAFN), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.43, down 6.52%, on 59,467 volume with 28 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 35,775 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.3001/$1.60.

Bio-AMD, Inc. (BIAD)

We are highlighting Bio-AMD, Inc. (BIAD) today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

OTCQB-listed Bio-AMD, Inc. has two majority owned United Kingdom (UK) subsidiaries. One is Bio-AMD Ltd., which is a technology developer for medical diagnostic devices. The other is WOCU Ltd., the owner of the WOCU®, a worldwide currency data reference source for application in financial markets. The Company has positioned itself as a foremost innovator in the field of reader technology development. Bio-AMD is headquartered in Cheshire, England.

The Company is the 63 percent owner of Bio-AMD Ltd., a technology development company positioned in the fast developing Point of Care (PoC) medical diagnostics sector. PoC medical diagnostics is a multi-billion dollar global market.  At present, Bio-AMD has three proprietary technology platforms. These technology platforms include a disposable micro-fluidic test strip that has been adapted to measure prothrombin time (PT)/INR through a PoC blood coagulation monitoring device (COAG) enabling patient based, anticoagulant drug therapy monitoring.

Moreover, Bio-AMD’s platforms include a Digital Strip Reader (DSR). It can read a broad assortment of lateral flow based immunoassay diagnostic test strips already in the PoC market including, but not limited to, cardiac markers, infectious diseases, drugs of abuse, and female wellbeing (pregnancy/ovulation testing) to provide semi-quantitative results.

The DSR technology platform uses a patented, proprietary method for reading and quantifying traditional chromatography based, nitro-cellulose, lateral-flow immunoassay tests, centered on what Bio-AMD believes to be an innovative optical sensor arrangement. The DSR consists of a proprietary design incorporating sensors, diagnostics, and display and power management capabilities.

Additionally, the Company is developing a fully quantitative Magnetic Immunoassay Detection System (MIDS). Its expectation is that this will have a considerably enhanced sensitivity based on magnetic nano-particle manipulation and detection, which can interpret results on a quantitative basis. At first, it plans to develop MIDS for a panel of POC cardiac marker tests, such as troponin (cTnI or cTnT), myoglobin and creatine kinase MB isoenzyme (CK-MB), used to diagnose myocardial infarction (heart attack) and its severity. The Company’s ultimate aim is to commercialize a product for the multiple cardiac marker testing market.

This past July, Bio-AMD, Inc. and Bio-AMD Holdings Ltd., its majority-owned medical devices subsidiary (together Bio-AMD) announced that it received formal notice of a grant of a United States Patent for its Low Volume Assay Apparatus utilized in its point of care system for the measurement of Prothrombin Time/International Normalized Ratio (PT/INR). The Grant, under U.S. Patent No. US 9,046,512 B2 protects 21 claims central to Bio-AMD’s microfluidic strip and reader technology designed to test PT/INR by a POC device.

Bio-AMD, Inc. (BIAD), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.0995, up 9.34%, on 2,855 volume with 1 trade. The average volume for the last 60 days is 24,594 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0201/$0.30.

Thinspace Technology, Inc. (THNS)

PREPUMP STOCKS, Penny Stock Newsletter, Penny Picks, Epic Stock Picks, EpicVIP Group, ResearchOTC, StockRockandRoll, PennyStockLocks.com, Stock Commander, Pennystocktweeters.com, BestDamnPennyStocks, PHUB News, TheNextBigTrade, and DSR News reported earlier on Thinspace Technology, Inc. (THNS), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Thinspace Technology, Inc. is a global provider of reliable, scalable, and affordable application delivery, virtualization, and cloud client technology. The Company provides this technology to public and private sector companies and organizations of all sizes. Thinspace Technology operates in high growth B2B markets of application delivery, virtualization, and cloud client technology. The Company is based in Port Orange, Florida.

Thinspace provides its Propalms TSE. This is an application delivery solution that permits windows applications and desktops to be managed centrally and delivered to users on demand, and to any device regardless of location. Propalms TSE enhances Windows® Remote Desktop Services (RDS). It provides an on-demand application delivery platform effectively bridging the gap between native RDS and Citrix.

