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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Monday, October 23rd, 2017

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


DXI Energy, Inc. (DXIEF)

Stockhouse and Marketwired reported earlier on DXI Energy, Inc. (DXIEF), and today we are reporting on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

DXI Energy, Inc. is a tactical acquisitor and developer of strategic energy resources. The OTCQB-listed Company is an upstream oil and gas exploration and production enterprise. DXI Energy operates in Colorado’s Piceance Basin and in the Peace River Arch region in British Columbia (B.C.). DXI Energy has offices in Calgary, Alberta, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

In Colorado's Piceance Basin, DXI Energy has 25,684 net acres. In the Peace River Arch area in British Columbia it has 14,444 net acres. Pertaining to its project areas, in the Piceance Basin in northwest Colorado, DXI Energy has its Kokopelli project with 12 producing wells with extensive in place infrastructure to supplement future development as product prices dictate.

The Company’s land holdings in the Piceance Basin highlight potential long-term regional resource value. This is as utilities develop sources of natural gas. For Kokopelli, DXI Energy retains a 25 percent Working Interest (WI) in 2200 acres (550 net, 2 leases).

Furthermore, DXI Energy has its Roan Creek project (West Piceance Hi-Pressure Mancos/Niobrara Gas). This project is 1960 net acres, 100 percent WI. There is potential development of 8-10 high pressure Mancos/Niobrara 8200’ vertical/Hz wells. The Piceance Basin in Colorado is over 100 miles long. It contains reserves of coal, natural gas, and oil shale.

The Woodrush Project in northeastern B.C. covers the aforementioned 14,444 net acres (20,732 gross) with 14 wells (3 oil and gas, 10 natural gas and one injector). DXI Energy is the operator. The Company owns 99 percent of the Project. The Project is currently producing 315 BOEPD (30 percent oil).

DXI Energy has a multi-phase plan to expand production and landholdings at the Woodrush Project. It is implementing a remedial program at Woodrush designed to improve daily oil production to the 200 BOPD range.

The Company has $13mm invested in production facilities and a related network of pipelines at the Woodrush Project. The DXI Energy Peace River Arch projects are recognized by the conventional industry as having a history of first-rate reserves.

In September, DXI Energy announced receipt of new 2D and 3D seismic interpretation related to its Woodrush Project in NE British Columbia. The new seismic interpretation utilizing high resolution Sensor Geophysical (SG) data has identified many Halfway targets alike in amplitude and depth but believed to be much larger in areal extent to the existing Woodrush oil pool. The new 3D interpretation covers roughly 6,000 of the 14,000 acres owned and operated by the Company.

This month, DXI Energy announced, subject to review by the TSX, that it closed the third tranche of its private placement. The Company has received subscriptions in the amount of C$366,400 (4,440,000 shares at C$.06 and 1,428,571 flow-through shares to an institutional investor at C$.07).

The designation of the funds from the private placement are to the drill program at Woodrush, targeting new oil production, oil reserve expansion and prudently managing the balance sheet. At the request of DXI Energy, the TSX has extended the private placement offering period to October 23, 2017.

DXI Energy, Inc. (DXIEF), closed Monday's trading session at $0.0542, down 16.87%, on 139,913 volume with 13 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 40,126 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.032/$0.089.

Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp. (PNXLF)

MarketWatch, Marletwired, Morningstar, Barron’s, Barchart, and OTC Markets reported on Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp. (PNXLF), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

A natural resource enterprise, Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp. concentrates on the acquisition and exploration of natural resource properties in Argentina. The Company focuses on acquiring high quality lithium projects in Argentina and advancing them towards production to meet the increasing worldwide demand from the battery sector.

OTCQB-listed, Argentina Lithium & Energy is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Company has its Argentina Exploration Office in Mendoza, Argentina. Argentina Lithium & Energy is a member of the Grosso Group. This is a resource management team that pioneered the mineral exploration industry in Argentina. It has operated in the country since 1993. The Grosso Group takes advantage of its extensive network of local, regional, and global industry contacts to support the exploration team in its search for quality resource opportunities.

Argentina consists of a considerable portion of the Lithium Triangle. This is home to over half of the world’s resources of lithium. Argentina Lithium & Energy has the option to earn a 100 percent interest in the Arizaro Lithium Brine Project. This includes 20,500 hectares in the central core of the Arizaro Salar, which is the largest in Argentina and third largest in the Lithium Triangle. The geological environment at Arizaro includes volcanic rock outcrops and structural conditions alike to other salars in the Puna area where lithium and potash are found.

The central area of the Arizaro Salar is interpreted to have the geologic conditions to be the most prospective for quality brine resources. The Arizaro Salar also benefits from a strategic location for infrastructure. This includes a railway that connects to the deep water port of Antofagasta, nearby advanced mining projects expected to bring substantial development of access routes and power, as well as the availability of water for development.

This month, Argentina Lithium & Energy reported that it initiated its first drilling and subsurface brine sampling program at the 20,500 hectare Arizaro Lithium Project on the Arizaro Salar in Salta Province. At first, three to four drill holes are planned, with depths up to 400 meters, based on targets defined by the earlier completed Vertical Electric Sounding (VES) geophysical survey.

Mr. Nikolaos Cacos, President and Chief Executive Officer of Argentina Lithium & Energy, said, "We are pleased to be back on the ground at Arizaro and drilling the first targets to test our model of a deep brine layer.In addition to planning this program, our team has been active pursuing other projects to add to our portfolio, and we look forward to completing a second project acquisition in the coming months."

Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp. (PNXLF), closed Monday's trading session at $0.1449, down 5.29%, on 202,898 volume with 22 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 9,685 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0744/$0.5286.

Optex Systems Holdings, Inc. (OPXS)

Stock Commander, MicroCapDaily, OTCMagic, Damn Good Penny Picks, Penny Picks, PennyStockLocks, StockRockandRoll, Epic Stock Picks, Wolf of Penny Stocks, DSR News, PHUB News, William Velmer, Stock Beast, DamnGoodPennyStock, Penny Stock Newsletter, PREPUMP STOCKS, and S.A. Advisory reported earlier on Optex Systems Holdings, Inc. (OPXS) and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Optex Systems Holdings, Inc. is a top manufacturer of optical sighting systems and assemblies, principally for Department of Defense (DoD) applications. Additionally, the Company manufactures and delivers multiple periscope configurations, rifle and surveillance sights, and night vision optical assemblies. It delivers its products directly to the military services and to prime contractors. Optex Systems Holdings is based in Richardson, Texas. The Company’s shares trade on the OTC Markets Group’s OTCQB.

Optex Systems, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Optex Systems Holdings. In November 2014, Optex Systems Holdings reported the completion of the acquisition of the Applied Optics Center (AOC) Division of Warrior Systems Sector with the Electronics Systems Business Segment of L-3 Communications Corp.

Optex Systems Holdings’ products are installed on different kinds of U.S. military land vehicles. These include the Abrams and Bradley fighting vehicles, Light Armored and Armored Security Vehicles. Furthermore, its products have been selected for installation on the Stryker family of vehicles.

Optex Systems manufactures the US Navy 20x 120mm Ship Binoculars and also brings creative technology to vehicular mounted sighting systems. The Company’s dismounted sighting systems work on weapon sights, night vision goggles, and any other sighting requirements outside of ships and land vehicles. In addition, Optex Systems can meet commercial (non-military) requirements. 

In September, Optex Systems, Inc., the wholly-owned subsidiary of Optex Systems Holdings, was awarded a $1.35 million contract by defense industry leader General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada. This contract is to provide LAV 6.0 optimized weapon system support for Optex's Commander Sighting System. This in-service support will continue over the next three years for their existing fleet of Light Armored Vehicles.

General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada is a defense industry leader in land and amphibious systems development and integration. The Canadian operations (headquartered in London, Ontario,) employs roughly 2,000 people in the design, manufacture, and support of light- and medium-armored vehicles. The Canadian operations are specialists in machining, materials, electronics, software development, prototyping, logistics support, and systems integration.

Also in September, Optex Systems, Inc announced it was awarded a five year Indefinite-Delivery Indefinite-Quantity contract via Defense Logistics Association (DLA) in support of the Abrams Main Battle Tank platform. The expectation is that this contract will generate between $1.5M and $2.4M in revenue over the next five year period for Optex Systems.

Optex Systems Holdings, Inc. (OPXS), closed Monday's trading session at $1.05, down 4.55%, on 14,687 volume with 27 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 17,196 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.585/$1.30.

AfterMaster, Inc. (AFTM)

Equities, Wall Street Mover, and TopPennyStockMovers reported previously on AfterMaster, Inc. (AFTM), and today we report on the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

AfterMaster, Inc. is an industry leading audio technology company. AfterMaster is a leading-edge audio technology originally developed for the mastering, re-mastering, and processing of audio via AfterMaster HD Audio Labs, Inc. The Company’s executive team includes music and audio technology leaders Justin Timberlake, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, Pete Doell, Andrew Wuepper, Shelly Yakus, and Larry Ryckman. Listed on the OTC Markets’ OTCQB, AfterMaster is headquartered in Hollywood, California.

AfterMaster delivers an excellent clarity, depth, and fullness to audio recordings. It does so while delivering a considerable increase in volume without increased distortion or loss of dynamic range. The technology has been used by many leading musicians looking to create a fuller and richer sound quality than otherwise available in digital audio.

ProMaster HD is AfterMaster’s online audio mastering service. The integration of ProMaster HD enables Adobe Audition CC users to immediately master their original work directly within Adobe Creative Cloud®. ProMaster HD instils the clearest, deepest sound quality into any recording. This raises that audio to a studio remastered sound experience.

In 2016, AfterMaster announced a new partnership with independent digital music distribution and publishing administration service, TuneCore. With this agreement, AfterMaster serves as TuneCore's new professional mastering service, enabling and empowering users with direct access to award-winning senior mastering engineers in AfterMaster's state-of-the-art facilities.

AfterMaster has its new AfterMaster Pro. This is the world's first personal re-mastering device. The AfterMaster Pro masters and re-masters inconsistent sound in real-time. AfterMaster Pro is easily installed by way of HDMI cables between any TV and the A/V source (cable or satellite box, and more).

This portable device is also equipped with a rechargeable battery and 1/8" audio ports. Therefore, it can be used on-the-go to significantly improve the audio of smartphones, tablets, computers, and any audio-enabled device. AfterMaster Pro is manufactured in the United States.

CB2, a pre-eminent lifestyle furniture retailer, and a division of Crate & Barrel, has entered into a partnership with Aftermaster. This partnership is to join music and lifestyle spaces like never before. With this partnership, CB2 customers will obtain unprecedented audio through Aftermaster's pioneering technology in multiple ways. The venture began in June 2017.

