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FutureIT Inc. (FITI)

Today we choose to highlight FutureIT Inc. (FITI), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

FutureIT Inc. is a leading provider of software solutions. These solutions are for the automated and effective management of Microsoft SQL servers. FutureIT Inc. trades on the OTC Bulletin Board. They have their headquarters in LOD, Israel.

The Company engages in the development, marketing, sale, and support of software products that provide easy-to-use comprehensive database management, backup, and monitoring solutions. This is for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and larger enterprises. FutureIT Inc.'s products are for enterprises that are running different Microsoft Structured Query Language, or SQL servers, versions 2000, 2005, and 2008, as well as Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine, or MSDE, and SQL Express.

FutureIT's flagship product is EZManage SQL Pro. It provides a centralized all-in-one software solution for multiple SQL Servers, handling optimization, maintenance, monitoring, encrypted backup, restore, and DRP tasks. The Company's products reduce the risk of loss of critical data in SQL Server databases. They do this by automating database maintenance and allowing for better system performance and fewer system crashes.

Last month, FutureIT Inc. announced their expanded market penetration in Central America, beginning in Guatemala. The Company has planned regional expansion throughout Central America. This includes Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Honduras.

On November 10, 2009, FutureIT Inc. announced their financial results for the third quarter of 2009. GAAP revenue for the third quarter ended September 30, 2009 was $160,698 compared to $140,483 in the third quarter of 2008 and $155,270 in the second quarter of 2009. Net loss for the third quarter of 2009 was $277,432, or $(0.01) per share. This compares to a net loss of $292,598 or $(0.01) per share in the third quarter of 2008 and a loss of $365,167 or $(0.01) per share in the second quarter of 2009.

Yesterday, FutureIT Inc. announced the appointment of Tzahi Langer to the position of CEO FutureIT Ltd., the Israeli subsidiary of the Company. Mr. Langer will resign as a member of FutureIT's board upon assuming the position of CEO.  He begins his new position on December 1, 2009. Mr. Shmuel Bachar, the current acting CEO will continue in his role as CEO of FutureIT Inc. and as Chairman of the Board. Mr. Langer is currently Deputy CEO for the Business Group at FutureIT's parent company, the DataSafe Group. Prior to that, he was VP business development at the DataSafe Group, and CEO of an Israel based nonprofit organization.

FutureIT Inc. (FITI) closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.23 on no volume.

International Fuel Technology Inc. (IFUE)

We are highlighting International Fuel Technology Inc. (IFUE) today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTCBB, International Fuel Technology, Inc. has developed and tested a multi-functional additive technology proven to enhance the combustion efficiency of liquid hydrocarbon fuels. It also delivers a series of other benefits without requiring reconfiguration of an engine or refining infrastructure. The Company has representative offices and commercial users in North America, Europe, and Asia, with distribution capabilities extending to Africa, South America, and mainland Australia. International Fuel Technology Inc. has their headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.

International Fuel Technology Inc.’s products have undergone testing globally in automobile, truck, power generation, rail engines, and numerous other fuel-burning applications. The manufacture and blending of their products takes place in plants in the United States owned by Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

In 2000, the Company's team of scientists engineered and tested a surfactant approach to improving fuel combustion efficiency and related fuel performance characteristics. In 2002, the original formula had its first successful test in a truck engine. Their scientists then re-engineered the formula to deliver optimum benefit and applied the same surfactant-based concept to formulate various blends for use in diverse applications. These blends are their DiesoLiFT™, GasoLiFT™, and KeroLiFT™ product lines. These additive formulas proved effective via testing in over-the-road transportation, rail, marine transportation, and stationary power generation.

After significant testing, International Fuel Technology Inc. filed for patent protection on their formulations and they are focusing on commercial development. The Company is targeting high-volume fuel consumers in the road transportation, rail, power generation, and marine transportation industries. They have worldwide sales and support staff, and a team of technical experts, as well as an experienced executive leadership, working to achieve their goal of becoming a global leader in the development of fuel additive products.

They designed their DiesoLiFT10™ and DiesoLiFTEM1™ for use with diesel fuel and biodiesel blends. Their GasoLiFT10™ is an additive formula for gasoline and ethanol fuel blends. It delivers the same major benefits delivered by all their surfactant-based additives. The Company engineered their KeroLiFT10™ for use with heating oils for use in boilers and other oil-fired equipment applications.

