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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


SMA Alliance, Inc. (SMAA)

PennyStocks24, The Stock Scout, Eastwind Research, ElitePennyStocks, PennyAuthority.com, Penny Lane Reports, Pinnacle Stock Alerts, Leading Stock Alerts, and ExclusiveStockPick reported earlier on SMA Alliance, Inc. (SMAA), and we arereporting on the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, SMA Alliance, Inc. operates as a software application company. They provide marketing and advertising solutions through targeting Internet applications focused on lead generation. The Company, by using their managed system technologies, consistently provides buying demand on a daily basis for clients through application and continued development of their proprietary technology systems.

SMA Alliance is also an Auto Dealer Marketing Company. Currently, the Company isfocusing on the automobile industry, providing automobile retailers 10 to 100 times buying demand on a daily basis through application of proprietary technology and managed systems.The Company is the first internet program designed to act as a Lead Generator rather than a Lead Provider. They place a Dealership's entire Inventory in advertisements that they place on all of the most popular classified websites on the internet. They generate leads for their Dealers via targeted listings based on that Dealers specific inventory.

SMA Alliance,by way of their technology and applications, drives buying demand from local markets to local automobile dealers that are subscribed to SMA Alliance or the Company’s subsidiaries. The system and process software is installed and managed from a centralized location. It is presently serving localized dealers throughout the U.S.

Some of the sites that SMA Alliance feeds include Craigslist, Backpage and eBay Classifieds, Oodle, AOL Autos, cardomain.com, lemonfree.com, Walmart Classifieds, web2carz.com, Military.com Classifieds and Overstock.com. In November 2012, SMA Alliance announced that they expanded into Canada.

In May of this year,SMA Alliance announced successful beta testing of their new InstaPost software on their affiliate website, www.classifiedride.com application is the first major technology development designed by the Company to encompass clients within and beyond the automotive sector and channel into other retail areas of distributions. The design of the InstaPost software is to attract local buyers from targeted areas to increase traffic and generate leads for clients' company websites.

SMA Alliance, Inc. (SMAA), closed at $0.0415, up 9.21%, on 639,576 volume with 25 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 1,858,686 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.014/$0.215.

Bullfrog Gold Corp. (BFGC)

RedChip, Streetwise Reports, FeedBlitz, and smartOTC reported earlier on Bullfrog Gold Corp. (BFGC), and today we choose to highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Listed on the OTCQB, Bullfrog Gold Corp. is amineral exploration company with three gold and silver projects in Arizona and Nevada. The Company has a strong asset portfolio with large prospective gold exploration projects located in prolific mining districts within the Southwestern U.S. Theirkey mineral exploration projects are the Newsboy Gold Project in the Vulture Mountains of central Arizona; the Bullfrog Gold Project in the Walker Trend of southwestern Nevada; and the Klondike Project in the Alpha Mining District in Nevada. Bullfrog Gold is based in Grand Junction, Colorado.

The Newsboy Gold Project is10 miles SE of Wickenburg, Arizona and45 miles NW of Phoenix. Land holdings here consist of 7,400 acres (2,990 ha); 250 lode claims; 12 placer claims; three state exploration permits, and 2 patented mining claims.

The Bullfrog Gold Project is three miles west of Beatty, Nevada, and 120 miles northwest of Las Vega. The Company’s land holdings consist of 79 Federal lode claims and two patented claims. The Klondike Projectis35 miles NNW of Eureka, Nevada and280 miles NNW of Las Vegas. This project consists of 232 Federal lode claims.

In May 2013,Bullfrog Gold announced that they obtained significant technical information on a key exploration target called the RUS area of the Newsboy Gold Project located 45 miles NW of Phoenix, Arizona. In March 2013, the Company expanded their land holdings by staking 160 mining claims, including the RUS area that is approximately 4.5 miles west of the Main Newsboy deposit.

The Main deposit, Queen of Sheba, RUS, Deep Shaft (which looks to be the deepest shaft on Project lands) and the Shaft 6-7-8 exploration targets are undergoing study. An application will be prepared to obtain permission from the US Bureau of Land Management for Bullfrog Gold to starttheir fourth phase drill program before the end of this year.

