Monday, October 23rd, 2006

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  3.Small Cap Voice


Topping The Daily Newsletter leaders by percentage gained is Red Reef Laboratories International, Inc. (RREF) previously at $0.80 up over 112% at $1.70 with 538,369 shares traded. (RREF) was highlighted by OTC Stock Exchange and OTC Picks today.

Red Reef Laboratories International, Inc. announced on Friday it has received confirmation from the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services that BioClear 2000 is registered in the State of Florida. Red Reef Labs has been a long time advocate against the expensive deconstruction then reconstruction strategies employed as the norm in the mold remediation industry. Red Reef Labs' BioClear Systems approach to mold remediation has proven to be as effective and much less costly than traditional rip out and replace remediation procedures; the company will continue to develop proprietary products which focus on environmentally safe surface decontamination. Red Reef Laboratories International, Inc. is a highly specialized company focusing on providing superior surface decontamination products, systems and specialized services in the fight against harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold infestations of living environments.

Today’s Volume Leader is WGL Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (WGLE) previously at $0.0002 up 100% at $0.0004 with 1,029,915,712 shares traded. (WGLE) was highlighted this month by Stock Guru, Wall Street Grapevine, OTC Picks, and OTC Stock Exchange.

WGL Entertainment Holdings, Inc. announced today that the WGL Million Dollar Shootout (MDSO) was one of the standout shows at the recently completed SPORTEL convention in Monaco. Several major international deals were negotiated and are expected to close within the next 30 days. WGL Entertainment Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiary WGL Entertainment is the producer of the WGL Million Dollar Shootout Reality Television Series and several other made for T.V. sports entertainment events scheduled to be produced in 2007 and beyond.

WGL Entertainment Holdings, Inc. enables amateur golfers to compete in various golf tournaments with its ‘Play for Pay’ concept. It also produces the WGL Million Dollar Shootout, a reality-based television series. The company focuses on the development and production of golf themed reality television shows.

EcoPlus, Inc. (ECPL) previously at $0.15 up over 66% at $0.25 with 35,425 shared traded. (ECPL) was highlighted this month by Small Cap Voice.

EcoPlus, Inc. announced today that EcoPlus, Inc. and Alliance Development will see an estimated $22.3 million in technology sales and related construction in 2007. And EcoPlus, Inc. has signed a Letter of Intent with Alliance Development Group. EcoPlus anticipates completing a final agreement by December 31. Alliance expects that full or partial completion of five plants by the end of 2007 should be attainable. EcoPlus, Inc. has a patent-pending, commercially proven technology that utilizes an environmentally friendly process for turning brown restaurant grease into a high quality, solid fuel product. This product can be used as a coal substitute to produce power, as an adjunct fuel in waste heat to energy and steam plant operations and as a fuel for industrial process heat over a broad range of applications. This option to capture BTUs for energy that are normally wasted is highly attractive in the tight energy environment of today.

Global Epoint Inc. (GEPT) previously at $0.31 up 64% at $0.51 with 648,449 shares traded.  (GEPT) was highlighted previously by Knobias and today by OTC Picks.

Global Epoint Inc saw some nice gains on no new to report. Global Epoint Inc engages in the design, development, manufacture, sale, and distribution of digital video surveillance systems, and information technology network and computing solutions. It operates in three divisions: Digital Technology, Aviation, and Contract Manufacturing.

Patriot Gold Corp. (PGOL) previously at $0.125 up 48% at $0.185 with 450,605 shared traded.  (PGOL) was highlighted today by OTC Picks.

Patriot Gold Corp. saw gains on no news to report. Patriot Gold Corp. is a resource exploration company with a mission to discover and develop significant gold assets, with a focus primarily on the Americas. Based on geological potential, infrastructure proximity, and previously undertaken exploration, Patriot Gold Corp. selects properties of merit so as to provide its shareholders with the highest probability of success.

Another mover with big volume is Cash Now Corporation (CHNW) previously at $0.0032 up over 40% at $0.0045 with 159,119,680 shares traded. (CHNW) was highlighted earlier in the month by and OTC

Cash Now Corporation today announced that it has executed an MOU (Memo of Understanding) to acquire a customer service call centre to service its inbound payday loan and software license sales inquiries. Cash Now Corporation specializes in the check cashing industry and Internet payday loans.

HealthSonix, Inc. HSXI previously at $0.25 up 40% at $0.35 with 2,127,155 shared traded.  HSXI has been heavily featured recently. Wall Street Corner, OTC Advisors, The Capital Report, OTC Picks, Small Cap Voice, Invest Source, Shazam Stocks, Wall Street Grapevine, Investor Stock Alert, Hot OTC,, Invest Source, SA Advisory, Small Cap Digest, Stock Guru, Twin Trader previously. HSXI  was highlighted today by OTC Picks and Stock Guru.

HealthSonix, Inc. today reacted to the downward stock pressure and unusual high trading volume of its shares over the past three weeks. See the full news story at

HealthSonix, Inc. is a publicly traded medical technology company specializing in patent pending medical technologies that use sound pressure waves to administer sub-sensory micro vibration to the human body. Precisely formatted low frequency sound pressure waves are 80% effective in treating the pain of many diseases, particularly arthritis. All treatments and products are safe, non-invasive, drug free, and have no known side effects.

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