Last month, International Fuel Technology, Inc. reported that Tide Water Oil Company (India) Ltd. made another purchase of DiesoLiFT10™. Tidewater makes bulk purchases of DiesoLiFT10™, repackages the product under their own label, and sells the product to its customers. Tidewater's marketing efforts for DiesoLiFT10™ have been with power generation set users, tractor operators in the agricultural industry, and retail distribution outlets in India.

Today, International Fuel Technology Inc. (IFUE) closed at $0.18 for no change. Volume was 162,285.

Florida Gaming Corporation (FGMG)

Today we are highlighting Florida Gaming Corporation (FGMG), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 1976, Florida Gaming Corporation engages in the ownership and operation of two jai-alai frontons and inter-track pari-mutuel wagering facilities in Florida. The Company owns jai-alai frontons with simulcasting operations in Miami and Ft. Pierce, Florida. They are the largest jai-alai operator in the world. Formerly known as Lexicon Corporation, the Company changed their name to Florida Gaming Corporation in March 1994. Florida Gaming Corporation has their corporate headquarters in Miami, Florida. They trade on NASDAQ's OTC Bulletin Board.

The Company has also added Poker as their newest product to the Miami and Ft. Pierce facilities. Now, with opening of the Crystal Card Rooms, Florida, Gaming Corporation is one of the largest Poker operators in the state of Florida. The Company's operations primarily comprise card rooms, live jai-alai performances, inter-track pari-mutuel wagering on jai-alai, horse, and dog racing, and the sale of food and alcoholic beverages. Their Fort Pierce location provides inter-track wagering on interstate simulcasting of horse and dog racing, and jai-alai from various tracks and frontons in the United States.

The jai-alai games play live and simulcast from the Miami facility via satellite to 62 pari-mutuel wagering locations in Florida, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. They also simulcast to approximately 25 locations in Mexico, Central America, and Austria. Florida Gaming Corporation also owns an inactive jai-alai pari-mutuel permit for Hillsborough County, Florida.

Florida Gaming Corporation recently reported Total Operating Revenues for the Quarter ended September 30, 2009 compared to September 30, 2008. Total Operating Revenues for the quarter ended September 30, 2009 were $3,292,192 compared to $3,661,819 for the same period in 2008, a decrease of $369,627.

Other financial results reported include Handle Analysis for the Nine Months Ended September 30, 2009 compared to the Nine Months ended September 30, 2008.  Total handle (amount of money wagered) for the nine months ended September 30, 2009 was $46,697,334 of which $20,837,243 was from live jai-alai wagering and $25,860,091 was from inter-track wagering. Total handle (amount of money wagered) for the nine months ended September 30, 2008 was $54,177,673 of which $25,359,423 was from live jai-alai wagering and $28,818,250 was from inter-track wagering.

Florida Gaming Corporation (FGMG) closed today's session at $5.49 up 22.04 percent. Volume was 57,848.

Flamel Technologies SA (FLML)

Motley Fool Hidden Gems reported earlier on Flamel Technologies SA (FLML), and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 1990, Flamel Technologies, S.A. is a biopharmaceutical company that trades on the NASDAQ Global Market. The Company principally engages in the development of two unique polymer-based delivery technologies for medical applications. Flamel Technologies SA turns already-marketed or new drugs into more effective and safer medicines. The Company has assembled a strong team of researchers' expert in polymer science and biochemistry; including more than 35 Ph.D.s. Flamel Technologies SA has their corporate headquarters in Venissieux, France.

The Company's Micropump® is a controlled release and taste-masking technology for the oral administration of small molecule drugs. Flamel designed their Medusa® technology to deliver controlled-release formulations of proteins, peptides, and other large and small molecules. They are applying their Medusa platform to improve partners' already-marketed and novel biologics with respect to safety and efficacy, as well as with better pharmacokinetics. Medusa also offers important solutions to threshold issues such as aggregation and solubility.

Two world-renowned scientists help Flamel in their research and development work: Jean-Marie Lehn (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry in 1987) and Professor Christian Trepo, a world-renowned expert in liver diseases. Flamel Technologies owns a 103,900-square foot pharmaceutical production facility in Pessac, France. The facility provides Flamel with the capability to manufacture their "Good Manufacturing Practice" (cGMP)-grade pharmaceutical drugs for clinical trials utilizing their Micropump® or Medusa® technologies.

