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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Monday, June 4th, 2012

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


Alix Resources Corp. (AIX.V)

Stockhouse reported previously on Alix Resources Corp. (AIX.V), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Alix Resources Corp. is a junior exploration company that lists on the TSX Venture Exchange. The Company engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral resource properties in Canada and the United States. Alix is actively seeking mineral opportunities and has a portfolio of projects, including a land package with 21 square miles of claims in close proximity to Sumitomo's Pogo Mine. Incorporated in 2004, Alix Resources is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Company's projects include Golden Zone and Money-Rock/West Pogo in Alaska, Cougar in British Columbia, and Arcadia in Nunavut, Canada. The Golden Zone gold-silver-copper deposit is located on the south flank of the Alaska Range in the Valdez Creek Mining District, approximately 12 miles west of the Parks Highway on State of Alaska owned lands. Alix Resources optioned the 24,500-acre Golden Zone property in the fall of 2010. 

The Cougar claims total approximately 450 hectares in British Columbia, which host a historic BC Minfile Rare Earth Oxide (REO) occurrence. The Money Rock/West Pogo project is located 80 miles southeast of Fairbanks, and 3.5 kilometers (two miles) west of the Pogo Gold Mine, which is operated by Sumitomo Metals Corp. and produces an average of almost 400,000 ounces of gold annually (Alaska Div. of Geol. and Geoph. Surveys Sp. Rept. 65, 2011). Alix controls 21 square miles (5,439 hectares) of State of Alaska Mining Claims in this important area.

The Arcadia Property is located at Arcadia Bay on the Coronation Gulf, 160 kilometers east of the community of Kugluktuk, Nunavut, and 150 kilometers west of the Hope Bay Gold Project, which is presently under development by Newmont Mining Corp. The property covers 1,280 hectares.

In April, Alix Resources announced that they signed a Letter Of Intent on April 5, 2012 with Goldspan Resources, Inc. that will allow Goldspan to obtain up to a 60 percent ownership interest in the 24,500-acre Golden Zone property in Alaska. The LOI requires Goldspan to spend $3.5 million over the next three years for exploration and development, make cash payments to Alix of $1,000,000, assume the balance of cash and share payments required by Alix to the Owners for full exercise of the Original Option, plus pay an estimated $250,000 for ongoing maintenance fees.

Alix Resources Corp. (AIX.V), closed Monday's trading session at $0.07, down 12.50%, on 22,000 volume. The 52-week low/high is $0.06/$0.26.

Unilava Corp. (UNLA)

OTCPicks, Elite Traders, PennyTrader Publisher, and WiseAlerts reported previously Unilava Corp. (UNLA), and today we choose to report on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Unilava Corp., with their subsidiary brands, is a provider of diversified communication services across multiple devices and software platforms. The Company provides feature-rich technology that offers flexibility, mobility and user-friendly applications. Unilava's goal is to become a leading provider of communications services in the U.S and internationally. Unilava lists on the OTCBB; the Company is based in San Francisco, California, with regional offices in Chicago, Hong Kong and Seoul.

The Company, with their operations primarily conducted by their subsidiaries, provides an assortment of communications services, products, and equipment that address the needs of small and medium sized enterprise businesses and consumers under the Unilava corporate brand. This includes their retail brands consisting of Telava™, Countryconnect™, Telava™ Mobile, Local Area Yellow Pages, Ttoore, Counia, and Nationwide Roadside Assistance.

Unilava has licensing to provide long distance services in 41 States and local phone services in 11 States. Via their carrier-grade microwave wireless broadband infrastructure and broadband Internet access partners, the Company offers mobile and high-definition IP-hosted voice services to residential, small and medium enterprises. They deliver small businesses a comprehensive and integrated suite of fee-based online and mobile advertising and web services.

The services and products Unilava offers vary by market. They include wireless communications, local exchange services, long-distance services, data/broadband and Internet services, video services telecommunications equipment, wholesale services and directory advertising and publishing. The Company's operating subsidiaries include Wireless subsidiaries. They provide wireless voice and data communications services across the U.S. and, through agreements, in many foreign countries.

Wireline subsidiaries provide primarily landline voice and data communication services, high-speed broadband, and voice services. Advertising solutions subsidiaries publish Local Area Yellow Pages directories and sell directory advertising and Internet-based advertising and local search. Other subsidiaries provide results from all corporate and other operations.

Unilava owns 40 carrier-grade microwave towers across the U.S offering collocation services and wireless broadband connectivity. Unilava services sell on the web and in retail stores across the country. The Company builds and operates software solutions for enterprise social networking, local business listings and marketing tools that utilize video chat, video email, e-fax, VoIP, and conference calling.

