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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Friday, July 19th, 2013

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List



London Irvine Report reported previously on SEMAFO, Inc. (SMF.TO), and today we are reporting on the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

SEMAFO, Inc. is a mining company with gold production and exploration activities in West Africa. Currently, the Company operates three gold mines. These are the Mana Mine in Burkina Faso, the Samira Hill Mine in Niger, and the Kiniero Mine in Guinea. SEMAFO’s shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange and on the OTC Pink Current Information under the trading symbol “SEMFF”. The Company has their corporate headquarters in Saint-Laurent, Quebec.

SEMAFO’S Mana property is approximately 200 kilometers west of Ouagadougou, the capital city of Burkina Faso. It is host to the Company’s flagship Mana Mine. This is an open-pit mining operation initiated in mid-2008. Permitted property at Mana presently covers 2,119 km2 of land over the prospective Houndé belt. For Q1 2013, delineation drilling at Mana's Siou sector confirmed mineralization and extension.

The Company’s Samira Hill Mine is on the 50-kilometer gold belt known as the Samira Horizon. It is approximately 90 kilometers west of Niamey, the capital of Niger. SEMAFO’s Kiniero Min is in central Guinea, approximately 650 kilometers east of the capital of Conakry.

Yesterday, SEMAFO announced having entered into a heads of agreement with Middle Island Resources Ltd. (MDI.AX) for the sale of a 100 percent interest in African GeoMin Mining Development Corporation Limited (AGMDC).  AGMDC, a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of SEMAFO, holds an 80 percent interest in Société des Mines du Liptako (SML) S.A. (SML), owner of the Samira Hill gold mine in Niger. The Government of Niger owns the remaining 20 percent interest in SML.

The purchase price includes a cash payment of US$1.25 million and a fixed net smelter return (NSR) royalty of 1.2 percent on gold sold from the Samira Hill plant payable by Middle Island Resources to SEMAFO. The NSR is payable only if the spot price of gold is at or more than US$1,450 per ounce, and is capped at US$12 million.

SEMAFO, Inc. (SMF.TO), closed Friday's trading session at $1.81, up 7.10%, on 977,739 volume. The stock's 52-week low/high is $1.23/$4.64.

Medinah Minerals, Inc. (MDMN)

PennyStocks24, Wall Street Wolves, Smart Penny Stocks, The Bull Report, Greenbackers, and Bull Warrior Stocks reported earlier on Medinah Minerals, Inc. (MDMN), and we are highlighting the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Medinah Minerals, Inc. is a Junior Mining Exploration Company that lists on the OTC Pink Current Information. The Company has a number of acquired property interests, all situated in Chile, South America. Medinah’s assets consist mainly in high-grade deposits of gold, silver, copper, and molybdenum. In addition, Medinah Minerals participates in various ownership interests in junior mining exploration projects throughout Chile. Medinah Minerals has their corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Company’s principal holdings consist of the Alto de Lipangue and Las dos Marias claims. The recently expanded contiguous properties cover an area of approximately 15,000 gross hectares. Medinah Mining (Chile), reorganized under the Chilean “Mensura” mining laws, is the registered owner of 100 percent of the Alto de Lipangue and Las dos Marias claims. Medinah Minerals, Inc. (USA) retains a 50 percent equity interest in Medinah Mining (Chile).

Earlier this month, Medinah Minerals announced the appointment of Mr. Dennis B. Tenney as Company Chief Executive Officer, effective July 8, 2013. Mr. Tenney's experience includes over 15 years of experience in global business strategies. He identified and developed new market opportunities and created competitive business plans for companies in Latin America. He has a proven record of recognizing and developing international business and market expansion in North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

This week, Medinah Minerals issued a shareholder update concerning mining developments at the LDM Chile mining project. LDM is in the process of developing formal reserve estimates. The basis of this update is on preliminary and unproven assumptions at this early stage of the mining project.