Additionally, Thinspace offers its Pano for VDI. The Pano solution includes everything needed to deploy virtual desktops on top of VMware or Microsoft virtualization platforms. In one integrated system, users get a choice of Thinspace’s innovative award-winning Pano zero client, the new Pano Virtual Client for repurposed PCs/Laptops, and Pano Remote for secure remote access from anywhere.

The Company’s products also include OneGate. This is an application gateway. It provides secure remote access to applications using standards based SSL encryption. Thinspace Technology also offers Universal Client. It provides access to applications or Windows desktops from one’s iPad, iPhone, or Android tablet or Smartphone.

Thinspace has unveiled its newest virtualization solution called skyView. It provides customers and end-users with secure, browser-based access to remote desktops and applications for those working out of the office and on the road. With its skyView, any HTML5 compatible browser such as Chrome, Firefox, and IE 10 can become the virtual desktop through its HTML5 support feature with no client software or installation needed. The only requirement is HTML.

Thinspace Technology has rebranded its OneGate VPN solution to skyGate SSL VPN alongside the release of skySpace, its all-inclusive end-to-end desktop virtualization solution. Thinspace skyGate enables simple, secure remote access to remote desktops and applications. Thinspace Technology has released its skyGate support for mobile devices. Its skyGate version 4.5 includes exclusive support for smartphones and tablets through providing a mobile friendly portal for users to access the hosted applications and virtual desktops via skyGate.

Thinspace Technology, Inc. (THNS), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.0009, down 10.00%, on 3,469,922 volume with 19 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 6,591,801 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0006/$0.205.

hopTo, Inc. (HPTO)

TopPennyStockMovers, Tiny Gems, and SmallCapVoice reported earlier on hopTo, Inc. (HPTO), and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

hopTo, Inc. is an innovator of a unique mobile productivity workspace platform. The hopTo mobile solution delivers a premier user experience without compromising enterprise security. It delivers a mobile experience that changes the way one works and lives without any compromises or boundaries. It enables one to completely embrace a mobile lifestyle. hopTo is a Citrix Ready® Premier Partner. hopTo lists on the OTCQB and the Company is based in Campbell, California.

hopTo are developers of software productivity products for mobile devices. These include tablets and smartphones. Additionally, it develops application publishing software solutions. The Company’s newest product is named hopTo and it provides mobile end users with a productivity workspace for their mobile devices, which enables them to manage, share, view, and edit their documents, regardless of where they are stored.

With its mobile productivity workspace application, one can search, access, aggregate, create, edit and share their content from their mobile device, efficiently and effectively. This is accomplished through taking advantage of the power of their own "personal cloud."

hopTo also sells a group of products under the brand name GO-Global. This is a software application publishing business. GO-Global is an application access solution for use and/or resale by independent software vendors (ISVs), corporate enterprises, governmental and educational institutions, and others, who wish to leverage cross-platform remote access and Web-enabled access to their existing software applications, and those who are deploying secure, private cloud environments.

The Company has its hopTo Work. This is a secure mobile productivity platform for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprise level companies. hopTo also has its [email protected] partner program to enable partners to incorporate hopTo Work into their existing sales channels. [email protected] offers partners, primarily with expertise in Microsoft desktop virtualization and mobile devices including Apple iPhone and iPads, Android tablets and Android phones, the opportunity to enable business applications on mobile devices for their customers.

This month, hopTo announced that its hopTo Work mobile workspace now provides a fully integrated Mobile App eXperience for Windows® applications delivered through Citrix XenApp®. hopTo has developed this new release, hopTo Work for Citrix, to provide Citrix Systems customers with an easier path to deploy hopTo Work and transform the user experience for Citrix published applications on iOS devices.

hopTo, Inc. (HPTO), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.0679, down 1.31%, on 9,100 volume with 10 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 73,267 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0505/$0.25.

Hancock Fabrics, Inc. (HKFI)

SmarTrend Newsletters reported previously on Hancock Fabrics, Inc. (HKFI), and we highlight the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Hancock Fabrics, Inc. is a specialty retailer with corporate headquarters in Baldwyn, Mississippi. The Company’s dedication is to serving creative enthusiasts with a complete selection of fashion and home decorating textiles, sewing accessories, needlecraft supplies, and sewing machines. Hancock Fabrics primarily operates stores in strip shopping centers. The Company was established in 1957 and its shares trade on the OTC Markets Group’s OTCQB.

