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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Friday, July 20th, 2012

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


Lomiko Metals, Inc. (LMRMF)

FeedBlitz, Investor Ideas, and Bull Ventures reported previously on Lomiko Metals, Inc. (LMRMF), and we are highlighting the Company as “One to Watch” next week here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Lomiko Metals focuses on the exploration and development of minerals for the new green economy. The company has graphite properties in Quebec and a Zinc Discovery in Northern British Columbia. Lomiko Metals’ shares trade on the OTC Markets and on the TSX Venture Exchange (LMR.V).

Worldwide consumption of natural graphite has increased from approximately 600,000 tonnes in 2000 to approximately 1.2 million tonnes in 2011. Demand for graphite has been increasing by approximately 5 percent annually since 2000. This is due to the continuing modernization of China, India, and other emerging economies.
The company’s Quatre Milles East Property (Graphite) is road accessible. This Property is approximately 175 km northwest of Montreal and 17 km due north of the village of Sainte-Veronique, Quebec. The property consists of 28 contiguous claims totaling approximately 1,600 hectares. Lomiko Metals recently optioned the Quatre Milles West Property, a 2,180 Ha Property with similar geology. Combined, the Quatre Milles Property is 3,780 Ha. The company’s intention is to launch an aggressive exploration campaign on the Quatre Milles Graphite Property beginning with a complete compilation of historic geologic work followed by surface mapping, prospecting, and follow-up diamond drilling.
Lomiko Metals’ Vines Lake Property is in the Cassiar Gold Camp in the Liard Mining District of northwestern British Columbia. The Cassiar Gold Camp hosts the Table Mountain Gold Property and the Taurus Property both owned by Hawthorne Gold Corp. There are several past-producing high grade gold mines on these properties.

Currently, Lomiko Metals holds the rights to twelve contiguous mineral tenures comprising the property, totaling 5,407 Ha, (13,351 Acres). The 2012 Exploration program is being conducted on the original 3 claims acquired in 2006 totaling 1,209 Ha (2,987 Acres). The Vines Lake property has year-round paved road access. The Vines Lake Property is approximately two kilometers southwest of the former Erickson gold mine. Two significant anomalies have undergone identification by geophysical surveys. The claims cover formations of the Sylvester group. These are known to contain productive zones of precious and base metal mineralization in the area.
Today, Lomiko Metals Exploration Manager Lesley Hunt reports that the Lomiko geological team has initiated the summer exploration program at Vines Lake. The design of this program is to target anomalous Zinc values in soil on the western side of Vines Lake discovered in the 2011 exploration program. The current target consists of soil samples that are concentrated in a 1.5 by 1.0 km zone. The 2012 soil sample program is taking place to infill the known anomaly such that the sample grid spacing results in 100m spaced N/S grid lines at 25m spaced sample stations.

We're tracking Lomiko Metals, Inc. (LMRMF) on our radar screens as "One to Watch" this week, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Lomiko Metals, Inc. (LMRMF), closed Friday’s trading at $0.06, even with yesterday’s close. The average volume for the last 60 days is 14,895. The 52-week low/high is $0.01/$0.18.

Amarillo Biosciences, Inc. (AMAR)

PennyStockPromo, BreakthroughStocks, SteroidStocks, OTC Advisors, and ShamrockStocks reported previously on Amarillo Biosciences, Inc. (AMAR), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Amarillo Biosciences, Inc. is a U.S. biotechnology firm operating in global partnership with Hayashibara Company, Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Nagase Group, which also holds 4 percent of Amarillo Biosciences shares and has provided more than $18 million in loans, grants and equity investments. The Company's primary focus is ongoing R&D into the use of low-dose, orally administered interferon as a treatment for a variety of conditions. These include influenza, hepatitis C, chronic cough, and opportunistic infections in patients who are HIV positive. Amarillo Biosciences is based in Amarillo, Texas.

The Company has invested almost $40 million to establish oral interferon as a therapeutic agent. The majority of those funds were invested in clinical trials in an effort to achieve Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for interferon. Interferon is an immune modulator approved to treat some cancers, and viral and autoimmune diseases. Amarillo Biosciences has progressed to Phase 2 clinical studies using their unique, patented interferon lozenges to treat human diseases.

Orally delivered interferon binds to mucosal cells in the mouth and throat. This results in stimulation of the immune system through the activation of hundreds of genes in the peripheral blood. Oral interferon is given in doses 10,000 times lower than injectable interferon. Consequently, side effects are virtually eliminated. The Company owns or licenses five issued U.S. patents related to this technology.

