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Omnicity Corp. (OMCY)

SmallCap Voice, The Green Baron, and Stocks Journal reported recently on Omnicity Corp. (OMCY), Market News Alert, Wall Street News Alert, Morning Stock Picks, The Bull Report, Stock Guru, All Penny Stocks, Penny Stock Solutions, Standout Stocks, and Penny Performers did earlier, and we highlight the Company as "One to Watch", here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter. 

Omnicity Corp. is a company providing broadband access, including advanced services of voice, video, and data, in un-served and underserved small and rural markets. Headquartered in Rushville, Indiana, the Company is planning to be the premier consolidator of rural market broadband across the United States. Their corporate strategy is to provide a total broadband solution and continue rapid growth through acquisitions, organic growth, and to continue to collaborate with Rural Electric Membership Co-ops and Rural Telephone Companies. Omnicity Corp. trades on the OTC Bulletin Board.

Omnicity Corp. has an experienced broadband operations team with extensive wireless broadband/ISP expertise. They also have the knowledge and expertise to consolidate large numbers of businesses through their roll-up strategy. The Company provides high-speed internet access and advanced communications solutions to communities, businesses, and residential users.

The Company also provides computer repair services. These include anti virus program installation, data backup, virus removal and repairs, and new computer setup. These services also include home personal computer repair, software installation, anti-spam software installation, personal computer hardware installation, and virus removal and protection. In addition, they offer networking services. Omnicity is the Midwest's largest fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP).

In June of this year, Omnicity Corp. acquired the business and network infrastructure of Culver, Indiana-based CulCom. The addition of CulCom allows Omnicity to continue to provide services in underserved areas in northern Indiana. Omnicity plans to add additional towers and higher speeds to the CulCom network to make it WiMax compatible. They also plan to add Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VOIP) and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) throughout the coverage area over fiber optic and WiMax wireless technology.

On August 24, 2009, Indiana Governor, Mitch Daniels, joined executives from Omnicity Corp. to announce that they would expand their operations in Rushville, Indiana. This will create approximately 100 new jobs by 2012. The announcement occurred on Wednesday, August 19, 2009. Omnicity Corp. will invest $2.5 million toward wireless infrastructure and the construction of a new corporate office. This is to house their call center, collections, and distribution operations in the North Rushville Industrial Park.  The Company employs 38 associates across their four Indiana facilities. They plan to begin hiring customer service specialists, managers, and field service personnel in October.

We have Omnicity Corp. (OMCY) on our radar screens as "One to Watch", here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Omnicity Corp. (OMCY) closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.45 up $0.09 or 24.65 percent. Volume was 34,242 for a 3-month average of 35,194.

Energy Quest, Inc. (EQST)

Stock Guru reported earlier on Energy Quest, Inc. (EQST), and today we choose to highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Energy Quest, Inc.'s corporate mission is to become one of the leading new age alternative energy and fuel companies. They are working to achieve this goal using green technologies to support the environment worldwide. Trading on the OTCBB, the Company's registered office is in the United States in Henderson, Nevada, and their principal operation is in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Incorporated on June 20, 1997, Energy Quest, Inc. plans to expand their offices in cities such as Mumbai, Dubai, Santiago Chile, South Africa, and Shenzhen. The Company is also working to cooperate with strategic partners in other cities to serve their clients nationally with green technologies.

Energy Quest, Inc. has their wholly owned subsidiaries Wavechem Inc. and Syngas Energy Corp. (SEC). The Company and their subsidiaries are active in the research, development, and commercialization of "alternative petroleum refining and renewable energy" technologies. Wavechem Inc. is a private corporation. They can upgrade heavy crude and turn it into light, sweet crude at a lower cost using new proprietary ultrasonic wave technology.

Energy Quest, Inc.'s Syngas Energy Corp. is also a private corporation. This subsidiary's management has spent over 20 years pioneering building diversified alternative energy solutions for business. Syngas' core product is the M2 Gas Generator. This product utilizes advanced gasification technology to create low cost, clean energy using inexpensive, multi-fuel sources.

