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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Thursday, July 20th, 2017

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


Tautachrome, Inc. (TTCM)

MarketWatch, Bloomberg, and InvestorsHub reported on Tautachrome, Inc. (TTCM), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

An Internet technology development company, Tautachrome, Inc. is an emerging growth enterprise in the developing digital imagery technology sector. The Company is a developer of software applications for trustable and engageable digital pictures and videos. Its chief priority is developing its branded KlickZie platform. This platform will turn smartphones into trusted imagers. This means the pictures and videos they capture can be verified as original, untampered, and un-photoshopped. A Delaware corporation, Tautachrome is based in Oro Valley, Arizona. The Company has operations in the United States and Australia.

Tautachrome has pioneering patents pending. These include Talk-to-the-Picture social networking and the above-mentioned trustable imagery-based interaction. Additionally, the KlickZie platform creates imagery that is interactive and engageable. Through clicking or tapping on a KlickZie'd image, users can communicate with the image's author or others presently looking at the image, in an engaging way. The KlickZie platform will serve as the world’s first imagery-based social website network.

Basically, KlickZie is an image verification service for smartphones. It brings trust back to digital imagery. KlickZie also turns the smartphone into a reliable image source. Smartphone users download KlickZie’s free software to take their pictures and videos. KlickZie pictures and videos are invisibly marked, stored in the KlickZie cloud, and guaranteed free from manipulation. The cloud will certify the authenticity of any KlickZie picture or video.

Last week, Tautachrome announced the use of its SafedateAPP platform for a new Travel industry APP under the brand of travelKeep. Polybia Studios (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tautachrome) was built from scratch to build out operations while the parent company secures suitable funding to build its patented KlickZie technology.

Polybia has successfully developed a number of game platforms and APPs since inception. It is moving ahead with commercial end use for the platforms in Polybia’s portfolio. Polybia Studios released SafedateAPP last year. This is a personal security app developed completely inhouse. The SafedateAPP platform is now ready to be used for travelKeep.

Tautachrome, Inc. (TTCM), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.0075, down 12.79%, on 967,524 volume with 10 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 722,931 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0013/$0.0348.

Sunset Island Group, Inc. (SIGO)

007 Stock Chat, PennyStockSpy, OTCPicks, and MicrocapVoice reported earlier on Sunset Island Group, Inc. (SIGO), and we highlight the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Sunset Island Group, Inc. provides consulting and advisory services to clients operating in the medical marijuana business space. The Company concentrates on providing a licensed manufacturing facility to clients for producing products, such as oils and edibles. Sunset Island Group’s shares trade on the OTC Markets Group’s OTCQB. The Company has its corporate headquarters in San Clemente, California.

According to industry research firm GreenWave Advisors, the consumption of marijuana for medical and recreational use could grow to a $35 billion market by the year 2020. GreenWave Advisors tracks retail sales in the four states and the District of Columbia (DC), which have already legalized it.

Sunset Island Group earlier secured a lease on a property approved for cannabis cultivation. The Company’s expectation was that it would start planting the first light deprivation greenhouse by the end of April 2017. Its space underwent inspection in April as part of the permitting process. Sunset Island filed for permits for 22,000 square feet of green house space.

The expectation is that the 22,000 square feet of green house space will be able to produce up to 4,000 pounds of medical cannabis per year. Sunset Island stated earlier that its first April planting should undergo harvesting in July/August of this calendar year.

This past February, Sunset Island announced that it commenced development of a CBD dietary supplement product. The initial product will feature a 2-oz stress relief beverage made from highest quality legal Hemp/CBD oil and real fruit.

These products will at first sell by way of the Company’s website. Sunset Island expects to expand by selling via Amazon and other retailers. It will continue to develop products that will address the demands in the global dietary supplements market, targeted to soon reach greater than $200 billion.

The product will be developed by a trained French Chef with more than 20 years of experience in Product Development and Food Production. Additionally, this Chef has developed products from their concept stage to national distribution that have produced greater than $100 million in sales.

In essence, Sunset Island Group’s corporate vision is to establish a fully integrated company that provides turnkey solutions to the medical cannabis industry. Its primary emphasis is on providing a licensed facility that companies can manufacture and produce their products. Furthermore, it will provide distribution for companies via an established network of dispensaries.