The interferon-alpha in Amarillo Biosciences’ oral product is produced naturally from human cells. This makes it superior to high-dose injectable interferon, which is made in bacteria or yeast by recombinant technology. The Company’s low-dose oral interferon has been shown to have fewer side effects and is less costly than high-dose injectable interferon. Amarillo Biosciences has a license to low-dose oral interferon from Texas A&M University. They also have agreements in place with four international partner companies who are pursuing clinical trials worldwide.

Last month, Amarillo Biosciences announced a plan to open their Asia Operations Center in Taipei, Taiwan. This new center will enable the Company to increase their presence in Taiwan in order to access growing markets in mainland China and in other Asian countries.

The Asia Center will introduce novel healthcare products and technologies from the U.S. into the Asian markets. The Asia Center will also be responsible for identifying and developing new strategic partners in the region.  In addition, the Center will be poised to look for new sources of financing when the need arises.  Furthermore, the Asia Center will identify new healthcare products and technologies that can be brought into the U.S. from the Asian regions to be distributed by Amarillo Biosciences.   

Amarillo Biosciences, Inc. (AMAR), closed Friday’s trading session at $0.02, down 16.4=31%, on 52,000 volume with 4 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 35,063. The 52-week low/high is $0.01/$0.09.

Urologix, Inc. (ULGX)

Wall Street Resources reported this week on Urologix, Inc. (ULGX), ChartPoppers, HotOTC, CoolPennyStocks, BullRally, StockRich, PennyStockVille, PennyInvest, StockEgg, MadPennyStocks, Stock Fortune Teller did earlier, and we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Urologix, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets minimally invasive medical products for the treatment of obstruction and symptoms due to Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).  The Company’s Cooled ThermoTherapy produces targeted microwave energy combined with a unique cooling mechanism to protect healthy tissue and enhance patient comfort. This is while providing safe, effective, lasting relief of the symptoms and obstruction due to BPH. Founded in 1991, Urologix is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Urologix’ Cooled ThermoTherapy products include the CoolWave® and Targis®Control Units and the CTC Advance® and Targis® catheter families. The Company has an Exclusive License Agreement for the Prostiva RF Therapy product line. The Prostiva RF Therapy System delivers radio frequency energy directly into the prostate destroying prostate tissue. This reduces constriction of the urethra, consequently relieving BPH voiding symptoms. During the second quarter of fiscal 2012, Urologix initiated sales of the Prostiva RF Therapy system in Europe by entering into supply agreements with distributors in targeted countries. Total international Prostiva sales for the year-to-date period ended March 31, 2012 were $290,000, of which $199,000 was in the third quarter of fiscal year 2012.

The Company’s Mobile BPH treatment services deliver capital equipment and technical expertise to urologists nationwide. Urologix Mobile BPH treatment services provide all the necessary BPH treatment supplies and equipment required for the delivery of Cooled ThermoTherapy. These include a Control Unit; a Microwave Catheter; a Rectal Thermal Sensing Unit (RTU); a Coolant Bag, and ultrasound equipment. Urologix sells their products to urologists, ambulatory surgery centers, and hospitals through their direct sales force, as well as distributors in the U.S and internationally.

Urologix’ goal is to establish Cooled ThermoTherapy and Prostiva RF Therapy as the two principal treatments of choice for BPH patients who prefer not taking daily medication or who are dissatisfied with symptom improvement, cost or side effects from chronic BPH drugs. The urologist would choose between these two therapies based upon clinical criteria specific to the BPH patient's presentation.

The Company’s business strategy to achieve this goal is to educate patients and urologists on the benefits of Cooled ThermoTherapy and Prostiva RF Therapy through the Company's "Think Outside the Pillbox!" campaign, and increase the use of Cooled ThermoTherapy and Prostiva RF Therapy by urologists who already have access to a Cooled ThermoTherapy and/or Prostiva RF Therapy system. Additionally, their strategy is to provide more urologists with access to Cooled ThermoTherapy and Prostiva RF Therapy through the use of the Company’s mobile service, increase the number of urologists who provide Cooled ThermoTherapy and Prostiva RF Therapy to their patients, and continue to partner with their third party mobile providers to grow their businesses within the United States.

Urologix, Inc. (ULGX), closed Friday’s trading at $0.95, up 9.14%, on 21,602 volume with 42 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 26,829. The 52-week low/high is $0.64/$1.71.