Recently, TuneCore announced an expansion of its partnership with Aftermaster. Since April 2016, Aftermaster has been TuneCore's exclusive professional hands-on custom mastering service, led by legendary mastering engineer, Mr. Pete Doell. The newly expanded partnership gives TuneCore members’ access to the innovative Promaster by Aftermaster instant mastering service, providing audio mastering of premier quality at the click of a button, while being affordable.

AfterMaster, Inc. (AFTM), closed Monday's trading session at $0.14, even for the day, on 63,300 volume with 11 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 33,743 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.11/$0.491.

Grow Solutions Holdings, Inc. (GRSO)

StockRockandRoll, ResearchOTC, Journal Transcript, Profitable Trader Authority, Stockgoodies, PennyStockScholar, OTCtipReporter, Elite Stock Alerts, and PennyStockLocks reported earlier on Grow Solutions Holdings, Inc. (GRSO), and we highlight the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Grow Solutions Holdings, Inc. provides total support services in the broad area of high-yield indoor agriculture. The Company specializes in, but is not limited to, the legal and regulated growing and processing of cannabis. Its mission is to be recognized as the world’s foremost authority in the indoor high-yield agriculture industry. Fundamentally, Grow Solutions centers on the development/distribution of high-demand products and services for cultivation, processing, and consumption of cannabis. Grow Solutions Holdings is based in Denver, Colorado.

The Company’s diversified platform of operations and services for the industry comprises its Growth Technologies division (products needed to grow cannabis in and outside), its Consumer Technologies division (products to process, store and consume cannabis), and its Digital Properties division (online properties, including a state-of-the-art employment platform).

Grow Solutions Holdings acquired Boulder, Colorado-headquartered One Love Garden Supply in May 2015. One Love is a full-service garden and grow store that Grow Solutions expanded to greater than 7,000 square feet of space.

In addition, Grow Solutions acquired HyGrow in September 2015. This acquisition is to expand its gardening supplies and agricultural products business. The acquisition enabled it to expand into Denver and Pueblo, Colorado.

Grow Solutions has developed and launched FutureTech Products (Pompano, Florida-based). FutureTech develops products for the consumer market to sell in smoke shops, head shops, and dispensaries. Moreover, Grow Solutions acquired Mile High Hydro. This is a full service online grow store. It offers an extensive line of gardening supply and agricultural products to growers across the nation.

Grow Solutions Holdings announced in January 2017 that it acquired West Coast Organic and Hydroponic Supply (WCO) in Boring, Oregon. West Coast Organic & Hydroponic achieved greater than $2 Million in revenues for 2016 and is profitable.

Furthermore, this year, Grow Solutions acquired Keys Organic and Hydroponic Supply (Keys) in Florida. This acquisition of Keys expands on Grow Solutions’ existing operations in the southeast via its Future Tech division through providing a strategic location for the entry of the Company's One Love Garden Supply subsidiary into east coast markets.

Grow Solutions has agreed in principal to an exclusive supply contract for its wholly-owned subsidiary, One Love Garden Supply, with Shango Premium Cannabis of Nevada and its affiliates and related companies. Shango operates 6 licenses in Oregon, Washington, and Nevada.

For 2016, Grow Solutions Holdings had Net Sales of $6,780,591. This represents an increase of 152 percent from Sales of $2,693,212 for 2015. The increase in Net Sales was mainly related to the integration of additional retail stores, which it acquired as part of its roll-up strategy in 2015.

Grow Solutions Holdings, Inc. (GRSO), closed Monday's trading session at $0.03, down 18.48%, on 40,000 volume with 4 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 30,729 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.02/$0.70.

Cell Source, Inc. (CLCS)

OTC Markets and InvestorsHub reported on Cell Source, Inc. (CLCS), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Cell Source, Inc. is a biotechnology company headquartered in New York City. The Company centers on developing cell therapy treatments established on immunotherapy and regenerative medicine. Its primary product is the Veto-Cell immune system management technology. Cell Source is working to transform transplantation, cancer treatment and the reversal of vital organ disease, utilizing its pioneering immune tolerance and organ regeneration technologies. Cell Source lists on the OTCQB.

Cell Source has a considerable Intellectual Property (IP) Portfolio, exclusively licensed to the Company from the Weizmann Institute of Science via Yeda Research and Development Company Ltd. encompassing Dr. Yair Reisner’s technologies. Dr. Yair Reisner is former Chairman of the Department of Immunology of Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science. He pioneered “mismatched” BMT (partial versus full donor/recipient match) with his patented “Megadose” cell therapy treatment.

The Company’s Veto-Cell immune system management technology is an immune tolerance biotechnology. It enables the selective blocking of immune responses. Cell Source’s Veto-Cell technology is used in diverse applications. These include bone marrow transplantation, veto-cell in transplantation, anti-cancer, as well as non-malignant diseases.

The patented Veto-Cell technology addresses one of the most fundamental challenges in human immunology. This challenge is: how to tune immune response so that it tolerates specific “desirable” foreign cells while continuing to attack all other potential threats.

Veto cells disable the attack of the immune system on the bone marrow transplantation (BMT) only, without other side effects. The Veto cells act as “decoys” that attract, and subsequently kill, the T-cell clones directed at the transplant. The Veto cells continue “on guard” in the body for lengthy periods of time to further limit rejection. As a result, the transplantation is accepted by the body without compromising the rest of the immune system.

The chief objective in developing Veto Cells is to have a meaningful and potentially wide-ranging impact on the field of bone marrow and major organ transplantation. Moreover, Veto Cells can be combined with other cell therapy treatments to improve their effectiveness. In preclinical studies, Veto Cells have been shown to increase persistence and efficacy of genetically modified cells.