Bullfrog Gold Corp. (BFGC), closed Tuesday’s session at $0.241, up 26.84%, on 3,792,968 volume with 102 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 10,461 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.1432/$0.51.

Axiologix, Inc. (AXLX)

PennyStocks24, OtcWizard, TradeThesePicks, AskSlapper, Wallstreetlivechat, Investor News Source, and First Penny Picks reported this month on Axiologix, Inc. (AXLX), and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Axiologix, Inc.is an International Technology and Services Organization that lists on the OTC Pink Current Information. The Company focuses on delivering cloud-based products and services, and is a provider of Voice, Data and Cloud services to U.S. small and medium sized businesses and other operators around the world. Axiologix has their U.S. headquarters in Sarasota, Florida; their international headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland.

On January 17, 2012 Axiologix acquired substantively all of the assets and liabilities of VOIP ACQ, Inc.VOIP ACQ has several agreements to make further acquisitions in the VoIP and Cloud Services markets. On March 5, 2012 Axiologix, via a wholly owned subsidiary in Ireland, Axiologix Ltd., acquired substantially all of the assets of Prime Carrier Limited, a Cloud services company serving the global telecommunications market.Axiologix Ltd. will continue the business under the registered business name "Prime Carrier".Prime Carrier is a leader in ‘On Demand’ solutions to support inter-carrier trading of International Voice traffic.

Axiocomm, Inc. is a subsidiary of Axiologix.Axiocomm is a Technology and Services Organization. Their focus is on delivering Hosted PBX/VoIP and other cloud based services.

Earlier this month, Axiologix announced that they are continuing to move ahead with their acquisition strategy. This is with the completion of a Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire a fast growing Managed Service Provider presently delivering business grade voice, data and managed services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The expectation is that the transaction will close within the next 90 days (from July 11, 2013), subject to the completion of due diligence and funding.

The target acquisition currently operates their own network. They deliver Wireless/Wimax, Metro Ethernet and Fiber based services. Their hosting platforms provide VoIP, Hosted PBX, DNS, E-mail Services; Web & Database Management; Data Center Collocation; VPN & Secured Network Services and Monthly Maintenance services to more than 600 business customers.

Axiologix, Inc. (AXLX), closed Tuesday’s trading session at $0.0004, even for the day, on 135,389,116 volume with 48 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 36,884,372 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0001/$0.0029.

New Zealand Energy Corp. (NZERF)

Today we are highlighting New Zealand Energy Corp. (NZERF), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, New Zealand Energy Corp. is an oil and natural gas company that lists on the OTCQX International. The Company involvesin the production, development and exploration of petroleum and natural gas assets in New Zealand.Their management team has considerable experience exploring and developing oil and natural gas fields in New Zealand and Canada. New Zealand Energy also lists on the TSX Venture Exchange under the trading symbol “NZ.V”.

The Company’s property portfolio togethercovers approximately 2.27 million acres, including permits and acquisitions pending, of conventional and unconventional prospects in the Taranaki Basin and East Coast Basin of New Zealand's North Island. For thenear term, New Zealand Energyis concentrating on lower-risk exploration and production targets in the Taranaki Basin. This is while advancing their technical understanding of the East Coast Basin oil shales. 

Concerning long-term growth, the Company is expanding their land package to bring new exploration opportunities. They are also acquiring midstream infrastructure, and recruiting industry profess ionals to ensure the Company has the expertise to achieve their exploration and growth objectives.

The Taranaki Basin is an established producing basin with extensive infrastructure.Thisarea offers a number of conventional targets prospective for oil and natural gas. The East Coast Basinis an unexplored area of extensive resource potential. The basin's chief attraction are huge shale beds up to 600 meters thick, with 300 surface showings of oil and natural gas.

In June,New Zealand Energy announced that they finalized the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) to acquire strategic upstream and midstream assets from Origin Energy Resources NZ (TAWN), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Origin Energy (ORG.AX), subject to meeting the financing condition precedent by August 14, 2013, and the government approval condition precedent by September 13, 2013, to close the Acquisition by September 20, 2013. The assets undergoing acquisition include three net Petroleum Mining Licences totaling 23,049 acres in the main Taranaki Basin production fairway (the TWN Licences) and the Waihapa Production Station and associated gathering and sales infrastructure.

