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The QualityStocks Daily

In the next few weeks The Daily Newsletter will be profiling the companies that will be presenting at the RedChip Small-Cap Investor Conference in New York City NY, on August 16-17, 2007

RedChip Companies Inc. Logo (small)

The RedChip Small-Cap Investor Conference is a chance to take advantage of networking opportunities with top executives and investment professionals in the small-cap industry. As well as a way too to hear up-and-coming small-cap companies present their stories representing the following industries: Homeland Security, VOIP, Business Services, Consumer Services, Alternative Energy, Computer Hardware, Natural Resources and others. Enjoy one-on-one opportunities with CEOs and executives.

Today we highlight presenters from the RedChip Small-Cap Investor Conference in New York City NY, on August 16-17, 2007 We will continue to provide you coverage and updates on the Red Chip Presenters, up until the day of the Conference.

Orsus Xelent Technologies, Inc. (ORS) closed today at $3.30 with 13,800 shares traded.

Orsus Xelent Technologies, Inc. announced today that they have launched two exciting new special application phone models, under the banner of its newly registered trademark "Proxlink. The two new phones are expected to be sold at a price per unit not less than that of its Proxlink X180. The new Proxlink X688 is the first Simultaneous Standby Dual Mode mobile phone launched by the company. The company is expecting approximately 90,000 Special Application Units Will Be Sold In The Current Year

Orsus Xelent Technologies, Inc. is an emerging designer and manufacturer of award-winning mobile phones for the Asian market, primarily the People's Republic of China (PRC).

Synthetech, Inc. (NZYM) closed today at $1.01 with 15,550 shares traded (NZYM) was highlighted today by Knobias Clip Report (NZYM) has a 52 week trading range of $0.23 to $1.18

Synthetech, Inc. was recently awarded a national Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program, marking the the fifth year in a row that Synthetech, Inc. has been recognized by OR-OSHA for their outstanding safety and health programs. The company was also featured in an Interview with MN1's Saul Albom, where they discussed Synthetech's latest financial performance and turn-around strategy as they expand in the fine chemical supply of intermediates to the pharmaceutical industry.

Synthetech, Inc. operates as a fine chemicals company specializing in organic synthesis, biocatalysis, and chiral technologies.

Nutrition 21, Inc. (NXXI) closed today at $1.53 with 177,921 shares traded (NXXI) was highlighted by Momentum Traders,, OTC Picks, Money TV and Knobias

Nutrition 21, Inc. randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study that showed Diachrome®, significantly improved glycemic control in patients with poorly controlled blood sugar levels who were being treated with oral anti-diabetic medication (OADs). Test also showed the greatest improvement was seen in those patients with the poorest glycemic control, and by lowering A1C by just 1%, especially in patients with poor blood sugar control, can delay or prevent serious complications, reduce diabetes-related deaths(1) and reduce healthcare costs.

Nutrition 21, Inc., a nutritional bioscience company, engages in the research, development, and commercialization of chromium-based nutrition products in the United States.

Mizati Luxury Alloy Wheels, Inc. (MZTI) closed today at $0.79 with a 52 week trading range of $0.22 to $1.29 (MZTI) was highlighted this month by Small Cap Voice

Mizati Luxury Alloy Wheels, Inc. announced yesterday that its mid-year new designs will arrive by the end August 2007. The three new wheel designs include one design for each line and are all available in 24`` and 26''. The company also announced recently that its unadited Q2 2007 revenues were up 34% at $1.59 million versus $1.18 million for Q2 2006, which can be attributed to the increase in our number of distributors and dealers, as well as greater brand recognition, and stronger sales. The company was also helped by increasing its number of distributors and dealers from three-hundred to four-hundred and twenty-five. Mizati Luxury Alloy Wheels, Inc. also announced this week that it has scheduled to open its first Wheel Lots store on Friday, July 27th. The Wheel Lots-rent to own (RTO) this unique concept offers consumers an opportunity to get the wheels they want within their budget

Mizati Luxury Alloy Wheels, Inc. designs, markets and distributes quality custom alloy wheels for passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, vans, and light trucks.

Speedemissions, Inc. (SPMI) closed today at $0.22 with 6,299 shares traded. (SPMI) has a 52 week trading range of $0.12 to $1.20

Speedemissions, Inc. announced that it has opened its 13th Mr. Sticker store, in the Northchester Shopping Center in Houston, TX. The company has company 35 testing stations in Atlanta, Houston and Salt Lake City. In May the company released its revenue for the quarter was $2,412,538 down less than 1% from the same period last year. The decrease was due to the loss of a lease for a high volume store in Houston. However, same store sales jumped 3.7% over the same period last year.

