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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


BioCurex Inc. (BOCX)

Bull in Advantage, Dynamic Wealth Report, OTCPicks, Mega Stock Picks, and TaglichBrothers reported earlier on BioCurex Inc. (BOCX), and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTC Bulletin Board, BioCurex, Inc. is a biotechnology company with headquarters in Richmond, British Columbia. The Company is developing products based on patented and proprietary technology in the area of cancer diagnostics. The technology identifies a universal cancer marker known as RECAF. BioCurex has signed licensing agreements for their cancer detection blood tests with Abbott Laboratories (ABT) and with Alere (ALR), formerly Inverness Medical Innovations.

RECAF is a molecule that is present on cancer cells. However, it is not detected in significant levels on healthy cells or benign tumor cells. It is the receptor for AFP (Alpha-fetoprotein) and has classification as an oncofetal antigen due to its presence on fetal and malignant tissues. This characteristic makes RECAF a more accurate indicator of cancer than most current tumor markers. AFP is a marker for liver and testicular cancer that was discovered by Dr. Garri Abelev, a member of BioCurex's Scientific Advisory Board.  

RECAF can be used in blood tests to determine if a patient has cancer.  The blood test can be formatted for use in large clinical and hospital laboratories on automated instrumentation, or it can be run manually. It can also be formatted as a single use rapid test for point-of-care (POC) use in physicians' offices, urgent care facilities, and at the bedside.   

BioCurex is commercializing their technology via licensing arrangements with companies that develop and market diagnostic tests for the large automated clinical laboratory setting, through development and marketing of non-automated clinical laboratory tests, through development of rapid, point-of-care test formats, and through marketing of their OncoPet RECAF test for cancer in companion animals.

Last week, BioCurex announced that the Company believes they are positioned to solve the most pressing issues that have led to a U.S. government-backed panel recommending against routine prostate cancer screening using the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test. The panel concluded that the PSA test used for widespread screening for prostate cancer causes more harm than good. BioCurex's RECAF cancer marker blood test, in extensive studies done over the last several years, has been shown to detect approximately 70 percent of stage I, 76 percent of stage II, 90 percent of stage III, and 100 percent of stage IV prostate cancers all with very high specificity.

BioCurex Inc. (BOCX) closed Tuesday at $0.03, even with yesterday’s close, on 115,336 volume with 16 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 1,008,847.  The 52-week low/high is $0.01/$0.07.

VuQo Holdings Corp. (VUQO)

CoolPennyStocks, PennyStockVille, BullRally, StockRich, MadPennyStocks, StockEgg, PennyInvest, and HotOTC reported recently on VuQo Holdings Corp. (VUQO), and today we are reporting on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

VuQo Holdings Corp., through their subsidiaries, engages in developing, producing, distilling, bottling, packaging, distributing, and marketing wines and spirits. The Company formerly went by the name Bona Coffee Holdings Corp. They changed their name to VuQo Holdings Corp. in May 2011. VuQo Holdings has their corporate headquarters in New York, New York.

The Company's VuQo Premium Vodka is the only vodka in the world distilled from coconut nectar. VuQo is 40 percent alcohol by volume. Continuously distilled, it undergoes filtration numerous times. Its packaging is an elegantly designed, 750ml bottle. VuQo is currently distributed in California, Nevada, Texas, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York as well as in Guam and the Philippines.

VuQo also owns the Haliya Light Fruit Wines brand. These wines are handcrafted in small batches using fruits that flourish in the Philippines. Haliya is available in two variants. One is Mango Wine, which is 13 percent alcohol-by-volume. The other is Black Plum Wine, which is 12 percent alcohol-by-volume. Both are packaged in traditional wine bottles with award-winning label designs. Currently, Haliya is distributed in the Philippines, Guam, and the U.S.

Yesterday, VuQo Holdings announced that a prominent international company known for establishing and operating successful bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and hotel and resort properties around the world has made an official offer to acquire VuQo Holdings. The estimation is that the offer is valued in the area of 30 to 40 Million USD. VuQo Holdings recently received a letter of acquisition, following an extensive due diligence process. They are subject to the fulfillment of a number of mutually agreed upon conditions.