Energy Quest is pursuing large contracts for their products in the United States, Canada, and other countries. They are focusing on target markets of Waste Biomass to Energy, Clean Coal, Heavy Oil Upgrading, and Tar Sands project.  The Company also has an advanced Hydrogen Generating Technology, PyStR (Pyrolysis Steam Reforming). The technology, they believe, will enable their present technology to produce Hydrogen at a fraction of the cost of today’s availability.

Energy Quest, Inc. (EQST) closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.20 up $0.12 or 146.91 percent. Volume was 5,700.

Gold Crest Mines, Inc. (GCMN)

We are highlighting Gold Crest Mines, Inc. (GCMN), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTC Bulletin Board, Gold Crest Mines, Inc. is a junior exploration company. Their corporate focus is on precious metals exploration, and their business strategy is to acquire, explore, and develop mineral deposits in geologically prospective areas. They look for these within "mining friendly" jurisdictions in North America. Gold Crest Mines, Inc. has their headquarters in Spokane Valley, Washington.

The Company is working to acquire core property positions within mining districts with deposit characteristics and geologic conditions favorable for discovery of large tonnage, bulk mineable deposits, and higher-grade precious metals systems suited to underground development. They will implement their exploration strategy utilizing a multifaceted methodology. This will consist of direct grass roots exploration, joint ventures, and property purchases where appropriate, and where favorable financial terms can be negotiated.

Originally incorporated in Idaho, in 1968, under the name Silver Crest Mines, the Company became inactive after a brief run. In early 2003, they re-domiciled in Nevada and underwent a name change to Silver Crest Resources. In mid-2006, they restructured with the acquisition of the assets of Niagara Development Corporation, an Idaho-based private mineral exploration and development company, appointment of a new Board of Directors, and a name change to Gold Crest Mines, Inc. As part of the restructuring, they completed acquisitions of several high potential precious metals exploration prospects in Alaska and Idaho.

In Alaska, Gold Crest Mines Inc.'s projects include SW Kuskokwim, and the SW Kuskokwim Southern Block. It also includes Kisa, Kisa Breccia, Golden Dyke, Pirates Pick, Gold Lake, Gossan Ridge, and Golden Alder. In addition, it includes Luna, Ako, Goldcreek, Little Swift, and Gossan Valley. In Idaho, the Company's projects include Golden Meadows, with the West Side Targets and the East Side Targets.

Today, Gold Crest Mines, Inc. (GCMN) closed at $0.01 for no change. Volume was 180,000 for a 3-month average volume of 43,803.

Hemagen Diagnostics Inc. (HMGN)

Today we choose to highlight Hemagen Diagnostics Inc. (HMGN), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTCBB, Hemagen Diagnostics Inc.'s mission is to offer high quality diagnostic test kits in user-friendly formats. Founded in 1985 by a group of scientists from the Boston University School of Medicine, Hemagen Diagnostics Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets various proprietary medical diagnostic test kits and components worldwide. The Company has their corporate headquarters in Columbia, Maryland.

Hemagen Diagnostics Inc. focuses mainly on Veterinary Clinical Diagnostics and VIRGO, their human clinical diagnostic line of autoimmune and infectious disease products. The Company's Virgo product line of diagnostic test kits find use in aiding in the diagnosis of autoimmune and infectious diseases. They use enzyme-linked immunosorbence assay technologies, immunofluorescence, and hemagglutination technologies.

Their Analyst product line is a clinical chemistry analyzer system. The use of this product is to measure important constituents in human and animal blood. Hemagen Diagnostics Inc. also offers reagents and consumables for general chemistry analyzers, and medical diagnostic instruments. In addition, the Company provides maintenance services.

Hemagen sells their products via distributors and directly to physicians, veterinarians, clinical laboratories, and blood banks. They also sell them on a private-label basis through multinational distributors. The Company's direct presence is expanding in Latin America and China.

