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Acacia Research Corporation (ACTG)

We are highlighting Acacia Research Corporation (ACTG), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 1992, Acacia Research Corporation's subsidiaries develop, acquire, and license patented technologies. The Company's subsidiaries control more than 125 patent portfolios, which include U.S. patents and certain foreign counterparts. These patents cover technologies used in a broad spectrum of industries. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Acacia Research Corporation trades on the NASDAQ Global Market.

Acacia Research helps patent holders protect their patented inventions from unauthorized use. They also aid them in generating revenue from licensing of their patents. Acacia will also help enterprises enforce their patents against unauthorized use. Their clients are mainly individual inventors and small companies. These clients often have limited resources to deal with unauthorized users. However, large corporations and enterprises use Acacia as well.

Earlier this month, Acacia Research Corporation reported that their Optimum Processing Solutions LLC (OPS) subsidiary entered into a settlement agreement with International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). This agreement resolves all claims between OPS and IBM arising out of the patent litigation captioned Optimum Processing Solutions, LLC v. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., et al., Civil Action Case No. 1:09-cv-1098, pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

Also in early November, Acacia Research Corporation reported that their Data Network Storage LLC subsidiary entered into a settlement and license agreement with Nimbus Data Systems, Inc. This agreement covers a patent portfolio that relates to storage area network technology. This agreement resolves patent litigation that was pending in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California.

Today, Acacia Research Corporation announced that their Thermal Scalpel LLC subsidiary entered into an agreement with Boston Scientific Corporation. The agreement resolves litigation that was pending in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas with respect to certain Boston Scientific Corporation products. Also today, Acacia Research Corporation announced that their Service Reminder, LLC subsidiary and BMW North America, LLC, filed a joint stipulation of dismissal of their patent litigation that had been pending in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.

Acacia Research Corporation (ACTG) closed today's session at $7.58 up 0.93 percent. Volume was 98,003.

Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. (CBOU)

Greenbackers reported previously on Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. (CBOU), and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 1992, and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. operates gourmet coffeehouses. The Company offers gourmet coffee and espresso-based beverages, and specialty teas, baked goods, whole bean coffee, branded merchandise, and related products. Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. is a subsidiary of Caribou Holding Company Limited. They are part of the Specialty Eateries industry in the Services sector. Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. trades on the NASDAQ Global Market.

The Company also sells gourmet whole bean and ground coffee. They market these to grocery stores, mass merchandisers, office coffee providers, airlines, and hotels. They also market to sports and entertainment venues, college campuses, and online customers.

Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. has 511 coffeehouses, including 97 franchised coffeehouses. These are located in Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, Virginia, Colorado, Maryland, Iowa, Washington, D.C., North Dakota, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Kansas, South Dakota, Missouri, Indiana, Nevada, and international markets.

The Company is the second-largest company-owned gourmet coffeehouse operator in the world, based on number of coffeehouses. Their commitment is to sourcing the highest-quality coffee in the world and craft roasting it in small batches to bring out optimum flavor. Caribou Coffee is a recipient of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAAs) 2008 Roasters Choice Tasting Competition Gold Award.

On November 10, 2009, Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. announced that they are the first of their kind to reformulate all of their mochas and chocolate beverages using real, all natural chocolate. This is now available in white, milk, and dark chocolate. As of November 12, 2009, their guests can have their mochas, chocolate lattes, hot chocolates, specialty beverages and cold beverages made with either white, milk, or dark Guittard chocolate at all Caribou Coffee locations nationwide.
Caribou Coffee employees steam real pieces of the premium chocolate into milk to make the handcrafted hot beverages such as mochas, chocolate lattes, and hot chocolates. The three premium chocolates, created exclusively for Caribou Coffee, are all natural, kosher, and gluten-free, and none contains more than six ingredients.

Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. (CBOU) closed Tuesday's trading at $8.50 down 4.82 percent. Volume was 113,206.

Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp. (BGFV)

Today we choose to highlight Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp. (BGFV), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp. is a leading retailer of name brand sporting goods and accessories. The Company has 382 locations across 11 western states. Founded in 1955, Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp. has their corporate headquarters in El Segundo, California. They also have a Distribution Center in Riverside, California. They trade on the NASDAQ.

The Company provides a full-line product offering in a traditional sporting goods store format. The average size of their stores is approximately 11,000 square feet.  Their product mix includes athletic shoes, apparel and accessories, as well as a broad selection of outdoor and athletic equipment for team sports, fitness, camping, hunting, fishing, tennis, golf, snowboarding and in-line skating.

Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp. also offers an assortment of private label merchandise. These include shoes, apparel, golf equipment, binoculars, camping equipment, fishing supplies, and snowsport equipment. Big 5 Sporting Goods sells private label merchandise under their owned labels comprising Court Casuals, Golden Bear, Harsh, Pacifica, Rugged Exposure, and Triple Nickel. This is in addition to labels licensed from a third party, including Body Glove, Hi-Tec, Maui & Sons, and Avet.

On November 3, 2009, Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp. reported that their profit rose 80 percent in the third quarter. This was due to sales growth and better inventory management. The Company earned $8 million, or 37 cents per share, in the quarter that ended Sept. 27. That was up from the $4.5 million, or 21 cents per share, it earned a year earlier.

Revenue rose 4 percent to $231.6 million from $223.2 million. The Company said sales at stores open at least a year increased 1.6 percent during the quarter. Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp. also declared a 5-cent quarterly dividend to be paid Dec. 15 to shareholders of record as of Dec. 1.

Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp. (BGFV) closed today's trading session at $16.49 down 2.60 percent. Volume was 95,634.

Akorn Inc. (AKRX)

Greenbackers reported recently on Akorn Inc. (AKRX), SmallCapInvestor.com, Momentum Trades, and Stock Stars did earlier, and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the NASDAQ, Akorn Inc. is a company engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of branded and multi-source pharmaceutical products. The Company has manufacturing facilities located in Decatur, Illinois and Somerset, New Jersey. They market and distribute an extensive line of hospital and ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. Akorn Inc. has their headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Akorn is a leader in ophthalmic pharmaceutical products. The Company has a product line of Ophthalmic Diagnostic, Therapeutic, and Over-the-Counter products. They market established brands such as Akten®, IC-Green®, AK-Fluor®, Paremyd®, Fluress®, Ful-Glo®, and Gentak®.

Akorn launched Akten® (lidocaine HCl ophthalmic gel) 3.5%, their first internally developed NDA product, in 2008. Akten® is a novel, unit dose, preservative free gel formulation intended for use in any ocular procedure that requires a topical anesthetic agent.

Akorn's current product line comprises five Therapeutic Categories. These are Tetanus and Diphtheria Vaccine, Tuberculosis Drugs, Antidotes / Poison Control, Analgesics / Anesthetics, and Rheumatology. The Company also markets a product line for the hospital market. They intend to expand their drug hospital product line and continue to focus on product development for this pharmaceuticals segment. Akorn operates a contract manufacturing business with the capability and capacity to offer value to pharmaceutical companies looking to outsource manufacturing.

On November 10, 2009, Akorn, Inc. reported financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2009. Consolidated revenue for the third quarter 2009 was $19.4 million, versus $31.9 million in the third quarter 2008 representing a decrease of approximately 39 percent. The decrease was due to lower sales of tetanus-diphtheria (Td), flu vaccines, and overall lower sales to wholesalers as part of an effort to reduce wholesaler inventory levels. Consolidated gross profit was $2.7 million or 13.9 percent of revenue for the third quarter of 2009 as compared to a gross profit of $9.9 million or 31.1 percent of revenue in the same period a year ago. Their net loss was approximately $5.1 million in the third quarter 2009 compared to a net profit of $2.4 million in the third quarter 2008.

Raj Rai, Interim Chief Executive Officer said, "We are pleased to announce the launch of two new generic products, Ketorolac Tromethamine and Hydralazine HCL. These products, in addition to the products launched in the third quarter, will serve as building blocks to the future growth of the company."