Unilava Corp. (UNLA), closed Monday at $0.002, down 50.00%, on 36,600 volume with 3 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 58,633. The 52-week low/high is $0.001/$0.03.

Bitzio, Inc. (BTZO)

Greenbackers and OTCPicks reported recently on Bitzio, Inc. (BTZO), Stock Legends, Xplosiv Stocks did earlier, and we are highlighting the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Bitzio, Inc. is a leader in behavioral analytics and mobile media. The Company's focus is on Smartphone applications, social media and marketing optimization. Their corporate mission is to help mobile app developers get the full potential of their mobile apps by increasing consumer reach, conversion rates and bottom line profitability. Bitzio's shares trade on the OTC Bulletin Board. Founded in 2011, the Company has their corporate headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Bitzio's goal is to be responsible for the download of 1 Billion apps by 2014. They have a three-stage strategy to become the company with the broadest scope. They run educational programs to find, foster and collaborate with app developers. The Bitzio platform (tools, processes and methodologies) enables developers to develop and optimize their apps. The Bitzio online community provides an optimized venue for developers to launch and market their apps. This increases marketing conversion and maximizes revenues.

As of February 2012, Bitzio had more than 100 games and apps and more than 40 million downloads. Developing apps for four key verticals of existing fan bases: sports teams, entertainment, Bollywood and gaming, Bitzio's approach provides direct access to millions of potential app users.

In May, Bitzio announced the definitive acquisition of Motion Pixel Corp. Holdings, Inc. (MPC), a high-end media and animation studio with operations in the U.S., Costa Rica, and India. The MPC acquisition adds 35 animators, developers and managers to the expanding Bitzio global team. The team at MPC has collectively produced more than 10,000 hours of animated content in all genres from movies, TV shows and advertising.

Last week, Bitzio announced a strategic alliance with Pug Pharm Productions, Inc., which includes the integration of Pug Pharm's Picnic™ customer engagement engine, a multi-project commitment, and shared advisory board positions. Customer engagement, also known as gamification, is a way to use game design principles to motivate user behavior and encourage loyalty.

Bitzio has plans to deploy the Pug Pharm Picnic™ platform into the next version release of PiciGallery, and into all new apps developed around entertainment, sports and gaming properties. Pug Pharm Picnic™ will give users the ability see what content their friends are uploading from which apps, see app communities as a whole and what apps are popular among their peers.

Bitzio, Inc. (BTZO), closed Monday's trading session at $0.34, down 13.69%, on 25,712 volume with 8 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 76,948. The 52-week low/high is $0.10/$2.00.

Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (CWET)

Alternative Energy, Investor Ideas, and Whitehotstocks reported recently on Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (CWET), and we are reporting on the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc., through their wholly owned subsidiary, Clean Wind Energy, Inc., has designed and is preparing to develop, and construct large "Downdraft Towers". These Downdraft Towers use benevolent, non-toxic natural elements. They operate with virtually no carbon footprint, fuel consumption, or residual waste to generate electricity and clean water economically by integrating and synthesizing numerous proven as well as emerging technologies. Clean Wind Energy Tower lists on the OTCBB; the Company has their headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland.

Clean Wind Energy Tower's core objective and focus is to become a leading provider of clean efficient green energy to the world communities at a reasonable cost without the destructive residuals of fossil fuel. They are working to accomplish this while continuing to generate innovative technological solutions for today and tomorrow's electrical power needs. In addition, the Company intends to establish partnerships at home and internationally to propagate these Downdraft Tower systems and meet increasing worldwide demand for clean water and electricity. Clean Wind has filed several patents that they believe will further enhance this potentially revolutionary technology.

The Downdraft Tower is a hollow cylinder with a water spray system at the top. Pumps deliver water to the top of the Downdraft Tower to spray a fine mist across the entire opening. The water evaporates and cools the hot dry air at the top. The cooled air is denser and heavier than the outside warmer air and falls through the cylinder at speeds up to and greater than 50 mph, driving the turbines located at the base of the structure. The turbines power generators, to produce electricity. As currently designed, Clean Wind anticipates that each Downdraft Tower will be capable of generating, on an hourly basis, up to 2,500 megawatt hours, gross, of which approximately one-third will be used to power its operations.

In May, Clean Wind announced that on May 23, 2012 the City Council of San Luis, Arizona held a second and final hearing on the zoning and voted unanimously in favor of zoning a parcel of land within the San Luis City limits for the construction of Clean Wind Energy's green renewable energy Downdraft Tower Facility. In a separate and additional action, the City Council approved an agreement for protected development rights with Clean Wind Energy, paving the way for the entitlement to develop a second Tower on the subject property.

Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (CWET), closed Monday's session at $0.03, down 3.13%, on 206,000 volume with 5 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 286,694. The 52-week low/high is $0.02/$0.30.

