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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Thursday, October 6th, 2016

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


Defense Technologies International Corp. (DTII)

We are reporting on Defense Technologies International Corp. (DTII) today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Defense Technologies International Corp. is a developer of security technologies. The Company previously went by the name Canyon Gold Corp. It changed its name to Defense Technologies International Corp. this past June. The Company has its corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. Defense Technologies International lists on the OTC Markets’ OTCQB.

The Company has started the final phase of production, and will be testing and marketing its New Passive Scanner Unit in the very near future. The original prototype was successfully demonstrated and proven at the Science and Technology Offices of Homeland Security in Washington DC’s Offices.

Defense Technologies International’s 'Offender Alert Passive Scan™' is a “next generation” walk-through detector scanning unit. This patented and trademarked passive scanning system allows for detecting and identifying concealed threats. This includes guns, knives, and more. The Company does not use X-rays to detect threats.

Mr. Merrill W. Moses, Defense Technologies International’s Chief Executive Officer, said, "We are pleased to announce that the added patented technology will improve the quality of our Passive Scanner substantially. We are especially interested to bring more safety to our schools but other venues of assembly as well.”

Defense Technologies International ‘s subsidiary, 'Defense Technology Corporation' (DTC) is in the midst of completing its final testing of its advanced metal detection device, The Offender Alert Passive Scan™. It will provide enhanced safety especially to schools, without any harmful effect to the students throughout their entire school life, because of the Company’s exclusive, advanced technology. The scanner will detect any kind of firearm, knives and other dangerous items. Moreover, it will equally serve sports stadiums and other venues around the nation as well as globally.

Defense Technologies International acquired its wholly-owned subsidiary Defense Technology Corporation (DTC) in October 2015. DTC was established in 2007 to bring products to market in the areas of personal and collateral protection. DTC’s products include DTC Advantage™. This is a micro-fiber product now in development. It has varied commercial applications in the arena of armor and ballistic protection.

Future products for DTC include the Hand Held Passive Scan™. This hand held wand unit is undergoing development (using the same technology as the covert and free standing units) employing a battery power pack, which will allow the operator to “hand scan” a person safely.

Defense Technologies International Corp. (DTII), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.14, up 16.67%, on 1,000 volume with 1 trade. The average volume for the last 60 days is 16,666 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.031/$0.54.

Lithium Corp. (LTUM)

Greenbackers, SmarTrend Newsletters, and FNNO Newsletters reported previously on Lithium Corp. (LTUM), and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Lithium Corp. involves in the identification, acquisition, and exploration of metals and minerals with an emphasis on lithium mineralization on properties situated in the State of Nevada. An exploration stage mining enterprise, the Company’s dedication is to the exploration for energy storage related resources across North America, seeking to capitalize on opportunities within the growing next generation battery markets. Lithium Corp. is based in Elko, Nevada.

The Company maintains a strategic alliance with Altura Mining, a natural resource development company. At present, Altura Mining is developing its 100 percent owned world-class Pilgangoora lithium pegmatite property in Western Australia.

Lithium has a soft texture and is silver-white in color. Lithium is the lightest and least dense metal found in solid elements. Lithium niobates (lithium, niobium and oxygen) are used widely in telecommunication products. This includes mobile phones and optical modulators. In essence, lithium is used in electrical, electronics, chemicals, general engineering, optics, rocketry, and nuclear applications.

Currently, Lithium Corp. is exploring two-wholly owned prospects located in Nevada, and two prospects in the Province of British Columbia. On each of the Nevada prospects, it has defined a lithium-in-brine anomaly. Its flagship property is Fish Lake Valley. At Fish Lake Valley, the Company holds Placer claims, which cover around 7,800 acres. The Fish Lake Valley Property is in northern Esmeralda county in west central Nevada.

It also has its Hughes Property in Tonopah, Nevada. Lithco participated in the creation of Summa LLC, a private Nevada Limited Liability company, which holds 88 fee-title patented lode claims, which encompass roughly 1,191.3 acres of prospective mineral lands. Lithium Corp. signed a Joint Operating Agreement with the other participants to govern the conduct of Summa, and the development of the lands.

