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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


Icon Vapor, Inc. (ICNV)

SmallCapVoice reported earlier on Icon Vapor, Inc. (ICNV), and we are reporting on the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

OTCQB-listed Icon Vapor, Inc. engages in the manufacture and distribution of Ultra Premium Vapor Products. The Company offers a wide assortment of Vapor Products, Vape Pens & E-Liquids that are made in the U.S. These products are all branded under the ICON Vapor Products line. Icon Vapor has its headquarters in San Diego, California.

Icon Vapor was upgraded to the OTCQB markets as of Friday April 17, 2015. The Company was formerly known as Myezsmokes, Inc. It changed its corporate name to Icon Vapor, Inc. in January 2014. The Company’s products undergo distribution through Core-Mark and other distributors to the convenience store marketplace throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Fundamentally, Icon Vapor sells Ultra-premium vapor products, its Diamond line, vapor devices, as well as premium e-liquids. The Company’s feature products include Cobra, Magnum, Dragon, and Phoenix. Its Disposable Series is guaranteed up to 1,000 puffs and have no nicotine. These are available in an assortment of premium e-liquid flavors.

Icon Vapor’s new vaporizer product is the Cobra. It features a 510 threaded, 1100mAh twist battery with variable voltage 3.2-4.2v. It additionally features a premium glass tank compatible with most tanks.

Furthermore, the Company’s premium e-liquids are available in nine flavors. These are Tropical Citrus, Tobacco, Super Melon, Raspberry, Peach, Mint, Strawberry Margarita, Double Apple, and Blueberry Mint.

ICON Vapor has a Sales and Broker agreement signed with Impact Sales & Marketing, LLC (ISM). Impact Sales and Marketing calls on more than 185 wholesalers, retailers, and distributors in a broad variety of markets covering Food, Drug, Petrol, and Convenience Stores.

Last month, ICON Vapor announced that it is on track with the expansion of distribution and will show major growth in gross revenue through Q2.

ICON Vapor Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Dan Balsiger, stated, “We are also working on and launching two new product categories that are showing incredible growth in the C-store space and are working diligently at moving these product categories into our distribution channels. The successful launch of these two categories in conjunction with the continued development of our Vapor offerings should put us in a position to see a significant increase in both sales volume as well as profitability as we progress through quarter three and four of 2015.”

Icon Vapor, Inc. (ICNV), closed Tuesday's trading session at $0.2301, down 11.50%, on 118,550 volume with 27 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 69,287 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.08/$0.415.

Green Earth Technologies, Inc. (GETG)

Lions of Wall Street, Alternative Energy, SmallCapVoice, BullRally, and OTC Picks reported earlier on Green Earth Technologies, Inc. (GETG), and we are reporting on the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Celebration, Florida-based Green Earth Technologies, Inc. is a foremost manufacturer and marketer of "green" environmentally friendly products. The Company combines domestically sourced plant based renewable and reusable feed stocks with proprietary technologies molded around the four ideologies of being “green”: biodegradable, recyclable, renewable and environmentally safe. Green Earth Technologies’ shares trade on the OTC Markets’ Group’s OTCQB.

Branded as G-CLEAN® and G-OIL®, the Company produces a comprehensive range of "clean & green" American made environmentally preferred products. Some of these products are specifically engineered to help overcome the challenges of fracking and working in the world's oil fields.

Green Earth Technologies’ products replace the petrochemical base of traditional appearance and performance chemicals with an Ultimate Biodegradable bio-base created with plants or animal fat. It is sustainable; it can be collected domestically with grown beef, pork, chicken fat and plant oils. Plant and animal fats are recycled to make a highly-demanded product in place of foreign oil.

Additionally, "G" branded bottles are 100 percent recyclable. They are made with 30 percent post-consumer recyclable plastics. Green Earth Technologies’ labels are printed with water based inks on recycled paper. Certain G-OIL products are made with twice refined recycled base stocks. Moreover, all G-OIL products are compatible with conventional and synthetic motor oils.

