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The Daily Newsletter would like to wish our readers and their families a very Happy Thanksgiving, we will be back on Monday November, 27th 2006.

Topping The Daily Newsletter by percentage gained and volume is eCarfly, Inc. ( ECLF ) previously at $0.005 up 320% at $0.021 with 83,136,776 shares traded. ( ECFL ) was highlighted today by OTC Reporter.

eCarfly, Inc. announced today that the Board of Directors has decided against a reverse stock split. Negotiation of the possible new merger will continue on course. eCarfly, Inc. has closed the Chicago Office and the Plano Office. The corporate office is being re-located to a new area in Dallas , TX and should re-open in the next couple of weeks. The new address and telephone number will be released to the public when the move is completed. eCarfly provided individuals and automotive dealers a hassle-free and cost-effective alternative to sell their vehicles while reducing to zero traditional costs associated with the vehicle sales process. eCarfly is currently focusing on online vehicle auctions, industrial equipment, aircraft, personal watercraft auctions, and partnerships with companies and private individuals interested in selling their personal vehicles. eCarfly is also currently focusing on new business ventures that will allow for new opportunities for shareholders.

Shearson Financial Network ( SFNN ) previously at $0.02 up 140% at $0.048 with 45,945,856 shares traded. ( SFNN ) was highlighted this month by OTC Stock Exchange.

Shearson Financial Network reported an increase earnings of $4,450,211 for the nine months ending September 30, 2006 and earnings of $2,474,658 for the quarter ended September 30, 2006, as reflected on the Company's Form 10Q filed with the SEC on November 20, 2006. Shearson Financial Network and its subsidiaries Shearson Home Loans, operates as a mortgage banker/broker, and RPT, and property information company. The company originates mortgage loans and home equity loans in the United States . Its mortgage loan products include conforming mortgage products, which are adjustable and fixed rate loan programs. As of December 31, 2005, Shearson Financial Network operated through 28 retail branches in 12 states. Holdings, Inc. ( MBKR ) previously at $0.59 with 71% at $1.01 with 11,090 shares traded. ( MBKR ) was highlighted today by Small Cap Voice. Holdings, Inc. announced record revenue in its financial results for the third quarter 2006. The company recorded gross revenues of USD $1,306,746 for the reporting period, representing 55% of the year to date USD $2,396,481 in revenue recognized by the company in first nine months of 2006. Holdings, Inc. specializes in re-branding the over 40,000 small and medium enterprise (SME) mortgage broker firms in North America and offering these entities scalability through a centralized shared services platform. allows these SME brokers to continue owning their own business while taking advantage of working under one recognizable brand; taking advantage of centralized services such as payroll and accounting, compliance, marketing, technology, HR, lead generation; improving access to the customer through strategic alliance partnerships.

Forest Resources Management Corp. ( FTRM ) previously at $0.24 up 41% at $0.34 with 350,696 shares traded. ( FTRM ) was highlighted today by Knobias Clip Report.

Forest Resources Management Corp. announced today that its subsidiary Opus Management has signed a new two year contract for $42.5 million dollars with a major North American distributor. The distributor specializes in supplying construction related materials to the new construction market as well as renovators. The contract calls for Opus to provide them with specialty hardwood flooring material worth $42.5 million dollars which will be going primarily to the North American market. Forest Resources MGT Corp. is a publicly traded company, which owns exclusive development rights in Central and South America for the development of both timber and minerals on a property of over 1.5 million acres. Opus Asset MGT Group's core business is the harvesting of hardwoods such as Mahogany, Bloodwood and Ziricote, among others, whose primary market is the flooring business estimated at 15 billion dollars a year.

Interplay Entertainment Corp. ( IPLY ) previously at $0.033 up 36% at $0.045 with 200,200 shares traded. ( IPLY ) was highlighted this month by Knobias Clip Report. 

Interplay Entertainment Corp. announced that it has engaged a Paris-based investment bank to conduct an offshore Private Placement of its common stock. The offering of newly issued shares for an amount of at least euro 20 million and up to euro 50 million in total will be reserved exclusively to non U.S.-based accredited investors. A Paris based listing sponsor will obtain listing of such shares on the Euronext European exchange. Placement is expected to close before December 31, 2006 and proceeds will be used for general corporate purpose and
the funding of the development of a Massively Multiplayer Online Game based on the Company's game Fallout. Interplay Entertainment Corp. is a developer, publisher and licensor of interactive entertainment software for both core gamers and the mass market. The Company is most widely known for its titles in the action/arcade, adventure/role playing game (RPG), and strategy/puzzle categories.

Axis Technologies Group, Inc. ( AXTG ) previously at $1.92 up 22% at $2.36 with 2,891,413 shares traded. ( AXTG ) has been very popular recently they were highlighted this month by Beacon Equity Research, Boon Market, Bull Report, The Capital Report, All Penny Stocks, Small Cap Voice, Twin Trader, The Subway, Boon Market, Knobias Clip Report, OTC Picks and today by All Penny Stocks, Boon Market, OTC Picks, SmallCap Voice, The Capital Report and Twin Trader

Axis Technologies Group, Inc. announced that over 1000 Axis Dimming/Daylight Harvesting (DDH) ballasts are currently being installed in the newly renovated Zorinsky Federal Building in Omaha , NE. This building will house the Army Corp of Engineers, the Secret Service, and other federal agencies upon completion. The results showed that significant reductions in utility bills as well as reductions in air emissions would result from a major building converting to a more energy efficient lighting system. Twin Trader stated today "Axis Technologies ( AXTG ) continues to soar to new highs. This stock is now trading up nearly 300% since we first introduced this to our members." Axis Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets a proprietary line of energy-saving and daylight harvesting electronic dimming ballasts for the commercial lighting industry. The company's target market is small to large commercial users of fluorescent lighting including office buildings, wholesale and retail buildings, hospitals, schools, and government buildings. After the close yesterday, the company announced that the Axis Dimming/Daylight Harvesting (DDH) Ballast meets the criteria for Federal Energy Policy Act 1331 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 that went in to effect January 1, 2006. This Act provides for a tax deduction of $0.60/square foot when energy-efficient lighting, that meets the criteria specified, is installed in new or existing buildings.

