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What a Monday! We had over 280 Newsletters report today and over the weekend! Things seem to be heating up as the weather is cooling down.

Topping The Daily Newsletter leader by percentage gained is Future Carz, Inc.  (FZRZ) previously at $0.02 up 250% at $0.07 with 4,259,300 shares traded. (FZRZ) was highlighted today by OTC Stock Exchange.
Future Carz, Inc. saw a nice start to Monday on no news to report and is new to The Daily Newsletter. Future Carz, Inc. engages in the rental and leasing of automobiles in the United States. Its service offerings are designed to meet the needs of sub-prime credit sector seeking used automobiles.

Metropane Inc. (METP) previously at $0.018 up over 177% at $0.06 with 1,639,700 shares traded. (METP) was highlighted today by OTC Stock Exchange.
Metropane Inc. is highlighted by OTC Stock Exchange today as possible Momentum Play. Metropane Inc. installs equipment which permits motor vehicles, including taxicabs, trucks, buses and other vehicles to utilize liquid or compressed natural gas as a fuel source instead of gasoline.

The Financial Commerce Network, Inc. (FCNK) previously at $0.35 up over 174% at $0.96 with 147,002 shares traded. OTC Stock Exchange also highlighted (FCNK) today and was also profiled by and Hot at the beginning of October.
The Financial Commerce Network, Inc. saw nice gains on no news to report.  OTC Stock highlighted some of the lesser profiled companies to start the week.
The Financial Commerce Network, Inc. engages in the securities brokerage and investment banking business. The company offers order execution, block trading, and investment banking services. In addition, FCN, through its Web site, provides concierge services, such as hotel reservations and theater, concerts, and sports tickets.

Playstar Corporation (PLYCF) previously at $0.03 up 56% $0.047 with 16,144,153 shares traded. (PLYCF) was highlighted today by and earlier in the month by Wise Alerts and OTC Stock Exchange.
Playstar Corporation announced Friday that the application for a SMS short code for its ChitChatText interactive chat SMS text business is ready. Playstar Corporation through premier Mobile technologies is fast becoming a leader in the SMS field and will focus its total efforts to be come a dominant player in this massive and growing market throughout North America.

Monday's Volume Leader is CyberKey® Solutions, Inc. (CKYS) previously at $0.02 up over 52% at $0.0305 with a 72,694,872 shared traded. (CKYS) has been very popular this month Willy Wizard, Breakout, OTC Stock Exchange, Smallcap 360 all highlighted (CKYS) and was also highlighted today by Hot Stock, OTC Stock Exchange, and Willy Wizard.
CyberKey® Solutions, Inc. board of directors has approved a stock buyback program of up to $1 million of its common stock over the next 180 days. The program allows the company to repurchase its shares at its discretion. Market conditions will influence the timing of the buyback and the number of shares repurchased. Willy Wizard stated today CKYS : "On the money Bottom Feeders! Every one of you have been reading about CKYS for a few weeks since it was upgraded. You could have been a “Bottom Feeder” buying CKYS at .014 or under. For those that bought you should be smiling at Friday’s close .023. It’s all about “Bottom Feeding” readers. Yes it takes some strong discipline but as you condition yourself to “Buy Low Sell High” you’ll make high percentage return. Now I am giving a heads up if no news Monday or Tuesday a correction is likely. The Stochastic indicator is starting to be overbought. Monitor CKYS closely and save profits if CKYS has no news. The move is all about news rumors! I currently hold no shares."
CyberKey® Solutions, Inc. partners with industry leading manufacturers and distributors to deliver secure USB drive based solutions to vertical markets and content owners, service providers and resellers. CyberKey's solutions solve real world issues in the entertainment, education, government, military, automotive, financial services and medical industries.

Shallbetter Industries Ltd. (SBNS) previously at $0.65 up 52% at $0.99 with 334,869 shares traded. (SBNS) was highlighted today by OTC Stock Exchange.
Shallbetter Industries Ltd. saw gains on no news to report. OTC Stock Exchange highlighted SBNS as "Major Spam Campaign/Play for a day and get out!" Shallbetter Industries Inc. is a publicly traded mining company engaging in the acquisition, exploration and potential development of mineral properties in Outer Mongolia.

Petroleum Consolidators of America, Inc. (PCAI) previously at $0.6 up over 36% at $0.82 with 41,083 shares traded.  (PCAI) was highlighted today by Microapaliance todayand by Stock Hideout earlier this month.
Petroleum Consolidators of America, Inc. saw gains on no news to report. Petroleum Consolidators of America, Inc. is a development stage company focusing on land acquisition, ownership and operations of a portfolio of retail gasoline stations. The businesses being acquired will include convenience stores that offer a broad selection of merchandise and ancillary products and services

Today's Daily Spotlight Company is Martin Nutraceuticals (MNCL).  Martin Nutraceuticals (MNCL) is a development stage company that develops and markets natural/complimentary medicine (Nutraceuticals) for joint pain to the general consumer, increasing the activity of the immune system and obesity control. Using patented and proprietary oral systemic enzymes, Martin Nutraceuticals is quickly establishing itself as a category leader in the Nutraceutical marketplace. For more information please visit

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