On November 4, 2009, Flamel Technologies announced that Pfizer exercised their option to license Flamel's Medusa® technology. This technology is for the development of a controlled release formulation of an already-marketed therapeutic protein. Flamel will receive a further payment of $1 million pursuant to the exercise of the license. Pfizer will pay all development costs of the program, including milestone payments and royalties on any commercial sales.

Flamel Technologies SA (FLML) closed Wednesday's trading session at $7.63 up 2.01 percent. Volume was 8,631.

China Organic Agriculture Inc. (CNOA)

The Street and PennyOmega.com reported earlier on China Organic Agriculture Inc. (CNOA), and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 2002, China Organic Agriculture Inc. engages in the acquisition, trading, and distribution of agricultural products in China. Trading on the OTCBB, the Company is a global diversified food products enterprise engaged in the distribution and production of premium and natural foods. With offices in Shenzhen, China, China Organic Agriculture, Inc. serves the marketplace demands of the fast-growing upscale consumer population throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Historically, the Company has engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of green and organic rice. Today, they target multibillion-dollar expanding markets for premium and natural foods and wines, leveraging their established distribution networks. In October 2008, their new CEO, Jinsong Li, announced an expansion of the Company's activities to capitalize on new opportunities in international food markets. Their expanding portfolio of premium and natural food products still includes green and organically grown rice; however, it also includes California wine, organic soybeans, kidney beans, mushrooms, and other premium products.

China Organic Agriculture Inc. is one of the largest distributors of green and organic rice in China. They have developed extensive networks throughout many of China's major cities. These include Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing. China Organic Agriculture intends to achieve revenue growth through organic expansion, as well as through acquisition of complementary product lines and companies. The Company is positioning to expand their sales in mainland China, the special administrative region of Hong Kong, and other Asian countries.

China Organic Agriculture consists of three main business segments: Ankang Agriculture, Dalian Huiming, and Bellisimo Vineyard. The Ankang subsidiary is primarily responsible for distributing a variety of premium, natural agricultural products. These products include China Organic's flagship products of organic and green rice.

Dalian Huiming, 60 percent owned by China Organic Agriculture, is a major agricultural trading company. They have wide distribution and product lines providing many revenue-building opportunities for the Company. Dalian Huiming focuses on soybeans, corn, and cereal crops. China Organic Agriculture Inc.'s Bellisimo Vineyard produces Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon wine grapes. They have their headquarters in Sonoma County, California.

China Organic Agriculture Inc. (CNOA) closed today at $0.84 up 1.94 percent. Volume was 799,076.

ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE)

PennyOmega.com, SmallCap Voice, Cool Penny Stocks and HotOTC.com reported earlier on ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE), and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

ERHC Energy Inc. is an independent oil and gas company engaging in exploration in the prospective Gulf of Guinea off the coast of central West Africa.  They are also engaged in the development of undeveloped and marginal oil and gas fields. Founded in 1986, ERHC has interests in Blocks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9 in the offshore Joint Development Zone (JDZ) of Nigeria and the island nation of Sao Tome and Principe.  ERHC has additional interests in the territorial waters of Sao Tome and Principe. This area's name is the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The Company trades on the OTC Bulletin Board.
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ERHC Energy Inc. began their current operations as an independent oil and gas company in 1996. They have participation agreements with subsidiaries of Addax Petroleum Inc. and Sinopec Corp. The operators of JDZ Blocks 2 (Sinopec), 3 (Anadarko) and 4 (Addax) secured approval from the Joint Development Authority for drilling locations.  ERHC was among the first enterprises to identify the possibility of significant oil reserves in the Gulf of Guinea. This was traditionally an undeveloped oil region of the world.

ERHC Energy Inc. announced earlier this year that they secured a deepwater drill ship for the Joint Development Zone (JDZ). Their technical partner, Addax Petroleum, began exploration in JDZ Block 4 in August. ERHC Energy has a 19.5 percent participating interest in JDZ Block 4, in which Addax is the operator.

The independent engineering firm, Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc. (NSAI) earlier this year released a Resources Assessment for ERHC Energy Inc. It estimated ERHC's unrisked prospective resources in JDZ Block 4 totaled 231.6 million barrels of oil and 245 billion cubic feet of natural gas (P50). The NSAI report estimated ERHC risked prospective resources in JDZ Block 4 totaled 88.4 million barrels of oil and 86.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas (P50).