Hemagen's compact veterinary systems provide reliable, quality results for veterinary enterprises. For those that have a point of care (P.O.C.) wellness testing program the Hemagen Veterinary Lab System can be the foundation of their P.O.C. wellness program. Hemagen Diagnostics, develops, manufactures and markets more than 150 FDA-cleared proprietary test kits. These are to aid in the diagnosis of certain autoimmune and infectious diseases. Hemagen's products find use in many of the largest laboratories, hospitals, and blood banks in the world.

Hemagen Diagnostics Inc. (HMGN) closed today's session at $0.1590 up $0.0790 or 98.75 percent. Volume was 5,000 for a 3-month average of 2,138.

Laburnum Ventures, Inc. (AGR Stone Tools USA, Inc.) (LBUV)

Micro Stock Profit, Micro Cap Pulse, and Beacon Equity Research reported recently on Laburnum Ventures, Inc. (AGR Stone Tools USA, Inc.) (LBUV), and we choose to highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Laburnum Ventures, Inc. (AGR Stone Tools USA, Inc.) is a manufacturer of diamond tools and adhesives. The Company specializes in producing consumable tools for the natural stone, engineered stone, concrete, and masonry industries. Trading on NASDAQ's OTCBB, they employ some of the world's top scientists, engineers, and metallurgists to produce high quality diamond tools for the construction industry. The Company has their Manufacturing and Testing Facility in Conroe, Texas and their accounting and administrative office in Austin, Texas.

On July 21, 2009, Laburnum Ventures Inc. announced that they entered into a binding share exchange agreement with AGR Stone Tools USA, Inc. The agreement obligates both companies to complete the share exchange transaction, subject to certain conditions, including execution of the agreement by AGR shareholders. The result will be that AGR will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Laburnum Ventures, Inc.
On July 24, 2009, Laburnum Ventures Inc. announced that they began the process of changing their name to AGR Tools, Inc. This is to reflect the anticipated completion of the merger between Laburnum and AGR Stone Tools USA, Inc. The Company is applying to FINRA for the name change and a new ticker symbol.

Also in July, Laburnum Ventures Inc. reported that they were informed that AGR Stone Tools USA, Inc. began negotiations to enter into a joint venture with a prominent First Nations band in Western Canada. This is for the rights to build and operate a manufacturing facility. AGR plans to develop a large-scale manufacturing facility on First Nations' soil to strengthen their supply chain for their dealer network in the Western United States and Canada. AGR anticipates that the manufacturing facility will house a training complex. In it, First Nations youth will be able to learn skills involved in manufacturing and metallurgy.

Today, Laburnum Ventures, Inc. (AGR Stone Tools USA, Inc.) (LBUV) closed at $0.16 up 190.91 percent. Volume was 329,100.

Mobiform Software, Inc. (MOBS)

We are highlighting Mobiform Software, Inc. (MOBS), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Mobiform Software, Inc. specializes in the visualization of real-time data. The Company produces data visualization solutions for manufacturing, power and utilities, automation, and other sectors. Trading on NASDAQ's OTCBB, they make use of HMI (Human Machine Interface) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software products. Mobiform Software, Inc. has their headquarters in Crystal River, Florida.

The Company recognizes that data visualization can work in multiple vertical markets. They are working to leverage their technology to expand into other lines of business. This includes digital signage, financial, healthcare, and touch-screen solutions. Mobiform Software, Inc. utilizes Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) by Microsoft in the development of their products. Mobiform has licensed and/or provided technical training/consulting to many world class companies. These include AREVA, Emerson Process Management, Intel, Microsoft, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, and many more.

On June 23, 2009, Mobiform Software, Inc. announced that they entered into an agreement with Sobha Renaissance Information Technology, Inc. This is to utilize pieces of Mobiform technology in upcoming versions of Renaissance software products.

On June 24, 2009, Mobiform announced that they entered into reseller agreements with Syscon, SA de CV, European System Technologies, and Riverplus. These reseller agreements will see the Industrial HMI (Human Machine Interface) suite "Status Vision Designer" distributed through Mexico, Russia, and Thailand.