In March, Green Earth Technologies announced the transition of Greentek Fluid Innovations' proprietary products into its present mix of well service products, all marketed and distributed under the G-CLEAN® brand. In September 2014, Green Earth Technologies acquired Greentek's intellectual property (IP) that was the chemical foundation for a variety of well service products.

Green Earth Technologies announced in April the distribution of its G-CLEAN® assortment of well service products with Ptarmigan Services, an oilfield service provider. Ptarmigan uses the expertise from solids control, mud, and waste management to bring useful services and products to drilling rigs.

The variety of products include heavy duty degreasers, defoamers, tank cleaners, frac water treatments and Well Wake Up, Green Earth Technologies’ patented and proven well stimulation remedies that address the growing market for remediation and re-stimulation of existing, unconventional mature or underperforming wells because of blockage of paraffin, asphaltenes, or condensate rings.

Last month, Green Earth Technologies announced that its G-Clean Oil Refinery Products have been very well received in Venezuela by PDVSA and their business partners in the refining industry. Through Green Earth’s distributor in Venezuela, Suplitrol Continental Corporation, the Company has demonstrated that there is a safe, effective, and first-class, Green solution - G-CLEAN - to satisfy the equipment cleaning requirements of oil refineries without the use of toxic, corrosive and acid based products.

Green Earth Technologies, Inc. (GETG), closed Tuesday's trading session at $0.0279, up 25.68%, on 143,000 volume with 19 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 106,849 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.012/$0.09.

That Marketing Solution, Inc. (TSTS)

Wallstreet Profiler, PennyDoctor, Penny Pick Insider, HotStockProfits, Value Penny Stocks, Epic Stock Picks, Penny Stock Circle, StockMister, 1-2-3 Stock Alerts, Pennystocktweeters.com, Juicy Penny Stocks, and Stock Commander reported this week on That Marketing Solution, Inc. (TSTS), and we report on the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Listed on the OTC Bulletin Board, That Marketing Solution, Inc. develops and markets health related products. The Company owns and operates technology around the Micellization Manufacturing Process. This proprietary Micellization Process converts oil based nutrients into water soluble products for better absorption by cells. That Marketing Solution is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Company’s commitment is to developing select brands that it owns in the anti-aging and health wellness sectors. It owns the rights to Low T Vitamin Formula. This product is for men over 30 with decreased levels of testosterone.

That Marketing Solution has acquired Aqua V Micellization Technology. This is a proprietary nutritional innovation. Aqua V Micellization Technology makes it possible to adapt fat-soluble compounds into water-soluble compounds outside of the body, effectively increasing bioavailability. The acquisition terms give the Company the exclusive rights to the existing Aqua V Intellectual Property (IP) and potential patent applications that will apply to this category of technology.

The Aqua V Technology exponentially increases the nutritional benefits of bio-nutrients to the body. This is while lowering the amount of raw ingredients required to manufacture the nutritional formula. Many of the most important bio-nutrients that people supplement in their diets, are fat-soluble. The body must micellize the supplement through breaking it down. This leaves only a part of the bio-nutrient available for uptake.

Through utilizing the proprietary Aqua V Technology to adapt the nutrient outside of the body, the uptake is almost immediate. In addition, the formulation has almost no bio-waste in the process. This enables formulators to use less active ingredient in their formulas to get the maximum benefit. It controls the delivery of the exact amount of nutritional value to the body.

Last week, That Marketing Solution announced that it received Kosher certification for three products. These three products are all manufactured using the Company’s proprietary Aqua V Micellization technology.

Mr. Matt Smith, That Marketing Solution President, said, "It is estimated the Kosher market in the US is 12,100,000 people. We are excited to introduce these three products and start competing for market share."

That Marketing Solution, Inc. (TSTS), closed Tuesday's trading session at $0.2358, up 10.44%, on 383,882 volume with 113 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 229,034 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.032/$0.586.