Commenting on the offer, VuQo CEO Rich Cabael said, "The proposed transaction is a sign of confidence in VuQo Holdings Corp., our brands, and the Philippine wines and spirits sectors. Our goal has always been to create shareholder value through brand recognition and growth in case volume. This latest development is a remarkable indicator of the direction we're headed."

VuQo Holdings Corp. (VUQO) closed Tuesday's trading at $0.17, up 13.33%, on 514,728 volume with 71 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 39,802.  The 52-week low $0.02/$0.35.

NeoMedia Technologies Inc. (NEOM)

OTCPicks, FeedBlitz, WiseAlerts, CoolPennyStocks, HotOTC, StockRich, PennyInvest, StockEgg, PennyStockVille, BullRally, and MadPennyStocks reported earlier on NeoMedia Technologies Inc. (NEOM), and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTC Bulletin Board, NeoMedia Technologies Inc. is the worldwide market leader in 2D mobile barcode technology and infrastructure solutions that enable the mobile barcode ecosystem globally. The Company's technology platform transforms mobile devices with cameras into barcode scanners. This enables a spectrum of applications including consumer oriented advertising, mobile ticketing and couponing, and business-to-business commercial track and trace solutions. NeoMedia Technologies has their headquarters in Dunwoody, Georgia.

NeoMedia's product portfolio includes mobile barcode management & infrastructure solutions, barcode reader solutions, Mobile Coupon & Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Ticketing & POS Integration, as well as IP Licensing. The Company's family of products, services, and broad IP portfolio means it is the only provider able to offer customers a comprehensive end-to-end mobile code solution. Their current customers include handset manufacturers, platform providers, brands, and agencies looking to offer innovative mobile barcode solutions to their clientele. NeoMedia currently has 30 active patents across 13 countries, with 29 additional patents pending. The Company's barcode management and infrastructure solution provides a user-friendly platform for advertisers and brands to integrate mobile barcodes into their campaigns quickly and seamlessly.

The Company's NeoReader code-scanning software allows mobile phone users to access specific web content with one click by scanning a 1D or 2D barcode. There is no typing-in of long URLs, no scrolling through long lists of search results, no mobile phone menus. Users launch the NeoReader application on their mobile phone, scan the barcode and are linked directly to a particular web page. Once there, they can access real-time product or service information, download content, or complete a mobile commerce transaction.

In 2006, NeoMedia acquired Gavitec AG – mobile digit (founded in 1997, based in Germany). They are a leading provider of technology for code reading systems and software for mobile communications applications. Gavitec AG developed the vision of both reading codes on mobile phone displays as well as enabling the mobile phones themselves to read codes using its built-in camera.  In early 2009, Gavitec AG – mobile digit, became the European headquarters for NeoMedia and is now named NeoMedia Europe AG. 

Recently, NeoMedia Technologies announced that industry expert Peter Mannetti was appointed to the NeoMedia Board of Directors. Mr. Mannetti has more than 20 years experience in the telecommunications and electronics industries. Mr. Mannetti's appointment became effective October 1, 2011.

NeoMedia Technologies Inc. (NEOM) closed Tuesday's session at $0.01, up 9.85%, on 35,484,537 volume with 494 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 3,862,702.  The 52-week low/high is $0.01/$0.23.

Avantair, Inc. (AAIR)

Stock Guru, PennyOmega.com, and DrStockPick.com reported previously on Avantair, Inc. (AAIR), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Avantair, Inc. was founded in July 2003 as the exclusive fractional provider of the Piaggio Avanti aircraft. In February 2006, the Company became the only publicly traded stand-alone private aircraft operator in the industry. Mr. Steven F. Santo is the Founder and Chief Executive officer of the Company. A 120,000 square foot 24/7 state-of-the-art operations command center controls and tracks all aspects of a client's travel. The center also serves as Avantair's maintenance and interior completions center in Clearwater, Florida.

Avantair is the sole North American provider of fractional shares, flight time cards, and Axis Club Membership in the Piaggio Avanti aircraft. The Company offers private travel solutions for individuals and businesses traveling within their service area, at a fraction of the cost of whole aircraft ownership. The Company's service area includes the continental United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Avantair currently manages a fleet of 58 aircraft and the Company has more than 500 employees.