Mobiform Software, Inc. is a single-source solution for enterprises. Companies use them for aid in creating a user-friendly graphic interface for their applications. They also use them for training their.NET 3.5 developers on WPF and XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language), and for a host of other projects. Mobiform's service offerings include Consulting, Graphic Design, and Training.

Mobiform Software, Inc. (MOBS) closed today's trading session at $0.55 up 205.56 percent. Volume was 5,545.

SafeStitch Medical, Inc. (SFES)

Today we highlight SafeStitch Medical, Inc. (SFES), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

SafeStitch Medical, Inc. engages in the development and production of medical devices to promote patient health and quality of life. At the personal level, at home, in the clinic, or in the hospital is where the Company is focusing their efforts to assist patients. SafeStitch Medical, Inc. is part of the Medical Instruments & Supplies industry in the Healthcare sector. Trading on the OTC Bulletin Board, they have their corporate headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Charles J. Filipi M.D. and Jeffrey G. Spragens, along with Creighton University, founded SafeStitch Medical, Inc. in 2005 to develop a prototype for a minimally invasive obesity procedure. In 2006, Phillip Frost M.D., Founder, CEO and Chairman of IVAX Corporation and Jane Hsiao Ph.D., Vice-Chairman of IVAX Corporation, became partners in SafeStitch LLC and expanded the Company's mission to become a comprehensive medical device company. This was to develop several devices in the areas of Bariatric Surgery, Reflux Interventions, Barrett’s Esophagus, Hernia Repair, NOTES (NO SCAR) Surgery, and more. In September 2007, SafeStitch LLC completed a share exchange with Cellular Technical Services Company, a publicly-traded company, which has since been renamed SafeStitch Medical Inc.

The Company designed their Intraluminal Gastroplasty Device – Obesity, to perform incision-less, endoscopic bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery typically performs through an external abdominal incision, and sometimes laparoscopically. They designed their Intraluminal Gastroplasty Device – GERD, to promote healing at the gastroesophageal junction to prevent acid reflux. Another product the Company offers is the AMID Hernia StaplerTM.

SafeStitch Medical, Inc. designed their Barrett's Device to assist in both diagnosis of and treatment of Barrett's Esophagus. Barrett's Esophagus is the lining of the esophagus that imitates the stomach mucosa, beginning at the esophageal junction and migrating upward. Barrett's esophageal tissue is pre-cancerous and can result in difficulty in swallowing, spreading malignancy, and death.

The Company has their SMART Dilator as well. Dilators find use when an endoscopy demonstrates the narrowing of the esophagus. Narrowing is treatable by medication for GERD, or by using a dilator to expand the esophagus. SafeStitch also has their Standard Bite Block. A bite block is to protect the endoscope used in transoral gastrointestinal procedures and is required in all such procedures. Their Standard Bite Block provides a high level of protection as it is expelled less easily from the mouth. In addition, the Company has their Airway Bite Block. It has a built in oropharyngeal airway to assist patients with larger tongues or smaller throats, usually caused by obesity, in breathing during an endoscopic procedure.

SafeStitch Medical, Inc. (SFES) closed Wednesday's trading session at $1.15 up 35.29 percent. Volume was 850 shares for a 3-month average volume of 470 shares.

Public Media Works Inc. (PUBM)

Today we are highlighting Public Media Works Inc. (PUBM), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Incorporated in 2000, Public Media Works Inc. engages in the development, production, marketing, and distribution of film, music, and television entertainment media. A team of working filmmakers, entertainment industry professionals, and experienced technologists manages the Company. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, Public Media Works Inc. is an OTCBB-traded company.

The company brings together the golden age of film and the new age of the web. They work to identify untapped resources of talent and content. They then focus their efforts on combining those diverse elements into professional entertainment products. They look for raw content in the form of film concepts, trailers, scripts, treatments, music, and book proposals. Next, they acquire or license these for further development and distribution as finished product to sell to specifically targeted, fan-based audiences.