Along with its Veto Cells technology, Cell Source has its Megadose Drug Combination technology. The method of action includes stem cells overcoming rejection by outnumbering immune rejecting cells, and drugs lessen the need for immune suppression.

Cell Source, Inc. (CLCS), closed Monday's trading session at $0.38, even for the day. The average volume for the last 60 days is 6,422 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.212/$0.79.

hopTo, Inc. (HPTO)

Tiny Gems, SmallCapVoice, Money Morning, Marketbeat, Wall Street Mover, TopPennyStockMovers, and PennyStocks24 reported on hopTo, Inc. (HPTO), and today we also report on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

hopTo, Inc. is a developer of application publishing software and a mobile productivity workspace platform. The hopTo mobile solution delivers a premier user experience without compromising enterprise security. It delivers a mobile experience that changes the way one works and lives without any compromises or boundaries. The hopTo mobile solution enables one to totally embrace a mobile lifestyle. hopTo brings a new standard of mobile productivity with custom, touch enabled access to existing Windows applications and documents. The Company is a Citrix Ready® Premier Partner. hopTo is based in Concord, New Hampshire.

hopTo are developers of application software, which includes application virtualization software and cloud computing software for manifold computer operating systems. This includes Windows, UNIX, and several Linux-based variants.

Since 2012, hopTo has been developing many products in the field of software productivity for mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. These have been marketed under the hopTo brand. The hopTo products were originally marketed to consumers. They were subsequently also marketed to small and medium sized businesses and enterprise level customers under the name hopTo Work.

hopTo Work enables customers to quickly transform their legacy applications to become touch friendly on modern mobile devices. In addition, hopTo worked during 2015 and 2016 to integrate hopTo Work with certain software products offered by Citrix Systems.

The Company’s application publishing software solutions sell under the brand name GO-Global. At present, this is its sole revenue source. GO-Global is an application access solution for use and/or resale by independent software vendors (ISVs), corporate enterprises, governmental and educational institutions, and others who desire to take advantage of cross-platform remote access and Web-enabled access to their existing software applications, and also those who are deploying secure, private cloud environments.

hopTo announced a new partnership with Applications2U in June of 2016. Applications2U is a total Information Technology (IT) solutions provider based in the Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-area. Applications2U is a Platinum Citrix Solution Advisor. This signifies the highest level of commitment and expertise to providing virtualization, networking, and more.

This past August, hopTo announced its financial results for Q2, ended June 30, 2017. Mr. Jean-Louis Casabonne, interim Chief Executive Officer of hopTo, said in August, "The GO-Global business continues to generate positive cash flow and remains an important aspect of the company. We continue to believe that the GO-Global business will operate profitably in the future. We are also evaluating opportunities related to GO-Global. Early in the Second Quarter, we entered into a sublease of our remaining office space in Campbell [California] and will derive additional expense savings and positive cash flow from this transaction. We are now operating with our Concord, New Hampshire office as our headquarters."

hopTo, Inc. (HPTO), closed Monday's trading session at $0.055, up 54.49%, on 194,026 volume with 33 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 6,970 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.015/$0.35.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. (GRCK)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. (GRCK). Today, Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. closed trading at $0.014, even for the day, on 8,849,907 volume with 80 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 3,490,644 and its 52-week low/high is $0.0091/$0.35.

Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. (OTCQB: GRCK), a Las Vegas, Nevada-based company, aims to expand into the rapidly growing cannabinoid (CBD) market through the pending acquisition of Eqova Life Sciences, which focuses on providing a full spectrum line of clinical-grade hemp oil (CBD) products to the medical practitioner market. Eqova Life Sciences, based in Denver, Colorado, develops its own high quality, branded product line of hemp oil health products, with the offer of producing private labels to qualified partners.

Eqova Life Sciences recently exhibited the company's CBD products at the Integrative Medicine Summit in Denver, Colorado, which was attended by over 200 medical professionals. As part of the exhibition, Eqova Life Sciences also debuted its new CannaBio Salve, an innovative topical salve infused with several aromatic natural oils. The company's formulations combine the scientifically-validated, powerful benefits of cannabinoids in standardized products which are then distributed to patients under the care of qualified health practitioners. All Eqova products are carefully researched and go through rigorous third-party testing before and after marketing, providing the security of a clinical-grade product made in cGMP Compliant Labs located in the United States.

According to The Hemp Business Journal, the CBD products marketplace is projected to grow 700 percent by 2020 with annual sales reaching $2.1 billion. The purchase of Eqova Life Sciences would be a natural fit for the company, which has been looking for a way to build shareholder value by adding acquisitions from the rapidly growing CBD sector. Grey Cloak Tech believes medical practitioners seeking high-quality CBD products represent a vastly underserved market. To date, no other hemp oil company has exclusively focused on providing clinical-grade, full-spectrum hemp oil products to this important segment of the medical community.

Grey Cloak Tech also develops advanced software to overcome costly digital threats, most commonly known as online fraud. Grey Cloak Tech leads the industry with continuous development of the most comprehensive and effective weapons against online security threats. The company's proprietary digital advertising fraud detection software, Fraudlytic, provides a cloud-based, secure platform that monitors Internet traffic in real time, blocking malicious and false clicks, while allowing real consumers to view offers and make purchases. Disclaimer

Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. Blog

Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. News:

Grey Cloak Tech Commences Trading on the OTCQB Venture Market

Grey Cloak's Acquisition Target Eqova Exhibits at Denver's Integrative Medicine Summit

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Tapinator, Inc. (TAPM)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Tapinator, Inc. (TAPM). Today, Tapinator, Inc. closed trading at $0.21, up 16.67%, on 342,187 volume with 71 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 64,012 and its 52-week low/high is $0.0711/$0.2419.