Martin Nutraceuticals, Inc. ( MNCL ) closed today at $0.19 with 10,911 shares traded. ( MNCL ) was highlighted this month by OTC Picks, OTC Stock Exchange Micro Cap Alliance, OTC Stock Review, OTC Picks, OTC Stock Exchange,,, Stock Egg, Cash Cow Mag Small Cap Voice, and today by Small Cap Voice.

Martin Nutraceuticals Inc. is a development stage company that develops and markets natural/complimentary medicine (nutraceuticals) for joint pain to the general consumer, increasing the activity of the immune system and obesity control. Martin Nutraceuticals has developed a family of innovative complimentary medicine to aid all types of difficulties to enhance a better lifestyle. In the United States alone, The nutraceutical market was worth approximately US$19 billion in 2004 according to the American Nutraceutical Association and this year the market is at over 68 billion. For more information please visit Martin Nutraceuticals

Universal Travel Group ( UTVG ) closed today at $1.10 with 15,000 shares traded. UTVG was highlighted by Wall Street Grapevine, Small Cap Voice, OTC Picks, and OTC Financial Network this month.

Universal Travel Group saw gains on no news to report. Wall Street Grapevine stated today that "UTVG started working back toward the $2 mark, on a slow day yesterday, it managed to stay green I believe momentum is coming back in favor of the buyers so don't let this one slip past you." Universal Travel Group, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Yu Zhi Lu Aviation Service Company Ltd. ("YZL"), is engaged in travel services pertaining to domestic and international lines through Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan . The Company's core services include dynamic booking for air tickets, hotels, and restaurants, as well as tour routing for customers.

For more information please visit Universal Travel Group

Nascent Wine Co. ( NCTW ) previously at $1.05 up 14% at $1.20 with 7,500 shares traded. ( NCTW ) has been highlighted  by Knobias Clip Report. Pilot Financial Communication and also highlighted (NCTW) this month.

Nascent Wine Co. Inc. saw gains on no news to report. Nascent Wine Co. operates in the beverage and food industry in Mexico . Nascent Wine Co. was founded in 2002 and is based in San Diego , California . For more information please visit Nascent Wine Nascent Wine Co. Inc. is charting a course to become a leader in the beverage and food industry in Mexico . The Company is the exclusive distributor of Miller Beer in Baja California , Mexico . The Company plans to continue acquiring small- to medium-sized beverage and food distributors in Mexico .

Sub Surface Waste Management of Delaware Inc. ( SSWM ) previously at $0.041 up 4% at $0.0430 with 90,000 shares traded. ( SSWM ) was highlighted this month by and

Sub Surface Waste Management saw gains on no news to report. Sub Surface Waste Management of Delaware, Inc. engages in the design, installation, and operation of proprietary soil and groundwater remediation systems for clean up of toxic waste releases to soil and groundwater, and the bio-recycling of spent activated carbon filtration media. For more information please visit SSWM

Press Release Source: Nascent Wine Company, Inc.

Nascent Wine Company CEO Sandro Piancone to Be Featured Speaker at the National Investment Banking Association Conference
Wednesday November 22, 9:00 am ET

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nascent Wine Company, Inc. (OTCBB: NCTW - News ) is pleased to announce that its CEO, Sandro Piancone, has been invited be a featured speaker at the National Investment Banking Association Capital Conference in Las Vegas, NV. The conference will occur at The Westin Casuarina Hotel and Spa November 30 and December 1, 2006. Mr. Piancone will give multiple presentations to the attendees of the conference over the two days. "The NIBA Capital Conference provides a forum to introduce Nascent to many of the countries top professionals involved in the small cap investment banking market," Sandro Piancone stated. "I am sure that the attendees will be excited to learn more about Nascent's plans to consolidate many of the smaller foodservice distributors in the Mexican food distribution market through acquisitions."

For more information on the National Investment Banker Association Capital Conference, please visit .

About Nascent Wine Company, Inc.

Nascent Wine Co. Inc. is charting a course to become a leader in the beverage and food industry in Mexico. The Company is the exclusive distributor of Miller Beer (SAB.L) in Baja California, Mexico. The Company plans to continue acquiring small- to medium-sized beverage and food distributors in Mexico. The Company trades on the OTC Bulletin Board, ticker symbol NCTW.OB.

For more information about Nascent Wine Company, Inc. please visit .

Forward-Looking Statement:

This release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. All forward-looking statements are inherently uncertain as they are based on current expectations and assumptions concerning future events or future performance of the company. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which are only predictions and speak only as of the date hereof. In evaluating such statements, prospective investors should review carefully various risks and uncertainties identified in this release and matters set in the company's SEC filings. These risks and uncertainties could cause the company's actual results to differ materially from those indicated in the forward-looking statements.
Contact: Pilot Financial Communications Rick Gean, Investor Relations, 888-772-8611 [email protected] Source: Nascent Wine Company, Inc.




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