Public Media Works streamlines the process costs of development, production, marketing, and distribution. They also enhance the total revenue potential of each project. They do this by targeting specific, dedicated consumers.

The Company's film offerings include Carpool Guy, Donna on Demand, Dead Air, Monsters, The Clown, and 3 Day Test. Their television offerings include The Fastest Car, Carry Your Weight, and Run and Gun. Their projects include 'Without a Badge: Undercover in the World's Deadliest Criminal Organization'.

Mr. Al Hayes is the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Public Media Works. He served as the Chief Operating Officer of Chicago Pictures from November 2005 to December 2007. Corbin Bernsen is the President and Founder of Public Film Works a division of Public Media Works. He is best known as divorce attorney Arnie Becker in the Emmy Award winning television series "LA LAW," and his roles in all three "Major League" films.

George Mainas is a Director. He has served as a director of the Company since September 2005. He has been the Managing Director of Mainas Development Corporation since 1981. Kevin M. Kearney is also a Director in the Company. Mr. Kearney has spent the last 33 years building a resume that includes artist, author, educator, legal consultant, and entrepreneur.

Public Media Works Inc. (PUBM) closed today's trading session at $0.35 up 52.17 percent. Volume was 14,601 for a 3-month average of 546

The QualityStocks Company Corner

Axial Vector Energy (AXVC)
Savoy Energy Corp. (SNVP)
DataCall Technologies (DCLT)
Solanex Management (SLNX)

Data Call Technologies (DCLT) BLOG
Consorteum Holdings (CSRH) BLOG
Axial Vector Energy (AXVC) BLOG
NXT Nutritionals Inc. (NXTH) BLOG

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC). The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC). Today, Axial Vector Energy Corp. closed trading at $0.26, which was up $0.01 or 4.00 percent. Their volume today was 154,033 shares. Their 3-month average volume is 170,737.

Axial Vector Energy Corporation announced today that their PETRO AVEC JV partner, Petrosonics LLC, was recently awarded a patent in Indonesia. The patent protects the process of removing sulfur from all types of crude oil fractions through sonic energy, oxidation, and the removal of all of the oxidized sulfur through hydrotreatment.

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC) announced this morning that it has launched a Global Awareness Program as well as a new website. The Global Awareness Program will air on WBIX The Business Station and Business Talk Radio Network, which cover financial and marketing groups and institutional investor markets.

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC) a publicly traded, development-stage company providing global energy solutions, develops multi-fuel engines and generators for use primarily in military and commercial applications.

Founded in 2002, with headquarters in Portland, Oregon, Axial Vector - through a joint venture agreement with Adaptive Propulsion Systems, LLC - develops and manufactures their engines and generators with an eye towardenvironmental responsibility and social benefit.

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC) owns, develops and licenses a technologically advanced suite of internal combustion engines and electric power generation modules. The company has also developed the world's only "coreless" no iron electric motors, which consume one half the electricity of conventional electric motors.

These cutting-edge technologies are focused on fulfilling global engine and energy needs by delivering greater fuel-efficiency, cost effectiveness, versatility, and environmental sensitivity than ever before in venues from the commercial to the industrial, including the vehicular and military sectors.Disclaimer

Axial Vector Energy Corporation Blog

Axial Vector Energy Corporation News:

Axial Vector Energy Corporation JV Partner, Petrosonics LLC, Awarded Patent in Indonesia, the World's 19th Largest Crude Oil Producer and 22nd Largest Refiner

AVEC Announces Launch of Global Awareness Program and New Website

AVEC Launches New Website and Business Model Tuesday, September 8th

Savoy Energy Corp. (SNVP)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Savoy Energy Corp. (SNVP). Today, Savoy Energy Corp. closed trading at $0.19. Their volume today was 303,839 shares.

Savoy Energy Corp. announced that they have finalized an agreement with Tangiers Investors, LP for a $10 Million equity line of credit.

Savoy Energy Corp. an independent oil and gasf company, is focused on building a diversified portfolio of valuable oil and gas assets in the United States. Incorporated in 1982, the company’s business model is to identify abandoned oil and gas assets, which are then brought online through recompletion and work-over activities, a meticulous process of evaluation, application of modern well technology, and stringent management controls.

