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The QualityStocks Daily

Today The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight 3 companies from the Gold and Mineral, Energy and Gas Sectors

The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight Dhanoa Minerals Ltd. (DHNA) previously at $1.26 up 11% at $1.40 with 1,474,278 shares traded. (DHNA) popped up on quite a few radars today including AheadoftheBulls, Beacon Equity Research,, Inside Move, OTC Picks, All Penny Stocks, Boon Market, Knobias, OTC Advisors, OTC Stock Exchange, Small Cap Voice, Twin Trader Wall Street Grapevine, Stock Upticks and this week in The Daily Newsletter

Dhanoa Minerals Ltd. announced today that the company has received a financing commitment for $2.3 million, which will be used to complete the purchase of the company's three gold and silver mines located in Southern Ecuador as well as continue efforts to modernize mine operations.
Dhanoa Minerals Ltd. announced recently company expects to generate an additional $6.5 million in revenue over the next 12 months from the production of silver at its three Bella Rica properties located in southern Ecuador. Over the next 24 months Dhanoa's production capacity is expected to more than double to approximately 250,000 ounces of gold and over 1 million ounces of silver. The company also announced an agreement to acquire a new central processing and refining plant. The company believes this acquisition will increase the company's recovery rate at its gold producing properties in southern Ecuador by as much as 40% through. Dhanoa Minerals Ltd. also stands to benefit from new mining laws Ecuador, which were recently revised in order to draw more foreign mining companies like Dhanoa to the country. Mining in the country has resulted in a boost to the nation's economy and has helped to significantly improve infrastructure and development.

Dhanoa is a production stage company formed for the purpose of acquiring, exploring, and developing natural resource properties.

The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight Crosshair Exploration and Mining Corp. (CXZ) closing today at 2.75 with 263,900 shares traded. (CXZ) was highlighted today by Emerging Markets.

Crosshair Exploration and Mining Corp. announced in early May that it has entered into a property option agreement with Belmont Resources Inc. and International Montoro Resources Inc. to acquire a 75% interest in four mineral licenses, totaling 139 claims located in the central mineral belt of Labrador.Crosshair staked an additional 105 mineral claims within the southern property boundary of its Central Mineral Belt uranium property. Early reports substantiate the potential for a large uranium deposit(s) within a 4.5-kilometer stretch in the Central Mineral Belt uranium project in Labrador. The company also reported that the Central Mineral Belt Property intersected the highest uranium grades and largest intercepts ever returned from the Lower C Zone.

Crosshair is an aggressive uranium and gold exploration and development Company with select projects in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Company has developed into a dominant player in the exploration for uranium in the Central Mineral Belt of Labrador.

The Daily Newsletter "One to Watch" is Terax Energy, Inc. (TEXG) shares had a great run in May going from 0.87 to 3.19 before slipping back to the 1.50 range. (TEXG) opened today at 1.45 up 2% at $1.49 with 6,950 shares traded.Terax Energy, Inc. (TEXG) was recently highlighted by, and OTC Stock Exchange

Terax Energy, Inc. operates as an independent gas exploration, development, and production company in the United States. The company is focused on exploring the gas reserves located in the Barnett Shale formations of the Fort Worth Basin. Its principal properties consist of 2 blocks of oil and gas leases, 1 covering approximately 11,300 gross acres in Erath County, Texas; and 1 covering a block of approximately 16,200 gross acres in Comanche County, Texas.

Enigma Software Group, Inc. (ENGM) previously at $0.31 up 74% at $0.54 with 213,200 shares traded. (ENGM) was highlighted today by Micro Cap Pulse and Micro Stock Profit

Enigma Software Group, Inc. announced 7% increase for a total of 2,412 new, renewal and third-party subscriptions for the week ending June 3rd. Enigma markets its Anti-Spyware software product SpyHunter, which is distributed exclusively over the Internet by download. Enigma also owns and operates several websites; including two Spyware reference sites. The company’s consumer software product line focuses on delivering Internet privacy and security to individual users, home offices, and small businesses.

Yesterday The Daily Newsletter highlighted POW! Entertainment, Inc. (POWN) shares shot up yesterday from $0.06 up 466% at $0.3399 with 3,307,804 shares traded. (POWN) continued its momentum into today opening today at $0.34 up 73% at $0.59 with 4,421,610 shares traded. (POWN) was highlighted today by Microcap Alliance,, OTC Picks, OTC Stock Exchange and

POW! Entertainment, Inc. shares surged yesterday on announcement That Walt Disney Studios has entered into an exclusive multi-year first look deal with POW! Entertainment, Inc. The deal calls for Stan Lee and his production company to develop and produce all forms of entertainment.
POW! Entertainment, Inc. is the production company of world famous comic book and motion picture icon Stan Lee, creator of the some of the worlds most famous superheroes including Spider-Man*, The Incredible Hulk*, X-Men*, The Fantastic Four*, Iron Man*, Daredevil*, and Silver Surfer*(* These are Trademarks of Marvel Character Inc.)