China Advanced Construction Materials Group, Inc. (CADC)

StreetInsider reported last week on China Advanced Construction Materials Group, Inc.(CADC), Stockhouse, StockEgg, CoolPennyStocks, BullRally, StockRich, MadPennyStocks, PennyStockVille, HotOTC, Stock Stars did earlier, and we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

China Advanced Construction Materials Group, Inc. (China ACM) through their subsidiaries, produces and supplies ready mix concrete materials and related technical services for large scale, high-speed rail, and other complex infrastructure projects primarily in China. The Company’s premium, certified eco-friendly, ready-mix concrete (RMC) blends are critical to the increasingly complex architectural, commercial and industrial projects in China as well as transportation projects. Founded in 2002, China ACM has their corporate headquarters in Beijing, China.

The Company provides their materials and services via their network of fixed ready-mix concrete plants covering the Beijing metropolitan area. China ACM also has technical services and preferred procurement agreements with other independently-owned plants across China. In addition, the Company owns several portable plants deployed in various provinces across China. The Company produces RMC at 23 portable plants supporting high-speed railway projects in 10 provinces with an annual operating capacity of 6.0 million cubic meters.

China ACM has won work on a number of high profile projects. These include the 30,000 km China HSR expansion, the Olympic Stadium Birds’ Nest, the Beijing South Railway Station, the Beijing International Airport, the National Centre for Performing Arts, CCTV Headquarters, Beijing Yintai Building, as well as the U.S. and French embassies. The Company is a tier 2 contractor. This is the highest designation for subcontractors and allows for the production of C-60 to C-100 premium mixtures.

The Company offers specialized chemical engineering and production services, sophisticated admixtures, and a deep and extensive knowledge of local regulations. They also have established relationships with building contractors. China ACM produces RMC at four fixed concrete plans in Beijing.

The Company provides technical services, such as chemical engineering and ready-mix concrete consulting, to contractors. They service areas with no portable presence located within 25 km of plants. China ACM manages the production on-site and receives a percentage of the contractor’s profits based on cost savings generated.

China Advanced Construction Materials Group, Inc. (CADC), closed Friday’s session at $0.80, down 5.64%, on 20,004 volume with 40 trades. The average volume for the last 60 day is 42,456. The 52-week low/high is $0.83/$2.57.

Sky Petroleum, Inc. (SKPI)

Wall Street Resources reported recently on Sky Petroleum, Inc. (SKPI), and today we are reporting on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Sky Petroleum, Inc. is an oil and gas exploration company with activities in Albania and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Company’s main focus is to look for opportunities where discoveries can be appraised rapidly, and developments can be advanced either by accessing existing infrastructure, or by applying the extensive experience of established joint-venture partners. Sky Petroleum lists on the OTC Bulletin Board. The Company has their headquarters in Austin, Texas.  They also have offices in Dubai, UAE, and Tirana, Albania.

Sky Petroleum also plans some higher risk, higher reward exploration prospects. Their core management and technical team consists of proven oil and gas professionals, with extensive global experience in all aspects of exploration, operations and venture capital markets. The Company believes their Production Sharing Contract (PSC), covering three exploration blocks, Four, Five, and Dumre in Albania will provide the basis for near-term cash flow and growth.

The Company has been granted exclusive rights to the three exploration blocks totaling approximately 5,000 km2 (1.2 million acres), representing approximately 20 percent of the land mass of Albania. In addition to the exploration rights, Sky Petroleum will also have access to more than 1,200 km of 2-D seismic data. Prior work on the blocks has identified 10 prospects or exploration leads covering approximately 435 km2.

Sky Petroleum also has their Mubarek Field project in the UAE. This is a producing field offering full access to pipeline facilities and transport infrastructure. The Mubarek Field is 50 kilometers offshore, north-north west of Sharjah, in 200 feet of water. There are two producing intervals, the Ilam/Mishrif light oil reservoir at 12,500 feet and the deeper Thamama gas condensate at 13,500 feet. Sky Petroleum believes that this program will achieve their goal to exploit and maximize the potential of the substantial untapped oil reservoirs known to exist in the Ilam/Mishrif reservoir.

In May, Sky Petroleum announced that they issued 2,000,000 Class A Units at a price of US $0.25 per Unit for total proceeds of $500,000. Mr. Michael Noonan, CFO of Sky Petroleum commented that the Company anticipates that the $500,000 in proceeds from the Offering will be used for general working capital.

Sky Petroleum, Inc. (SKPI), closed Friday’s trading session at $0.18, down 5.26%, on 266,800 volume with 15 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 57,134. The 52-week low/high is $0.07/$0.42.

Georox Resources, Inc. (GXR.V)

Today we are highlighting Georox Resources, Inc. (GXR.V), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Georox Resources, Inc. engages in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas in Western Canada, primarily in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The Company formerly went by the name Oromonte Resources, Inc. They changed their name to Georox Resources, Inc. in August of 2008. Incorporated in 2003, the Company’s shares trade on the TSX Venture Exchange. Georox Resources has their corporate headquarters in Kelowna, British Columbia.