Speedemissions, Inc., based in Atlanta, Georgia, plans to become the leading vehicle emissions (and safety inspection where required) company in the United States in areas where emissions testing is mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Now for a look a some of today's big movers...

The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight (ETLC) as "One To Watch" for this month (ETLC) opened today at $0.063 up 3% at $0.0650 with 126,250 shares traded announced today that Rob Howe, CEO and Chairman of was interviewed live by Market News First. In the interview Bob Leonard of Market News First stated that he saw a strong catalyst for eTelCharge's technology and services as the "New Online Currency." He also stated "that presently 44 million consumers have had their identity stolen while making purchases on the Internet." The interview showcased how eTelCharge's proprietary technology not only addresses these problems but provides a viable solution, All a consumer needs is a home phone. This payment option is a perfect match for the millions of individuals who do not own a credit card, and are designed to reduce the risk of identity fraud and identity theft by providing an Internet credit option for online shoppers to charge consumer transactions on the Internet. offers the traditional credit card merchant services, checks and other existing financial infrastructure offered by banks, as well as the proprietary new online currency that will provide online shoppers the exclusive choice to charge approved transactions to their telephone bill.

The Daily Newsletter leader by percentage gained is College Partnership, Inc. (CGPA) previously at $0.031 up 61% at $0.05 with 79,000 (CGPA) was highlighted by Small Cap Voice

College Partnership, Inc. shares were boosted today after announcing the company expects to report significantly improved operating results for the fiscal year ending July 31, 2006 due to a major reduction in operating expenses of $3 million from fiscal year 2005, as well as sales activity during fiscal year 2007 was approximately $4.3 million. The Company also announced it is in the process of rescinding the Acentus acquisition made in December of 2006, thus eliminating the negative financial impact from that acquisition going forward.

College Partnership, Inc. is a full service college planning company offering college-bound students and their families integrated resources and services to guide them through the college preparation process.

Pet Ecology Brands, Inc. (PECB) previously at $0.21 up 42% at $0.30 with 1,115,368 shares traded (PECB) was highlighted today by Wall Street Resources, and OTC Picks

Pet Ecology Brands, Inc. will launch a major national television advertising campaign this month. This multi-million dollar national advertising campaign will support Pet Ecology Direct's new home delivery and Internet sales initiative. This multi-million dollar national advertising campaign will support Pet Ecology Direct's new home delivery and Internet sales initiative. Pet Ecology Brands have issued a large order to fulfill initial demand that is expected from the home delivery and Internet marketing campaign.

Pet Ecology Brands, Inc. engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing of products for pets. Its products include Scoop- Lite Litter for cats and K-9 Fat Free Healthy Dog Treats for dogs.

Northern Oil and Gas, Inc. (NOGS) previously at $5.00 up 5% at $5.25 (NOGS) has a 52 week trading range of $3.40 to $6.00 (NOGS) was highlighted today and this month by Wall Street Resources

Northern Oil and Gas, Inc. have remained flat last month until last months announcement that the company has entered into an Agreement to acquire approximately 10,000 net mineral acres in the Appalachia Basin. The transaction is expected to close by the end of August 2007 and is subject to standard due diligence and fairness reviews. Michael Reger, Chief Executive Officer of Northern Oil and Gas stated "The opportunity to participate in the early stage development of a prolific North American natural gas play is exciting and transformational for Northern."

Northern Oil and Gas, Inc. is an exploration and production company based in Wayzata, Minnesota. The company currently controls approximately 25,000 net mineral acres in the Williston Basin and 10,000 net mineral acres in the Appalachia Basin.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight Intellegentias Inc. (ITLI) as "One to Watch" (ITLI) closed today $1.33 with 136,126 shares traded. (ITLI) was highlighted recently by, OTC Advisors and Twin Trader.

Intellegentias Inc. announced today announced Wednesday that its subsidiary, Retentia, hit a benchmark with one of its customers exceeding 2 trillion accessible data records.

Intellegentias Inc. announced last month that it closed a $3.0 million financing with Vision Opportunity Master Fund, Ltd. Intelligentias also issued to Vision a warrant to purchase up to 5,500,000 shares of common stock, exercisable at $2.05 per share, expiring on June 13, 2014.

Intellegentias Inc. announced recently that it has executed an agreement to acquire all of the outstanding common stock of System Italy SpA from System US, Inc. The acquisition allows Intelligentias, Inc. to obtain all of Systeam SpA's contracts with service providers, strategic alliance partners, network equipment providers, and systems integrators.