LDM is a privately owned company. Medinah Minerals’ involvement is not through direct ownership but rather through a profit-sharing position where they will receive a 30 percent portion of LDM’s net production earnings from the Los Amigos #1 claim. Medinah Minerals owns a 51 percent shareholding interest in Medinah Mining Chile, which in turn owns 20 percent of LDM Chile.

Medinah Minerals, Inc. (MDMN), closed Friday's trading session at $0.061, up 15.09%, on 6,163,922 volume with 223 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 1,882,247 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0257/$0.169.

CompuMed, Inc. (CMPD)

Today we are highlighting CompuMed, Inc. (CMPD), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

CompuMed, Inc. is a telemedicine and eHealth provider with corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Their principal business is providing specialized Cardiology services to primary care settings that do not have access to cardio-vascular disease specialists. The Company provides cardiac care through telemedicine and they offer an all-inclusive cardiac screening package using remote U.S. based, board certified cardiologists. They distribute their products globally both directly and by way of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners. CompuMed lists on the OTC Pink Current Information.

The Company’s diagnostic and management tools for the healthcare community focus on telecardiology systems and software solutions. CompuMed offer analysis and remote monitoring for patients with cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases designed to improve healthcare provider workflow and patient care while reducing costs.

Their solutions include remote ECG over-reads, Cardiogram Systems, remote Echocardiogram reads and remote cardiologist consultation. In addition, CompuMed provides specialist interpretations to primary care settings. Therefore, this reduces the need for patient referrals. CompuMed's core product is the CardioGramTM system. It delivers online cardiac test interpretations.

The Company has also developed and marketed diagnostic technologies for skeletal health and bone disease. This includes the diagnoses of osteo-arthritis and osteoporosis. They primarily market these technologies in global markets.

CardioGram system customers are usually correctional facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, occupational health clinics, rural health care providers and physicians' offices. The system reduces healthcare costs considerably through providing remote cardiac screening at the point-of-care.

In September 2012,  CompuMed announced that they signed statewide contracts in conjunction with Wexford Health Sources, Inc. CompuMed is providing CardioGram™ electrocardiogram (ECG) remote interpretation systems and cardiologist over-read services to all state-operated locations within the Arizona Department of Corrections and Maryland Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services. Under terms of both of these contracts, the Company’s CardioGram systems will be used to perform telemedicine enabled remote cardiac screening for detainees at the states' correctional facilities. 

CompuMed, Inc. (CMPD), closed Friday's trading session at $0.139, up 54.44%, on 281,000 volume with 31 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 10,112 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.01/$0.09.

Montalvo Spirits, Inc. (TQLA)

LightningStockPicks, Beacon Equity Research, Stock Preacher, SuperStockTips, Penny Stocks Finder, Investor Soup, Penny Stock Craze, Investors Alley, StockBlogs, and Jason Bond reported this week on Montalvo Spirits, Inc. (TQLA), and we highlight the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Montalvo Spirits, Inc. develops, markets and distributes premium alcoholic beverages. Their first offering is their award-winning Montalvo Tequila. The Company’s plan is to concentrate on artisanal spirit brands with a tradition of excellence and quality. The Company's mission is to build their current portfolio through the incubation of new brands and the acquisition of existing, complementary brands. Montalvo Spirits has locations in Moorpark, California; Sarasota, Florida; Middletown, New York, and San Diego, California. The Company lists on the OTC Bulletin Board. 

In December 2012, Casa Montalvo Holdings, Inc. announced that they went public through a reverse merger with Montalvo Spirits, Inc., formerly Advanced Cloud Storage, Inc. Casa Montalvo Holdings is a developer of branded alcoholic beverages, including Montalvo Tequila. On December 21, 2012, the Company acquired Montalvo in accordance with an Agreement and Plan of Share Exchange.  