On November 9, 2009, ERHC announced the commencement of exploratory drilling at the Malanza 1X well in Joint Development Zone (JDZ) Block 4. This is the next phase in the comprehensive drilling campaign that began in August.

Addax Petroleum is using Transocean's Deepwater Pathfinder, a fifth generation dynamically positioned deepwater drilling rig, in this campaign. Estimates are that drilling of the Malanza 1X well will take approximately five weeks.

Yesterday, ERHC Energy Inc. announced that negotiations are underway on potential investments that would expand the Company's presence in Nigeria's oil and gas industry. ERHC signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Circle Ltd. and Excel Exploration and Production Ltd. to negotiate investment in and acquisition of working interests in the Eremor Marginal Field (OML 46).

ERHC also entered into a non-binding MOU with WellTest Integrated Services Ltd. to negotiate the acquisition of a controlling equity interest in WellTest. ERHC entered into this MOU through their locally incorporated subsidiary, ERHC Energy Nigeria Ltd. WellTest Integrated Services Ltd. provides well testing, production engineering and procurement services to Nigeria's oil and gas industry.

ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) closed Wednesday's session at $0.57 up 3.64 percent. Volume was 313,804.

ECCO Energy Corp. (ECCE)

We are highlighting ECCO Energy Corp. (ECCE), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTC Bulletin Board, ECCO Energy Corp. is an independent oil and gas company. They focus on the acquisition and development of oil and gas properties. Reincorporated in 2006 with less than $1 million in assets, the Company today actively engages in oil and gas development, exploration, and production with properties and operational focus in the Gulf Coast Region. ECCO Energy Corp. has their corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas.

The Company's strategy is to grow by purchasing producing assets at a discount to reserve value, increasing the production rate of reserves, and making productive proved, developed, currently non-producing reserves. Their acquisitions to date have provided both producing and non-producing assets. ECCO Energy Corp.'s principal assets are oil and gas properties.  They include a working interest in the Wilson properties.

ECCO Energy Corp. owns 100 percent of the working interest in the E.C. Wilson and Wilson State Tract Leases (Wilson Properties). The Company's Wilson Properties, acquired in 2004, spans 250 acres in Nueces County on the southeastern coast of Texas. The Wilson field is currently producing oil and gas, and is the only field that is providing revenue to ECCO Energy Corp.

Due to flooding of a portion of the property with salt water, production has declined significantly since the prior year for the Company. In order to increase production to prior levels, ECCO Energy will need to drill an additional well. They anticipate capital expenditures of approximately $465,000 for 2009. They need to raise this before they can drill another well.

ECCO Energy Corp.'s operations also include the Bateman Lake Field. Acquired in 2007 from VTEX Energy, Inc., the Bateman Lake Field property stretches over 3,067 acres in St. Mary Parish on the coast of Louisiana. This property contains 10 BCF proven reserves. The Bateman Lake Field lease consists of 14 non-producing oil and gas wells on Louisiana State Lease No. 1337. As of September 30, 2009, there is no oil and gas production from this concession.

Today, ECCO Energy Corp. (ECCE) closed at $0.0620 up 24.00 percent. Volume was 24,500.

WellQuest Medical & Wellness Corporation (WEQL)

We are highlighting WellQuest Medical & Wellness Corporation (WEQL), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Incorporated in 2004, WellQuest Medical & Wellness Corporation offers an innovative concept in healthcare delivery. The Company does this by integrating conventional and complementary physician medicine with wellness, and aesthetic services, in one center. Formerly known as HQHealthQuest Medical & Wellness Centers, Ltd., the Company changed their name to WellQuest Medical & Wellness Corporation in April 2008. WellQuest has their headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, and they trade on the OTCBB.

The Company believes that having everything in one center creates an effective environment for the pursuit and maintenance of a healthy life. WellQuest's business model for healthcare is to help their customers get well, stay well, and look well through a one-stop establishment that they visit. The Company is currently operating in Bentonville and seeks to open locations across the United States.