The company’s officers, directors and geologists together retain more than a century of experience in the oil and gas industry. The management team is focused on strategically increasing Savoy Energy’s asset base and cash flow, while significantly reducing the cost of initial drilling, effectively reducing the risk of traditional exploration projects. Furthermore, the company’s financial structure allows it to minimize the high overhead of traditional E&P companies.

Today, it’s a distinct financial advantage to be a small company looking for small abandoned properties for acquisition. Larger companies, as well as most mid-size companies, are searching for large acquisitions and new drilling to successfully increase the size of their company. However, large acquisitions are expensive and the cost of drilling can prolong the return on investment. Furthermore, large plays are difficult to locate, encouraging most companies to look outside U.S. borders.

Since inception, Savoy Energy has successfully owned or participated in more than 100 wells in Texas, Oklahoma, and Ohio. Currently, the company leases four properties in Gonzales County, Texas. These properties include: Wright, 485.41 acres; Rozella Kifer, 193.003 acres; Ali-O No.1, 82.66 acres; and Zavadil No.1, 45 acres. Savoy Energy’s phased approach is to concentrate on existing low maintenance production, exploit low risk sidetrack drilling opportunities as identified through day to day research, and use the accumulated information and results to advance operations. Disclaimer

Savoy Energy Corp. Blog

Savoy Energy Corp. News:

Savoy Energy Corp. Receives $10 Million in Funding

Savoy Energy Executes a Strategy to Reduce Environmental Impact and Operating Costs

Standard & Poor's Initiates Factual Stock Report Coverage on Savoy Energy Corporation

DataCall Technologies, Inc. (DCLT)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight DataCall Technologies, Inc. (DCLT) Today, DataCall Technologies, Inc. closed trading at $0.0250, which was up $0.0025 or 11.11 percent. Their volume today was 77,900 shares. Their 3-month average volume is 77,551 shares.

DataCall Technologies, Inc. (DCLT) was founded with the vision to develop and deliver the first wirelessly fed information feed containing sports scores and sports news. As the company enhanced their product, they began offering additional content sources such as financial news, national and world news, weather, traffic, horoscope, trivia and more. During this time of development and growth, digital signage began gaining recognition as an explosive and lucrative industry.

Over the past few years, DataCall has shown impressive growth in its customer base and gross revenues. By establishing early strategies and corporate partnerships, the company has been able to penetrate nearly all digital signage venues. DataCall’s feeds are now delivered to a broad range of locales including: medical centers, banks, hotels, resorts, schools, gas stations, universities, restaurants, bill boards, and Public Broadcast Stations.

It has been forecasted that North American digital signage spending will total $1.6 billion in 2009 (up 24% from 2008) and will continue to grow to a projected $2.6 billion by 2011. The increasing affordability of displays and other essential equipment, ability to update feeds in real-time, and the capability to send targeted messages during various times of the day continue to fuel the growth of this quickly emerging industry.

Data Call is committed to expanding its product offerings and plans to move into other vertical markets within its targeted industry. Moving forward, Data Call will be focusing on growing its subscriber base, while maintaining aggressive expenditure management. The company is also in negotiations to acquire a likeminded company, which will enable a stronger penetration in the digital signage and IT networks technology industries. Disclaimer

DataCall Technologies, Inc. Blog

DataCall Technologies, Inc. News:

Data Call Technologies Extends International Distribution Network to Jamaica, Expands US Network to 37 States

QualityStocks Features Data Call Technologies, Inc. in Exclusive Interview

Data Call Technologies Now Offers Comprehensive Weather Coverage to 215 Countries

Solanex Management, Inc. (SLNX)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Solanex Management, Inc. (SLNX) Today, Solanex Management, Inc. closed trading at $0.40, which was up $0.03 or 9.59 percent. Their volume today was 683,147 shares.