At the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2013, Montalvo Tequila's Plata was named Finalist for the Chairman’s Trophy, being awarded 93 points out of 100. Furthermore, at the 2013 Spirits of the Americas Competition, Montalvo's Reposado was named "Best of Class" in the Reposado Tequila category. Montalvo Tequila is currently available in California, Florida, New York, and New Jersey. The expectation is that it will launch in Oregon and Connecticut this month and in August, respectively.

In June, Montalvo Spirits announced the formation of a newly established Advisory Board to assist management in developing distribution and operational strategies and to assist the Company in identifying potential portfolio brands. The Advisory Board will consist of respected members of the wine and spirits industry who will bring decades of collective experience to Montalvo.

In addition, last month, Montalvo Spirits announced that they entered into a sales and marketing agreement with Elite Agave Marketing, LLC. Elite will provide sales and marketing support throughout Florida, with the agreement being exclusive in certain markets in Florida, including Jacksonville. In addition, Montalvo agreed to allow Elite to explore the opportunity to distribute Montalvo Tequila in certain South American countries, and would provide Elite the exclusive sales and marketing rights to those markets. 

Montalvo Spirits, Inc. (TQLA), closed Friday's trading session at $0.741, down 0.54%, on 41,663 volume with 34 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 248,010 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.6568/$1.07.

Novus Robotics, Inc. (NRBT)

Wallstreetlivechat reported this week on Novus Robotics, Inc. (NRBT), OTC Stock Review, Market Bulls did earlier, and today we choose to report on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Novus Robotics, Inc. engages in the area of engineering, design, as well as the manufacture of robotics and automation technology solutions for tube bending machines. The Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary is D & R Technology, Inc. Through D & R, Novus Robotics will provide state of the art automation technologies via their automated tube bending machines. Novus designs, engineers, and builds these for the automotive industry to solve their customers' complex automation needs, increase efficiencies, as well as improve manufacturing processes.

Novus Robotics’ shares trade on the OTC Markets’ OTCQB. The Company has their corporate headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario. Novus Robotics’ D & R Technology subsidiary additionally makes custom-built tooling, provides process development, production support, "on-going" service, preventive maintenance and more. D & R is emerging as one of the world's leading providers of automated manufacturing solutions, used by three of the top ten automotive part suppliers in the world. Novus Robotics’ business is in its early development and operating stages.

The Company is a full service provider of turn-key production solutions, specializing in tubular components for their tube bending machines. Their expertise is in the areas of automation and machinery for computer numerical control (CNC) bending, forming, piercing and laser cutting. Novus produces spare parts for the manufacturing equipment they design. However, the Company does not produce spare parts for automobiles.

So far, the Company’s principal activities include designing and the installation of retrofits to existing automated systems, automated spare parts for their tube bending machines, automated maintenance, and repairs. Currently, Novus is offering products such as Seat Frame Systems, IP Tube systems and Integrated Bend-Weld Systems for the automotive industry. Their chief focus is on product engineering and manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality, product features and efficient manufacturing processing.

Novus Robotics has developed partnerships with market leaders. Through these developed partnerships they provide their customers with business consulting; implementation services; integration solutions; design collaboration; and complementary products necessary for successful deployment of their solutions.

Novus Robotics, Inc. (NRBT), closed Friday's trading session at $0.22, up 41.94%, on 2,599,025 volume with 444 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 100,926 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0023/$0.16.

Northern Tiger Resources, Inc. (NTR.V)

Vantage Wire reported previously on Northern Tiger Resources, Inc. (NTR.V), and today we choose to report on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Northern Tiger Resources, Inc. is a resource exploration company whose shares trade on the TSX Venture Exchange. The Company concentrates on gold and copper exploration in the Yukon, Canada. Their principal projects include the 3Ace property, the Sprogge property; the Sonora Gulch property; and Minto-Style properties in the Yukon. The Company also has their Korat and Del Projects. Northern Tiger Resources is based in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Company’s drilling has intersected 4.6 g/t gold over 35.0 meters (including 106.2 g/t gold over 1.0 meter) at their flagship 3Ace Project in southeast Yukon. The Sonora Gulch copper-gold-silver porphyry project in central Yukon has also returned significant drill results. This includes 0.45 g/t gold and 3.0 g/t silver over 234.0 meters.