Akorn Inc. (AKRX) closed Tuesday's session at $1.61 for no change. Volume was 260,539.

China Valves Technology, Inc. (CVVT)

Today we highlight China Valves Technology, Inc. (CVVT), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

China Valves Technology, Inc. through their subsidiaries, Zhengzhou Zhengdie Valve Co, Ltd., Henan Kaifeng High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd., and Tai Zhou Tai De Valve Co., Ltd., engages in the development, manufacture, and sale of high-quality metal valves. These valves are for the electricity, petroleum, chemical, and water, gas, and metallurgy industries.  The Company has one of the best-known brand names in China's valve industry. Founded in 1959, China Valves Technology, Inc. has their corporate headquarters in Kaifeng, Henan, China. The Company trades on the NASDAQ Global Market.

The Company develops valve products through extensive research and development and they own a number of patents. They have significant domestic market shares and exports to Asia and Europe. China Valves' two major manufacturing facilities are in Kaifeng and Zhengzhou in Henan Province. The Company has 74 acres of production facilities. They produce more than 700 models of valves with more than 10,000 specifications. The valves range in diameter from 3mm to 1,300mm. The valve materials consist of carbon steel, cryogenic steel, stainless steel, and heat resistant steel.

China Valves Technology, Inc. reported earlier this year that their newly established wholly owned foreign enterprise, Tai Zhou Tai De Valve Co., Ltd. completed the acquisition of 100 percent equity ownership of Taizhou Wote Valve Co., Ltd.  Taizhou Wote manufactures primarily mid and small-diameter metal butterfly valves and mid-quality valve products for use in civil water supply and drainage systems. Located in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, China, Taizhou Wote has designed production capacity of 3,200 metric tons of valves annually.

China Valves Technology, Inc. announced in August that their subsidiary, Zhengzhou Zhengdie Valve Co., Ltd. received purchase orders for two-way metal sealing butterfly valves from Kunshan Water Group, Inc. and Guangzhou Water Supply Company. The purchase orders are valued at $1.2 million and $3.1 million, respectively.
These types of valves are used primarily to control municipal water and sewage flow.

Yesterday, China Valves Technology, Inc. announced that the Company's two patent applications submitted to the State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC (the SIPO) received approval. The Company expects to receive these utility model patents by the end of 2009. The Company has also filed four patent applications including the interior hinge structure for a forged globe valve, add-forced self-sealing valve, position-limit mechanism valve machine, and a balanced Exhaust valve.

China Valves Technology, Inc. (CVVT) closed Tuesday's session at $8.80 up 3.53 percent. Volume was 68,569.

Chancery Resources, Inc. (CCRY)

Today we choose to highlight Chancery Resources, Inc. (CCRY), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Incorporated in the State of Nevada on September 12, 2006, Chancery Resources, Inc. is an exploration stage corporation. As an exploration stage corporation, they engage in the search for mineral deposits or reserves, which are not in either the development or the production stage. Chancery Resources' corporate mission is to acquire, develop, and expand proven gold and mineral properties into world-class assets.  They focus on acquiring interest in properties through mineral evaluation in mining friendly areas. Chancery Resources, Inc. trades on the OTC Bulletin Board and they have their headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Chancery Resources, Inc.'s current operational focus is to conduct exploration activities on their HCL Property to complete the terms of the mining acquisition agreement with Altos de Amador S.A. for the El Cafetal Mine and to conduct exploration activities on their Fiddler Creek Property. The HCL Property is a mining claim located in Merritt, British Columbia, Canada, and totals 415.04 hectares or 1,026 acres approximately. The HCL mineral claim is comprised of 20 contiguous cells. A cell is an area, which appears electronically on the British Columbia Internet Minerals Titles Online Grid and was formerly called a claim. A claim is a grant from the Crown of the available land within the cells to the holder to remove and sell minerals. The online grid is the geographical basis for the cell.

