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Topping The QualityStocks.net Daily Newsletter for volume and percentage gained is Sulja Bros. Building Supplies, Ltd. (SLJB) previously at $0.012 up over 141% at $0.029 with 69,675,888 shares traded. (SLJB) has been highlighted this month by Willy Wizard.

Sulja Bros. Building Supplies, Ltd. announced the resignation of Petar Vucicevich as CEO of Sulja Bros. Building Supplies Ltd. Willy Wizard States "Bottom Feeder Mania SLJB was hit hard on bad rumors I don't believe to be true. Does a stock go from the dreamboat stock to a scam in a couple days? What do you do on a day stock is on sale? I just about doubled up my position today buying. I made three purchases today as sellers pounded the bids and buyers pounded the offer snatching up cheap shares. I look for SLJB sellers to stop and a slow rise back to .075 to .09 after Thanksgiving." SLJB carries a complete line of residential and commercial building materials such as pressure treated lumber, CRC shingles and other raw materials for construction.

Digital Youth Network Corporation (DYOUF) previously at $0.08 up 87% at $0.15 with 19,100 shares traded. (DYOUF) was highlighted today by Stock Up Ticks.

Digital Youth Network Corporation announced today that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Universal Music Canada , wherein DY Mobile will promote and sell real music ring tones, also known as MP3 TrueTones to mobile subscribers on Canada 's 4 largest wireless networks. Universal Music's artists promoted by DY include Eminem, 50 Cent, Shania Twain, Nelly Furtado and many more platinum selling artists. Digital Youth Network through its subsidiary DY Mobile Inc. has negotiated various revenue sharing agreements to publish Mobile on Demand pages within publications across Canada . Mobile on Demand pages allow consumers on all 4 major Canadian wireless networks to purchase content such as Real Music Ringtones and images for their mobile handsets, with charges billed directly to consumers' monthly phone bills.

CenGroup Petroleum Corporation (CPCO) previously at $0.04 up 75% at $0.07 with 67,000 shares traded. (CPCO) was highlighted today by Penny Picks.

CenGroup Petroleum Corporation was developed to take advantage of an opportunity to recover surface oil in the Caspian Sea Region and to reclaim the oil to productive use while environmentally restoring the land, sea, and shore. It has been estimated that there are approximately 250 million barrels of surface oil lying on water and land in the Caspian Sea Region, with nearly 1 million new barrels of oil leaking to the surface each year. Penny Picks stated today "Have a look at this company, CenGroup Petroleum Corp. Cengroup cleans the environment in two ways; first, by gathering materials used in everyday packaging and recycling them and second, by using the recycled material to reclaim oil.
CenGroup Petroleum uses an innovative product to recover oil from spill areas while subsequently reclaiming and selling the resource at a significant profit."

Robinson Wireless Holdings (a.k.a. Prime Time Group, Inc.) (PRTH) previously at $0.11 up 54% at $0.17 with 1,342,060 shares traded. (PRTH) was highlighted for by OTC Stock Exchange for momentum.

Robinson Wireless Holdings saw gains on no news to report. Robinson Wireless Holdings focuses on wireless products and services for today's youth market. By using retail, wholesale and Internet delivery channels, the company has found unique ways to deliver the phones, accessories, mobile media and mobile games that are desired by a growing marketplace. In doing so it has established relationships with carriers such as Virgin Mobile, Fido and soon to be announced a US carrier, as well as developing its own line of products such as Cherry Red accessories as well as a content & e-commerce division that is on line and will be announced shortly.

MultiCell Technologies, Inc. (MCET) previously at previously at $0.26 up 23% at $0.32 with 590,164 shares traded. (MCET) was highlighted today by Small Cap Digest.

MultiCell Technologies, Inc. announced that co-administration of MCT-465, a Toll-like Receptor (TLR) agonist combined with the Company's patented antigen presenting immunoglobulin therapeutic resulted in the control of primary tumor growth, induced the immune system to completely destroy the tumors, and ultimately prevented morbidity and mortality in 60 percent of treated animals.  Small Cap Digest states "both news items just may end up taking you all the way to a 'Wow!' status. Take a look and see if you're just as impressed as we were with the kind of cutting edge biotech work Multicell is doing in the war against cancer and MS. Better yet, take a look and see if you see the same kind of money-making potential we see in the opportunity." MultiCell Technologies, Inc. develops primary cell immortalization technologies to produce cell-based assay systems for use in drug discovery that may have valuable applications in the treatment of  deadly diseases such as cervical cancer and other cancers that are caused by viruses.

