Wednesday, October 31th, 2006

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Topping The Daily Newsletter leader by percentage gained and today's volume leader is Ise Blu Equity Corp. (ISBL) previously at $0.003 up over 116% at $0.0065 with 21,108,190 shares traded. (ISBL) was highlighted by OTC Stock Exchange last week and today by, OTC Picks and Stock
Ise Blu Equity announced today that its Internet e-commerce site at should be fully operational on Friday November 10, 2006. OTC Stock Exchange highlighted ISBL - as a "Breakout" Ise Blu Equity Corp, a Nevada corporation, is a holding company that specializes in investments from the Consumer Goods, Commodities, Entertainment and Technology sectors.

Victor Industries Inc. (VICI) previously at $0.0037 up over 96% at $0.0059 with 24,123,090 shares traded. (VICI) was highlighted today by OTC
Victor Industries Inc. announced today that a majority of shareholders have approved the Company's plan to merge with Ethos Environmental Inc. The final administrative matters with regard to the merger will be addressed immediately. It is anticipated the merger will close within the next few days. Victor Industries Inc. engages in refining products made of zeolite used in fertilizers to reduce pollution of streams and rivers. The company extracts zeolite at a property in Owhyee County, Idaho, which is an ammonia absorbent, air purifier, and hazardous waste absorbent. Ethos Environmental is a manufacturer and distributor of a unique line of fuel reformulating products under the name Ethos Fuel Reformulators, or Ethos FR.

Midnight Holdings Group, Inc (MHGI) previously at $0.016 up over 56% at $0.025 with 1,098,331 shares traded. (MHGI) was highlighted today by OTC Stock Exchange as Breakout company.
Midnight Holdings Group, Inc announced yesterday that its subsidiary company, Midnight Auto Franchise Corp (MAFC) has entered into an agreement with a Detroit-area private financial group to launch the first of what Midnight Auto anticipates will be 100 or more retail stores and service center locations throughout the United States. MHGI is the parent company of All Night Auto, Inc., the automotive care and service center that offers a unique combination of technology, service and value to focus on the needs of today's consumers. Midnight Holdings Group, Inc. is the parent of Midnight Auto Franchise Corp and All Night Auto Stores, Inc. This subsidiaries provide management and distribution services as well as automotive aftermarket products and concierge services under its flagship "All Night Auto®" and "All Night Lube Express(TM)" brand names. All Night Auto provides all makes/all model concierge service and convenience to both retail and commercial clients

Financial Commerce Network, Inc. (FCNK) previously at $0.90 up over 31% at $1.18 with 128,624 shares traded. (FCNK) was highlighted this month Hot Otc, The Capital Report, OTC Stock Exchange and today by OTC
Financial Commerce Network, Inc. announced today that it has recently reversed into a merger with Regions Oil & Gas, a Nevada Corporation. Regions Oil & Gas Corporate office is located in Dallas, Texas which is central to the Texas / Oklahoma drilling fields. Company officials have teamed up with Geologists to complete surveys, which indicate oil reserves can generate revenues estimating 1 Billion U.S. Dollars. Financial Commerce Network, Inc. engages in the securities brokerage and investment banking business. The company offers order execution, block trading, and investment banking services. In addition, FCN, through its Web site, provides concierge services, such as hotel reservations and theater, concerts, and sports tickets.

Diatom Corporation (DTMC) previously at $0.27 up 29% at $0.35 with 23,697 shares traded. (DTMC) was highlighted today by Knobias Clip Report.
Diatom Corporation announced yesterday that Solar Energy Ltd. has made a tender to Diatom Corp. (subject to shareholder approval and regulatory compliance by both corporations) to unite the interests of Planktos Inc. and Diatom Corporation. Planktos Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Solar Energy Ltd. The proposed transaction is for Diatom Corporation to acquire 100% of Planktos Inc. for 30 million shares of DTMC. As a result, Solar Energy would be the principal shareholder of Diatom, and Diatom would own Planktos. Planktos specializes in the sequestration of CO2 by iron fertilization of the Oceans to promote plankton bloom and release oxygen. Diatom Corporation, a development stage company, holds marketing and intellectual property rights to the process of sequestration of carbon dioxide by iron fertilization of the oceans.