Tapinator, Inc. (OTCQB: TAPM), a developer and publisher of mobile games on the iOS, Google Play and Amazon platforms, today announces that its Rapid-Launch Games division has collaborated with TapGames and the TapSim Game Studio on the recent launch of Scary Clown: Halloween Night. In this bone chilling, free-to-play mobile game, players control a ghoulish clown on Halloween night with a penchant to bonk things with his handy hammer! Have fun with your clown’s costume and scare innocent trick-or-treaters. Use special attacks like combos, slime pumpkins, leg flicks, fire tires, freeze balls and water guns. Unlock additional attacks with the completion of levels.  Choose from an array of funky clown costumes and masks. Each one is sure to instill horror into the hearts of revelers! Finally, enjoy the carnival-like environment and thrilling homes decorated for a Halloween to remember.

Scary Clown: Halloween Night can be downloaded here:

Tapinator, Inc. (TAPM) is a developer and publisher of mobile games on the iOS, Google Play and Amazon platforms. The Company's portfolio includes over 300 mobile gaming titles generating hundreds of thousands of daily player downloads that provide predictable and attractive returns through the sale of branded advertisements and consumer app store transactions. Tapinator, based in New York and with product development teams located throughout the world, was founded in 2013 by a visionary team that has been building mobile games and applications since 2007 and has achieved multiple successful exits.

Tapinator's business strategy includes the creation of a select number of best-in-class Full-Featured Games, such as ROCKY™ and Solitaire Dash, which provide game players with more in-depth, unique content that supports long-term retention and generates higher investment returns. The Full-Featured Games model creates the potential for sustainable $100+ million franchise-type games that have product lifespans of at least five years. Tapinator uses a proprietary set of dynamic development and marketing processes factored upon gaming category, estimated player retention and projected player profitability.

Recent successful launches of two new Full-Featured titles – Big Sport Fishing 2017 and Dice Mage 2 – were recognized on the Apple iOS platform as "New Games We Love." During the game's first seven days after global release, Big Sport Fishing 2017 received well over 520,000 player downloads. Four new titles, ColorFill, Divide & Conquer, Shadowborne and Fusion Heroes, are in the pipeline for release in Q4 2017 and Q1 2018 as well. The formula for these game combines proven gameplay elements with best-in-class monetization systems, supplemented by Tapinator's strong creative team of developers, strategists and product specialists. The company's Rapid-Launch Games division also saw increasing player interest recently with the launch of Fidget Spinner Superhero and Scary Shark Evolution 3D.

Tapinator's diversified revenue sources includes 54 percent from advertising placed within its mobile games and 46 percent from consumer app store purchases. The Company limits advertising placements to between game levels and also runs rewarded video ad units that are tied directly into the game's currency. Tapinator's portfolio includes more than 300 active titles, with no single game accounting for more than 25 percent of total revenues during the first half of 2017.

As Tapinator looks toward the future, opportunities in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) show great promise. The company has released several prototype VR games to gather data before pursuing a more significant VR product. Recent market reports suggest that the VR industry will hit $30 billion by 2020 and the AR industry will surpass that with a projected $120 billion. Tapinator also plans to pursue publishing transactions that leverage its network, platform relationships and operational excellence. Significant opportunities for expanding Tapinator's gaming IP to new platforms such as Steam and leading messaging apps are also on the horizon. The company is targeting a 30+ percent annual bookings growth target for 2017-2019. Disclaimer

Tapinator, Inc. Blog

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Global Payout, Inc. (GOHE)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Global Payout, Inc. (GOHE). Today, Global Payout, Inc. closed trading at $0.019054, off by 3.77%, on 1,721,699 volume with 67 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 2,979,508, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0077/$0.04.

Global Payout, Inc. (GOHE) (“Global” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce it is in the final stages of performing a 2-year audit to become a fully reporting SEC company.  Upon completion of the audit, GOHE will immediately apply to be listed on the OTCQB Venture Marketplace. Also today, NetworkNewsWire ("NNW"), a multifaceted financial news and publishing company, announced the publication of an editorial featuring Global Payout, Inc., a client of NNW. The publication istitled, "Standout Players Find Varied, Innovative Means of Serving the Marijuana Industry," and shines a light on original solutions designed for the cannabis sector. To view the full publication, visit: https://www.networknewswire.com/standout-players-find-varied-innovative-means-serving-marijuana-industry/

Global Payout, Inc. (GOHE) provides comprehensive payment solutions that can be fully customized for virtually any domestic and international organization distributing money worldwide. The company is committed to enabling global access to technology for optimizing financial transactions and delivering a global financial eco-system with top-tier banking institutions and the highest level financial technology partnerships.

Today, more than ever before, commercial enterprises and government institutions need powerful financial technology solutions that have the flexibility to deliver innovative customer centric services and drive operational efficiency gains throughout the organization. The Global Reserve Platform is Global Payout's fully configurable "banking-in-a-box" web-based platform that can fulfill the front-to-back office processing requirements of domestic, foreign exchange and international payment service providers. This platform is designed to improve work flow, operational efficiencies, and global financial management for enterprises operating across the globe.

The Global Reserve Platform can manage practically any financial product, including core and traditional banking products, online banking, card management, mobile wallets, merchant payment processing, biometric payments and authentication management, bill payments and P2P payments, international remittances, government benefits management, loans management, FOREX, and SWIFT / ACH / SEPA payments. Powered by the Global Reserve Administrative module, the platform can be customized for enterprises across a multitude of business sectors.

