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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


Emisphere Technologies, Inc. (EMIS)

OTCPicks, SmallCapVoice, PennyInvest, MadPennyStocks, HotOTC, StockRich, StockEgg, PennyStockVille, and CoolPennyStocks reported previously on Emisphere Technologies, Inc. (EMIS), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Emisphere Technologies, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company based in Roseland, New Jersey. The Company focuses on developing and commercializing a unique and improved delivery of pharmaceutical compounds, medical foods, and dietary supplements utilizing their Eligen® Technology. Their core business strategy is to use their proprietary Eligen® Technology to develop novel oral forms of injectable drugs or poorly absorbed compounds. Emisphere Technologies' shares trade on the OTCQB.

The Company's broad-based drug delivery technology platform, the Eligen® Technology, uses proprietary, synthetic chemical compounds, known as Emisphere delivery agents and often referred to as "carriers". Their Eligen® Technology makes it possible to deliver effectively an active therapeutic molecule, large and small, without altering its chemical form or biological integrity.

The Eligen® Technology can be applied to the oral route of administration and other delivery pathways. These include buccal, rectal, inhalation, intra-vaginal or transdermal. Emisphere's strategy is to reemphasize the commercialization of Oral Eligen® B12, build new high-value partnerships, evaluate new Medical Foods commercial opportunities, and promote new uses for the Eligen® Technology.

The Company's pipeline includes product candidates that have reached clinical development and an assortment of preclinical research and development programs. Emisphere Technologies is carrying out these programs both in collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and independently. Promising products in the Company's pipeline include an improved formulation of oral Vitamin B12 and oral GLP-1 analogues for Type 2 diabetes (with partner Novo Nordisk A/S).

Yesterday, Emisphere Technologies announced that they reached agreement with MHR Fund Management, LLC and their various affiliated funds to restructure the terms of their obligations under various promissory notes issued to MHR. Emisphere will receive a 5-year extension of maturity date on Senior Secured Convertible Notes.

In addition, yesterday, Emisphere Technologies announced that they agreed with Novo Nordisk A/S (NVO) to amend the two companies' Development and License Agreement to develop and commercialize oral formulations of Novo Nordisk's proprietary GLP-1 receptor agonists. These have the potential of treating Type 2 diabetes, using Emisphere's Eligen® technology.

With the amendment, Novo Nordisk will pay to Emisphere $10 million as a prepayment of development milestone payments that would have otherwise become payable to Emisphere under the Oral GLP-1 Development Agreement upon the initiation of Phase II and Phase III testing of an oral GLP-1 product by Novo Nordisk. This is in exchange for a reduction in the rate of potential future royalty payments arising from future sales of an oral GLP-1 product developed under the Oral GLP-1 Development Agreement.

Emisphere Technologies, Inc. (EMIS), closed Tuesday's trading session at $0.19, down 2.56%, on 106,585 volume with 30 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 33,296 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.05/$0.3753.

iTalk, Inc. (TALK)

Today we are highlighting iTalk, Inc. (TALK), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

iTalk, Inc. is a mobile communications company that lists on the OTC Bulletin Board. The Company's lead product is the iTalk Sleeve. Through their access to an extensive network, iTalk is able to offer nationwide voice and data coverage to 280 million people in more than 12,900 cities. The Company is combining the power of the internet and their proprietary technology to integrate nationwide connectivity and global communications into the iPod touch. iTalk is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Their iTalk Sleeve, when combined with an iPod Touch, their iTalk mobile application, and their aggressive pricing plans, provides consumers with a No Contract, High Voice Quality, and Lowest Price in the industry alternative to traditional cellular coverage.  The Company's focus is to continue to look for and develop innovative products and services that will reduce consumers' monthly voice and data charges while providing them with additional functionality. 

The iTalk Sleeve lets one turn their iPod Touch into a Smartphone. They purchase the iTalk Sleeve and data plan. Next, they activate their service and insert their iPod Touch into the iTalk Sleeve. Then they download and install the iTalk App.

The Company's products also include the iData MiFi - Mobile Broadband Hotspot. iData is a mobile Wi-Fi Personal Hotspot. It enables one to connect up to 5 Wi-Fi Devices for broadband access on the go.