New Zealand Energy Corp. (NZERF), closed Tuesday at $0.3283, up 0.55%, on 230,325 volume with 56 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 60,980 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.2938/$2.34.

One World Holdings, Inc. (OWOO)

OtcWizard reported yesterday on One World Holdings, Inc. (OWOO), MoneyTV, FeedBlitz, PennyStocks24, Real Pennies did earlier, and we are reporting on the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Based in Houston, Texas, One World Holdings, Inc. isa development stage company thatconcentrates on the design, production, and marketing of dolls. The Company has a platform to become the leading provider of multi-cultural doll products to the specialty, affinity and mass merchandise retail marketplace through a focus of direct and online sales platforms. One World Holdings’ intention is tooffer a range of mainstream multicultural dolls to high-end collectors and young pre-teen girls. The Company lists on the OTC Markets’ OTCQB.

One World Holdings has merged a play model with a socially impactful message for young girls and their self-image awareness and development. The One World Doll Project is a subsidiary of One World Holdings.For young girls, The One World Doll Project will create a doll that is a friend, a partner in play, and a glimpse of their biggest, brightest dreams. For young women, it is a keepsake of one of the best times of their lives. For collectors, The One World Doll Project promises stylish works of art that the Company believes will become an important part of a valuable growing collectors’ market.

The One World Doll Project is a movement to influence a more positive self-image among young women and girls around the world.Their overall vision is to introduce a new way mainstream dolls are designed, marketed and integrated into the fabric of America. The One World Doll Project's central mission is to make one of the most significant, positive cultural impacts on play and in the doll category in recent history.

Yesterday,The One World Doll Project announced that they are partnering with Bern Nadette Stanis, celebrated star of the hit 70's TV show, Good Times. This is to create a collectors doll in the likeness of her character, Thelma.

Joanne Melton, Chief Executive Officer of One World Holdings, said, "With Sony Pictures' recent announcement of its plans to release a GoodTimes feature film we feel this is the perfect time for One World Dolls to be partnering with the legendary actress who played one of the show's most memorable characters. Thelma Evans was a smart, sassy, educated beauty who disproved many stereotypes about the young black girl."

One World Holdings, Inc. (OWOO), closed Tuesday’s trading session at $0.016, up 6.67%, on 3,148,597 volume with 80 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 528,366 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0032/$0.25.

Vega Biofuels, Inc. (VGPR)

Penny Stock Rumble, Orbit Stocks, WallstreetSurfers, Mega Penny Stock Pick, HyperSpeedStocks, and OTCPicks reported earlier on Vega Biofuels, Inc. (VGPR), and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Incorporated in 1986, Vega Biofuels, Inc.engages in the manufacture and sale of biofuel products globally. The Companyis constructing a manufacturing plant that when finished will manufacture bio-coal from timber waste using a unique technology called torrefaction. Torrefaction is the treatment of biomass at high temperatures (475°F – 575°F) under low oxygen conditions.

Vega Biofuels’ shares trade on the OTC Pink Current Information. The Company has their corporate headquarters in Norcross, Georgia.The Company previously went by the name Vega Promotional Systems, Inc. In January 2010,they changed their name to Vega Biofuels, Inc. to better reflect their business focus.

Torrefaction treatment makes the physical and energetic properties of the biomass much more comparable to coal. When torrefied, biomass is subsequently compressed into bio-coal briquettes.Bio-coal is considered carbon neutral to the environment. The essential property that makes torrefied biomass attractive for co-firing in existing coal-fired power stations is its superior grind ability versus untreated or fresh biomass.

Bio-coal has the unique ability to undergo burning in existing coal fired power plants worldwide without any retrofitting of existing plants.Bio-coal briquettes are cheaper than coal and bio-coal contains no sulphur. In addition,bio-coal has a higher practical thermal value and much lower ash content in comparison to coal.Bio-coal has consistent quality, higher burning efficiency, and is the best size for complete combustion. Furthermore,bio-coal is easy to store and it is hygienic to handle.