Investment in financial technology (FINTECH) companies has grown dramatically in recent years with the role of today's banks shrinking and demand for improved financial solutions continuing to rise. As the industry has continued to expand rapidly, Global Payout's management team has directed its focus on identifying the most promising market sectors with FINTECH needs. The four core areas selected are logistics, small and medium enterprises (SME), banking and travel.

In 2015, Global Payout introduced MoneyTrac Technology Inc. as a majority owned subsidiary to more effectively focus on the development of financial technologies that specifically address many of the challenges that enterprises in a variety of alternative and "high-risk" market sectors are faced with in processing financial transactions. Powered by Virtu Network Solutions, the MoneyTrac Technology platform is one the most configurable and intuitive financial technology platforms available to alternative and "high-risk" enterprises and provides them with solutions that effectively manages everything from pin debit and virtual currency, to compliance and cash flow logistics.

With the global economy constantly becoming more diversified and connected, Global Payout is well positioned with the technology software solutions its team has developed to address many different needs worldwide. Management has committed itself to exploring and identifying every avenue possible for further establishing itself as a recognized leader in FINTECH solutions. Disclaimer

Global Payout, Inc. Company Blog

Global Payout, Inc. News:

Global Payout, Inc. is Finalizing Audit in Preparation for its Listing on the OTCQB Venture Marketplace.

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Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. (MIHI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. (MIHI). Today, Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. closed trading at $0.66, off by 5.70%, on 128,755 volume with 34 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 36,702, and its 52-week low/high is $0.15/$3.99.

Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. (MIHI), a publically traded company will be a special guest on a long running show, the RP Summit Business hour Hosted by Mick Bazuly on 95.3 FM South Florida, 1470 AM South Florida WWW.WWNNRADIO.COM as well as Telecasted Worldwide on WWW.AMP2.TV. Company CEO  Jake Sanchez will be interviewed live on air and discuss the company's recent approvals of Government Bar Code acceptance for billing, the acquisitions and expanding the company's brand. "With the baby Boomers getting to the age of retirement and expanded heath needs, we feel the Tele-Medical Industry is going to be as accepted as shopping online soon," said show host Mick Bazsuly.

Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. (MIHI), a Colorado-based publicly traded company, owns and operates strategically aligned healthcare service and product companies focused on the delivery of patient care, management services for physician offices, lab services, and pharma; and non-pharma medicines and alternatives to patients and consumers. Healthcare services are delivered and managed through the company's MSO, 3Point Care. 3Point Care uses virtual telemedicine with a unique customized software and hardware platform as a way of bringing quality medical care to rural and medically underserved areas (MUAs) of the country.

3Point Care provides personalized high-tech, high-touch telemedicine encounters that link virtual health specialty doctors with traditional primary physicians and their patients. This approach helps reduce the cost of care while enhancing the quality of care. The company's telemedicine approach is vastly different from other providers who rely on a monthly subscription to opt in the network and then require an encounter fee by the patient each and every time an on-demand physician is utilized. This approach breaks the continuum of care, relies on symptom-based diagnosis, does not accept insurance, and there is no certainty you are dealing with a licensed practitioner. In summation they are not a medical practice but a contract service to deliver virtual care. Because 3Point Care deploys doctors through an actual medical practice, there is no subscription fee. The company works with anyone and everyone that has insurance including Medicare and Medicaid. It works hand and hand with the patient's primary care physician so the continuum of care is always maintained. Part of the integrated software application enables the processing of insurance claims whereby doctors are paid for their services. This allows deductibles to be captured, allowing the patients to take advantage of medical tax deductions.

TeleLifeMd, a multi-disciplinary specialty healthcare practice with strong experience in telemedicine, is the primary deliverer of patient medical care. 3Point care has a unique and exclusive relationship with TeleLifeMD, acting as its management services organization by providing all levels of service that include scheduling, providing telemedicine hardware and software products and support, processing claims, paying all invoices and payroll incurred by TeleLifeMD, as well as any other service required to operate the practice.

BKare Diagnostics, another wholly owned subsidiary of MIHI, is tasked with delivering medical and health-related services such as laboratory testing, diagnostics, and alternative medicines primarily proven nutraceuticals. Its goal is to eventually infuse these products with 100% CBD/Hemp oil and THC-based oils to create new product categories as the law catches up with the cannabis marketplace. The opportunity to offer workable solutions that solve real health problems outside typical big pharma is very exciting for the company. It sees significant revenue opportunities in this space.

MIHI firmly believes the best way to provide access to high-quality medical care is through support and delivery of evidence-based virtual medicine, commonly known as telemedicine. With 80 million people living in rural, medically underserved areas of the nation, the company is poised to fill a glaring void in the healthcare industry by applying cutting-edge technology and time-tested business practices to deliver real-time care. Among the 16 areas of medical specialties available are cardiology, infertility, gastroenterology, pediatrics and obstetrics.

The company serves a number of constituents and stakeholders interested in reducing the cost of health care while simultaneously increasing the quality of care, improving access to health services for millions of people, and bringing value to company shareholders. Its unique platform incorporates every aspect of a telemedicine visit into a single, comprehensive package. Disclaimer

Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. Company Blog

Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. News:

Medical Innovation Holdings to be Featured on National Radio Telecasted Tuesday October 24th, 2017 at 10AM ET on Beasley Broadcasting

NetworkNewsWire Announces Publication Highlighting Innovative Solutions in Telemedicine

Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. (MIHI) is “One to Watch”


The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight ABcann Global (ABCCF). Today, ABcann Global closed trading at $0.887, up 3.32%, on 330,527 volume with 213 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 241,259 and its 52-week low/high is $0.6171/$1.25.