In northwestern Nevada, Washoe County, Lithium Corp. has its San Emidio Project. It staked a block of claims in the San Emidio Valley during September 2011, and now holds 1,600 acres. In Shuswap, British Columbia, Lithium Corp. has its BC Sugar Property. It has assembled a 19,816-acre (8,019 hectare) block of mineral claims in B.C. that is highly prospective for hosting commercially extractable deposits of flake graphite.

In September, Lithium Corp. announced that it staked a block of claims on the Buena Vista lithium-in-brine prospect in Pershing County, Nevada, totaling about 8,000 acres. In addition, it recently received word from American Lithium that it has started sonic drilling operations on the north playa at Lithium Corp.’s Fish Lake Valley prospect.

Independence Bancshares, Inc. (LTUM), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.098312, up 7.33%, on 54,455 volume with 15 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 114,574 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0186/$0.1349.

RespireRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RSPI)

We are highlighting RespireRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RSPI) today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

RespireRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a leader in the development of medicines for respiratory disorders. These disorders include sleep apneas and drug-induced respiratory depression. The Company formerly went by the name Cortex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. It changed its name to RespireRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in December of 2015. Established in 1987, RespireRx Pharmaceuticals lists on the OTC Markets’ OTCQB, and the Company is based in Glen Rock, New Jersey.

RespireRx Pharmaceuticals has filed more than 400 patents in the U.S. and offshore that claim composition of matter, use, formulation, dosage and mechanism of action. Use claims include treating sleep apnea and preventing or rescuing drug-induced respiratory depression, and also for improving memory and cognition, treating schizophrenia and other central nervous system indications. More than 120 filings have been applied, issued or been allowed.

RespireRx’s pharmaceutical candidates in development are derived from two platforms. One platform of medicines undergoing development by the Company is a class of proprietary compounds called ampakines’ These act to enhance the actions of the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate at AMPA glutamate receptors.  Several ampakines, in oral and injectable form, are undergoing development by RespireRx Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of an assortment of breathing disorders.

The other platform is the class of compounds called cannabinoids. This includes, in particular, Dronabinol. Dronabinol (D9-THC, D9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is an oral capsule drug product. It is undergoing testing for clinical efficacy in patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). In an earlier completed pilot, dose-escalation trial in 22 patients, Dronabinol was safe and well-tolerated. It reduced the apnea-hypopnea index score in the moderate-severe OSA patients by about 30 percent.

Dronabinol is currently in a larger, 120 patient study of OSA being conducted primarily by the University of Illinois with funding from a $5 million grant from the NIH. Under a license agreement with the University of Illinois, RespireRx Pharmaceuticals has rights to patents claiming the use of cannabinoids for the treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders.

In September, RespireRx Pharmaceuticals reported preliminary top-line data from its Phase 2A clinical trial of CX1739. This is its proprietary, orally administered ampakine. CX1739 was ascertained to be safe and well tolerated, and antagonized the respiratory depressive effects of remifentanil (REMI), a potent opioid, in clinical models of acute opioid overdose and chronic opioid use. These results demonstrate target engagement of AMPA glutamate receptors. In addition, the results confirm RespireRx Pharmaceuticals’ translational approach to developing medicines for respiratory disorders.

RespireRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RSPI), closed Thursday's trading session at $3.60, down 2.07%, on 1,103 volume with 10 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 110 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $3.00/$12.35.

Sports Field Holdings, Inc. (SFHI)

RedChip and Marketbeat reported earlier on Sports Field Holdings, Inc. (SFHI), and today we report on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Sports Field Holdings, Inc. engages in the design, engineering and construction of eco-safe athletic facilities. The Company, by way of its wholly-owned subsidiary, FIRSTFORM, Inc., is a product development, engineering and design-build construction enterprise. Sports Field Holdings is headquartered in Warrenville, Illinois. The Company lists on the OTC Bulletin Board.

The two main lines of business for Sports Field Holdings are construction management of sports facilities and synthetic turf sales. The Company states that these lines of business can be categorized as design, development, and manufacturing of sports surfacing products and associated pre-engineered construction systems.