Last week, iTalk announced that they launched their iTalk iPod Touch Sleeve bundled with an Unlimited Nationwide Talk plan for $9.99 per month. The iTalk Sleeve's sleek design allows it to snap simply and seamlessly onto an Apple iPod Touch. The Company's communications products are powered by a domestic and international mobile app and calling service delivered under the iTalk brand

Yesterday, iTalk announced that they signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire RocketVoIP, Inc., an established 10-year-old residential and business broadband VoIP phone service provider.

Mr. David F. Levy, CEO of iTalk, commented, "Through this acquisition, we plan to increase our direct network footprint providing our customers with the necessary tools and network capabilities to begin servicing the exploding VoIP services marketplace. Not only will the expansion benefit new and existing customers of iTalk, but further builds upon and strengthens the quality of service aspects of VoIP communications in general."

TodayiTalk, Inc. (TALK), closed Tuesday's trading session at $1.02, up 4.29%, on 2,611,530 volume with 717 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 191,205 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.61/$0.985.

U.S. Precious Metals, Inc. (USPR)

PennyStocks24 and Pennybuster reported recently on U.S. Precious Metals, Inc. (USPR), Stocks That Move, SmallCap Network did previously, and today we choose to report on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

U.S. Precious Metals, Inc. established as a mineral exploration company on January 21, 1998. Based in Marlboro, New Jersey, the Company engages in the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral properties.  U.S. Precious Metals' corporate mission is to discover, acquire, define and develop gold deposits and other valuable metals. Their development projects are primarily in Mexico, but also throughout the Americas. U.S. Precious Metals lists on the OTC Markets' OTCQB.

The Company owns exclusive exploration and exploitation rights to approximately 37,000 acres of land in Michoacán, Mexico. The Solidaridad properties consist of eight concessions granted by the Mexican government for a 50-year period. Titles to the concessions are maintained subject to a yearly tax required by the Mexican government and paid twice a year. All information available to the Company has been obtained from boreholes drilled by them and by the previous two companies that explored the property and analyzed under chain of custody by an independent laboratory.  

U.S. Precious Metals is focusing on gold and base minerals primarily located in the State of Michoacán. The 17,000-hectare Solidaridad mining leases are held by U.S. Precious Metals of Mexico, a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Precious Metals. The deposit was discovered in August of 1995 by Esperanza del Oro.

During the nine months ended February 28, 2013, the Company focused their efforts on seeking to raise funding to meet their existing liabilities and achieve their objective to develop their mining interests. U.S. Precious Metals' plan of operations for the next 12 months is to continue the drilling program and begin a small exploitation program, if the Company receives sufficient funding to do so.

Mr. Jerry Pane is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board of U.S. Precious Metals. Mr. Pane was previously a licensed equity and commodity trader and partner in Madison Trading, LLC, New York. He is President and the largest shareholder in Worldwide Mining Partners, a privately held company.

U.S. Precious Metals, Inc. (USPR), closed Tuesday's trading session at $0.16, down 3.03%, on 177,836 volume with 20 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 272,983 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.09/$0.27.

Western Graphite, Inc. (WSGP)

Investopedia, Greenbackers, Trade of the Week, Wall Street Elite, Uncommon Wisdom, PennyStocks24, and Oakshire Financial reported on Western Graphite, Inc. (WSGP), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Western Graphite, Inc. is a U.S. exploration company whose shares trade on the OTC Markets' OTCQB. The Company is focusing on developing their properties in Canada and Turkey. These consist of close to 7,313 acres, which is one of the largest land portfolios within a public graphite company. Western Graphite's goal is to be a major world class producer of graphite and become a major supplier of this commodity. The Company has their headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.

Western Graphite's 100 percent owned flagship Pure Flake Graphite property is situated in Canada. It consists of more than 2,400 hectares of land that is next door to one of the only few producing graphite properties in North America. The Pure Flake mining property consists of five contiguous mineral tenures located in the Omineca mining division in the province of British Columbia. The Company now has their flagship property close to the producing Black Crystal mine, and is currently one of two public companies adjacent to the only natural flake graphite mine in British Columbia.

The Company's second project is the "Amorf Graphite Property" in South Turkey. It consists of more than 496 hectares. Within the area of license are the Lower Cambrian Kurtbeleni Formation, the Middle Cambrian Karagedik Formation, and the Upper Cambrian-Ordovician Paval formation. Pertaining to the mine production method, the ore is going to undergo recovery by open pit mining methods by creating sections where ore can be safely extracted at the east and west of the mineral deposit that constitutes the exposure.