ABcann Global (TSX.V: ABCN) (OTCQB: ABCCF) ABcann Medicinals, Inc. is a globally licensed, cost efficient producer of premium quality organic standardized medicinal cannabis. One of the earliest licensed Canadian medical marijuana producers under Canada's federally-controlled Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), ABcann has five years of operating experience in the burgeoning medical marijuana space. The company currently owns and operates a fully functioning 14,500 square foot facility in Napanee, Ontario. Additionally, ABcann owns 65 acres of real estate with proper zoning and existing infrastructure in place to support the construction of another production facility of up to one million square feet.

In a November 2016 report, market research firm Canaccord Genuity Group forecasted that the medical marijuana market in Canada could see sales in excess of $8 billion by 2024, creating a sizable opportunity for the country's licensed producers (LPs). The research firm also noted that the "rigorous process of becoming a licensed producer of cannabis in Canada imposes significant barriers to entry and there will be a shortfall of supply in a legalized market in the short-term." This market barrier serves as a strategic advantage for ABcann as it prepares for its highly-anticipated IPO, which is currently scheduled for April 2017.

Canaccord's synopsis of the Canadian cannabis industry is supported by recent market activity, as companies sporting one of the illustrious Canadian government licenses for medicinal production have recorded strong growth following IPO. Canopy Growth (OTC: TWMJ), one of the largest fully-licensed Canadian marijuana growers, saw share prices skyrocket by more than 700 percent in the months following its initial offering. Aphria Inc. (OTC: APHQF), another licensed grower, climbed by more than 900 percent following its IPO. Other companies that have recorded huge growth since going public include Aurora Cannabis (OTC: ACBFF), climbing nearly 900 percent, and SupremePharma (OTC: SPRWF), which soared more than 1,300 percent.

With these market trends in mind, ABcann's impending IPO is one that prospective investors in the marijuana sector will want to explore. Recalls from some of the biggest players in the Canadian cannabis industry have highlighted the considerable learning curve that LPs face in today's market, which makes ABcann's proven track record in the market all the more noteworthy. The company has built a reputation over the years for its best-in-class standardized approach to growing cannabis, including the thoughtful omission of pesticides and a computer monitored growing technique that allows ABcann to minimize the risks of variance in its yields and ensure the creation of consistently high-quality products.

This technique, which the company calls the ABcann Advantage, has helped it record a customer retention rate of 94.7 percent alongside 30 percent month-over-month customer growth. When combined with ABcann's current yield rate, which it has measured at roughly 100 percent greater than the industry average, the company has constructed a strong foundation upon which to build a sizable presence in the global cannabis industry. This global growth potential is illustrated by ABcann's partnership with Israel's Syqe Medical, producer of the world's first selective-dose pharmaceutical grade medicinal plant inhaler. After visiting the company's production facility, Perry Davidson, founder of Syqe Medical, noted that ABcann's production technologies put it "in a class with the best in the world" in its ability to produce standardized pharmaceutical grade cannabis.

ABcann's entry into the public sector is being guided by a seasoned management team, board of directors and advisory board that feature well over a century of combined industry experience. Ken Clement, the company' founder and executive chairman, has been the key component and driving force behind ABcann's development since its inception. His vision of standardized production and dosage sets ABcann apart in the medical cannabis sector. Clement is joined on the company's management team by CEO Aaron Keay. Keay brings more than a decade of capital markets experience to ABcann, having played a role in raising approximately $250 million for public and private market issuers.

Notably, ABcann also has access to the 'Father of Cannabis Research', Raphael Mechoulam, PhD, through its board of advisors. An organic chemist and professor of medicinal chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mechoulam was the first scientist to isolate both cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and he has received more than 25 prestigious academic awards, including the Rothschild Prize in Chemical Sciences and Physical Sciences in 2012.

With more than 65 acres of growth capacity, a healthy cash balance to fund upcoming construction efforts, steady sales growth, industry-leading yield rates and an established operations team in place, ABcann is well-positioned to compete in the rapidly-expanding Canadian medicinal cannabis industry. These factors, along with the company's ongoing global expansion into the European, Australian and Israeli markets, show why ABcann Medicinals' upcoming public offering fits the bill as "Canada's Next Medical Marijuana IPO." Disclaimer

ABcann Global Blog

ABcann Global News:

ABcann Global Appoints New Independent Chair

NetworkNewsWire Announces Publication Highlighting Public Companies Set to Reap the Rewards of the Cannabis Sector's Continuous Growth

NetworkNewsWire Announces Publication Discussing How Licensed Canadian Cannabis Producers are Preparing for Industry Forecasts

Kootenay Zinc Corp. (CSE:ZNK) (OTCQB:KTNNF)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Kootenay Zinc Corp. (KTNNF). Today, Kootenay Zinc Corp. closed trading at $0.047, up 2.17%, on 33,850 volume with 9 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 17,763, and its 52-week low/high is $0.007/$0.59.

Kootenay Zinc Corp. (KTNNF) is a mineral exploration and development company focused on discovering large-scale sedimentary-exhalative ("SEDEX") zinc deposits. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the company is ideally positioned near its primary target, the Sully Property, located 18 miles east of the world-class Sullivan Mine.