WellQuest Medical & Wellness Corporation offers occupational health services for business, and aggressive medical aesthetics, including laser treatments, injections, chemical peels, and therapeutic massages. They also offer preventive health alternatives. These include life-style counseling, nutritional counseling, fitness counseling, vitamin and supplement therapies, and disease- management counseling programs.

They also engage in the medical spa business, retail skincare, nutraceutical product business, and practice management business. Additionally, the Company offers interventional medical services. This includes family practice services for adults and children. They also offer advanced electronic medical records, digital radiology, laboratory, blood pressure, temperature, pulse rates, EKG, and pulmonary testing.

The Company provides medical spa services, including personal esthetic concierge, cosmetic consultations, and custom protocols for facials, micro-dermabrasion, and other fundamental procedures. WellQuest offers their services for households, business occupational healthcare needs, wellness oriented consumers, and those seeking aesthetic/skincare improvements in the United States.

WellQuest Medical & Wellness Corporation (WEQL) closed Wednesday's session at $0.0750 up 25.00 percent. Volume was 1,500.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

eDOORWAYS Corporation (EDWY)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight eDOORWAYS Corporation (EDWY) Today, eDOORWAYS Corp. closed trading at $0.0530, which was up 1.92 percent. Their volume today was 2,738,953 shares.

eDoorways Corporation (EDWY) announced they will receive a $1.5 million addition to their existing $500,000 credit facility following successful negotiations with the lending division of AJENE WATSON LLC, bringing the total available in the Company's revolver to $2.0 million.

eDOORWAYS Corp. (EDWY) is committed to solving lifestyle problems for consumers while driving traffic to suppliers and service providers who offer innovative merchandise and solutions. The company has the potential to completely change the future landscape of business by offering a unique and comprehensive service that saves consumers valuable time and money. By uniting a consumer with the larger global consumer community, retailers, and manufacturers in an effective new way, eDOORWAYS promotes “dynamic” commerce, as opposed to the static model currently in existence.

The Company plans to capitalize on several emerging new trends. These newly created opportunities include: the large success of Web 2.0 Internet community service offerings such as MySpace, the movement towards niche marketing and targeted advertising, the introduction of new technologies that enable instantaneous, online presentation of information, and the rising consumer preference for using the Internet to gain information before making purchasing decisions.

eDOORWAYS plans to introduce local services using a city-by-city strategy that will minimize capital requirements, reduce staffing requirements, and optimize generated revenues. Ten major cities are targeted for launch in the first year. Advertising, PR campaigns and viral word-of-mouth will be used to give a public presentation to experts as well as educate the market.

The key benefits offered to consumers include a higher level of engagement with vendors, trusted information from other consumers, and superior customer service. Revenues will be generated through advertising placement fees, premium services, preferential placement fees, and a percentage of sales transactions. eDOORWAYS' progressive vision and professional management team makes it an attractive investment opportunity. Disclaimer

eDOORWAYS Corporation Blog

eDOORWAYS Corporation News:

eDoorways Provides International Audience Insight Into "LEARN" Doorway and eC Device, With Emphasis on Collaboration at a Successful Presentation During the ISTEC XVIIth General Assembly

eDoorways Invited to Demonstrate on a World Stage at the Ibero-American Science and Technology Education Center's XVII Annual General Assembly

eDoorways Invited to Demonstrate on a World Stage at the Ibero-American Science and Technology Education Center's XVII Annual General Assembly

Muscle Flex Inc. (MFLI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Muscle Flex Inc. (MFLI). Today, Muscle Flex Inc. closed trading at $0.0230, up 4.55 percent. Their volume today was 1,358,743 shares.

Muscle Flex Inc. (MFLI) is a leading edge fitness, health and lifestyle company focused on developing exciting brands and new products to market using direct response TV advertising and infomercials as well as cutting edge brand and image marketing. The company has designed all its products with the average person's lifestyle in mind.

Muscle Flex Inc. VATA Brasil sports and active wear collection is an ultra comfortable active wear line that utilizes superior moisture control fabric. The VATA Brasil OneFit fabric is an amazing innovation in sporting wear apparel, offering the advantages of being lightweight, highly elastic, and having four times the filaments than regular fabric.

The company’s newest product, The BUDDY Tablet Caddy™, is a personal, compact and portable tablet caddy with three individual compartments and a digital timer to remind users when it’s time to take vitamins or prescriptions. The pharmacist approved tablet caddy ensures the maximum effectiveness of all medications and supplements.