Last week, Western Graphite announced that their Company President has been in discussions with Acme Labs to retain their services. Acme Labs has recognition as one of the leading geochemical and assaying laboratories to geologists and stock exchanges around the world.  Acmes labs clients include Rio Tinto, BHPB Coal, and Yancoal Australia. The Company indicated that the scope of analytical requirements could be tailored to Western Graphite's specific needs.

Yesterday, Western Graphite announced that they would be participating in the upcoming Turkey Mining Show in Istanbul. The event will take place June 18-20, 2013. It is the region's largest and most renowned mining conference and exhibition featuring some of Turkey's best mining companies and opportunities.

Western Graphite, Inc. (WSGP), closed Tuesday's session at $1.11, up 13.27%, on 1,664,308 volume with 610 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 70,519 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.55/$0.98.

MineralRite Corp. (RITE)

Stock Shock and Awe, Mad Money Picks, Fast Money Alerts, Penny Stock General, PennyStocks24, SmallCapStockPlays, Stock Exploder, Fast Moving Stocks, SmallCapAllStars, Otcstockexchange, Whisper from Wall Street, Center Stage Stocks, RockingPennyStocks, and Pennystocktweeters.com reported this month on MineralRite Corp. (RITE), and we highlight the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Listed on the OTCQB, MineralRite Corp. engages in the business of mineral processing, certification, and the sales of precious metals. These include copper, gold, silver, and the platinum group metals (PGMs). The Company has two core business units to service the mineral industry. One is MRG (MineralRite Recovery Group) and the other is MSG (MineralRite Sales Group). MineralRite has their headquarters in Lindon, Utah.

MineralRite Recovery Group (MRG) is the Company's operating group. MRG utilizes, among other stated factors, their proprietary technology for the extraction of precious metals from ore bodies, reclaimed mine tailings and High Value Concentrate material. Their process isolates and recovers precious minerals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rare earth oxides.

MRG plans to enter into a Lease/Cooperation Agreement with their EPA approved facility in Nevada. This will enable them to complete their design plan for their Carbon Stripping Processing Line.  MineralRite Sales Group (MSG) will focus on the identification, certification and sale of undervalued mineral assets around the world.

MineralRite's first facility will recover gold and silver utilizing the Company's special technology from loaded activated carbon. It allows absorption of hundreds of ounces of gold per ton. MineralRite will receive a percentage of the precious metals recovered in exchange for their services. The carbon will be reactivated and returned to the mining companies for re-utilization. Therefore, this protects the environment and reduces costs.

Last week, MineralRite announced the successful acquisition of Goldfield International, Inc. in Utah. In March 2013, MineralRite completed the acquisition and took over operations of Goldfield International, a premier supplier of alluvial gold, diamond and other gem stone recovery equipment manufactured in the U.S.

Yesterday, MineralRite announced that they signed a definitive cooperation agreement with Mexico Mineral Export company, CSI Export and Import. MineralRite will be supplying the mine sites the necessary equipment and processing knowledge needed for the copper ore to undergo processing into a higher percentage concentrate. This will enable the mine owners and MineralRite to enjoy greater margins and profit levels. CSI specializes in the sourcing and export of different commodities, including Copper and Iron Ore. The agreement involves a two-year supply agreement from one mine site and five-year supply agreements from a number of additional sites.

Today, MineralRite Corp. (RITE), closed today at $0.06, down 44.80%, on 579,306 volume with 103 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 97,898 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.005/$2.50.

Pacific Gold Corp. (PCFG)

PennyStocks24 reported recently on Pacific Gold Corp. (PCFG), OTCPicks, UltimatePennyStock did earlier, and we are highlighting the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Pacific Gold Corp.'s plan of business provides for the acquisition and development of production-ready and in-production mining operations. The Company is concentrating on alluvial gold and base metals operations situated in western North America. Currently, Pacific Gold owns four operating subsidiaries. These are Nevada Rae Gold, Inc., Pilot Mountain Resources Inc., Fernley Gold, Inc., and Pacific Metals Corp.

Pacific Gold's shares trade on the OTC Markets' OTCQB. In March, Pacific Gold announced that, effective March 15, 2013, their subsidiary Pacific Metals Corp. received approval for an OTCBB quotation by FINRA. Pacific Metals is now trading under the symbol: PMET.

