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Urex Energy Corporation

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Topping The Daily Newsletter leader by percentage gained is U.S. Sustainable Energy (LFZA) previously at $0.20 up 115% at $0.43 with 11,689,648 shares traded. (LFZA) was highlighted this month by OTC Stock Exchange, Stock Egg, OTC Picks, Hot Stock Chat, Wall Street Resources, and Breakout and today (LFZA) was highlighted today by and

U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp. and Turnkey Electric, the joint venture partner of Pratt & Whitney Power Systems announced yesterday that a strategic alliance leading to a joint venture to build the world's largest 1,000 Megawatt green power utility in Vidalia, Louisiana . In addition, the company announced that three additional 1,000 Megawatt plants are in the engineering stage. states "LFZA .195 broke to a new high. This is an amazing story on this stock." USSEC holds patent pending technology for a new breakthrough bio-fuel and carbon based fertilizer. USSEC has successfully demonstrated the most cost effective method of producing bio-fuel estimated at $.50/gallon according to exhaustive studies and independent Lab confirmation.

Amaru, Inc. (AMRU) previously at $0.45 up 66% at $0.75 with 23,980 shared traded. (AMRU) was highlighted by this month by Stock Guru.

On Monday Amaru, Inc. unveiled the PONY set-top box to the industry at this year's Digital Hollywood entertainment and technology conference. M2Btv, the Global Broadband TV is a service available exclusively through PONY, providing entertainment, communications and lifestyle services all through your television. To date (AMRU) has launched multiple Broadband TV websites for Hollywood and Asian entertainment, education and online shopping, with over 100 channels designed to cater to various consumer segments and lifestyles. Its content covers diverse genres such as movies, dramas, comedies, documentaries, music, fashion, lifestyle, edutainment and more.

Today’s volume leader is PTS Inc. (PTSH) previously at $0.0062 up over 59% at $0.0099 with 136,866,784 shares traded. (PTSH) has been highlighted the past two weeks by OTC Stock Exchange, OTC Picks, and today by OTC Stock Exchange and Stock

PTS, Inc. announced today that  it has changed the name of Power-Save Energy Corp. a Delaware Corporation to Disability Access Corporation and it has executed an Agreement of Merger with Disability Access Consultants a wholly own subsidiary of PTS, Inc. The effective closing date for this transaction, and the date of record, will be announced shortly. The surviving entity will be Disability Access Corporation. PTS, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages primarily in the sale of plastic stored value cards. The company also provides accessibility compliance consulting services.

Terax Energy, Inc. (TERX) previously at $0.13 up over 38% at $0.18 with 1,787,250 shares traded. (TERX) was highlighted by

Terax Energy, Inc. saw gains on no new to report. On 10/13/06 Micro Cap Alliance stated when TERX, was charting at $0.29 - "This gas exploration, development, and production company is rebounding nicely after a 3-month decline. The Company doesn't issue much news, but it looks like they only recently went into production, so maybe that will change. According to the Company's last quarterly report, there is 23,983,000 in current liabilities and only 3,047,000 in current assets - not very exciting right now, but the stock is bouncing back. For this stock to really run, we will need to see some better numbers on their production."

Terax Energy, Inc. operates as an independent gas exploration, development, and production company in the . The company focuses on exploring the gas reserves located in the Barnett Shale formations of the Fort Worth Basin .

Vemics (VMCI) previously at $0.50 up 36% at $0.68 with 20,300 shares traded.  (VMCI) was highlighted by Knobias Clip Report.

Vemics announced Monday the acquisition of Austin-based NuScribe (TM), Inc. a developer of voice recognition software applications and web-based productivity tools for the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for $9 Million in an all-stock transaction with Vemics' stock valued at $.90 per share. The combined Vemics and NuScribe technologies will be well positioned to serve a market of over 600,000 physicians in the with an integrated real-time productivity toolset, greatly reducing the cost and time spent creating electronic medical records industry-wide. Vemics Inc Provides a suite of integrated collaboration tools that enable real-time integrated voice, video and data access to key business constituencies
Without the risk, hassle, or cost of a technology investment.

Another volume mover from today is Universal Detection Technology. (UDTT) was yesterdays The Daily Newsletter leader by percentage gained. (UDTT) previously at $0.009 up another 35% at $0.0122 with 17,660,628 shares traded. (UDTT) was highlighted this week by OTC Picks, and Stock Egg

Universal Detection Technology a developer of early-warning monitoring technologies to protect people from bioterrorism and other infectious health threats announced yesterday it has completed the sale of two of its BSM-2000 Anthrax Detectors to the Government of the United Kingdom. Universal Detection is not disclosing the specific branch of the government that purchased the units or any other details about their location and deployment. Universal Detection Technology engages in the research, development, and marketing of bio-terrorism detection devices in the .

Y-Tel International, Inc. (YTLI) previously at $0.09 up 33% at $0.12 with 53,500 shares traded. (YTLI) was highlighted today by OTC Financial Network.

Y-Tel International, Inc. a telecommunications, VoIP and Wi-Fi services provider, announced today that it has retained OTC Financial Network, a division of National Financial Communications Corporation (NFC), for a comprehensive investor relations campaign. Y-Tel International, Inc. is focused on delivering broadband solutions to rural communities through strategic acquisitions and mergers. The Company has closed on its first cable television system and has selected additional strategic cable television systems all to be upgraded and consolidated; resulting in increased bandwidth, improved customer service, and improved reliability.

EcoPlus, Inc. (ECPL) previously at $0.16 up over 31% at $0.21 with 157,290 shares traded. (ECPL) was highlighted this month Small Cap Voice.

EcoPlus, Inc. announced today that (ECPL) featured the EcoPlus exhibit at the Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition in Dallas, Texas, and attracted international interest in its technology, especially from attendees from , , and . The quality of the inquiries means that EcoPlus can expect to pursue an international strategy for marketing its waste to fuel technology. EcoPlus, Inc. has a patent-pending, commercially proven technology that utilizes an environmentally friendly process for turning this brown restaurant grease into a high quality, solid fuel product. This product can be used as a coal substitute to produce power, as an adjunct fuel in waste heat to energy and steam plant operations and as a fuel for industrial process heat over a broad range of applications.

Advanced Growing Systems, Inc. (AGWS) previously at $0.80 up over 26% at $1.01 with 4000 shares traded. (AGWS) was highlighted by Knobias Clip Report and by Wall Street Resources.

Advanced Growing Systems, Inc. announced yesterday that Fertilizer supplied by Organic Growing Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Advanced Growing Systems, Inc. to the Harris County Flood Control District is at the "root" of successes noted in a major article in the Houston Chronicle this past Friday. Organic Growing Systems (OGSI) has a contract to supply TOP Organic Fertilizer to a variety of Flood Control District programs that include growing turf along drainage system channels, establishing a nutrition system for 100,000 trees, new programs being initiated by the district, and supporting ongoing maintenance.  Advanced Growing Systems is the parent company of Organic Growing Systems, Inc., a scientifically advanced Organic fertilizer manufacturer and Advanced Nurseries, Inc., a wholesale group of Commercial Nurseries located in the Southeastern US .

Today’s spotlight company is MIV Therapeutics (MIVT) was highlighted by BTL Monthly.  (MIVT) is an advanced stage, research and development company pursuing the commercialization of the next generation of fully biocompatible coatings for stents and other implantable medical devices. The Company's ultra-thin coating formulation is designed primarily to protect surrounding tissue from the chemical interaction with metal stints and other implantable devices. 






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