The Company's Fiddler Creek Property consists of 25 mineral claims, totaling 465.74 hectares. It is within the Omineca Mining Division in northwestern British Columbia. The deposit types that historically predominate in the Fiddler-Doreen area are Silver, Gold, Lead and Zinc.  Chancery Resources, Inc. will analyze geophysical, soil, rock and core samples soon. An exploration program recommended by a qualified geology person will be released when finalized.

Chancery Resources, Inc.'s El Cafetal Mine is in the River basin of the Honda stream, on the Eastern flank of the Western Mountain range, in the municipality of Valparaiso, Antioquia, Colombia. The property covers an area of 135 hectares. The geology of the zone includes sedimentary rocks, basaltic lava, and Andesite of Tertiary age with several veins and veins with different thicknesses and sulfide concentrations up to 80 percent.

Chancery Resources, Inc. (CCRY) closed Tuesday's trading session at $0.01 up 42.86 percent. Volume was 285,294.

MagneGas Corporation (MNGA)

Market Pulse reported earlier on MagneGas Corporation (MNGA), and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 2007, MagneGas Corporation is the producer of MagneGas™, a natural gas alternative and metal cutting fuel made from liquid waste. This waste includes sewage, sludge, manure, and certain industrial and oil based liquid wastes. With their corporate headquarters in Palm Harbor, Florida, MagneGas Corporation trades on the OTC Bulletin Board. The Company developed their Plasma Arc Flow™ process.

The Company's patented Plasma Arc Flow™ process gasifies liquid waste, creating a clean burning fuel that is essentially interchangeable with natural gas. However, it has lower green house gas emissions. The Plasma Arc Flow™ process gasifies liquid wastes into usable byproducts. These byproducts include the aforementioned MagneGas™, heat, carbon precipitates, and sterile effluent liquid that is under development for organic liquid fertilizer or irrigation water.  MagneGas™ can find use for metal cutting, cooking, heating, or powering bi fuel automobiles.

The Company custom builds recyclers to the specifications of their customers. Products range from a 50KW unit that produces MagneGas for a metal cutting shop up to a 1-megawatt plant capable of processing various liquid wastes in high volume. "Total" mode recyclers for the processing of oil based liquid waste and the maximization of fuel production is available in different configurations through direct sales. MagneGas Corporation owns and licenses the intellectual property for the MagneGas Technology for the territories of North, South, and Central America.

On November 18, 2009, MagneGas Corporation announced that they entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement (SAA) with United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based United Gas Company. The parties entered into the SAA in order to replace existing UAE and Dubai metal working fuel sales with MagneGas. United Gas Company is a fuel distributor for the UAE/Dubai region.

Today, MagneGas Corporation (MNGA) closed trading at $0.15 down 3.23 percent. Volume was 56,500.

Himax Technologies Inc. (HIMX)

OTC Journal reported previously on Himax Technologies Inc. (HIMX), and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in Tainan, Taiwan, Himax Technologies Inc. designs, develops, and markets semiconductors. The Company's semiconductors are critical components of flat panel displays. Trading on the NASDAQ, the Company is expanding their product offerings to include timing controllers, LCD TV and monitor chipset solutions, LCOS projector solutions, power management ICs, and CMOS image sensors.

Himax Technologies Inc. has regional offices in Hsinchu and Taipei, Taiwan; as well as China, Japan, South Korea, and California. Founded on June 12, 2001, the Company acquired Wisepal Technologies Inc. on February 1, 2007. This acquisition enabled them to enhance their product family and become more competitive in the marketplace.

The Company's main products are display drivers for large-sized TFT-LCD panels. These find use in desktop monitors and notebook computers and televisions. They also find use in display drivers for small and medium-sized TFT-LCD panels, which find use in mobile handsets and products including digital cameras, mobile gaming devices, portable DVD players, digital photo frame, and car navigation displays.

Himax Technologies announced last November that they allied with Wingtech Group in the development of LCOS mobile projectors for the China market.  Wingtech Group is China's largest handset solution provider. Himax's LCOS mobile projection solutions are designable as a standalone projector, an accessory type projector, or embedded into different consumer electronics. The partnership between the Company and Wingtech is expected to further a wider adoption of Himax LCOS mobile projection solutions in the Chinese market in the long-term.

