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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Monday, June 13th 2011

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. (DSNY)

Today we are reporting on Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. (DSNY), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1991 as a video game developer. Since that time, the Company has become a leading provider of secure digital content distribution solutions. This includes audio and video streaming solutions and secure file distribution to customers worldwide. Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. has their headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Company has developed two broad product lines. One is MPE®. It enables the secure download of audio or video to a user's computer. Content can be locked to a recipient computer marked with a digital watermark that identifies copies. Destiny Media Technologies' largest and fastest growing product in the MPE® line is Play MPE®.

The recording industry uses the Play MPE® system to distribute, securely, new pre-release music via the internet to trusted recipients. These recipients include radio, media and VIP's. More than 400,000 tracks have undergone delivery to 50,000 registered industry insiders since the system's launch. This represents 240 million deliveries. 

Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.'s other product line is Clipstream®. It enables users to stream internet audio and video directly inside an email or web page. The basis of the system is the Java applet. The content will play directly within the email or web page rather than in a separate window; it will instantly play for 98 percent of the internet audience without the download of additional application software.

The Company has developed a suite of four distinct software products, which incorporate their Clipstream® technology. They market these under their Clipstream® brand name. These are Clipstream® Audio, Clipstream® Video, Clipstream® Live, and Clipstream® Audiomail.

In early June, Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) approved patent claims for a proprietary watermarking solution. A patent will be granted imminently for application number 11/874839 "Methods for Watermarking Media Data".  This technology enables content owners to trace back the source of pirated content.

This solution is initially being offered as part of Destiny's Play MPE® secure media distribution service. However, the anticipation is that with the patent in place, the technology can be licensed more widely and can be used to mark other types of audio and video content for online and offline distribution.

This is the Company's second patented technology.  Their "Digital Media Distribution Method and System" (7466823) is a system for recognizing individual recipient computers and locking the content so that it will only play back on that authorized device.

Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. (DSNY) closed Monday's trading session at $0.33, up 3.13%, on 37,985 volume with 12 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is $0.30/$0.48.

ShengdaTech, Inc. (SDTH)

Apex Penny Stocks and Stocks Cassanova reported last week on ShengdaTech, Inc. (SDTH), Investor Update, Daily Profit, Greenbackers did earlier, and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

ShengdaTech, Inc. engages in the business of manufacturing, marketing, and selling nano-precipitated calcium carbonate (NPCC) products. The Company converts limestone into NPCC using their proprietary and patent-protected technology. ShengdaTech co-developed their advanced membrane dispersion microstructure reactor technology with Tsinghua University, which produces true NPCC particles. ShengdaTech, Inc. has their corporate headquarters in Shanghai, China.

NPCC is a functional filler used in an array of products to enhance their value. NPCC refers to ultra-fine precipitated calcium carbonate with an average particle diameter of less than 100 nanometers.

NPCC products are increasingly used in tires, paper, paints, building materials, and other chemical products. At ShengdaTech’s R&D centre in Shanghai, the Company focuses on expanding current applications and developing new applications for NPCC such as modifier, asphalt, plastics, paints, and paper.

ShengdaTech, Inc. has an extensive customer base in China. In addition, the Company currently exports to Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Latvia and Italy.

The Company's membrane separation process is being used in their NPCC facility in Xianyang.  The process allows ShengdaTech to produce better quality NPCC particles and to save energy - one of the largest cost components in the production process. The particles prepared with the technology are more uniform, have high mass transfer efficiency, high throughput, low-energy consumption, and controllability in comparison with those by direct precipitation method or the ultra gravity method.

ShengdaTech, Inc.'s NPCC products are ultra-fine and pure; they have a particle size and crystal shape that can be controlled effectively in the production process to provide highly effective fillers and additives for tires and PVC building materials. NPCC is highly compatible with rubber if modified by a surface coating agent. It fills the spatial structure in rubber and enhances the property of rubber products.

NPCC can be used solely as a filler, which has a reinforcing effect. It also can be applied with other fillers such as precipitated calcium carbonate, argil and titanium oxide for reinforcement, filling, improving the process and property of products and reducing rubber content. NPCC can be used to substitute, partially, some expensive materials such as titanium oxide and silicon dioxide.

The Company is working to continue to improve their technology to reduce energy consumption and pollution to the environment. The membrane separation technology jointly developed with Tsinghua University provides the Company with greater control over the quality of their NPCC products; this technology enables very stable grain-size of nano particles.