Goldrich Mining Co. (GRMC)

BullRally, StockRich, MadPennyStocks, PennyStockVille, CoolPennyStocks, HotOTC, PennyInvest, and StockEgg reported previously on Goldrich Mining Co. (GRMC), and we are reporting on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTCBB, Goldrich Mining Co. is a junior mining company with headquarters in Spokane, Washington. The Company owns 100 percent of the historic Alaskan Chandalar gold district, approximately 27 square miles (7,000 hectares), located 190 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska. The Chandalar Lode Gold Project is a relatively advanced district-sized gold exploration project. It consists of historical lode gold mines or prospects in the southern Brooks Range of arctic Alaska.

Goldrich's wholly owned Chandalar and adjacent Thazzik Mountain (acquired September 2011) properties comprise approximately 22,840 acres and 25,600 acres, respectively. The Company completed a test mine in 2009 on one of the seven alluvial deposits at Chandalar. They started their first step in commercial production in 2010, producing approximately 1,500 ounces of gold. The deposit contains approximately 10.5 million cubic yards at an average grade of 0.025 ounces gold per cubic yard. The deposit is open for expansion with further drilling.

In late November 2011, the Company reported that the first diamond core exploration drilling on their Chandalar, Alaska gold property exposed what they believe is an extensive system of gold mineralization at intervals from surface to depths of up to 120 meters (approximately 400 feet). Moreover, they believe the mass of rock affected by the mineralizing system to be large, as more than 50 gold showings are scattered over approximately six square miles (fifteen square kilometers), only a fraction of which has yet been drill tested.

In addition to drilling, the 2011 Chandalar gold exploration program included a grid soil sampling survey consisting of 1,150 samples for multi-element analyses. Additionally, a detailed airborne magnetometer survey was earlier completed over the Chandalar property by Fugro Airborne Surveys Corp. of Toronto, Ontario. Goldrich Mining will integrate results from the soil sampling with the geophysical data and Phase I drilling results to define the next round of exploration drilling.

In April, Goldrich Mining reported that they signed a binding Letter of Intent (LOI) to create a joint-venture company with NyacAU, LLC, an Alaskan private company, to bring Goldrich's Chandalar placer gold properties in Alaska into production. Under the terms of the LOI, NyacAU will provide a funding package of loans and equity that, subject to the timing of production, are estimated to total approximately $8.5 million. The loans are to be repaid from future production. Last month, Goldrich Mining reported that Goldrich NyacAU Placer, LLC successfully completed mobilizing the mining equipment needed to begin mining operations this summer at Chandalar, Alaska. 

Goldrich Mining Co. (GRMC), closed Monday's trading session at $0.13, down 7.14%, on 5,438 volume with 3 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 37,715. The 52-week low/high is $0.10/$0.35.

MAX Resource Corp. (MXROF)

Stockhouse News Blast reported earlier on MAX Resource Corp. (MXROF), and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, MAX Resource Corp. is an exploration company focusing on gold and silver exploration in Nevada. The Company is concentrating on a newly defined silver/copper/gold porphyry system at Majuba Hill in Nevada. This system is highly prospective for a bulk-tonnage, open pit deposit. In addition, MAX has three other prospective exploration properties in Nevada. These are East Manhattan Wash – Gold; Diamond Peak – Gold/Silver; and Table Top – Gold.

The Company earlier completed a Phase II core drilling program and additional soil sampling at the Majuba Hill silver/copper/gold project in December 2011. Drilling earlier in 2011 encountered long intervals of high-grade silver and copper near surface in five of eight holes, and significant gold intercepts, such as 44.2 m of 71.0 g/t Ag, 0.15 g/t Au and 1.14 percent Cu in hole MM-06. Assay results from the Phase II drill program and soil geochemistry at the new Desoto zone (1.4 km to the northwest) are pending.

This past February, MAX Resource announced that they received assay results from the first three of the four step out drill holes completed at the Company's Majuba Hill copper/silver project in Nevada during the fall of 2011.  Hole MM-18 was one of two holes drilled to test a new high-grade mineralized zone identified during soil sampling in 2011 near the past producing DeSoto silver mine and intercepted 29.2 meters of 30.5 g/t silver (Ag) and 0.69 percent cooper (Cu).

In April, the Company announced that they entered into a Mineral Lease with New Nevada Resources, LLC (NNR) for 560 acres of mineral rights (Section 33) immediately adjacent of their Majuba Hill copper/silver/gold project in Nevada. This is where soil sampling in 2011 identified a high-grade soil anomaly covering a 1.5 km by 2 km area that returned values as high as 1.53 percent Cu and 209 g/t Ag in soils. This zone, centered around the past producing DeSoto silver mine, remains open to the south and east and appears to extend at least another 1 km to the northwest on Section 33.