Recently, Northern Tiger Resources announced that exploration has started on the Company’s road accessible 3Ace Project in the southeast Yukon. The exploration camp has been reopened; a phase one program consisting of trenching, soil and rock sampling, mapping and prospecting is taking place. A limited diamond drilling program is planned for later in the season. The 3Ace Project hosts extensive gold-in-soil anomalies over nine square kilometers and includes a number of high grade gold showings. Gold mineralization at the Main Zone has a drilled strike length of 220 meters.

Yesterday, Northern Tiger Resources announced that their Korat and Del Projects received approval for funding under the Yukon Mining Incentives Program (YMIP). Through YMIP, the Yukon Government will fund 50 percent of the planned $70,000 exploration programs at each of the projects.

The Korat Property is fully enclosed within Comstock Metal Ltd.'s QV Property. Korat hosts an 800-meter long gold-in-soil anomaly within a larger 1,600-meter pathfinder anomaly. The DEL Project is approximately 30 kilometers southeast of Capstone Mining Corp.'s operating Minto Mine, and 10 kilometers north of Copper North Mining Corp.'s Carmacks Copper deposit. 

Northern Tiger Resources, Inc. (NTR.V), closed Friday's trading session at $0.035, even for the day, on 19,000 volume. The stock's 52-week low/high is $0.03/$0.40.

Cord Blood America, Inc. (CBAI)

Greenbackers, PennyStocks24, Stock Roach, StockHideout, Stock Analyzer, and Penny Stock Rumble reported earlier on Cord Blood America, Inc. (CBAI), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Cord Blood America, Inc. is the parent company of CorCell, Companies, Inc. CorCell, along with Cord Blood America, facilitates umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation for expectant parents and their children. Cord blood stem cells are collected through a safe and non-invasive process. The Company’s mission is to become the most respected, globally dominant stem cell storage company.

Cord Blood America’s shares trade on the OTC Markets’ OTC BB. The Company has their corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. In January of 2003, the Company’s original stem cell storage company, Cord Partners, Inc., launched. In January of 2005, Cord Partners reverse merged into Cord Blood America, Inc. (CBAI) and began trading on the OTC BB.

Cord blood stem cells offer a powerful and potentially life-saving resource for treating a growing number of ailments. These include cancer, leukemia, blood, and immune disorders.

Cord Blood America offers processing and storage services for use by other cord blood banking brands. The Company provides customized cord blood processing solutions using a non-automated processing technique. Their premium process recovers the most stem cells. This process reduces red cell contamination and increases cell viability resulting in a higher quality and quantity of stem cells.

Cord Blood America is licensed in New Jersey, New York, California and Maryland. In addition, the Company is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Company is also a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified laboratory.

Recently, Cord Blood America announced their financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2013. Recurring revenues increased approximately 7 percent for the three months ended March 31, 2013 to $740,124. Cash provided by operations totaled $128,970 in the first quarter. This represents 68 percent of the total full year cash generated in 2012 of $190,323.

EBITDA for the quarter increased 587 percent to $99,985 from $14,542 in the prior year period. The Company’s cash balance increased 40 percent to $369,186, in comparison to the same period the year prior.

Cord Blood America, Inc. (CBAI), closed Friday's trading session at $0.0026, down 13.33%, on 16,220,361 volume with 63 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 10,294,945 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0021/$0.0229.