In January of this year,Vega Biofuelsstarted shipping samples of torrefied pellets to European power companies for testing. The European Union (EU) has the world's largest regional energy market and accounts for one fifth of the globe’s energy use. European power companies have been mandated to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent by the year 2020. 

A renewable energy solution is torrefied bio-coal. Europe's biomass resources are relatively small and unable to provide the required woody biomass to meet the mandate. North America is the major, readily available source for certifiably sustainable and socially responsible bio-coal. 

Vega Biofuels, Inc. (VGPR), closed Tuesday’s session at $0.0002, up 33.33%, on 99,919,220 volume with 52 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 6,046,174 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0002/$0.007.

Marketing Worldwide Corp. (MWWC)

PennyStocks24, The Online Investor, and Investor Ideas reported earlier on Marketing Worldwide Corp. (MWWC), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Listed on the OTC Pink Current Information, Marketing Worldwide Corp.,via their subsidiaries, engages in the design, manufacture, painting, and distribution of automotive accessories for motor vehicles in the automotive aftermarket; as well as industrial components for the commercial machinery industries,mainly in North America.They sell their products to automotive and industrial original equipment manufacturers (OEMs); and vehicle processing centers, manufacturers, and distributors, and through their Tier 1 partner companies.

Marketing Worldwide is based in Howell, Michigan.The Company hasa "Class A" painting-assembly-logistics facility in Baroda, Michigan. This facility is for the production of high quality OE automotive and industrial products.

The MWW Automotive Group's industrial products are delivered directly to the industrial manufacturers for installation in their facilities. MWW provides extensive added value services for leading global automobile and industrial manufacturers. These include Toyota, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia Motors, MAZDA, GM, Ford, FIVE AXIS and their strategic partners ROUSH Performance and Polytec/FOHA. Colortek (CT) is MWW's wholly owned subsidiary and a highly specialized Tier 2 manufacturer.

The Company’schief automotive accessory products and services include the refinishing of blow-molded spoilers, front and rear fascia systems, side skirts, door panels, extruded body-side moldings, and interior components. Theirmain automotive body components consist of hood scoops, grills, rear deck spoilers, body side moldings, front and rear fascia systems, side skirts, engine components, interior dash components, and large industrial components.

In June,MWW Automotive Group announced that their second quarter performance showed an increase of $65,623 or 37 percent, in comparison to the same period in the prior year. Revenues also increased on a six months comparison basis.

Chief Executive Officer Chuck Pinkerton, stated in June: "As we have already reported with the filing of our Q2 financial results, our revenues have increased again for the second quarter 2013, as they have for our first quarter 2013. At the same time I would like to point out that we are still not close to our production and revenue potential. Several of the projects that have been awarded to us during 2012 have commenced with production after the close of the 2nd quarter 2013 and will only begin to have a more substantial positive impact on our revenue, cash flow and bottom line in our 3rd and 4th quarter of this year (ending June 30 and September 31, 2013 respectively).”

Marketing Worldwide Corp. (MWWC), closed Tuesday’s trading session at $0.0004, even for the day, on 72,115,460 volume with 87 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 12,606,415 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0001/$7.40.

True Gold Mining, Inc. (TGM.V)

We are reporting on True Gold Mining, Inc. (TGM.V) today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

True Gold Mining, Inc.’s dedication is togrowing a successful gold exploration, development and production company. The Company is working to accomplish this goal through concentrating on projects with low costs, low technical risks and solid economics. True Gold was established by ateam of highly skilled and highly experienced mining industry veterans. The Company’s shares trade on the TSX Venture Exchange. True Gold Mining has their headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In 2003, the Company began exploring in Burkina Faso, West Africa with the acquisition of the Rambo property. Following their success at Rambo, True Gold acquired other exploration permits throughout the country. Currently,the Company’s Karma Project and Liguidi Project account for a combined total of more than 1,000 square kilometres of exploration permits.