Avantair engages in the sale of fractional ownership interests; lease of fight hours; and sale of flight hour cards for the usage of professionally piloted aircraft for business and personal use. The Company also manages aircraft fleet; offers aircraft related management and maintenance services; and provides limited fixed based operation services in Clearwater, Florida; Camarillo, California; and Caldwell, New Jersey. Furthermore, Avantair offers pilots, maintenance, fuel, and hangar space for the aircraft under management and maintenance agreements with fractional owners and lessees.

Last week, Avantair announced their plans to take delivery of their third new Piaggio Avanti II aircraft since July 2011. The Company is one of the few fractional providers experiencing increases in demand for all of their program offerings and growing their fleet size. The Piaggio Avanti is the world's fastest and most fuel-efficient twin turboprop. It rivals the speed of most light cabin jets, while offering the cabin cross section of super mid-size aircraft.

Steven Santo, Avantair Chief Executive Officer, said, "Our success is a tribute to having the best product supported by industry leading service. We are excited to add these new Avantis to our fleet, as the aircraft has been lauded by our owners for its cabin comfort, performance and efficiency. Avantair's Avanti truly changes the way people view private travel." 

Avantair, Inc. (AAIR) closed Tuesday's session at $0.01, up 12.50%, on 3,004,884 volume with 9 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 16,245.  The 52-week low/high is $0.95/$2.75.

AlumiFuel Power Corp. (AFPW)

SmallCapStockPlays, OTCPicks, Penny Stock Rumble, SteroidStocks, BreakthroughStocks, ShamrockStocks, and OTC Advisors reported last week on AlumiFuel Power Corp. (AFPW), and we are highlighting the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

AlumiFuel Power Corp. (the Company) operates through their wholly owned subsidiary, AlumiFuel Power, Inc. (API). API is a Philadelphia-based early production stage alternative energy company that generates hydrogen gas and steam for multiple niche applications requiring on-site, on-demand fuel sources. The Company also operates through their majority owned subsidiary, AlumiFuel Power International, Inc., to market their products worldwide outside of North America. The Company generates hydrogen gas and steam/heat through the chemical reaction of aluminum, water, and proprietary additives.

API's hydrogen feeds fuel cells for portable and back-up power, and fills inflatable devices such as weather balloons. It can replace costly, hard-to-handle and high pressure K-Cylinders, and provides fuel for flameless heater applications. Their hydrogen/heat output is also being designed and developed to drive fuel cell-based and turbine-based undersea propulsion systems and auxiliary power systems. The Company has significant differentiators in performance, adaptability, safety, and cost-effectiveness in their target market applications, with no external power required and no toxic chemicals or by-products.

API announced in May 2011 that together with their portable power partner and prime contractor, Ingenium Technologies of Rockford, Illinois, they have developed a system that can generate hydrogen for fueling UUVs using their proprietary AlumiFuel powders. In June 2010, the Ingenium-API team was awarded a U.S. Navy R&D contract for a novel new hydrogen fuel delivery system to power future fuel cell driven UUVs, with Ingenium as the prime contractor. API and Ingenium are exploring a growing number of opportunities involving naval and commercial power plant applications with the US Navy, allied navies, major defense contractors, and deepwater services industry players globally.

This month, API announced they have made further important technology upgrades to their advanced portable power system. They are developing a single hydrogen generator unit combining the AlumiFuel cartridge with the reactor vessel, which significantly reduces weight and increases the energy density or runtime, all at very low pressure. The system is undergoing design for a 25W - 100W power level. The expectation is that it will have energy densities exceeding 400Whr/kg, offering higher energy density at lower cost than lithium ion battery-powered systems.

AlumiFuel Power Corp. (AFPW) closed Tuesday's session at $0.006, up 10.71%, on 3,049,884 volume with 61 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 5,288,547.  The 52-week low/high is $0.0011/$0.016.