Solanex Management, Inc. (SLNX) is focused on developing, manufacturing and selling the Thermal Destructor; developing, manufacturing and selling the portable Steam Injection System; and investing in other viable business opportunities, including mineral resource properties. Through a joint venture agreement with ecoTECH, the company has secured a relationship critical to achieving success.

The company’s Thermal Destructor is a self contained, soil residue combustion system designed to clean contaminated sites by sterilizing soil. The system consists of a high efficiency, waste or gas-fired combustion chamber and a next-generation exhaust gas, low-pressure drop liquid scrubber effective in trapping pollutants in air emissions. A common use of the Thermal Destructor is cleaning up hydrocarbon spills at the end of the life of a production well.

The Steam Injection System has been designed specifically for use in oil fields where high-pressure steam can be injected into the oil formation to help dilute and separate heavy oil from the earth. Solanex Management believes the most immediate market for the system is to companies who are in the bitumen/heavy oil exploitation business where oil can’t be produced unless it is heated or diluted. Unlike current steam generation systems, the Steam Injection System is portable, costs less to manufacture, and can utilize various fuel sources to create steam.

Going forward, the company is working on identifying companies to partner with to better expose its technology to the intended markets. Solanex Management is also analyzing and searching for synergistic business opportunities that will allow the company to utilize its existing technology in other business applications. With marketing and manufacturing plans in place, Solanex Management is positioned to capitalize on its revolutionary technologies. Disclaimer

Data Call Technologies Inc. (DCLT) Has Many Opportunities in the Digital Signage Industry

Data Call Technologies Inc. offers a wide variety of real-time content information feeds that can be seen through digital signage networks in numerous venues. These venues include: elevators, airports, highways, shopping malls, sports stadiums and arenas.
Digital Signage Today’s survey of 600 industry executives found that 64 percent of respondents would outsource all or part of their content creation. This survey reinforces the notion that there are countless opportunities for a company like Data Call Technologies in the digital signage industry.

Whether it’s general entertainment information (news, sports, stocks, etc.) or location-targeted active content (weather, traffic, etc.), research is validating the long-held assumption that active content draws viewers to digital signage and keeps them engaged throughout the presentation. Data Call is unique in the industry with its emphasis on active, real-time content.

Over the past few years, Data Call has worked with the industry leaders in digital signage to develop the data formats and communication methods to allow the company’s active content to be easily integrated into their hardware and software products.
Data Call has enjoyed success with its active content. Arbitron conducted a survey in late 2006 which pointed out one example of the company’s success. The survey was conducted of customers exposed to a digital signage implementation installed in a fast food walk-in chain. Data Call’s active content contributed to 62 percent of those surveyed responding that the presentation enhanced their experience or made it somewhat better.

The word is getting out to the business community about what the company’s active content can do for its customers. It is little wonder then that Data Call is experiencing such rapid growth in its business.

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH) Establishes Unique Position in Global Transaction Processing

Consorteum Holdings Inc. has carefully positioned itself to take advantage of something that every one of us uses, but relatively few people really know about. It’s called the World Wide Transaction Processing Web, and it’s at the core of the world’s transaction processing infrastructure. Each and every time you, or anyone else around the world, swipes a credit or debit card, this vast processing network is used, sending secure signals around the globe in mere seconds to ensure that all parties in the transaction are properly accounted.

For example, a transaction at a retail shop in Singapore could easily involve a MasterCard that was issued half way around the world in the U.K. to a U.K. resident. In seconds, the transaction is routed for approval to the bank that issued the card. If approved, the funds are electronically released and the transaction in Singapore is notified. Concurrently, the issuing bank also sends a credit to the store’s bank releasing the funds so that they can be deposited into the merchant’s account.

It’s a process that occurs in every country, millions of times a day, all thanks to the World Wide Transaction Processing Web. Any global transaction can use the process, since it’s open to virtually any association that issues a credit or debit card, provided the card in question conforms to network rules.