POW! specializes in franchises for the entertainment industry, including animation and live-action feature films, television, DVDs, video games, merchandising, and related ancillary markets, all of which aid in the establishment of new and exciting global franchises., Inc. (MPPC) previously at $0.20 up 50% at $0.30 with 63,832 shares traded. (MPPC) was highlighted today by and, Inc. revenues increased 10% to $275,682, compared with revenues of $250,314 in the first quarter of 2006. In March the company commented on an independent industry association report which showed an exceptionally strong double digit growth in prints processed from digital images and triple digit growth in online ordering from online processors., Inc. is a web-based (2.0) online provider of digital photo processing, photo finishing, photo sharing, and related services, and is one of the fastest-growing providers of digital photography services for professionals and serious amateurs.

The Daily Newsletter leader by volume is GREM USA (GRUS) previously at $0.002 up 25% at $0.0025 with 47,308,536 shares traded. (GRUS) shares were up 81% yesterday on half the volume we saw today. (GRUS) was highlighted by Stock Guru and OTC Stock Exchange.

GREM USA announced today that Michael Sweet of Stryper has signed on to fully endorse and exclusively play GREM Guitars in studio recording sessions and exclusively play GREM Guitars in his 2007-2008 World Tour. Edward Miers, President of GREM USA, stated "The company fully anticipates that revenues could approach $4 million in the next 18 months. Our anticipated 36-month projections would place us in the neighborhood of $12 Million in gross revenues."

GREM USA is a development stage company focusing on design and manufacturing of custom hand crafted and mass-produced electric guitars.

Yesterday The Daily Newsletter highlighted Octillion Corp. (OCTL) at $1.09 up 20% at $1.31 with 921,679 shares traded. (OCTL) was up again today opening at $1.31 up 17% at $1.54 with 875,720 shares traded. (OCTL) highlighted today by and

Octillion Corp. announced this week that early models of Octillion's transparent photovoltaic 'NanoPower Windows, are indeed capable of generating electricity. The breakthrough was made possible through the use of Octillion's transparent NanoPower Windows is a proprietary spray coating of a silicon nanoparticle film, which is fluorescent and able to convert the sun's energy into electricity. The film was able to successfully convert high energy photons into lower energy photons, thus optimizing electrical conversion by preventing high energy photons from being unnecessarily wasted through conversion into heat.
Octillion Corp., together with its wholly owned subsidiaries, is a technology incubator focused on the identification, acquisition, development and eventual commercialization of emerging technologies.

AlgoDyne Ethanol Energy Corp. (ADYN) previously at $0.96 up 9% at $1.05 with 37,996 shares traded (ADYN) was highlighted today in The Knobias Clip Report.

AlgoDyne Ethanol Energy Corp. announced today that (CTO) Prof. Hans-Jurgen Franke, will lead a series of projects in Brazil that will establish strategic cooperation in bio-combustible technology. This move enables AlgoDyne to build partnerships in alternative fuels in Brazil, which for now is more receptive and involved in AlgoDyne's bio-combustible technology. Prof. Franke. states "Brazil is an example of how the mass consumer market has embraced alternative fuels and energy. It represents for AlgoDyne, the opportunity to market and research its products with key global players and then export these technologies, products and knowledge to North America and Europe for market distribution." The company also plans on establishing a planned nursery of jatropha plants and the development of a pilot plant for ethanol production with algae in 2007.

AlgoDyne is a corporation committed to developing initiatives in Eco-Energy world wide. Its focus is to create a portfolio of three primary activities (raw materials, wholesale/manufacturing, and retail) in the Ethanol and BioDiesel industries.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight our newest client Global Resource Corp. (GBRC) previously at $1.10 up 1.25 with 22,401 shares traded. (GBRC) has a 52 week trading range of $0.55 to $1.49, hitting 1.49 today before settling in at $1.35

Global Resource Corp. announced today that they have agreed with QualityStocks to be featured in The Small Cap QualityStocks Daily Newsletter, Daily Internet broadcast with Cathy Rankin and Vanessa Ramirez and QualityStocks Daily Blogs.

Global Resource Corp. announced yesterday that Gershow Recycling, one of the world's largest recyclers, has agreed to receive the world's first 100 percent emission- and pollutant-free green recycling machine for auto shredder residue. The proprietary technology will help to reduce landfill waste by approximately 65%, recover extra metal for profit, and the process will generate virtually no emissions linked to global warming.

Global Resource Corp. announced last month that it has secured an investment banking agreement with New York based Westor Capital Group, Inc.