True Gold is now in the process of completing a feasibility study focused on the Karma Project (856 km²) and scheduled for completion at the end of this year. The Karma Project offers a simple, straight-forward mine plan with low operating costs (no camp facilities are required). The project is scalable, sits on flat topography, and has low power requirements. In addition, the location is only 25 kilometers from Burkina Faso’s third-largest city; it is road-accessible year-round. Furthermore, labor and accommodation are offsite.

Concerning the Liguidi Project,True Gold Mining’s plan is to undertake a program consisting of geological mapping, soil sampling and RC drilling on the Liguidi Project this year. Moreover, cumulative results so far at the 168 km² Liguidi Project indicate the potential for a widespread, in-situ near-surface gold system, underpinned by a strong gold-in-soil anomaly that stretches for a minimum of 13 kilometers.

Last week,True Gold Mining announced that they entered into a strategic investment agreement with Liberty Metals & Mining Holdings, LLC (LMM). Upon completion, this will make LMM True Gold’s largest shareholder.LMM is a subsidiary of Boston-based Liberty Mutual Insurance.

LMM will invest $23,450,931 in True Gold via a combination of a non-brokered private placement of True Gold common shares and the sale of a 2 percent net smelter return (NSR) royalty on the Company's interest in the Karma Gold Project. Pursuant to the agreement, LMM will purchase 52,755,248 Shares at a price of $0.33 per Share for gross proceeds of approximately C$17.4 million. The Purchased Shares will represent 19.95 percent of the outstanding Shares upon completion of the Placement.

True Gold Mining, Inc. (TGM.V), closed Tuesday’s trading session at $0.325, up 3.17%, on 173,726 volume. The stock's 52-week low/high is $0.21/$0.76.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


Rainbow Coral Corp. (RBCC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Rainbow Coral Corp. (RBCC). Today, Rainbow Coral Corp. closed trading at $0.225, up 3.21%, on 126,337 volume with 35 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 216,336, and its 52-week low/high is $0.10/$2.67.

Rainbow Coral Corp. partner Nano3D BioSciences (n3D) announced the winners of their intriguing scientific discovery competition today, The MAD Scientist Contest, where entrants illustrated the company's groundbreaking 3D cell culturing technology. Entries all showed how suspended cultures constructed using n3D technology improve data and achieve results impossible with other cell-culturing systems, with the contest itself being part of a larger move by RBCC to popularize their Bio-Assembler among researchers across a broad spectrum of scientific and research disciplines.

Rainbow Coral Corp. (RBCC), via wholly owned subsidiary Rainbow Biosciences, continually seeks out new partnerships with biotechnology developers to deliver profitable new medical technologies and innovations. The company specifically pursues opportunities that offer short-term marketability and commercialization potential in key areas like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Cancer.

Bioscience technology is a growing, dynamic field of innovation that applies life processes to practical uses, such as the manufacturing of medical devices and the development of new bioscience procedures. From pharmaceuticals to pacemakers, genetically engineered plants to gene therapy, bioscience technology can be found virtually anywhere.

The pending joint venture with Amarantus BioScience to develop and market new therapies and treatments for neurological diseases and physical traumas is a great example of the initiatives underway. In recent news, Amarantus licensed a highly promising diagnostic blood test that could become an invaluable new tool in Alzheimer's clinical trials where patient recruitment errors occur often due to inaccurate diagnosis.

The global biotech industry, currently valued at more than $84.6B, allows new players with bright ideas to quickly grab market share and create completely new markets. The exciting initiatives being driven forward by Rainbow Coral promise to transition today's leading-edge research into practical, affordable treatments for people who need them most. Disclaimer

Rainbow Coral Corp. Company Blog

Rainbow Coral Corp. News:

RBCC Partner n3D BioSciences Unveils Top MAD Scientists

RBCC: Insurance Companies, Researchers Drive Growth in Personalized Medicine

RBCC Praises Partner TheraKine’s Fundraising Results in $60 Billion Drug Delivery Market

Epazz Inc. (EPAZ)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Epazz Inc. (EPAZ). Today, Epazz Inc. closed trading at $0.0016, even with yesterday's close, on 6,353,833 volume with 56 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 7,289,604 and its 52-week low/high is $0.0006/$0.045.