Chaoda Modern Agriculture Holdings Ltd. (CMGHF)

Small Cap Fortunes reported previously on Chaoda Modern Agriculture Holdings Ltd. (CMGHF), and we are highlighting the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Chaoda Modern Agriculture (Holdings) Ltd. is a foremost grower of fruits and vegetables in China. An investment holding company, they produce, sell, and export various agricultural produce mainly in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as well as worldwide. Their other businesses include livestock breeding, packaged food, rice, timber, and more.

Founded in 1994, the Company lists on the OTC Pink Current Information. Chaoda Modern Agriculture has offices in Fuzhou, Fujian, PRC, and in Wanchai, Hong Kong. Chaoda has been named one of "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" for seven consecutive years between 2004 and 2010. The Company promotes the Green Planting Model to carry out the comprehensive quality control system for agricultural produce.

The Company’s researchers and technicians conduct scientific research on farming methods and agricultural technologies. They conduct this in Research & Development (R&D) centers and also at the Company’s farms. The R&D Department works closely with agricultural universities and Chaoda’s think tanks. The focus is on developing new species as well as improving yields and product quality.

Chaoda’s Huangshan Research Center is staffed by agricultural specialists who are responsible for quality control and research. In addition, the Strategy Research Institute is a vital department operating within the Company’s head office. It is mainly responsible for Government Relations, Marketing, and Public Relations. Chaoda’s IT Department is staffed by software developers, network engineers, and other IT experts.

The Company grows more than 150 species of crops annually at their production bases. Chaoda’s farms are highly standardized and the Company uses uniform planting and cultivation guidelines for each type of produce to ensure quality and consistency. Furthermore, agricultural research takes place at every production base.

Most of Chaoda’s farms have a packaging facility located on the farm or close by. The Company’s proven end-to-end cold chain management system ensures the quick dispatch of perishable goods while emphasizing quality, safety, and tracking. Moreover, Chaoda grows crops specifically to undergo processing for the frozen food industry.

Fruit and vegetable exports make up approximately 30 percent of the Company’s total turnover. Chaoda exports most of their fresh produce to Japan, South Korea, and other parts of Asia. Frozen food exports go to Japan, North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Chaoda Modern Agriculture Holdings Ltd. (CMGHF), closed Friday's trading session at $0.065, up 44.44%, on 654,574 volume with 27 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 85,880 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.019/$0.09.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV). Today, GlobalWise Investments, Inc. closed trading at $0.175, even with yesterday's close. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 18,760, and its 52-week low/high is $0.11/$1.82.

GlobalWise Investments, Inc. was pleased to announce today that President & CEO, William "BJ" Santiago, will be presenting at the Imaging Channel Workflow Conference on July 23rd from 8:30am - 12:30pm at Centric Corporate Headquarters in Baltimore, MD, and also on July 25th from 8:00am - 12:00pm at Des Plaines Office Equipment in Elk Grove Village, in Chicago. To request additional information or to register, contact The Imaging Channel / 1105 Media at 702-438-5557 or visit the links below: http://theimagingchannel.com/events/baltimore-2013/home.aspx http://theimagingchannel.com/events/chicago-2013/home.aspx

GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV), via wholly-owned subsidiary Intellinetics, Inc., is a leading-edge technology company focused on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions for the digital age. The ECM industry continues to grow rapidly as a result of unrestricted proliferation of digital content within today's business environment. Leveraging its proprietary cloud-based computing software, GlobalWise is poised to capture a significant market share of this burgeoning industry.

GlobalWise's ECM service is delivered to customers via five unique delivery models which cover the spectrum of business needs: Cloud/Saas (Software as a Service), Hardware Vendor Integrated Service, Software Vendor Integrated Service, Premise (Client-Server), Hybrid (Premise & Cloud/Saas).This diversity gives advanced security & privacy features with an on-demand structure needed for large Tier 3 and Tier 4 businesses that are currently underserved by the market.