The Company’s strategic objective is to grow shareholder value based on current assets while remaining focused on continued expansion, exploration and production opportunities. This strategic focus provides for stable growing production with current assets in Canada. Georox’s projects include Gift Lake in the Province of Alberta. On June 26, 2009 they completed an acquisition of a Working Interest (WI) in five producing oil wells and a 12.5 percent gross overriding royalty in a sixth well. All the oil wells are producing and the property produces approximately 37 boe's per day.

On September 29, 2011 Georox signed two separate Farmout Agreements in two different areas in northern Alberta with a Company in Alberta. The first Farmout includes one section of land (640 Acres) in northern Alberta with the potential of high productivity light Devonian oil. Georox is the designated Operator of the well and the deadline to drill this well is January 31, 2013.

The second Farmout includes one-half section of land (320 Acres) in northern Alberta also with the potential of high productivity light Devonian oil. Georox is the designated Operator of the well and the deadline to drill this well is also January 31, 2013.

The Company also has their Silverdale Property. This includes the GP Channel Project, the Sparky Non Channel Project, and the Kiskoty Property. In addition, Georox has their North Llyodminster (Lashburn) Property. On July 7, 2010 they purchased 240 acres in the Lloydminster area of Alberta.

Georox Resources, Inc. (GXR.V), closed Friday at $0.16, up 19.23%, on 399,000 volume. The 52-week low/high is $0.10/$0.18.

Stakool, Inc. (STKO)

WiseAlerts, MonsterStocksPicks, Stock Stars, SmallCapReview, MajorPennyStocks, PennyTrader Publisher, and The Green Baron reported on Stakool, Inc. (STKO), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTC Bulletin Board, Stakool, Inc. is a supplier of natural, organic health and wellness products. The Company, through their wholly owned subsidiary, Anthus Life Corp., is committed to being a leading North American supplier of these products. Anthus Life brings to market complementary products that are most suited to the consumer. Stakool has their headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Company’s Natural plus Energy™ bars from subsidiary Anthus Life are endorsed by seven-time Olympic medalist Shannon Miller. Shannon Miller is the only American to rank among the Top 10 All-Time gymnasts and is the only female athlete to be inducted into the US Olympic Hall of Fame twice - (Individual (2006) and Team (2008)). Natural plus Energy™ bars are a healthy, nutrient dense food snack, which contributes to sustaining energy.

Recently, Stakool announced that they continue talks to expand their distribution network with additional national retail chains. The Company continues talks with several well-known retail chains to expand the distribution of their health and wellness products. Stakool is also exploring other non-retail opportunities.

Stakool’s current distribution channels include Le Gourmet Chef. They are a national retailer and subsidiary of Kitchen Collection. They offer a large assortment of gourmet foods, kitchenware and home entertaining products.  Mr. Peter Hellwig, President & Chief Executive Officer of Stakool, stated, "We are trending very well with this chain, and we intend to add other niche and boutique retailers to augment our current footprint."

In addition, Red Rock Resort, in Las Vegas, Nevada, by way of their catering operation, has been a client of Stakool since mid-September 2011. Red Rock Resort offers the Natural plus Energy™ bars on the catering menu for a number of corporate events. Mr. Hellwig stated, "We are in discussions with other large casino resort event hosting operations."

Moreover, Mr. Hellwig stated, "alice.com's direct-to-consumer platform for packaged goods allows us to utilize online direct-to-consumer sales, as our brand gains a greater degree of awareness through retailers, casinos and with Shannon Miller's endorsement."

Stakool, Inc. (STKO), closed Friday’s trading session at $0.001, down 20.00%, on 882,000 volume with 9 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 286,892. The 52-week low/high is $0.001/$0.22.

Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc. (RNIN)

We are reporting on Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc. (RNIN), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc. (WRT) is a leading digital marketing technologies solutions provider. The Company has leading expertise in current and emerging digital media solutions, including signage, interactive kiosks, mobile, social media and web, which enables clients to transform how they engage with their customers. WRT’S shares trade on the NASDAQ Capital Market. The Company has their corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a Canadian office in Windsor, Ontario.

WRT provides marketing technology solutions and services to clients, helping them increase revenue and improve operating efficiencies in the execution of their marketing initiatives. WRT offers a variety of services to support their clients' marketing technology needs. This includes consulting, creative development, project management, installation, training, and support and hosting.