Epazz Inc. announced today that the record date for their Project Flex spin-off will be September 15, 2013. A move designed to further the company's efforts to acquire other companies and grow the corporate umbrella by rewarding faithful shareholders and beginning to show the game plan for the future, Project Flex will be priced above $0.01 per share, with each 10 shares of EPAZ common stock that a shareholder owns eligible for 1 share of stock in the new Project Flex spin-off.

Epazz Inc. (EPAZ) is a leading cloud-based software company focused on providing customized cloud applications to Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies, and higher education institutions. Targeting a strong growth industry, the company is rapidly expanding via strategic acquisitions, a full suite of in-house products and services, and diversified streams of income.

The fully reporting company is demonstrating substantial performance in a competitive industry, completing six acquisitions while maintaining organic subsidiary growth. In the last three years, Epazz revenues have increased by more than 300%. The company will produce its first spinoff with “Project Flex” and issue a stock dividend to shareholders of record on the record date.

As an enterprise-wide software company, Epazz is adeptly serving the increasing information technology demand of the 21st century. According to IDC, the premiere global market intelligence firm, the IT cloud services industry is expected to grow from $40 billion to $100 billion in just four years. Management anticipates the company’s growth to accelerate as the market for its technology solutions continues to expand.

Epazz BoxesOS™ v3.0 is the complete business web-based software package for small to mid-size businesses, Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies, and higher education institutions. The turnkey enterprise system, which includes content, integration, customization, and marketing services, provides many of the web-based applications organizations would have to otherwise buy separately. Disclaimer

Epazz Inc. Blog

Epazz Inc. News:

Epazz Sets Stock Dividend Record Date for Project Flex Spin-Off

Epazz Reports 33 Percent Increase in Assets for 2012

Epazz: Convertible Notes Paid Off and Sold Off

Mabwe Minerals Inc. (MBMI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Mabwe Minerals Inc. (MBMI). Today, Mabwe Minerals Inc. closed trading at $0.22, up 22.22%, on 36,320 volume with 10 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 4,665, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0056/$0.25.

Mabwe Minerals Inc. (MBMI) is a U.S. based natural resources and hard asset company focused on the mining, logistics, and commercial sales of industrial minerals and metals, with a particular emphasis on barite. The company's operations are conducted through its Zimbabwe affiliate, Mabwe Mineral Zimbabwe (Private) Ltd. Transitioning into commercial production, MBMI's company fundamentals are well positioned with virtually no debt and key strategic partnerships in place.

Along with its affiliate, Mabwe Minerals Zimbabwe (Private) Ltd., an indigenous Zimbabwe company, the company owns 100% of the mineral & metal rights to Dodge Mine. The mine will be managed by the company's minority owned partner, WGB Kinsey & Company, Zimbabwe's most experienced mining & construction company representing four generations of Kinsey leadership. Management believes WGB Kinsey & Company has all the necessary equipment and management experience to efficiently perform all the mining operations at Dodge Mine.

The Dodge Mine property consists of three hydrothermal mountains representing 123 hectares containing multiple deposits of superior-grade barite, limestone, and talc. Hydrothermal barite deposits throughout Dodge Mine represent the highest grade of new barite sources to be brought into commercial production in years. A third party oil & gas drilling sector geologist recently confirmed that the multiple barite deposits are considered "World Class" in quality and highly efficient to mine via open pit extraction following the barite veins and salvaging large percentages of barite within the halo zones via jigging systems.

With a continuing worldwide shortage of high-grade barite, Mabwe Minerals is in the right place at the right time. The company's current customer uses barite as a weighting agent in oil & gas drilling applications in the Gulf of Mexico, home to the largest concentration of active rigs in the world. Coupled with the recent massive discovery of oil & gas off the coast of neighboring Mozambique along with new drilling contracts expected in the region, MBMI is in an attractive geographical location to capture the expected demands of this emerging market. Moving from an exploration stage company into commercial barite production, Mabwe Minerals is well positioned to generate significant shareholder returns. Disclaimer

Mabwe Minerals Inc. Company Blog

Mabwe Minerals Inc. News:

Mabwe Minerals Commences Mining Operations at Dodge Mine

Mabwe Minerals Frames Strategic Alliances With Steinbock Minerals Ltd. and Yasheya Ltd.