The Intellinetics platform defines a new industry benchmark and game-changing approach by combining advanced virtualization & automated content management with an open and service-oriented architecture using web services. The company provides strategies, tactics, and technologies used to manage paper and digital assets from capture to long-term archive, without the need for manual processes conducted by a full time employee.

GlobalWise's management boasts a combined total of over 60 years in ECM leadership and industry experience. The ECM industry is expected to exceed $5.1 billion by 2013 with Gartner predicting a compound annual growth rate of 9.5%. IBM Market Insights predicts adoption of cloud computing to grow by 26% CAGR between 2010 through 2013. Leveraging management and key department heads, Intellinetics has a strong foundation from which to capture significant market share within the lucrative $149 billion Business Software & Services industry. Disclaimer

GlobalWise Investments Company Blog

GlobalWise Investments News:

GlobalWise CEO to Present at the Imaging Channel Workflow Conference in Baltimore and Chicago

GlobalWise Enters Into New Channel Sales Partnership With TGI Office Automation

GlobalWise Adds Toshiba Business Solutions AZ/CO as New Channel Sales Partner

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM). Today, Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. closed trading at $1.2701, off by 5.85%, on 13,948 volume with 32 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 438,606, and its 52-week low/high is $1.20/$4.994.

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. announced the completion of the second tranche of its previously described registered direct offering consisting of an additional 1,656 shares of Series A convertible preferred stock for gross proceeds of approximately $1.7 million today, bringing the total gross proceeds of the offering to approximately $4.0 million. A detailed description of the terms of the securities purchase agreement as well as the rights, privileges and preferences of the Series A Convertible Preferred Stock is contained in the Company's Current Report on Form 8-K which was filed with the SEC on April 5, 2013.

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM) is a health sciences and regenerative medicine company focused on acquiring and strategically developing new and innovative products and businesses to address significant unmet medical needs. Comprised of large-market opportunities with definable pathways to commercialization, partnering, and other economic monetizations, Cardium's current portfolio includes the Tissue Repair Company, Cardium Biologics, and the company's in-house MedPodium Health Sciences healthy lifestyle product platform.

The company's lead commercial product Excellagen® topical gel for wound care management recently received FDA clearance for marketing and sale in the United States. In addition to plans to advance the product's commercialization in the U.S. and internationally via strategic partnerships, the company plans to develop new product extensions for additional wound healing applications and is working towards securing approval for marketing and sale in South Korea and through the CE Mark application process in the European Union.

Generx®, Cardium's lead clinical development product candidate, is a DNA-based angiogenic biologic designed to treat patients with myocardial ischemia due to coronary artery disease. Cardium recently initiated its Generx Phase 3 / registration study in Russia. Consistent with its capital-efficient business model, Cardium is also actively evaluating new technologies and business opportunities. The company utilizes its team's skills in late-stage product development to bridge the critical gap between promising new technologies and product opportunities that are ready for commercialization.

Cardium is dedicated to building on its core products and product candidates to continually create new opportunities for greater success. Leveraging the advantages of its capital-efficient, asset-based business strategy, the company provides a diversified and more balanced portfolio of risk/return opportunities with the chief objective of providing long-term shareholder value. Disclaimer

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. Company Blog

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. News:

Cardium Completes Preferred Stock Financing

Cardium Announces Reverse Stock Split

Cardium Announces Final Voting Results Of Annual Meeting Of Stockholders

International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO). Today, International Stem Cell Corp. closed trading at $0.15, on 5,550,100 volume with 475 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 103,661, and its 52-week low/high is $0.161/$0.41.

International Stem Cell Corp. announced the pricing today of a public offering of 20,000,000 units, each unit consisting of one share of common stock and one Series A Warrant to purchase one share of common stock at an exercise price of $0.15 per share. The units are being offered at a price of $0.15 per unit, with another 20M Series B Warrants, each to purchase one unit. Purchasers will receive one Series B Warrant for each unit purchased. The Company intends to use the net proceeds from this offering to fund its research and development activities, including the Parkinson's disease program and for general working capital needs.