Net Medical Xpress Solutions, Inc. (NMXS)

Hawk Associates and SmallCapVoice reported recently on Net Medical Xpress Solutions, Inc. (NMXS), and we are highlighting the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Listed on the OTC Markets’ OTCQB, Net Medical Xpress Solutions, Inc. is a leader in the telemedicine field. The Company provides telemedicine programs for diagnostic and clinical medical services. It provides these to mobile companies, urgent cares, and hospitals, trauma centers, imaging centers, jails, nursing homes, corporate health departments and outpatient medical facilities. Net Medical Xpress has four operating segments and in excess of 500 physicians under contract. The Company has its corporate headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Its Net Medical Xpress Specialists division provides telemedicine services to hospitals and other medical facilities. In addition, its Net Medical Xpress Staffing division established because of the purchase of MedTel Solutions, LLC. This division specializes in the recruitment and staffing of telemedicine physicians. Furthermore, this division offers home health care services - consultations with primary care.

The Company’s Net Medical Xpress Services division provides medical diagnostic reading services for radiology and cardiology. This division utilizes the same proprietary XR-EXpress software to provide these services to the customers of its Net Medical Xpress Solutions division. Its Net Medical Xpress Solutions division earns revenues from the development and marketing of proprietary internet technology-based software.

Net Medical Xpress has partnered with My OnCall Doc to use technology, operations, as well as other business associations. My OnCall Doc is an innovative on-demand provider of physician services. Its technology makes it easy to see and speak with doctors promptly and receive medical attention and in some cases non-schedule prescriptions.

Today, Net Medical Xpress Solutions announced that it is partnering with BioVentive, Inc. to market telemedicine services to the healthcare industry across the U.S. More than 100 sales representatives will market telemedicine products and services from BioVentive based on Net Medical technology and exclusive products and services from Net Medical. This includes its Specialist Services and also new BioVentive products based on Net Medical technology.

BioVentive is a private consultative sales and marketing company. It provides sales and service capabilities for healthcare organizations. BioVentive’s emphasis is on emerging healthcare technologies and next generation genetic testing products.

Net Medical Xpress Solutions, Inc. (NMXS), closed Tuesday's trading session at $0.05, even for the day, on 433,000 volume with 15 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 63,419 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.012/$0.0599.

El Capitan Precious Metals, Inc. (ECPN)

PennyTrader Publisher, AllPennyStocks, and SmallCapVoice reported previously on El Capitan Precious Metals, Inc. (ECPN), and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

El Capitan Precious Metals, Inc. is a mining company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Company chiefly engages in the mining of precious metals and other minerals. It primarily holds interest in the El Capitan gold-silver property located near Capitan, New Mexico, in Lincoln County. El Capitan Precious Metals lists on the OTC Markets’ OTCQB.

The Company’s main asset is its wholly-owned subsidiary El Capitan, Ltd., an Arizona corporation. This subsidiary holds the 100 percent equity interest in the El Capitan property.

The El Capitan deposit has been known as a potential iron ore resource for a number of decades. The El Capitan deposit is within a north-south-trending belt approximately two miles in width and 10 miles in area, which is underlain by Permian limestone and lesser quartz sandstone.

El Capitan Precious Metals’ principal objective is the sale of the El Capitan property. The Company owns 3,840 acres of mining property in Lincoln County. This includes 80 acres of patented and 3,760 acres of leased property. These include 188 mining claims. The El Capitan property comprises 354 Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lode claims and four patented claims.

Many recovery methods have been used in extracting ore from the El Capitan property. These methods include the alkali fusion method, silver lead collection, and carbon pre-roast with silver-lead recovery. The El Capitan deposit has a near-surface, pervasive nature. All of this occurs above the regional water table. This provides the potential for a low mining cost and a long life operation.

In May of this year, El Capitan Precious Metals announced that it secured a line of credit to provide financing of operations to bridge until revenues on the Company’s ore shipments are realized. This commitment supports the plan announced by El Capitan to resume mining operations and report positive cash flow in the fiscal quarter ending June 30, 2015.

Recently, El Capitan Precious Metals announced that it was completing a renegotiated contract for the sale of El Capitan ore to its Hong Kong-based buyer. The most important point in the revised agreement is an increase in the price per ton that the Chinese buyer will pay for the El Capitan Precious Metals ore. This is based on a higher precious-metals content than earlier anticipated in the original contract.