In essence, Sports Field Holdings is a product development, engineering, and design-build firm, involved in the design, engineering, construction, and construction management of athletic fields and sports complexes. In addition, it supplies its proprietary, technologically advanced, synthetic turf products and systems to the industry.

Sports Field considers itself a leader in innovative playing surfaces, which center on player safety and high performance athletic fields. Its FIRSTFORM subsidiary supplies its proprietary patent-pending products, athletic field systems, as well as knowledge-based services to the athletic construction industry.

For customers, A FIRSTFORM Architect will customize their design plan. A FIRSTFORM Design Engineer will also create their drainage plan. In addition, a FIRSTFORM Project Manager will manage the entire construction process.

Sports Field Holdings announced this year the availability of its "PrimePlay" crumb rubber-free line of synthetic turf products. The Company’s flagship PrimePlay™ products are available and already undergoing installation in athletic facilities across the nation.

Last month, Sports Field Holdings announced the completion of an indoor lacrosse training field for Nex Level Sports in Flemington, New Jersey. Nex Level Sports provides personalized training and team sports at its indoor facility in Flemington.

Mr. Jeromy Olson, Chief Executive Officer of Sports Field Holdings, stated, "The new indoor field at Nex Level Sports represents our continuing commitment to becoming an industry leader in the indoor facilities market with our innovative "PrimePlay Replicated Grass".

Sports Field Holdings, Inc. (SFHI), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.31, even for the day. The average volume for the last 60 days is 6,732 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.11/$2.00.

Sterling Group Ventures, Inc. (SGGV)

PennyOmega reported previously on Sterling Group Ventures, Inc. (SGGV), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Established in 1994, Sterling Group Ventures, Inc. is a natural resource company.  It primarily engages in the search, exploration, and development of phosphate and related minerals. The Company has interests in the Gaoping phosphate mine in Tanjiachang village, Chenxi County, Hunan province, China. Sterling Group Ventures has its corporate headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Company’s shares trade on the OTC Markets Group’s OTCQB.

The Company signed two agreements with Chenxi County Hongyu Mining Co. Ltd. (Hongyu) and its shareholders pertaining to the Gaoping phosphate mine (GP Property) and other phosphate resources in Hunan Province. Hongyu is a Chinese private mining company with connections and resources in Hunan. Hongyu’s interest is in exploring, developing, and expanding its phosphate business.

Sterling Group Ventures, by way of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Silver Castle Investments Ltd., signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Chenxi County Merchants Bureau. This is for a larger exploration area called the Tanjiachang Village Phosphate Deposit.

Hongyu’s mining permit allows initial production of up to 100,000 tonnes of phosphate ore annually. The Inferred Resource is 2,190,000 tonnes of 22.58 percent P2O5 within the mining permit. Sterling Group Ventures has started production operations on its Gaoping Phosphate Project (GP Property).

Concerning the GP Phosphate Project, it is in Hunan Province in South Eastern China roughly 250 kilometers west of the Provincial Capital of Changsha and 120 kilometers’ northeast of the regional center of Huaihua city and 38 kilometers east of the County seat at Chenx. The GP Phosphate Property is a sedimentary deposit. It occurs at the Jinjiadong Formation of Upper Sinian.

The Chinese government approved the acquisition of Hongyu by Sterling's Silver Castle Investments, on May 16, 2011. The business license was issued on June 15, 2011. The final payment to shareholders of Hongyu for the acquisition was made on July 8, 2011.

Sterling Group Ventures, Inc. (SGGV), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.025, even for the day, on 800 volume with 1 trade. The average volume for the last 60 days is 31,581 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0085/$0.04.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


eXp World Holdings, Inc. (EXPI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight eXp World Holdings, Inc. (EXPI). Today, eXp World Holdings, Inc. closed trading at $5.77, off by 0.35%, on 27,624 volume with 69 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 27,900, and its 52-week low/high is $0.51/$5.80.

eXp World Holdings Inc. today announced a new strategic relationship with Commissions Inc. (CINC), the leading provider of web-based real estate marketing and CRM software for elite agents and teams across North America. Under this new relationship, CINC will become eXp's primary enterprise lead generation and CRM platform for eXp's 1800 agents in the U.S and Canada.

eXp World Holdings, Inc. (EXPI) is the holding company for a number of businesses, most notably eXp Realty LLC, the Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage™. eXp Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage offering 24/7 access to a suite of collaborative tools, training features and socialization channels designed to meet the unique needs of real estate brokers and agents. By creating a fully-immersive, cloud office environment for real estate professionals, eXp effectively reduces agents' overhead, increases their profits and provides greater service value to consumers.

