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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


Crocodile Gold Corp. (CRK.TO)

Today we are highlighting Crocodile Gold Corp. (CRK.TO), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Crocodile Gold Corp. is a gold mining company that has three operating mines in Australia and a substantial and prospective land package in the Northern Territory and the State of Victoria. Crocodile Gold is currently mining at the Fosterville and Stawell mines in the State of Victoria. In the Northern Territory, they continue to develop their Cosmo underground mine. Crocodile Gold has a combined land package of greater than 4,000 sq. km. The Company is based in Toronto, Ontario.

Crocodile Gold's objective is to continue production from their three operating mines while also advancing exploration programs to further organic growth. The Company has an extensive exploration program in place in the Northern Territory. They are exploring on several key properties on their expansive land package. Their principal focus is on the Cosmo Mine, the Union Reefs, Pine Creek and Maud Creek project areas. In the State of Victoria, they have exploration programs in place designed to expand the resource base of each mine property.

At Crocodile Gold's Northern Territory properties, the Company has 3.175 million ounces of NI 43-101 reported Measured and Indicated mineral resources and 2.14 million ounces of Inferred mineral resources. These resources are inclusive of mineral reserves.

At the State of Victoria properties, Crocodile Gold has an additional 0.924 million ounces of NI 43-101 reported measured and indicated mineral resources (14.36 million tonnes at an average grade of 2.262 g/t gold) and 0.479 million ounces of inferred mineral resources (5.091 million tonnes at an average grade of 2.92 g/t gold).

Recently, Crocodile Gold announced their financial and operating results for the year ended December 31, 2012.  In May of 2012, they acquired the Fosterville and Stawell Gold Mines. In addition, the Company's Cosmo Mine achieved an average development rate of 575 meters per month. It had particularly strong production in the last half of 2012. This allowed Crocodile Gold to declare commercial production on March 1, 2013.

The Company had an increase in gold produced of 129 percent from 2011 to 155,523 ounces, in line with their guidance. This resulted in total revenues of $255,930,383. Crocodile Gold posted mine operating earnings of $19,617,789 because of strong gold production and conscientious cost management. Cash costs for the fourth quarter were $998 per ounce sold; annual cash costs were $1,166 per ounce sold, consistent with 2012 guidance.

Crocodile Gold Corp. (CRK.TO), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.23, down 2.13%, on 24,200 volume. The stock's 52-week low/high is $0.22/$0.54.

Amarantus BioScience, Inc. (AMBS)

PennyStocks24 reported this week on Amarantus BioScience, Inc. (AMBS), Paradise Penny Stocks, WallstreetSurfers, PennyTrader, AwesomePennyPick, ExclusiveStocks, Stock Analyzer, Greenbackers, First Penny Picks, marketwirepress, Real Pennies, OTCPicks, RockingPennyStocks did earlier, and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Amarantus BioScience, Inc. is a development-stage biotechnology company focusing on developing distinctive products and proprietary technologies for the potential treatment and/or diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, Ischemic Heart Disease and other human diseases. Founded in January 2008, Amarantus BioScience's shares trade on the OTCQB. The Company has their headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.

Amarantus BioScience owns the IP rights to a therapeutic protein known as Mesencephalic-Astrocyte-derived Neurotrophic Factor (MANF). They are developing MANF-based products as treatments for neurological disorders where there is a significant unmet medical need. MANF is a highly potent, neurotrophic factor currently in pre-clinical development for the treatment of several apoptosis-related disorders (Programmed Cell Death=Apoptosis).

The design of MANF's discovery protocols, using the Company's proprietary PhenoGuard Protein Discovery Engine is to identify a molecule that would be highly selective for dopamine producing neurons of the Substantia Nigra. MANF is an endogenous, highly conserved, ubiquitously expressed, and highly potent secreted human growth factor up regulated in the adaptive pathway of the Unfolded Protein Response resulting in the prevention of apoptosis. This cell death is associated with several devastating human diseases and injury related disorders. Through mediating this critical biological process, MANF is highly indicated for the treatment of several poorly served medical conditions, including Parkinson's disease and Ischemic Heart Disease.

In addition, Amarantus BioScience has their lead diagnostic program led by NuroPro®. The program is targeted at developing diagnostic blood tests that are capable of early identification of apoptosis-related medical conditions while tracking their progression over time.

This week, Amarantus BioScience announced a development timeline for their LymPro Blood Test for Alzheimer's disease. The design of LymPro is to diagnose Alzheimer's disease through identifying immune-based biomarkers in the blood of Alzheimer's patients. This allows physicians to differentiate, definitively, Alzheimer's disease from other forms of dementia, a key unmet medical need in the management of Alzheimer's patients. Human clinical studies for LymPro with more than 160 patients have completed so far, showing high sensitivity and specificity for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis.