Last month, MAX Resource announced that they resumed core drilling at the Majuba Hill copper/silver/gold project in Nevada.  This Phase III drill program has permitting for up to 30 holes (5,000 m). It will test the southeast extension of near surface high-grade supergene oxide mineralization identified by MAX at the historic Majuba Hill mine during 2011, and initiate delineation drilling at the DeSoto discovery zone 1.4 km to the northwest with a view to outlining an initial NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate by the end of the year. During Phase I drilling in 2011, MAX intercepted high-grade copper/silver oxide mineralization near surface over long intervals at the past producing Majuba Hill mine.

MAX Resource Corp. (MXROF), closed Monday's trading session at $0.15, even with yesterday’s close. The average volume for the last 60 days is 1,600. The 52-week low/high is $0.14/$0.37.

Rotech Healthcare, Inc. (ROHI)

OTCReporter, MadPennyStocks, PennyStockVille, HotOTC, StockRich, CoolPennyStocks, PennyInvest, StockEgg, and BullRally reported previously on Rotech Healthcare, Inc. (ROHI), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Rotech Healthcare, Inc. is one of the largest providers of home medical equipment and related products and services in the United States. The Company has a comprehensive offering of respiratory therapy and durable home medical equipment and related services. The Rotech family of companies is a national leader in helping patients manage their treatment at home. Rotech Healthcare's shares trade on the OTC Bulletin Board. The Company has their corporate headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

Rotech Healthcare provides home medical equipment and related products and services principally to older patients with breathing disorders, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), which include chronic bronchitis, emphysema, obstructive sleep apnea and other cardiopulmonary disorders. They provide equipment and services in 49 states through approximately 420 operating locations located primarily in non-urban markets. Professional respiratory clinicians and pharmacists are an essential part of the Company's care-giving teams in delivering home medical products, medications, and care, to their patients. These professionals have support from a corps of customer service representatives, patient service technicians, and others.

The Company principally derives revenues from respiratory equipment rental and related services. Revenues from respiratory equipment rental and related services include rental of oxygen concentrators, liquid oxygen systems, portable oxygen systems, ventilator therapy systems, nebulizer equipment and sleep disorder breathing therapy systems, and the sale of nebulizer medications.

They also generate revenues through the rental and sale of durable medical equipment. Revenues from the rental and sale of durable medical equipment include hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, patient aids, and ancillary supplies. Rotech Healthcare derives their revenues principally from reimbursement by third party payors. These include Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration (VA), and private insurers.

In May, Rotech Healthcare announced financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2012. Key performance indicators for the first quarter ended March 31, 2012 include (as of March 31, 2012) revenue generating patients (including patients from equipment and asset purchases) in the core product lines of oxygen and CPAP grew 5 percent compared to March 31, 2011.

The Company's net revenues were positively impacted by their patient growth, which contributed approximately $6.7 million in additional revenue for the three months ended March 31, 2012 compared to the comparable period in 2011. Adjusted EBITDA decreased to $21.3 million for the three months ended March 31, 2012 from $27.8 million for the three months ended March 31, 2011.

"While we are pleased with continued patient growth, nevertheless our first quarter 2012 financial results were negatively impacted by contractual and bad debt adjustment levels of nearly $10 million higher than prior year," said Philip Carter, President and Chief Executive Officer. "We are making efforts to reduce these higher than normal adjustment levels but such efforts may not result in any material reductions until at least the end of the second quarter of 2012," Mr. Carter added.

Rotech Healthcare, Inc. (ROHI), closed Monday's trading at $0.60, up 1.69%, on 2,469 volume with 4 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 62,661. The 52-week low/high is $0.47/$4.93.

Avnel Gold Mining, Ltd. (AVK.TO)

Today we are highlighting Avnel Gold Mining, Ltd. (AVK.TO), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Avnel Gold Mining, Ltd. is a producing gold mining company whose shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The Company is operating the Kalana Mine in southwest Mali. Avnel is engaged in the exploration of the Kalana Exploitation Permit encompassing 387.4 sq km around and to the south of the Kalana Mine. The Company has their headquarters in St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands.

Avnel Gold Mining owns and operates the Kalana Exploitation Permit in Mali through their 80 percent owned Malian subsidiary, Société d'Exploitation des Mines d'Or de Kalana (SOMIKA). The Kalana Mine produced approximately 80,000 ounces in the period 1985 to 1991. SOMIKA re-commissioned the mine and plant facilities in 2003 and gold production began in 2004. SOMIKA has the right for 30 years to explore and develop mines on the Kalana Exploitation Permit.