The Company has their RoninCast® digital signage software, which they launched in 2003. This is at the core of their digital signage solution. The RoninCast® network management and content management software platform is cloud-based. With it, the Company’s clients have the power to deliver and manage marketing and advertising campaigns with the touch of a button. This provides them full and immediate control of messaging. Clients can monitor results and make changes instantly. In addition, they can manage multiple installations from one location. By way of dynamic data integration, RoninCast® is leveraged to create results oriented digital signage solutions that integrate with client data sources, mobile apps, web apps, and social media.

At the end of May, WRT announced that they rolled out an upgrade of their flagship RoninCast® software platform to continue to extend the multi-channel integrated marketing technologies offering launched in 2011. The RoninCast® software update includes an automated conversion capability for smartphone and tablet content delivery, and additional data integration capabilities for data-driven content and integration with social media. The update also includes new organization and control features allowing users to align content to their organizational structures, and performance and usability improvements.

Recently, Wireless Ronin Technologies announced that the Company will hold a conference call on Thursday, August 9, 2012 at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time to discuss results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2012. Financial results will be issued in a press release prior to the call. Wireless Ronin's President and CEO, Mr. Scott Koller, and SVP and CFO, Mr. Darin McAreavey, will host the presentation, followed by a question and answer period.

Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc. (RNIN), closed Friday’s trading session at $0.87, up 1.16%, on 37,803 volume with 52 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 20,370. The 52-week low/high is $0.50/$1.56.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


Duma Energy Corp. (DUMA)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Duma Energy Corp. (DUMA). Today, Duma Energy Corp. closed trading at $1.45, up 11.54%, on 39,600 volume with 17 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 4,235, and its 52-week low/high is $1.21/$4.00.

Duma Energy Corp. (DUMA) is an aggressive growth company actively producing oil and gas in the domestic United States, both on and offshore. Leveraging its technical expertise, promising portfolio, and strong financial condition, the company plans to utilize domestic revenues and cash flow to fund its rapid growth through acquisition, while participating in transformational projects with the potential of providing exponential returns for shareholders.

The company's primary goal for fiscal year 2012 and beyond is to drive earnings growth. The company also aims to pursue listing on major exchange(s) to provide better visibility and liquidity to shareholders and financial partners. Already producing and generating revenue from oil and gas in Texas, Illinois, and Louisiana, Duma projects domestic production to exceed 1,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boepd) by the end of 2012; with 2,500 boepd projected by the end of 2013.

Duma was founded in 2005 and began trading on the OTCBB in 2009 via registration. In 2006, the company began producing from its first properties in Texas and soon after added production in Louisiana. In 2009, its new CEO Jeremy G. Driver came on board. Within one year, Mr. Driver had identified and negotiated an acquisition that would fundamentally reshape the company. This acquisition was made possible by the large direct cash investment by Mr. Driver and his family, as well as other investors.

The company uses only industry standard and time-tested technologies, and avoids unproven "resource plays" and other opportunities that are heavily dependent upon high commodity prices. Not bound by any geographical location or operational strategy, Duma's management team is focused on developing its existing portfolio while pursuing additional opportunities that provide rapid growth, leveraging growing revenue, cash flow, and reserves to accelerate its growth strategy. Disclaimer

Duma Energy Corp. Company Blog

Duma Energy Corp. News:

Duma Energy Enters Final Stage of Negotiations for African Concession

Duma Energy Provides Third Quarter Results and Demonstrates Positive Earnings

Duma Energy Announces New Trading Symbol "DUMA"

GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV). Today, GlobalWise Investments, Inc. closed trading at $1.60, even with yesterday's close. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 3,798, and its 52-week low/high is $1.02/$1.87.

GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV), via wholly-owned subsidiary Intellinetics, Inc., is a leading-edge technology company focused on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions for the digital age. The ECM industry continues to grow rapidly as a result of unrestricted proliferation of digital content within today's business environment. Leveraging its proprietary cloud-based computing software, GlobalWise is poised to capture a significant market share of this burgeoning industry.

GlobalWise's ECM service is delivered to customers via five unique delivery models which cover the spectrum of business needs: Cloud/Saas (Software as a Service), Hardware Vendor Integrated Service, Software Vendor Integrated Service, Premise (Client-Server), Hybrid (Premise & Cloud/Saas).This diversity gives advanced security & privacy features with an on-demand structure needed for large Tier 3 and Tier 4 businesses that are currently underserved by the market.

The Intellinetics platform defines a new industry benchmark and game-changing approach by combining advanced virtualization & automated content management with an open and service-oriented architecture using web services. The company provides strategies, tactics, and technologies used to manage paper and digital assets from capture to long-term archive, without the need for manual processes conducted by a full time employee.