Intellegentias Inc. is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing companies in the Homeland Security sector. Intellegentias, Inc. which markets its Homeland Security software to Law Enforcement Agencies, Telco's and ISP's all over the world. The software allows customers to locate and prosecute terrorists and criminals, and to stay in compliance with federal legislation and directives Investigation, Inc., launching in 2007, is their data investigation company. Investigatia intends to focus on fraud, identity theft, identity authentication and verification. Interceptia, Inc., launching in 2007, is the company's Lawful Intercept company. Interceptia intends to focus on Legal Interception of telecommunications by law enforcement authorities (LEA's) and intelligence services. Disclaimer

Intelligentias, Inc. Daily Blog

Intelligentias, Inc. News:

Intelligentias, Inc. Announces Watershed Customer Data Retention Record

Intelligentias to Be Featured on Norman Schwarzkopf's World Business Review Series July 8, 2007, on CNBC (as Paid Programming)

Intelligentias Announces Closing of $3.0 Million Financing With Vision Opportunity Master Fund to Complete the Acquisition of Datakom GmbH

Today The Daily Newsletter would like to welcome our newest client ShotPak (SHTP) closed today at $0.26 with 157,461 shares traded. (SHTP) was highlighted this month by OTC Picks, Penny ReviewAnalyst, Stock Report and Shazam Stocks

ShotPak Inc. announced today that their products will be rolling out throughout Connecticut and they have received initial orders to be fulfilled within the next 30 days. ShotPak will be introducing its new line of STR8UP shots including premium vodka, high end whisky, premium rum and quality tequila and its newly packaged premium vodka flavored shots including Sour Apple, Purple Hooter, Lemon Drop, and Kamikaze, through an extensive network of distributors that will give complete coverage for the state of Connecticut.

ShotPak Inc. announced this month they will be introducing its newly packaged premium vodka flavored shots including Sour Apple, Purple Hooter, Lemon Drop, and Kamikaze, through a premier Ohio based distributor. The company has also received an order from 30 Sam's Club stores, in Mexico, through their distributor Promocion Y Avance S.A. DE C.V. The companies CEO and Founder of ShotPak, Ignus Hattingh was the featured guest in an audio interview on, Inc. offering his personal insight into his company's recent news

ShotPak Inc. also recently announced the release of the newly formulated ShotPak Vodka Energy drink, and will now be availavel in the patented 50 ml plastic stand-up pouch and will be sold through its extensive distribution network. The company announced that they have signed Republic Beverage to assist in the launch of ShotPak's new product line of STR8UP shots, which will initially be distributed in the state of Kentucky, with further rollout to the other states in their distribution network in the near future. RNDC is the second largest distributor of premium wine and spirits in the U.S., employing over 5,000 individuals nationwide.

ShotPak, Inc., an Irvine, California based company, since 2003, is a leading distiller and innovator of cocktails and straight spirits in soft portable single serving pouches. The companies STR8UP line of distilled spirits includes premium Vodka, premium Tequila, award winning Rum and high end Whiskey. Disclaimer

ShotPak Inc. Blog

ShotPak News:

ShotPak Launches New Products Throughout Connecticut

QualityStocks News - ShotPak Airs on NBC's Today Show News - ShotPak to be Featured in Stock Newsletter QualityStocks Daily, The QualityStocks Daily Video and The QualityStocks Daily Blog

The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight Aladdin Beverage (ADTJ) previously at $0.06 up 25% at $0.07 on huge volume with 683,110 shares traded. (ADTJ) was highlighted by Ahead of the Bulls, Bull in Advantage, OTC Stock Exchange, and GMCR

Aladdin Beverage kept the positive news coming after announcing this week that Aladin has been selected as the exclusive U.S. importer for Kross Beer, Chile's fastest-growing premium beer from Cervecería Kross. Kross Beer is expected to be available in the U.S. market beginning Q1 2008 after the brewery Cervecería Kross completes its current upgrades and expansion to its brewery due to the rapid growth.

Aladdin Beverage shares were boosted last week on News that Aladdin has launched its Macau Beer brand in the Las Vegas market. Aladdin kicked off their initial push into Las Vegas with much success. The response has been very positive. One such customer carrying the Macau line of imported beer is the recently opened tavern appropriately named Little Macau. This Asian themed tavern is homage to Macau both past and present. Ted O'Connor, President of Aladdin stated "I just recently read that the Nevada gaming legislators have given MGM Mirage the go ahead on their planned $1.5 billion MGM Grand Macau hotel and gaming resort in Macau, China. News like this only helps our beer with its branding efforts."