ShengdaTech, Inc. (SDTH) closed Monday's trading at $0.25, even with yesterday’s close, on 2,057,141 volume with 426 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 62,338.  The 52-week low/high is $3.26/$6.45.

Brownie's Marine Group, Inc. (BWMG)

Investors Daily Edge reported previously on Brownie's Marine Group, Inc. (BWMG), and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Brownie's Marine Group, Inc. does business through their wholly owned subsidiary, Trebor Industries, Inc., d/b/a Brownie's Third Lung, a Florida corporation. The Company designs, tests, manufactures and distributes recreational hookah diving, yacht based scuba air compressor and nitrox generation systems, and scuba and water safety products. Brownie's Marine Group, Inc. has their headquarters and manufacturing facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Brownie's Marine Group, Inc. has grown from a garage-based business in the late 1960s, to an industry leading manufacturing and distribution company. Mr. Brown (Brownie) started Brownie’s Third Lung (BTL) in 1969 because of his personal desire to dive for tropical fish with as much freedom as possible.

Mr. Robert Carmichael, Brownie’s first full time employee, took over ownership of the Company from Mr. Brown in 1985. The Company changed their name to Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc. during the third quarter of 2007; a name they believe more closely reflects their line of business.

Mr. Carmichael has operated the wholly owned subsidiary, Trebor Industries, Inc., as their President since 1986. Since April 16, 2004, Mr. Carmichael has served as President, Principal Accounting Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the Company. From March 23, 2004 to April 26, 2004, Mr. Carmichael served as the Company's Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer. He is the holder or co-holder of numerous patents that are used by Trebor and several other large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the diving industry.  

The Company serves middle-income boat owners, higher income yacht owners, recreational divers, military operators and public safety personnel. Brownie's Marine Group holds multiple U.S. patents in the field of diving and life safety products.

The Company sells their products on a wholesale and retail basis. Brownie's diving and marine based products are generally marketed under the Brownie's Third Lung, Brownie's Tankfill, and Brownie's Public Safety trade names. Brownie's products and support, service divers at all levels of the underwater world. This is from shallow-water dive systems to deep-water mixed gas support systems for exploration divers and submariners.  

Brownie's Marine Group, Inc. primarily distributes their products on a wholesale basis to retail dive stores, marine stores, boat builders, and shipyards. The Company retails their products to boat owners, recreational divers, and commercial divers, as well as through the Internet.

Brownie's Marine Group, Inc. (BWMG) closed Monday's session at $0.07, up 16.67%, on 6,532 volume.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 2,756.  The 52-week low/high is $0.05/$1.90.

First American Scientific Corp. (FASC)

Stock Fortune Teller reported previously on First American Scientific Corp. (FASC), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

First American Scientific Corp. owns a patented kinetic disintegration system called the KDS Micronex System and several process patents or patents pending that utilize the technology (KDS). The Company has proven commercial viability for several of their applications; they are currently expanding the marketing of KDS. To date, they have sold systems in Canada, the United States, Poland, Latvia, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Several other prospective sales are in various stages of realization.

First American Scientific Corp. has a manufacturing office in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Their U.S. Corporate Office is in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their International Sales and Marketing office is in Portland, Oregon.

The Company's KDS consists of an electrically powered disintegration/drying chamber and feeding system. It utilizes kinetic energy and standing sound waves to pulverize various waste materials such as biomass (wood waste), pulp sludge, animal waste, food waste, rubber, glass, and other feedstocks into valuable, fine, dry, talcum-like powders useable as a combustible fuel or a high nutrient fertilizer.

Their technology is best suited for "waste to resources" industrial applications for which the Company can manufacture, sell, lease and/or license the KDS system to end users in the pulp and paper industries, agriculture, and recycling.

The KDS system uses a patented high-speed rotary action to create sufficient kinetic energy to pulverize and dry (micronize) raw materials that are introduced into the chamber without cutting. The KDS machine weighs approximately five tons. It measures sixteen feet high, by ten feet long, by eight feet wide.

The KDS is powered by a 150 or 250 hp main drive electric motor; it uses 5 smaller ancillary motors to move product through the chamber and discharge. The feed material is usually one inch in diameter and carried by a pneumatic lift or conveyor and material grading system, passing through the KDS system at various rates, dependent up product size, moisture content and hardness.