Another QualityStocks.net Daily Newsletter volume mover for the day is Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals Inc. (APPI) previously at $0.0035 up 20% at $0.0042 with 39,316,816 shares traded.   (APPI) was highlighted today by OTC Reporter and this month by OTCPicks.com, OTC Reporter, Knobias Clip Report, OTC Stock Exchange and StockEgg.com

Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced on 11/9/06 the signing a Memorandum of Understanding (``MOU'') to acquire the Biodiesel company, World Health Energy, Inc. World Health Energy, Inc. (``WHE'') is an emerging energy company focusing on biofuels and renewable energy production and distribution. Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals, Inc. engages in research and development of plant-based dietary supplements in the United States . They also have the rights and interests to a thirteen-step process, which utilizes the whole of the nutrients found in plants to manufacture all natural herbal dietary supplements.

e-Future Information Technology Inc. (EFUT) previously at $41.3 up over 19% at $49.31 with 6,998,442 shares traded. (EFUT) was highlighted in The Cool Cat Report.

e-Future Information Technology Inc. has seen steady gains recently on no news to report. Look at the three alerts from The Cool Cat Report. 11/14/06 "e-Future Information Technology continued its recent surge, jumping 48%. The provider of integrated software and professional services for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, logistics companies and retailers in China 's supply chain front market has soared 167% in the last three trading days. It gained 29% Thursday and 39% Friday. The stock began trading Oct. 31 and has only 1.5 million shares outstanding and a market cap of just $44 million." 11/15/06 "e-Future Information Technology) continued its parabolic climb, surging 48% for the second straight day on top of a 29% gain last Thursday and a 39% rise Friday. The stock traded as high as 48.64 today and has almost tripled from 11.04 to 43.60 in those four days." And from today  "e-Future Information Technology (EFUT) continues to make the charts with a strong jump of 22.19%." e-Future Information Technology, Inc., through its subsidiary, e-Future (Beijing) Tornado Information Technology, Inc., provides integrated software and professional services for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, logistics companies, and retailers in China's supply chain front market. Helping companies to improve warehouse management, transportation management, and logistics management.

Martin Nutraceuticals, Inc. ( MNCL ) previously at 0.10 up 100% at $0.20 with 10,095 shares traded. ( MNCL ) was highlighted this month by OTC Stock Exchange Micro Cap Alliance, OTC Stock Review, OTC Picks, OTC Stock Exchange, HotOTC.com, InsideMove.com, Stock Egg, Cash Cow Mag Small Cap Voice and QualityStocks.net

Martin Nutraceuticals Inc. is a development stage company that develops and markets natural/complimentary medicine (nutraceuticals) for joint pain to the general consumer, increasing the activity of the immune system and obesity control. Martin Nutraceuticals has developed a family of innovative complimentary medicine to aid all types of difficulties to enhance a better lifestyle. In the United States alone, The nutraceutical market was worth approximately US$19 billion in 2004 according to the American Nutraceutical Association and this year the market is at over 68 billion. For more information please visit Martin Nutraceuticals

Universal Travel Group ( UTVG ) previously at $1.11 up 9% to close at $1.21 with 99,625 shares traded. ( UTVG ) was highlighted today by Wall Street Grapevine UTVG was also highlighted by Wall Street Grapevine, Small Cap Voice, OTC Picks, and OTC Financial Network earlier in the month.

Universal Travel Group saw gains on no news to report. Wall Street Grapevine stated today that "UTVG started working back toward the $2 mark, on a slow day yesterday, it managed to stay green I believe momentum is coming back in favor of the buyers so don't let this one slip past you." Universal Travel Group, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Yu Zhi Lu Aviation Service Company Ltd. ("YZL"), is engaged in travel services pertaining to domestic and international lines through Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan . The Company's core services include dynamic booking for air tickets, hotels, and restaurants, as well as tour routing for customers.

For more information please visit Universal Travel Group

Nascent Wine Co. ( NCTW ) previously at $1.00 up 5% to close $1.05 with 51,300 shares traded.

(NCTW) has been highlighted today by Knobias Clip Report, Pilot Financial Communication and QualityStocks.net also highlighted (NCTW) this month.

Nascent Wine Co. Inc. saw gains on no news to report.  Nascent Wine Co. operates in the beverage and food industry in Mexico . Nascent Wine Co. was founded in 2002 and is based in San Diego , California . For more information please visit Nascent Wine Nascent Wine Co. Inc. is charting a course to become a leader in the beverage and food industry in Mexico . The Company is the exclusive distributor of Miller Beer in Baja California , Mexico . The Company plans to continue acquiring small- to medium-sized beverage and food distributors in Mexico .

Sub Surface Waste Management of Delaware Inc. ( SSWM ) closed at 0.0410 with 174,000 shares traded. (SSWM) was highlighted this month by SmallCapVoice.com and QualityStocks.net

Sub Surface Waste Management saw gains on no news to report. Sub Surface Waste Management of Delaware, Inc. engages in the design, installation, and operation of proprietary soil and groundwater remediation systems for clean up of toxic waste releases to soil and groundwater, and the bio-recycling of spent activated carbon filtration media. For more information please visit






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