GlobalWise's management boasts a combined total of over 60 years in ECM leadership and industry experience. The ECM industry is expected to exceed $5.1 billion by 2013 with Gartner predicting a compound annual growth rate of 9.5%. IBM Market Insights predicts adoption of cloud computing to grow by 26% CAGR between 2010 through 2013. Leveraging management and key department heads, Intellinetics has a strong foundation from which to capture significant market share within the lucrative $149 billion Business Software & Services industry. Disclaimer

GlobalWise Investments Company Blog

GlobalWise Investments News:

GlobalWise CEO to Be Featured Speaker at World Expo 2012 Conference

GlobalWise ECM Software Intellivue™ Named #1 at Prestigious Managed Printer Conference by "The Week in Imaging"

GlobalWise Reports on International Expansion Initiatives

International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO). Today, International Stem Cell Corp. closed trading at $0.32, even with yesterday's close, on 50,369 volume with 19 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 185,894, and its 52-week low/high is $0.21/$1.00.

International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO) specializes in the therapeutic applications of human parthenogenetic stem cells (hpSCs) and the development and commercialization of cell-based research and cosmetic products. The company was first to perfect the natural phenomenon of parthenogenesis, which utilizes unfertilized human eggs to create hpSCs. These stem cells, created in a particular form called HLA homozygous, can be immune-matched to millions of people regardless of sex or racial background, with minimal expectation of immune rejection after transplantation.

hpSCs are as pluripotent as embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and have significant therapeutic potential but their creation does not involve the destruction of a viable human embryo – thus sidestepping the controversy and ethical dilemmas associated with the use of human embryonic stem cells. Different from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSs), hpSCs do not involve manipulation of gene expression back to a less differentiated stage – a practice that may become a safety or regulatory obstacle in clinical applications.

A relatively small number of hpSC lines can offer the potential of producing the first true stem cell bank, UniStemCell, which ISCO intends to create as a means of serving populations across the globe. The company's scientists are currently focused on using hpSC to treat severe diseases of the eye, nervous system, and liver, for which cell therapy has been clinically proven but is limited due to the unavailability of safe human cells.

In addition to its therapeutic focus, ISCO also provides two revenue streams. Firstly through its subsidiary Lifeline Cell Technology, specialized cells and growth media for biological research around the world, and secondly its subsidiary Lifeline Skin Care, the company manufactures and sells anti-aging skincare products utilizing an extract from the hpSC and by leveraging the latest discoveries in the fields of stem cell biology, nanotechnology, and skin cream formulation technology. Disclaimer

International Stem Cell Corp. Company Blog

International Stem Cell Corp. News:

International Stem Cell Corporation's Co-Chairman and CEO Andrey Semechkin PhD Publishes Letter to Shareholders

International Stem Cell Corporation Featured in Stem Cell Technology's Bright Future Article on Seeking Alpha

International Stem Cell Corporation Reports Reaching Milestone in Its Cornea Program

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH). Today, Consorteum Holdings, Inc. closed trading at $0.09, even with yesterday's close on 88,500 volume with 3 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 81,992, and its 52-week low/high is $0.001/$0.018.

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. (CSRH) utilizes the most technically advanced global solutions available today. By working with a multitude of global technologies, Consorteum is able to create customized programs for maximum results. This approach enables unparalleled flexibility when sourcing solutions, resulting in smarter, faster deployment of technologies, competitive pricing, and potential for new streams of revenue.

Through its exclusive software license with Tarsin Inc., the company leverages a team of software developers that understands the complexities of delivering digital media content across mobile handsets. Tarsin is capable of providing clients with integration and support for over 700 mobile carriers globally on a seamless and secure platform to take advantage of the increasing demand for rich mobile content.

Consorteum's flagship CAPSA technology platform brings a universal solution to the problems of wagering and betting on mobile devices. Multiple different operating systems, user interfaces, and form factors have created enormous barriers to launching commercial initiatives. But with CAPSA, gaming operators can now cost-effectively monetize innovative mobile wagering products and services quickly and robustly.

In addition to its mobile initiatives, Consorteum is also actively engaged in the financial industry, providing MasterCard solutions as well as loyalty and reward programs. The company has strategically designed its business initiatives to create repetitive transactions on an ongoing basis. Consorteum's goal is to have their customers think of them more as partners, rather than just technology providers, for longer-lasting, more profitable relationships. Disclaimer

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. Company Blog

Consorteum Holdings, Inc. News:

CORRECTION -- Tarsin, a Leader in Secure Mobile Platform Technology, Forges New Frontiers in Mobile Gaming

Tarsin, a Leader in Secure Mobile Platform Technology, Forges New Frontiers in Mobile Gaming

Consorteum Completes Acquisition of Tarsin Inc.