Consorteum makes use of this far-reaching global processing infrastructure in an innovative way to address a growing but still largely underserved market, millions of individuals who are unbanked or underbanked. These are people who, for whatever reasons, find it difficult or impossible to cash their paychecks or engage in many of the other standard financial transactions that are otherwise taken for granted. The brilliance of Consorteum’s position is that the basic technology is already in place to serve this market, and the critical needy market is already established and waiting. Simply put, this means that Consorteum does not have to build initiatives and then attempt to deploy, like most companies.

All this enables the company to be a leading edge partner for processors, acquirers, and the other players in the global processing market. It opens up unique opportunities for them in the areas of benefits payments, rebates, payroll, check cashing, and loyalty programs, all areas in which Consorteum is now growing.

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC) JV Partner Awarded Key Patent in Indonesia

Axial Vector Energy Corp. announced that its PETRO AVEC JV partner, Petrosonics LLC, has been awarded a patent in Indonesia that protects the process of removing sulfur from all types of crude oil fractions through sonic energy, oxidation and the removal of all of the oxidized sulfur through hydrotreatment. The patent will remain effective for 20 years.

According to the Oil & Gas Journal, Indonesia had 4.3 billion barrels of proven oil reserves as of January 2007. Although Indonesian crude oils vary widely in quality, most streams have gravities in the 22 to 37 degrees API range. Indonesia’s two main export crudes are Sumatra Light, or Minas, with a 35 API gravity, and the heavier, 22 API Duri crude.
In January of 2007, Indonesia had 992,745 bbl/d of refining capacity at 8 facilities, all of which are operated by PT Pertamina. PT Pertamina announced in August 2006 that it plans to spend $10 to $11 billion on boosting Indonesia’s downstream sector over the next 5 years. As part of this effort, there have been various proposals to upgrade existing refineries or build new facilities, as well as to expand the country’s transmission, distribution, and marketing network. A new refinery at Pare-Pare, Indonesia’s first privately-owned refinery, will have a capacity of 300,000 bbl/d and is expected to be completed in 2010.

PETRO AVEC CEO Dr. Mark Cullen commented, “Indonesia’s 4.3 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, probable reserves of an additional 5.79 billion barrels, eight refineries and ambitious plans for future facilities all bode well for PETRO-AVEC. We are pleased to add Indonesia to the growing list of countries offering intellectual property protection and look forward to working with them.”


NXT Nutritionals, Inc. (NXTH) Launches SUSTA Natural Sweetner

NXT Nutritionals Inc. is a developer and marketer of proprietary, patent-pending healthy alternative sweeteners as well as food and beverage products. The common ingredient for all of the company’s products is its SUSTA natural sweetener, a minimal calorie, all-natural, nutritional sweetening system. The company believes that SUSTA is superior to all other sweeteners on the market and that it is the healthier and better-tasting sweetener that consumers have long sought.

The company’s SUSTA sweetener is targeted at individuals craving sweetness but for whom sugar is either an unviable option or is an undesirable option. At the top of this group are diabetics, individuals on weight loss programs, and those proactively managing obesity.
SUSTA will be the only sweetener in the retail marketplace that is all-natural, low glycemic, contains prebiotics (soluble fiber) and probiotics, aids digestion, contains essential vitamins and minerals, helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and supports the immune system.

As the first step in its campaign to bring SUSTA to major food retailers throughout the United States, NXT Nutritionals today said it is beginning to ship SUSTA natural sweetener 50 packet boxes to New York City’s largest independent wholesaler and distributor, White Rose Food, which wholesales food to 1,800 food retailers from Maryland to Connecticut.

President and CEO Michael McCarthy of NXT Nutritionals said, “White Rose Food’s commanding footprint in the New York City and New Jersey metropolitan areas, which in turn is the largest retail food market in the United States, makes it an essential partner in our consumer outreach introduction.”

Mr. McCarthy continued, “With White Rose joining the SUSTA bandwagon, we are now established in the nation’s largest retail market. From here we plan to launch the SUSTA product through White Rose’s distribution network to undertake our corporate mission to have SUSTA available in retail stores throughout the United States.”


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