The Kalana Project exploitation permit has an NI-43-101 compliant resource of 1,020,000 oz (at an average grade of 10.4 g/t) in the measured and indicated category, and 249,000 oz (at an average grade of 3.4 g/t) in the inferred category. Avnel also holds the Fougadian Exploration Permit covering an area of 75 sq. km. to the south of the main Kalana Exploitation Permit area and abutting it.  Avnel and IAMGOLD Corp. have entered into a Joint Venture arrangement agreement whereby IAMGOLD has the option to acquire up to an initial 51 percent interest in Avnel's interest in the Fougadian Exploration Permit and in an additional 75 sq. kms to the south of Avnel's Fougadian Exploration Permit area for which IAMGOLD has applied for an exploration permit.

Avnel Gold Mining's strategic objective is to grow their mineral resource base through ongoing exploration of the strong, gold mineralized system at the Kalana Mine and to realize their potential to advance the project into a large-scale bulk mining operation. The Company's intention is to continue the exploration of the Kalana Permit area to identify new ore resources adjacent to the Kalana Gold Mine and follow up the gold anomalies identified on the Kalana Permit.

In May, Avnel Gold Mining reported their Results of Operations for the quarter ended March 31, 2012.  Highlights include Metal revenues increasing to $5,034,000 in the quarter to March 31, 2012 from $2,498,000 in 2011. The Company recorded a net profit from operations of $4,614,000 ($0.029 attributable profit per share) for the quarter ended March 31, 2012 compared to a net loss from operations of $8,417,000 ($0.043 attributable loss per share) in the comparative period in 2011.

Avnel Gold Mining, Ltd. (AVK.TO), closed Monday's session at $0.002, down 50.00%, on 36,600 volume with 3 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 58,633. The 52-week low/high is $0.001/$0.03.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


USA Recycling Industries, Inc. (USRI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight USA Recycling Industries, Inc. (USRI). Today, USA Recycling Industries, Inc. closed trading at $0.09, up 2.64% on 174,209 volume with 38 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 10,685, and its 52-week low/high is $0.03/$0.14.

USA Recycling Industries, Inc. reported today that the company is now current with its reporting requirements and has received the OTC Markets "Current Information" designation and symbol via submission of unaudited financial information representing the results of operations for FY11 (ended December 31, 2011). Looking at the data, USA Recycling generated $8,086,261 in net revenues and $738,581 in net profit to end the year with $13,241,166 in total assets and total liabilities of $3,816,824. Net revenues for the quarter ending Mar 31, 2012 were up 115% year-over-year to $4.35M.

USA Recycling Industries, Inc. (USRI) is a mid-market recyclable waste collection & disposal service, providing specialty recycling programs to commercial & industrial customers throughout North America. Operating through multiple company-owned & partnership recycling centers, the company primarily targets growth opportunities in the $75 billion global scrap metals market.

USA Recycling has operated since its inception in 2000, and its largest operating subsidiary, Scrap USA, since 2007 has been focused on and successful in servicing the automotive service center industry. It currently provides specialty recycling programs to more than 5,000 automotive service center locations operated by some of the most recognizable names in that retail category.

With a well-established national footprint, the company is now integrating other ancillary services such as the collection & disposal of other recyclable waste streams. USA Recycling has also opened the door to franchising opportunities and recently signed a proprietary revenue sharing agreement with Recycling Franchisors, Inc. Other initiatives to drive growth and boost prominence include the launch of a new website and relocation of executive offices.

USA Recycling has successfully contracted automotive waste-generators for collection & disposal services, selling the processed recyclable materials to end-user-consumers through the company's trading operations with offices in North America, India, and the United Arab Emirates. The company's primary aim is to maximize shareholder value while providing the highest level of quality waste collection & disposal services to its customers, ensuring its collected debris remain free of any U.S. landfills. Disclaimer

USA Recycling Industries, Inc. Company Blog

USA Recycling Industries, Inc. News:

USA Recycling Industries Files Financial Results and Achieves Current Status on OTC Markets

USA Recycling Industries, Inc. Acquires Majority Stake in Pennsylvania Fuel Oil Delivery Service Provider

USA Recycling Industries, Inc. Signs Letter of Intent to Form Joint Venture With World's First to Market Used Motor Oil On-Line Trading Platform

International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO). Today, International Stem Cell Corp. closed trading at $0.28, off by 5.17%, on 492,550 volume with 73 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 160,572, and its 52-week low/high is $0.2851/$1.15.