Founder and CEO Danny Alex leads the company with nearly three decades of experience in the health, fitness and athletic lifestyle. Since a young age, regular exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has been a key part of Danny’s life. Today, it is his passion to help others get excited about themselves through fitness and healthy living. Disclaimer

Muscle Flex Inc. Blog

Muscle Flex Inc. News:

Muscle Flex to Release the BUDDY Tablet Caddy Two-Minute Commercial and Landing Page at 8pm PST Friday, November 20, 2009 at GetTheBUDDY.com

Tune Into MuscleFlexInc.com for the American Music Awards Online Pre-Show Sunday, November 22, 2009 From 3:00 - 5:00 PM Broadcast Live From the Red Carpet at the Nokia Theatre With Muscle Flex CEO Danny Alex as the Official Fitness and Lifestyle Expert Commentator

Muscle Flex to Hold an Investor Conference Call Today at 3:00 PM PST With Muscle Flex CEO Danny Alex

TapImmune, Inc. (TPIV)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight TapImmune, Inc. (TPIV) Today, TapImmune, Inc. closed trading at $0.59. Their volume today was 140,268 shares.

Today, SectorWatch.biz reported that vaccines are projected as leading Pharma growth drivers. Several recent reports indicate that the vaccine marketplace will show big gains through 2012. This bodes well for companies such as TapImmune Inc. who specializes in the development of cell-based immunotherapeutics and vaccines in the areas of oncology and infectious disease.

TapImmune, Inc. (TPIV) is a biotechnology company focused on developing innovative therapeutics and vaccines in the areas of oncology and infectious disease. The company’s lead product, the TAP vaccine, is a key componesnt of a mechanism that moves characteristic markers called antigens to the surfaces of cells. Without TAP, there is a large reduction in presentation of cancer markers, making it impossible for the immune system to spot rogue cells and cancerous cells, allowing them to grow undetected.

The company’s vaccine has demonstrated its effectiveness in restoring TAP which in-turn restores and augments the characteristic marker (antigen) and subsequent recognition and killing of cancer cells by the immune system. The TAP molecule also works to enhance targeted vaccines against infectious diseases. For example, including TAP in the studied Smallpox Vaccine showed potency was increased by 100-1,000 times.

TapImmune, Inc. (TPIV) technologies have broad applications in developing therapeutic and preventative vaccines. The company’s technologies have been featured on ABC News BusinessNow, B-TV, in BusinessWeek, Popular Mechanics and local news papers as well as many respected medical journals including the Journal of Immunology, Nature (Biotechnology), International Journal of Cancer, Cancer Research and PLoS Pathogens, among others.

Management believes that its cancer vaccine strategy is a unique therapeutic approach that addresses the problem of poor immune responses to cancer. Since restoring the TAP protein directs the body’s immune system to specifically target cancerous cells without damaging healthy tissue, this therapy potentially has a strong competitive advantage over other cancer therapies. Disclaimer

TapImmune Blog

TapImmune, Inc. News:

TapImmune, Inc. to be Featured in Small Cap Stock Newsletter QualityStocks Daily

TapImmune Signs License Agreement With Crucell N.V.

Stocks on the Move: TPIV, INO, MBCI, CRXL

General Environmental Management (GEVI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight General Environmental Management Inc. (GEVI) Today, General Environmental Management closed trading at $0.40, for no change. Their volume today was 15,080 traded shares.

General Environmental Management Inc. (GEVI) announced that they completed the acquisition of Santa Clara Waste Water (SCWW), a profitable, 50 year old, full service environmental services company focused primarily on the wastewater treatment business.

General Environmental Management Inc. (GEVI) is in the process of shifting its business focus from hazardous waste field services to the fast growing water treatment and waste-to-energy markets. Since its inception in 2002, the Company has grown at a compounded annual rate of 48% to generate annual revenues of $37M from only $2.3M.

This strategic decision was made after an all inclusive analysis of GEVI's opportunity in the environmental management business. Although the company could work through the current economic downturn and build revenue in its field services business, they believe that shareholders will be rewarded by moving the company into the higher margin, faster growing business segments.

Within the U.S. alone, the water industry is a $120 Billion market that is expected to grow at 6-7% over the next year. On a global basis, the industry size exceeds $400 billion annually and increasing with the demands of a growing world population. The global waste-to-energy market, on the other hand, is a $19.9 billion market with expected CAGR of 6.7% over the next five years.