Applications of First American Scientific Corp.'s KDS System include converting biomass to combustible fuel or fertilizer; drying and grinding of pulp sludge, and drying and grinding animal waste/municipal sewage/food waste. Applications also include pulverizing of mineral rock to release precious metals; micronizing scrap rubber, and micronizing of recycled glass. Currently, the Company has three KDS models, and variations of them, available, designed for various feedstocks and applications.

First American Scientific Corp. (FASC) closed Friday's session at $0.031, even for the day, on 8,500 volume with 3 trades. The stock's 60-day average daily volume is 111,154 and its 52-week low/high is $0.001/$0.041.

Global Minerals, Ltd. (CTG.V)

Today we are highlighting Global Minerals, Ltd. (CTG.V), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Global Minerals, Ltd. is an exploration and development company that lists on the TSX Venture Exchange. The Company focuses on developing their high-grade silver, copper, antimony Strieborná deposit in Slovakia. The Strieborná vein is a high-grade silver-copper-antimony deposit with a defined resource.  The project is part of an historic mining district near the town of Roznava in eastern Slovakia.   

Esperanza Resources Corp. (EPZ.V) owns 35 percent of Global Minerals, Ltd. Esperanza Resources' principles were previously familiar with the Roznava Project and are now involved in supervising the technical programs and future development. Global Minerals, Ltd. has their headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Roznava Project has upside exploration potential and the polymetallic mineralization has a high-grade nature. The project has excellent infrastructure, including sufficient electrical power, railway access, paved highways and a work force experienced with underground operations.  Underground access is available through old mine workings.

Recently, Global Minerals, Ltd. announced several management appointments to strengthen their mining team in Slovakia and their marketing and investor relations efforts around the world. Mr. Bohus Sliacky, Mine Manager brings 24 years of senior mine management and executive experience in Slovakia. Mr. Sliacky is a Mining Engineer and graduate of the Technical University in Kosice.

Mr. Ivan Dianiska, Hydrogeologist is a Geological Engineer with a degree from the University in Bratislava. His thesis was a study of the waters flowing from the Strieborná and Maria Mines in Roznava. Ms. Lubica Parilakova, Manager of Investor Relations, is a communications professional with more than five years of experience in marketing, business development, publicity, brand strategy and journalism.

Today, Global Minerals, Ltd. announced positive drill results from a six hole 1,703 m surface drilling program on their 100 percent owned Roznava project in eastern Slovakia. The Company believes that this is the first time the Strieborná vein has undergone analysis for gold. The presence of gold may provide an additional credit if recovered in concentrates and will now undergo consideration in future economic assessments.

Mr. William Bond, VP Exploration for Global Minerals, Ltd., said, "The drill results are promising and support the current resource model and respective grades. The drill program was designed to evaluate the upper northeast portion of the vein where previous drilling was limited. The reported grades are consistent with previous underground sample data and resource estimates in the vicinity of the drill holes intersections.  We anticipate that we will continue to add or upgrade our resource base as drilling continues in this area."

Global Minerals, Ltd. (CTG.V) closed Monday's trading session at $0.76, down 5.00%, on 216,204 volume.  The 52-week low/high is $0.08/$1.34.

The Pulse Beverage Corp. (PLSB)

Street Authority reported last week on The Pulse Beverage Corp. (PLSB), Wyatt Investment Research, The Stock Advisor, Investor Spec Sheet, Investor Guide, Millennium-Traders, Oakshire News Bulletin, and Investopedia did recently, and we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

The Pulse Beverage Corporation is a development stage company preparing to manufacture, distribute and market the Pulse® brand of NutriPurpose™ beverages. The Company formed to develop and market into niche segments of the beverage industry. So far, they have started marketing non-alcoholic water-based drinks. The Pulse Beverage Corporation is based in Denver, Colorado.

The Company is introducing their Pulse® brand of NutriPurpose™ water-based beverages in three separate categories via a nationwide sales network. Their line of NutriPurpose™ beverages address key nutritional needs of people of all ages but specifically for people aged 30-plus.

The Pulse Beverage Corporation has extensive experience in nutritional solutions. This particularly includes the Company's expertise in formulating non-water soluble ingredients into a water-based solution and developing specialized containers to assure stability and shelf life.

Their beverages contain functional ingredients. These include certain vitamins and anti-oxidants (Vitamins C, D, E, B6, and B12, Folic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, lycopene, selenium, soluble fiber, green tea catechins and soy isoflavones).