El Capitan Precious Metals, Inc. (ECPN), closed Tuesday's trading session at $0.085, up 14.86%, on 160,100 volume with 14 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 161,113 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0562/$0.23.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


On the Move Systems, Inc. (OMVS)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight On the Move Systems, Inc. (OMVS). Today, On the Move Systems, Inc. closed trading at $2.90, off by 10.77%, on 511,730 volume with 1,040 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 36,529, and its 52-week low/high is $0.2501/$11.04.

On the Move Systems, Inc. reported today on the strong market potential for an on-demand, shared economy courier service. A recent survey revealed nearly three out of four Americans might utilize such a service within the next two years. OMVS CEO Robert Wilson commented on the company's scouting possible locations for its online, on-demand courier service by saying ,“we are looking for a location that has an ample workforce, and one that is open to a flexible arrangement.”

On the Move Systems, Inc. (OMVS) specializes in the development of cutting-edge technology to transform and synchronize freight supply chain operations for a broad range of industries. The company is exploring new online tools to reduce costs and increase convenience in the tourism and travel industry, as well as new opportunities in trucking. OMVS works with a premier group of international providers to offer its services in two key divisions: Trucking Logistics and Inter-modal Freight.

Logistics are critical to the success of any operation. OMVS's Trucking Logistics division operates as one of the most competitive, full-service transportation logistics providers in the United States. Utilizing the company's ISTx Platform, this division helps customers strategize how to get from one point to another, as well as solves some of the toughest logistics challenges on the road today. OMVS's Trucking Logistics technology provides customers increased visibility, minimal-cost route effectiveness, and delivery assurance.

OMVS's Intermodal Freight division offers seamless cargo continuation, tracking, shipping and receiving of goods anywhere in the world. The company's customer service teams and drivers communicate through the ISTx Platform allowing for flexibility, control and monitoring of each freight shipment. OMVS continues to research and explore the most effective and resourceful tools in order to effectively serve customers with unique shipping requirements in the billion dollar trucking industry.

In his more than 20 years of experience, OMVS president and CEO Robert Wilson has cultivated vast expertise as an executive and financial consultant for companies in aviation, energy, oil and gas, IT and healthcare. In addition to his work valuing and assessing small-to-middle market companies, Wilson has also served as both an officer and director of such client companies. Wilson applies his expertise in the transportation business and investment banking to spearhead OMVS's new initiative to create a new kind of online transportation platform to an international market Disclaimer

On the Move Systems, Inc. Company Blog

On the Move Systems, Inc. News:

OMVS: Shared Economy Business Model Leads to Job Creation and Growth

OMVS: Mid-Market Shippers Good Fit for Upcoming On-Demand Trucking Market

OMVS Finding Strong Market Potential for Shared Economy Courier Service

The Aristocrat Group Corp. (ASCC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight The Aristocrat Group Corp. (ASCC). Today, The Aristocrat Group Corp. closed trading at $1.62, even for the day, on 1,108 volume with 6 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 3,521, and its 52-week low/high is $0.51/$6.00.

Aristocrat Group Corp. reported today on how the company while continuing to focus on expanding distribution of its highly decorated distilled spirit, RWB Ultra-Premium Handcrafted Vodka, one of the industry’s most important leaders confirmed an encouraging trend last week: Americans are increasingly opting for premium spirits. CEO Ivan Menezes of Diageo, the maker of top brands such as Smirnoff and Ciroc, told CNBC on Thursday that American consumers are “drinking better” and trending towards top-shelf premium spirits in the current age of craft cocktails.

The Aristocrat Group Corp. (ASCC) is a brand management company specializing in the discovery and promotion of unique brands with mass market appeal. The company strategizes to capitalize on unprecedented brand-building opportunities, and is working to build a portfolio of successful brands to compete alongside industry leaders like Moet Hennessy, Louis Vuitton, Diageo PLC, and Brown-Forman Corp.

Luxuria Brands, an ASCC subsidiary, is tasked with brand management and sustainability, specifically in the beverage alcohol sector, where the company will develop and market brands using strategic, cross-cultural branding initiatives that engage businesses and consumers. Vodka boasts a significantly high market share, accounting for 25 percent of all distilled spirits sold in the United States. What this means for ASCC investors is that they have a remarkable chance to capitalize on a proven commodity and business model for distribution.