Sunset Island Group, Inc. (SIGO), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.295, up 126.92%, on 593,163 volume with 171 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 96,451 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0647/$30.00.

AdvanSource Biomaterials Corp. (ASNB)

Money Morning, S.A. Advisory, TopPennyStockMovers, Zacks, and Nebula Stocks reported earlier on AdvanSource Biomaterials Corp. (ASNB), and we are highlighting the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

AdvanSource Biomaterials Corp. is an ISO certified materials technology company. Specialists in polyurethane technologies, AdvanSource provides an array of material formats for use in long and short-term implants, as well as disposable products. In essence, the Company is a leading developer of advanced polymer materials for a broad spectrum of medical devices. A manufacturing enterprise providing medical grade thermoplastic polyurethane materials, AdvanSource Biomaterials is based in Wilmington, Massachusetts.

AdvanSource’s expertise lies in the synthesis and formulation of polymeric materials with a wide range of physical and chemical properties. These materials possess unique characteristics including biocompatibility, biodurability, and can be tailored for specific properties such as lubricity and antimicrobial formats. The Company serves the medical device and pharmaceutical marketplace.

AdvanSource Biomaterials has a strategic alliance with Medibrane, Ltd. The Strategic Alliance provides for technology collaboration, development, and commercialization of medical coatings using AdvanSource’s material technologies in collaboration with Medibrane’s coating and surface modification technologies and enhancements. Medibrane is a foremost Israeli coating technology enterprise.

The Company’s business model leverages its proprietary materials science technology and manufacturing expertise to expand its product sales and royalty and license fee income. Its biomaterials are utilized in devices designed for treating a broad assortment of anatomical sites and disease states. AdvanSource’s products include ChronoFlex AL; ChronoFlex AR; ChronoFlex C; ChronoPrene; ChronoSil; ChronoThane P; ChronoThane T; HydroMed; HydroThane; and PolyBlend.  

AdvanSource’s technology has undergone development to overcome a wide variety of design and functional challenges, from the need for dimensional stability, ease of manufacturability and demanding physical properties to overcoming environmental stress cracking and providing heightened lubricity for ease of insertion.

The Company’s new product extensions enable it to customize its proprietary polymers for specific customer applications in a broad array of device categories. Additionally, it manufactures specialty hydrophilic polyurethanes, which primarily sell to customers as part of exclusive arrangements.

The Company’s ChronoFlex AL is a family of biodurable aliphatic polycarbonate-based thermoplastic urethanes. The design of these is to overcome surface degradation such as stress-induced microfissures. Its HydroMed is a series of ether-based hydrophilic urethanes with first rate adhesive and cohesive properties.

AdvanSource Biomaterials’ PolyBlend is a family of very soft, aromatic polyurethane elastomeric alloys. These can be used as a substitute for natural rubber or latex in manifold applications. Regarding services, in addition to customized solvent packages, the design of AdvanSource’s coating capabilities is to assist with a client’s prototype development by way of multi-step dip/spray coating processes for small volumes.

AdvanSource works with start-up companies to multi-national corporations. It concentrates mainly on the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The Company’s materials have a history of use in short and long-term implant applications. This includes stents, artificial heart valves, VADs, catheters, guidewires, and introducers.

Contemporary markets served include orthopedics, cardiovascular, drug delivery, endoscopy, neurology, urology, spine, interventional radiology, peripheral vascular, ENT, gastroenterology, oncology, and diabetes management. AdvanSource’s technical services include coating capabilities to help with prototype development. 

AdvanSource Biomaterials Corp. (ASNB), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.0874, up 2.82%, on 10,000 volume with 1 trade. The average volume for the last 60 days is 1,728 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.036/$0.1212.

Premier Biomedical, Inc. (BIEI)

PennyStockRumors.net, PennyPro, The Observer, Innovative Marketing, SmallCapVoice, PennyStocks24, Information Solutions Group, and FeedBlitz reported on Premier Biomedical, Inc. (BIEI), and we are reporting on the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Listed on the OTCQB, Premier Biomedical, Inc. is a research-based medical development company. Its concentration is on discovering, developing, and commercializing medical treatments for a broad assortment of diseases in humans. This includes innovative therapies for breast cancer, as well as non-narcotic, all-natural-ingredient, 50-state legal, novel pain management therapies. Premier Biomedical’s R&D work is centered in El Paso, Texas. The Company’s business offices are in Western Pennsylvania.