International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO) specializes in the therapeutic applications of human parthenogenetic stem cells (hpSCs) and the development and commercialization of cell-based research and cosmetic products. The company was first to perfect the natural phenomenon of parthenogenesis, which utilizes unfertilized human eggs to create hpSCs. These stem cells, created in a particular form called HLA homozygous, can be immune-matched to millions of people regardless of sex or racial background, with minimal expectation of immune rejection after transplantation.

hpSCs are as pluripotent as embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and have significant therapeutic potential but their creation does not involve the destruction of a viable human embryo – thus sidestepping the controversy and ethical dilemmas associated with the use of human embryonic stem cells. Different from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSs), hpSCs do not involve manipulation of gene expression back to a less differentiated stage – a practice that may become a safety or regulatory obstacle in clinical applications.

A relatively small number of hpSC lines can offer the potential of producing the first true stem cell bank, UniStemCell, which ISCO intends to create as a means of serving populations across the globe. The company's scientists are currently focused on using hpSC to treat severe diseases of the eye, nervous system, and liver, for which cell therapy has been clinically proven but is limited due to the unavailability of safe human cells.

In addition to its therapeutic focus, ISCO also provides two revenue streams. Firstly through its subsidiary Lifeline Cell Technology, specialized cells and growth media for biological research around the world, and secondly its subsidiary Lifeline Skin Care, the company manufactures and sells anti-aging skincare products utilizing an extract from the hpSC and by leveraging the latest discoveries in the fields of stem cell biology, nanotechnology, and skin cream formulation technology. Disclaimer

International Stem Cell Corp. Company Blog

International Stem Cell Corp. News:

International Stem Cell Corp Announces First Quarter 2012 Financial Results and Business Highlights

International Stem Cell Corporation Scientists to Present Pre-Clinical Research Results at American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy 15th Annual Meeting

International Stem Cell Corporation Announces New Stem Cell Manufacturing Technologies to Support its Therapeutic Programs

Quantum International Corp. (QUAN)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Quantum International Corp. (QUAN). Today, Quantum International Corp. closed trading at $2.25, off by 1.32%, on 8,898 volume with 20 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 19,293, and its 52-week low/high is $1.75/$16.50.

Quantum International Corp. (QUAN) is an emerging robotics innovation company that's setting the stage for the next generation of automation technology. The company is targeting leading-edge developers of advanced robotics technologies for acquisition or partnership, with the goal of developing and marketing these technologies to meet fast rising global demand. In particular, the company is exploring new innovations in medical robotics, adding one exploding market on top of another.

With the rapid advancement of sophisticated sensory and control electronics, the promise of economic robotic applications is finally becoming a reality. Although industrial robots have been around for a long time, smaller, lighter, and less expensive versions are finally beginning to play a serious role in the marketplace. It's much like the development of the computer, from a room-size electrical monster, costing millions, to a desktop, laptop, and now handheld electronic wizard that almost anyone can afford.

The worldwide demand for robots is growing rapidly, seen as a now affordable source of controlled energy. The global market for robots is currently estimated at $3.2 billion, with experts projecting the industry to approach $70 billion by 2025. In addition industrial applications, robots are now a crucial part of everyday life for an increasing number of individuals in their home. Personal assistance robots are helping the elderly, paralyzed, and chronically ill lead more independent lives, presenting a major breakthrough in home care with countless benefits.

Add to that the natural growth of the massive health care industry, and medical technology, and it's easy to see why, according to ABI Research, the medical robots industry is expected to reach $1.3 billion by 2016. As an example, various forms of robotic technology are already being used in hospital operating rooms to make difficult or impossible operative procedures now doable. But that same technology can be applied to many other industries, such as consumer electronics, agriculture, wind and solar, and manufacturing. Disclaimer

Quantum International Corp. Company Blog

Quantum International Corp. News:

QUAN Contacts New Robotics Targets

QUAN Works to Take Robotics Out of the Lab and Into the Marketplace

QUAN: Home Care Robots Could Transform Personal Assistance Market

ProGaming Platforms Corp. (PPTF)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight ProGaming Platforms Corp. (PPTF). Today, ProGaming Platforms Corp. closed trading at $0.09, on 3,700 volume with 1 trade. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 61,433, and its 52-week low/high is $0.054/$0.359.

ProGaming Platforms Corp. (PPTF) is the developer of an advanced multiplayer online gaming and reward-processing platform. The company's platform can be licensed by any online gaming provider, and can sit on any third-party server. The ProGaming platform can also be implemented to operate virtually any skill game now on the Internet and is easily configurable to work with existing commercial billing systems.

The company's platform automatically and accurately determines game winners from an unlimited pool of players, paying out monetary rewards to the champions. The platform also tracks the scores and reports the results of each game, retaining the history of each game and each player over an extended period. Any existing gaming community can purchase the ProGaming platform with a one-time payment and annual service fee or agree to a wholesale revenue sharing payment program.