To this accord, ASCC's current portfolio of premium luxury goods brands includes top-shelf distilled spirits like RWB Vodka, an ultra-premium handcrafted spirit that has already met remarkable success, including multiple awards. The market for vodka is estimated to be at almost 60 million cases per year in the United States alone, and beverages priced at a premium level are garnering top-dollar returns for businesses and investors. Strategizing to capitalize on this powerful sector, ASCC plans to debut a second lifestyle vodka brand later this year.

ASCC's experienced and visionary management team is committed to creating a solid foundation for innovative technologies and models, ranging from mobile couponing to social engagement, that drive business forward. Building on its established presence in the lucrative beverage alcohol sector, ASCC is emerging as a trusted platform where fledgling ideas turn into commercial successes. Disclaimer

The Aristocrat Group Corp. Company Blog

The Aristocrat Group Corp. News:

Consumers Are Spending More on Premium Spirits as ASCC Grows Its Distribution

ASCCís Canadian Distributor Begins RWB Vodka Marketing Campaign

ASCC Initiates Production on Bag-in-Box Vodka Packaging

Well Power Inc. (WPWR)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Well Power Inc. (WPWR). Today, Well Power Inc. closed trading at $0.0002, up 100.00%, on 13,436,344 volume with 17 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 36,556,170, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0001/$0.097.

Well Power Inc. (WPWR) has secured the licensing rights to Texas with the first right of refusal on the other US states to a new technology solution to process waste natural gas, such as vented, flared or stranded gas, into “clean power” and engineered fuels, including no-sulphur diesel and diluents. Based on proprietary technology, this solution is mobile, high-yield and can be deployed with minimum capital expenditure.

The company plans to be able to provide its technology with full-service engineering, design, construction, modular fabrication, maintenance and construction management services to clients in the upstream areas of exploration and production. Well Power will also offer consulting services, process assessments, facility appraisals, feasibility studies, technology evaluations, project finance structuring and support, and multi-client subscription services.

Approximately 2.4 million barrels of oil equivalent is wasted each day by gas flaring alone, resulting in $10 billion of lost revenue and 400 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent global greenhouse gas emissions each year. Additionally, environmental degradation associated with gas flaring has been shown to have a significant impact on local populations, often resulting in loss of livelihood and severe health issues.

Well Power’s Micro Refinery Unit (MRU) offers the opportunity to create value from a wasted resource while simultaneously enabling wider access to energy, improved environmental conditions, and economic development for local populations. By eliminating legacy flaring and minimizing new flaring, the company is well positioned to take a leadership role in the ongoing push for sustainable resource development and energy efficiency. Disclaimer

Well Power Inc. Company Blog

Well Power Inc. News:

Well Power Inc. Appoints Professional Engineer, Oil & Gas Veteran to Board of Directors

Well Power - Letter from President to Shareholders

Well Power Inc. to host second webinar on proprietory micro-refinery technology

Latitude 360, Inc. (LATX)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Latitude 360, Inc. (LATX). Today, Latitude 360, Inc. closed trading at $0.43, up 75.51%, on 234,715 with 86 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 23,288, and its 52-week low/high is $0.20/$2.30.

Latitude 360, Inc. (LATX) is an award-winning pioneer of a dining and entertainment venues that combine premier upscale casual dining with numerous state-of-the-art entertainment choices. The company develops, constructs and operates cutting-edge Latitude 360 venues ranging from 35,000-85,000 sq. ft., packed full of eating and entertainment options that appeal to a broad base of guests, private events and corporate clients.

Through its three current award-winning locations in Jacksonville, Florida, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Indianapolis, Indiana, Latitude 360 employs roughly 500 talented individuals working to deliver the brand's unique "360 EXPERIENCE" which fuses the magic of exceptional food and beverage with multiple entertainment options in upscale, contemporary-designed venues. Key offerings at each 360 location include Las Vegas-style live performance showroom, a feature bar featuring the area's top musicians and/or DJs, luxury bowling, dine-in movies, high-definition sports theatre, game arcade and luxury cigar lounge and many choices of private meeting space.