In order to ensure every advantageous acquisition opportunity is properly evaluated, GEVI has retained the services of General Pacific Partners (GPP). With a very selective and calculated acquisition strategy in place, GEVI is poised for continued success. Disclaimer

General Environmental Management Inc. Blog

General Environmental Management Inc. News:

General Environmental Management Announces Completion of Acquisition of Santa Clara Waste Water

General Environmental Management Announces LOI with Cake Energy - The Heinz Family Has Invested into This Technology...

General Environmental Management Announces Letter of Intent with Cake Energy, LLC to Create Joint Venture to Build and Operate Leading-Edge Waste-to-Energy Facilities in Western United States


The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight VIASPACE (VSPC) Today, VIASPACE closed trading at $0.0260, which was up 13.04 percent. Their volume today was 1,433,628 shares.

VIASPACE (VSPC) a clean energy company growing Giant King™ Grass as a low-carbon, renewable energy crop, today provided an update on the status of the initial public offering of their majority owned subsidiary VIASPACE Green Energy.

VIASPACE (VSPC) is a clean energy company focused on providing products and technology that reduce or eliminate dependence on fossil fuels and other high-pollutant energy sources. Through its subsidiaries, the company provides raw material for cellulosic biofuels; develops and markets fuel cartridges, products and technology for methanol fuel cells; markets rechargeable lithium-ion batteries; and develops security-related monitoring and detection technology and systems for military/defense and commercial applications.

Through its renewable energy subsidiary, VIASPACE Green Energy, the company grows a fast-growing non-food grass that can be harvested four times a year. This proprietary grass is used for producing low carbon liquid biofuels such as cellulosic ethanol, methanol and green gasoline for transportation, as well as partially or completely replacing coal to reduce carbon emissions from electric power plants. Cellulosic biofuels made from non-food sources offer environmental and economic advantages over food crops, like corn, and are attracting strong political support around the world.

Through its alternative energy subsidiary, Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corporation, the company designs and manufactures disposable methanol fuel cartridges that supply power for portable electronics such as notebook computers and mobile phones. Compared to traditional batteries, fuel cells cleanly and efficiently convert methanol into electricity without burning and provide longer operating time and instantaneous recharging. VIASPACE also supplies rechargeable lithium batteries for electronics, power tools, electric bicycles and other electric vehicles.

Through its high-technology subsidiary, Ionfinity, the company collaborates with Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to develop and commercialize new sensor technology that can detect very small amounts of hazardous materials such as explosives, chemical/biological weapons, toxic gases and drugs. Leveraging Ionfinity’s miniaturization technology, new portable monitoring devices and detection systems are being developed for homeland security, defense, biomedical, industrial process control, agricultural and environmental safety applications. Disclaimer



VIASPACE Update on VIASPACE Green Energy IPO

VIASPACE Expands Giant King(TM) Grass Production Capacity

VIASPACE Reports Third-Quarter 2009 Financial Results

Omnicity Corp. (OMCY) Ensuring Effective Support for Growing Customer Base

Omnicity Corp., best known as the Midwest’s largest fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider, also provides a wide range of basic computer and networking services for both business and residential customers. These services have become increasingly important as the company rapidly expands its ISP base because customers generally prefer support from someone that can work directly with the ISP provider for network-related problems or setup issues. The fast growing company specializes in bringing broadband services to non-urban areas, previously underserved, and their basic repair and networking services augment this.

Omnicity’s in-house and on-site computer repair services are considered trusted and high-quality. Work is always guaranteed and comes at an affordable rate. Some of the most popular computer repair services offered by the company include:
• New computer setup
• Antivirus program installation
• Virus removal, repair, and protection
• Anti-spam software installation
• Data backup

Equally important are the network services the company provides. Technicians offer comprehensive network consulting and solutions, and are able to support both small and large organizations. More than just a problem solving service, they will work with a business from the earliest planning stages to help set and achieve critical goals tailored to meet specific needs. Coming from the ISP perspective, Omnicity views client relationships as long term, unlike most support service companies. This forward looking approach ends up saving companies both money and headaches.