The Company plans to conduct a small clinical performance study at an independent laboratory in 2Q 2013 to verify the previously published findings. During 3Q 2013, they expect to start a pivotal diagnostic accuracy study (Phase 2) at the same independent laboratory to generate sufficient data to validate the clinical performance (sensitivity/specificity) that would support a CLIA launch, with data available in the first half of 2014.

Amarantus BioScience, Inc. (AMBS), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.0759, up 4.80%, on 6,021,740 volume with 267 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 5,123,688 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.004/$0.195.

Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. (ZN)

Today we are reporting on Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. (ZN), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Formed in 2000, Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. is an oil and gas exploration company that lists on the NASDAQ Global Market. The Company has a history of over 11 years of oil and gas exploration in Israel. Zion explores for oil and gas in Israel in areas situated onshore between Haifa and Tel Aviv. Zion Oil & Gas has their corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

The Company holds three petroleum exploration licenses. These are the "Joseph License" on approximately 83,272 acres, the "Asher-Menashe License" on approximately 78,824 acres, and the "Jordan Valley License" on approximately 55,845 acres. These licenses cover approximately 218,000 acres of land in onshore Northern Israel.

Zion Oil & Gas's licenses extend from the Mediterranean eastward to the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River. The Company holds 100 percent of the Working Interest (WI) in their licenses. Zion this month plans to submit a new onshore petroleum exploration license application to the Israeli Petroleum Commissioner. It will be named the Megiddo-Jezreel License. If the new license is granted, the Company will still need to acquire new seismic data and other geological information before they can identify and recommend the site of their next exploratory well in the Megiddo-Jezreel License.
Zion Oil & Gas has continuously held the Joseph License since October 2007 and the Asher-Menashe License since June 2007. The Company was awarded the Jordan Valley License in April of 2011. The Joseph License and Asher-Menashe License areas are geographically contiguous and within a similar geologic environment.
Zion's Net Revenue Interest (NRI) is 81.5 percent. They would receive 81.5 percent of the gross proceeds from the sale of oil and gas produced from lands subject to the licenses (and any leases granted following a declaration of a discovery thereon), if there is any commercial production. The 18.5 percent they do not receive is due to a 12.5 percent royalty reserved by the State of Israel and a 6.0 percent royalty to charitable foundations that Zion Oil & Gas established.

In late March, Zion Oil & Gas announced the introduction of a Dividend Reinvestment and Common Stock Purchase Plan for existing shareholders and prospective investors. The Plan allows investors to purchase shares of the Company's common stock directly from Zion Oil & Gas and reinvest cash dividends (when and if Zion pays dividends in the future), without the payment of fees and commissions usually charged by stockbrokers for small transactions.

Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. (ZN), closed Wednesday's trading session at $1.34, up 2.29%, on 93,657 volume with 233 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 187,047 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.811/$3.00.

B2Gold Corp. (BGLPF)

Bourbon and Bayonets, Streetwise Reports, and Daily Markets reported previously on B2Gold Corp. (BGLPF), and today we choose to report on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

B2Gold Corp. is a gold producer with three operating mines; two are in Nicaragua and one is in the Philippines. In addition, the Company has a strong portfolio of development and exploration assets in Nicaragua, Colombia, Namibia and Uruguay. B2Gold's shares trade on the OTC Markets' OTCQX International. Founded in 2007, the Company has their corporate headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia.

B2Gold's strategy is to acquire interests in mineral properties with demonstrated potential for hosting gold deposits, and to undertake exploration and drilling campaigns to define and develop resources on these properties. Furthermore, their strategy includes developing, constructing and operating mines on such properties. Additionally, B2Gold is evaluating further exploration and acquisition opportunities that fit within their strategic objective of building an intermediate gold enterprise.

In Nicaragua, the Company's projects include the La Libertad Mine, the Limon Mine, the Radius Gold Joint Venture, and the Calibre Mining Joint Venture. In the Philippines, B2Gold has their Masbate Gold Mine Project. They acquired their interest in the Masbate Gold Mine in January 2013 via a merger with CGA Mining, an Australia based gold producer. B2Gold's Namibia project is Otjikoto; their Uruguay project is the Cebollati Property. The Company's Colombia projects consist of Gramalote and Mocoa.

Today, the Company announced additional positive drilling results from the exploration program at the Otjikoto Gold Project in Namibia. The Otjikoto gold project is approximately 300 kilometers north of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. The Otjikoto Gold Project is owned 92 percent by B2Gold and 8 percent by EVI Gold (Pty) Ltd, a Namibian black empowerment group.