In 2014 Latitude 360 launched the first-of-its-kind monthly club membership program which provides guests with a cache of monthly entertainment assets at a value price as well as exclusive access to a 360 Club Concierge service – all for a monthly fee. The program has quickly grown to more than 5,000 monthly paying members.

Latitude 360 recently expanded its entertainment offerings when it acquired Major League Fantasy (MLF), a leader in the daily fantasy sports industry. By implementing "360 Fantasy Live" into is existing locations, Latitude 360 is making a strong entrance into a rapidly growing market expected to reach $6 billion-$10 billion by year-end 2016. The acquisition of MLF allows Latitude 360 to position itself as one of the first live, multimedia venues to offer in-house, high-stakes, competitive daily fantasy events.

Led by an experienced and visionary management team, Latitude 360 is focused on further expanding its brick and mortar locations and anticipates opening additional 360 venues overseas and domestically in major cities like New York, Boston, Atlantic City and Chicago. Disclaimer

Latitude 360, Inc. Company Blog

Latitude 360, Inc. News:

Latitude 360, Inc. (LATX) Announces Engagement of QualityStocks Investor Relations Services

Utilizing Proven Marketing Tool to Promote Increased Customer Loyalty

Expanding Presence in Restaurant Industry through Operation of Innovative Dining and Entertainment Venues

Fastfunds Financial Corp. (FFFC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Fastfunds Financial Corp. (FFFC). Today, Fastfunds Financial Corp. closed trading at $0.0004, up 33.33%, on 23,424,283 volume with 43 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 11,639,510, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0002/$0.24.

Fastfunds Financial Corp. (FFFC) operates through two wholly owned subsidiaries, Cannabis Angel, Inc. and The 420 Development Corporation, to build a portfolio of revenue-generating companies that provide ancillary services to the burgeoning cannabis industry. The company also operates majority-owned subsidiary Financiera Moderna, Inc., which offers financial services to the underserved Hispanic community. FFFC's strategy to participate in the marijuana industry is through the development of four separate business verticals for the emerging U.S. cannabis industry.

Through its 49% stake in Cannabis Merchant Financial Solutions, Inc. (CMFS), FFFC entered the Financial Service business vertical. CMFS developed the Green Card and Tommy Chong Green Card, a reloadable stored value card with a rewards feature, and the Tommy Chong Frequent Buyers Card, which functions as a gift card or rewards card. FFFC is developing a national group of master resellers, distributors and sales representatives for these card products.

As the cannabis industry continues to develop, FFFC is partaking in Plant Botany, specifically the development of methods and technologies to significantly enhance plant growth and purity. Under an operating agreement with Sanidor Systems to create Pure Grow Systems, LLC, FFFC acquired a 49% interest in the subsidiary, which is dedicated to the healthy production and processing of raw materials used for medicinal or other health related purposes.

The cannabis industry is a cash-only business, which leaves companies vulnerable to criminal activities. FFFC plans to address this issue and enter the Security Services and Equipment sector through the acquisition of an existing, operational security company. FFFC owns a 70% stake in Ohio-based Brawnstone Security, Inc., a diversified security, training and investigations company. FFFC's research shows that operating margins for cannabis-related security services could exceed current billing levels by at least 100%.

FFFC's Cannabis Angel, Inc. ("CA") subsidiary will evaluate and provide corporate development services and early seed financing for worthwhile development-stage cannabis ventures. To date, CA has made investments in companies involved in the distribution of cannabis-related products and development of a social media website. It is important to note that all of FFFCs activities in the cannabis industry are ancillary, or pick and shovel, and are evaluated to insure compliance with all state and federal Laws. Disclaimer

Fastfunds Financial Corp. Company Blog

Fastfunds Financial Corp. News:

Fastfunds Financial Corporation Announces Casa Giallo to Be Creative Agency for Tommy Chong Green Card

FastFunds Financial Corporation Subsidiary Pure Grow Systems, LLC Signs Distribution Agreement

Fastfunds Financial Corporation Announces 20 Year Veteran In Managing High Profile Celebrities And Brands Named As Brand And Marketing Specialist For Tommy Chong Green Card


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