Through eXp Realty's innovative platform, agents and brokers are afforded the opportunity to earn equity in exchange for production and contributions to company growth. Additionally, eXp features an aggressive revenue sharing program that pays agents a percentage of the gross commission income earned by fellow professionals they recruit into the company. The result is a shared ownership community featuring a synergistic and collaborative group of forward-thinking, entrepreneurial professionals. With the emergence of the internet as the most powerful property marketing and advertising medium, eXp's internet and cloud technologies have helped thousands of consumers find, buy or sell homes without the need for a brick and mortar real estate office.

Since its launch in October 2009, eXp Realty has experienced rapid growth, with brokerage service now offered in 35 U.S. states and Alberta, Canada. In February 2016, the company officially welcomed its 1,000th real estate professional into its family of agent-owners, up from just 467 agents at the end of 2014. Following this achievement, the Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage claimed a spot among the top 50 real estate brokerages in the United States based on agent count, according to data from RISMEDIA's 2015 PowerBroker 500 Report.

Similarly, eXp Realty generated record financial results during 2015. Following the launch of two new initiatives – including an online lead generation program and a stock compensation plan – the company achieved a 71 percent year-over-year increase in net revenues, recording $22.87 million for the year. As it continues to expand its footprint across North America, eXp Realty will look to leverage its unique agent-owned business model to continue attracting driven, entrepreneurial agents and real estate industry leaders while promoting sustainable financial growth. Disclaimer

eXp World Holdings, Inc. Company Blog

eXp World Holdings, Inc. News:

eXp Realty and Commissions Inc. Announce Enterprise Lead Generation/CRM Platform

eXp World Holdings, Inc. Appoints Industry Veteran as Its New President

eXp Realty Sells Out 2016 San Antonio Conference

Agora Holdings, Inc. (AGHI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Agora Holdings, Inc. (AGHI). Today, Agora Holdings, Inc. closed trading at $0.1765, off by 4.08%, on 951,183 volume with 104 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 466,857, and its 52-week low/high is $0.01/$0.7999.

Agora Holdings, Inc. (AGHI), together with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Geegle Media, is leading a diversified family entertainment and media enterprise through business segments which include: TV on Demand, interactive media, business products and consumer platforms. With its multi-dimensional approach, Geegle Media supports Agora Holdings' mission to deliver innovate and high-quality business solution products and to deliver video content from around the world.

Geegle Media web platforms include; GeegleTV, Frame, 1000Salads, RealtyTV and LobbyTV. Geegle TV is a multi-platform video entertainment website that curates high-quality video content from around the world. In 2016, GeegleTV will serve as co-producer by airing original content. By exposing undiscovered content to millions of users and rendering it shareable to social media, Geegle TV will serve as a marketing partner to local and internationally based TV shows not yet on the open market.

For commercial use, Geegle Media provides a variety of solutions that include web development and billing software for VoIP applications. RealtyTV is its state-of-the-art platform for real estate brokerages. LobbyTV is another of its widely used products by business offices. For individuals, Geegle TV combines radio, On Demand movies, news, sports and children's content.

Geegle Media is also developing 1000salads, an online hub that encourages healthy lifestyles. The portal will feature recipes and products, health-oriented articles and a curated selection of local restaurants and grocers that deliver to the health-conscious user. Currently in its alpha stage of development, 1000salads is gearing up its sales and marketing in preparation for its launch in 2016.