Currently, Hancock Fabrics operates 260 retail stores in 37 states. The Company also has an Internet store at www.hancockfabrics.com. Its stores offer apparel fabrics; home decorating products, including drapery and upholstery fabrics, as well as home accent pieces. Hancock chiefly serves sewing, needle arts, and home decorating markets.

In addition, Hancock Fabrics offers quilting materials; and notions consisting of sewing aids and accessories, including zippers, buttons, threads, sewing machines, and patterns. Furthermore, the Company offers seasonal and current fashion merchandise.

In September, Hancock Fabrics announced financial results for its Q2 ended August 1, 2015 and first half of fiscal 2015. Selected Q2 highlights include Net Sales for the quarter of $58.7 million versus $59.3 million for Q2 of the year prior. Comparable store sales decreased 1.3 percent following a 0.9 percent increase for the same period of 2014. Operating Loss for the quarter was $3.4 million in comparison to a loss of $1.9 million in Q2 in 2014. Net Loss was $4.9 million, or $0.23 per basic share, in Q2 of fiscal 2015 versus a Net Loss of $3.3 million, or $0.16 per basic share in Q2 of fiscal 2014.

Regarding the first half of fiscal 2015, Net Sales were $120.4 million versus $122.3 million in the first half of 2014. Comparable store sales declined by 1.6 percent following a 0.1% decrease in the first half of 2014. Operating Loss for the first half of fiscal 2015 was $4.7 million versus an operating loss of $1.0 million for the first half of 2014. Net Loss was $9.1 million, or $0.43 per basic share, in the first half of fiscal 2015, versus a net loss of $3.8 million, or $0.18 per basic share in the first half of fiscal 2014.

Hancock Fabrics, Inc. (HKFI), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.10, up 23.46%, on 256,715 volume with 28 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 16,628 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.081/$0.901.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


Cherubim Interests, Inc. (CHIT)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Cherubim Interests, Inc. (CHIT). Today, Cherubim Interests, Inc. closed trading at $0.0003, even for the day, on 275,578,119 volume with 141 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 19,828,762, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0002/$0.33.

Cherubim Interests, Inc. announced today how it has moved to protect long-term shareholders by offering Convertible Preferred Shares. "Over the past few weeks, we have experienced a lot of progression in our business model, due in part to our Stimulus Package and the issuance of Anti-Dilutive, Convertible Preferred Shares," states Patrick J. Johnson, CEO of Cherubim Interests, Inc.

Cherubim Interests, Inc. (CHIT) is a development-stage alternative construction and real estate development company seeking various opportunities relative to the company's management team of experts in property management, construction and finance.

The company's primary focus is within the real estate development and controlled environment agriculture sectors, which Cherubim recently entered into by acquiring an exclusive worldwide license for the deployment of a proprietary plant cultivation technology. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, BudCube Cultivation Systems USA, Cherubim plans to construct, deploy and lease scalable medical and recreational marijuana cultivation facilities for commercial applications.

Coupled with a real estate development and property management business model, BudCube Cultivation Systems ("BCS") can position itself anywhere in the world where the cultivation of cannabis is legal. BCS's unique business model positions the company to greatly benefit as more market participants seek to gain entry into a fast-growing market at an attractive price point.

Armed with the ability to lease a portable and scalable turn-key cultivation solution to growers, Cherubim aims to use its licensed solution to fill the gap for both first-time and experienced cultivators who may not have the capital resources to buy land, construct or tenant-improve existing structures for the optimum environment for developing a high-quality cannabis product. Disclaimer

Cherubim Interests, Inc. Company Blog

Cherubim Interests, Inc. News:

Cherubim Interests, Inc. Goes Long with its Shareholders

Cherubim Interests Inc. Secures $5,000,000 in Funding from Blackbridge Capital, LLC

Cherubim Interests, Inc. and Major Debt Holders Agree to Convert to Preferred Stock

Legacy Ventures International, Inc. (LGYV)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Legacy Ventures International, Inc. (LGYV). Today, Legacy Ventures International, Inc. closed trading at $1.78, up 3.49%, on 8,397 volume with 14 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 12,011, and its 52-week low/high is $0.01/$2.50.

Legacy Ventures International, Inc. (LGYV) is an investment company seeking out high-potential businesses with big ideas that can be scaled in order to promote hyper growth. The company fuels innovation and passion by providing the capital, oversight and connections that young businesses need to reach their full potential.