The Company’s objective is to discover and develop medical treatments in collaboration with the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and the US Department of Defense, specifically targeting the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease), Blood Sepsis and Viremia, and Cancer.
Premier Biomedical has licensed the technology behind numerous provisional patents in the U.S. and a PCT Europe National Patent in the areas of Cancer, Sepsis, and Multiple Sclerosis. The Company’s Sequential Dialysis Methodology is a novel approach. It eliminates the molecules and proteins from the body that cause disease. Sequential-Dialysis Technique is a methodology for the removal of molecules that are harmful and responsible for causing diseases.

Premier Biomedical’s strategy is to build patentable Sequential Dialysis machines at UTEP, and build patentable antigen-dispersing canisters into the Sequential Dialysis™ Machine. In addition, its strategy is to start a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) application submission, and to approach potential manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical partners.

Furthermore, the Company is evaluating strategies to take its Anti-CTLA4 breast cancer treatment through the FDA approval process. The Company has many other continuing projects, in addition to its Anti-CTLA-4-based breast cancer drug.

Last week, Premier Biomedical announced that it reformulated its CBD Hemp Oil 96-hour Skin Patch and oil-based CBD Hemp Oil Roll-on to provide more of the active ingredient, CBD. The skin patch is increasing its CBD content to 50 mg, while maintaining its present selling price of $20.

Roll-on applicators are now available in two forms. One is 110 mg CBD oil-based with sage scent. The other is 120mg CBD water-based lavender scent. A new, stronger oil-based sage scented roll-on with 150mg of CBD will be available by the end of Q3. The Company will be developing more sizes and shapes of its hypoallergenic foam patch.

Furthermore, last week, the Company announced that it terminated the JV, Premier Biomedical Pain Management Solutions LLC, formed in September 2016. Premier Biomedical has integrated the pain relief products business into a division of Premier, which will continue to develop and market an expanded assortment of natural and synthetic, 50-state legal CBD-based, generalized, neuropathic, and localized pain relief treatment products.

Regarding Immunotherapy and Biologics, Premier Biomedical is continuing discussions with a number of potential suitors to evaluate how it might jointly proceed to develop its proprietary technology to a point where it will be ready for market.

Premier Biomedical, Inc. (BIEI), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.0101, down 10.62%, on 1,957,140 volume with 44 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 2,431,320 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.003/$0.0255.

SNAP Interactive, Inc. (STVI)

Marketbeat, Greenbackers, TopPennyStockMovers, SmarTrend Newsletters, FeedBlitz, SmallCapVoice, PennyTrader Publisher, Global Equity Report, BullRally, CoolPennyStocks, HotOTC, Penny Invest, Stock Rich, StockEgg, OTC Picks, and Market Wrap Daily and Stock Traders Chat reported earlier on SNAP Interactive, Inc. (STVI), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

SNAP Interactive, Inc. develops, owns and operates dating applications for social networking websites and mobile platforms. The Company provides online dating applications under the FirstMet and The Grade brands in the United States. The SNAP product portfolio also includes Paltalk and Camfrog, which together host one of the world's largest collections of video-based communities. OTCQB-listed, SNAP Interactive is based in New York, New York.
The Company’s flagship brand is FirstMet (previously AYI.com). SNAP rebranded AYI as FirstMet to reflect the Company’s vision for making it easier for single adults to meet new people in a friendly, low-pressure environment. FirstMet is a prominent interactive dating brand serving users 35 and older. It is a multi-platform online dating site with a large user database.

FirstMet‘s aim is to improve the online dating experience of meeting new people through integrating a user’s friends and interests to empower more meaningful connections. The FirstMet brand is fully integrated across Facebook, iPhone, Android, and the Worldwide Web. FirstMet is one of the first dating apps to integrate with Facebook.