Pulse® NutriPurpose™ beverages were developed by the Baxter Healthcare Corporation to be scientifically effective per the recommended servings. They contain ingredients that are widely considered to support adult health.

Concerning The Pulse Beverage Corporation's future plans, the Company is in discussions to secure the distribution and marketing rights to a high-end still water product. This product is similar to “FIJI®” water.

At the end of May, The Pulse Beverage Corporation announced their efforts to ensure their recently formulated Cabana™ Lemonades will be available for summertime sales. They have confirmed the first major order of their 20 oz Cabana™ Lemonade bottles from Richards Packaging, based in Portland, Oregon. The Company has ordered enough bottles to produce an initial run of approximately 50,000 cases of Cabana™ Lemonade.

The Company also reported that production dates have been booked with the Company's first co-packing facility, Lieb Foods of Portland, Oregon. They have also started the placement of orders for the key ingredients that ensure product positioning as the only exclusive All-Natural line of lemonades available. The All-Natural distinction qualifies Cabana™ Lemonades for retail sales at discerning outlets including health food stores.

The Pulse Beverage Corp. (PLSB) closed Monday's trading session at $1.16, down 4.92%, on 52,470 volume with 54 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 66,077.  The 52-week low/high is $0.60/$1.37. 

Golden Spirit Enterprises Ltd. (GSPTE)

Today we are reporting on Golden Spirit Enterprises Ltd. (GSPTE), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Golden Spirit Enterprises Ltd. is an environmentally, socially conscious Company specializing in green technologies. They were formerly known as Golden Spirit Gaming Ltd. They changed their name to Golden Spirit Enterprises Ltd. in June of 2006. Founded in 1993, Golden Spirit Enterprises Ltd. has their headquarters in Patchogue, New York.

The Company is marketing Terralene Fuel. This is a patented fuel alternative formulation that is the equivalent of 87 octane regular gasoline and utilizes renewable energy sources in 45 percent of its composition. Terralene's fuel reduces greenhouse gas and other environmental damaging emissions and can be easily integrated into the existing fuel infrastructure.

The Terralene® formulation is somewhat based on fossil fuels and other non food chain agricultural components. Its design is as a Green and Clean Alternative Renewable Fuel.

In Waste To Energy Technology, Golden Spirit Enterprises Ltd.'s Thermal Oxidation Process System (TOPS) Greencycle Gasification plants decompose organic matter (with heat and air). They recover non-organics by utilizing specialized equipment and are a proven alternative to landfills.

Greencycle uses low heat (500-600 Celsius) to convert all the carbon locked up in unsorted garbage into a form where it produces high quality heat via a second stage gas oxidizer running at approximately 1,100 Celsius. This process creates energy, enough to make electrical energy and support district heating/greenhouses. The Greencycle system provides controlled conditions to utilize Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for accelerated plant growth in greenhouses and algae farms. 

In May, Golden Spirit Enterprises Ltd. reported that the Company prepared a budget and proposal as per the request of the Library of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Giu Lin Su Qiao Development Zone Co. Ltd. (LGSR). This is to develop and market Terralene Fuel in Guangxi, China.

The proposed joint venture between the Company and LGSR calls for an investment of US$2 Million by LGSR. This will allow for the construction of a blending facility, holding tanks, land, building and blending components as well as working capital.

The blending facility will produce approximately 4.3 million gallons of Terralene monthly. This is in line with LGSR's mandate in developing an alternative fuel that will not only assist in reducing China's carbon emissions problem but is economically viable as well to the consumer. LGSR is a state owned Company based in Guangxi.

Golden Spirit Enterprises Ltd. (GSPTE) closed Monday at $0.05, up 4.17%, on 862,670 volume with 12 trades.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 71,799.  The 52-week low/high is $0.02/$0.07. Holdings, Inc. (MBKR)

We are reporting on Holdings, Inc. (MBKR) today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter. Holdings, Inc., via their subsidiaries, engages in mortgage brokerage operations in Canada. The Company serves the borrowing and refinancing needs of individual homebuyers and owners. Founded in 2003, Holdings, Inc. is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Company also has regional offices in Mississauga, Ontario, as well as Calgary, Alberta, and Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada.  The Company's shares trade on the OTC Bulletin Board. Holdings, Inc. was incorporated under the laws of Delaware on February 6, 2003 as MagnaData, Inc. They changed their name to Holdings, Inc. in February of 2005. They have access to a variety of mortgage lenders. These include banks, trusts, private lender sources, and lenders who lend mortgage funds. The Company provides their services to consumers through a national sales agency network.