The system is designed to be fair and accurate, and to operate without any bias. Players are ranked according to their previous successes to place them in levels according to their skill. The player's rank determines which game rooms users are allowed to enter so the best players only play the toughest competition, while novices only compete against players on their own level, preventing experts from taking advantage of beginners.

Online gaming is one of the fastest growing markets on the internet. In 2010, the online gaming market was a $15 billion industry. The rapid growth of social media platforms such as Facebook have only increased the amount of time individuals spend on the web, fueling web surfers' demand for interactive online entertainment. ProGaming Platforms is well positioned to capitalize on this growing industry as the online gaming community matures and demands the ultimate gaming experience provided by the company's platform. Disclaimer

ProGaming Platforms Corp. Blog

ProGaming Platforms Corp. News:

ProGaming Platforms Preparing to File Two New Patent Applications

ProGaming Platforms Finalizes New Multiplayer Rewards-Based Puzzle Game

ProGaming Platforms Files Patent Application for Proprietary Game Event Record Technology

International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO) and Lifeline Skin Care

Underlying the value of stem cells in promoting health and regeneration is their versatility. Stem cells can be programmed to become many different types of cells, providing the potential for tissue regeneration and other remarkable healthcare applications. International Stem Cell Corporation, through the development of parthenogenesis, a unique process for deriving stem cells without the need for fertilized embryos, has opened the door to improved production and the potential treatment of many diseases.

In addition to International Stem Cell’s ongoing research into stem cell production and the treatment of disease, the company also has a wholly-owned subsidiary, called Lifeline Skin Care, which develops and produces high-end cosmetic products designed to promote the health and vitality of human skin. Taking advantage of the company’s parthenogenetic technology and nanotechnology, Lifeline scientists are creating skin cream formulations containing stem cell extracts discovered to help prevent and repair damaged skin.

According to Gregory S. Keller, MD, FACS (2007 Specialist of the Year in Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Strathmore’s “Who’s Who”): “These new day and night serums represent a huge step forward in anti-aging skin care products. Combining liposome-encapsulated proteins derived from ISCO’s powerful new class human stem cells with a unique blend of anti-oxidants, vitamins and natural extracts, allowed Lifeline Skin Care to create highly effective stem cell-based serums that provide strong anti-aging benefits.”

As a part of ISCO, with access to their proprietary technology, Lifeline Skin Care has set a new standard for cosmeceuticals. Based upon science more than marketing, they are developing the best-in-class skincare products, and are making Lifeline Skin Care available to qualified professionals, including:

• Dermatologists
• Plastic surgeons
• Med-spas
• Destination and Resort Spas
• Better Day Spas

For additional information, visit the company’s website atwww.InternationalStemCell.com

ProGraming Platforms Corp. (PPTF) Addresses Unmet Needs in a Growing Industry

The computer games industry is now bigger than the U.S. music and movie industries combined. Online gaming itself is a $15 billion per year industry, and continues to grow. ProGaming Platforms, creators of a new online gaming technology that automates all accounting and allows gamers to compete worldwide, offers investors a way of getting into this rising market. The company, or rather its platform, is unique in the industry:

• A patent-pending platform that addresses unmet needs of gamers and hosts
• Levels the playing field, by automatically ranking and matching player based upon previous results
• Provides superior gamer experience, reducing player complaints and conflicts
• Works with any third-party server and any online skill game
• Can be applied to any existing billing system

Until now, the Internet has not been able to efficiently and smoothly allow players to be rewarded monetarily on a game-by-game, tournament-by-tournament, campaign-by-campaign basis. ProGaming meets that need by removing the obstacles to easy play and transaction.

First of all, the ProGaming platform gets rid of the need for subscription-based fees or memberships, allowing anybody to sign up for a single game if they want, opening the market to a whole new audience. ProGaming also does away with the hassles and potential conflicts of individual accounting, by handling all of the accounting quickly and accurately, from pinpoint scorekeeping and monitored league tables, to the instant transfer of winnings to the victor via their choice of all prevalent electronic billing methods. In addition, the system tracks past performance of players, to avoid the mixing of mismatched skill levels, thus providing safe entry for novice players, including a way of preventing previous players from entering under a new name.

The ProGaming platform and service can be hosted on ProGaming’s own server, for individuals and tournament organizers. It can be leased to gaming communities for their own hosting with a profit-share model available, or is available through outright acquisition.

For additional information, visit the company’s websites atwww.ProGamingCorp.com and www.ProGamingCorp.info

Osage Exploration and Development, Inc. (OEDV) Expanded Nemaha Ridge Project in Oklahoma Spuds Third Horizontal Mississippian Well

Osage Exploration and Development has assembled a sizeable acreage footprint in domestic hydrocarbons, with an emphasis on working Horizontal Mississippian vectors in Oklahoma (in addition to the company’s majority interest in the Guaduas field in Colombia), releasing news today about their latest E&P achievement, the spudding of a third horizontal well (Davis Farms 2-5H) on the company’s 28k-acre Nemaha Ridge project in Logan County, Oklahoma.