Step-out diamond drill hole number WH12-345 returned 35.70 meters grading 4.82 grams per tonne (g/t) gold. This includes 15.30 meters grading 7.93 g/t gold, from the recently discovered Wolfshag zone. The positive drill results from the Wolfshag zone indicate the potential to outline additional resources that could lead to the expansion of production at the Otjikoto gold project.

B2Gold Corp. (BGLPF), closed Wednesday's trading session at $2.90, down 4.29%, on 117,955 volume with 103 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 791,116 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $2.63/$4.455.

Gulf United Energy, Inc. (GLFE)

OtcWizard, PennyTrader Publisher, and Wise Alerts reported previously on Gulf United Energy, Inc. (GLFE), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 2003, Gulf United Energy, Inc. is an oil and gas exploration and production company that lists on the OTC Markets' OTCQB. The Company has a distinct portfolio of potential large-reserve projects in central Colombia and offshore Peru. Their portfolio of assets includes participation in four hydrocarbon exploration blocks operated by SK Innovation, a subsidiary of SK Energy Group.

The Company formerly went by the name Stonechurch, Inc. They changed their corporate name to Gulf United Energy, Inc. in March of 2006. Gulf United Energy has their headquarters in Houston, Texas.

An experienced professional management team with substantial experience in South America leads the Company. Gulf United Energy owns the right to a 12.5 percent working interest in Block CPO-4 in Colombia. This includes close to 350,000 gross acres in the Llanos Basin. The Partnership has acquired 500 sq. km. of 3D seismic data that the Company believes shows the area to be highly prospective.

Gulf United Energy has a 40 percent working interest in Block Z-46. This includes more than 2.8 million gross acres (1.1 million net acres) in the Trujillo Basin. The Company has reprocessed over 5,600 km of 2-D seismic and completed the acquisition of an additional 2,900 kilometers of 2-D seismic data to further delineate prospects in anticipation of a 3D seismic acquisition. Drilling started on the Zorro Gris well in early September of 2012.

In addition, the Company owns the right to a 5 percent interest in Block 24 in Peru, an approximately 220,000 gross acre (80,000 offshore) area. They are evaluating seismic and well data in the area of the offshore portion of the block to determine their future exploration strategy.

Furthermore, Gulf United Energy owns a 2 percent participating interest in Technical Evaluation Areas (TEA) I, II, III and IV. These include over 38 million gross acres onshore in the western flank of the Andes Mountains.

Gulf United Energy, Inc. (GLFE), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.0049, up 145.00%, on 9,544,958 volume with 84 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 1,959,317 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0014/$0.145.

Microelectronics Technology Co. (MELY)

Pennystocknet reported earlier on Microelectronics Technology Co. (MELY), and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Based in Monarch Bay, California, Microelectronics Technology Co. is a cloud computing internet technology incubator that provides cloud technology and services targeting small business. Additionally, Microelectronics Technology has four mineral claims located near Wawa in northern Ontario, that they one day plan to explore for precious metals. However, the Company has put their plans to explore these claims on hold because of their acquisition of Cloud Data on August 26, 2011. Microelectronics Technology's shares trade on the OTCQB.

Microelectronics Technology, through the acquisition of Cloud Data, is moving into the Internet incubator arena. This is to benefit from the technology opportunities available today and in the immediate future within the cloud-computing marketplace. In September of 2012, Cloud Data signed WeatherCity Services as a new Server Client. WeatherCity provides weather forecasts to more than 62,000 cities in more than 121 countries using their innovative computer forecasting system. Weather City is forecasting expansion in 2013 to 2 million cities with over 30 million page views per month.

In January 2013, Cloud Data Corp., the wholly owned subsidiary of Microelectronics Technology, announced the launch of their new Dedicated Server Hosting Platform. The Platform was created from the ground-up to meet the requirements of modern dedicated server clients, with features that are distinct to the market. The Dynamo Servers Platform will enable customers to construct private clouds and custom Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions easily. Cloud Data is using the platform to build their upcoming Sproq.com Platform as a Service offering.

In February, Cloud Data announced that they signed Wordpresshostingcanada.com to their Dynamo Servers product line. Wordpresshostingcanada.com has elected to use Dynamo Servers Vancouver POP (Point Of Presence) as their principal location to serve the Canadian market. Dynamo Servers supply dedicated servers to clients via their POP in Vancouver, British Columbia inside a carrier neutral facility owned and operated by Cologix, Inc.