Mantra Venture Group Ltd. (MVTG)

FeedBlitz, SmallCapVoice, Penny Stock Rumble, OTCPicks, SmallCapVoice, StockGuru, We Beat Wallstreet, PennyTrader Publisher, and Pumps and Dumps reported this month on Mantra Venture Group Ltd. (MVTG), and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Mantra Venture Group Ltd., via their group of sustainable energy, carbon reduction, and consumer product subsidiaries, is active in the green technology marketplace. Mantra Energy Alternatives Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mantra Venture Group. They own an intellectual property, a patent applied for, called the Electro Reduction of Carbon Dioxide (ERC). Mantra Venture Group's shares trade on the OTC Bulletin Board and the Company has their headquarters in Surrey, British Columbia.

Mantra's mission is to become a global leader in the recycling of CO2 emissions into high value, Green chemicals and fuels using their novel, patent pending ERC technology. ERC underwent development first at the University of British Columbia at the Clean Energy Research Centre by Professor Colin Oloman (for seven years) and more recently at the Mantra laboratory (for two years). Mantra owns the intellectual property PCT applied for WO 2007/041872 A1, Continuous Co-current Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide. They acquired this from Professor Colin Oloman's company. Worldwide patenting is underway.

Mantra's ERC system will reduce the problem greenhouse gas CO2, and convert it into a series of valuable chemicals, a form of carbon capture and recycling (CCR).  There currently exists 27 Billion metric tonnes of CO2 emitted each year from fossil fuel combustion, an inexhaustible supply of feedstock.  The first product is formic acid (HCOOH) which commands a market of approximately USD $1 billion.

Last week, Mantra Venture Group announced that the Company has been selected by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada and the Consul General of Canada in Denver to take part in the Canadian Cleantech Colorado Connection (C4) Initiative. The design of the C4 Initiative is to assist Canadian Cleantech entrepreneurs to grow their business internationally.

Mr. Larry Kristof, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mantra, stated, "We are very excited to have been included in this elite group of cleantech entrepreneurs. This further reinforces our presence in this market place and it demonstrates acceptance and recognition of our cutting edge technology."

Mantra Venture Group Ltd. (MVTG) closed Tuesday's session at $0.05, up 18.485, on 25,775 volume with 5 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 38,379.  The 52-week low/high is $0.03/$0.21.

Alamo Energy Corp. (ALME)

Contrarian Press, Investors Alley, and Wyatt Investment Research reported earlier on Alamo Energy Corp. (ALME), and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Alamo Energy Corp. is an independent company that lists on the OTC Bulletin Board. The Company focuses on the exploration, development, and production of onshore oil and gas reserves in the U.K. and the U.S.  Alamo Energy has their corporate headquarters in London, England. The Company has operational offices in Knox County, Kentucky and Houston, Texas.

The Company's success strategy combines four key points. These are a focus on near-term production and low-risk production enhancement opportunities; further development of production acreage to realize full reserve potential; maintaining low overhead costs to maximize shareholder value, and regional diversification into high-impact exploration and appraisal development opportunities.

Alamo's UK exploration program focuses on four blocks spread over 400 square kilometers in an onshore oil and gas province in South East England. The Company's U.S. operations focus on the development of assets in Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

In September, Alamo Energy reported that following the success of the initial phase of their completion program the Company has started work in the field on the second phase of their 25 well program. The initial phase yielded total flow test results of 349,000 cubic feet per day and increased production revenue by 38 percent from the KYTX acreage. The development program involves the completion of 25 previously drilled but not completed wells targeting the Devonian Shale and Big Lime formations.

The KYTX group of companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Alamo Energy. They are located in Knox County, Kentucky in the Appalachian basin. The Companies are KYTX Oil & Gas, KYTX Pipeline, and KYTX Drilling Company. Together, they contain 71 wells located on 6,540 acres, and a 23-mile strategic pipeline network capable of handling up to 9,000,000 cubic feet of gas daily connected into the Delta system, as well as one drilling rig, one service rig, and associated well-servicing equipment.

Alamo Energy Corp. (ALME) closed Tuesday's trading session at $0.39, up 11.43%, on 11,638 volume with 7 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 55,689.  The 52-week low/high is $0.33/$1.77.