Himax Technologies, Inc. announced this past June that one of their liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCOS) microdisplays, HX7027, received the 2009 Outstanding Photonics Product Award. This was by the Photonics Industry and Technology Development Association (PIDA). The Outstanding Photonics Product Award recognizes the best photonics products by evaluating their innovative design, technological breakthrough, and marketability.

On November 12, 2009, Himax Technologies, Inc. announced that they filed a listing application with the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE). The Company plans to list all of their ordinary shares on the TWSE while maintaining their listing of American Depositary Shares on the NASDAQ Global Select Market. The Company currently expects to receive the listing approval from the TWSE in the first quarter of 2010 and expects trading to begin in the second quarter of 2010. This is subject to necessary regulatory approvals and procedures and the prevailing market conditions.

Himax Technologies Inc. (HIMX) closed Tuesday's session at $2.47 up 1.23 percent. Volume was 391,119.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

eDOORWAYS Corporation (EDWY)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight eDOORWAYS Corporation (EDWY) Today, eDOORWAYS Corp. closed trading at $0.0530, which was up 1.92 percent. Their volume today was 2,738,953 shares.

eDoorways Corporation (EDWY) announced they will receive a $1.5 million addition to their existing $500,000 credit facility following successful negotiations with the lending division of AJENE WATSON LLC, bringing the total available in the Company's revolver to $2.0 million.

eDOORWAYS Corp. (EDWY) is committed to solving lifestyle problems for consumers while driving traffic to suppliers and service providers who offer innovative merchandise and solutions. The company has the potential to completely change the future landscape of business by offering a unique and comprehensive service that saves consumers valuable time and money. By uniting a consumer with the larger global consumer community, retailers, and manufacturers in an effective new way, eDOORWAYS promotes “dynamic” commerce, as opposed to the static model currently in existence.

The Company plans to capitalize on several emerging new trends. These newly created opportunities include: the large success of Web 2.0 Internet community service offerings such as MySpace, the movement towards niche marketing and targeted advertising, the introduction of new technologies that enable instantaneous, online presentation of information, and the rising consumer preference for using the Internet to gain information before making purchasing decisions.

eDOORWAYS plans to introduce local services using a city-by-city strategy that will minimize capital requirements, reduce staffing requirements, and optimize generated revenues. Ten major cities are targeted for launch in the first year. Advertising, PR campaigns and viral word-of-mouth will be used to give a public presentation to experts as well as educate the market.

The key benefits offered to consumers include a higher level of engagement with vendors, trusted information from other consumers, and superior customer service. Revenues will be generated through advertising placement fees, premium services, preferential placement fees, and a percentage of sales transactions. eDOORWAYS' progressive vision and professional management team makes it an attractive investment opportunity. Disclaimer

eDOORWAYS Corporation Blog

eDOORWAYS Corporation News:

eDoorways Provides International Audience Insight Into "LEARN" Doorway and eC Device, With Emphasis on Collaboration at a Successful Presentation During the ISTEC XVIIth General Assembly

eDoorways Invited to Demonstrate on a World Stage at the Ibero-American Science and Technology Education Center's XVII Annual General Assembly

eDoorways Invited to Demonstrate on a World Stage at the Ibero-American Science and Technology Education Center's XVII Annual General Assembly

TapImmune, Inc. (TPIV)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight TapImmune, Inc. (TPIV) Today, TapImmune, Inc. closed trading at $0.59. Their volume today was 140,268 shares.

Today, SectorWatch.biz reported that vaccines are projected as leading Pharma growth drivers. Several recent reports indicate that the vaccine marketplace will show big gains through 2012. This bodes well for companies such as TapImmune Inc. who specializes in the development of cell-based immunotherapeutics and vaccines in the areas of oncology and infectious disease.