In addition, SNAP Interactive’s “The Grade” is a mobile dating application catering to high-quality singles. The Grade holds users accountable for their behavior through utilizing a proprietary algorithm. The algorithm assigns letter grades to users ranging from "A+" to "F" based on profile quality, responsiveness, and peer-reviews generated from the opinions received from other users. Users with a grade of "D" or "F" receive a warning, as well as instructions on how to improve their grade. Users who maintain an "F" grade are expelled.

SNAP Interactive announced the closing of its merger with AVM Software, Inc. (d/b/a Paltalk), effective October 7, 2016. The mission of the combined company is to become the top platform in connecting an international audience of users around interest categories and dating through leveraging live video and chat as the core method of communication. Also, SNAP has its “Tinychat.” This is an online video chat community. Tinychat is available on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and tablet.

SNAP Interactive has introduced microtransactions to its video platforms. Microtransactions permit users to pay for limited access to premium-level benefits without a premium subscription. Microtransactions are small ticket items. They can be bought impulsively with the potential to be repeated over time. The new offering gives users control of their experience while demonstrating the benefit of upgrading. The Company believes this will lead to more premium subscriptions.

Last week, Snap Interactive announced the nationwide rollout of its newest platform, called 50more. This is a dating application targeting adults over the age of 50. The new application is available on desktop and mobile web at www.50more.com. The foundation of the service is creating higher quality introductions powered by an innovative matching tool based on the key factors that produce fruitful connections. These key factors are Vitality, Openness, and Culture (VOC). VOC-driven matching is founded on scientific principles.

SNAP Interactive, Inc. (STVI), closed Thursday's trading session at $3.10, even for the day, on 91 volume with 3 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 2,061 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $3.00/$20.50.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (LXRP)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (LXRP). Today, Lexaria Bioscience Corp. closed trading at $0.335, up 4.36%, on 50,231 volume with 27 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 86,103 and its 52-week low/high is $0.0913/$0.699.

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. announced the start of laboratory work under its collaborative research program with the National Research Council of Canada ("NRC") today, following the completion of preparation initiatives announced on March 14, 2017. As earlier reported, several studies will be initiated in the coming months designed to optimize Lexaria's patented technology enabling delivery of lipophilic active agents within foods, beverages, capsules and other ingestible formats. These studies will investigate lipophilic active agent classes including cannabinoids, vitamins, NSAIDs, and nicotine.

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (LXRP) has developed and out-licenses its proprietary technology for improved taste, rapidity, and delivery of bioactive compounds, including cannabinoids. Though boasting a wide range of health benefits, cannabinoids are traditionally poorly absorbed by the body's gastrointestinal tract. To achieve higher effectiveness, consumers usually default to smoking. Lexaria provides a superior administration method by delivering hemp oil ingredients – or through locally licensed partners, cannabis oil ingredients – through a patented process within food products.

The key differentiator between Lexaria's products and others on the market is the company's disruptive technology proven to enhance the absorption of orally ingested cannabinoids while improving the "unusual" taste of cannabinoids and allowing for lower overall dosing with higher efficacy. Lexaria is primarily a B2B enterprise, and is in licensing discussions or has existing agreements with companies in Canada, the largest-market states in the USA, and internationally. Lexaria has also developed its own brands partly for demonstration purposes, utilizing its patented technology to infuse hemp oil ingredients within lipids in popular foods. These brands include ViPova™, Lexaria Energy Foods, and TurboCBD™.

In 2015, Lexaria commissioned an independent, third-party lab to test its technology under carefully monitored in vitro conditions. Results showed that the company's technological process and lipid formulation both improve intestinal absorption as much as 500%. Additional follow-up studies in human volunteers suggested that Lexaria's processed, lipid-infused tea may be more effective in an actual gastrointestinal system than in an in vitro simulation with results indicating as much as a 1,000% increase in overall absorption.

Lexaria also has an R&D partnership with the Canadian government's National Research Council. That R&D is expected to characterize molecular bond formation theorized to occur with Lexaria's unique technology between the lipid delivery agents and the bioactive substances it processes and combines. Results from this R&D are expected to support accelerating B2B relationships – not just in the cannabis industry, but also to support new B2B business relationships in the fields of vitamins, NSAIDs, and nicotine delivery. All of these sectors expected to offer additional future growth potential.