Legacy is led by a highly-qualified executive team with decades of relevant industry experience. Evan Clifford, the company's chief executive officer, has spent more than 15 years building and maintaining relationships with some of North America's most influential executives. Over the past decade, he has served as a lead advisor to a collection of companies and individuals striving for personal and professional success. Likewise, Rehan Saeed, Legacy's chief financial officer, has over a decade of experience in the banking industry during which he built and managed a real estate portfolio valued at $110 million.

The company's current brand portfolio is headlined by newly-acquired RM Fresh Brands, a servicer of food and beverage retailers and distributors around the globe. RM Fresh Brands takes a unique approach to brand partnerships by maintaining a clear focus on sustainable, category-changing consumables. This strategy has helped it build an extensive portfolio of highly-desirable brands – including Boxed Water, Aloe Gloe, Uncle Si's Iced Tea and Chef 5-Minute Meals.

Following the successful acquisition of RM Fresh Brands, Legacy is in a strong strategic position to move forward with its efforts to promote sustainable growth. The company will lean on the considerable experience of its management team as it looks to build on its recent progress while promoting maximized shareholder value. Disclaimer

Legacy Ventures International, Inc. Company Blog

Legacy Ventures International, Inc. News:

Robert Davi Joins Legacy Ventures

Legacy Ventures and Boxed Water Is Better, LLC Team Up With Holt Renfrew

Legacy Ventures International, Inc. (LGYV) CEO Featured in Exclusive QualityStocks Interview

OurPet's Company (OPCO)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight OurPet's Company (OPCO). Today, OurPet's Company closed trading at $0.95, up 1.60%, on 200 volume with 1 trade. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 5,639, and its 52-week low/high is $0.45/$1.00.

OurPet's Company (OPCO) develops, produces and markets various pet accessory and consumable products designed to awaken pets' natural instincts, be it in feeding, playing or waste management. Sold globally through pet specialty retailers, food, drug and mass chains, e-commerce and international channels, the company's products are marketed under a the OurPets®, Pet Zone® and PetTastic® brands with well-known sub-brands such as Play-N-Squeak™, Cosmic Catnip™, Durapet, SmartScoop and Flappy. In total, OurPet's has an intellectual property portfolio featuring more than 160 individual patents, giving the company sustainable access to the pet products industry for the foreseeable future.

In recent years, the U.S. pet products and services market has experienced strong growth, with total sales accounting for approximately $73 billion in 2014, according to a report by Packaged Facts. In 2015, this strong performance is expected to continue, building on the recent rise in related ecommerce purchases, as well as an uptick in dog and cat ownership throughout the country. In order to capitalize on this market performance, OurPet's maintains an ongoing new product development program to continually keep an evolutionary and revolutionary new product pipeline feeding its offerings. In July 2015, OurPet's introduced many new products at the national Super Zoo trade show in Las Vegas such as the Catty Whack®, Designer Diner™/Barking Bistro™ and the Zoom Plume™.

The company's capitalization strategy is guided by a management team of experienced industry professionals dedicated to further strengthening its product portfolio through aggressive development of innovative products. Management has a proven track-record of leveraging deep knowledge in the innovation, technology, distribution and pet markets to successfully push through adverse market conditions to achieve increases in revenue, margins and net income.

OurPet's, through its innovative and extensive line of popular pet products, is in a favorable strategic position to continue building upon its recent market growth. For prospective shareholders, this positioning makes the company an intriguing investment opportunity in the months to come. Look for OurPet's to capitalize on steady market performance moving forward, providing an opportunity for the company to realize strong investor returns in the future. Disclaimer

OurPet's Company Company Blog

OurPet's Company News:

OurPet's Company (OPCO) Named 'Company of the Month' in November Issue of The Bowser Report

OurPet's Company Reports Q3 2015 Results, Including Record Net Revenue of Nearly $6.0 Million -- Net Income Up 428% to $410,450

MissionIR Exclusive Audio Interview With OurPet's Company (OPCO) Executive Management

Moxian, Inc. (MOXC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Moxian, Inc. (MOXC). Today, Moxian, Inc. closed trading at $5.25, even for the day, on 500 volume with 1 trade. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 713, and its 52-week low/high is $5.00/$6.50.