Omnicity’s wireless broadband services give businesses in non-urban areas the affordable high-speed Internet access and advanced communications solutions that every business needs. They provide the communications infrastructure required to drive economic development, allowing non-urban areas to compete successfully with large cities. This is good for the communities and for the country, since it allows companies to locate in less expensive areas.

For residential users, Omnicity opens up a world of information and applications that they would not otherwise have, and gives them the basic technical support that residential users often need.

Rahaxi, Inc. (RHXI) Reports Increase in Hardware Revenue and a Reduction in Quarterly Loss

Rahaxi Inc., an international card payments processor and technology company, today reported financial results for the three month period ended September 30, 2009. The company reported a significant increase in hardware-related revenues during that three month period. These revenues came in at $397,193 versus $163,273 in the prior period, an increase of about 143%.
The company also reported a much smaller loss in the three month period ended September 30, 2009. Net losses came in at $1,132,279 for that three month period as compared to $3,351,972 for the same period last year, a decrease of approximately 66%. The decrease in losses can be attributed to a reduction in Rahaxi’s costs of transaction processing, along with cutbacks in selling, administrative and general expenses.
However, Rahaxi experienced a small 1% decline in overall revenues. The revenue decline was due to a drop in consulting services which occurred because of weakness in the local Irish economy as well as the relative strength of the Euro versus the US dollar.
Pual Egan, CEO of Rahaxi, commenting on the results said, “The significant increase in hardware and related revenue demonstrates the trend of continuing high demand for Rahaxi’s products and services offering in the marketplace. We plan to capitalize on these gains with stronger growth from our transaction processing and hardware…We expect this momentum to continue through the remainder of fiscal 2009 and beyond.”

eDoorways Corp. (EDWY) Announces Success of Social Media Marketing Campaign

eDoorways Corp., a web-based consumer problem-solving gateway, lifestyle information source, and online business-to-consumer marketplace, announced today that it has exceeded 20,000 followers on its Twitter campaign. The company has plans to incorporate the use of Twitter and other social media outlets as part of its initial support strategy when the SOLVE doorway version “Beta 1.0″ is released next month.

Ann Collins, SOLVE Project Manager and Social Media Consultant for the eDoorways Corporation, said, “eDoorways has impressively surpassed the 20,000 follower mark in less than three months on Twitter. Many companies are successfully using the connections they have on Twitter to better support their customer base. However, one mistake they make — one that eDoorways is certainly attempting to avoid — is to go after quantity rather than quality when it comes to their contacts.”

Twitter is a great way to gather relevant input about a company’s product and services, as well as provides companies with significant insight into how they can best serve their customers. Collins believes that while she could have easily moved the company past 3x to 5x’s the followers within the same time frame, the best way to get the most out of this social media effort is to build each relationship by hand — one follower at a time. This method has been proven more likely to produce more prospective customers, business, supporters and even perhaps contribute to a company’s growing shareholder base.

Gary Kimmons, Chairman and CEO of eDoorways, commented, “With over 25 years experience, Ann is considered an expert in her field of project management and social media. With her assistance, the efforts we began with our corporate blog to promote corporate transparency has increased tenfold; in fact, with the emphasis shifting away from the blog as a means of communication and over to our twitter account and other social media vehicles. This is truly an exciting time as the relevant input gathered via the social media push has assisted in developing our focus groups and expediting our beta releases beginning with version ‘Beta 1.0′ within the next 30 days or so.”

Ann Collins stated, “Because the social aspect is so important to how each doorway will ultimately function, eDoorways has made it a point to become active and develop relationships in the top existing social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. One of the ways eDoorways has used various social media outlets is to convey the company’s philosophy, strategy and goals, which has been a great method for engaging people in conversations about creativity, empowerment and technology.”

She added, “eDoorways has been very careful to handpick people and companies that are in their target market and who are considered thought leaders, whom they can also learn from. The work they have put into creating these relationships makes them extremely relevant. Not only are they connecting and creating relationships on Twitter, but the eDoorways Facebook fan site is also growing quickly and has become a very active community of people interested in the eDoorways philosophy and the progress of the company’s service offering.”

Those close to the company believe that by the time SOLVE “Beta 1.0″ is released, eDoorways will have several thousand Austin Texas businesses preregistered to use the “real-time” platform. They also anticipate extreme viral growth in 2010 and are inclined to believe a national roll out may occur much sooner than expected.


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