AgriSolar Solutions, Inc. (AGSO)

FeedBlitz and TheStockAdvisors reported previously on AgriSolar Solutions, Inc. (AGSO), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

AgriSolar Solutions, Inc. is a company that manufactures and markets a unique, patented, pesticide-free, solar powered insect elimination system. This system targets the worldwide commercial agriculture industry for use on farms, orchards, and vineyards. The Company's mission is to eliminate the need for pesticides, a $70 billion industry, everywhere commercial agriculture exists. AgriSolar Solutions lists on the OTC Bulletin Board; the Company has their headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

The cost of AgriSolar's solar insect elimination system is approximately $1.00 per acre annually. AgriSolar Solutions is expanding worldwide at a rapid pace. More than 100,000 of AgriSolar's solar powered insect elimination systems are being used worldwide. The Company is already well entrenched in the important agricultural industry in China. AgriSolar operates a 4,500 sq. meter (48,450 sq. feet) research and manufacturing facility in China.

AgriSolar designed and developed a series of solar powered insect killers for commercial agricultural use as an alternative to harmful insecticides. The Company's products use multiple light spectrums to attract and kill harmful insects, which are active at night. Their advanced technology does not affect "desirable bugs." The solar panel charges a battery during the day that powers their proprietary light bulbs that automatically comes on via a light sensor and timer system at night. Their light bulbs emit a special wavelength of light (361-368 Nanometers) that attracts insects. When insects come within 6-12 inches of the light bulb, an additional light frequency wave disorients the bug. This causes the insects to fall into a water container located below the light. 

AgriSolar's revenue for the three-month period ending June 30, 2011 was $5.6 million. This represents a 147 percent increase from the previous quarter ended March 2011 and a 90 percent increase on a year-over-year quarterly basis. Gross profit increased to $1.6 million from $1.0 million during the prior year period. Quarterly comprehensive income for the quarter was $423,482, or $.01 per share (basic), compared to a loss during the June 2010 quarter.

Recently, AgriSolar Solutions announced an aggressive European rollout of their patented, pesticide-free, solar powered insect elimination systems. The Company plans to open several European sales and distribution offices in conjunction with their European partners to capitalize on the significant potential of the European market for effective alternatives to traditional insecticides.

AgriSolar Solutions, Inc. (AGSO) closed Tuesday at $0.22, up 10.00, on 20,922 volume with 3 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 8,698.  The 52-week low/high is $0.20/$0.74.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


ProGaming Platforms Corp. (PPTF)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight ProGaming Platforms Corp. (PPTF). Today, ProGaming Platforms Corp. closed trading at $2.25, even for the day. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 15-days is 313 with a 52-week low/high of $2.20/$2.25.

ProGaming Platforms Corp. (PPTF) is the developer of an advanced multiplayer online gaming and reward-processing platform. The company's platform can be licensed by any online gaming provider, and can sit on any third-party server. The ProGaming platform can also be implemented to operate virtually any skill game now on the Internet and is easily configurable to work with existing commercial billing systems.

The company's platform automatically and accurately determines game winners from an unlimited pool of players, paying out monetary rewards to the champions. The platform also tracks the scores and reports the results of each game, retaining the history of each game and each player over an extended period. Any existing gaming community can purchase the ProGaming platform with a one-time payment and annual service fee or agree to a wholesale revenue sharing payment program.

The system is designed to be fair and accurate, and to operate without any bias. Players are ranked according to their previous successes to place them in levels according to their skill. The player's rank determines which game rooms users are allowed to enter so the best players only play the toughest competition, while novices only compete against players on their own level, preventing experts from taking advantage of beginners.

Online gaming is one of the fastest growing markets on the internet. In 2010, the online gaming market was a $15 billion industry. The rapid growth of social media platforms such as Facebook have only increased the amount of time individuals spend on the web, fueling web surfers' demand for interactive online entertainment. ProGaming Platforms is well positioned to capitalize on this growing industry as the online gaming community matures and demands the ultimate gaming experience provided by the company's platform. Disclaimer

ProGaming Platforms Corp. Company Blog

ProGaming Platforms Corp. News:

ProGaming Platforms Launches Corporate and Product Demonstration Websites

ProGaming Platforms Announces DTC Eligibility

Strategic American Oil Corp. (SGCA)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Strategic American Oil Corp. (SGCA). Today, Strategic American Oil Corp. closed trading at $0.1075, off by 2.27%, on 232,270 volume with 11 trades. The stock's average daily volume over the past 60 days is 258,239 with a 52-week low/high of $0.055/$0.24.