FACT Corporation (FCTOA) previously at $0.66 up over 28% at $0.85 with 275,930 shares traded.  (FCTOA) was highlighted today by OTC Advisors and OTC
FACT Corporation saw gains on no news to report. OTC Advisors stated today that "The last time we focused on this one; it went from .39 to .70! Currently this stock is priced at .82! Today it opened at .70! We are up 24%!!! FCTOA could hit a dollar soon and when it does we will be all over it!"
FACT Corporation develops licenses and markets proprietary nutrition solutions to commercial customers through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Food & Culinary Technology Group Inc. ("FACT Group"). FACT Group serves commercial bakery operators that manufacture muffins, bagels, cookies and brownies designed for a rapidly-growing consumer marketplace.

Infosmart Group, Inc. (IFSG) previously at $0.41 up over 21% at $0.5 with 273,100 shares traded. (IFSG) was highlighted last week by All Penny Stocks and Street Insider. (IFSG) was highlighted today by All Penny Stocks.
Infosmart Group, Inc. saw gains on no new to report. Infosmart is a recordable DVD (DVD-R) manufacturer. Infosmart operates a state of the art DVD-R production facility in Hong Kong and is preparing to launch production of HD-DVD-R media. Infosmart is poised to become Brazil's largest manufacturer of DVD-R discs. This second facility will help garner Infosmart significant share of the countries estimated 600 million disc annual demand.

Shallbetter Industries Ltd.  (SBNS) previously at $0.98 up 15% at $1.13 with 492,346 shares traded. (SBNS) was up 52% yesterday. (SBNS) was highlighted this month by Knobias and yesterday and today by OTC Stock Exchange.
Shallbetter Industries Ltd.  saw gains on no news to report. OTC Stock Exchange highlighted  "SBNS yesterday as a  "Major Spam Campaign/Play for a day and get out!" Shallbetter Industries Inc. is a publicly traded mining company engaging in the acquisition, exploration & potential development of mineral properties in Outer Mongolia.

Today's spotlight company is Martin Nutraceuticals Inc. (MNCL) is a development stage company that develops and markets natural/complimentary medicine (Nutraceuticals) for joint pain to the general consumer, increasing the activity of the immune system and obesity control. Using patented and proprietary oral systemic enzymes, Martin Nutraceuticals is quickly establishing itself as a category leader in the Nutraceuticals marketplace.

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Martin Nutraceuticals, Inc. to sponsor Daily Newsletter and Daily Internet broadcast

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--October 31, 2006--Martin Nutraceuticals, Inc. (MNCL) announced today that it has agreed with to advertise in the Daily Newsletter and The Daily Internet broadcast., based in Scottsdale, Arizona is a free service that collects data from over three hundred and fifty Small-Cap and Micro-Cap online Investment Newsletters into one free daily Newsletter Report. is dedicated to assisting emerging public companies with their advertising efforts.

Harvey Panesar, President of Martin Nutraceuticals, a company focused on providing a better health and lifestyle through natural products and the developer of Arthrizyme(TM), a proven effective natural arthritis treatment stated: "We appreciate the opportunity to sponsor the newsletter and broadcast.  It is providing a much needed service in the micro-cap and small cap markets.

Michael McCarthy, Director of Business Development for, commented that "we are very excited to have Martin Nutraceuticals as such a major sponsor.  Martin Nutraceutical is quickly establishing itself as a potential category leader within the $68 million Nutraceutical market.

About Martin Nutraceuticals
Martin Nutraceuticals Inc. is a development stage company that develops and markets natural/complimentary medicine (Nutraceuticals) for joint pain and weight control to the general consumer.  Martin’s products increase the activity of the immune system and obesity control using patented and proprietary oral systemic enzymes.  Martin Nutraceuticals is quickly establishing itself as a category leader in the Nutraceuticals marketplace.
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