Mabwe Minerals Inc. Announces Engagement of QualityStocks Investor Relations Services

Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (SWET)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (SWET). Today, Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. closed trading at $0.025, up 4.17%, on 483,254 volume with 19 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 466,589, and its 52-week low/high is $0.01/$0.08.

Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (SWET) is focused on commercializing a number of proven, validated technologies and construction systems into a single large Solar Wind Downdraft Tower structure that produces abundant, inexpensive electricity. The company's core objective is to become a leading provider of clean, efficient energy at a reasonable cost, while continuing to generate innovative technological solutions for tomorrow's electrical power needs.

The company's cutting-edge energy solution generates clean energy by harnessing the natural power of a downdraft created within the confines of a Solar Wind Downdraft Tower structure. Using benevolent, non-toxic natural elements, the solar/wind hybrid technology is capable of being operated with virtually no carbon footprint, fuel consumption, or waste production. To view a demonstration of the tower, visit http://dtg.fm/4Gp7.

The business plan employed by Solar Wind Energy includes partnering with various entities, such as utilities, sovereign nations, and independent power sources, to bring this solution to the market as rapidly as possible. The company's role would consist of facilitating the Tower's development with its expertise and intellectual property. Revenue streams include development fees, licensing fees, and royalties on power sales from each project and/or ownership interests.

Solar Wind Energy has assembled a team of experienced business professionals, as well as engineering and scientific consultants, with the proven ability to bring new ideas to market. The company has also filed and been issued patents that protect its revolutionary technology and leading position in the continual global pursuit to meet rising demand for energy. Disclaimer

Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. Company Blog

Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. News:

Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. Receives Equity Facility Agreement Commitment of $3M

Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. Statement From CEO Ronald W. Pickett

Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. CEO Featured in Exclusive QualityStocks Interview

Rainbow Coral Corp. (RBCC) Partner n3D BioSciences Awards Up-and-Coming Scientists

Rainbow Coral today announced that one of its partners, Nano3D BioSciences, announced the winners of a scientific discovery competition called The MAD Scientist Contest by n3D. The competition was designed to introduce n3D’s groundbreaking 3D cell culturing technology to a budding generation of “MAD” scientists.

The top cash prize was awarded to Hamsa Jaganathan, Ph.D., of the Methodist Hospital Research Institute for her amazing model of a breast tumor microenvironment, created by co-culturing breast cancer cells and fibroblasts. Second prize went to Matthew Hogan at the University of Houston for his creation of a functional, or beating, primary cardiac cultures in vitro.

“The winning entries illustrate how 3-D, suspended cultures constructed using n3D technology improve data and achieve results impossible with other cell-culturing systems,” stated RBCC CEO Patrick Brown. “The MAD Scientist Contest also served to introduce n3D’s Bio-Assembler system to the young scientists who will undoubtedly lead cellular research into the future.”

This contest is a critical piece of n3D and RBCC’s strategy to build strong interest in the scientific and research communities. According to today’s press release, the system’s next-generation functionality enables production of accurate, 3D representations of in vivo tissues faster and easier than any other existing technology.

For additional information, visit www.RainbowbioSciences.com

Mabwe Minerals Inc. (MBMI) Prepares to Meet Demand for Barite

U.S.-based Mabwe Minerals operates through its Zimbabwe affiliate, Mabwe Corp. Ltd., as a natural resources and hard asset company focused on the mining, logistics, and commercial sales of industrial minerals and metals with a primary focus on barite.

Barite is a weighting agent for drilling fluids in oil and gas drilling operations. The mineral also has applications in the medical, paint, and automotive arenas. As Mabwe moves from a development phase company into a commercial producer of barite production, the company aims to benefit from the recent discovery of oil off the coast of neighboring Mozambique and the subsequent new drilling contracts and barite demand in the region.