Pacific Gold's Nevada Rae Gold (NRG) subsidiary owns and operates the Black Rock Canyon gold mine, located in north-central Nevada. The Black Rock Canyon Mine project consists of 67 Bureau of Land Management (BLM) mining claims, owned by NRG; 440 acres of private land (Pipeline 440), leased by NRG from Bullion Monarch Mining, Inc. (BMM) of Orem, Utah; and 13 acres of private land (Mill Site) owned by NRG.

Their Pilot Mountain Resources subsidiary owns Project W, a large tungsten based deposit in Nevada. Pilot Mountain Resources owns 45 unpatented mining claims covering approximately 900 acres in Mineral County, Nevada, approximately 168 miles from Reno, Nevada, and approximately 21 miles east of the town of Mina.

Their Fernley Gold subsidiary has acquired exclusive lease rights to mine the Lower Olinghouse Placers in northwestern Nevada. In 2004, Fernley Gold entered into a lease agreement for the right to mine 36 claims covering 640 acres of the Lower Olinghouse Placers. The claims are known as Butcher Boy and Teddy. They are approximately 34 miles east of Reno, Nevada just off Interstate 80.

Moreover, their Pacific Metals subsidiary owns claims in Colorado. These encompass the historic Graysill Mine. Pacific Metals owns 24 unpatented lode mining claims in San Juan and Dolores Counties, immediately southeast of Bolam Pass.

Pacific Gold Corp. (PCFG), closed Tuesday's trading session at $0.0002, even for the day, on 31,098,830 volume with 25 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 58,507,594 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0001/$0.31.

SPO Medical, Inc. (SPOM)

We are highlighting SPO Medical, Inc. (SPOM) today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

SPO Medical, Inc. is a leading developer of biosensor and microprocessor technologies for use in portable monitoring devices. The Company's patented technology uses information gathered from the reflectance of light on the human body, in a noninvasive manner, to monitor key vital signs. They manufacture their products in addition to licensing their technologies to suitable client corporations for commercialization and distribution. SPO Medical's shares trade on the OTC Markets' OTCQB.

The Company's biosensor and microprocessor technologies for use in portable monitoring devices capture life-enhancing information within four key markets. These are medical care; sports and wellness; homecare monitoring, as well as security. SPO Medical Systems develops and manufactures vital sign monitoring devices. Unique, patented Reflectance Pulse Oximetry (RPO) is innovative technology supplying rapid and reliable mobile response. RPO monitors, non-invasively, blood oxygen saturation and heart rate while attached to a single side of the body.

For Medical Oximeters, the SPO Medical PulseOx 6100™ is a Pulse Oximeter ideally suited for medical professionals. The SPO Medical PulseOx 7500™ is the world's first Pulse Oximeter for extended monitoring of blood oxygen saturation and heart rate to use reflectance pulse oximetry (RPO). For Personal Oximeters, the Company has their SPO Checkmate, SPO Medical PulseOx 5500™, and SPO Medical PulseOx 6000™.

This past February, SPO Medical announced that they partnered with HoMedics, LLC for the distribution of a private-labeled, over-the-counter (OTC) pulse oximeter for non-medical consumer wellness applications. This product - the HoMedics Deluxe Pulse Oximeter - is being promoted and sold in North America. The basis of the oximeter is on patented Optimetrix™ technology that uses proprietary optical techniques to measure certain vital sign measurements for an array of consumer wellness applications. 

Earlier this month, SPO Medical announced financial results for the year ended December 31, 2012. The Company completed development of their new wellness product and began sales activities during this period. Total revenue for 2012 was $316,000 in comparison to $20,000 for the same period the year prior.

The increase in revenue was the result of the Company's strategy to enter the non-medical consumer wellness market via their partnership with HoMedics. SPO Medical has a backlog of firm orders of approximately $500,000 for planned shipments through 2013.

SPO Medical, Inc. (SPOM), closed Tuesday's trading session at $0.021, down 16.00%, on 1,456,321 volume with 40 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 567,651 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0016/$0.04.

LaserLock Technologies, Inc. (LLTI)

UltimatePennyStock reported earlier on LaserLock Technologies, Inc. (LLTI), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, LaserLock Technologies, Inc. is a worldwide leader in providing state-of-the-art authentication solutions. The Company markets security technology to protect governments, health care providers, high-end retail goods, the gaming industry, documents and branded products from counterfeiting. LaserLock offers an extensive range of fraud prevention technologies that are secure, innovative, proven, and trustworthy. The Company continues to pursue innovation via the development of patented products, proprietary technologies, and the creation of strategic alliances.