Aside from testing, a critical component of Lexaria Bioscience's business model is a strong intellectual property portfolio that utilizes the most commonly used food processing techniques. As of 2017, the company's patent portfolio includes 19 patent applications filed and pending in more than 40 countries around the world. The most recent patent applications expand Lexaria's lipophilic food and beverage composition claims to include the processing of cannabinoids, vitamins, NSAIDs and nicotine in many of the world's most commonly used food processing ingredients. Lexaria is expecting additional new patent awards both in the USA and internationally in 2017 and 2018.

Royalties play a vital role in Lexaria's revenue-generating business model. The company out-licenses its technology (royalty) to third party partners, and has several deals signed and/or pending. The company's growth initiatives are guided by a management team headed by CEO Chris Bunka, a serial entrepreneur who has raised more than $50 million in working capital for the companies he has led over the course of his career. He is supported by a team of professionals with extensive experience in pharmaceutical and bioscience sectors, invention, toxicology, consumer goods, and other relevant skillsets. Disclaimer

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. Blog

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. News:

National Research Council and Lexaria Bioscience Commence Laboratory Work

Lexaria Bioscience Awarded Australian Patent For Cannabinoid Infused Edibles

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (CSE: LXX) (OTCQB: LXRP) is “One to Watch”

ProBility Media Corp. (PBYA)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight ProBility Media Corp. (PBYA). Today, ProBility Media Corp. closed trading at $0.6315, up 5.25%, on 1,000 volume with 1 trade. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 3,003, and its 52-week low/high is $0.1205/$1.16.

ProBility Media Corp. today announced that it has entered into a strategic joint venture with Industrial3D Corp., a developer of 3D animation, 3D modeling and interactive media, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. ProBility Immersive Technologies is owned 51% by ProBility Media Corp. and 49% by Industrial3D Corp.

ProBility Media Corp. (PBYA) based in Houston, TX, is an EdTech Company that is building the first full service training and career advancement brand for the skilled trades. Through both acquisitions and organic growth, ProBility is executing a disruptive strategy of defragmenting the market place of disparate companies servicing fifteen vertical categories in over sixty skilled trades. ProBility has positioned itself as a key industrial training resource for individuals, small- and medium-size businesses as well as enterprise customers offering consistent high-quality training services and materials for education, testing, and career advancement.

Through its Electrical Training Division, the company has become the biggest wholesaler of electrical codes and test preparation materials in the U.S., while its Construction Training Division is one of the largest certification providers in the country, with programs in 22 states, and continuing to grow. The company serves corporate accounts and government buyers, and also offers advisory services for companies of all sizes.

Companies currently under the ProBility Media conglomerate include:

  • Brown Technical Media Corp. – An online web business with multiple micro web sites featuring training materials and codes and standards sought by engineers, construction workers, scientists and other tradesmen in a wide variety of fields.
  • Brown Technical Publications – A proprietary publishing business generating copyrighted training materials for engineers, construction workers, scientists and other tradesman in a wide variety of fields.
  • 1ExamPrep – E-Learning, education and exam preparation for contractors via the cheapest, fastest and most effective exam prep school in the industry instituting our 4-point proven learning system.
  • National Electrical Wholesale Providers – In the business of distributing wholesale industrial, commercial and residential training materials including HVAC, plumbing and electrical.

ProBility's technology platform features virtual reality training for the crane business to be expanded into other industries, online subscription services for enterprise level companies, and recurring revenue streams. In addition, the company is already beginning to explore international expansion options, supported by the fact that other countries have adopted U.S. based codes, and have used U.S. training services.

The company's acquisition strategy targets operations that service engineering firms, electrical contractors, fabricators, plumbing contractors, pipe fitters, riggers, QC firms, and additional vocational industries. Disclaimer

ProBility Media Corp. Company Blog

ProBility Media Corp. News:

ProBility Media Corp. Enters into a Joint Venture with Industrial3D to Develop New Virtual Reality Products for Education and Training

ProBility Media Corp. Launches ProBility Safety Academy, an Online Security and Safety Training Institution

ProBility Media Corp. Selects PCG Advisory Group for Investor Relations and Strategic Communications

Singlepoint, Inc. (SING)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Singlepoint, Inc. (SING). Today, Singlepoint, Inc. closed trading at $0.015, off by 11.76%, on 40,743,237 volume with 494 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 7,472,509, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0075/$0.142.