Global Resource Corp. is a Worldwide Petroleum Research, Engineering and Development Company that is responsible for bringing innovation and new technologies to the petrochemical industries where they offer many proprietary solutions in secondary and tertiary crude oil recovery processes. The company has a patent pending process that allows for removal of oil and alternative petroleum products at very low cost from various resources, including shale deposits, tar sands and waste oil streams with significantly greater yields and lower costs than are available utilizing existing known technologies. Disclaimer

Global Resource Corp. Blog:

Global Resource Corp. News: News - Global Resource Corporation to be Featured in Stock Newsletter QualityStocks Daily, The QualityStocks Daily Video and The QualityStocks Daily Blog

Auto Parts Become Fuel of the Future in World's First Emission-Free Recycling Machine

Global Resource Corp. Names Gregory FCA Communications as PR Agency of Record

The Daily Newsletter  first highlighted Modavox, Inc. (MDVX) previously at $1.70 up 2% at $1.75 with 44,249 shares traded. (MDVX) has a 52 wee ktrading range of $0.50 to 2.05

Modavox, Inc. announced announced this week that it has completed integration of the Voice123 voice talent acquisition and management utility to its Internet Radio and Interactive Product lines. Voice123 allows Modavox customers using Modavox's suite of Interactive products, including Internet advertising, enterprise and e-learning applications, to create the highest quality professional audio out of text.

Modavox, Inc. a pioneer in Internet broadcasting, producing and syndicating online audio and video, offers innovative, effective and comprehensive online tools for reaching targeted niche communities worldwide. Modavox provides managed access for live and on-demand Internet Radio Broadcasting, E-learning and Rich Media Advertising. Modavox also operates a content library, which consists of approximately 50,000 hours of prerecorded talk radio programming. Disclaimer

Modavox Blog

Modavox News:

Modavox Delivers Internet Advertising and Internet Radio Production Through Partnership with Voice123

Modavox Names Ivan A. Martinez as Director of Interactive Sales

Modavox Chairman to Present at RedChip Conference Live via Webcast Today at 12:00 Noon Pacific Time

The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight Novori Inc. (NOVO) as "One To Watch" (NOVO) previously at $1.85 up 2% at $1.90 with 64,600 shares traded. (NOVO) today set a new 52 week high of 1.90

Novori announced last month that they have captured the first place position for e-commerce sales growth in the USA, rising from the third fastest growth industry in 2006. The principal component propelling online jewelry sales growth rate is diamond rings, engagement rings and other high-ticket items.

Novori is a leading online interactive retailer of diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry. Novori launched their website in 2005 and has built a well-respected brand by providing consumers with superior customer service and a better way to buy diamond engagement rings. Novori hit huge sales growth in its second year, with 2006 revenues exceeding 2005 by 2,374%. Due to strong holiday sales, online jewelry rose from the third fastest to become the # 1 fastest growing online industry for 2007 according to Comdex published statistics. Disclaimer

The Novori Daily Blog 

Novori News: Announces Profile Launch of Novori Inc.

Today The Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Hybrid Technologies, Inc. (HYBT) closed today at $3.40 with 100,377 (HYBT) was highlighted this month by AheadoftheBulls, OTC Advisors, All Penny Stocks, Wall Street Grapevine and Independent Investment Edge.

Hybrid Technologies, Inc. recently announced that its highly advanced eco-friendly home has been filmed as part of a Discovery Channel expose featuring ultra advanced eco technology. Hybrid's Richard Griffiths and Popular Mechanics' Ben Chertoff took to the streets of New York with Hybrid's acclaimed and legendary Stealth all-lithium motorcycle. YouTube was also in on the action as Griffiths' interview was sent throughout the online-streaming community. Because of this, the story gained significant publicity when it was released; being viewed by hundreds of thousands of people world-wide. It created a huge buzz as not only did the story invite viewers from the technological side to participate, but it also encouraged the online public and consumers in general to look more-in-depth at Hybrid's products.

Hybrid Technologies, Inc. received some positive news recently from Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who announced New York City's Yellow Cab Fleet Will Be Entirely Hybrid Within 5 Years. And that the number will increase by about 20 percent each year until 2012, when every yellow cab -- currently numbering 13,000 -- will be a hybrid. The standard yellow cab vehicle, the Ford Crown Victoria, gets 14 miles per gallon. In contrast, the Ford Escape taxis get 36 miles per gallon.

Hybrid Technologies, Inc. announced recently that the company will team with multi-platinum Atlantic recording artist James Blunt along with Lyor Cohen, Chairman and CEO of U.S. Recorded Music for WMG to help showcase environmentally-friendly, all-electric cars.

Hybrid Technologies, Inc. in what is looking like a very wise move, judging by the press they have received, the company chose the New York International Auto Show to unveil the 2007 L1X-75 -- a highly advanced carbon fiber, lithium powered sports car with uncompromising power, style and torque, as well as the introduction of the much anticipated NYC all-lithium Taxi which was recently featured on CNN.

Hybrid Technologies, Inc. a development stage company, engaging in the development and marketing of electric powered vehicles and products as well as the development of portable battery power pack technology and vehicle conversions from conventional power systems to electric power systems. Disclaimer

Hybrid Technologies Blog

Hybrid Technologies, Inc. News:

Hybrid Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: HYBT) Stealth Chopper Takes Popular Mechanics and YouTube Viewers for a Zero-Noise Zero-Emission Motorcycle Ride

Hybrid Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: HYBT) Historic Hybrid Living Home ( Featured on the Discovery Channel

Hybrid Technologies Inc. (OTCBB: HYBT) Relays Major Announcement by Mayor Bloomberg of New York City


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