Microelectronics Technology Co. (MELY), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.0075, even for the day, on 27,000 volume with 3 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 859,134 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0047/$0.21.

Attitude Drinks, Inc. (ATTD)

OTCPicks, RockingPennyStocks, marketwirepress, HotShotStocks, Orbit Stocks, Fast Moving Stocks, Mega Stock Pick, Penny Stock Rumble, SmallCapVoice, ThePUMPTracker, OtcWizard, Wall Street Stallions, and FeedBlitz reported on Attitude Drinks, Inc. (ATTD), and we report on the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Attitude Drinks, Inc. is a beverage brand development company that has a pure milk recovery drink that takes advantage of recent scientific evidence confirming the benefits of milk and protein as an exercise recovery aid. The Company concentrates on delivering experiential, functional and healthful beverages. They have developed their Phase III® Recovery beverage. The Phase III® Recovery product is a milk-based protein drink. It is mainly for active sports minded males and females from ages 15 to 35.

Phase III® Recovery sells in select local, regional and national markets. This includes colleges, universities, convenience stores, fitness centers and gyms. It additionally sells online. The product is a reduced sugar, low fat, real flavored milk. It features 29 percent less sugar and more than two times the protein of regular chocolate milk. Phase III® Recovery has a 12-month shelf life (unrefrigerated).

Attitude Drinks filtered out the lactose and much of the sugar naturally found in low fat milk. Phase III® has no protein added. The concentrated mineral and nutrient rich milk provides 35 grams of protein and the taste and mouth feel of low fat chocolate milk. This process enables strategically balanced protein and carbohydrate levels and fortification with a strong list of nutrients and electrolytes. Phase III® is packaged in 14.5-ounce re-sealable, environmentally "green" bottles.

Last week, Attitude Drinks announced that the Company is shipping the initial order of Phase III® to their newest and largest distributor and customer. This first shipment enables the distributor to supply orders immediately for Phase III® from Attitude Drinks' largest customer with more than 750 leading food and drugstores throughout Florida.

Mr. Roy Warren, Attitude Drinks' Chief Executive Officer, said, "We are very pleased to have transitioned supply of Phase III® to this important account. Switching from regional distributors to this large national supplier of over sixty-five thousand retail locations provides seamless and efficient delivery to our customer."

Attitude Drinks, Inc. (ATTD), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.0001, even for the day, on 43,267,507 volume with 45 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 195,327,621 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0001/$0.0028.

Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc. (HEB)

SmarTrend Newsletters reported recently on Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc. (HEB), StreetInsider, AllPennyStocks, The Street did earlier, and we are reporting on the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc. is an advanced specialty pharmaceutical company that lists on the NYSE Market. The Company engages in the manufacture and clinical development of new drug entities for the treatment of seriously debilitating disorders. Their flagship products include Alferon N Injection® and the experimental therapeutics Ampligen® and Alferon® LDO. Hemispherx Biopharma wholly owns and exclusively operates a GMP certified manufacturing facility in the United States for commercial products. The Company is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Ampligen® is an experimental RNA nucleic acid undergoing development for globally important debilitating diseases and disorders of the immune system. This includes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The Company's platform technology includes components for the potential treatment of diverse severely debilitating and life threatening diseases. Hemispherx has patents consisting of their core intellectual property (IP) estate and a fully commercialized product (Alferon N Injection®), approved for sale in the United States and Argentina for refractory or recurring external genital warts in patients 18 years of age or older.

Alferon N Injection® is their registered trademark for their injectable formulation of Natural Alpha Interferon. Alferon N Injection® (interferon alfa-n3 human leukocyte derived) is a highly purified, natural source, glycosylated, multispecies alpha interferon product, composed of eight forms of high-purified alpha interferon. In addition, Alferon LDO® (Low Dose Oral) is a new experimental drug delivery platform for Hemispherx's highly purified, natural source alpha interferon.

Ampligen® and Alferon® LDO are experimental in nature. They are not designated safe and effective by a regulatory authority for general use and are legally available only through clinical trials.

Recently, Hemispherx Biopharma announced their financial results for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2012. The net loss for 2012 was approximately $17,354,000 or $(0.12) per share. This is in comparison to a net loss of $9,015,000 or ($0.07) per share for the same 2011 period. This year-to-year increase in net loss of approximately $8,339,000 (93 percent) was principally because of the cost of the Company's continued efforts to seek FDA approval of the Ampligen® NDA for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and preparations for FDA inspections of their New Brunswick, New Jersey manufacturing facility.