Over the past three years, Holdings, Inc. has conducted sales and operations through their subsidiaries in Canada only. One subsidiary is Inc. This subsidiary is an Ontario, Canada provincially incorporated company that currently holds the Company's licensure for operating as a mortgage broker in the Province of Ontario.

Another subsidiary is Financial Group of Companies Inc.  This subsidiary is a Canadian federally incorporated company. They currently hold the Company's licensure for operating as a mortgage broker in the Provinces of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

A third subsidiary of Holdings, Inc. is MBKR Holdings Inc. This subsidiary is a Canadian federally incorporated company. They were incorporated on November 24, 2008 for the intended centralization of back office services in Canada.

The Company's fourth subsidiary is MBKR Franchising Inc. This subsidiary is a Canadian federally incorporated company. They were incorporated on January 30, 2009. The Company is a mortgage brokerage franchisor selling the business system in Canada.

As at March 31, 2011, Holdings, Inc. had 345 licensed mortgage agents operating across Canada. As at March 31, 2011, they had 11 full-time employees and 1 full-time contract staff for a total of 12 full-time staff. Holdings, Inc. (MBKR) closed Monday's trading session at $0.01, even with yesterday’s close, on 1,000 volume.  The average volume for the last 60 days is 5,320.  The 52-week low/high is $0.01/$0.07.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


PanGenex Corp. (PGCX)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight PanGenex Corp. (PGCX). Today, PanGenex Corp. closed trading at $0.0049 on 34,936,843 volume with 317 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 381,582 with a 52-week low/high of $0.0011/$0.009.

PanGenex Corp. (PGCX) is a nutraceutical and dietary supplement developer focused on pursuing business opportunities in the $70 billion nutraceutical and dietary supplement industry. With a focus on the cardiovascular health segment, the company develops and markets sector-leading, patented or patent-pending, condition-specific nutraceuticals and topical over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and personal care products.

Many of the PanGenex’s products are available anywhere without a prescription. Primary products offered by the company include Calci-Clear, LIPIDEME and Omeganol, all of which address Soft Tissue Calcification (STC), an abnormal hardening or thickening of soft tissues (such as arteries). This condition is linked to over half of chronic diseases and currently affects an estimated 196 million Americans, or 60 percent of the U.S. population.

The company’s products are currently sold to healthcare practitioners in 20 U.S. states, Canada, Puerto Rico, Canada, Brazil, and Australia as well as online at Since 2006, PanGenex has voluntarily submitted its product labels to the FDA without incidence. Disclaimer

PanGenex Corp. Blog

PanGenex Corp. News:

PanGenex Engages Phillips Sales & Marketing

PanGenex Shareholder Update

PanGenex (PGXC) Welcomes Ronald P. Caputo, MD, FACC, FSCAI, to Its Board of Directors and TeleTech Wins Outstanding Employer Award


The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight VIASPACE, Inc. (VSPC) Today, VIASPACE, Inc. closed trading at $0.012, up 7.14%, on 463,100 volume with 16 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 946,036 with a 52-week low/high of $0.0055/$0.02.

VIASPACE, Inc. (VSPC) is a clean energy company focused on providing products and technology for renewable and alternative energy that reduce or eliminate dependence on fossil fuels and other high-pollutant energy sources. Through its subsidiary, VIASPACE Green Energy Inc., the Company globally markets its proprietary Giant King™ Grass --a high-yield, dedicated energy crop-- as a low carbon, renewable replacement for coal to generate electricity and heat, and as a nonfood feedstock for second-generation liquid biofuels to replace fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel fuel.

VIASPACE Green Energy Inc. (VGREF) also manufactures and sells Green Log™ – low carbon fireplace and campfire logs made from Giant King Grass at the company's factory co-located at its 280 acre plantation.

"14 foot tall Giant King Grass can be harvested two or three times a year as a fuel for power plants or feedstock for biofuels"

VIASPACE Green Energy Inc. (VGREF) globally markets its proprietary Giant King™ Grass --a high-yield, dedicated energy crop-- as a low carbon, renewable replacement for coal to generate electricity and heat and as a nonfood feedstock for second-generation liquid biofuels to replace fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel fuel. The company also manufactures and sells Green Log™ low carbon fireplace and campfire logs made from Giant King Grass.