NetworkNewsWire ("NNW"), a multifaceted financial news and publishing company, today announces the publication of an editorial featuring SinglePoint, Inc. (OTC: SING), an NNW client focused on strengthening its position in the marijuana industry through the acquisition of, or investment in, small to mid-sized cannabis companies. To view the full publication, visit: https://www.networknewswire.com/industry-leaders-riding-high-marijuana-demand-outpaces-supply/

Singlepoint, Inc. (SING) has grown from a full-service mobile technology provider to a publicly-traded holding company. Through diversification into horizontal markets, SinglePoint is building its portfolio by acquiring an interest in undervalued subsidiaries, thereby providing a rich, diversified holding base.

SinglePoint's approach is to first research and identify acquisition opportunities in which it can take an active and influential role among existing leadership to provide enhanced strategy and direction. Target companies are undervalued, cash-flow positive, with high potential and verified assets. SinglePoint acquires and takes controlling interest of successful candidate companies.

SinglePoint recently signed a Letter of Intent to acquire an interest in Jacksam Corp., dba Convectium, a profitable California-based provider of equipment, branding, and packaging solutions for the cannabis industry. Convectium has developed the world's first cartridge and vape pen oil filling machine for wholesale distribution to dispensaries. The 710Shark and 710Seal systems can fill and package over 100 cartridges or disposable vape pens in 30 seconds and are sold to dispensaries through its EquipCanna.com brand. The company also operates a consumer brand that includes BlackoutX and HazeSticks and reaches customers in over 52 countries.

Additionally, SinglePoint has raised more than $300,000 and has signed a Letter of Intent to secure an additional $1 million in funding. The move provides management with ample capital to execute its business plan, while avoiding debt repayments that can eat into cash flow and reduce flexibility over time. It's also a rare development for a development-stage company in the cannabis industry.

Guided by a visionary leadership team with extensive experience in technology, engineering, marketing and raising capital, SinglePoint continues to explore high-potential acquisition opportunities to grow and diversify its current holding base. The company also plans to uplist to the OTCQB and become a fully reporting company during the current fiscal year.

The company has engaged Milost Advisors to pursue acquisitions and financing facilities toward funding acquisitions, as well as to provide working capital. Milost Advisors will assist SinglePoint in the acquisition of undervalued companies with annual revenues of at least $50 million, and has already identified potential acquisition targets for the company to consider. Disclaimer

Singlepoint, Inc. Company Blog

Singlepoint, Inc. News:

NetworkNewsWire Announces Publication Discussing Public Companies Poised to Benefit from Rising Demand for Marijuana

SinglePoint Featured on MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon, 7/14

NetworkNewsWire Announces Publication Discussing Emerging Standouts in the Legalized Marijuana Sector

Converde Energy USA, Inc. (XFUL)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Converde Energy USA, Inc. (XFUL). Today, Converde Energy USA, Inc. closed trading at $0.0041, up 2.50%, on 405,333 volume with 15 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 1,383,248, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0002/$0.10.

Converde Energy USA, Inc. (XFUL), d/b/a American Energy Partners Inc., and its group of companies are dedicated to delivering solutions wherever energy production and water meet technology. The company has positioned itself to benefit from above-favorable margins on each of its subsidiaries due to the synergy of the chain of revenues.

Hydration Company of PA (HCPA)
Hydration Company of PA focuses on sourcing, implementing and distributing reclaimed water at a profit. This subsidiary's competitive advantage mainly lies within its pure volume of reclaimed water and its access to low cost treatment with high flow rates and highly concentrated solids through the technologies of XFUL's partners. Because of the volume as well as the flexibility of the model established via patent pending methodology and conveyance methods, HCPA can effectively gain market share immediately as large corporations prefer access to one source that can supply massive amounts of reclaimed water regardless of drought conditions.

American Energy Solutions, LLC
American Energy Solutions, LLC utilizes a network of partners to provide off-the-shelf and custom-designed treatment technologies that contribute to HCPA's business model of low-cost treatment and distribution. As a provider of design, this subsidiary is capable of repeatable and synergistic services across the value chain. American Energy's long-term plan is to utilize an in-house team to grow market share as water use continues to become more critical to modern industry.