Two miles south of OEDV’s Wolf 1-29H well, the Davis Farms 2-5H (which follows fast on the heels of the drilling of its disposal well, the Davis Farms 1-5 SWD) hopes to produce initial production rates similar to the Wolf 1-29H (1,185 barrels per day in initial 72-hour period, with an 84% forty degree gravity crude oil and 16% high BTU wet gas, Wolf 1-29H is one of the best targets executed in the play thus far).

Nemaha Ridge is being developed in conjunction with OEDV’s operational partners, both of whom have extensive Oklahoma presence and decades in the industry, Slawson Exploration Company and US Energy Development Corporation (USEDC). The widely acclaimed Slawson has been at this sort of work for over five decades and has a regional office in Oklahoma to support activities (over 3,500 wells drilled in 10 states, with some of the first horizontals under its belt from back in the 80’s). USEDC grew out of Oilmark & Company, Inc., founded back in 1978, and is today regarded as one of the top 50 independent domestic hydrocarbon drillers with extensive work in both NY and Pennsylvania (operator status on over 2,500 well drillings since inception).

The Nemaha Ridge project is brilliantly engineered and the execution has just been superb. Osage has some of the best operational logistics available and is flexing this muscle with an aggressive attitude towards acquisitions in Oklahoma, as well as onshore U.S. targets in general.

Chairman and CEO of OEDV, Kim Bradford, underscored the recently announced 40% expansion of the acreage position across the Mississippian, with OEDV’s own position via the 25% working interest rising to as much as 7k net acres. Bradford deliberately showed his hand here, making it very clear that OEDV is intent on seizing a large horizontally-viable position in the play, confident that a strategy of moving to drill every single acre under lease will provide the greatest shareholder value accumulation.

Bradford further emphasized OEDV’s proven ability to simultaneously bring in impressive production results and expand the acreage footprint in the core operating area, citing that the company was no longer alone regionally, as three of the largest public E&P companies operating in the state have recently set up shop in Logan County as well (even drilling on contiguous acreage).

Director and VP of Exploration at OEDV, Greg Franklin, echoed his colleagues’ statements wholeheartedly, adding his own observation that the economic viability of the Horizontal Mississippian is now a widely-known fact among the industry’s top analysts. Franklin pointed to volatile commodity prices as making the superior well economics (as expressed by OEDV’s portfolio) especially attractive.

Franklin cited extant E&P efforts as proof in-and-of-itself that OEDV can execute on this methodology and bring oil to the surface cheaply, yet with a maximum respect for the land and water table. So far, expectations have not only been met in this regard, but exceeded, with the theoretical work being done by OEDV realized through optimal production solutions and the latest in horizontal technology.

OEDV has proven a capacity for elegantly partnering its way into more and more stable configurations, with the Guaduas Field and Guaduas-La Dorada Pipeline projects down in Colombia offering a solid test group, the health of OEDV’s strategy seems clear and the future certain.

For more information on San Diego-based, Osage Exploration and Development, Inc. (production offices in OKC and also down in Bogota), please visit the company’s website at: www.OsageExploration.com

Visualant, Inc. (VSUL) and Sumitomo Precision Products Ink Joint Development Agreement for Commercialization of SPM Technology

Visualant, a company engaged in color-based identification and diagnostic solutions, today announced the signing of a suite of agreements with Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd. (SPP) of Japan.

The agreements center on Visualant’s optical sensing and data capture technology, Spectral Pattern Matching (SPM), which Visualant develops and distributes through wholly owned subsidiary TransTech Systems Inc.

SPP, a publicly listed Japanese corporation, will invest US $2.25 million into Visualant in exchange for 17,307,693 shares of restricted common shares priced at $0.13 per share.

In addition, the companies have inked a one-year joint development agreement regarding the commercialization of Visualant’s SPM technology and a license agreement that names SPP as an exclusive license holder of the SPM technology in identified Asian territories. Per this arm of the agreement, SPP will pay Visualant an initial payment of US $1 million for the license agreement along with a running royalty for the license, which will be negotiated at the close of the joint development agreement.

“The investment by Sumitomo Precision Products is a significant milestone in the history of Visualant,” Visualant founder and CEO Ron Erickson stated in the press release. “SPP is a splendid partner. Pursuant to our Joint Development Agreement, we look forward to working with SPP to bring our Spectral Pattern Technology to the marketplace where we can provide elegant and efficient solutions in security and authentication, as well as medical, environmental and agricultural diagnostics.”

For more information visit www.visualant.net


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