TapImmune, Inc. (TPIV) is a biotechnology company focused on developing innovative therapeutics and vaccines in the areas of oncology and infectious disease. The company’s lead product, the TAP vaccine, is a key componesnt of a mechanism that moves characteristic markers called antigens to the surfaces of cells. Without TAP, there is a large reduction in presentation of cancer markers, making it impossible for the immune system to spot rogue cells and cancerous cells, allowing them to grow undetected.

The company’s vaccine has demonstrated its effectiveness in restoring TAP which in-turn restores and augments the characteristic marker (antigen) and subsequent recognition and killing of cancer cells by the immune system. The TAP molecule also works to enhance targeted vaccines against infectious diseases. For example, including TAP in the studied Smallpox Vaccine showed potency was increased by 100-1,000 times.

TapImmune, Inc. (TPIV) technologies have broad applications in developing therapeutic and preventative vaccines. The company’s technologies have been featured on ABC News BusinessNow, B-TV, in BusinessWeek, Popular Mechanics and local news papers as well as many respected medical journals including the Journal of Immunology, Nature (Biotechnology), International Journal of Cancer, Cancer Research and PLoS Pathogens, among others.

Management believes that its cancer vaccine strategy is a unique therapeutic approach that addresses the problem of poor immune responses to cancer. Since restoring the TAP protein directs the body’s immune system to specifically target cancerous cells without damaging healthy tissue, this therapy potentially has a strong competitive advantage over other cancer therapies. Disclaimer

TapImmune Blog

TapImmune, Inc. News:

TapImmune, Inc. to be Featured in Small Cap Stock Newsletter QualityStocks Daily

TapImmune Signs License Agreement With Crucell N.V.

Stocks on the Move: TPIV, INO, MBCI, CRXL

Clenergen Corp. (CRGE)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Clenergen Corp. (CRGE) Today, Clenergen Corporation closed trading at $1.02, which was up 2.00 percent. Their volume today was 46,500 shares.

Clenergen Corporation (CRGE) is focused on using a proprietary biomass process to generate renewable electricity. The company has identified two fast growing species of tree and applied a proprietary Tree Adaption Process for rapidly increasing the growth rate 30-40%. This substantial growth rate will enable the production of an economically viable source of feedstock/biomass for creating a renewable source of electricity.

The company anticipates the implementation of a 71MW per hour biomass power plant in Tamilnadu, India, which will be phased over a 42 month period. It is expected that by 2010, the power plant will generate 15MW per hour. Utilizing 6,500 acres of land for the cultivation of feedstock, the project is scalable and capable of expanding to 121MW per hour within a 5 year period.

Because the company will be using renewable biomass, organic material derived from plant matter not related to food production, it is able to produce clean, sustainable energy without endangering the food supply. Additionally, unlike fossil fuels that only add CO2 to the atmosphere, biomass generates positive carbon emissions credits through the process of photosynthesis.

Clenergen Corporation (CRGE) is backed by an experienced management team with a track record of success and operational expertise. The company has also established third party partnerships to enable the business to achieve its business goals and enable it to meet or exceed its financial forecasts and projections. To date, Clenergen has begun operations in the following markets: Guyana, Ghana, Uganda, Brazil Russia and South Africa. Disclaimer

Clenergen Corp. Blog

Clenergen Corp. News:

Clenergen India Private Limited Appoints Merchant Bank for Public Floatation in India and Listing on National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exhange Limited (BSE)

Clenergen Corporation (OTCBB:CRGE) Completes Acquisition of Clenergen Corporation Limited

Biomass2Biopower Private Limited Announces Commencement of 250 Acres of High Density Biomass Trials of Eucalyptus, Casuarinas, and "Vanashree" (A Cloned Species of Tree From the Neem Family)

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH) Today, Consorteum Holdings, Inc. closed trading at $0.04, which was up 11.11 percent. Their volume today was 28,500 shares.

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH) is focused on providing financial services, electronic transaction processing and management services to financial institutions, healthcare, government, public and private sector companies. The company's services provide customized, innovative technology solutions that create, augment and enhance their clients' existing financial, payment and transactional processing systems.