The increase in net loss was also principally because of the cost of fill, finish and packaging of Alferon N Injection® Work-In-Process inventory and a related valuation write-down of existing inventory to the lower of cost or market. In addition, the increase in net loss was also because of the fair value revaluation of the estimated liability related to certain redeemable warrants.

Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc. (HEB), closed Wednesday's trading session at $0.23, up 3.60%, on 413,907 volume with 478 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 1,233,345 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.18/$1.10.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. (VSTA)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. (VSTA). Today, VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. closed trading at $0.90, up 19.52%, on 14,300 volume with 10 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 3,303, and its 52-week low/high is $0.06/$2.80.

VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. announced signage of a strategic financing agreement today with the European subsidiary of globally diversified investment holding company Bergamo Acquisition Corp. (BGMO), which maps out a $36M investment in VSTA in consideration for 72M shares of restricted shares at $0.50 per share. This is a major investment in a biotech that has already deployed in excess of $53M over the last decade and a half developing innovative stem cell technology and bioassay systems capable of bringing clinically relevant human heart and liver biology to the front end of the drug development process.

VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. (VSTA) is a biotechnology company applying stem cell technology for drug rescue and cell therapy. Drug rescue combines human stem cell technology with modern medicinal chemistry to generate new chemical variants ("drug rescue variants") of once-promising drug candidates that have been discontinued during late-stage preclinical development due to heart or liver safety concerns. VistaGen also focuses on cell therapy, or regenerative medicine, which includes repairing, replacing or restoring damaged tissues or organs.

VistaGen's versatile stem cell technology platform, Human Clinical Trials in a Test Tube™, has been developed to provide clinically relevant predictions of potential heart and liver toxicity of promising new drug candidates long before they are ever tested on humans.

By more closely approximating human biology than conventional animal studies and other nonclinical techniques and technologies currently used in drug development, VistaGen's human stem cell-based bioassay systems can improve the predictability of the drug development cycle and lower the cost of new drug research and development by identifying product failures earlier in the cost curve.  According to the Food and Drug Administration even only a ten percent improvement in predicting failure before clinical trials could save $100 million in development costs, which savings ultimately could be passed on to patients.

Using mature human heart cells produced from stem cells, VistaGen has developed and internally validated CardioSafe 3D™, a novel three-dimensional (3D) bioassay system for predicting the in vivo cardiac effects of new drug candidates before they are tested in humans. VistaGen is now focused on using CardioSafe 3D™ to generate up to two new, safer small molecule drug rescue variants every twelve to eighteen months.  VistaGen anticipates that these drug rescue variants will be modified versions of once-promising new drug candidates that have been discontinued by pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions because of heart toxicity concerns, despite substantial prior investment and positive efficacy data demonstrating their potential therapeutic and commercial benefits.  In most cases, VistaGen plans to license or sell its new, safer drug rescue variants in strategic partnering arrangements with global pharmaceutical companies, arrangements providing VistaGen with both near term and downstream milestone payments and economic participation rights but without future development cost obligations. 

AV-101, VistaGen's lead small molecule prodrug candidate has successfully completed Phase I clinical development in the U.S. for treatment of neuropathic pain, a serious and chronic condition affecting millions of people worldwide, depression, and other neurological diseases and conditions. To date, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded VistaGen over $8.75 million for development of AV-101. Management anticipates strategically out-licensing AV-101 to a development and marketing partner in 2013.

Neuropathic pain affects approximately 1.8 million people in the U.S. alone. Although the current active AV-101 IND is for the treatment of neuropathic pain, VistaGen's development plan and regulatory strategy for AV-101 has been designed to allow its Phase 1 safety studies to support Phase 2 development for depression, epilepsy, Huntington's Disease and Parkinson's disease, indications for which there is now supporting preclinical efficacy data.  To date, VistaGen has been awarded over $8.5 million from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) for development of AV-101.

VistaGen is also developing LiverSafe 3D™, a novel predictive liver toxicity and drug metabolism bioassay system for drug rescue applications. In parallel with drug rescue activities, the Company is funding early-stage nonclinical studies focused on potential cell therapy applications of its Human Clinical Trials in a Test Tube™ platform. Disclaimer

VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. Company Blog

VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. News:

VistaGen Announces $36 Million Strategic Financing Agreement

VistaGen Therapeutics to Present Enhancements and Expanded Validation of LiverSafe 3D™ at Society of Toxicology's 52nd Annual Meeting

VistaGen Therapeutics to Present CardioSafe 3D(TM) Developments at Society of Toxicology's 52nd Annual Meeting

The Aristocrat Group Corp. (ASCC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight The Aristocrat Group Corp. (ASCC). Today, The Aristocrat Group Corp. closed trading at $0.7206, off by 3.92%, on 48,456 volume with 30 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 51,688, and its 52-week low/high is $0.25/$1.25.