Strategic American Oil Corp. (SGCA) is an oil and natural gas exploration and production company with operations in Texas, Louisiana, and Illinois. Through the recent acquisition of Galveston Bay Energy, the company has significantly increased its existing increased oil and gas production as well as cash flow. In addition to advancing its current projects, Strategic American Oil continues to seek accretive acquisitions of production, reserves or other companies with promising prospects.

To date, Strategic American Oil has established a land portfolio with an aggregate gross 5,236 developed and undeveloped acres in Texas and Illinois alone. With this acreage, the company has identified new exploration targets and is applying advanced technology to maximize production. The company has also leased land positions hosting previously producing wells with the goal of enhancing or reestablishing production.

In September 2011, the company acquired SPE Navigation I, LLC, which included over $4 million in liquid assets and a $10 million working capital bank line, in exchange for 95 million restricted shares of common stock. The previous owners, who founded and developed Hyperdynamics Corp. (NYSE: HDY), now own an even greater stake in Strategic American Oil. To date, these owners have provided more than 70% of the company's capital for acquisitions and are committed to long term shareholder value.

Strategic American Oil is aggressively leasing, drilling, and acquiring projects at various stages of development to become a mid-tier U.S. oil and gas developer. The company is currently producing oil and gas, and making significant progress on its keystone projects in Texas and Illinois. Leveraging its technical expertise, promising portfolio and strong financial condition, the company is in an advantageous position to experience remarkable growth in the near term future. Disclaimer

Strategic American Oil Corp. Blog

Strategic American Oil Corp. News:

Strategic American Oil Corporation Increases Proved Reserves

Strategic American Oil Completes Acquisition - Improved Balance Sheet and Cash Flow to Enhance Shareholder Value

Strategic American Oil Enters Into Definitive Purchase and Sale Agreement

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. (NPDT)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. (NPDT). Today, Newport Digital closed at $0.0004, even for the day, on 286,374 volume with 3 trades. The stock's 60-day daily average volume is 247,566 and its 52-week low/high is $0.0004/$0.0059.

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. (NPDT) offers a rich portfolio of competencies in LED lighting and digital signage. Utilizing its technological expertise and creativity, the company enables its customers to take full advantage of the nearly limitless possibilities offered by increasingly sophisticated applications.

Newport Digital is targeting the sports, entertainment, retail, education, government and hospitality markets. Leveraging partnerships with established electrical contracting and installation partners in the U.S., the company is able to develop and install virtually any digital signage or LED lighting solution, including out-of-home digital signage networks that deliver a powerful in-store advertising platform to retail brands seeking greater return on advertising budgets.

The company has also established partnerships with Taiwan's premier technology incubators, III and ITRI, under which the company develops and customizes their advanced technologies to meet the needs of businesses across the globe. Having a pool of more than 7,900 engineers and scientists, these R&D powerhouses have developed cutting edge capabilities in fields such as Information Communications Technology (ICT), electronics, and nanotechnology.

Newport Digital's management team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience within the technology industry as well as the corporate world. Maintaining a strong track record of delivering exceptional results, the team retains almost two centuries of combined experience. Leveraging each team member's area of expertise, Newport Digital has established a solid foundation to penetrate emerging technology markets. Disclaimer

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. Blog

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. News:

Newport Digital Technologies Announces Restructuring Plan

Newport Digital Technologies Partners With Convergent Holdings to Advise on PetCo Park and Retail In-Store Digital Signage Networks

Newport Digital Technologies Provides Update on PETCO Park Digital Signage Project; Plans to Integrate LG Electronic Solutions

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH). Today, Consorteum Holdings, Inc. closed trading at $0.0073, off by 2.67%, on 315,000 volume with 4 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 95,302 with a 52-week low/high of $0.001/$0.0205.

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH) is focused on providing financial services, electronic transaction processing and management services to financial institutions, healthcare, government, public and private sector companies. The company’s services provide customized, innovative technology solutions that create, augment and enhance their clients’ existing financial, payment and transactional processing systems.