Plumas Bancorp (PLBC) Promotes Richard Belstock and Kerry Wilson to Executive Vice President Roles

Bank holding company and Plumas Bank’s parent company, Plumas Bancorp, recently announced that they have promoted Richard L. Belstock to executive vice president, CFO and Kerry D. Wilson to executive vice president, chief credit officer.

Mr. Belstock was appointed senior vice president and CFO of the company and the bank in November 2011, but has been with the company since June 2006. As chief financial officer, he now manages accounting, internal audit, and risk management. His duties include financial reporting, budgeting, asset/liability management, and internal controls. Belstock is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics. He also holds a Masters of Accountancy degree from the University of Denver. He has over 30 years of experience in financial accounting and regulatory reporting with 10 of those years as controller and chief accounting officer for Sierra West Bancorp in Truckee. Belstock has been a licensed Certified Public Accountant since 1980.

As chief credit officer, Mr. Wilson manages the Plumas Bank’s loan portfolio. This involves developing, directing, and controlling all lending activities and ensuring that all lending policies and procedures are followed. Having been with the company since 1997, Mr. Wilson received his new title in February 2012. Before that, he served as the senior vice president, credit administrator. For the six years prior, he served as vice president, manager of Plumas Bank’s agricultural services department in Alturas. Wilson graduated Magna Cum Laude from Chico State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Business. He also completed a two-year program at the Western Agricultural Credit School at Washington State University. In 2007, he graduated from a three year graduate level program at the Pacific Coast Banking School located at the University of Washington. Outside of work, Wilson enjoys outdoor activities, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Andrew J. Ryback, president and chief executive officer, commented, “The Board of Directors and I are pleased to acknowledge Richard Belstock and Kerry Wilson through these two very well-deserved promotions. Their strategic insight, dedication and focus have made them an integral part of our executive team and we look forward to their continued contributions.”

Ryback continued, “Richard’s financial industry knowledge and senior-level management experience combined with Kerry’s lending expertise and strategic focus have been crucial to our successful navigation through these challenging times. We are very fortunate to have both Richard and Kerry on Plumas Bank’s executive team.”

pSivida Corp. (PSDV) Receives FDA Clearance for Application to Treat Posterior Uveitis

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared pSivida’s Investigational New Drug (IND) application to treat posterior uveitis with injectable sustained-release micro-insert. pSivida can now move to Phase III trials, which will be in addition to the investigator-sponsored trial studying the same device for posterior uveitis announced last month. pSivida expects to have 300 participants enroll in the Phase III trials for the injectable sustained-release micro-insert.

In the U.S. posterior uveitis affects approximately 175,000 people and is responsible for approximately 30,000 cases of blindness, making it the third largest cause of blindness. It is an ocular inflammatory disease that affects one of the eye’s layers. pSivida’s injectable micro-insert to treat posterior uveitis is a tiny tube about the size of an eyelash that releases the off-patent steroid fluocinolone acetonide at a consistent rate over a period of approximately 36 months. The micro-insert is injected into the back of the eye during an office visit through the use of a fine gauge needle.

“We are very pleased to be cleared to commence phase III clinical trials for the treatment of this blinding disease without the necessity of Phase I or Phase II trials,” said Dr. Paul Ashton, President and CEO of pSivida Corp. “Importantly, the FDA has agreed that the primary end point in these trials will be recurrence of uveitis within 12 months and that we can reference much of the data, including the clinical safety data, from the clinical trials for ILUVIEN® for Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) conducted by our collaborative partner Alimera Sciences, Inc. (Alimera). We appreciate the input provided by the FDA about the design of these trials and believe these design features will be advantageous in terms of cost and time.”

“Because the micro-insert delivers the same drug as our approved Retisert® product for posterior uveitis, we expect to these trials will show efficacy. Further, as the same micro-insert was used in the ILUVIEN trials, we expect to observe a comparable side-effect profile in uveitis patients as was seen in DME patients. As a result, we are optimistic that our micro-insert will be efficacious for posterior uveitis with a favorable risk/benefit profile and fewer side effects than Retisert.”

pSivida is headquartered in Watertown, Ma, and is currently focused on the treatment of chronic diseases of the back of the eye utilizing its core technology systems, Durasert™ and BioSilicon™. pSivida’s most advanced product candidate, ILUVIEN®, which is licensed to Alimera Sciences, Inc. for the treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema (DME), has received marketing authorization for chronic DME considered insufficiently responsive to available therapies in the UK, France, Austria, and Portugal following a positive review by Austria, France, German, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the UK under the Decentralized Procedure.