Aladdin Beverage the exclusive importer of Devassa Beer this year unveiled its new commercial via YouTube which has created market place buzz in a time when companies are forking over Millions of dollars for a 30 second Super Bowl Commercial. Companies are utilizing You Tubes built in audience to test consumer reaction to the ad in the US before running on mainstream TV. Aladdin Beverage recently signed a deal with the Devassa Brewery for the exclusive rights of the brand in the US . Ahead of the Bulls stated today " ADTJ once again, proving why we are called AHEAD of the bulls. We've warned you to get in. Those that did reaped the reward today. This level looks like it will hold for the next few days until another pop."

Aladdin Trading is a leading fine craft beer and ale importer serving the North American markets. Disclaimer

Aladdin Beverage Blog

Aladdin Trading News:

Aladdin Beverage to Import Fastest Growing Premium Beer From Chile

Macau Beer Enters the Las Vegas Market

Aladdin Beverage Invites You to the "Taste the World" Beer Tasting at The Annex in New York City on May 31st

Today the The Daily Newsletter would like to welcome our newest client Gray Publishing and Media, Inc. (GPMIJ) shares were boosted again today at $0.30 with 10,850 shares traded. (GPMIJ) was highlighted by Stock Guru, Stock Handicapper, Small Cap Voice and The Green Baron

Gray Publishing and Media, Inc. announced that John Pentony, Publisher of, announced today that the web site has released a new exclusive executive interview with David Gray, CEO and Publisher of Gray Publishing & Media, Inc. To listen to the Interview with David Gray, CEO and Publisher of Gray Publishing & Media, Inc., please visit:

Gray Publishing and Media, Inc. announced today that it has increased 2nd quarter revenues by 60% as compared to the 2nd quarter of 2006. The company also announced they have put together a short list of synergistic potential acquisitions, with market-niche specific, complementary businesses and product lines to acquire.

Gray Publishing and Media, Inc. also announced this month that it has expanded its product line to cover study materials for all three years of law study. Gray Publishing and Media, Inc. is the digital publisher of Casebriefs(TM), the most popular and largest selling digital study aid content to law students. Casebriefs(TM) titles are now included for the following courses: Administrative Law, Commercial Law, Corporations, Criminal Procedure, Ethics, Evidence, Family Law, Income Tax, and Wills Trusts and Estates. Combined, these titles represent a total of 24 additional products offered on its Website.

Gray Publishing and Media, Inc. is the digital publishers of The Casebriefs(TM) product line consists of study guide applications geared to assist law students with explanations and analysis of those issues presented in the first year curriculum. By the fourth quarter of 2005, the Casebriefs(TM) product line became the most popular and the largest selling digital study aid content to the nation's law student population. Disclaimer

Gray Publishing and Media, Inc. Blog

Gray Publishing and Media, Inc. News: Announces a New Executive Interview With David Gray of Gray Publishing & Media

Gray Publishing & Media, Inc. (GPMIJ) Announces an Increase in Revenue and a Content Acquisition Plan News - Gray Publishing & Media to Be Featured in Stock Newsletter QualityStocks Daily, The QualityStocks Daily Video and The QualityStocks Daily Blog



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QualityStocks Announces Release of an Independent Analyst Report for ALL Fuels & Energy Company -- Target Price Set at $3.40

Aladdin Beverage to Import Fastest Growing Premium Beer From Chile
Major Korean Delegation Coming to Compress Technology USA
Cord Blood America Announces Retirement of Registered Convertible Debt
eBenefits Direct (EBFD) Now Backed by Over $20 Billion in Assets as It Partners With Assurant Health for Sale of Major Medical Insurance Products
Extreme Motorsports Initiates Monthly Shareholder Newsletter, Releases Current Share Structure
Because of Huge Demand by the Investing Public With Regard to Newly Spun Out GPMIJ, the Company Decided to Release a Corporate Web Site Alongside Its e-Commerce Retail Site
Global Resource Corporation Issues New Instructions for Accessing DOE Report
Hybrid Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:HYBT) Completes State of the Art Lithium Rapid Recharge System for NASA PT Cruiser
Inform Worldwide Holdings, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Coal and Coal Bed Methane Leases
Intelligentias, Inc. Announces Watershed Customer Data Retention Record
The Pre-Eminent NFL Voice for a Generation Pat Summerall to Launch Hard Hitting Sports Talk Radio Show with Modavox

Nascent Opens New Distribution Center in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico

PetroSun to Acquire Drilling Rig for Arizona Exploration Program
QuoteMedia to Provide Streaming Services for Broadridge
ShotPak Launches New Products Throughout Connecticut
Indonesia Government Announces First Coal Bed Methane Project
Unbridled Energy Provides Operational Update on Canadian Operations

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