Of the 22 raw materials tracked by the Bloomberg Commodity Index, zinc was the best-performing base metal in 2016. Based on a widening global supply deficit, outlook for the commodity remains strong. As the most closely tied base metal to the Chinese economy, zinc demand and prices are expected to rise well into the year 2020, putting increased pressure on zinc supply.

For 2017, Goldman Sachs has predicted a 360,000 ton shortage of zinc, along with a subsequent rise in zinc prices to $2,500 per metric ton in the first half of the year. Zinc continues to make history in the metals exchange, driving significant interest in the market amid supply constraints in concentrates and refined metal drive prices.

Ready to claim its share of the market, Kootenay Zinc is focused on its Sully Property. It comprises 1,375 hectares and overlies rocks of similar age and origin as those which host the legendary Sullivan deposit. The Sullivan mine was discovered in 1892, and is known to be one of the world's largest SEDEX deposits. Over its 100-year lifetime, Sullivan produced approximately 150 million tonnes of ore, including approximately 300 million ounces of silver, 8 million tonnes of zinc and 8 million tonnes of lead.

Notably, geophysical data suggests that Kootenay Zinc's Sully project and Sullivan share many geological features:

  • Strata at Sully are in the same sedimentary basin as the Sullivan mine
  • The exact stratigraphic time horizon at which Sullivan formed is present at Sully
  • Filtered AeroMag anomalies coincident with Sullivan Time at Sully appear similar to Sullivan
  • Gravity anomaly at Sully indicates excess mass of comparable magnitude to Sullivan
  • Pb-Zn is present as traces in outcrop, drill core and in a soil geochemical anomaly

The squeeze in zinc supplies particularly affects China, which is both the world's largest zinc consumer and its largest producer, with 4.9 million tons of output in 2015. Chinese manufacturers are now being forced to import zinc for use in cars, household appliances, paints, rubber products and smartphones.

Zinc's rally shows no sign of slowing down in the near future, and companies that currently occupy stake in a zinc deposit find themselves in an enviable position over miners rushing to find new reserves. With its Sully Project, Kootenay Zinc could be on track to capture its share of the market, guided by a management team of mining directors and executives that currently lead some of the world's best mining companies and have been involved in world-class discoveries which sold for billions of dollars. The company's technical team includes industry experts that have worked on mega-mining projects, including the Sullivan and Voisey Bay projects. Disclaimer

Kootenay Zinc Corp. Company Blog

Kootenay Zinc Corp. News:

Sully Project - E3 Target Drilling Underway

Kootenay Zinc Corp.: Sully Project Exploration Update

NetworkNewsWire Releases Exclusive Audio Interview with Kootenay Zinc Corp. (KTNNF)

Bollente Companies, Inc. (BOLC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Bollente Companies, Inc. (BOLC). Today, Bollente Companies, Inc. closed trading at $0.84, off by 1.18%, on 150 volume with 1 trade. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 587 and its 52-week low/high is $0.20/$1.21.

Bollente Companies, Inc. (BOLC) is in the early stages of developing a diverse portfolio of companies, targeting disruptive technologies that positively impact the environment and emerging economies. Their current focus is on high-efficiency electric tankless water heaters, manufactured and sold under "trutankless", a division of Bollente, including a line of economy tankless water heaters sold under the Vero name. Units are available for both residential and commercial application.

The primary Bollente advantage is their use of advanced technology, superior to previous tankless systems, together with a growing U.S. and global market. Traditional water heaters are one of the costliest appliances to operate. The two primary energy sources used in U.S. homes are electric and natural gas, with less than half of U.S. homes having natural gas available. In addition, there are no significant electric whole home tankless manufacturers.

The U.S. Department of Energy now requires tanks of 55 gallons or more to have efficiency levels requiring expensive heat pumps to achieve. Bollente's trutankless electric tankless water heater employs specialized sensors for constant water temperature, solid state electronics, and proprietary software, resulting in one of the most efficient heat exchangers ever produced. The technology includes smart grid and home automation capabilities, remote control and monitoring, and even smartphone alerts. It also allows adjustable custom power management settings, so that users can further enhance energy usage and performance. It is now estimated that tankless heaters used in every home would save over $8 billion annually in the U.S. alone.

By maintaining 99 percent efficiency, Bollente's trutankless heaters use less energy than tank heaters, while providing the convenience of always-hot water. The system only uses power when there is demand, producing water to exact temperature, within one degree, even with sudden changes to input. Wireless apps allow for remote settings, notifications, and monitoring, and models are compatible with existing home automation and energy management systems. The technology also reduces size, for easy location, and the system's self-flushing design provides up to 20+ years of maintenance free operation, significantly reducing upkeep and replacement costs. This becomes an additional environmental benefit since roughly 8 million used water heaters are dumped in landfills every year.

Bollente has also announced the formation of Bollente International, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary, for the international production and sale of trutankless systems. Taking advantage of growing interest in their technology, Bollente International is working with an international manufacturing firm for the production and distribution of trutankless systems throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, with the first step being the testing and certification necessary to meet the various international standards.

Bollente has made electric tankless water heating compelling to a major consumer market, both in and outside the U.S., offering economic as well as operational efficiency and convenience, attractive to builders as well as to end consumers. Disclaimer

Bollente Companies, Inc. Blog

Bollente Companies, Inc. News:

Bollente Companies' trutankless® Partners with Ferguson for Nationwide Distribution Program

Bollente Companies Increases Production and Distribution Capabilities for trutankless® with Global Manufacturing Partnership

Bollente Companies Increases Presence in Trending Segment of Commercial Construction with Its Smart trutankless Product Line


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