The company offers clients a long-term strategic plan utilizing the most technically advanced global solutions available today. By working with a multitude of global technologies, Consorteum is able to create exceptionally customized programs. This approach enables unparalleled flexibility when sourcing solutions, resulting in smarter, faster deployment of technologies, competitive pricing, and potential for new revenues.

Consorteum’s strategy is to capitalize on the global opportunities within the growing financial services, payment and transaction processing marketplace. The utilized business model generates revenues on every transaction touched, thus providing long-term, sustainable income. The company has strategically designed its business initiatives to create significant repetitive transactions on an ongoing basis. Additional company revenues are generated from consulting services, project minimums and management fees.

The company is jointly led by CEO Craig Fielding and President & COO Quent Rickerby. Mr. Fielding brings a wealth of expertise in the payments industry, in both local and international payment processing, along with HR-specific business management expertise, leadership, customer development and acquisition skills. Mr. Rickerby brings over two decades of business management, international and domestic sales experience, new company start-up, payment processing, project management, business development, negotiations, relationship management and strategic company direction. Disclaimer

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. Blog

Consorteum, Inc. News:

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. Announces Lead Spokesman for the First Nations MasterCard Program

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Media Exchange Group, Inc.

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. to Acquire Digital Media Company to Expand Mobile Capabilities

ProGraming Platforms Corp. (PPTF) Creates New Technological Standard for Fast Growing Online Gaming Market

“Probably the best gaming system in the world”

It’s an accolade directed at an advanced multiplayer online gaming and reward processing platform developed by ProGaming Platforms Corp., an Israeli based company out to tap one of the fastest growing global markets, online gaming. It turns out that there is an exploding population of players that want to show off their gaming skills, garnering monetary rewards in the process, and ProGaming is one of the only online platforms able to efficiently handle that kind of worldwide traffic.

The ProGaming system is a platform, not a game, and is unique in its combination of features:

• It can be implemented to operate virtually any skill game currently on the Web, including popular racing and shooting games.
• It can be integrated into any existing billing system and licensed by any online gaming provider.
• It can sit on any third-party server, handling a virtually unlimited number of players.
• It automatically determines game winners, fairly and accurately, with no bias, automatically calculating reward payouts.
• It tracks the scores and reports the results of each game, tracking the history of games and players over extended periods.

One of the reasons for the rising participation in online gaming is the very real opportunity for monetary rewards. With the ProGaming system, players pay a nominal entrance fee for each game they play, and only the games they play. Players are not forced to pay monthly subscriptions. Entrance fees are collected automatically by the platform, with the final winner taking the pot after each game.

In addition, the system ranks players according to their previous successes, so that they can be positioned with players of corresponding skill, providing opportunities for every level of player. It’s designed to remove all of the headaches associated with traditional gaming systems, so that players can now at last focus entirely on what they love to do, playing and winning.

All American Gold Corp. (AAGC) Uses Proximity Success Approach to Find Gold

All American Gold Corp., a gold property acquisition and exploration company, is focused on the state of Nevada, the primary gold state in the country, responsible for more than 75% of all the gold produced in the U.S. The company’s lead geological advisor, Richard Kern, has had exceptional success in identifying gold-rich properties in Nevada, including a 1.6 million ounce gold-equivalent deposit at Eureka.

All American and their geological team have developed an experience-based strategy of identifying properties based on their specific proximity to historically successful producing mines, together with their favorable geology in relation to these neighboring exploration projects. Using this “Comparable Peer” approach, they’ve acquired interests in three Nevada properties:

• Goldfield West (Esmeralda County, north of Las Vegas), where All American holds a 35% interest, plus rights to acquire a further 10% interest.

Goldfield is the initial exploration focus for the company, due to the promising mineralization which could generate a significant gold resource similar to adjacent finds by major miners currently in the district. International Minerals projects in the area hold estimated overall resources of 1,247,000 ounces of Measured and Indicated resources, contained in 31.3 million tons (“Mt”) at an average grade of 1.2 g/t gold; and 385,000 ounces of inferred resources, contained in 7.7 Mt at an average grade of 1.6 g/t gold. The Goldfield Bonanza Project, by ICN Resource, also shows high-grade mineralization.