The company offers clients a long-term strategic plan utilizing the most technically advanced global solutions available today. By working with a multitude of global technologies, Consorteum is able to create exceptionally customized programs. This approach enables unparalleled flexibility when sourcing solutions, resulting in smarter, faster deployment of technologies, competitive pricing, and potential for new revenues.

Consorteum's strategy is to capitalize on the global opportunities within the growing financial services, payment and transaction processing marketplace. The utilized business model generates revenues on every transaction touched, thus providing long-term, sustainable income. The company has strategically designed its business initiatives to create significant repetitive transactions on an ongoing basis. Additional company revenues are generated from consulting services, project minimums and management fees.

The company is jointly led by CEO Craig Fielding and President & COO Quent Rickerby. Mr. Fielding brings a wealth of expertise in the payments industry, in both local and international payment processing, along with HR-specific business management expertise, leadership, customer development and acquisition skills. Mr. Rickerby brings over two decades of business management, international and domestic sales experience, new company start-up, payment processing, project management, business development, negotiations, relationship management and strategic company direction.Disclaimer

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. Blog

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. News:

Consorteum Holdings Inc. Launches Alternative Mail-In Rebate Program for Manufacturers and Retailers

Consorteum Holdings Inc. Provides Manufacturer and Retailer Solutions in North America and Europe

Consorteum Holdings Inc. Announces Release of First 10K Year End Filing


The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight VIASPACE (VSPC) Today, VIASPACE closed trading at $0.0260, which was up 13.04 percent. Their volume today was 1,433,628 shares.

VIASPACE (VSPC) a clean energy company growing Giant King™ Grass as a low-carbon, renewable energy crop, today provided an update on the status of the initial public offering of their majority owned subsidiary VIASPACE Green Energy.

VIASPACE (VSPC) is a clean energy company focused on providing products and technology that reduce or eliminate dependence on fossil fuels and other high-pollutant energy sources. Through its subsidiaries, the company provides raw material for cellulosic biofuels; develops and markets fuel cartridges, products and technology for methanol fuel cells; markets rechargeable lithium-ion batteries; and develops security-related monitoring and detection technology and systems for military/defense and commercial applications.

Through its renewable energy subsidiary, VIASPACE Green Energy, the company grows a fast-growing non-food grass that can be harvested four times a year. This proprietary grass is used for producing low carbon liquid biofuels such as cellulosic ethanol, methanol and green gasoline for transportation, as well as partially or completely replacing coal to reduce carbon emissions from electric power plants. Cellulosic biofuels made from non-food sources offer environmental and economic advantages over food crops, like corn, and are attracting strong political support around the world.

Through its alternative energy subsidiary, Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corporation, the company designs and manufactures disposable methanol fuel cartridges that supply power for portable electronics such as notebook computers and mobile phones. Compared to traditional batteries, fuel cells cleanly and efficiently convert methanol into electricity without burning and provide longer operating time and instantaneous recharging. VIASPACE also supplies rechargeable lithium batteries for electronics, power tools, electric bicycles and other electric vehicles.

Through its high-technology subsidiary, Ionfinity, the company collaborates with Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to develop and commercialize new sensor technology that can detect very small amounts of hazardous materials such as explosives, chemical/biological weapons, toxic gases and drugs. Leveraging Ionfinity’s miniaturization technology, new portable monitoring devices and detection systems are being developed for homeland security, defense, biomedical, industrial process control, agricultural and environmental safety applications. Disclaimer



VIASPACE Update on VIASPACE Green Energy IPO

VIASPACE Expands Giant King(TM) Grass Production Capacity

VIASPACE Reports Third-Quarter 2009 Financial Results

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH) Offers Right Source Solutions in the Payments and Transactions Industry

Consorteum Holdings Inc. is an industry expert in the payment and transactions marketplace. Its management team has extensive experience and knowledge of the financial, payment and transaction processing industry and its regulations. This provides the company with the ability to work outside of the box in providing solutions to its clients.
With their extensive industry experience, Consorteum recognized there was a need within the transaction processing industry to provide Right Source Solutions to companies looking to maximize their business potential. The company is attempting to seize the opportunity presented by the marketplace. Consorteum has established a significant number of key partnerships and strategic business relationships with many of the largest global companies in the industry. These relationships provide the company with exceptional flexibility in negotiating opportunities on behalf of their customers to obtain the best solution to match their clients’ specific needs.