Concerning Identity Protection, LaserLock Technologies' collection of VerifyMe™ products bring biometric security solutions to iOS (Apple), Windows, Mac and Web applications similar. VerifyMe™ can authenticate individual human beings using multi-modal biometric capabilities. These include facial recognition, fingerprint and retina scanning, swipe pattern recognition, location detection and approved IP detection.

Concerning Government, the Company's Government Security technology can allow any user to instantly authenticate the validity of currency, verify and secure documents, and include a covert lock and key providing for further enhanced security. For Brand Protection, LaserLock Technologies offers solutions for businesses requiring protection from counterfeiting and fraud.

Last week, the Company announced that they established an exclusive, global, strategic partnership with American Banknote Corp., a leading international provider of identification solutions and services since 1795. Their products include driver's licenses, national ID cards, passports, debit and credit cards, smart cards and postage stamps.

The agreement provides American Banknote with exclusive, global distribution rights of LaserLock Technologies' SecureLight™ security ink in their existing markets. The initial partnership will give American Banknote exclusive distribution of SecureLight™ for two years in all the markets that American Banknote serves, with some limited, defined exceptions. The agreement gives LaserLock Technologies worldwide reach in the plastic card and paper industries.

In addition, last Thursday, LaserLock Technologies submitted testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Health during a hearing on "Securing our Nation's Prescription Drug Supply Chain." The Company proposed a modern, innovative supply chain that combines the omnipresence of mobile devices, high-tech optics, secure anti-counterfeiting technologies and the development of authentication databases to securely track and trace prescription drugs and halt the tide of the increasing counterfeit pharmaceutical trade.

LaserLock Technologies, Inc. (LLTI), closed Tuesday's trading at $0.258, up 14.67%, on 931,407 volume with 93 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 379,150 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0155/$0.50.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


The Aristocrat Group Corp. (ASCC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight The Aristocrat Group Corp. (ASCC). Today, The Aristocrat Group Corp. closed trading at $0.4399, up 16.99%, on 47,417 volume with 18 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 65,525, and its 52-week low/high is $0.25/$1.25.

The Aristocrat Group Corp. reported clearing a major hurdle in the roll-out of their new brand of ultra-premium vodka today as the USPTO granted approval to the company's brand management division, Luxuria Brands, for the distilled spirit's proposed name. Next stop after this milestone will be the Certification of Label/Bottle Approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to ensure that the new spirit has been created, labeled, and marketed in accordance with Federal laws and regulations, the reception of which is anticipated in the next few days, meaning ASCC will be able to release the name of their new vodka very soon.

The Aristocrat Group Corp. (ASCC) is a brand management company focused on providing premiere luxury goods through continual innovation. Luxuria Brands, a subsidiary of The Aristocrat Group, has been established to identify and promote unique brands that have mass market appeal across a diverse demographic.

Luxuria Brands is primarily concentrated on distilled spirits industries, with an initial focus on Vodka branding and marketing. The worldwide distilled spirits market is currently worth about $263 billion. In the U.S. alone, Vodka sales between 2004 and 2009 grew 25% from 13.9 million cases to 58.4 million cases. The clear liquor now accounts for almost a third of all distilled spirits consumed and continues to rise in popularity.

The Aristocrat Group is also pursuing opportunities in the women’s lifestyle industry. The World Bank recently estimated that the earning power of women will reach $18 trillion by 2014, which is twice the estimated 2014 GDP of China and India combined. The Aristocrat Group is working to bring fresh, innovative prenatal and postpartum solutions to women who are looking for a more comprehensive approach to wellness.

The Aristocrat Group is leveraging the marketing strengths of its team of experts to grow boutique products into powerful, recognizable brands. The company aims to take a leadership position in multiple growing markets that offer opportunities for partnership, sponsorship, and brand awareness activities. The Aristocrat Group is leveraging the marketing strengths of its team of experts to grow boutique products into powerful, recognizable brands. Disclaimer

The Aristocrat Group Corp. Company Blog

The Aristocrat Group Corp. News:

U.S. Patent Office Clears ASCC’s New Vodka Brand

ASCC Brings Luxuria Brands to the Silver Screen

ASCC Leadership Travels to Las Vegas to Discuss Launch Opportunities for New Vodka

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM). Today, Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. closed trading at $0.093, up 14.11%, on 1,935,412 volume with 685 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 378,896, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0618/$0.28.