Biomass is carbon neutral. Biomass is a renewable energy source that comes from plant material such as Giant King Grass. Photosynthesis converts solar energy and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into plant material. Burning plant material in a power plant releases the carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere, but it is reabsorbed again when the next crop grows making it carbon neutral.

Biomass is an important renewable energy source for both developing and industrialized countries. Heavy dependence on coal and imported petroleum has led to a major increase in global carbon dioxide emissions as well as significant geopolitical, economic and environmental issues.

Giant King Grass can be burned - either directly or in pellet form - as a replacement for coal or oil in electric-power plants to produce low-carbon electricity and useful heat. It can also be used to produce bio methane in anaerobic digesters..

Giant King Grass can be used as a feedstock to make Grassoline - liquid transportation biofuels such as cellulosic ethanol, butanol and green gasoline - and to produce biochemicals and bio-plastics.

Giant King Grass is a non-food crop and can be grown on marginal lands which are not being used for growing food. Using food crops to produce biofuel is discouraged or banned in almost all countries around the globe.

Giant King Grass is low cost because of its extreme high-yield, meeting the cost targets of green energy applications. Electricity produced from burning Giant King Grass is one-fourth the cost of electricity from solar energy and half the cost of wind energy. Furthermore, Giant King Grass and other biomass power plants can operate 24 hours a day, whereas solar and wind produce electricity only when it is sunny or windy.

Giant King Grass pellets can be used to replace up to 20% of coal in existing power plants, reducing carbon emissions by the same percentage while preserving the large capital investment and allowing power companies to meet carbon dioxide emissions reduction requirements for the next 10 to 30 years.
In addition to Giant King Grass, through its subsidiary Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corp., VIASPACE designs and manufactures disposable methanol fuel cartridges that supply the energy source for fuel cell powered portable electronics such as notebook computers and mobile phones. Fuel cells cleanly and efficiently convert methanol into electricity without burning and provide longer operating time and instantaneous recharging compared to traditional batteries.

Through its advanced-technology subsidiary, Ionfinity, VIASPACE is also collaborating with Caltech and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to develop and commercialize new sensor technology that can detect very small amounts of hazardous materials such as explosives, chemical/biological weapons, toxic gases and drugs. Utilizing Ionfinity's miniaturization technology, new portable monitoring devices and detection systems are being developed for homeland security, defense, biomedical, industrial process control, agricultural and environmental safety applications. Disclaimer


VIASPACE, Inc. News:

VIASPACE Green Logs Exhibited at National Hardware Show In Las Vegas

VIASPACE Reports Financial Results for First-Quarter 2011

VIASPACE Reports on Business Discussions in Singapore

AISystems, Inc. (ASYI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight AISystems, Inc. (ASYI). Today, AISystems, Inc. closed at $0.07, up 7.69%, on 309,805 volume with 32 trades. The stock's 60-day average volume is 25,320 and its 52-week low/high is $0.03/$0.56.

AISystems, Inc. (ASYI) is a technology leader that has developed a proprietary business platform software system for the airline industry called jetEngine™. This revolutionary new platform for strategic airline management enhances business planning and operational capabilities, solving some of the most challenging problems facing the commercial airline industry.

The business planning process currently used by airlines is not only complicated and lengthy, but is inadequate to simultaneously analyze dynamic variables such as routes, fleet, crew and maintenance. As a result, an airline's ability to achieve and sustain profitability is hindered, not to mention prone to error since multiple departments and independent planners have to be involved in the current process.

jetEngine™ offers a new paradigm for strategic airline management that enables the integration and control of airline planning, revenue management, and operations functions in real time. Composed of two unique suites of products, the jetEngine™ platform is suitable for any passenger airline regardless of its size, business model, or network structure.

AISystems has strategically established a scalable infrastructure for sustainable growth to address the airline industry's most pressing need of achieving sustained profitability. Emphasizing teamwork and making a significant impact on the $500 billion global airline industry, the company has carefully assembled of a team of world class developers and mathematicians.

AISystems, Inc. Blog

Recent News for AISystems, Inc.

AISystems Appoints Major Airline Executive Peter M. Bowler to Its Advisory Board

AISystems Announces Strategic Arrangement With Major Social Media Company

Regenicin, Inc. (RGIN)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Regenicin, Inc. (RGIN). Today, Regenicin closed trading at $0.24, up 6.67%, on 70,998 volume with 21 trades. The average 60-day volume is 130,553 shares with a 52-week low/high of $0.11/$2.60.