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) earlier this month completed certification of Mabwe’s Dodge Mine and issued the required permit for the company to immediately begin mining operations. Mabwe’s mining and construction partner, WGB Kinsey & Company, is now on site to build long-term infrastructure and shaping the open pit.

Mabwe reports that it expects to generate barite revenue this quarter as the company begins staging qualification lots sorted by barite type, which will then be reviewed by Steinbock Minerals, Mabwe’s pending strategic partner that specializes in the distribution of industrial minerals.

In addition to preparations to support the growing oil and gas drilling fluids sector demands off the coast of Mozambique and South Africa, Mabwe anticipates supporting customer requirements in Europe and the Middle East by leveraging the expertise of another pending strategic partner, Yasheya Limited, who specializes in the shipment of industrial minerals.

For more information visit Mabwe parent company, Raptor Resources Holdings atwww.raptorresourcesholdings.com

Solar Wind Energy, Inc. (SWET) Appears in Popular Science

In the June 2013 issue of Popular Science, Solar Wind Energy’s downdraft tower is described by CEO Ron Pickett as “capturing the last 2,000 feet of a thunderstorm”. It goes on to talk about how the system is designed to produce over a gigawatt of power on the hottest driest summer days at its proposed Arizona site, while costing less than a tenth of what it costs to build a nuclear power plant. It’s another example of the growing attention the Solar Wind concept is getting, attracting interest because of its unique efficiencies and benefits, as well as its conceptual simplicity.

Solar Wind Energy’s plans call for a massive concrete tower, encompassing a large airspace. Water is rapidly injected into the enclosed hot dry dessert air mass through specially designed sprayers, although it doesn’t actually have to be all that hot or all that dry to still function. As the air picks up the moisture, it instantly cools, becoming dense and heavy. The resulting downdraft draws in more desert air, and the process accelerates. Soon there’s a continuous massive downflow of air, approaching speeds of 50 mph or more. The tower has essentially used water to turn the heat energy of the desert air into motion. The fast moving air is then diverted to turbines that convert all of that wind into electricity, at an estimated overall cost of roughly half that of other alternative energy systems.

The current calculations take into consideration all of the needed resource and operational costs, such as the recycled water, and assume a conservative operating level of 60% of capacity, reflecting the changing temperature and humidity conditions throughout the day and year. It’s a system that can always be “on,” generating electricity day or night, in any season, regardless of wind. As such, it represents a major new entry in the alternative energy industry.

For information on Solar Wind Energy visit www.cleanwindenergytower.com

VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. (VPTDF) Connects All the Dots

Seattle-based VentriPoint Diagnostics has developed a groundbreaking new approach to imaging analysis, particularly as it relates to what is called the right heart, a portion of the heart that is especially difficult to accurately image. The basis of the VMS system is Knowledge Based Reconstruction (KBR), which is able to take standard 2-dimensional ultrasound data and generate an accurate 3-dimensional image of the heart. Although KBR can also be used in conjunction with MRI images, the use of ultrasound as a data source offers major cost and operational advantages over other image technologies.

The traditional MRI approach requires more expensive equipment and procedures, often requiring costly and time-consuming followup visits. Ultrasound imaging is far simpler and less involved, meaning a major cost break for hospitals and patients. KBR takes ultrasound to a new level, offering superior analytical capabilities. Physicians will now be able to monitor patients at each clinic visit, more easily tracking heart conditions. It is also helpful for pediatric patients that may have problems with other types of imaging or invasive procedures.

With Knowledge Based Reconstruction, the user simply traces a few points on the ultrasound images to mark the position of anatomic landmarks. Advanced software is then able to essentially connect the dots, utilizing programmed knowledge concerning the shape of the human heart, and how it changes in reaction to various disease states, to generate a comprehensive and accurate picture of the heart and heart functioning. In addition to providing easier and accurate right-heart imaging, the VentriPoint VMS system, called Angelo, can also be used for cost effective left heart analysis, as well as for diagnosing pulmonary hypertension, and is being evaluated for other possibilities. The technology’s use is spreading, and can already be found in a number of top level hospitals around the world.

For additional information, visit www.VentriPoint.com


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