Platinum Group Metals Ltd. (PLG) Shows Nice Platinum, Palladium, and Gold Results in Recent Update on Sable JV

Platinum Group Metals has put together an impressive array of platinum-rich mineral resource projects in Canada and South Africa, and reported exploration results today on one of their five South African projects, the some 54 square mile Sable Joint Venture, just outside Pretoria (which is some 38 miles north of Johannesburg).

With extant work at the project thus far funded by JV partner Sable Platinum Holdings (Pty) Ltd, which has holdings (much like PLG) throughout the larger Bushveld Igneous Complex (BIC) area, considered by many to be the heart of South Africa’s platinum group metal (PGM) concentrations, PLG geological and field personnel have been doing the requisite completion work. The JV is set up quite well for PLG and Sable Platinum has already put in roughly $1.18M of the $5.14M obligation required as per the JV agreement for Sable Platinum to secure their 51% interest, with the majority of work thus far consisting of key drilling, geophysical surveying, mapping, and soil sampling efforts.

The Sable JV is in a perfect location with abundant resource potential and the some 21k feet of diamond drilling completed to date has helped to rationalize the true bounty of PGM targets available, with the identification of a mineralized layer (the entire BIC is essentially layered igneous) dubbed the “New Reef” being a glowing highlight of the exploration. The New Reef was intersected on the Sable JV property at roughly 423 feet and runs for a thickness of some 14 feet, returning grade values of 1.96 g/t 3E (platinum, palladium, and gold). In fact, looking at the site on the map and knowing that anything inside the Merensky/UG2 reefs (that define the edge of the massive Transvaal basin) are hot targets with virtually assured recovery potential, as the geology is comprised of some of the richest intrusive ore on earth, the potential of this project (which is on the eastern most edge of the Western BIC) should be immediately apparent.

The UG2 Reef was also intersected on Sable’s adjacent Klipfontein JV Project at 6,381 feet, with a thickness of some 6.7 feet at an average grade of 2.64 g/t 3E. Additional drilling behind the sub-crop of the reef lip tends to indicate that the layering distribution is such that true widths are ultimately 80-90% of the intercepts.

R. Michael Jones, P.Eng., CEO of PLG acted not only as Qualified Person for the release of today’s information, but has personally overseen operations on the project since 2002, lending his vast feasibility study and mine operation experience to the project’s success. Setpoint Group division, Set Point Laboratories (ISO 17025/SANAS accredited), handled the fire assay and ICP analysis of drill core samples (accredited to within 0.01-55ppm for gold, platinum, and palladium) and the QA/QC samples were intersticed at a rate of one for every five field samples taken (within two standard deviations of certified mean for platinum/palladium).

With some very nice intercept results among the data and a clear picture of the localized geology that is reinforced by an abundance of external empirical inputs, it seems very clear that the extensive PGM position PLG has put together in the BIC region can drive serious shareholder growth. The Sable JV is coming to the fore here and the company is eager to move forward with the project, as well as their regional strategy, the current main asset of which is the (74% interest) WMJV Project 1 Platinum Mine near Rustenburg, where the company has already begun initial construction (including underground workings) under a $100M budget.

For more information on the exceptionally well-positioned Platinum Group Metals Ltd., or to stay up to date with the latest news and developments, head over to the PLG website at: www.PlatinumGroupMetals.net

Journal of Radiology, Inc. (JRRD) Inks Licensing Deal with Interactive Spaces

Journal of Radiology, a development-stage interactive media display company, today announced that it has signed a definitive license agreement with Interactive Spaces, a Canadian-based company specializing in touchless, gesture recognition technology.

Per the agreement, Journal of Radiology will license Interactive Spaces’ products, technology and brand name. The deal also allows Journal of Radiology to market interactive floors, walls, and multi-touch surfaces to customers globally.

“The licensed product allows us to utilize the computer vision and gesture recognition core technologies developed by Interactive Spaces. This technology will give us the competitive edge to be the first to market, when developing applications for multi-touch surfaces,” Aaron Shrira, president of Journal of Radiology stated in the press release.

Shrira said the company is scheduled to start developing and shipping the products within the next few weeks.

Journal of Radiology will license a wide array of products, including those that feature interactive capabilities; connect and engage directly with consumers in public spaces; and those that have applications for multi-user interactions on a single display screen, among others.

For more information visit www.interactivespaces.ca


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