Regenicin, Inc. announced it is in advanced discussions with various developers in the State of Florida to determine the most strategic location and best partners to establish research facilities. Sites presently being considered are world-class research and technology parks, which will allow Regenicin to collaborate with leading centers of excellence in the academic, research, and healthcare arenas.

Regenicin, Inc. (RGIN), headquartered in Little Falls, New Jersey, is a biotechnology company focused on developing regenerative cell therapies to restore the health of damaged tissues and organs. The company has assembled a world-class management team with a proven track record of developing and bringing innovative medical devices and biotechnology products to market.

The company is playing a critical role in the development of the therapeutic candidate, PermaDerm™, a breakthrough technology that uses a patient's own skin cells to generate living, tissue-engineered skin for the treatment of severe burns and wounds. Using only a postage-stamp biopsy of the patient's skin, a sheet of PermaDerm™ 100 times the initial size can be grown in as little as 30 days.

PermaDerm™ is being developed to be the only tissue-engineered skin prepared from autologous skin cells consisting of both epidermal and dermal layers. The technology has been clinically tested in more than 150 pediatric, catastrophic burn patients. Currently Regenicin is working with its contract manufacturer to prepare for pre-market approval of PermaDerm™ from the FDA.

The tissue engineering and cell therapy market is anticipated to grow from $6.9 billion in 2009 to almost $32 billion by 2018 in the U.S. alone, according to MedMarket Diligence. This rapid growth has been primarily attributed to proven clinical benefits, a clearly defined regulatory path, and clinicians' readiness to adopt these new therapies. With a solid business model in place, Regenicin is positioning itself to become a leader in one of the fastest growing industries in biotechnology.

Regenicin's business model is to identify promising new therapeutic candidates that address unmet needs in growing markets, then identify the most strategic, economical and expeditious pathways to receive regulatory approval from the FDA. Once FDA approval is received, Regenicin focuses on bringing these new candidates to market and maximizing revenue potential. Disclaimer

Regenicin, Inc. Blog

Regenicin, Inc. News:

Regenicin, Inc. Announces Advanced Discussions With Developers to Establish New Facilities in Florida

Dr. Craig Eagle of the Regenicin Board of Directors Attends The World Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Congress 2011

PermaDerm(tm) Receives National Media Coverage

PanGenex Corp. (PGCX) Provides Investor Update; Engages Phillips Sales & Marketing

On Friday after the closing bell, PanGenex told investors that it is ready to launch a comprehensive marketing plan that will include a viral internet strategy, as well as engaging firms that have proven reach to retail outlets. The company has invested millions of dollars in developing its products which target soft tissue calcification.

Today that news was followed up by an announcement that reported PanGenex has engaged Philips Sales & Marketing, Inc. (PSM) as its agent to sell its products through mail order catalogs, small chain stores including independent health food stores and pharmacies as well as three of the nation’s largest drug store chains. PSM has also committed to providing marketing and advertising services for the company.

“We are excited to work with PSM because of their extensive experience in marketing and distributing nutraceutical products to the nation’s largest pharmacy retailers,” commented John Stanton, Chairman of PanGenex.

Brett Phillips, President of Phillips Sales & Marketing stated, “We are very impressed with PanGenex’s line of quality products and the professional staff they have assembled to supply our pipe line with cutting edge health products that should offer nutritional and health benefits to potentially millions of people not just in the U.S. but abroad as well.”

VIASPACE, Inc. (VSPC) Green Logs Showcased at National Hardware Show

VIASPACE Inc. and its renewable energy subsidiary VIASPACE Green Energy Inc. announced this morning that their Green Log™ brand fireplace and campfire logs were exhibited at the National Hardware Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada over the weekend. The National Hardware Show is an annual gathering of buyers and sellers in specialties such as hardware tools, lawn and garden, and outdoor living. Many of the major players in the fire log industry also had exhibits at the show.

Chief Executive Carl Kukkonen stated, “The Green Log is a product that we have spent a lot of time and effort in developing. We believe the Green Log is the most eco-friendly fire log product on the market, and at the trade show, we were able to educate people about the many benefits of the Green Log.”