• Belleville (Mineral County, central Nevada), where All American holds a 70% interest.

Peer success in this area includes both gold and silver discoveries, including the MinQuest discovery, based upon exploration beginning in 2008, of gold bearing shears and veins. Tingley reports a remaining inferred resource at Candelaria Silver of 27 million tons averaging 50 grams per ton silver, and 0.19 grams per ton gold. The historic Marietta Mine of Azteca Gold Corp. is reported to have a series of epithermal veins and shears averaging up to 1.9 ounces per ton of gold.

• Iowa Canyon (Lander County, northern Nevada), where All American holds a 15% interest, plus rights to acquire a further 25% interest.

The Cortez Hills deposit, just 30 miles to the southeast of the Iowa Canyon property, is where Barrick Gold recently intersected 0.894 ounces per ton gold over 67.2 feet, with previously inferred resources of 3.5 million ounces of gold from 28,756,602 tons grading 0.123 ounces per ton gold.

Energy Conversion Devices (ENER) Subsidiary to Supply Solar Cells to GP Solar

United Solar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices Inc. (NASDAQ: ENER). The company has more than 25 years’ experience in the solar industry and is the world’s largest producer of flexible solar panels with a lightweight, durable product that provides more total energy production than any other solar panel on the market. It was been awarded nearly 70 US patents for its technology.

The company today announced a new customer relationship under their Open Solar initiative. The customer is GP Solar which is a GP Batteries company from Hong Kong. The initial order is for 600 kilowatts of UNI-SOLAR photovoltaic (PV) cells. United Solar initiated the Open Solar program to drive wide-scale acceptance of its technology, and the integration of its laminates and solar cells cost effectively into everyday applications.

GP Solar is deploying UNI-SOLAR PV technology with the introduction of its unique GP Solar Charger. The Charger combines UNI-SOLAR PV cells with GP Solar’s nickel-metal-hydride rechargeable batteries.

UNI-SOLAR’s unique, triple-junction, thin film cell architecture produces more real-world power than competitive products, differentiating products like the GP Solar Charger from the competition. Other United Solar products under the Open Solar program include building integrated PV roofing, solar-powered military shelters, and solar-powered consumer bags and chargers.

Gold Horse International (GHII) Posts FY2011 Increases, says its On-track to be Leading Player

Gold Horse International Inc., a multifaceted business group operating through its subsidiaries to control and operate a construction company, real estate development business and a hotel/banquet facility in Inner Mongolia, China, today announced its financial results for the 12 months ended June 30, 2011.

Net revenue rose 50.3 percent to $76.5 million compared to $50.9 million reported for fiscal year 2010.

The company’s gross margin was 17.9 percent compared to 20.0 percent in the prior year; gross profit increased 34 percent to $13.7 million compared to $10.2 million reported last year.

Operating income was $11.36 million compared to operating income of $7.98 million in the prior year.

Gold Horse’s net income increased 17.6 percent to $9.7 million compared to $8.3 million reported for the 12 months of 2010. Adjusted net income excluding non-cash gains and expenses was $9.2 million, or $4.62 per fully diluted common share, as compared to adjusted net income of $6.6 million, or $3.99 per fully diluted common share, a year ago.

As of June 30, 2011, the company reported $0.2 million in cash and cash equivalents, short-term debt of $0.5 million, and long-term debt of $4.6 million. Gold Horse shareholders’ equity was $50.4 million, up from $36.6 million as of June 30, 2010. Cash provided by financing activities for fiscal 2011 was $2.8 million.

Liankuan Yang, chairman and CEO of Gold Horse, said the company expects to move continue its path to becoming a leading real estate developer in Inner Mongolia.

“We are quite pleased with Jin Ma Real Estate’s new real estate development projects, and we are confident that the Jin Ma Companies remain on track to become one of the most prominent construction and real estate development companies in Inner Mongolia, China,” Yang stated in the press release. “We are confident that real estate development in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia and its surrounding areas, a third- tier city, will remain strong and will not feel the effects of the slower real estate markets occurring in tier-one cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.”

The company has three new real estate development projects, currently in various stages of development, totaling approximately $96 million in estimated revenues over fiscal years 2014 to 2016.


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