International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO) specializes in the therapeutic applications of human parthenogenetic stem cells (hpSCs) and the development and commercialization of cell-based research and cosmetic products. The company was first to perfect the natural phenomenon of parthenogenesis, which utilizes unfertilized human eggs to create hpSCs. These stem cells, created in a particular form called HLA homozygous, can be immune-matched to millions of people regardless of sex or racial background, with minimal expectation of immune rejection after transplantation.

hpSCs are as pluripotent as embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and have significant therapeutic potential but their creation does not involve the destruction of a viable human embryo – thus sidestepping the controversy and ethical dilemmas associated with the use of human embryonic stem cells. Different from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSs), hpSCs do not involve manipulation of gene expression back to a less differentiated stage – a practice that may become a safety or regulatory obstacle in clinical applications.

A relatively small number of hpSC lines can offer the potential of producing the first true stem cell bank, UniStemCell, which ISCO intends to create as a means of serving populations across the globe. The company's scientists are currently focused on using hpSC to treat severe diseases of the eye, nervous system, and liver, for which cell therapy has been clinically proven but is limited due to the unavailability of safe human cells.

In addition to its therapeutic focus, ISCO also provides two revenue streams. Firstly through its subsidiary Lifeline Cell Technology, specialized cells and growth media for biological research around the world, and secondly its subsidiary Lifeline Skin Care, the company manufactures and sells anti-aging skincare products utilizing an extract from the hpSC and by leveraging the latest discoveries in the fields of stem cell biology, nanotechnology, and skin cream formulation technology. Disclaimer

International Stem Cell Corp. Company Blog

International Stem Cell Corp. News:

International Stem Cell Corporation Announces Pricing of Public Offering

International Stem Cell Corporation to Present Data From Its Parkinson's Disease Program at Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting

Lifeline Skin Care Expands Asian Distribution

GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP). Today, GNCC Capital, Inc. closed trading at $0.0096, up 20.00%, on 1,237,393 volume with 31 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 663,593, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0031/$0.09.

GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) is a gold and silver exploration company with six different projects, all of which were carefully selected due to their outstanding characteristics. The company’s geologists will supervise an extensive exploration program for these projects to prove up reserves through geological surveys and a substantial number of carefully planned drilling programs.

The company’s initial exploration properties, located in Arizona, consist of Esther Basin, Burnt Well, Clara Gold, Kit Carson, Silverfields, and Potts Mountain. GNCC Capital plans to create significant value for its initial properties portfolio through continued exploration and joint ventures, as well as through acquiring additional gold and silver exploration assets.

GNCC Capital currently holds circa 80% of its assets in gold exploration properties. The strong rise in gold prices over recent years make this company attractive to investors seeking to benefit from the increasing value of precious metals. Backed by a world-class management team with decades of experience in the financial and mining sectors, GNCC Capital is well positioned to capitalize on the upward trend.

The company’s focus is creating value for its shareholders, employees, and business and social partners through responsible and safe exploration, mining, and marketing. While gold exploration is the company’s main focus, GNCC Capital will take advantage of value-creating opportunities in other minerals where it can leverage existing assets, skills, and experience. Disclaimer

GNCC Capital, Inc. Company Blog

GNCC Capital, Inc. News:

GNCC Capital, Inc. Completes the Acquisition of the White Hills Gold Properties

GNCC Capital, Inc. Nears Completion of the Acquisition of the White Hills Gold Properties

GNCC Capital, Inc. Reaches Agreement to Acquire White Hills Gold Properties

GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV) Scheduled to Present at Imaging Channel Workflow Conferences

GlobalWise Investments just announced that William “BJ” Santiago, President & CEO of the company, will present at the Imaging Channel Workflow Conference on July 23rd from 8:30am – 12:30pm at Centric Corporate Headquarters in Baltimore, MD, and on July 25th from 8:00am – 12:00pm at Des Plaines Office Equipment in Elk Grove Village, Chicago, IL.