Mr. Sung Chang, President of VIASPACE Green Energy commented, “The National Hardware Show allowed us to get the Green Log name out there. Many prospective customers were at the trade show along with our competitors in the fire log industry. From what was seen at the trade show, our competitors have already identified VIASPACE as a viable contender in the fire log industry. Potential buyers of the Green Log have expressed interest in our product and we are following up with them.”

The Green Log is VIASPACE’s first commercial product made with Giant King Grass. A renewable and sustainable product as opposed to other artificial fire logs that are made with petroleum-based materials or trees that take decades to fully grow, this product takes only 3 minutes to fully light, but burns for up to 5 hours.

A video featuring Green Logs was produced for use at the National Hardware Show and can be seen at the following link:

MusclePharm Corp. (MSLP) Aims for High-Reputation Products

As can be guessed from the name, MusclePharm is a company dedicated to nutrients important to bodybuilding and general fitness. Based in Colorado, MusclePharm researches, develops, produces and distributes its own line of supplements that are emphasized to be 100% free of banned substances. The company is expanding from the dedicated bodybuilding market into the general fitness and even weight-loss markets.

One of the more impressive aspects of the company’s operations is the extent of their evaluation of supplement candidates before allowing them to carry the MusclePharm name. The supplements are comprised of amino acids, herbs, and proteins scientifically tested to ensure both effectiveness and safety. Each product is the result of a multi-stage investigational process and involves input from nutrition experts as well as many professional athletes representing, among others, the NFL and Major League Baseball. The company uses a 30,000 square foot training facility and state-of-the-art technology to gather quantifiable data for their formulations, in addition to generating feedback from athletes, coaches, fitness experts, and medical personnel.

MusclePharm supplements are now being sold in over 120 countries, including thousands of U.S. retail outlets such as GNC, and are also available in over 100 online stores, like, the largest online retail outlet for sports nutrition products. The company has even developed a MusclePharm clothing line to take advantage of the popular MusclePharm brand. The MusclePharm business plan is currently focused on increasing distribution and sales, and hiring key employees to strengthen the company, while continuing to develop their high-reputation products.

Although the overall sports nutrition market is still dominated by sports beverages and foods, the sports supplements market is well over $1 billion, and is growing rapidly. The #1 sports nutrition consumer is the U.S., followed by Europe and Japan, with the market increasing as it moves from dedicated bodybuilding to the mainstream fitness population.

ChromaDex Corp. (CDXC) to Launch BluScience Line of Supplement Products via Major Retailer GNC Nationwide this July

ChromaDex Corp., the established provider of top-quality ingredients and solutions as a natural products supplier to a variety of industries, reported the launch of its new BluScience dietary supplement line today.

BluScience products will feature the next generation resveratrol, pterostilbene (a polyphenol naturally occurring in blueberries), in the form of the Company’s proprietarily refined natural, identical form of trans-pterostilbene, pTeroPure®.

BluScience is scheduled to hit shelves nationwide at major nutraceutical and supplements retailer GNC this July, in conjunction with a simultaneous web roll out via

The ultra purified form of the naturally occurring pterostilbene found in pTeroPure is vastly superior to resveratrol, offering significantly enhanced oral bioavailability and prolonged overall duration in the body, meaning that it will be absorbed better by tissues and have a longer-lasting effect.

The BluScience family of products will feature a variety of pTeroPure-based offerings:

• HeartBlu – fortified with blueberry extract and phytosterols, engineered specifically to maintain a healthy heart
• EternalBlu – ameliorates oxidative stress and is packed with anti-oxidants
• TrimBlur – packed with vitamins, minerals and jojoba for maximum metabolic support
• Blu2Go – is a melt super-charged with caffeine for energy boosting goodness

VP of Merchandising at GNC, Ted Deitrick, hailed the novel pTeroPure-based lineup of products that BluScience consists of and was clearly pleased that GNC would be making them available in stores this July, adding that the products are ideal for maintaining GNC’s reputation for having a serious commitment to health.

President of CDXC, William Spengler, called the launch of BluScience a major milestone, both for the Company as a whole and for the advancement of pTeroPure’s commercialization objectives. Spengler cheered GNC as the perfect place to get the kind of exposure the product line demands and remarked that it was quite auspicious for CDXC’s first national consumer launch.

Spengler cited the massive target market in the US for BlueScience, consisting of over half the population, who see vitamins and nutrient supplements as part of an everyday healthy lifestyle.

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