The Aristocrat Group Corp. is planning to pull out all the stops with their campaign to dominate massive territory in the burgeoning $5.5B U.S. vodka market as they rolled out a bold strategy to redefine the spirits market today that will put the company's brand management division, Luxuria Brands, on the map. While the company is holding their cards close to their chest still on details, CEO of ASCC, Robert Federowicz, hinted at delivery of an irresistible product that will gain immediate attention in the world of distilled spirits and begin its conquest starting in the vodka market.

The Aristocrat Group Corp. (ASCC) is a brand management company focused on providing premiere luxury goods through continual innovation. Luxuria Brands, a subsidiary of The Aristocrat Group, has been established to identify and promote unique brands that have mass market appeal across a diverse demographic.

Luxuria Brands is primarily concentrated on distilled spirits industries, with an initial focus on Vodka branding and marketing. The worldwide distilled spirits market is currently worth about $263 billion. In the U.S. alone, Vodka sales between 2004 and 2009 grew 25% from 13.9 million cases to 58.4 million cases. The clear liquor now accounts for almost a third of all distilled spirits consumed and continues to rise in popularity.

The Aristocrat Group is also pursuing opportunities in the women’s lifestyle industry. The World Bank recently estimated that the earning power of women will reach $18 trillion by 2014, which is twice the estimated 2014 GDP of China and India combined. The Aristocrat Group is working to bring fresh, innovative prenatal and postpartum solutions to women who are looking for a more comprehensive approach to wellness.

The Aristocrat Group is leveraging the marketing strengths of its team of experts to grow boutique products into powerful, recognizable brands. The company aims to take a leadership position in multiple growing markets that offer opportunities for partnership, sponsorship, and brand awareness activities. The Aristocrat Group is leveraging the marketing strengths of its team of experts to grow boutique products into powerful, recognizable brands. Disclaimer

The Aristocrat Group Corp. Company Blog

The Aristocrat Group Corp. News:

ASCC to Redefine Spirits Market

ASCC to Increase Potential Sales Opportunities

ASCC: Stunning Success of Super-Premium Brands Illustrates Big Growth in Vodka Market

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RAFA)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RAFA). Today, Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. closed trading at $0.495, on 36,190 volume with 20 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 3,348, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0501/$0.98.

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. reported engagement today of QualityStocks, a well-established investor relations firm with a track record including over 250 publicly traded clients. QualityStocks will feature RAFA in The Small Cap QualityStocks Daily Newsletter, QualityStocks Daily Blogs, and on the Message Boards. Managing Director of QualityStocks, Michael McCarthy, went on the record as having personally conducted extensive due diligence on Rafarma's corporate strategy and ongoing progress, and indicated that high-definition videos fully encapsulating Rafarma's 270k square-foot, state-of-the art manufacturing facility were on their way.

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RAFA) is a multiproduct pharmaceutical company specializing in the production of generic antibiotics and specialty pharmaceuticals, including its own proprietary products approved by the ministry of health. Rafarma stands as one of the most ambitious projects in recent medical history, having constructed the most technologically advanced pharmaceutical plant in Russia.

Based in Terbuny, Lipetsk region, Russia, Rafarma possesses a unique niche in the burgeoning pharmaceutical market and is poised to become a major player in the international drug industry. The company was established under the auspices of the Foundation to Support Health Care and has been approved by the Ministry of Health.

Rafarma recently received the general license for pharmaceutical products and began manufacturing three new products: Sodium Para-Aminosalicilate, Ibuprofen, and Betagistin. Receiving the general license was one of the final steps the company needed to open its new plant in Terbuniv, and Rafarma has been named one of only four national strategic pharmaceutical suppliers to the Russian Federation.

Advances in health care science, medicine, and technology have increased the general life expectancy of Eastern European citizens steadily over the past decade. Elderly citizens, which comprise the largest portion of the pharmaceuticals market, have bolstered demand for pharmaceuticals nationwide. Rafarma is well positioned to capitalize on the expanding industry with its strong relationships and state-of-the-art production facility. Disclaimer

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Company Blog

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. News:

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RAFA) Announces Engagement of QualityStocks Investor Relations Services

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals Registers CEFTRIAXONE Under International Label

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Receives General License for Pharmaceutical Products and has Started to Manufacture 3 New Products

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM). Today, Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. closed trading at $0.0984, up 1.44%, on 630,370 volume with 299 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 288,115, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0951/$0.295.