Geegle Media differs from other On Demand providers, such as Netflix and HBO, in that its service is free of constraints such as subscription, fees and penalties. As consumers increasingly opt for personalized sources of entertainment, Agora recognizes the vast opportunities and growth potential provided by the rising popularity of TV On Demand. The company also benefits from strong and visionary management with a track record of bringing innovative ideas to fruition. Disclaimer

Agora Holdings, Inc. Company Blog

Agora Holdings, Inc. News:

Agora Holdings, Inc. Issues Corporate Update on Current, Future Endeavors

Agora Holdings, Inc. Launches FRAME Social Media App

Agora Holdings Inc. Audit Is Complete, Company Continuing to Progress Its Plans to Move Up the Board to QB Level

Star Mountain Resources, Inc. (SMRS)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Star Mountain Resources, Inc. (SMRS). Today, Star Mountain Resources, Inc. closed trading at $0.22, even with yesterday's close. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 4,701, and its 52-week low/high is $0.22/$1.10.

Star Mountain Resources, Inc. (SMRS), a minerals exploration company, is focused on acquiring and consolidating mining claims, mineral leases, producing mines, and historic mines with production and future growth potential identified through exploration efforts. The company's operations are currently focused on the initiation, production and expansion of acquired mineral resources in the Star Mountain Mining District, Beaver County, Utah and turning them into producing assets.

Comprised of 2,320 acres, the company's Star Mountain/Chopar Mine project consists of 116 lode-mining claims and four metalliferous mineral lease sections located in the Star Mountain range, Star Mining District, in Beaver County, Utah, approximately five miles west of Milford, Utah. Exploration activities to date include geological analysis, and a limited reverse circulation & core drilling program.

The Star Mountain Mining District, which is dotted with historic mines dating back to the late 1800s, has a long and storied history within the mining industry. The company believes that the application of modern exploration tools will reveal additional resources that were previously unattainable. Leveraging the region's mild climate and accessibility to nearby rail lines and roads, management will look to translate this potential into sustainable returns in the years to come.

Star Mountain Resources has adopted a discovery-based business model to grow its industry presence in the future. The company plans to thoroughly explore and initially develop its leasehold before seeking senior industry partners to assist in the capital-intensive development and operation phases. Building on this strategy, Star Mountain Resources will also continue to seek quality projects that can be evaluated on their own technical and financial merit. Disclaimer

Star Mountain Resources, Inc. Company Blog

Star Mountain Resources, Inc. News:

Star Mountain Resources Reports on Sully Discovery Following Evaluation of Exploration Targets in the Balmat-Edwards Mining District, St. Lawrence County, New York

Star Mountain Resources Subsidiary Secures $500,000 Loan From a New York Public Benefit Trust

Star Mountain Resources Receives Industry Guide 7 Mineral Reserves Report on Balmat Mine

Monaker Group, Inc. (MKGI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Monaker Group, Inc. (MKGI). Today, Monaker Group, Inc. closed trading at $2.70, off by 3.57%, on 2,769 volume with 12 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 8,681, and its 52-week low/high is $1.10/$5.00.

Monaker Group, Inc. (MKGI) is a technology driven travel company focused on leveraging resources to become a significant presence in the fastest growing sector of the $1.3 trillion travel and tourism market. The company's flagship brand, NextTrip.com, is the industry's first and only real-time booking engine that features alternative lodging (vacation home rentals, resort residences and unused timeshare inventory), as well as a full selection of airlines, hotels, cruises, rental cars, tours and concierge services. These features are combined into a single, easy-to-use platform that gives travelers complete real-time control when planning and booking their vacations.

NextTrip.com takes an integrated approach to the needs of travelers by combining multiple booking solutions into a highly intuitive real-time booking platform. Since its launch in February 2016, NextTrip has already grown to more than 250,000 units of vacation rental inventory. Monaker currently has roughly 1 million additional alternative lodging units under contract that will soon be added to the platform. This will place NextTrip among the top three largest vacation rental inventories and rival industry peers, Airbnb and HomeAway, in the rapidly expanding alternative lodging market. Unlike the competition, which book by request which can take hours or days before a lodging owner confirms, NextTrip's platform books in real-time, similar to online hotel bookings.

Most NextTrip listings are in desirable locations in the U.S., the EU and the Caribbean with about 20% exclusive listings. Monaker expects rapid exclusive listing growth because, unlike the competition, Monaker doesn't charge a sign-up fee, just a commission upon booking. The competition charges both. Monaker even has a proprietary solution to unlock Timeshare and Fractional Share properties as rental inventory.