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. announced today that the company will present a poster demonstrating the clinical benefits of Excellagen® in advanced regenerative wound management at the upcoming Advanced Wound Care and Wound Healing Society Symposium this May 1-5, in Denver. Key aspects of Excellagen's capacity to promote rapid granulation and complete healing in three difficult and complex post-surgical wound types will be covered, including in Mohs surgery and wound dehiscence, with conclusions offered by presenter Lois Chandler, Ph.D., CXM's VP of Biologics Development, like how Excellagen eliminates the need for costly secondary reconstruction and/or skilled nursing care.

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM) is a health sciences and regenerative medicine company focused on acquiring and strategically developing new and innovative products and businesses to address significant unmet medical needs. Comprised of large-market opportunities with definable pathways to commercialization, partnering, and other economic monetizations, Cardium's current portfolio includes the Tissue Repair Company, Cardium Biologics, and the company's in-house MedPodium Health Sciences healthy lifestyle product platform.

The company's lead commercial product Excellagen® topical gel for wound care management recently received FDA clearance for marketing and sale in the United States. In addition to plans to advance the product's commercialization in the U.S. and internationally via strategic partnerships, the company plans to develop new product extensions for additional wound healing applications and is working towards securing approval for marketing and sale in South Korea and through the CE Mark application process in the European Union.

Generx®, Cardium's lead clinical development product candidate, is a DNA-based angiogenic biologic designed to treat patients with myocardial ischemia due to coronary artery disease. Cardium recently initiated its Generx Phase 3 / registration study in Russia. Consistent with its capital-efficient business model, Cardium is also actively evaluating new technologies and business opportunities. The company utilizes its team's skills in late-stage product development to bridge the critical gap between promising new technologies and product opportunities that are ready for commercialization.

Cardium is dedicated to building on its core products and product candidates to continually create new opportunities for greater success. Leveraging the advantages of its capital-efficient, asset-based business strategy, the company provides a diversified and more balanced portfolio of risk/return opportunities with the chief objective of providing long-term shareholder value. Disclaimer

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. Company Blog

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. News:

Cardium Announces Excellagen Presentation at the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Spring 2013 Meeting

Cardium Receives ISO Certification for Excellagen

Cardium's To Go Brands® to Launch Expanded VitaRocks® kids Vitamin Line With New Retail Distribution

Rainbow Coral Corp. (RBCC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Rainbow Coral Corp. (RBCC). Today, Rainbow Coral Corp. closed trading at $0.15, up 4.17%, on 170,703 volume with 37 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 204,680, and its 52-week low/high is $0.10/$2.67.

Rainbow Coral Corp. announced that they are forging ahead today with plans for new partnerships in both genetic testing and companion diagnostics ahead of the explosion in personalized genomic medicine in order to capture more of the projected $452B by 2015 personalized medicine market. CEO of RBCC, Patrick Brown, emphasized how such technology completely changes the business model, with aspects like genetic testing and companion diagnostics already within striking distance, postulating that personalized healthcare plans can't be far behind.

Rainbow Coral Corp. (RBCC), via wholly owned subsidiary Rainbow Biosciences, continually seeks out new partnerships with biotechnology developers to deliver profitable new medical technologies and innovations. The company specifically pursues opportunities that offer short-term marketability and commercialization potential in key areas like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Cancer.

Bioscience technology is a growing, dynamic field of innovation that applies life processes to practical uses, such as the manufacturing of medical devices and the development of new bioscience procedures. From pharmaceuticals to pacemakers, genetically engineered plants to gene therapy, bioscience technology can be found virtually anywhere.

The pending joint venture with Amarantus BioScience to develop and market new therapies and treatments for neurological diseases and physical traumas is a great example of the initiatives underway. In recent news, Amarantus licensed a highly promising diagnostic blood test that could become an invaluable new tool in Alzheimer's clinical trials where patient recruitment errors occur often due to inaccurate diagnosis.

The global biotech industry, currently valued at more than $84.6B, allows new players with bright ideas to quickly grab market share and create completely new markets. The exciting initiatives being driven forward by Rainbow Coral promise to transition today's leading-edge research into practical, affordable treatments for people who need them most. Disclaimer

Rainbow Coral Corp. Company Blog

Rainbow Coral Corp. News:

RBCC: Personalized Medicine Poised to Revolutionize Insurance & Pharmaceuticals

RBCC Looks Overseas for Potentially Lucrative Licensing Opportunities

RBCC Nears Deal With Leading Genetic Testing Lab

VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. (VPTDF)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. (VPTDF). Today, VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. closed trading at $0.0907, even with for the day. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 28,323, and its 52-week low/high is $0.073/$0.1721.

VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. reported reception of an expanded license from Health Canada today covering sale of the VMS heart analysis system for clinical use in Canada, specifically the NRV application for analyzing of 2-D ultrasound images of patients with non-specific heart disease, which allows clinicians to do rapid diagnosis on the right ventricle, even in patients lacking secondary indicators. Clinicians have been clamoring for this toolset as it allows them to easily and quickly screen all patients without secondary indicators like significant congenital heart defects or pulmonary hypertension and yet who may have a variety of other conditions, such as left-heart failure or valve disease.

VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. (VPTDF) leverages knowledge-based techniques to make heart analysis more convenient and less expensive. Having already installed multiple VMS™ analysis systems for heart testing in leading cardiac centers in Europe, Canada and the United States, the company is currently focused on expanding the applications of its technology beyond congenital heart disease in adults and children.

VMS™ is the first cost-effective and accurate diagnostic tool for measuring right ventricle heart function. The company designed its analysis system to be used for all major heart diseases, including pulmonary hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and heart failure. Canada and Europe (CE Mark) have granted approval for the sale of the VMS™ diagnostic tool, and VentriPoint is pursuing the US-FDA approval through the 510(k) process.

The company’s VMS™ analysis systems eliminate all the disadvantages of an MRI scan, including a long wait list, the one-hour scan time, the claustrophobic environment, the requirement of a general anesthetic for children, the lengthy heart analysis process, and the need for a second trip to the hospital. Offering better efficiency and cost savings, VMS™ offers the healthcare industry a superior method of heart visualization.

The management team executing VentriPoint’s business strategy retains extensive experience in both healthcare technology and business development. Many expansion opportunities exist for the company’s technology with a total market potential exceeding $1 billion. As a leader in the clinical diagnostics market, the company is well positioned to meet the well-defined clinical need for efficient, accurate, and inexpensive heart analysis. Disclaimer

VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. Company Blog

VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. News:

VentriPoint Receives Health Canada License for the NRV(TM) Application for Non-Specific Heart Disease

VentriPoint Receives Request for Clarification to 510 (k) Submission for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

VentriPoint Receives CE Mark for Major Expansion of Its VMS™ Platform for Right Heart Analysis

The Aristocrat Group Corp. (ASCC) Wins Patent Approval for New Vodka Brand – Name Debut on the Horizon

The Aristocrat Group achieved a key breakthrough this week in its trek to release a new brand of ultra-premium vodka when Luxuria Brands, Aristocrat’s brand management division, received approval from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the distilled spirit’s proposed name.

Luxuria Brands is now awaiting Certification of Label/Bottle Approval (COLA) from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) to ensure that the new spirit has been created, labeled, and marketed in compliance with federal laws and regulations. The company anticipates receiving the certification this week and will soon reveal the name of its debut vodka.

“We’re very pleased to pass another milestone in our plans to get our distilled spirits on store shelves as quickly as possible,” ASCC CEO Robert Federowicz stated in the press release. “It’s been a challenge to remain patient through this approval process, but we’re looking forward to releasing the name and bottle design of the world’s next top ultra-premium vodka as soon as we receive our COLA approval. These are exciting times for our company.”

Through Luxuria Brands, Aristocrat aims to becoming a provider of premiere luxury goods. The company is has chosen the super-premium vodka segment for its debut offering because of the segment’s considerable growth. According to industry trade group the Distilled Spirits Council (DISCUS), the vodka segment has risen 32 percent in the last two years to $1.2 billion.

For more information visit www.aristocratgroupcorp.com

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM) to Showcase Excellagen® in Poster Presentation at the 2013 Spring SAWC/WHS Meeting

Cardium Therapeutics, an asset-based health sciences and regenerative medicine company, is scheduled to present a poster demonstrating the clinical benefits of its lead commercial product, Excellagen®, at The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care and Wound Healing Society (SAWC/WHS) meeting to be held May 1-5, 2013, in Denver, Colorado.

Authored by Steven Smith, M.D., Mohs surgeon, of Wellesley, Mass, the presentation titled “Accelerated Granulation and Healing of Problematic Post-Surgical Wounds with Formulated Collagen Gel 2.6%” will be presented by Lois Chandler, Ph.D., Cardium’s vice president of Biologics Development.