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM) is a health sciences and regenerative medicine company focused on acquiring and strategically developing new and innovative products and businesses to address significant unmet medical needs. Comprised of large-market opportunities with definable pathways to commercialization, partnering, and other economic monetizations, Cardium's current portfolio includes the Tissue Repair Company, Cardium Biologics, and the company's in-house MedPodium Health Sciences healthy lifestyle product platform.

The company's lead commercial product Excellagen® topical gel for wound care management recently received FDA clearance for marketing and sale in the United States. In addition to plans to advance the product's commercialization in the U.S. and internationally via strategic partnerships, the company plans to develop new product extensions for additional wound healing applications and is working towards securing approval for marketing and sale in South Korea and through the CE Mark application process in the European Union.

Generx®, Cardium's lead clinical development product candidate, is a DNA-based angiogenic biologic designed to treat patients with myocardial ischemia due to coronary artery disease. Cardium recently initiated its Generx Phase 3 / registration study in Russia. Consistent with its capital-efficient business model, Cardium is also actively evaluating new technologies and business opportunities. The company utilizes its team's skills in late-stage product development to bridge the critical gap between promising new technologies and product opportunities that are ready for commercialization.

Cardium is dedicated to building on its core products and product candidates to continually create new opportunities for greater success. Leveraging the advantages of its capital-efficient, asset-based business strategy, the company provides a diversified and more balanced portfolio of risk/return opportunities with the chief objective of providing long-term shareholder value. Disclaimer

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. Company Blog

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. News:

Cardium Receives ISO Certification for Excellagen

Cardium's To Go Brands® to Launch Expanded VitaRocks® kids Vitamin Line With New Retail Distribution

Cardium's Excellagen® Awarded American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Approval, Company Also Announces Addition of a Regional Distributor for Excellagen

VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. (VSTA) Secures $36 Million to Accelerate Drug Rescue, Predictive Toxicology, and Drug Metabolism Programs

VistaGen Therapeutics, a biotechnology company with stem cell technology designed to improve the predictability of the drug development cycle and lower the cost of new drug R&D, just announced the signing of a strategic financing agreement with the European subsidiary of Bergamo Acquisition, a global diversified investment holding company.

Bergamo’s European subsidiary has agreed to invest $36 million in VistaGen in exchange for 72 million shares of restricted VistaGen Common Stock at a price of $0.50 per share. A self-placed strategic financing without any warrants or investment banking fees, this transaction is scheduled to close on or before the last day of this month. At closing, Bergamo will hold the majority of the issued and outstanding shares of VistaGen’s Common Stock.

VistaGen will be using the proceeds of this financing to accelerate and expand its stem cell technology-based drug rescue programs. Using its innovative CardioSafe™ 3D and LiverSafe™ 3D bioassay systems and modern medicinal chemistry, the company is focused on generating new, safer, proprietary variants (Drug Rescue Variants) of once-promising small molecule drug candidates discontinued in development by large pharmaceutical companies due to heart or liver safety issues. In collaboration with co-founder and renowned stem cell research scientist, Dr. Gordon Keller, as well as long-term strategic partner, the University Health Network in Toronto, and several other leading academic and corporate collaborators, VistaGen also plans to advance new pilot nonclinical regenerative cell therapy programs and certain other emerging commercial opportunities related to its Human Clinical Trials in a Test Tube™ platform.

“Since our inception nearly 15 years ago, we have carefully deployed more than $53 million, including over $15 million from grant awards and collaboration revenue, to successfully develop innovative stem cell technology and bioassay systems capable of bringing clinically relevant human heart and liver biology to the front end of the drug development process,” commented Shawn K. Singh, VistaGen’s Chief Executive Officer. “Upon the closing of this transformative financing, our strong long-term financial position will enhance substantially our ability to drive our core programs to valuable commercial outcomes.”

For more information, visit www.VistaGen.com

The Aristocrat Group Corp. (ASCC) to Revolutionize Distilled Spirits Market with “Defining Innovation”

The Aristocrat Group, a brands management company currently focusing most of its attention on the $5.5 billion vodka market, today said that it has developed a “market defining innovation” marketed by its subsidiary, Luxuria Brands. Aristocrat anticipates that this product will carve a path for the company to emerge as a dominant industry player with a leading competitive edge.

While the company refrained from releasing specific details of the new development, Aristocrat CEO Robert Federowicz said he is confident that this product will be globally accepted and highly popular among drinkers, mixologists, and potential investors.

“We plan to deliver an irresistible product that will be noticed immediately and become a true sensation in the world of distilled spirits,” Federowicz stated in the press release. “We’ll start with vodka, which is the hottest-selling spirit in the country. But this innovation can be applied to beverages from gin to rum and even whiskey. We can’t wait for people to see it, try it and talk about it.”