Through strategic partnerships and acquisitions Monaker is now positioned to be a major player in the travel and alternative lodging sector. In addition Monaker is also the parent to Maupintour and Voyage TV.

In business for 65 years, Maupintour still leads the tour industry in the creation of outstanding, unique itineraries and has the highest repeat rate in the tour industry. Maupintour's upscale luxury services create a unique blend with the various product offerings of NextTrip. Voyage TV has thousands of hours of travel footage shot in over 30 countries worldwide. These 15,000 video clips of hotels, resorts, cruise, and destination activities are a treasure trove for vacation travel marketing.

With an established portfolio of travel brands, and a proven record acquiring, consolidating and integrating companies, Monaker is building a diverse and exciting foundation to drive the company's future. According to data from the U.S. Travel Association, direct spending on leisure travel by domestic and international travelers topped $650 billion in 2015. When combined with the fact that roughly 64 percent of travel companies are still considered small businesses, Monaker's all-inclusive approach to vacation booking through NextTrip and Maupintour strategically positions it for sustainable growth moving forward.

Monaker is headquartered in South Florida with offices in California. The company is led by a seasoned management team with decades of applicable industry experience. Monaker's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bill Kerby has over 18 years of experience in the media and travel industries, as well as 10 years of experience in the financial industry. Disclaimer

Monaker Group, Inc. Company Blog

Monaker Group, Inc. News:

Monaker Groups Alternative Lodging Vacation Rentals Gain Exposure to Decision Makers at Over One Million Companies Worldwide

Monaker Group Achieves Key Milestone - Application Program Interface (API) and Booking Engine Complete

Monaker Launches Premium Service for Alternative Lodging Listings

Moxian, Inc. (MOXC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Moxian, Inc. (MOXC). Today, Moxian, Inc. closed trading at $5.40, even for the day, on 200 volume with 2 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 159, and its 52-week low/high is $4.30/$10.60.

Moxian, Inc. (MOXC) engages in the business of providing social marketing and promotion platforms designed to help merchants accelerate and advertise their business growth through social media. These products and services enable merchants to run targeted advertising campaigns and promotions, and aim to enhance the interaction between users and merchant clients by using consumer behavior data compiled from the Moxian database of user activities. The company has two primary core products: Moxian+ User App and Moxian+ Business App.

Developed in Shenzhen, China, Moxian integrates social media, entertainment and business intelligence. The Multi-Channel Social Commerce Platform, which includes a variety of tools such as Moxian's proprietary Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) system, generates knowledgeable data for merchants. This way, consumers and businesses are able to connect and interact with one another to achieve the concept of "online lifestyle, offline fun."

Moxian+ User App serves as an App driven for consumer users to use the platform, consisting of our proprietary virtual currency (MO-Coin and MO-Points), social networking, redemption centre and game centre. Users can earn MO-Coins by playing games, and then use those coins to redeem prizes sponsored by Moxian and client merchants. This model not only drives registered consumers to Moxian and merchant, but also provides merchants the opportunity to advertise, run marketing campaigns, and learn about their customers through the Platform.

Moxian+ Business App is an independent App with built in Social Customer Relationship Management tool built for merchants. Merchants are able to set up a store on the Moxian platform through this business App, push promotions via a variety of methods offered on the platform and look at generated report customized to their own shop.

Moxian's management team has more than 100 years of combined experience in a variety of pertinent endeavors, including management of private and public enterprise, multi-national organizations, quality, engineering and procurement, finance, marketing, communication and more. Together, Moxian's management team is effecting the company's aim to create and lead a personalized social network platform that best fits users and businesses. Disclaimer

Moxian, Inc. Company Blog

Moxian, Inc. News:

Moxian Adopts Oracle Database Solutions to Support the Latest Payment and Transaction Platform, Enabling Intelligent Big Data

Moxian Enters Into Exclusive Agreement and Development Partnership With Xinhua Media Affiliate

Moxian, Inc. Covered by Crystal Equity Research


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