The company has had considerable success in sourcing card, payment and transaction processing opportunities in North America, evaluating such opportunities and acquiring the financing for cross-platform solutions. This means that the company’s return on investment will never be dependent on one specific technology, partner or relationship.
Consorteum’s business initiatives are built with the goal of developing ‘repeat spend’ and ‘residual income’. This means that the company develops and implements process changes and innovations that encourage end-users to repeat their spending behaviors, resulting in recurring revenue for the company. This, in turn, maximizes return on investment over the long-term for Consorteum’s investors by delivering lasting income.

Newport Digital Technologies (NPDT) Has a Competitive Edge

Newport Digital Technologies Inc., California provider of advanced products based upon wireless broadband technologies, owes its significant competitive edge to the synergistic and exclusive partnership it has with Taiwan’s premier technology incubators, the Institute for Information Industry (III) and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). NDT works with these two technology powerhouses to develop and customize their technologies to meet the needs of customers in global markets.

Together, III and ITRI offer a talent pool of nearly 8,000 engineers and scientists, resulting in a variety of cutting edge developments in the fields of communications, nanotechnology, and other areas of electronics.

For example, the Institute for Information Industry has forged world-class R&D capabilities in RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) and WiMAX, and has an unrivaled track record in the design and implementation of large scale information systems, such as Taiwan’s highly successful e-Government project. The Institute has also built up strong strategic relationships with top IT manufacturers.

The Industrial Technology Research Institute, by comparison, has a stellar record in nanotechnology, materials, and chemical sciences, and is known for advanced manufacturing systems, electronics and opto-electronics, communication, and biomedical technologies.
Newport Digital co-owns all of the intellectual property rights that are co-developed with the two institutes, and has exclusive worldwide distribution rights for related technology products, solutions, and applications. As such, the company has successfully positioned itself between developing technologies and their commercial application, and is well set to profit from such high-growth technologies as RFID, WiFI, and VoIP.

The company’s rich portfolio of competencies in RFID, WiMAX, eLearning, LED Signage, and Security & Surveillance gives it a unique capability to deliver complete solutions for a broad spectrum of applications, from state-of-the art e-passport and healthcare management systems to interactive online education systems featuring next-generation WiMAX broadband wireless technology.

TapImmune, Inc. (TPIV) Among the Winners in the Booming Vaccine Business

Recent headlines swirling around the swine flu have centered the focus of both the public and investors on vaccines and the vaccine industry. The vaccine marketplace is expected to show big gains through 2012 as it emerges as one of the most lucrative sectors of the global pharmaceutical industry. This bodes well for innovative companies such as TapImmune Inc. (TPIV)

TapImmune is a biotechnology company specializing in the development of cell-based vaccines and immunotherapeutics in the areas of oncology and infectious disease. The company’s vaccine technology is based on modulating the activity of the antigen processing machinery to increase effective presentation of antigens to the immune system. Transporters associated with antigen processing (TAP) play a major role in the antigen processing pathway.

One of the most lucrative areas for vaccine makers is vaccines which may treat various forms of cancer. The company’s lead product candidate, the AdhTAP vaccine enhancer, is designed to restore and augment presentation and subsequent recognition and killing of cancer cells by the immune system. As a stand-alone cancer therapy or in combination with other drugs, AdhTAP could prove to be a key component of a more successful assault on cancer. TapImmune is currently planning the development of AdhTAP for the commencement of clinical manufacturing and toxicology studies.

TapImmune is also developing a TAP-based prophylactic vaccine which initial tests indicate may increase the efficacy of targeted prophylactic vaccines by up to 1,000 times. The company’s TAP technology could also enhance the creation of new vaccines in the fight against many pandemic infectious diseases.


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