Aristocrat sees vodka as the key element to growing its brand management division, Luxuria Brands, and in upcoming months plans to debut two new vodka lines, which will be distilled in the United States by Distilled Resources, Inc. (DRinc).

For more information visit www.AristocratGroupCorp.com

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RAFA) Engages QualityStocks Investor Relations Services

Rafarma Pharmaceuticals announced earlier today that they have agreed with QualityStocks to be featured in The Small Cap QualityStocks Daily Newsletter, QualityStocks Daily Blogs, and Message Boards. QualityStocks, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a free service that collates data from hundreds of Small-Cap and Micro-Cap online Investment Newsletters into one Daily Newsletter Report. QualityStocks is dedicated to assisting emerging public companies with their investor communication efforts.

Rafarma owns and operates a multi-profile pharmaceutical plant that is able to produce all types and forms of medical drugs in various pharmacological groups. The plant was constructed in the territory of a special industrial economic zone in Terbuny of the Lipetsk region of Russia. The project was initiated by the Zdorovie Foundation and is considered one of the grandest projects of the Russian medical industry in the last few years.

Michael McCarthy, Managing Director of QualityStocks, stated, “We have conducted extensive due diligence and are very excited to inform the investment community of Rafarma’s corporate strategy and ongoing progress. Last month our team traveled over 6,000 miles to visit the company’s 270,000 square-foot plant and take on-site video footage. We will be releasing a series of high-definition videos that fully encapsulate Rafarma’s state-of-the art manufacturing facility and relay its legitimacy, opportunity, and enormity in the best way possible.”

The first video produced by QualityStocks can be viewed at http://Video.QualityStocks.net.

QualityStocks has also put together a detailed, 10-page investor kit as well as a 34-slide presentation, both of which can be found at http://RAFA.QualityStocks.net.

Dave Anderson, CEO of Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, stated, “RAFA has a unique and solid business foundation, and appreciates the opportunity to sponsor the QualityStocks Newsletter, Video and Blogs. QualityStocks is providing a much needed service in the micro-cap and small-cap markets.”

For more information, visit www.Rafarma.com

VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. (VPTDF) Changes the Way Doctors Look at Hearts

VentriPoint Diagnostics, a Seattle-based heart analysis technology company, is in the process of changing the way hearts are analyzed, a significant venture given the size of the market. According to the American Heart Association, there are approximately 80 million U.S. adults experiencing some form of cardiovascular disease, representing an annual total cost of nearly $500 billion. However, in spite of advances in ultrasound, MRI, and other non-invasive diagnostic technologies, there are currently a number of problems with accurate heart diagnosis.

In particular, accurate analysis of what is called the “right heart” has been problematic. The right side of the heart is the part that pumps blood through the lungs where it picks up oxygen. The blood is then returned to the left side of the heart which proceeds to pump the oxygenated blood to the rest of the body. The left heart is thicker, since it has to pump the blood throughout the entire body, and tends to have a more consistent left ventricular shape. The right heart has a more complex ventricular shape, and is positioned in a way that can make proper imaging difficult. And yet the right ventricle is critical to heart function, and is important in evaluating clinical outcomes.

Ultrasound is a convenient and cost effective tool for analysis, but cardiologists do not use ultrasound for right heart analysis because the resulting images are blurry. With ultrasound, it’s hard to see the right heart (front part of the heart) due to the small imaging window through the ribs. As a result, cardiologists use MRI scans, but that requires 1-2 hours of machine time, the use of a radiologist, and greater analysis time. It can also require additional MRI and cardiologist visits. For pediatric patients, the use of MRI equipment poses even more problems.

The VentriPoint Medical System (VMSTM) 2D ultrasound imaging approach eliminates the many disadvantages of expensive and complex MRI scans. VMS uses knowledge-based reconstruction (KBR), essentially a library of disease specific hearts, which can be used with standard ultrasound images. The physician or sonographer identifies anatomical landmarks, using dots on a number of the 2D ultrasound views through the heart. The system also has a positioning sensor on the ultrasound probe to show where the 2D slice (plane) is in 3D space. In this way precise anatomical landmarks are located in 3D space. 25 of these points is all that is required to define the ventricle of the heart and to allow an accurate 3D image to be constructed using KBR.

VMS is the first cost-effective and accurate diagnostic tool for measuring right ventricle heart function. It is quick, easy, and much less expensive, and the company is now planning to expand the technology’s application.

For additional information, visit www.VentriPoint.com


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