Moxian, Inc. (MOXC) engages in the business of providing social marketing and promotion platforms designed to help merchants accelerate and advertise their business growth through social media. These products and services enable merchants to run targeted advertising campaigns and promotions, and aim to enhance the interaction between users and merchant clients by using consumer behavior data compiled from the Moxian database of user activities. The company has two primary core products: Moxian+ User App and Moxian+ Business App.

Developed in Shenzhen, China, Moxian integrates social media, entertainment and business intelligence. The Multi-Channel Social Commerce Platform, which includes a variety of tools such as Moxian's proprietary Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) system, generates knowledgeable data for merchants. This way, consumers and businesses are able to connect and interact with one another to achieve the concept of "online lifestyle, offline fun."

Moxian+ User App serves as an App driven for consumer users to use the platform, consisting of our proprietary virtual currency (MO-Coin and MO-Points), social networking, redemption centre and game centre. Users can earn MO-Coins by playing games, and then use those coins to redeem prizes sponsored by Moxian and client merchants. This model not only drives registered consumers to Moxian and merchant, but also provides merchants the opportunity to advertise, run marketing campaigns, and learn about their customers through the Platform.

Moxian+ Business App is an independent App with built in Social Customer Relationship Management tool built for merchants. Merchants are able to set up a store on the Moxian platform through this business App, push promotions via a variety of methods offered on the platform and look at generated report customized to their own shop.

Moxian's management team has more than 100 years of combined experience in a variety of pertinent endeavors, including management of private and public enterprise, multi-national organizations, quality, engineering and procurement, finance, marketing, communication and more. Together, Moxian's management team is effecting the company's aim to create and lead a personalized social network platform that best fits users and businesses. Disclaimer

Moxian, Inc. Company Blog

Moxian, Inc. News:

MissionIR Exclusive Audio Interview With Moxian, Inc. (MOXC) Creative & Marketing VP Edmund Ooi

Moxian, Inc. (MOXC) Announces Engagement of DreamTeamNetwork Corporate Communications Service Suite

Moxian Announces China New Media Integrated Development Conference Sponsorship Agreement Has Changed

Elephant Talk Communications Corp. (ETAK)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Elephant Talk Communications Corp. (ETAK). Today, Elephant Talk Communications Corp. closed trading at $0.32, off by 2.26%, on 168,943 volume with 97 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 118,068, and its 52-week low/high is $0.205/$0.90.

Elephant Talk Communications Corp. (ETAK) provides mobile proprietary Software Defined Network Architecture (ET Software DNA® 2.0) platforms for its growing base of strategic partners and clients, which includes some of today's world-leading MNOs and technology companies, including Vodafone, T-Mobile, Zain, HP and Affirmed Networks.

Targeting its share of the broader $1.4+ trillion telecommunications market, Elephant Talk empowers MNOs, MVNOs, MVNEs and MVNAs with a full suite of applications, reliable industry expertise, and high quality customer service. Understanding that partnership is crucial in enabling and delivering the highest level of quality of product capability and professionalism, Elephant Talk also closely collaborates with other expert organizations and leading service providers.

ValidSoft UK Ltd., a subsidiary of Elephant Talk uses personal authentication and device assurance to secure transactions and help customers reduce fraud losses. As part of its multi-factor authentication, ValidSoft integrates its leading Voice Biometric engine into multivendor solutions or as a standalone system. ValidSoft serves multiple clients in the financial government and business automation sectors and is the only company to have been granted four European Privacy Seals, reflecting its commitment to promoting strong data privacy.

Elephant Talk has implemented rigid structures and processes to ensure corporate integrity and the responsible oversight of all business activities. This vision starts with executive management and extends to every employee. Elephant Talk is guided by a visionary leadership team with a rich history of success in key markets pertinent to both the company's current and desired market positions. In order to achieve and maintain world-class system performance, Elephant Talk leverages this management team along with collaborations with the world's best technical partners. Disclaimer

Elephant Talk Communications Corp. Company Blog

Elephant Talk Communications Corp. News:

Elephant Talk Communications Announces the Appointment of Robert H. Turner as Executive Chairman; Names ETNA President Tim Payne as Interim CEO

Elephant Talk Reports 2015 Third Quarter Financial Results and Conference Call

Elephant Talk to Reschedule 2015 Third Quarter Financial Results Conference Call


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