As an advanced regenerative wound product, Excellagen is capable of promoting rapid granulation and complete healing in three difficult and complex post-surgical wounds, including Mohs surgery and wound dehiscence. The presentation highlights these capabilities and presents the case that Excellagen has eliminated the need for expensive secondary reconstruction and/or skilled nursing care.

The 2013 Spring SAWC/WHS meeting gives Cardium the opportunity to exhibit Excellagen’s capabilities to more than 2,000 attendees, including physicians, podiatrists, nurses, therapists, and researchers who specialize in wound management.

The poster presentation can be viewed at www.excellagen.com/meetings-and-publications.html.

For more information visit www.cardiumthx.com

Rainbow Coral Corp. (RBCC) Prepares for Revolution in Pharmaceutical and Insurance Industries

The rapid growth of personalized genomic medicine is poised to radically change not only the way that pharmaceutical companies develop drugs, but the way insurance companies administer healthcare plans. Acknowledging the increasing momentum, Rainbow Coral today told investors that it is forging ahead with plans for new partnerships in both genetic testing and companion diagnostics.

PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that the personalized medicine sector could grow to as much as $452 billion by 2015. One of the driving forces behind this expansion is the inefficient way in which drugs are currently produced. Because insurance companies try to avoid paying for drugs that don’t work, pharmaceutical companies are beginning to use data derived from personalized genome testing to indicate which drugs will work for specific patients—making a stronger case for payer reimbursement.

In March, MedCity News reported that over half of pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca’s drug pipeline is being developed as personalized medicine. RBCC believes that percentage will continue to rise as insurance companies begin to mandate genetic testing for patients before agreeing to pay for new prescriptions.

“It changes the business model completely,” emphasized RBCC CEO Patrick Brown. “Personalized medicine, including genetic testing and companion diagnostics, is already helping to develop pharmaceuticals personalized to patients. Soon, their healthcare plans will be personalized, too.”

In order to secure a growing share of a personalized medicine market that is becoming increasingly lucrative, the company is seeking out new innovations and technologies that promise to dramatically improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. For more information on Rainbow BioSciences’ personalized medicine initiatives, visit www.rainbowbiosciences.com/investors.html.

VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. (VPTDF) Receives Expanded License from Health Canada

Today, VentriPoint Diagnostics reported receiving an expanded license from Health Canada that allows the company to sell the VMS™ heart analysis system for clinical use in Canada. The expansion was for the NRV™ application for the analysis of 2-D ultrasound images for patients with non-specific heart disease. The NRV™ application will enable healthcare providers to rapidly and accurately assess the status of the right ventricle in all patients that do not have significant congenital heart defects or pulmonary hypertension, yet may have a variety of other conditions.

VentriPoint’s VMS-2DE™ heart analysis system will be used in conjunction with the NRV™ database for patients where knowledge of the function of the right heart would be useful in assessing the overall heart function and optimally treat the patient. Heart disease and stroke costs the Canadian economy more than $20.9 billion every year in physician services, hospital costs, lost wages, and decreased productivity (Conference Board of Canada, 2010). It is estimated that there are 1.5 million Canadians living with heart disease and about 10% of them die each year. There are also 300,000 hospitalizations for heart failure each year and this accounts for 17% of all hospitalizations.

The addition of the NRV™ application to the VMS™ heart analysis systems will provide a direct avenue for clinicians to better evaluate and care for these individuals. VentriPoint believes that the NRV™ application can also be used to provide a reference baseline study for patients at risk for developing right heart dysfunction and would benefit from frequent monitoring.

The VMS-2DE™ is approved for clinical use in Europe and Canada and is available for investigational use only in the United States.

VentriPoint today also corrected a press release from last week. In conjunction with the final closing of the offering announced March 1, 2013, VentriPoint paid cash commissions of $10,296 and issued 102,960 agent’s options (“Agent’s Options”). As a result of the two closings, VentriPoint raised gross proceeds of $933,700 and paid total cash commissions of $26,776 and issued 267,760 Agent’s Options.

Each Agent’s Option is exercisable into one Common Share for a period of 18 months from the date of issuance at a price of $0.10 per Common Share. All securities issued pursuant to the Offering are subject to a four-month hold period pursuant to applicable securities legislation. The proceeds made available through the sale of Units will be used for the general working capital needs of the company.

For more information, visit www.ventripoint.com


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