For additional information on the conferences, visit the links below:


The Imaging Channel is focused on bringing together the leading market information, business concepts, strategies, and people in managed print. The organization’s aim is to provide a centralized community where dealers and resellers can find the best information, partners, and products for their program.

To learn more about GlobalWise Investments, visit www.globalwiseinvestments.com

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM) Raises $4.0M in Preferred Stock Financing

Cardium Therapeutics has completed the second tranche of its previously announced registered direct offering consisting of an additional 1,656 shares of Series A convertible preferred stock for gross proceeds of approximately $1.7 million, bringing the total gross proceeds of the offering to approximately $4.0 million.

For a detailed description of the terms of the securities purchase agreement as well as the rights, privileges, and preferences of the Series A Convertible Preferred Stock, view CXM’s current report on Form 8-K here: http://dtg.fm/45Ml.

CXM is an asset-based health sciences and regenerative medicine company engaged in the acquisition and strategic development of products and businesses with the potential to address significant unmet medical needs and having definable pathways to commercialization.

For more information, visit www.cardiumthx.com

International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO) Provides Details on Public Offering

International Stem Cell Corp., a biotech company developing stem cell based therapies, today announced the pricing of a public offering. Consisting of one share of common stock and one Series A Warrant to purchase one share of our common stock at an exercise price of $0.15 per share, each of the 20,000,000 units are being sold at $0.15.

The company is also offering up to 20,000,000 Series B Warrants, each to purchase one unit. Purchasers will receive one Series B Warrant for each unit purchased. Additional details on the Series B Warrants can be found in today’s press release. Each Series A Warrant will be immediately exercisable at an initial exercise price of $0.15 per share. The Series A Warrants will expire on the fifth anniversary of the initial date of issuance.

International Stem Cell Corp. plans to use the net proceeds from this offering to fund its research and development activities, as well as for general working capital purposes.

Roth Capital Partners acted as the sole placement agent for the offering. The securities are being offered by the company pursuant to a registration statement on Form S-1 filed with the SEC. A final prospectus relating to the offering can be found on the SEC’s website located at www.sec.gov. Electronic copies of the prospectus also may be obtained from Roth Capital Partners, LLC Equity Capital Markets, 888 San Clemente Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660, at 800-678-9147.

For more information, visit www.internationalstemcell.com

StreamTrack, Inc. (STTK) Offers Array of High-Impact Advertising Channels

StreamTrack offers audio and video streaming and advertising services through its RadioLoyalty™ platform. The company is also developing its patent-pending WatchThis™ technology designed to provide Web, mobile, and IP television streaming services that are e-commerce enabled within streamed content.

STTK’s solutions are applicable for agencies and advertisers, publishers and broadcasters, mobile providers, and developers and partners. They are available through several rapidly growing channels:

Video is one of the fastest growing online advertising formats, with an expected growth of more than 40% this year, according to eMarketer.

Display advertising has evolved from “banner ads” to a wider scope of display ad formats including rich media and video.

Mobile marketing is growing in leaps and bounds, with usage up 39% compared to 2011. STTK offers mobile marking opportunities through its RadioLoyalty™ platform.

Virtual Currency allows listeners to earn loyalty points and redeem them for merchandise offered by STTK partners. This concept encourages listener interaction and brand loyalty.

To disseminate its offerings and extend its market reach worldwide, STTK has established a network of advertisers and content providers around the world partnering with more than 1,300 Internet and terrestrial radio stations in the United States, the largest IPTV provider in Asia, and one of the leading Internet radio guides in the United States. In addition, the company has formed an alliance with PPTV, China Mobile Entertainment Holdings, LTD and One World Media Group as part of a strategic alliance to deliver Internet radio to Asia.

For more information, visit www.StreamTrack.com


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