Gilbert Oil & Gas Company
Gilbert Oil & Gas Company is leveraging broad industry valuation experience to move forward on its mission to add shareholder value through drilling, operating, and partnership opportunities in the upstream oil and gas space. Equipped with the in-house capabilities necessary to source and evaluate opportunities for profitability, Gilbert is positioned to become a strong customer of XFUL's other subsidiaries, providing them with the foundation to attract other customers and enter new markets.

Integrated Business Strategy
By combining ownership of water sources via Hydration Company of PA, design and treatment solutions via American Energy Solutions, and a stream of promising opportunities via Gilbert Oil & Gas Company, XFUL is essentially creating a positive revenue feedback loop. This synergistic business model also opens opportunity for higher profit margins, additional revenue, and faster growth in new markets. Disclaimer

Converde Energy USA, Inc. Company Blog

Converde Energy USA, Inc. News:

NetworkNewsBreaks – American Energy Partners, Inc. (XFUL) Featured in Exclusive Audio Interview by NetworkNewsWire

Converde Energy USA, Inc. Appoints Josh Hickman, President of Subsidiary's O&G Operations and to Board of Directors

American Energy Partners, Inc. (XFUL) d/b/a Converde Energy USA, Inc. Engages NetworkNewsWire for Corporate Communications Solutions

ChineseInvestors.com (CIIX)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight ChineseInvestors.com (CIIX). Today, ChineseInvestors.com closed trading at $0.89, up 5.95%, on 66,819 volume with 87 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 48,546 and its 52-week low/high is $0.12/$2.75.

Founded in 1999, ChineseInvestors.com (CIIX) has become a leading financial information website for Chinese-speaking investors in the United States and China. Recognizing unprecedented opportunities in the U.S. cannabis industry, CIIX is also laying the groundwork to capitalize on growing demand for cannabidiol (CBD)-based nutrition and health products.

Through its primary website, www.ChineseInvestors.com, CIIX offers a variety of investor education products and services, including real-time market commentary, analysis and educational related services in Chinese language character sets; consultative services to smaller private companies considering becoming a public company; and advertising and public relations related support services.

At the center of this initiative is the ChineseInvestors Method, a unique integration of a disciplined investing process, web-based tools, personalized instructions and support. Using this strategy, CIIX provides reliable market information to help investors make informed investment decisions and meet their individualized financial goals.

CIIX is also leveraging its financial expertise to enter into the burgeoning CBD industry, which within a few years has grown from a relatively invisible sector to a billowing market expected to reach $2.1 billion in consumer sales by 2020.

The increasing demand for CBD-based products is a catalyst for innovative business endeavors. To this accord, CIIX has established a three-year development plan to capitalize on the convergence of CBD and the nutrition and health products market in mainland China, where the benefits of CBD oil have not been widely recognized.

Under a wholesale agreement with a reputable CBD health brand, CIIX is launching the world's first online CBD health products store published in the Chinese language. The site, www.ChineseCBDoil.com, caters to a growing number of Chinese people awakening to the numerous health benefits of CBD oil for treatment of a variety of conditions such as anxiety, stress, poor sleep, Alzheimer's disease, and more. CIIX expects to launch this website at the end of January 2017, and plans to sell CBD-infused products via online and in-store.

In conjunction, CIIX's cannabis-focused "Yelp"-style mobile app is in development as a platform for Chinese people to review and discuss various cannabis products. The app will be the first marijuana social media mobile app designed for Chinese-speaking customers worldwide. Disclaimer

ChineseInvestors.com Blog

ChineseInvestors.com News:

ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. to Attend the Southern California Investment Forum and FreedomFest 10th Anniversary

NetworkNewsWire Announces Publication that Highlights Several Public Companies, Including ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. (OTCQB: CIIX), Which Are Taking Advantage of the Mounting Acceptance of Digital Currency

ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. Announces its Wholly-owned Subsidiary, Chinesehempoil.com Inc., Will Officially Accept Bitcoin Payments


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Please consult the QualityStocks Market Basics Section on our site.


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